GH Short Recap Monday, January 30, 2023

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Recap written by Angela

Marshall is concerned for Trina’s safety. Stella arrives. Portia and Terry talk about the wedding plans. Jordan shows up. Anna, Valentine and Felicia at the safe house. Felicia assures them they will nail Victor. Michael and Willow discuss the baby being born. Sonny comes in after Michael steps out. Carly and Drew hug and talk about having to be careful. Nina spies on them.

Stella says she is back for the wedding and talks about her trip. Stella says she has a surprise for Portia. Jordan is at the hospital for TJ. Sasha and Maxie talk about grief at the nail salon. Anna, Valentine and Felicia talk about the plan. Willow and Michael tell Sonny about the c-section and stem cell procedure. Sonny asks if he and Nina are allowed to see the baby. Drew and Carly talk about having to practice restraint and Nina confronts them over being cozy.

Nina calls Drew out for forgiving Carly. Carly asks her if she wants to compare. Anna comforts Valentine over his fears for Charlotte thinking he is dead. Felicia leaves on an errand. Maxie and Sasha talk about the people they have lost and keeping hope alive for Lucy. Stella says she is prepared to officiate the wedding and asks about the music. Jordan and Portia discuss Taggert, Trina and Curtis.

Nina lashes out and Carly walks away. Sonny asks if there is a problem. Drew and Carly leave. Nina tells Sonny she hates Carly, and he tells her the news about Willow. Drew asks Carly if she thinks Nina caught on to them, Maxie and Sasha talk about Deception stock doing better and the guardianship. Portia accuses Jordan of wanting Curtis back. Trina and Stella talk family and the genealogy website they both used. Nina thinks there is something she can do for Willow.

Felicia comes back with Charlotte. Carly assuages Drews concerns about Nina and Sonny. Nina asks to speak to Willow alone. Sonny approaches Michael. Marshall tells Curtis he got the tests done. Portia accuses Jordan of trying to come between her and Curtis. Stella questions what they are talking about.

Marshall says he wants Curtis fully involved in his life. Stella pushes Portia and Jordan. Jordan covers with a lie. Charlotte and Valentine catch up as Felicia and Anna talk about their daughters. Maxie councils Sasha about Brando’s garage. Nina reaches out to Willow, but Willow rejects her overtures. Terry says it is time for Willow’s c-section. Michael rejects Sonny’s offer of support and Nina tells Michael they are prepping Willow for surgery. She tells Sonny Willow rejected her. She lashes out about Carly and Sonny tries to talk her down to no avail.

Sonny questions Nina and she deflects, pretending to agree with him. Nina watches as Carly and Drew wish Willow the best. Valentine thanks Felicia as Anna talks to Charlotte. Maxie tells Sasha it gets better in time. Curtis tells Marshall he just wants his father to be there with him. Stella quizzes Jordan about the genealogy test Trina took in high school.

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