GH Short Recap Wednesday, October 18, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Lois and Tracy argue because Lois is angry that Tracy forced Brook Lynn to betray Lucy and Maxie in order for her to gain control of Deception. Tracy tells Lois she bought controlling interest of Deception to give it to Brook Lynn so she can have a future. Lois insists that Brook Lynn will never accept the gift because she loves the music business.

Dante is put on administrative leave because he shot Mason to save Dex.

Curtis tells Portia he isn’t ready to make love to her yet even though the doctor told him he is physically able to make love to Portia. Dante, Dex, and Josslyn bring Ava to Carly’s house to see Avery. Dante, Dex, and Josslyn tell Carly Mason kidnapped Ava and how they rescued her.

Carly calls Sonny and gives him the details of Ava’s kidnapping. She also tells him Cyrus was released early from jail. Sonny heads home early from his honeymoon because he finally figures out that Cyrus is behind Pikeman.

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