Days Short Recap Tuesday, October 31, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

This episode of Days of Our Lives has a Halloween theme. Eric and Sloan watched a horror movie when he received a called about his former parishioner dying. They rushed to the hospital. Eric prayed over his body. Sloan and Nicole ran into each other. They argued until Eric approached them. He warned them they needed to follow him if they wanted to live. Eric took them to an exam room. They didn’t believe zombies were after them until they saw hands coming through the door. Nicole blamed herself for what happened since she lied about a virus outbreak. She lied so she could swab Eric’s cheek. Sloan confessed that Eric is the father of Nicole’s baby. Eric and Nicole wanted more information so Sloan explained everything. Eric felt pain and realized a zombie bit him. He found out he got infected with a virus. He found a bottle of sedative and a syringe. He gave them to Sloan. He wanted her to kill him before he became a zombie. She couldn’t do it. He asked Nicole to inject him and she did it. Eric died and Sloan blamed her for killing him. Nicole injected her too and warned her that she would die for what she did. Sloan watched Nicole promise Eric that she would take care of their baby. Sloan woke up and realized she had a bad dream. Holly wanted Tate to help her get to Johnny. She wanted him to pretend to stalk her. He hesitated, but eventually agreed to help her. Holly ran to get Johnny and let him know about the stalker. Johnny went to check, but no one was there. Holly checked and got stabbed by the masked stalker. The stalker ran away. Johnny left to take care of Holly’s cut. Tate walked in the room and Holly yelled at him for stabbing her. He said he didn’t do it. Tate wanted to find the person and he was killed. Johnny got killed too. Holly confronted the stalker who turned out to be Chanel. Chanel killed them because she knew Holly had feelings for Johnny. Holly woke up and saw Johnny and Chanel making out.

Stephanie let Chad know that she found a way to give him what he wanted. She found a book and could conjure up a spell to bring Abby back. Chad didn’t believe her, but Kayla showed up to help with the spell. They needed something that belonged to Abby. Chad didn’t have anything. Stephanie had Abby’s ring. They performed the seance, but it didn’t seem to work. There was a knock on the door and Steve was there. He warned them not to do the spell because it would bring back an evil Abby. He pulled out his gun and said they had to kill her before she comes after them. Chad wouldn’t let Steve do that and struggled with him for the gun. The lights went out and Steve was on the floor. Stephanie saw Abby. Abby broke Steve’s neck. Kayla tried to revive Steve while Chad went looking for Abby. He came back and saw Steve and Kayla dead. Stephanie told him that Abby did it. She said she shot her many times, but it didn’t do anything. She saved one bullet for him, but he woke up. Paulina had a nightmare while she and Abe were watching a movie. In her nightmare, she found out a homicidal maniac was on the loose. The lights went out momentarily. When they came back on, Abe was passed out on the floor. Paulina wondered who did that to him. Whitley confessed that she did it. Paulina noticed she had a rolling pin in her hand. Abe woke up and said he remembered everything. He remembered Whitley being his wife. She showed him their wedding picture, but Whitley was standing beside him. It turns out that Paulina is Whitley. Whitley hit Paulina with the rolling pin. Paulina woke up from her nightmare.

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