GH Short Recap Thursday, June 8, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Sonny talks to Anna and offers his support and friendship to her after the newspaper article exposing her activity with the DVX early in her career. Valentin also offers his support to Anna and assures her that her grandchildren Emma and Noah will understand her actions and forgive her.

Carly asks Michael to keep paying Dex to protect Sonny and report back to him if Sonny is in trouble so he can advise Sonny on what he should do. Carly tells Michael Sonny can never find out Dex and Michael are protecting him. Dex tells Joseph he is going to keep working for Sonny because it is the only way he can stay with her.

Ned confronts Nina and tells her he overheard her conversation with Martin and knows she is the one who tipped off the SEC.

Drew tells Tracey that she is going to persuade Ned to use his contacts to get the SEC to drop the investigation or he will tell Ned she is using Brook Lynn as a spy at Deception.

Ned finds out Drew is at the pool with Tracey and he almost tells Drew about Nina but he trips over something Nina put in his way and falls in the pool and hits his head. Drew rescues Ned and does CPR but Ned is still unresponsive when the ambulance arrives at the pool. The police arrive and Tracey tells the police to arrest Drew because he attacked Ned.

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