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Recaps Monday 12/25/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Tuesday 12/26/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Wednesday 12/27/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Thursday 12/28/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Friday 12/29/23 B&B Days GH Y&R


Recaps Monday 12/18/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Tuesday 12/19/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Wednesday 12/20/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Thursday 12/21/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Friday 12/22/23 B&B Days GH Y&R


Recaps Monday 12/11/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Tuesday 12/12/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Wednesday 12/13/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Thursday 12/14/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Friday 12/15/23 B&B Days GH Y&R


Recaps Monday 12/4/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Tuesday 12/5/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Wednesday 12/6/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Thursday 12/7/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Friday 12/8/23 B&B Days GH Y&R


Recaps Monday 11/27/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Tuesday 11/28/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Wednesday 11/29/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Thursday 11/30/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Friday 12/1/23 B&B Days GH Y&R


Recaps Monday 11/20/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Tuesday 11/21/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Wednesday 11/22/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Thursday 11/23/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Friday 11/24/23  Days Y&R


Recaps Monday 11/13/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Tuesday 11/14/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Wednesday 11/15/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Thursday 11/16/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Friday 11/17/23 B&B Days GH Y&R


Recaps Monday 11/6/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Tuesday 11/7/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Wednesday 11/8/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Thursday 11/9/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Friday 11/10/23 B&B Days GH Y&R


Recaps Monday 10/30/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Tuesday 10/31/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Wednesday 11/1/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Thursday 11/2/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Friday 11/3/23 B&B Days GH Y&R


Recaps Monday 10/23/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Tuesday 10/24/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Wednesday 10/25/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Thursday 10/26/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Friday 10/27/23 B&B Days GH Y&R


Recaps Monday 10/16/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Tuesday 10/17/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Wednesday 10/18/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Thursday 10/19/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Friday 10/20/23 B&B Days GH Y&R


Recaps Monday 10/9/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Tuesday 10/10/23 B&B Days Y&R

Recaps Wednesday 10/11/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Thursday 10/12/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Friday 10/13/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Tuesday’s GH was pre-empted by news


Recaps Monday 10/2/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Tuesday 10/3/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Wednesday 10/4/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Thursday 10/5/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Friday 10/6/23 B&B Days GH Y&R


Recaps Monday 9/25/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Tuesday 9/26/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Wednesday 9/27/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Thursday 9/28/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Friday 9/29/23 B&B Days GH Y&R


Recaps Monday 9/18/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Tuesday 9/19/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Wednesday 9/20/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Thursday 9/21/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Friday 9/22/23 B&B Days GH Y&R


Recaps Monday 9/11/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Tuesday 9/12/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Wednesday 9/13/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Thursday 9/14/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Friday 9/15/23 B&B Days GH Y&R


Recaps Monday 9/4/23 Days (the others were re-runs)

Recaps Tuesday 9/5/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Wednesday 9/6/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Thursday 9/7/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Friday 9/8/23 B&B Days GH Y&R


Recaps Monday 8/28/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Tuesday 8/29/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Wednesday 8/30/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Thursday 8/31/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Friday 9/1/23 B&B Days GH Y&R


Recaps Monday 8/21/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Tuesday 8/22/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Wednesday 8/23/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Thursday 8/24/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Friday 8/25/23 B&B Days GH Y&R


Recaps Monday 8/7/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Tuesday 8/8/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Wednesday 8/9/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Thursday 8/10/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Friday 8/11/23 B&B Days GH Y&R


Recaps Monday 7/31/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Tuesday 8/1/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Wednesday 8/2/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Thursday 8/3/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Friday 8/4/23 B&B Days GH Y&R


Recaps Monday 7/24/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Tuesday 7/25/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Wednesday 7/26/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Thursday 7/27/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Friday 7/28/23 B&B Days GH Y&R


Recaps Monday 7/17/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Tuesday 7/18/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Wednesday 7/19/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Thursday 7/20/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Friday 7/21/23 B&B Days GH Y&R


Recaps Monday 7/10/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Tuesday 7/11/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Wednesday 7/12/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Thursday 7/13/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Friday 7/14/23 B&B Days GH Y&R


Recaps Monday 7/3/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Tuesday 7/4/23 Days (the other soaps were re-runs due to July 4th holiday)

Recaps Wednesday 7/5/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Thursday 7/6/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Friday 7/7/23 B&B Days GH Y&R


Recaps Monday 6/26/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Tuesday 6/27/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Wednesday 6/28/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Thursday 6/29/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Friday 6/30/23 Days GH Y&R


Recaps Monday 6/19/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Tuesday 6/20/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Wednesday 6/21/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Thursday 6/22/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Friday 6/23/23 Days GH Y&R


Recaps Monday 6/12/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Tuesday 6/13/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Wednesday 6/14/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Thursday 6/15/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Friday 6/16/23 Days GH Y&R


Recaps Monday 6/5/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Tuesday 6/6/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Wednesday 6/7/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Thursday 6/8/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Friday 6/9/23 Days GH Y&R


Recaps Monday 5/29/23 Days Y&R

Recaps Tuesday 5/30/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Wednesday 5/31/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Thursday 6/1/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Friday 6/2/28 Days GH Y&R


Recaps Monday 5/22/23 Days Y&R

Recaps Tuesday 5/23/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Wednesday 5/24/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Thursday 5/25/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Friday 5/26/28 Days GH Y&R


Recaps Monday 5/15/23 Days Y&R

Recaps Tuesday 5/16/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Wednesday 5/17/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Thursday 5/18/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Friday 5/19/28 Days GH Y&R


Recaps Monday 5/8/23 Days Y&R

Recaps Tuesday 5/9/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Wednesday 5/10/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Thursday 5/11/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Friday 5/12/28 Days GH Y&R


Recaps Monday 5/1/23 Days Y&R

Recaps Tuesday 5/2/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Wednesday 5/3/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Thursday 5/4/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Friday 5/5/28 Days GH Y&R


Recaps Monday 4/24/23 Days

Recaps Tuesday 4/25/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Wednesday 4/26/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Thursday 4/27/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Friday 4/21/28 Days GH Y&R


Recaps Monday 4/17/23 Days

Recaps Tuesday 4/18/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Wednesday 4/19/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Thursday 4/20/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Friday 4/21/23 Days GH Y&R


Recaps Monday 4/10/23 Days

Recaps Tuesday 4/11/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Wednesday 4/12/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Thursday 4/13/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Friday 4/14/23 Days GH Y&R


Recaps Monday 4/3/23 Days

Recaps Tuesday 4/4/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Wednesday 4/5/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Thursday 4/6/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Friday 4/7/23 Days GH Y&R


Recaps Monday 3/27/23 Days

Recaps Tuesday 3/28/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Wednesday 3/29/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Thursday 3/30/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Friday 3/31/23 Days GH Y&R


Recaps Monday 3/20/23 Days

Recaps Tuesday 3/21/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Wednesday 3/22/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Thursday 3/23/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Friday 3/24/23 Days GH Y&R


Recaps Monday 3/13/23 Days

Recaps Tuesday 3/14/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Wednesday 3/15/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Thursday 3/16/23 Days GH

Recaps Friday 3/17/23 Days GH

B&B and Y&R did not air Thursday and Friday due to March Madness


Recaps Monday, 3/6/23 Days

Recaps Tuesday 3/7/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Wednesday 3/8/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Thursday 3/9/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Friday 3/10/23 Days GH Y&R


Recaps Monday, 2/27/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Tuesday 2/28/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Wednesday 3/1/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Thursday 3/2/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Friday 3/3/23 Days GH Y&R


Recaps Monday, 2/20/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Tuesday 2/21/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Wednesday 2/22/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Thursday 2/23/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Friday 2/24/23 Days GH Y&R


Recaps Monday 2/13/23 Days  GH Y&R

Recaps Tuesday 2/14/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Wednesday 2/15/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Thursday 2/16/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Friday 2/17/23 Days GH Y&R


Recaps Monday 2/6/23  Days GH

Recaps Tuesday 2/7/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Wednesday 2/8/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Thursday 2/9/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Friday 2/10/23 Days GH Y&R


Recaps Monday 1/30/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Tuesday 1/31/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Wednesday 2/1/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Thursday 2/2/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Friday 2/3/23 Days GH Y&R


Recaps Monday 1/23/23 Days

Recaps Tuesday 1/24/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Wednesday 1/25/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Thursday1/26/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Friday 1/27/23 Days GH Y&R


Recaps Monday 1/16/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Tuesday 1/17/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Wednesday 1/18/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Thursday1/19/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Friday 1/20/23 Days GH Y&R


Recaps Monday 1/9/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Tuesday 1/10/23 B&B Days GH Y&R

Recaps Wednesday 1/11/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Thursday1/12/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Friday 1/13/23 Days GH Y&R


Recaps Monday 1/2/23 B&B Days Y&R

Recaps Tuesday 1/3/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Wednesday 1/4/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Thursday1/5/23 Days GH Y&R

Recaps Friday 1/6/23 Days GH Y&R

GH Monday 1/2/23 was pre-empted due to the Citrus Bowl.

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Alan (Stuart Damon) and Monica (Leslie Charleson) of "General Hospital" through the years

B&B Recap Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

B&B logo

Recap written by Suzanne

Brooke assures Ridge that she’ll make sure Deacon isn’t around any more. They’re in each other’s arms, and she’s looking forward to their future. She declares that nothing will stand in the way of their future life together. We see clips of them from the past.

Hope asks about Liam’s texts from Kelly, who’s with Steffy and Hayes in Europe. They think this will be a good distraction for them. They have beers but are kissing when Deacon walks in after barely knocking. He’s worried about Brooke. He talks about great she is and that she deserves to be with someone who treats her better than Ridge does. Liam asks with a smirk, “Like you?” Hope reminds Deacon that Brooke wants Ridge. Brooke returns, asking Deacon why he’s still there. She tells him that she wants him to leave and never come back.

Quinn is with Carter at his place. She’s worried because Eric’s heart rate and blood pressure are spiking. He has a ring that monitors these things, which she can check on her phone. She starts to freak out, so Carter suggests that she phone Eric, which she does. Eric and Donna have just had sex. They’re very cozy and flirt. Eric tells her that their affair has to end. He says that it’s not fair to either her or Quinn. Quinn phones, so they have an awkward conversation. After the call, Eric and Donna tell each other how much they care for each other. She’s sad because it’s ending, and she cries a little.

Quinn thanks Carter for his help. He says that Eric is a lucky man. After she leaves, Carter has flashbacks to his time with Quinn. Ridge comes in, so Carter asks how Steffy is. Ridge turns the conversation to him and Brooke. He’s confident that Brooke is getting rid of Deacon.

Quinn meets Eric at home with martinis. She tells him that she’s missed him lately. She praises his time at the club as being good for his health and easing his tension. He tells her how much he cherishes their time together, especially the creativity and love of art that they share. They compliment each other, but Eric looks guilty when Quinn says that he’s loyal.

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B&B cast animated GIF

B&B Recap Monday, June 6, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

B&B logo

Recap written by Suzanne

Brooke objects to Taylor spending time with Ridge at his place. Taylor has brought food. She claims that she and Ridge need to spend together as parents, since Steffy and Hayes have run off. Brooke isn’t buying and knows what Taylor is up to. They keep arguing until finally, Ridge says that he needs time to decide what to do, but he needs to spend some time with Taylor. Brooke leaves, annoyed. Ridge and Taylor share Chinese food and flirt. They read their fortune cookies. Ridge’s is about being a best friend. He is worried that she might leave, but she assures him that she’s not going anywhere.

When Brooke gets home, Deacon is there. He asks about her visit with Ridge. He’s outraged when he finds out that Ridge sent her away. He assures that if she were married to him, he would always want her by his side.

Carter tells Quinn how much he misses her, dreams about her and thinks about her. She feels bad for him, although she understands because she misses him, too. She thinks that he’ll find someone worthy of his love one day, but she doesn’t think that Paris is that person. They both want to get back together, but she feels that after Eric forgave her that she owes him total devotion and fidelity.

Donna finds Eric waiting for her, but he doesn’t look happy. He’s been thinking about Quinn and feeling guilty. Donna jokes around to make him feel better. She mentions that she loves him. They lie in bed together. She talks about all of the great times they’ve had together, and we see clips of them in the past. She really hates that he’s unhappy. She says that she doesn’t want to be a homewrecker, but she urges him to leave Quinn.

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GH Short Recap Monday, March 28, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

GH logo

Recap written by Suzanne

Harmony visits Phyllis, who tells her about Nina’s past. She asks her to speak with Willow on Nina’s behalf, since she’s no danger to Wiley. She mentions that Harmony had a way with people, including Nina’s mother, Madeline. Harmony pretends not to remember Madeline and that she didn’t know she was Nina’s mother. She suddenly thinks that Nina and Phyllis are trying to blackmail her into doing what they want.

TJ and Molly cooked dinner for Alexis to thank her for letting them stay with her. Molly is not happy to hear that Harmony will be staying with Alexis after they leave and is shocked that Alexis invited her for dinner. TJ mentions that Shawn asked them to watch out for Harmony, whom he doesn’t trust. Harmony arrives, using the keys Alexis gave her. After dinner, Harmony tries to give them some time alone, but they insist she stay. Harmony tells them that she’s glad Shawn wants them to spy on her. Later, she spills coffee and runs out of the room. She brings back cleaner for the rug.

Nina looks for Liesl at the Metro Court but finds Scotty instead. She’s still annoyed with him for putting Willow on the stand, even though it kept her out of jail. They have drinks together and chat about trying to sue for visitation. He doesn’t think that will work out for her, but he’s more interested in what secrets she’s keeping about Willow. Nina is livid to find that Aunt Liesl isn’t showing up and wanted her to talk to Scott. Scott thinks that her secret is that she’s crazy about Sonny, and he wonders what all the women see in him. He advises her to run while she can. They argue about Sonny. Scotty tells her that she can’t have both Sonny and Wiley. She has to choose. She thanks him for his advice and asks Phyllis about how it went with Harmony, but Phyllis informs her that it didn’t go well.

Trina answers Jordan’s questions at the police station while Joss waits for her friend. Trina gets out her purse so she can show her phone to Jordan. However, she finds two in her bag that look exactly the same.

Curtis wants to know why Marshall is so hostile to Sonny. Marshall is worried that mobsters will try to take over Curtis’ club and get him involved in illegal activities. Curtis lets him know that Sonny did them favors in the past, so he doesn’t think he has to worry about him. He still thinks Marshall is hiding something. Curtis gets a call from Jordan; she tells him in a circumspect way about Trina being at the police station.

At the Metro Court, Esme asks Nikolas if she could stay with him, since she has nowhere else to go. He tells her that she can’t stay there, since she and Spencer have broken up. It puts him in a weird position. Esme turns on the “poor little me” act. Nikolas agrees to put her up in the room above Kelly’s until she can find a place. He assures her that he’ll check on her, so she won’t be abandoned. Esme throws herself into his arms, hugging him and saying he saved her life.

Portia and Taggert are at a nearby table. Portia is sure that Esme is the one who set up Trina. Portia is glad they can still be friends. Curtis phones to tell her about Trina. They go to visit Trina at the police station. She swears she didn’t know anything about the second phone. They assure her that they believe her. Taggert is annoyed that she’s been cooperating with the police. Trina is sorry that they’re upset. Jordan and Curtis agree that the evidence against Trina looks suspicious. Taggert comes in and reads them the riot act. Jordan is forced to book Trina. Joss is there and tells her that Trina is innocent. Trina protests that Esme is the one who did it, but Taggert tells her to stop talking without her attorney. Joss, upset, says that Trina is right. Dante tells her to calm down or leave, and then he reads Trina her rights and arrests her.

Phyllis and Marshall find that they have one thing in common — how they’ll fight for their family. He’s surprised that she speaks so highly of Sonny.

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Days Short Recap Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Ciara, Claire, Shawn, and Hope talked to Chloe about Eve possibly bombing the church. Chloe couldn’t believe Eve could do that. Eve continued to make Ben think he was strangling Ciara. He thought about her and couldn’t go through with strangling her anymore. Sonny confronted Sami about going to Rafe about Allie’s baby. He let her know that she ruined everything. She wanted to know how it was her fault. Allie wanted to know why Lucas kept Sami’s secret. He tried to explain himself, but she went off on him. She said the only person she could trust was Will. She didn’t want to see Lucas anymore. Allie called Rafe and wanted him to come to the hospital. Will spoke up when Sonny yelled at Sami about what she did. Rafe went to Allie’s room and she confronted him about knowing what Sami did. Ben tried to escape the warehouse, but Vincent and Eve caught up to him. Vincent continued to brainwash Ben to kill Ciara. Chloe talked to Hope and company about the way Eve changed.

Sonny wanted answers from Sami about her intentions of keeping him and Will in the dark about the baby. She wanted them to be the ones to get the baby. He had trouble believing her, but she didn’t care. Rafe explained what happened when Sami talked to him. Allie wanted to know why he didn’t tell her so he explained that too. Chloe continued to tell everyone how Eve was talking about Ben and wanting revenge. She also mentioned how Eve met a new man. Hope asked if Eve gave her a name. She told them that the guy’s name was Vincent. Eve continued to torture Ben. Sami wanted to sign the adoption papers, but Sonny didn’t want her to do it. He and Will wanted to talk to Allie themselves. Eve told Ben that she didn’t care who she had to hurt because of what he did to Paige. He warned her that she wouldn’t get her daughter back. She didn’t think that he should live happily while she suffered. Sonny and Will checked on Allie and were ready for her to sign the papers. Vincent continued to give Ben electric shocks. Hope and Ciara went to the warehouse, but didn’t see Ben or Eve.

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Doug and Julie ( Bill and Susan Seaforth Hayes) throughout the years on "Days of Our Lives"

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