GH Short Recap Tuesday, November 28, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Drew is interviewed by Scout for a report she has to do for school about her daddy’s job. Drew tells Scout that he can get her into an exclusive private school for girls. Scout tells Drew she wants to go to the school but later she tells Sam she doesn’t want to go to the school.

Molly and TJ argue because he isn’t ready to look for another surrogate yet. Molly keeps the appointment with the
surrogacy matching professional despite her argument with TJ.

Finn is interviewed by the lawyer representing the hospital in the malpractice lawsuit.

Sonny talks to Dante and tells him that Mason and Austin were working for Cyrus.

Elizabeth goes to Austin’s apartment because she and Portia are worried about him. Elizabeth later tells Portia that there was a food delivery for Austin on Thanksgiving and he never brought it inside his apartment. Elizabeth also tells Portia that she persuaded the landlord to let her into his apartment and it looks like he hasn’t been there since before Thanksgiving. Dante calls Austin’s phone and a detective from Pawtuck answers the phone and tells Dante Austin is dead. Sonny tells Dante he thinks Cyrus killed Austin.

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