Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, December 19, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Kyle tells Jack that he is Tucker’s inside man at Jabot, but he is acting as a double agent to stop Tucker. Kyle tells Jack Tucker wants him to steal a Jabot product so he can replicate it and get it to market before Jabot. Kyle tells Jack that they should give Tucker a product that Jabot doesn’t intend to market, so when Tucker loses money getting the product to market, they can get him for cooperate espionage. Jack decides to go along with Kyle’s plan.

Tucker offers Phyllis a lot of money to be the head of his IT department but she tells him that nobody accepts the first offer.

Cole and Victoria get Claire settled into the hospital. Cole and Victoria promise Claire that they will be there to support her and help her recover from everything she went through and Victoria gets a hug from Claire. Cole tells Victoria that he is going to stay in Genoa City to help Claire. Claire is asleep in her hospital room and Jordan is going into Claire’s room.

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