Days Short Recap Tuesday, August 8, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Marlena went to Bayview to check on Harris. They are both surprised when they see Ava. Ava confronted him and accused him of being there for her. Harris was confused and Marlena wanted to find Ava’s doctor. Ava thought Harris was her dead son Charlie. She yelled at him so a nurse arrived and sedated her. Marlena returned and asked Harris if he was okay. He couldn’t get over the fact that Ava seemed like she knew him. Marlena left to go to the hospital. He sat down and Ava approached him. Shawn arrived at the police station and told Jada that his suspension was done. He wanted to know how he had to talk to about it. She didn’t know because no one was given Rafe’s job yet. The acting mayor was thrilled to see Shawn. He thought Rafe suspended him because he told on him. Shawn told him that he was drinking on the job. He promised not to do it again. The acting mayor took his word for it. He said he had to replace Rafe. Shawn suggested he give the job to Jada, but he gave the job to him instead.

Kayla brought Abe lunch. He thought she was an actress on Body & Soul, but he remembered who she was. They talked about him staying at her place. She told him that he could stay as long as he needed to do it. He was afraid that he hurt Paulina by leaving, but she assured him that she understood. She showed him flashcards that she made up for him. She made the cards of his family and friends. She wanted to quiz him on the flashcards. Chanel went home and saw Paulina watching TV. She told Chanel what happened with Abe. Chanel tried to comfort her. She told her mother about her dinner with Talia. She admitted that she still had feelings for Talia. Chanel got a call that her bakery was shut down by the city again. They went to the town square and saw the acting mayor. He let them know that he did it based on a technicality. Chanel was upset, but she knew there was nothing she could do about it.

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