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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Constantine went to see Maggie. Chloe went to see Brady to tell him she was leaving town. Philip told Belle that he was leaving town with Chloe. He said she and Shawn can visit him. She said Shawn cheated on her. Chloe told Brady that she was leaving town with Philip. Belle told Philip that Shawn cheated on her with Talia. Philip asked if she and Shawn were going to work things out. She said they weren’t going to work things out. She said she thought her marriage was over. Shawn asked Talia if she was there to see Jada. She said she was there to see him because Belle knew about them. She asked where things stood between them. He said he thought this might be Belle’s breaking point. Justin went to see Alex. Alex told him that he loved him and was grateful to him and his brothers. Justin was glad to hear it. He told Alex he loved him. Justin asked him about Maggie and taking her spot at Titan. Alex said he was Victor’s heir. Justin asked if he was going to take the mansion. Constantine told Maggie that Victor loved and cherished her. She said she appreciated him telling her that. She wanted to know why he was there. Talia apologized to Shawn for what he was going through. She thought that time would help it. She said she hated the fact that she was the reason why his marriage was over. He said his marriage was over before their affair. Belle told Philip that Shawn’s affair was her karma. She said people would say she got what she deserved. Philip said she didn’t deserve what happened to her. He told her to try and save her marriage. He said they have been through too much together. She agreed to try and save her marriage. Brady asked if Chloe was giving Philip another chance. She said they were going to New York together and they might get back together. She said Philip still loved her and she had unresolved feelings for him. He said he wanted her to be happy. He let her know that she was his first love and he would never get over her. Constantine gave Maggie a photo album with pictures of Victor in it.

Alex told Justin that he was making it seem as if he kicked Maggie to the curb. He said he offered Maggie a job. He said he was Victor’s heir. He said he would never do anything to hurt Maggie. He said he wouldn’t kick Maggie out since the mansion is half hers. He asked Justin if he believed him. He said he did. Alex said he wasn’t going to change. He was just trying to come to terms with it. Kate was upset with Philip for getting involved with Chloe. Brady told Chloe that he understood why their relationship didn’t work. He said Kristen and Rachel did everything to break them up. Chloe said she didn’t regret being with him. She told him she was grateful for their relationship. She said he would always be in her heart. Talia told Shawn that they both made bad decisions that night. She said he was a great guy. She said everyone knew it except for him. Belle showed up while Shawn and Talia were talking. Belle told Talia that she needed to talk to Shawn. Shawn said Talia came to apologize. Belle said she wanted to talk about their marriage. She said she was hurt by what he did. She said she wanted to put what happened behind them and save their marriage. Brady told Chloe that he wanted her to have the best life. He thought Philip must be on the right track if she was willing to forgive him. Kate reminded Philip of the things Chloe has done to him. She thought Chloe would bring him down again. He said Chloe wasn’t the reason why he did what he did. He said he wasn’t running off with Chloe. He said it was two friends with a history going away together. Kate told him to call off the trip before it was too late. Justin asked Alex if he was moving back to the mansion. Alex said he would think about it. Justin said he was proud of him for not letting the money get to his head. Alex asked if Justin would let him know if he ever let the money get to his head. Kate tried to convince Philip that Chloe was rebounding with him to get over Xander. Philip said Chloe wasn’t rebounding with him. Kate said she was worried about him because of everything he has gone through. He said he could have ended up in prison or Bayview if it weren’t for her and Victor. She said they did what they did because they loved him. He said he loved her too. Shawn told Belle he was surprised by her reaction. She said if they put in the time they could get through this. She said they need to get through this. He said he was glad that she wanted to work on their marriage, but he wasn’t going to be there. He said he was going to an outpatient rehab near Bo’s rehab. He said he would be near Ciara. She said she would put in a leave of absence. He said he wasn’t going to be gone for a little while. He said he needed to do it without her. He said he was going to be focused on their marriage instead of himself. She asked if he couldn’t fix himself with her there. He said he couldn’t focus if she was there. He said he needed time away to work on his problems if they were going to work on their marriage. He said he hoped she understood. She said she didn’t like it but she got it. She said she didn’t know how he could lean on his mother and sister and not her.

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