Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, January 24, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Victoria tells Billy she is having a hard time sharing Johnny with Chelsea but she is doing her best to deal with it for Johnny’s sake.

Victoria asks Tucker if he is planning a takeover of Newman Enterprises. Tucker tells Victoria that if he were planning to takeover of Newman Enterprises he wouldn’t tell her because that would take all the fun out of it for him.

Chelsea tells Billy she wants to do a podcast designed to help people dealing with depression. Billy tells Chelsea he will do the podcast with her if her doctor approves of her doing the podcast.

Devon tells Lily that if she and Jill don’t let him buy back Hamilton-Winters then he will take them to court to get back his company. Abby tells Devon that if he takes Lily to court he may cause a permanent rift between him and Lily. Devon hopes Lily will eventually forgive him for taking her to court but he feels he must fight to keep his company.

Phyllis sees that Chancellor-Winters is in trouble, so she calls Nate and leaves a message asking him for an appointment to talk about Daniel’s idea. Tucker overhears Phyllis on the phone and tells her he would love to talk about Daniel’s idea with her.

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