GH Short Recap Friday, December 8, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Anna tells Valentin that Charlotte did not set fire to her house, but she can’t tell him who did it because that information is classified. Anna tells Valentin she hopes Charlotte gets the help she needs to realize that her actions have consequences.

Molly and TJ ask Kristina to be their surrogate and she gladly accepts and they toast with ginger ale.

Finn’s family decorates his apartment for Christmas. Chase tells his family he asked Brook Lynn to marry him and Violet makes her Uncle Chase get down on one knee and put the ring on Brook Lynn’s finger again. Violet wonders when Finn is going to give Elizabeth a ring. Violet sings a song she wrote for everyone while her Uncle Chase plays the guitar to accompany her.

Cody, Lois, and Olivia begin decorating the Quartermaine Mansion for Christmas, but Tracy arrives home and says the decorations will not do at all.

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GH Short Recap Thursday, December 7, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


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Recap written by Eva

Portia tells Curtis there is a procedure that is in the trial stages that could make him walk again. Portia tells Curtis that she submitted his name for the trial and he is being considered for the trial.

Dante tells Anna that some fragments of burned clothes were found in the bushes where her house used to be, and the DNA matches Jamison Forsyth. The coroner tells Dante and Anna that the WSB came and took Jamison Forsyth’s body. The coroner also tells Dante and Anna that they classified the arson report. Anna tells Dante she will handle things alone from now on because she won’t risk anyone else she cares about getting hurt.

Mr. Brendan goes to Kelly’s to order the famous BLT. Mr. Brendan sees Robert come into the restaurant with Diane and he leaves so Robert won’t see him. Mr. Brendan returns later with flowers for Carly. Mr. Brendan asks Carly to dinner, but she tells him she is seeing someone and thanks him for the flowers.

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GH Transcript Tuesday, November 28, 2023

General Hospital Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


sh pretty standard diagnosis and treatment. Nothing out of the ordinary. Mm-hmm. Yeah, and I agree with your assessment. As soon as I get back to the office, I’ll log on and I will okay the treatment. Thank you, dr. Robinson. Well, that was tough. You know he’s a leader in his field. Seems a little ridiculous that he has to have supervision to treat his patients. Just a reminder — I am not the enemy here. Finn isn’t the only one who was sued for malpractice and wrongful death. The hospital was also listed as a defendant on the suit. I-I have no choice. I’m just following procedure. I know. I’m sorry if I made it seem like it was all your doing. I know it’s not. It’s just that this whole situation is very frustrating. I know.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Um… mm! Can you try dr. Gatlin-holt again, please? In the meantime, we’re gonna have to shift his patients to other doctors. Yeah. Well, scout and I are running late, so you can fill me in on this “matter of concern” when I get back, yeah? Okay. Okay. Scout! Sweetie! We’re running late! Hi, uncle sonny! Guess where I’m going today. Uh, let me guess. The museum. Nope. I’m meeting daddy at the metro court, and I’m gonna interview him about his job for a report for school. Wow! That’s a big-girl assignment. I’ll tell you what. Maybe when you’re finished with the report, you can show it to me. Okay. Okay? Alright. That sounds good. We’ll see you later. See you. Bye. Bye. What’s this “matter of concern”? It’s about the man who tried to kill avery’s mother. Well, I’m always happy to see you, but I’m curious. Is this a social meeting or is this about business? Uh, actually, it’s family-related. I wanted to check in with you about how esme was doing at her job and whether or not you were still happy with her work. Actually I am. She’s proven to be competent, organized, efficient. She works well with the other departments, and she manages to stay ten steps ahead of me, which is not easy. She even asked for a raise, and I gave it to her because she earned it. I am so happy to hear this! You know, esme is about to move out on her own, and I’m gonna sign the lease actually tomorrow, but I just sort of wanted to know that she was likely to be employed in the near future. Unless something changes, I don’t see why not. I’m wondering about spencer, though. He’s so attached to ace. I’m worried about how he’ll handle esme and ace leaving. So am I. The matching professional called me this morning. She asked how we were doing after andrea’s miscarriage. She informed me that andrea does not want to try again, which I explained I already knew, but then she asked if we wanted to move forward with another surrogate. Neither of the women that we interviewed when we met andrea is available. They’ve both been successfully matched with other couples. Mm-hmm. But the matching professional felt she had some other candidates that might really work for us. So you said yes. What? When the matching professional asked if you and I wanted to try again, you said yes without asking me?

[ Knock on door ] Finn? Sorry. I just need to finish this e-mail to portia to remind her to sign off on the course of treatment I’m recommending. It’s a good thing it’s not an emergency, or my patient would be dead by the time I got rid of all this paperwork. End. Send. Okay. What can I do for you? I want you to close your eyes and take a breath. Are we gonna do yoga? Do you think this is really a good time? This isn’t yoga. It’s a breathing exercise. Now, trust me and close your eyes. Okay. I want you to breathe in for a count of four, hold it for two, and out for five. Are you gonna count me through this or do I have to keep track in my head? I’ll count for you. Now close your eyes. Ready? Breathe in. Two, three, four. Hold. One, two. Out. Two, three, four, five. One more time. Breathe in. Two, three, four. Hold. One, two. Out. Two, three, four, five. I’m not complaining at all, but what was that supposed to accomplish? It’s supposed to push all that anger and frustration out of your head, clear everything out so you can actually hear me when I tell you this. You did nothing wrong. My m oh, I’m gonna have to call you back. Somebody really important just showed up. Okay. Bye. Hi, daddy! Hi! Hi, hi, hi, sweetheart. Hi. I am so excited. Here. Have a seat. I’m so excited to tell you all about what I do at work. It’s gonna be so fun. Oh, I want to show you something. Look at that. That’s the plaque that you gave me. I look at it every day. Do you like it? I love it. My teacher told me I should record an interview with you so I don’t forget when I write my report. Is that okay with you?

[ Laughs ] Of course it’s okay with me. Yes, I give you my permission to record our conversation. You can ask me anything you want.

[ Recorder beeps ] Okay. I’m ready to start. Ask away. What is the name of the company you work for? It’s aurora media. And I work there, but I also own it. For how long? Six years. Your mom and I bought another man’s business, and, uh — and then we renamed it aurora. Why did you make this company? Well, your mom and I wanted to — to build something for you. We wanted to have a company that you would be really proud of and that maybe you would work at someday, if you wanted to. You know I can’t discuss an active investigation. I’m not asking for anything privileged. Can you at least tell me how long before mason gatlin is transferred to pentonville? Well, I guess it’ll be when the doctors clear him. How long is that gonna be? Could be any day. Okay, well — [ Sighs ] I’m assuming that the D.A. Is gonna make him some kind of plea deal. I don’t know what robert’s plans are with this case, but could I ask — why are you so curious? I don’t want scorpio to let him off easy. If it were up to me, he’d be in prison for life, throw away the key. I agree with you, but the theory is that mason was working for somebody. He didn’t order ava’s kidnapping. But we’re pushing him right now to get the name of his boss. Well, don’t — don’t — don’t waste your time. I can tell you right now who was responsible for ava’s kidnapping. So, because nikolas disappeared the way he did, spencer took on a role in ace’s life, uh, that was pretty major. More like a father than a brother. So, naturally, he would want ace to continue to live in the same house. Obviously he re– reconsidered. Yes, he did. He absolutely did. He is still very sad about it, but he’s not angry about it anymore. He’s not even fighting it. I’m sure that had something to do with trina.

[ Chuckles ] Yes, that’s what I’ve heard. She’s a very good influence on him. You know, that’s not an easy feat. I know my family and how stubborn they can be — fatally — when they actually make up their mind. And spencer gave every indication that he was heading down that path. Yeah, I actually give spencer an awful lot of credit here. I think that in — that he’s matured an awful lot. In part because of the role that he has played in ace’s life, he had to learn how to put somebody else’s needs ahead of his own, so that’s made him more thoughtful a-and a little less impulsive. But to be honest, you know, there aren’t many men his age who would take such an interest in a newborn baby brother. Good for spencer. Yeah. Good for him. He is no longer the grandchild I am most worried about. I assume you are referring to charlotte? Tj, I didn’t commit to another surrogate — just to entertaining more candidates. The matching professional is gonna meet us at the port charles grill this afternoon for a preliminary discussion. Why didn’t you tell me? I just had the conversation this morning, and i am telling you right now. T-this is — this is happening too fast for me. I’m still processing the loss of our baby that — that andrea was carrying. It wasn’t just a hypothetical. It was real. W-we had hopes for it. W-we had dreams for it. We were only a few weeks out from learning if we — if we were gonna have a son or a daughter, and I didn’t even realize how emotionally invested I’ve become. And I-I just — I don’t know when I’m gonna be up to making that kind of emotional investment again. I just know I’m not ready now.

[ Cellphone beeps ] I have to go. I’ll see you tonight. This is traumatic for both of you. I-I don’t — well, there aren’t any words. You — I just want you to know that I’m here for you. Whatever you need, honey. Whatever you need, tj. I know, mom. Thank you, alexis. I was looking forward to putting my hand on andrea’s belly, feeling our baby kick. We were almost to the point of ultrasounds and imaging, finding out if we were having a boy or a girl. Now our baby’s gone. I want to believe I did nothing wrong. You didn’T. You know, I — I keep going over it in my head. Was there anything that I, uh — I missed? Was there — there some little thing that could have saved muldoon’s life? Okay, what’s the first, hardest lesson any doctor has to learn? We’re not god. Right. And it’s not just doctors who think that. Sometimes it’s the patients, too. They want to believe — they need to believe that you have all the answers, that there’s a medicine or a treatment out there that’s gonna heal them and give them their life back. But we both know medicine doesn’t work like that. You run tests, you give a diagnosis, you provide treatment, and you hope it’s the right one. Now, bet ween what mr. Muldoontold you and the tests you ran, you provided the best treatment possible. I know that. And I’m gonna keep reminding you until you know it, too. I wouldn’t dream of arguing with you.

[ Knock on door ] Hi. Dr. Finn. I’m dede clark. I’m representing general hospital in the muldoon malpractice lawsuit.

Rsv is out there. Okay. Last question. What is your favorite part of your job? Well, nobody’s ever asked me that before. That’s a very good question. Um, I think my favorite part of the job is knowing that aurora entertains people as well as informs them… and also that aurora is just a really good place to work. People have good jobs with good benefits and are treated with respect. Thank you for your time, mr. Cain. Hm! Well, you’re welcome, miss cain. I don’t know about you, but all this interviewing made me a little bit thirsty. W-what do you say you ask the waitress for — for a few drinks, maybe three ginger ales? I’ll go get them for you, daddy. Okay.

[ Chuckles ] What do you think? Do you think I was, like, too preachy? I think scout asked you some honest questions, and you gave her honest answers. She took it so seriously. Right? I mean, maybe she’s got, like, a serious — like a future in journalism. She could. I mean, or she could just get it from my mom. I don’t know. Yeah. The drinks are coming. Okay. Great. Thank you. In the meantime, guess what. I’ve got some big news for you, scout. Dr. Navarro: Molly! This is a nice surprise. Dr. Navarro. It’s good to see you. I was told that your surrogate suffered a miscarriage. I’m so sorry. Yeah. Of course we’re disappointed. I’m sorry. I-I didn’t mean to upset you. No. But you should know that miscarriages are always a risk, particularly in the first trimester. Do you think you and tj will try again? Please come on in. This is elizabeth baldwin. She was recently named head nurse here at general hospital. Nice to meet you, elizabeth baldwin.

[ Chuckles ] Congratulations on the promotion. Well, thank you. It’s nice to meet you, too. And since you’re already here, did you have any involvement or interaction with mr. Muldoon? I’m sure I was here when he was a patient, but I don’t recall having any personal interaction with him. Okay, well, my team will be doing a comprehensive records check, so if it turns out that you did have any involvement with mr. Muldoon, we may need to interview you in the future. But right now I’m here to speak to dr. Finn. Hm. Understood. I’ll talk to you later. Bye. Please have a seat. Thank you. Uh, before we begin, I’ve been advised to retain my own separate counsel. Congratulations on the promotion. Well, thank you. It’s nice to meet you, too. And since you’re already here, did you have any involvement or interaction with mr. Muldoon? I’m sure I was here when he was a patient, but I don’t recall having any personal interaction with him. Okay, well, my team will be doing a comprehensive records check, so if it turns out that you did have any involvement with mr. Muldoon, we may need to interview you in the future. But right now I’m here to speak to dr. Finn. Hm. Understood. I’ll talk to you later. Bye. Please have a seat. Thank you. Uh, before we begin, I’ve been advised to retain my own separate counsel. As you should. Your attorney will focus on your defense. I represent the hospital. But your actions with regard to diagnosis and treatment of mr. Muldoon will directly affect my defense. That’s why I’m here. And I apologize in advance if any of my questions seem intrusive, but the key to defending a malpractice suit is having all the information so that there are no surprises in the courtroom. You know, I also want to thank you for the discretion that the invader showed in reporting the shooting. You gave all of the facts and managed to leave out anna and charlotte’s name. Well, first of all, charlotte, the victim, is a minor, so she’s protected. And anna has been so unfairly treated by the sun. I just wanted to do what I could to protect her privacy. And I’m so grateful that you made that call. You know, when I was elected, I had to learn how to deal with the media scrutiny, but I think I’ve developed a tougher shell. But, you know, then I-I read one of these opinion articles about me, and I-it’s just absolutely brutal sometimes. And I would never want charlotte to be exposed to anything like that. And it’s the last thing that anna needs, just having to live with the fact that she — she knows that she shot a child. I can’t imagine the guilt she must be dealing with. In truth, if the circumstances were different, I would have had a searing op-ed written on gun violence. I mean, if someone as trained and skilled as anna devane could shoot an innocent person by accident, I mean, what better argument is there against carrying guns?

[ Glass shatters ] I can take some of austin’s patients. That would be perfect. And I also called dr. Park. He should be here soon. Portia? I’m sorry, tj. Yeah. Hm? I called dr. Gatlin-holt again. Still no answer. Left another message. What about the texts? Nothing. Okay. Have we checked the last time he was on duty? I did. It was two days before thanksgiving. He had the holiday off, and he was due back this morning. But still, it could be anything. It could be car trouble. He could have forgot to charge his phone, which could be dead. Do you want me to go to his apartment and check on him? I don’t really want to ask you to do that. You’re not asking. I’m volunteering. Mason gatlin is working for cyrus renault? That’s right. How long have you known? Since the day cyrus was released from pentonville. You remember avery’s temporary nanny, betty? Yeah. I was wondering why you moved on from pilar. Why? Because I knew that betty was a plant. Mason used her to spy on me. So I got brick to dummy up the computer and put in false information. She stole the information, took it to austin. Austin delivered it to cyrus at pentonville. Hold on. Austin gatlin-holt was in on this, too? Austin and his cousin, it looks like, have been working with cyrus all along. Damn it! What?

[ Line ringing ] Man: Hello? Yeah. I’m sorry. Who’s this I’m speaking to? Who am I speaking to? Well, I asked you first, but it’s detective falconeri with the port charles police department.

Nice to meet you,


Paul briscoe, detective with pautuck pd. Why are you calling

this number? Well, I’m trying to get ahold of dr. Austin gatlin-holt. He’s on staff at general hospital here in port charles. I’m sorry to inform you. Austin gatlin-holt is dead. My late father-in-law lit up a room, but his vision dimmed with age. He had amd. I didn’t know it then, but it can progress to ga, how did mr. Muldoon become your patient? My daughter, violet, and mr. Muldoon’s daughter are in the same class at school. We were at a parent gathering, and mr. Muldoon mentioned that he traveled abroad for business and that he was feeling a little under the weather and that he may have contracted something along the lines of a tapeworm. I recommended mr. Muldoon come in and make an appointment and visit me here at general hospital. And he agreed. And did he come see you? He did. How soon after your initial conversation with mr. Muldoon did you examine him? It’s lucky that your office is in a hotel so we can come up to the restaurant. Should I put that in my report? Well, I think it’s your report. You get to decide what you put in there. Just, you know, it’s good training in case you become a journalist, deciding what you put in your story and what you don’T. Okay, if our daughter isn’t gonna ask you about your good news, then I will. What’s — what’s going on? Okay. So, I closed a deal with steve harris. Wait. Should I be familiar with that name? Yeah, h-he works in venture capital. He’s got a daughter a little bit older than scout who attends westwood academy. Westwood academy? That’s that, um — that fancy private school, isn’t it? Yeah. Yeah. St-steve’s on the board, and I told him about scout, and I convinced him to open a spot for her so scout can go to westwood, too. I always knew that miscarriage was a possibility, but I was not prepared emotionally. No one ever is. So what are your thoughts about moving forward? Andrea, our surrogate, made it very clear that she does not want to try again. So if we decide to move forward, we’ll have to start from scratch. I know that will set you back a few more months, but I’m sure you and tj will find a suitable candidate. Honestly, I-I’m not sure we can go through this again. That’s very understandable. It’s a decision only you and tj can make. But while miscarriages are not uncommon, many, many surrogacies have been successful. There are lots of parents in the world, lots of people in the world who are proof that surrogacy can work. I wish you and tj the very best, whatever path you choose going forward. Yes. Thank you, detective briscoe, for the update. Sounded serious. Yeah, it was. Uh… but I can tell you about it ’cause you’re gonna hear about it soon enough. Austin gatlin-holt is dead. You know how it happened? He was shot to death at a house in pautuck. You didn’t know about it? How would I — I don’t know anybody in pautuck. Why would I know? Unless you arranged for it to happen. Dante, you’ve — you’ve known me long enough. You know how I work. If I’m gonna arrange for austin to be dead… they’re not gonna find his body. And the last thing I’m gonna do is come here and talk to my son, the detective. You gotta give me a little more credit than that. Alright. Well, I’m relieved you didn’t do it, but now I got to figure out who did it. No, you don’T. If the tray is too heavy, then make two trips. Got it. Yeah. The cost of the broken glasses will come out of your paycheck. Alright. Yes. Now finish the clean-up. Yes, sir. Either he doesn’t know who his new dishwasher is, or that matre d’ has a death wish. Sometimes it can feel like westwood academy? Well, you and I have never discussed scout going to a private school. Yeah, it’s a great opportunity. No, I know. Kristina — s-she went to westwood. I remember my mom having to do backflips to get her in. Not to mention I think sonny had to have, like, “a talk” with someone to get her accepted. And it’s — it’s really expensive. I mean, he — he could afford it. Yeah, so can I. But westwood? I believe the acceptance rate is like 7% or something. And there’s an epic waiting list. Is scout just gonna jump to the front of the line? Well, there’s a big waiting list because it’s such a great school, and it turns out there’s a student in scout’s class that had to leave, so scout can kind of just slide right in there and start right after christmas break. Scout, what do you say? Westwood is an amazing school. It’s — so, it’s all girls, and they have one of the best swim teams in the state. You’re gonna be able to study so many more subjects than you would at public school. And as you get a little bit older, they even have, like, a study-abroad program. Do you want me to go there, daddy? Well, all I’ve ever wanted for you, scout, is the best life possible. This — this school, westwood, is a great step up. I think you’re gonna love it. What do you say? Okay, daddy. Austin gatlin-holt lived and worked in port charles. It’s my duty to investigate. You just told me that austin was shot in pautuck, the same place where you shot his cousin mason. Yes, in the line of duty. Is-isn’t it gonna be a conflict of interest to investigate austin’s death? Shouldn’t that fall on the — on the cops from pautuck? Yes. If I was running lead investigator, yeah, it would be a conflict of interest. But it’s not because austin was murdered in pautuck, the pautuck pd will run lead. But because, like I said, he lived and worked here in port charles, the pcpd, we — we got to share information. I mean, you could save us a lot of time and effort if you can tell me who you suspect. It’s the same person you suspected all along. Cyrus renault. I got to go. I’m surprised an upscale place like the port charles grill would hire an ex-con like cyrus. Well, uh, maybe the manager here believes in second chances. Do you think he can be reformed? You know, I just had this conversation with my other brother, martin, and I’ll tell you what I told him. It is entirely possible that cyrus hasn’t changed a bit and this turn towards god is just a big act. But I believe in second chances. So until cyrus has proven himself to be a threat, I’m gonna stand by my own principles and just say that, uh, my brother deserves a second chance, just like everybody else. Shall we? Thank you for lunch. No. Thank you. After you. Thanks. Okay. I checked in on those patients of dr. Gatlin-holt’S. They’re all doing fine. They shouldn’t need to be checked on until evening rounds. Thank you so much. And I hate to say this, but I may need to ask you to stay late to cover. Actually, the timing couldn’t be better. And what does that mean? Molly and I had a difference of opinion on whether we should look for a new surrogate. And that is just not a conversation I want to have right now. So if I can bury myself in work instead, bring it on. Tj, I’m so sorry again. Portia, I really need to talk to you. Not a problem. I’ve got more patients to see. Okay. Um, I went to austin’s apartment. Mm-hmm. No one was there, but there was a food delivery sitting outside his door. I looked at the receipt. It had been delivered on thanksgiving day. Clearly, he never brought it inside. Okay. Now I’m starting to get concerned. I found the super. I explained the situation. He let me in. No sign of him. In fact, it looked like austin hadn’t been there since before thanksgiving. What?! Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Should we call the police? We’re travelling all across america,hey, steve. Drew cain. Yeah. I-I’ve got an update about my daughter. I spoke to scout and her mom about westwood academy, and they are all for it. Yeah, so — so let’s figure out a time where we can get together and move forward about scout getting admitted. Sam: Ooh! I know you need to write up that report on your dad’s job, but did you have any other homework you had to finish up? No, mommy. Just the report. Okay, well, I was thinking that maybe we could take a drive over to westwood academy and see what it looks like on the outside. What do you think? We could go by kelly’s or perks and get some hot chocolate? Mommy? Yes, sweetie? I don’t want to go to that school. Come here. Hi. Um, I’m meeting someone here. I don’t see her yet, but she said the reservation should be under her name. Claire brown. Mr. Muldoon came to visit me about a week after our conversation. What kind of symptoms did he complain about? He had some G.I. Distress, weight loss, general fatigue. Anything else? He complained of some dizziness, but it hadn’t gotten as far as fainting. How did you treat him? I did some blood work and a culture. Tests came back with low hemoglobin and elevated white blood cell count. And the culture came back positive for a tapeworm. I treated him for the tapeworm. He called me a few days later to say he was feeling much better. I also requested that he come in for a follow-up, just in case. Just in case what? It’s standard procedure to make sure the condition is properly treated. But mr. Muldoon refused, saying he had to go on another business trip. And then what? Well, mr. Muldoon came in two months later, at which time I ran further bloodwork and a colonoscopy. And at that time I discovered that he had cancer. What happened then? I immediately referred him to oncology, but unfortunately he was already stage iv. Mr. Muldoon passed away shortly after. Were any of the symptoms that mr. Muldoon complained about in his first visit signs for cancer? Dr. Finn, when mr. Muldoon initially told you about his symptoms, did you ever think it might be cancer? Before answering more questions, I think I’d like my lawyer present. Yeah. Listen. I’m on my way to the metro court. Get over there now. There’s something you need to know.

[ Engine starts ] Detective falconeri, you’ve got a detective briscoe from the pautuck pd waiting for you. I put him in the interrogation room. Thank you. Detective. Hey. I’m dante falconeri. We spoke earlier. Good to meet you in person, detective. You, as well. I’m requesting interdepartmental cooperation to investigate the murder of austin gatlin-holt.

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GH Short Recap Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Adam is anxious about the grade he got on his makeup test for his organic chemistry test so he asks Jocelyn if they can open the test results together. Josslyn tells Adam he got a 97 on the test. Adam calls his father to tell him the news. Adam’s father wonders why he had to take a makeup test and Adam lies and tells his dad that he had to take his Josslyn to the emergency room. Josslyn is upset that Adam used her in his lie. Josslyn tells Adam its time that he live his life and stop doing what his parents want him to do. Adam continues to take pills to help him focus when he studies.

Spencer says a tearful goodbye to Ace as Ace and Esme leave to move into their new apartment. James gets sick with a stomach virus, so Maxie lets Cody and Sasha handle an important video conference for Deception.

Alexis and Martin get Finn ready for his deposition for his malpractice suit.

Dante gives Laura and Jordan an update on Austin’s murder investigation. Dante tells Laura Cyrus is a person of interest in the investigation.

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GH Short Recap Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


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Recap written by Eva

Sonny tells Curtis about the connection between Pikeman and the WSB and then he thinks that the person that shot him was after Anna. Anna tells Felicia about the secret WSB operation in the 1980’s that she was involved in with Forsyth and that she thinks he took her copy of the report about the secret operation. Dante tells Sam Forsyth had a key to a bus station locker hidden in his shoe. Dante wants to see what is in the locker before he talks to Anna.

Mr. Brendan turns out to be the head of the WSB and he is also the head of Pikeman. Mr. Brendan tells the man that works for him he intends to get some leverage on Sonny to force Sonny to work for Pikeman. Brendan tells his man that Anna has to be eliminated since Forsyth didn’t do the job.

Esme packs up her things and gets ready to move out of Laura’s apartment.

Cyrus tells Ava he didn’t kill Austin. Cyrus tells Laura he will be gone for a few days to visit his mom.

Blaze comes out to Kristina, but she says she can’t come out to her conservative family.

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GH Short Recap Friday, December 1, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Elizabeth gives Finn a pep talk because he is worried that he will lose the malpractice suit because he won’t be able to make the jury like him. Elizabeth assures Finn they will find a way to prove to the jury that he did his best when he treated Mr. Muldoon.

Brook Lynn apologizes to Chase for all the pressure that her mother Lois and grandmother Gloria were putting on him. Chase assures Brook Lynn that he thinks Lois and Gloria are wonderful women and he didn’t feel any pressure at all. Chase then gets down on one knee and proposes to Brook Lynn.

Ava opens up to Nina and shows her the picture of Austin’s dead body that she got in the mail with the note that says “you’re welcome.” Ava tells Nina how Austin helped her hide Nikolas’ body when they thought Nikolas was dead. Ava tells Nina that she is a suspect in Austin’s murder and she doesn’t have a way to prove she didn’t do it. Nina tells Ava to turn the pictures and the note to the police but Ava decides to burn the pictures and the note in the fireplace.

Sonny tells the man from Pikeman that he is out and he won’t move anymore product for them. A new man, who is staying at the Metro Court, goes to Kelly’s to have a burger. The man is impressed when Carly gives a homeless man who is outside of Kelly’s some food. The man, who Carly later calls Mr. Brennan, gives Carly some money to give to the homeless man.

The man from Pikeman, who talked to Sonny, later meets with Mr. Brennan outside Kelly’s and tells him Sonny refuses to move anymore of their product.

Kristina takes Molly to her apartment and lets her vent about how badly she feels about the surrogate losing her baby. Kristina realizes how much Molly wants a baby. Kristina offers, once again, to be Molly’s surrogate. Molly agrees but she wants to talk with TJ because they both have to agree to it.

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GH Short Recap Thursday, November 30, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


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Recap written by Eva

James tells Maxie he wishes Cody was his brother because he is tired of being the only boy in the house.

Felicia continues to wonder if Cody could be Mac’s son.

Dante questions Ava about Austin’s death. Ava tells Dante that the last time she saw Austin was two days before Thanksgiving at the gallery. Ava also tells Dante she left the gallery at midnight, but she can’t prove it because she doesn’t have cameras in the back room of the gallery. Ava tells Dante that she left through the back door of the gallery. Dante advises Ava to get a lawyer when the Pawtuck police question her.

Michael tells Nina the only reason he is keeping her secret is for the sake of Sonny and Willow.

Dex tells Sonny that Pikeman wants another meeting.

Portia advises TJ not to postpone his joy because life is too short to postpone joy.

Molly cries because Willow made her realize she shouldn’t have talked to the surrogate matching professional without telling TJ what she wanted to do.

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GH Transcript Thursday, November 30, 2023

General Hospital Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


hello. Tj? Hey. Portia. Looks like you got a lot on your mind, huh? Yeah, I was, uh, caught up in my thoughts. A-are you on break or are you just getting off work? Honey, you k now you don’thave to do that with me, right? Do what? Change the subject.

[ Scoffs ] I can tell that something’s wrong. You want to talk to me about it? I might have made a huge mistake with molly. Mom, it is very generous for you and mac to offer to bail me out of credit-card debt. You’re our daughter. Of course we want to help. Mac and I are fully confident that you will be back on your financial feet in no time. The deceptor will be flying off the shelves, and deception will make a historic comeback. Maybe I can hang on until it does. Maxie! Or I can take out a partial loan, okay? You guys don’t have to completely bail me out. Ugh! On the other hand, if someone could just assemble this desk, I would be eternally grateful. Would you like me to ask mac to come over and put it together for you?

[ Door opens ] Guess what! What? What? I saddled own pony today!

[ Gasps ] You did? All by yourself?! Cody helped. Cody is the coolest! Call me crazy, but that was actually kind of fun. -What? Grocery shopping? -Yeah! I know. But watching you move around with maximum efficiency. You knew exactly what you wanted, and you knew exactly which aisle to get it. Yeah, well, when I feel like wandering, I go to the farmer’s market, but for staples, I am in and out. Yeah. So you’re telling me that all this is only gonna last you three days? Mm. Wow. Teenage boys. Well, and scout. She can hold her own. Trust me. Westwood? That’s where i went. I loved westwood academy! Are you guys thinking of sending scout there? Well, um, drew is pushing it, and scout really wants to please her dad. Nina. You know where sonny is? I haven’t seen sonny since he left the penthouse this morning. Why? Is willow and the kids — are they alright? Yeah, no. They’re fine. Sonny asked me to meet him here. Oh, I’m sure he’ll be here soon. If you want to sit at one of the tables, you’re more than welcome to. Sonny: Oh, great! You both are here. Hey. There are a few things that, uh, we need to settle. Welcome home, ms. Jerome. Thank you, giles. All your mail from today is on the desk. Thank you, giles. I’ll look at it later. Can I make you a martini?

[ Sighs ] No. No. Thank you. I’m surprisingly not in the mood. Very well. I’ll be down the hall if you need me. Thank you, giles. Sonny: Austin gatlin-holt

is dead.

You listen to me. If you killed austin… you need to tell me — now.

[ Doorbell rings ]

[ Door opens ] Dante: Hey. Detective falconeri here to see ava jerome. Hi, cody. Felicia. Maxie. Cody. James says he saddled his own pony today. He did. He also aced all of his riding lessons, too. I told you, mom. Cody said I was a natural with the horses. I sure did. Uh, yeah. He’s — he’s come a long way since his first lesson with me. Haven’t you, buddy? A really long way. My riding lessons are my favorite part of the week. I look forward to them more than recess. I knew that you were a jack of all trades, but it looks like you’ve gone from horse-riding instructor to handyman. Cody fixed comet’s stable door really fast, and I told him that georgie’s desk was back in the box because we didn’t know how to put it together. What? Cody, I am so sorry james put you on the spot like that. You do not need to assemble georgie’s desk, but thank you. Cody said he’s going to help me put it together. No, he’s not, james. I’m gonna send the desk back. Are you sure? ‘Cause I’d really like the opportunity to show off my handyman skills. Was that the blender I heard? Yeah. I thought we should try the new protein powder that I bought, and I did. And — chocolate. Strawberry. Strawberry. Come on. Chocolate! Okay. Thank you. You’re welcome. That’s really good! Nicely done. Mmm. It is good. You know the other place that has really good smoothies? The snack bar at westwood academy. Funny, that. I don’t know if you remember, but… I really enjoyed my time there. I think… I think in hindsight it would have been better to just stay there through 12th instead of transferring to madison. Yeah, you used to talk about westwood a lot. It was a lot of fun, and I still keep in touch with a lot of the girls from there. It’s a great school, and the teachers are so invested, you know? They really care. Why do you think it might not be a good fit for scout? Well, ’cause she’s thriving where she is right now. Okay. What if she thrives even more at westwood? All girls. They have a great swim team. I know. Drew has, um, told me about all that. I just — I don’t think that he realizes, like, scout had a really tough time when he was in prison. She would ask me every single day if he was gonna be okay. And school, it’s a bright spot for scout. She likes her teachers. She likes her friends. And I just — I don’t want to take her away from all that. Mm. I mean, especially in the middle of the year. Drew wants her to start westwood in january. And I don’t know. It just can be really tough on a kid. And it’s not fair. Okay. Okay what? Just — just say “no,” then. It’s as easy as that. I’m not sure that I should. Giles: Excuse me, ms. Jerome. Detective falconeri is here to see you. I can see that, giles. Thank you. Hello, ava. I assume you’re here on official business. Best to keep my wits about me, eh? What can I do for you? Answer some questions. Go for it. When’s the last time you saw austin gatlin-holt? Molly! Hi! Come. Hang out. Hi, willow. Hello, amelia! I don’t want to intrude. Oh, please. Don’t be silly. It’s no intrusion at all. No. The more the merrier. What, uh, brings you out this afternoon? It’s a gorgeous autumn day. How many more of these do we have before it gets cold? Winter is right around the corner. And with the lake-effect winds, it’ll be colder sooner than we realize. Yeah. Have a seat, please. Okay. Hello, amelia! Look at you! She is so precious. Thank you. Yeah, we were just enjoying some mother-daughter bonding. The service that matched us with andrea contacted molly about looking at other potential surrogates. Okay, and how do you feel about that? It’s too soon. I am still processing the miscarriage. I can’t even imagine investing in the prospect of another baby this quickly. Well, okay. What about molly? How does she feel? Molly’s ready to meet with the matching professional and look at other possible surrogates. Have you told molly how you’re feeling about the whole thing or…? I asked her to put it on hold for now, but… maybe that was a mistake? It’s just such a time-consuming and complicated process. Do you think trying again so soon — that that would be rushing it? Actually I don’T. Well, christmas is just around the corner, and I was — you’re probably busy with a lot of family obligations. Am I right? Yeah, yeah. I know. Between mom and josslyn and bringing the kids to the quartermaines’ and then just having enough time with just me, willow, and the kids, it’s — yeah, we’re fully — fully booked. Yeah, that’s what I thought. We have a busy schedule, too. But I was thinking maybe you and willow and the kids could spend time with me and nina — as a family. When you’re ready to begin treatment for chronic lymphocytic leukemia, why are you asking me about austin? Because austin’s dead. I’m so sorry to hear about the doctor’s passing. Well, you don’t seem that sorry

or surprised to hear about it. Did you already know? So, what are these questions that you came all the way out here to ask me? Because I’d like to get on with my afternoon.

[ Scoffs ] You know, ava, you’re showing a remarkable lack of curiosity. Well, you know… curiosity killed the cat. Don’t you want to know how he died? I imagine you’re gonna tell me. Well, I imagine you already know. I’ll have to talk to willow. I figured that. That’s why I’m, you know — I’m approaching you now. So, you have any — any plans for christmas yet? Uh, you know, nothing — nothing definitive yet, but, um, I mean, I know wiley’s really excited about santa claus. I know willow wants to make christmas morning a really big deal for him, so… I know carly’s gonna want to carry on the tradition of you coming over for christmas breakfast. And the q’s are gonna, you know, do their traditional gathering on christmas day, so we were thinking maybe you can come over for christmas eve. You know, everybody can see you. You’d make everybody happy. I think that’s a great compromise, sonny. Yeah, I mean, you know, the kids will open up their christmas presents from grandma and grandpa. We can make our own traditions, you know? And I’ll even cook. Big salad. Ravioli like the one that.. you used to love. Wait. Is it your ravioli recipe? No, no. It was mrs. Cerullo’S. But not — lois doesn’t even know the recipe.

[ Laughs ] But if you come early, bring wiley, he can come in the kitchen, help me cook like you used to. If I’ve learned anything in my life…

[ Chuckles ] …From, um, keeping trina’s paternity a secret for as long as I did… to curtis’s shooting… it’s that life is too short. Don’t postpone your joy. Don’t postpone happiness. And you can’t sit around and wait for somebody to come knocking on your door, either, to make all your dreams come true. But if you and molly —

[ Sighs ] You two want to have a baby, right? There is never, ever gonna be the perfect time that you are guaranteed that everything’s gonna work out exactly the way you want to. It just doesn’t work like that. You got to take a leap of faith. Yeah, but we’re both still mourning the miscarriage. Yeah, no, I get it. I-I get that. You’re gonna have to find another surrogate. You’re gonna have to go through the whole process again, and it’s gonna take time, maybe even months. So why — why subject ourselves to that kind of stress? You’re always gonna have stress, tj. You got stress now, being a doctor. And I know molly’s got all kinds of stress being an A.D.A. But time… mnh-mnh. Time waits for no one. And it plays by its own rules… rules that you can’T… and, honestly, you won’t change. Since I went back to work at G.H. And michael’s running aurora, amelia has been spending a lot of time in the q’s nursery. And wiley’s in school full-time now? Can you believe it? If I’m not careful, I will blink, and it’ll be amelia’s turn. So we thought we would take full advantage of my day off and hang out in the park together while we have the chance. And here I am, intruding on your special day together. No, no. Not at all. Molly, I wanted you to join us. Michael and I were talking this morning about how fast she’s growing. I mean, I loved every stage of watching wiley grow up, but there is something about this time when they’re still babies…

[ Amelia fusses ] …That I want to take in every moment, every smile, every laugh, and just…

[ Amelia fusses ] …Really, really live in the moment with her. She’s a sweet, little angel. Would you like to hold her? Huh. How long have you been tracking our car’s value with carvana?Just, like, 7 months. Should we sell it? We hold… I’m glad you decided to go forward with james’ riding lessons. He’s really taken to cody. Yeah. Don’t tell cody I said this, but he’s kind of terrific.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. Mom! Come on! Me and cody put georgie’s desk together! Maxie: Okay. It sounds like you impressed james with your handiwork. He — he did it all himself. Oh, sure he did.

[ Laughs ] I’m impressed, too. Well, it was — it was no big deal, really. I wasn’t just referring to the desk, though. It was really lovely of you to put that together for maxie. What I meant was, is all the attention that you’ve been giving to james, teaching him how to ride and how to tie knots… and now assembling a desk.

[ Chuckles ] Well… I really like him a lot. He’s a — he’s a great kid. And he — he does have a way with horses. He doesn’t just want to ride them. He wants to get to know them. He’s got a real understanding of them. That’s gonna lead to a great connection. He’s gonna become an awesome rider someday. Mm. Well, I am quite the horse woman myself. I grew up on a hacienda in texas that my grandmother and I both ran. Really? We had some really wonderful, wonderful horses. So it runs in my family. Oh. Okay. Wow. I am impressed. I tried for two hours to assemble that thing and got nowhere. Georgie’s gonna love it. Thank you. Yeah, we did an awesome job, cody. We sure did. Ow!

[ Felicia laughs ] Are you gonna tell drew how you really feel about westwood academy? I’m really torn over it. Sam, scout is your daughter. You can and you should do whatever is best for her. I know that drew is a good dad, but sometimes mother’s intuition knows best, right? If you don’t think that this is a good fit for scout, then just say so. I want to parent with drew amicably, and I want to respect what he thinks is best for scout, and if that’s going to westwood academy, then… I don’t know. Maybe I should just agree. After all, he’s been through so much. Yeah. How’s he doing physically since the assault? Well, he seems like he’s recovering, but I can tell that he’s in a lot of pain. I keep finding him trying to hide it from me or trying to cover it up. I just don’t want drew to feel even more shut out of scout’s life than he already has. She adores her dad. She will do anything for him. Even if she doesn’t want to go? She doesn’T. She already told me. Well, sam, there you go.

[ Sighs ] I know. I know. Scout deserves to have her opinion considered, but she is way too young to be choosing what school she needs to go to. In the end, it’s between drew and me. But wh at unsettles me is the wayhe just decided this for her. There was no discussion, no debate. Literally went just like that. Sam, let’s face it. There are a lot of gaps in scout’s childhood where her father was missing, and I think now he’s trying to make up for that time. I don’t know. There’s something different about drew. I didn’t see it at first, and I can’t quite put my finger on it, but something about him has changed. Thank you for letting me hold amelia. So amazing. She’s such a blessing. She really is a miracle, considering everything she went through to get here. How many weeks pregnant were you when you had to have a c-section? 36. I heard from tj that your — your surrogate miscarried. I am so sorry. Yeah. There are support groups at G.H. That specialize in this kind of loss. If you ever need me to point you in the direction of one or… you can talk to me. Anytime. Thank you, willow, for being so understanding. And thank you for being so open and generous with amelia. Of course. No, really. I mean, you could have easily scurried away the second you saw me thinking the sight of a baby would upset me too much, but you didn’T. Well, I-I think it depends on the person, but when I learned that my son had died, I found tremendous comfort in holding wiley. It helped me on my road to healing. I thought maybe it would help you to hold amelia. It does. Can I ask you a personal question? No subject is off the table between us. After what happened with your first child, did you ever think that maybe you didn’t want to try again? Having the whole family gathered at our place for christmas eve? It sounds too good to be true. So, I want to hear about these fabled ravioli. And why haven’t I had them? Because I-I only make them on christmas ’cause — very special. Oh. Okay. Well, I can’t wait. And is it truly 100% homemade or are you secretly buying the dough pre-made? All authentic. Made from scratch. You know those big raviolis? You got to cut them with a water glass? Put ricotta cheese in there… mmm! …And some secret ingredients. Years of asking gloria for the recipe. She would never give me the recipe. Finally, she gave me the recipe, and I cannot make it as good as hers.

[ Sonny and nina laugh ] I’ll be right back. Excuse me. What the hell are you trying to pull? Using sonny to get around me? Why are you here? I thought you’d want to know right away. We heard from pikeman. I’ve got another side job for us. You do? Alright. Well, what is it? The cabinet in the kitchen is loose. Let’s go take a look at it. Alright, boss. Wait. No, james. That’s enough. Cody’s already done plenty for us. It’s no big deal. I’m sure big james and I can fix it. This one. We can. And when we’re done, we can take a look at the garage door

and the front door. They both squeak. And can you build me a treehouse? There’s a huge tree in the backyard, and that would be perfect. James. [ Sighs ] Come here. If cody does everything on your list, he’s gonna be here all night. That would be so cool if he did spend the night. Can you? You can sleep in my room. I have two sleeping bags, and they’re both “star wars.” Grandma bought them both. Didn’t you? And grandpa. Cody has a job he has to go do. He needs to go back to the quartermaine stables to take care of comet and the other horses. No. This isn’t fair. Grandpa’s at work, and if cody leaves, that means I’m the only boy. Even the turtles are girls. I wish cody was my brother. If you came all the way out here to spoon island to inform me of austin’s death, well, you’ve done your civic duty. You can go now. I can’t, actually. I’m here on behalf of the pautuck pd. They’ve got questions for you. Why pautuck? That’s where austin died. Or was murdered. Two shots to the chest. Close range. Whoever did it wasn’t messing around. But because he lived and worked in port charles, the pautuck pd thinks that the killer is here. There’s a whole big city full of people out there, detective, and yet you’re questioning me. Well, you know, none of them knew austin quite as well as you did. Austin had a lot of associates. Have you spoken with the quartermaines? How about maxie jones? How about all the people that he worked with at the hospital? How about none of those people were kidnapped by austin’s cousin mason? But you were, ava. Wait, wait, wait, sam. Of course he’s changed. You did when you were in pentonville. A-and michael, he was a shell of himself at first. Maybe sending scout to westwood is drew’s way of proving to himself that he can provide better opportunities for his daughter. You never really know, sam. I know. I know. You could be right. It’s why I don’t know if I should fight drew on this. Then don’T. I mean, look, maybe scout is gonna be as happy as I was at westwood. Or maybe she won’t be. I-I just — I don’t know what’s best for her. Hume came in person, walked into the restaurant, and asked to see you. What’d you tell him? I sent him away pretty quickly, but before he left, he told me to give you this message. He needs to see you. He’ll meet you wherever you want. I didn’t put sonny up to anything, michael. You should know your father well enough to understand that he is not so easily manipulated. Wiley and amelia are his grandchildren, so of course he wants to see his grandchildren for christmas. Can’t you see your whole plan to police my access to my daughter and my grandchildren is not gonna work? We are family. Our lives intersect on too many levels for you to continue this vendetta against me. Yeah, my mom is family, too, and her life intersects with mine and willow’s on just as many levels, but that didn’t stop you from turning her in to the sec, did it? I have done everything that you have wanted me to do. I offered to sell my half of the hotel back to carly, and she refused. What more do you want? What do I want? What I want… is to expose you in front of the whole world so they can see what kind of a liar you really are. The only reason I’m not doing that is because I know how much it would hurt my father and willow. So I’m keeping silent for them. For them. Not you. But you benefit. Okay? So it’s gonna cost you. What if I’m not willing to pay? You two want to tell me what I just missed? I always knew I wanted more children. Where did you find the courage after losing your first? It’s different for everyone. You may feel the same way I did or it may take you a while to decide. But when I realized I was pregnant with amelia and then was diagnosed with leukemia, I was advised to terminate my pregnancy so that I could start chemo right away. But despite the health risks involved, you kept the pregnancy. In my mind, there was no alternative. I even went as far as keeping my diagnosis a secret from michael, something I will always regret. I should have shared everything with him. It’s not fair to shut the person you love out of a life-altering decision. Kayaking is my thing. I always wanted a brother, but you know what? What? Even though I think cody would make an excellent brother, we’re gonna settle for him being our friend, okay? Cody would be an awesome brother. We could play video games until midnight every night. But not on school nights. Alright. Uh, that should do it. No more squeaking. Now I can sneak candy without my mom hearing the door open. Is that why you wanted that cabinet fixed? Cody, let’s go take a look at the garage door now. Um, hey, I’m sorry, but I really got to get back to the stables and bed down the horses. Aww. Can’t you stay for dinner? Well, uh, you wouldn’t want comet to be uncomfortable in his bed tonight, would you? No. Hey. I’m sorry. I really do have to go. I’ll walk you out. Come with us, mom. Okay. Thank you, cody. I’ll see you later, felicia. You’re not my dad, mac. What? Are you sure? Yeah. It’s not a match. May I see that? Mac: What’s the point of dragging it out, felicia? Looking at the paper’s not gonna change what it says. Cody’s not my son. When’s the last time you saw or spoke to austin? Two days before thanksgiving. Where? He came by my gallery to see me. We spoke. He left. You got proof? Yes. We have security cameras at the gallery, so you’ll be able to see austin leaving through the front entrance. What time did you leave the gallery? I was working late. It must have been… sometime after midnight. Hm. And your security footage will back up you leaving the gallery at the time you say you did? Unfortunately, no. Why not? I locked the front door after austin left, and then I went to the back room to do inventory, and I… left out the back. You mean there’s no security cameras at the back door? We’ve been having trouble with those cameras. They’ve been shut off for weeks. We’re in the process of upgrading them now. So basically you’re saying that you cannot prove that you were at the gallery past midnight? Thank you for your time, ava. I imagine the pautuck pd will have more questions for you at a later date. I’ll be sure to have my lawyer with me. Might be a good idea. I’m trying to take the temperature down between you two. The reason I wanted to have this discussion today was to make plans for christmas. I leave for five minutes… and there’s tension. No, no. No? No, babe. There’s no tension. It’S… I was — I was just quizzing michael about what he was going to get wiley for christmas. That’s it. And I-I just don’t want us to duplicate gifts. Speaking of which, I want to get wiley tickets to a yankee game next summer. You, me, and wiley sitting behind home plate. We’d take the jet. What do you think? That’s a great idea. I never really thought about giving wiley yankee tickets, so, yeah. Feel free to. I just want to create family memories with you and wiley, right? Well, yeah, I have to talk it over with willow, but, um… hope I see you at christmas.

[ Sighs ] You okay? You know what? Why don’t I take care of your patients for the rest of the day? You can just go home. No, no. I think being at work actually helps. Thank you for your time and your advice. You really always know what to say. If only I could take my own advice, right? We’re our own worst critics. You’re doing fine. Tj. Good luck. Whatever you and molly decide. Well, obviously you and michael got past all that. I’ve never seen two people more in love. We’re very lucky. You’re in remission. You and michael have two beautiful children. You even have your birth mother in your life as a bonus. How are things with you and nina now? Actually, we are getting along better than I ever dreamed possible. That’s so great to hear! And the kids, they adore nina. She brought them over these gifts on thanksgiving. She got wiley this robot that he still can’t put down and a stuffed kitten for amelia. And if I know michael the way I think I do, he’s still holding a grudge against nina? Yeah, he just can’t seem to let go of his anger at her. Well, when michael makes up his mind, it’s hard to change it. Don’t get me wrong. I respect michael’s right to his feelings. But I wish that he would just see nina for who she is now, instead of focusing on what she’s done in the past.

[ Exhales sharply ] Oh.

[ Door opens ] Ohh! I really hate going out to wyndemere. Between the cold, foggy boat ride to spoon island… and, uh, its inhabitants… not a good time. You okay? Just have a lot on my mind. Yeah? What is it? What’s going on? I think drew and i may have hit our first co-parenting snag. And I don’t know what to do about it. Hey. There’s my two favorite girls. Hey, amelia. Come here.

[ Laughs ]

[ Grunts ] So how’s she liking the park? She loves it. I pointed out a few squirrels to her. She was smiling. You just missed molly. She sat with us for a bit and hung out. How’s she doing? She’s still dealing with her surrogate’s miscarriage. Helped her to see amelia, though. That’s good. I understand what molly’s going through right now. Hopefully she and tj will figure out how they want to proceed. Where have you been? I tried to reach you at your office, but then your assistant said you were out, and then you weren’t picking up your cell. That’s why I sent you a couple text messages. Um, yeah, I just had a meeting outside of work. Someone needed to be, uh, straightened out. I’m okay. I’m better than okay. I-I just worry about you. Why? Why? You know, the prospect of having the whole family over at our place for christmas eve, having this legendary ravioli and a beautiful set table… some christmas carols. It’S… family I always wanted. It’s perfect. Listen. Um… I know michael — you guys — it’s still tense. And I’m sorry about that. You don’t have anything to apologize to me for when it comes to michael. Yes, I do. Because he’s my son. I-I know he doesn’t make it easy. It’s taken him a long time to get right with me, and I still feel there’s, like, A… the relationship is fragile. I just want you to know that I appreciate you being patient with him. Molly: Thank you for

letting me hold amelia. So amazing. She’s such a blessing. I even went as far as keeping my diagnosis a secret from michael, something I will always regret. I should have shared everything with him. It’s not fair to shut the person you love out of a life-altering decision.

[ Sobbing ] Oh, my god. Molls!

[ Sobbing ] Hey, hey. What happened? Oh. Come here. I’m never gonna be a mom! Oh, molls. It’s okay.

[ Sobbing ]

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GH Transcript Wednesday, November 29, 2023

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I think everything is gonna be okay. I mean, you know, probably. I mean, yuri said he could fix this, right? Well, I hope so. I mean, these are not good people to make angry. Well, it’s not my fault. I just spoke my mind, and now they’re threatening ziti, and if we don’t figure out this misunderstanding, they’re gonna kill him. Okay. Alright. No one kills ziti. I’ll handle. Follow my lead. Hi. I’m so sorry I’m late. Is james ready to go? Oh, don’t worry about it, mom. Cody came and picked him up. He did? Yeah, and he’s gonna drop him off, so you don’t have to go to the quartermaines’. Well, that’s very thoughtful. Isn’t it? Mm-hmm. Even though it’s not as big of a drive as it would have been from our old place. Yeah. Well… this house is definitely a better fit for you and the kids all the way around. Mm. More new furniture? Don’t even get me started. Bad purchase? Oh, the worst. Just another tragic example of me trying to save money that ended up costing me more. What do you mean? Okay, so I needed to buy georgie a desk, and it’s 20% off if they ship it to you unassembled, so I figured I could put it together myself. Oh, I know where this is going. I tried, mom, I really did, but the only person who could put this thing together is a professional carpenter. I wanted to send it back, but it was on sale. So it’s probably not returnable. Just another good example of a stupid financial decision I’ve made. Hi, I’m alexis davis. I was here earlier. Yes, of course. You were having lunch with mayor collins. Right. I can’t find my phone. I’m hoping I left it here. Actually, you’re in luck. One was turned in to the bar. Oh! You can ask them about it. Thank you, thank you! Appreciate it. Thank you.

[ Sirens wailing in distance ]

[ Knocking ] Hey, thank you for coming on such short notice. Of course. It sounded urgent. Uh, what can I do for you?

[ Sighs ] I understand that my father and alexis told you that I was being sued for malpractice. They did. I mean, just the broad outlines, mind you, but I think I got a basic understanding of the case. Okay. On their recommendation… I’d like you to represent me. Yeah, well, uh, I thought that’s what this might be about. Will you take the case? Well, uh… before I agree, I need to be fully transparent. This case —

your case — gonna be a tough one to win. Uh-huh. Okay, well, I — I appreciate your honesty, and, uh, I’d like to be honest with you right now. I… I think I might’ve just made things worse. You know, your truck drives really well. Yeah, I can tell how much you enjoy driving it by how fast you took that last turn. Alright. You can unclench your jaw now. I got us here safe and sound, didn’t I? And don’t worry. I will take good care of your baby while I’m borrowing it. Okay, just remember — parking sticker goes on after the truck is detailed. Okay. Deal’s a deal. I’m getting your truck detailed, and you’re gonna come by the house so you can say goodbye to grandma gloria after you break this big case that you’re working on. Detective. Dante falconeri. We spoke earlier. Good to meet you in person, detective. Likewise. I’m requesting interdepartmental cooperation to investigate the murder of austin gatlin-holt. Okay. What do you need? I need to know that you don’t have a conflict of interest, detective. Two months ago, you shot the victim’s cousin — in my jurisdiction. Sonny, hi. Yeah. You made it here quickly. Well, it sounded urgent. Something tells me I’m about to get some bad news. Depends. On what? On your perspective. Some people might consider it good news. Austin gatlin-holt is dead. Dede clark, the attorney representing general hospital on the malpractice suit… she came here earlier today to interview me. Alright. Okay, I’m gonna stop you right there. Alright, the first thing you got to understand is you and the hospital, you’re not on the same side of this thing. That’s why you have separate attorneys. I’m learning. You’re the 10th person who’s told me that this week. Good. Because there’s a process here. It’s a strategy. See, the hospital’s got the deep pockets, not you. That’s why the hospital’s the one that the muldoon family wants to win the judgment against. But to do that, they got to prove that not only were you negligent, but that the hospital allowed and/or contributed to that negligence themselves. I understand. Yeah. I hope so, doc, ’cause at this point, general hospital’s first and probably their only defense is that you and you alone are responsible for the malpractice that led to mr. Muldoon’s death. Thank you so much. Can I get a club soda, please? Thanks. Claire: Well, this was a good start. I’m sorry that none of the surrogates you and tj originally interviewed are currently available, but I hope you’ll agree there are several other amazing candidates in here. This is great. Thank you. It’s encouraging to know how many options are waiting for us. Tj and I will discuss them all and get back to you. Take your time. It’s a big decision. When you’re ready, we’ll be here. Thank you. May I join you? I don’t understand. Why do you owe so much money? Because I’ve rung up a lot of credit card debt. Like, a lot. Well, how’d that happen? Well, in the beginning,

deception was doing great, and I was able to pay off every balance, every month on every card no problem. And then the lawsuit happened, and the deceptor was taken off the market. I could only afford the minimum payments. Oh, maxie, that’s how they get you. Mom, I know, but I didn’t have a choice. And I thought all of this would get resolved a lot faster, so I was just making the minimum payments, and I was still having to charge things every month. And now we’re living in this bigger, more expensive place. But the kids love it, so I can’t bring myself to regret it. I just feel like I’ve dug myself into a hole I’m not going to be able to get out of. So, you both know the plan? Yes. Yeah. Oh, no. That’s never a good question to walk in on. What plan? What’s — what’s going on? Your grandma’s in trouble. What? What kind of trouble? I-it’s just a misunderstanding. Hmm, she had a major difference of opinion with a woman who has close ties to the russian mob. Oh, my god. Grandma, what were you thinking?! We have to call uncle sonny.

[ Exhales sharply ] How certain are you that austin…? Very certain. How did he die? Maybe you should tell me. What are you implying? How the hell would I know? Well, you would know if you were there. I didn’t even know he was dead until you told me just now! You listen to me. If you killed austin, you need to tell me now. You had reason to suspect there was a kidnap victim being held in pautuck. We should have been your first call. Well, I didn’t have reason to suspect anything. I acted on a civilian tip. By the time I got there, the perp was about to throw another man down a cliff, so I didn’t have time to call anyone. You’ve been cleared by your department. I have no problem with that. I do have a problem with some defense attorney claiming that you had a conflict of interest and getting any evidence you uncover suppressed. Okay. So you want me to recuse myself? Not at this time. That may change once we get a suspect and start building a case. In the meantime, I need your help questioning the victim’s associates here in port charles.

[ Knocking ] Oh, detective chase. Good timing. This is detective briscoe from the pautuck pd where austin’s body was found. Nice to meet you. Welcome to port charles. Let me fill you in on what we have so far. Now, the property is rural. House is visible from the road. The neighbors saw the front door was wide open, so they went to investigate. They saw the body and immediately called us. Do you have an estimated time of death? A preliminary report is 24 to 48 hours prior to thanksgiving. How did he die? It’s pretty brutal. Two shots to the chest, close range. I told you, I didn’t kill austin. Why would I? I had no reason. We both know that’s not true. Oh, okay. Then you tell me. Why would I get rid of him? Austin played you, strung you along, pretended to be in love with you, lied to you, all the while… taking orders from cyrus. Yeah. Right. Right. He was working for cyrus. And wouldn’t that make it much more likely that cyrus killed him? Why don’t you go and question him? I don’t give a damn about cyrus. You’re the mother of my child. You’re no good to avery in prison. So if you killed austin, you’ve got to let me know, because the police have his body… …and every second we waste makes it harder for me to cover your tracks. I was just telling falconeri that I need help putting together a list of the victim’s known associates. Well, austin’s cousin mason is currently in the hospital, gh, uh, but he’s also been arrested for attempted murder and kidnapping. As soon as he’s well enough, he’s gonna be transferred to pentonville. He’s injured and handcuffed to the bed, and there’s a guard outside his door. It seems unlikely he’d be able to sneak out and murder his cousin, but I’d like confirmation of mason gatlin’s whereabouts the night in question, just in case. No sonny. We’ll handle. Problem…go away. Are you sure about that?

[ Doorbell rings ] Mr. Petrov is here. How do you know? Just stick to the plan. Alright.

[ Mouthing silently ]

[ Clears throat ]

[ Both speaking in russian ] Please. Mr. Petrov, this is brook lynn quartermaine and lois and gloria cerullo. Good women. Hello. Hi. Petrov: You! You are the crass loudmouth who upset my petra. You think — oh! Unh-unh. Didn’t expect to see you today. I was here having lunch earlier with laura. I left my phone here. I came back to retrieve it, and it looked like you were having an intense conversation. I was. I also noticed that when you saw me, you shut that folder really quickly, so I’m assuming that whatever it is, you’d like to keep it private. I just want you to know… that I love you and I’m here for you… and if you need to talk about anything… I do, actually. I’ve started looking for a new surrogate. It’s kind of absurd. There was no negligence! Not by me, not by the hospital. Mr. Muldoon had a tapeworm, and that’s what the test showed. The only way to know that he had cancer was if he did follow-up tests, and mr. Muldoon refused to do that. Okay. Doc, listen to me, alright? It’s one thing to be upset, but you never,

ever tell a grieving family — people who have lost a husband or a father — that their need for redress is absurd. The jury would hate you. That’S… that’s not what I meant. Okay? The last thing I want to do is downplay their pain. I mean, I grieved for this man when he died, but the gh lawyer implied that I should have been able to tell immediately that muldoon had cancer in addition to the tapeworm.

[ Knocking ] Good. You’re still here. And I’m assuming this is your lawyer. Martin grey. Dede clark. As long as you’re here, mr. Grey, I still have a few more questions for your client. Please, let’s all take a seat. Okay. Thank you for coming. I am sure that there is way we can handle this, uh… misunderstanding. I come here only because my beloved nephew used to take trombone lessons from you and he plays beautifully. Oh, that is so generous of you, uh, mr. Petrov. Um… I know my mother is very sorry for upsetting your wife. She’s very passionate about bingo, but she knows she went a little overboard. Overboard? All I asked her to do was lower her voice. What gloria means is that she apologizes. Why should I apologize? I’ve done nothing wrong.

[ Growls ] A wasted trip. I am leaving. No, no, no, you — you can’t go. Okay, well, what’s done is done. You have a lot of debt to pay off. What about deception? I mean, now that the lawsuit has been settled and the deceptor is a big success, won’t you be bringing a lot of money in from that? Eventually, yeah. But during the lawsuit,

deception went into debt, too. I mean, it’ll be months, maybe even years, before we’re not operating at a deficit and I’ll be making what I was. Well, you’ll get back there. I think so. But in the meantime, my kids are growing, getting older… and more expensive. It’s not their fault, obviously, but now we have after-school clubs and sports and tutors and braces soon. That’s not even mentioning the stuff that I need. Like what? Anything. Everything. Come on, mom, you know I’ve never been good at sticking to a budget or being frugal. And now it’s coming back to bite me in a big way. I think I’m in over my head, and… I don’t know what to do. I do apologize, ms. Clark, but we’re gonna have to decline your offer. My client won’t be answering any other questions until the deposition. Well, that is his right. But before dr. Finn puts anything on the record, we need to be crystal clear about what led to mr. Muldoon’s death. I tell you what, why don’t we save the obfuscation for the courtroom? We’re all well aware that it’s your job to shield the hospital from liability, try to place it solely on my client. That’s a bold accusation. Not at all. I’m just…politely suggesting you change your tactic, because if general hospital hired you to stab the good doctor here in the back… I can and will shift all the blame right back onto general hospital. Appreciate the info you’ve both given me. I’ll copy you on the coroner’s report when it’s in. That’s great. We’ll get that list of close contacts and associates of austin’s to you. Oh, that reminds me. I understand that the victim had family besides mason in port charles. Austin’s father, jimmy lee holt, was the illegitimate son of the late edward quartermaine. I’m familiar with the name. Quartermaines are a very influential family. People of their stature may not be happy with an illegitimate grandson showing up. How’d they feel about the victim? As far as I know, they didn’t associate with him much. And who did austin associate with? Who was he close to? The kidnapping victim, ava jerome. While I appreciate your willingness to cover up a murder you think I committed, I had nothing to do with austin’s death. I still don’t even know how the man died. His body was found by a neighbor in a house in pautuck… …shot twice at close range.

[ Exhales sharply ] Poor austin. That’s terrible. What was he doing in pautuck? He always told me that he — he was so happy to leave that place behind. I don’t know why he’d ever go back. Maybe the killer… lured him there. My mom’s alzheimer’s never changed how much we love hyou cannot leave yet. I still want to hear about how well your nephew plays the trombone. Why? Because I am a music manager, and one of my artists is about to go on tour, and we are putting together a brass section of talented musicians. We still need a trombonist. Who is this artist? Luke west and the stack seven.

[ Chuckles ] You do not say! I love luke west and the stacked seven. They’re very talented, yes?

[ Chuckles ] Yeah! They’re amazing. And I can guarantee your nephew a spot on tour if you could just find it in your heart to let go of this whole misunderstanding. It is no misunderstanding. But my nephew is the most important. He will make you cry with his beautiful music. Fine. No more bingo for her, and we forget this ever happened. Thank you so much! Is good, yeah? Very good! So, ma, what do you say? I’m impressed with this agency. They seem to know what they’re doing. I mean, all of these women look like they’d be really good candidates for your surrogate. I agree. It was a very positive meeting. But you’re still worried. Is it that obvious? Honey, it’s not that obvious to other people, but to me, I’m your mother. It’s my job to notice these things. You have been through a lot, and I really respect your resolve to keep fighting for what you want. And I know that — that tj and you will vet these women and you’ll find the perfect surrogate for you. That’s the problem. Tj has no idea that I’m doing this. No, mom. Absolutely not! I’m not gonna take your money. Maxie, you need the money, and this is just a little something to tide you over for now. Now, after I leave, I want you to go through all of your accounts and add up all your debt. When you have that, mac and I are going to look at our retirement portfolio, and then we can see what we can liquidate to get you the rest of the money. That’s really generous of you, but what part of “absolutely not” do you not understand? I’m not taking no for an answer. You need the money, and I’m not going to give you a choice. Mom, I am a grown woman. I got myself into this. It is my responsibility to get myself out. Not at 25% interest you can’T. Pautuck is a small town. A lot of farms, isolated homes. What are you getting at? Well, if somebody wanted to take out austin, that would be the place to do it. Much less risk of a witness seeing anything happen there than port charles, and even more private than… spoon island. I already told you I didn’t kill him. I’m not the one you need to worry about, ava. How — how are you gonna convince the cops that you’re innocent? What? Will i need to convince the cops? I mean, there won’t be any evidence that I did it ’cause I didn’t do it! Really? You and austin were associates. A lot of people saw you together. It’s not a stretch… that you guys could be lovers. How many times did you visit him in the hospital? People don’t forget that. What about the gallery? How many times did you —

[ Exhales sharply ] What? Why’d you do that? What happened at the gallery? I didn’t — well, I didn’t kill him there, if that’s what you’re implying. But austin did come to see me at the gallery. It was, um… a couple of days before thanksgiving. And that’s the last time I saw him, and he was very much alive. I, uh, need to speak with the patient. Oh, no, no. Get out! Go! Come on. What are you yelling about? What do you think?! You’re the cop who shot me! And for no good reason. No good reason? You tried to kill two people. Not how I remember it. Oh. Anyway, I don’t think I want to be alone with you. You might try to hurt me again. Help! Police brutality! Alright. You know, I don’t know if I want to be alone with you either, so can you two come in here, please, and be witnesses? Just, uh, stand over there. That’d be great. Hmm. Wanted to inform you that your cousin austin gatlin-holt… he’s been murdered. I think we’re losing sightof the bigger picture here. The goal is to fight the muldoons, not each other. Good! Then I’m sure you’ll agree there’s only one possible position for the hospital to take — the truth. That dr. Finn treated his patient in good faith and in accordance with all correct professional and medical standards. Well, I can’t — no, no. Let me finish. And that the hospital also complied with those same standards. Now, mr. Muldoon’s death was a tragedy, but an unforeseen one, one that couldn’t have been prevented by either dr. Finn

or the hospital. Well, I’m not at liberty to reveal the hospital’s position… …but i can say I’m looking forward to getting all my questions answered… when dr. Finn sits for his deposition. I can’t wait. Really. I’ll see you gentlemen there. Ma’am.

[ Exhales sharply ] Now I know why alexis speaks so highly of you. Uh, thank you for that. No, no, no, no, no, no. No, you don’T. It’s way too soon to start thanking me yet. You, sir, are in a pickle. Austin’s dead. How? Took two to the chest, close range. Whoever did it wanted to make sure. When did this happen? Just before thanksgiving in pautuck. You, um, got any suspects? Actually, that’s what I’m here to talk to you about. Do you know of anyone that wanted to kill your cousin? Oh, I don’t know everybody he was associated with. Yeah, but you knew most of them. You guys spent a lot of time together. Maybe you have information that’s important and you just don’t know what it is. Oh. And you want me to tell you? That’s up to you. You give me info that can help us catch and convict austin’s killer, that — that works out well for you. Really? And how so? You’re looking at spending a lot of time in prison, man. You want to make a deal or no? I don’t like to be told where and when I can bingo.

[ Chuckles nervously ] But — but you will stay clear of mrs. Petrov and st. Nicholas church, and then you can play anywhere, anytime, okay? Fine. I will never step foot in that place again. Not even for a funeral. Great! Thanks, ma. So, uh… we are good now? Yes, is good. Now you call luke west for nephew. Consider it done. Great. Well, all’s well that ends well. I’ll show you out. Yeah.

[ Gasps ] That was amazing! How did you know how to handle him? Well, music industry execs and russian mobsters, not so different, really. Oh! Oh, my baby!

[ Chuckles ] Oh! Tj wants to wait before looking for a new surrogate. He just isn’t ready to try again. He’s worried we’re just setting ourselves up for more heartbreak. How do you feel? I mean, I was devastated by the loss of our baby, too. I know you were, honey. And it’s not like I can’t see tj’s point. The thought of going through that again scares me, too. But? But… then I ran into dr. Navarro, and when I told her about the miscarriage, she was sympathetic, but she also made me feel hopeful. She said that there’s always a chance of miscarriage, but that surrogacy actually has quite a high success rate and that there are tons of good, loving people out there who longed to be parents and wouldn’t have the children they have today if it weren’t for surrogacy. It’s a wonderful, selfless thing to do. It is. It’s an amazing gift we’d be getting from our surrogate. And since the matching professional had already agreed to meet, I just decided the least I could do was speak with her again. Without telling tj. There are plenty of bingo places in brooklyn, ma, and if you ever find yourself within three blocks of st. Nicholas church, I want you to think of ziti and turn the other way.

[ Doorbell rings ] I’ll get it. Look at you, right on time. I try. Do I even want to know who that sketchy guy I just saw leaving was? Delivery guy.

[ Mouthing silently ] Mrs. Cerullo. Gloria. I thought we settled that. Gloria. Yeah. I just wanted to stop by and tell you what a pleasure it was to meet you. Oh! Thank you, but the pleasure was all mine. And you know, now that I have you here, there’s a few things I’d like to say to you about my granddaughter.

Hello! Hello is friendly…

to make clothes softer,


and better.

Downy. Breathe life

into your laundry. U know, chase, you seem likea very nice young man. Thank you. Yes. You know, I raised four sons. And from experience, I have learned that… a lot of young men find a nice young woman and they think that she’s gonna wait for them forever. But sometimes that is not the case. You know, that is something to think about. Grandma, oh, gosh, do I love you. I wish you could stay longer, but I know you have to get back. Uh, uh, yeah, ma. Ma, come on. Brook lynn is — is right. Y-you better hurry or you’re gonna miss your bus. Yeah, and I got a bingo tournament to get to!

[ Chuckles nervously ] Ma… kidding, kidding… kidding. Here. Uh, allow me. Please. Oh, thank god, yuri. You’re here. My grandma’s ready to go, and, um, you’re gonna drive her to the bus station and wait with her until she gets on to the bus. I would never leave ms. Gloria until I know she is safely on her way home. Great. Oh, grandma, it was so great seeing you. Have a safe trip back. I love you. I will, I will, I will. I love you, mom. I’ll see you soon. Goodbye, baby. Yes. Goodbye. Pleasure to meet you. I have to plan my trip back, so I have one question for you, brook lynn. When are you and chase getting married?

[ Clears throat ] I know how horrible you feel about this, but there’s nothing to be ashamed of. It happens to a lot of people. Credit card debt is everywhere, and it’s insidious. The balance just keeps sneaking up on you. Yeah, it multiplies really fast. So stop it now before the matter gets any worse. Mom, no. That money is for you two. I can’t use it. Do you know how many times mac told me to put the max amount in my 401(k) every month? You guys did that and saved a lot so you could travel and enjoy yourselves. So, we can do both. Mac and I can do all those things that we planned

and we can help you now. Really? Yes! It’ll help you. Y-you’ll be able to pay off your credit card debt and stop your interest from compounding. And when deception starts making money again, you know, we could work out some kind of payment plan for you. I think we should take some time and think about if this is really the best solution, ’cause I don’t want to bail myself out at the expense of you and mac. I only took the meeting because I wanted to see if there were more eligible surrogate candidates available. I never expected there to be so many. Which makes it even harder. Because now I can see a path forward. Andrea wasn’t our only option. There might even be a better one out there for us. I’m just not sure I can convince tj. Sweetie, you know that I only want what’s best for you, right? I know. But just being able to talk to you about it helps. That’s what I’m here for. Honey… you really need to talk to tj about this. And if you want to go forward with the surrogate and have this baby, it has to be something that you both want. Since you are legally required to take part in this deposition, I need to prep you carefully beforehand. Of course.

[ Exhales sharply ] It’s vitally important that no matter what they ask you, you limit your answer solely to that question. I don’t want you expanding your answers to try to defend yourself, or offering up extra information might implicate you somehow. I’ll do what you ask. Clearly, you’re the expert here. If your deposition makes you look vulnerable in any way, it’s possible the hospital might try and offer the muldoon family a separate settlement. In other words, if they can buy their way out of trouble at a discount, they won’t hesitate to throw you under the bus. So…any idea who might have killed austin? Ava jerome. Ava? Really? Why her? Because they were involved in, um… not too legal activities… sleeping together. And, um… and you know my cousin was high strung and he had a big mouth. Austin never met a secret that he could keep. Maybe he said the wrong thing to the wrong somebody… …and ava had to shut him up permanently. Yeah. So I guess we’re done here, then. You tell them I helped you, okay? Oh, yeah. Yeah, I’ll get right on that. Hey, uh, forgot to mention. I just got word you’re being transferred to pentonville… tonight. You have a safe trip. Are you telling me nothing happened last time you saw austin at your gallery? Well…n– you’re hiding — not exactly nothing. You’re hiding something. Tell me what happened! I was angry with him. I was livid, actually, for leaving me to die at the hands of his demented cousin. That was his fault… and we fought about it. Okay, now we’re getting somewhere. Austin kept making excuses and giving me all of these reasons that he wasn’t responsible, but I wasn’t having it because, like you said… he was playing me all along. You know, the whole time… he probably knew that nikolas wasn’t really dead… and he was just using that to manipulate me, to get me to do what he wanted. You know what that sounds like to me? A motive for murder. Austin had no reason to keep that secret for you. How do you know that he didn’t go tell somebody just to get something out of it? I guess I don’T. Yeah, that’s right. You don’T. For all you know, he could have told everybody, including the cops. So whether you killed austin or not… …you could wind up as the prime suspect.

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GH Short Recap Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Lois and Yuri get Gloria out of trouble with the Russian mafia when Lois promises Mr. Petrov that she will let his nephew play trombone on a song by one of the famous singers that she represents as a music agent. Gloria then says goodbye to Lois and Brook Lynn but she wants to know when she and Chase are getting married so she can return for the wedding.

Felicia offers to lend Maxie money to pay off her credit card debt. Maxie doesn’t think this is a good idea because she doesn’t want Mac and Felicia to use their savings to help her pay off her debt.

Martin keeps Finn from answering any more questions from the hospital lawyer about his malpractice lawsuit.

Alexis tells Molly she should talk to TJ and let him know how she feels about getting another surrogate.

Sonny tells Ava Austin was murdered and wonders if she killed him. Ava tells Sonny she didn’t kill Austin, but Sonny warns her the police could make her the prime suspect in Austin’s murder. Dante questions Mason and offers him a plea deal if he can tell him who murdered Austin. Mason tells Dante he thinks Ava killed Austin.

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GH Short Recap Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


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Recap written by Eva

Drew is interviewed by Scout for a report she has to do for school about her daddy’s job. Drew tells Scout that he can get her into an exclusive private school for girls. Scout tells Drew she wants to go to the school but later she tells Sam she doesn’t want to go to the school.

Molly and TJ argue because he isn’t ready to look for another surrogate yet. Molly keeps the appointment with the
surrogacy matching professional despite her argument with TJ.

Finn is interviewed by the lawyer representing the hospital in the malpractice lawsuit.

Sonny talks to Dante and tells him that Mason and Austin were working for Cyrus.

Elizabeth goes to Austin’s apartment because she and Portia are worried about him. Elizabeth later tells Portia that there was a food delivery for Austin on Thanksgiving and he never brought it inside his apartment. Elizabeth also tells Portia that she persuaded the landlord to let her into his apartment and it looks like he hasn’t been there since before Thanksgiving. Dante calls Austin’s phone and a detective from Pawtuck answers the phone and tells Dante Austin is dead. Sonny tells Dante he thinks Cyrus killed Austin.

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GH Short Recap Monday, November 27, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Suzanne

The Thanksgiving episodes continue. The smoke alarm has gone off at the Quartermaine mansion because Lois’ mother forgot to turn the stove down on the onions, so they caught fire and the sprinklers went off. Their turkey and kitchen is too wet to eat or use. Lois pries the truth out of her mother: she accidentally pissed off a woman that is married to a Russian mobster. Yuri offers to help.

Nina drops a Thanksgiving basket off at Michael and Willow’s house and leaves, with a note that she has to work (as per Michael’s blackmail instructions). The Quartermaines phone Nina to get replacement food for their ruined dinner, but the Metro Court turkey dinners are all spoken for, so she brings them pizzas and dessert instead. Michael isn’t happy to see Nina there and warns her to stay away. Ned also lets her know that he remembers her but promises not to say anything for now. The Quartermaines all sing their traditional “We Gather Together,” led by Ned and his guitar.

Robert has surprised Anna by bringing their granddaughter Emma in to share Thanksgiving with them. They meet Diane at the Metro Court for dinner. Anna sees Nina there and confronts her about deleting the security footage of Charlotte breaking into her suite. She blames Nina for Charlotte’s shooting. When Nina tries to deny it, Anna wonders what Sonny would think of it. Later, Anna fills Sonny in about the dead body that was found of the WSB agent.

Carly and Drew host Thanksgiving with the kids. Sonny arrives, with Dex. Sonny suggests that Dex stay with Josslyn. Ava also arrives, invited by Carly and Joss, so she can spend time with Avery. Dex and Joss kiss. Later, Carly and Drew talk about how fragile life is.

Curtis intends to spend his Thanksgiving doing PI work (he’s investigation his shooting). Marshall is there, but the woman are gone. Portia is at the hospital but hopes that Spencer and Trina have broken up for good. Spencer and Trina have been busy in bed making up. Portia goes home, and so does Trina (with Spencer), so they all have Thanksgiving together after all. They all join hands and Curtis says Grace.

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GH Transcript Monday, November 27, 2023

General Hospital Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


[ Fire alarm beeping ] What’s happening? That is sound of kitchen fire. Uh, okay, so it’s — it’s just the alarm. I-I’ll go see what’s happening. I’m coming with you. God, just when it seemed like we might actually have a normal thanksgiving for once. Well, at least leo thought it was cool enough to go tell cody. Not helping, brook lynn. Ma. What did you do? Oh, good. They’re still at the parade. Okay, my little ones… we couldn’t share dinner together, but at least I can leave you a bit of my love. I love you. This is exactly what I need — thanksgiving with the three of us. Um, the four of us.

[ Elevator doors open ] Here she is. Yes! Ooh, daddy, doubles! You get two turns. Drew’s winning!

[ Laughs ] Only if I can avoid this little monkey slide right here. Here we go.

[ Doorbell rings ] Okay. Oh, I’ll get it. Donna, your turn. Yeah. Happy turkey day, mama carly!

[ Laughing ] Oh! Happy thanksgiving. All quiet on the western front. Nothing much for me to do here with us skipping the big feast. It suits me fine, pop. Portia’s on call at the hospital, and aunt stella is globetrotting around london again. And miss trina is off doing her own thing. Yeah, well, it’s just as well. What’s all this? Decided to become an architect? This is, uh, the floor plan of the 11th floor of the metro court hotel. Why are you looking at that, curtis? Because someone took a shot at me there and it left me in this wheelchair, and I want to find out who it was. Hey, sweetie. It’s me. I know, I know, I know. I’m just checking in. I know you wanted to have a marathon study day, but I was just calling to say hi. It’s pretty slow here at work.

[ Sighs ] Honey, I’m — I’m really sorry that things aren’T… working out well with spencer. Um…I know it has to be really difficult for you, so I just wanted to say that I’m here, and, um… and I love you. Okay. Bye. Hopefully, um… hopefully that’ll be the last of spencer cassadine. Whew!

[ Laughs ] Happy thanksgiving. And to you. So, what are you thankful for? Oh. Let’s see. Um…hmm. These arms. These hands. These lips. Okay, so… I told you what I’m thankful for. What about you?

[ Sighs ] There’s so much, I don’t know how to list it all. Try. Okay. Okay. Well, first off, there’s joss. She’s my rock. And then there’s my mom. She’s like wonder woman without the hot pants. Mm-hmm. And then my granddad. He is solid gold. And then I have two amazing fathers. So, I’m, like, swimming in gratitude. And, uh… I think that’s it. Not even an honorable mention? Oh, yeah. I’m thankful for you, too… when you’re not being a jerk. It’s a good day, pop. Wow. For someone whose wife pulled the work card and daughter is off doing her own thing and you’re stuck here with your old man, you’re in a pretty good mood. Actually, when you put it like that… no. No, you know, I have to admit there’s a lot to be thankful for. Um, beautiful house, beautiful family, and now I have a purpose. Oh? Solving this case is your purpose? It is now. Lois: Oh, thank god that alarm went off. That hurt. Olivia: My ears are still ringing. Brook lynn: It’s insane. Ma! You look a million miles away. What’s up? Olivia: Oh, my god! Brook lynn:

[ Gasps ] Ohh! What happened to you?! Onions burning in pan. Sprinklers are activate by smoke. Turkey is wet. No good. Oh, my god! Not the turkey! Hold on. Wait for me! Yeah, there’s, uh, no saving that bird. That bad? Not unless you like soup. Ugh. I change. Well, I’d better call and tell cody that he, sasha, and leo don’t have to rush up here. Hey, ma. You know, the first thing you taught me about cooking was you never leave anything on the stove unless it’s on simmer. So what’s going on? Diane, this delightful young lady is our granddaughter, emma drake. Of course. Hello, emma. So lovely to see you again. Thank you. My grandfather didn’t mention we’d have you with us. How wonderful. Yeah, absolutely. Um, I’ve taken the liberty of ordering us turkey all around.

[ Laughs ] Sounds great. I love turkey, grandpa. Yeah. Shall we? Where are we — over here? Oh, great. Well, you outdid yourself this time, scorpio. Just in a day’s work, killer.

[ Laughs ] Please. I want to see what’s in the basket. Alright, buddy, it’s all yours. Go for it. Willow: What’d you get? Candy! And a cool robot! And a soft kitty for amelia! That is so sweet. Who’s it from? Who else? “To wiley and amelia. Happy thanksgiving. Sorry I can’t be with you today. Left you some treats. Love, grandma nina.” That is so thoughtful. How come grandma nina didn’t come for us for dinner at the big house? She’s working today, but we’ll see her soon. I hope so. I love her. Michael, I-I get that you’re not thrilled about the gift, but can you try to play along for wiley’s sake? So, what’s that? Pecan pie. What?! You always liked it when my dad brought it. I did, and it’s gonna be delicious. Why don’t you go in the living room and play? They’re playing “monkey.”

[ Gasps ] “Monkey in the metal”?!

[ Laughs ] Oh, my gosh. She loves that game. Boss, I parked by the gate, so you let me know when you’re ready to go. You — you want to say hi to josslyn? Appreciate it. Thanks. Happy thanksgiving. Happy thanksgiving. Don’t say I never do anything for you. Oh, good. You’re out! Nice! Okay. Alright, you’re up. Wow, I did not expect to see you tonight. Well, you have sonny to thank for that. I just might have to.

[ Knock on door ] You alright with “the other guest”? Yes. Hey, ava. Glad you could make it. Hi. Well, I’m glad to be here. Happy thanksgiving. Febreze has a microchip to control scent release febreze has a microchip to control scent release so it smells first-day fresh for 50 days. 50 days!? And its refill reminder light means I’ll never miss a day of freshness. Gloria, your feast is drenched. And get this — tony’s is closed for renovation. What? Tony’s is never closed. And we can’t use our pizza oven because the kitchen is ruined. No, it’s not ruined. It’s — it’s just extremely wet. I hate to say “I told you so,” but thanksgiving never works at the quartermaines’. This place is cursed. No! Stop it! And you… you own a hotel with a gourmet restaurant. I’m — I’m — I am just going to make a phone call, and I will get turkey for the quartermaines if it’s the last thing I do. I am so hungry.

[ Laughter ]

[ Telephone rings ] Uh, hello, metro court restaurant. Hello. Who is this? It’s nina reeves. May I help you? Hello, nina. This is lois cerullo calling from the quartermaines’. I would like to order some turkey. Olivia, I’m so sorry. You know, I-I’m so absent-minded… this is not your fault, gloria. Thanksgiving never works out. I don’t know if it’s the house or the family, but they have not had a turkey on thanksgiving since the ’90s. Okay. Ah. [ Laughs ] Problem is solved! We are back on track with the turkey. You’re kidding me. Yeah. No. Nina reeves is on her way over with a feast for 15. Turkey, nibbles, dessert, the whole shebang. Oh, lois, you’re a genius! Come on, brook lynn, help me set it up. Okay!

[ Laughs ] Well, you sure rode in to the rescue. Yeah, mm-hmm. Although I wouldn’t have had to if you had remembered that you had onions on the stove. My bad. Ma. What’s going on? First you cancel your plans in canarsie, and then you ruin thanksgiving in port charles. Well, you heard olivia. It’s the quartermaine curse. Oh, come on. I can tell something is going on, and the more you deflect, the more I’m gonna worry. Alright, alright, alright. Okay. A couple of weeks ago, I was playing bingo, st. Nicholas church. You know, the russian orthodox up on nostrand. Yeah, I know it. You know, so, I was playing my boards. I was minding my own business. And you know I can do 15 at the same time. Ma. Is there a point to this? Yeah. So, anyway, along comes this broad. She sits down next to me and starts talking russian into her phone at the top of her lungs. I very nicely looked at her and said, “could you turn it down a notch?” She swore at me in russian. Okay, how do you know what she said? You don’t speak russian. Well, I-I played cribbage up in brighton beach, and I picked up a few words. Okay, so then what happened? Well, you know, I-I tried to ignore it and keep things calm, but she kept pushing and pushing, so I finally swore at her… in english. Ma! Well, look, lois, everybody has their limit. And I was not gonna let that obnoxious woman bully me. And I told her that. Okay, so, how did she take it? Well, she screamed and screamed, and they kicked me out of the church. And I’m not allowed to play bingo anymore till I apologize to her. And I didn’t apologize. Okay. So, fine. So, you go somewhere else to play bingo. Well, that’s what I’m planning on. So, then, what’s the problem? Well… uh, where’d everybody go? Wiley, why don’t you be a good big brother and go check if amelia woke up? If she did, you can surprise her with that adorable kitty cat. Okay!

[ Sighs ] I mean, come on, willow. You don’t — you don’t find this note the least bit manipulative? “Sorry I can’t be with you today”? Michael, nina’s a part of our family. Wiley really bonded with her at the wedding. Yeah, and now she’s taking advantage, just like she did last time. Okay, yes, nina made some mistakes, but she’s trying. Why are you so intent on rekindling bad memories?

[ Sighs ] Know what? You’re right. I’m sorry. I’m just being protective, especially when it comes to you. Okay, well, don’t be. Nina has been nothing but kind and wonderful. No. Yeah. I-I-I’ll just try to do better, especially around the kids. Thank you. Yeah. Mommy! Amelia’s awake. Can we go to the big house now? I want to show leo grandma nina’s cool toy! Yeah, let me go get amelia ready. Okay, great. Okay. Come here, buddy. Let me get a good look at that robot. Hey, trish. Trish. I just got off the phone with the quartermaines. They need a full turkey dinner for 15. Nina, we have a 200 head count tonight and a big party in the ballroom. Our turkeys are taken. So, emma, tell me, how long are you in town? Just for the weekend. I have to get back to the lab. Robert: Doing an internship at berkeley. Atom… smashing. Smashing!

[ Laughing ] No, not exactly. It’s a little more involved than that. Oh! Anna: Would you excuse me just one second? I’ll be right back. Nina. You avoiding me? What do you want, anna? Oh, I-I just think it’s time you and I had a chat. Don’t you? Spencer: I know that I can be a jerk sometimes, but…who isn’t, right? Hmm, let me see. My mom, curtis, your grandmother, kevin. Okay, okay, okay. Yeah, you’re right, you’re right. Isn’t it easier just to agree with me from the start? Yes, ma’am. I’m glad that you’re able to forgive me. You talked me off of a ledge, and I’m sorry that it took me so long. You usually come around. I just don’t want my little brother to feel abandoned the way that I did. And, um, you helped me see that it’s not 100% one way or the other, and that esme wanting to take ace and be independent, it doesn’t make her a villain. I know it’s hard, but you can’t always get what you want. I know. Um… but figuring this one out isn’t gonna be easy, trina. Good things never come easy, spencer. You have to work for them. I spoke with jordan about getting all of the police records. Pop, I just can’t sit around and wait for the pcpd to solve this. I-I got to be involved in my own investigation. Curtis. Do you really think that’s a good idea? I was a cop. I was a P.I. So, yeah, I know my way around a good investigation. Of course you do. But I thought you wanted to move on. I can’t just move on, pop. I got — if I’m not being proactive, then it’s like — it’s like being the passenger when I’m supposed to be the driver in my own car. So you’re telling me… you think getting involved in this investigation is going to make a difference? At least I’ll be doing something.

[ Sighs ] I’ve learned in life that it’s — it’s not always about getting. It’s about giving and the experiences you get along the way. Thanks so much for inviting me today. Well, I know that avery would really want you here, especially after everything our family has been through. They’re playing games in the living room. Oh. [ Chuckles ] Hopefully nothing to do with water. No, no. No water guns. Promise. Try the punch. Oh, nice! You knocked him over. Ava! Ava: Hi. Hello, ms. Jerome. Oh, dex. I think after everything that’s gone down, I’d prefer it if you called me ava.

[ Chuckles ] Fair enough. Avery: Mommy! Hey, here she is! There’s my girl! Oh, I love you. You alright with ava being here? Actually, um, josslyn suggested it. Josslyn? Yeah. After the kidnapping, she thought it’d be nice for avery to be with her mother. But you agreed. Yeah. Because we do what’s best for our kids. We always will. Do you have any idea how your actions escalated an already volatile situation? By deleting that security footage and keeping quiet about it, you basically enabled charlotte, which led directly to her being shot. Yeah. Don’t you think that you and valentin had a duty to come clean about it so that we could deal with it?I think this is between you and valentin, anna. I was just doing a favor for a friend. A friend? Do you think sonny will see it that way? ( )Hey, sonny. Nice to see you out of that jumpsuit. Nice to be seen. Quite a gang. Too bad I can’t join you. Yeah, you know, we got it going on here. It’s nice that your mom got all the kids this year. We got some punch and the whole thing. Yeah, it is. Dex, you got the keys? Yeah. You want me to get something from the car? No, it’s just that I got to get going, so I thought maybe you’d want to stay. Are you sure? Happy thanksgiving. Thanks. Bye, girls! Bye, daddy. Bye, daddy.

[ Laughs ] Sonny. Happy thanksgiving. Yeah. You, too. Well, it, uh, looks like turkey is off the menu. The kitchen sprinklers ran amok. Oh, no! There will be turkey, but nina is going to bring it from the metro court. That’s your grandma, wiley — saving the day. Yeah, is there anything she can’t do?

[ Doorbell rings ] Ned. Nina, remember me? I remember you very clearly. Ned, I hope that — don’t worry. No, no. I’m not gonna make any trouble. At least not today. Oh, nina, thank god you’re here. Come on in. Come in. Let me take those. I thought you were bringing turkey. Yes, I-I told lois that I was bringing turkey, but, um, then I found out that our turkey was spoken for, so I had fernando fire up our new pizza oven. And lucky for us, we started testing it last week. Did you hear that, grandfather? The curse continues! I’ll take those. Elliot, can you grab the desserts? Thank you. Here she is to save the day… with pizza. Don’t ask. Grandma! Hey, sweetheart! It’s nice to see you. Oh, wait. You got my gift! Yeah. It’s the best robot ever! Thank you! You’re welcome. You are so welcome, little man. I didn’t know you were coming to town. Is your mom here? No, just me. I’m grandpa’s surprise for grandma. Oh, one of his nicer surprises. Yes, nicest. Damn right. Better stay on your toes here, corinthos. Oh, you know what? I’m light on my toes. Maybe you could meet me at volonino’S. You could put some gloves on. Anna: Oh, let’s avoid the fight club, shall we? Diane: Indeed. Indeed. Let’s move straight past that. Let’s just all toast to this lovely young woman’s visit and to bright holidays for all of us. Anna: Yes. Here we go. Emma: Cheers. Cheers. I’ll drink to that.

[ Laughter ] I’ll drink to that.

[ Telephone ringing ] Dr. Robinson. Dr. Randolph on line 5. Okay. Thank you.

[ Ringing continues ] Terry, hey. How’s the conference? No, no, you’re not missing anything here, really. It’s like a ghost town. Now, that’s what I call an entrance. Hi. Hey, honey.

[ Laughs ] Is that the good stuff? Spencer. Well, what? I wanted to make sure that you guys had a happy thanksgiving. Whew! No complaints here.

[ Laughs ] Okay. Come on, spencer. Let’s put the flowers in the vase and take a look at that dessert. Well, this is a nice surprise. Yeah? I thought since your mom was working, we agreed to do our own thing this year. I mean, yeah, that was the plan. But then I realized that this would be our first chance spending thanksgiving together since finding out that you’re my father. And I didn’t want to miss that. My mom’s alzheimer’s never changed how much we love her. But it did change her. She developed agitation that may happen with dementia nina, thank you for bringing these. Oh. Yeah. You care to join us? Yeah, grandma, stay! Oh. I would love to. I really would. But I am meeting your grandpa sonny at the metro court. Oh, yeah. Oh, okay. Oh, well, why don’t you take these? Chase, could you help me with the setup? And, uh, nina, you are a lifesaver! Thank you. Oh! Wiley: Pizza! Give me that. This isn’t the deal we made, nina. I didn’t plan for this, michael. I can’t control fate at the quartermaines’. Well, you better figure out how to control it. Josslyn, I just — I just wanted to thank you again for everything you did to help dex and dante find me. Oh, my gosh, well, we’re just happy you’re okay. I’m putting it behind me. Oh, and I’m so glad to hear that that’s exactly what trina has done with spencer. Yes, yes, I’m — I’m very happy they made up. Excuse me. I got to…

[ Chuckles ] Carly. Hey, drew. Hey. Hey. You have quite a full house here. I’m just — thank you for making room for one more. Of course, of course.

[ Sighs ] So, carly tells me that you’re, uh — you’re selling wyndemere? Yeah. Yeah, how is that going? I don’t know.

[ Chuckles ] Lucy’s got a buyer, a serious buyer, but I have no idea who it is. Well, let’s just hope it’s some benevolent billionaire and not somebody who’s gonna bring their bad karma to port charles. Ooh, well, too late for that. Wyndemere’s got nothing but bad karma. I’ll just be glad to forget all the…bad memories.

[ Laughing ] Oh! I thought you were studying all day. Well, I thought you were working. Well, it was so slow at the hospital, so I decided to just go ahead and… I could have sworn that you told me that you and spencer — you — you guys were on the outs. Yeah, it was just a misunderstanding. We worked it out. Dr. Robinson, a very happy thanksgiving to you. Thank you, spencer. Will you look at this? We thought we weren’t gonna have anyone for thanksgiving, and now we got a house full.

[ Chuckles ] So, grandpa…how long have you and diane been dating?

[ Coughs ] Emma. Grandpa. If I can handle quantum entanglement, I can handle yours.

[ Laughs ] I’ll get this.

[ Stammers ] I think I can handle this. I mean, after all, it was directed at me. Sure. Well, uh… to answer your question… we’ve been dating a month. Yeah. Nice to see emma in town. Much-needed relief. It’s lovely. Just what the doctor ordered. That bad? You talked to dante? No. Should I have? I just wondered if he’d mentioned a certain dead man that showed up here. You know, I’ve been doing these deep dives into my past, and, um, I found something that could conceivably tie into the shooting at the pool. Okay. But now the supporting evidence, it all disappeared in the chaos of halloween night. Mm-hmm. And the man that this information pertains to… he turned up dead here in port charles. What are the odds? Looks like someone stacked the deck.

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joking?-[Laughing] You’re joking. Tell me you’re joking. Uh, it’s a little early for jo kes, but here it goes. This muffin goes on vacation- what’s happening? You said “joking” three times, that’s why I’m here. Uh, anyway, so this muffin- well I was just excited about my new car. -New car? Oh, you don’t need a joke, you need a jake.

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state farm is there. Special k is oven-toasted to crisp perfectionthe setbacks,I do feel as if I’m inching towards the truth, you know? Whoever’s behind this is not messing around. And, again, if you need protection, then I-I’m there. Mnh-mnh, no. That was really all about charlotte. And valentin. Lesson learned. I won’t be fooled by him again. Hi. Finally. Trish said you had a crisis or something. Yeah, I just got back from the quartermaines’. Lois’ mother set off the sprinklers in the kitchen. Gloria? Yeah.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, man. Hello, anna. Nina. I’m gonna get back to my family. Oh, those look scrumptious, don’t they, lois? Oh, yeah, they look delicious. Ah, you know what? Would you excuse us for a sec? Can I talk to you? What? Yeah. Come on. Sit. Yes. Alright. Oh. Eh! Just enough with the food. Okay? What is the problem? Well, that broad — her husband is kind of a big shot. They call him uncle pete. Wha– ma! Pete petrov? Yeah, yeah. His wife’s name is petra. A lot of p’S. Oh, ma. Uncle pete petrov. Come on. He’s in deep with the brighton bratva. They’re as crooked as they get. Ma, you’ve got to apologize, and fast. It’s too late. They’re after my ziti. What?! Ziti, your shih tzu? Yeah, t-that’s why I didn’t go to canarsie. That’s why — yeah, francesca, she’s — she’s hiding ziti for me. Ma, please tell me they’re — they’re just trying to intimidate you. Right? You have trouble with russians? I help. I am so thrilled. This has turned into one perfect thanksgiving. And everyone’s under the same roof. Well, almost everyone. Stella, she — she’s still gallivanting around london. She’s taken a real shine to her newfound cousin wanda, it seems. Oh.

[ Chuckles ] Well, then cheers to new family connection. I’ll drink to that. Marshall: I’ll drink to that, too.

[ Laughter ] Mmm. I am really happy that we’re all here. And lucky you, you, you, and, you, I’ve got a vat of turkey gumbo ready to go.

[ Laughter ] Pop, you always make enough for a small army. And if we run out, we have all that dessert that spencer insisted on bringing. Well, it’s always good to have options. Well, the lord always provides. Sometimes we just never know what that’s gonna look like.

[ Laughter ] Oh!Alright. Graciella said dinner is served. Get to that table! Josslyn: Come on, let’s race. Save me a seat. Save me a seat. Hey. I just wanted to — I just wanted to steal a moment really quickly and just tell you that I am so grateful to be spending thanksgiving with you this year. It’s so normal, isn’t it? I can’t believe after everything we went through, when I almost lost you… then let’s just stay right here. Let’s stay right here. Let’s forget about the past. It’s just so fragile, you know? We just take love for granted, a-and I don’t know why because we can’t guarantee that it’s always gonna be there. That’s why we got to savor moments like this. We got to be grateful for them because there’s no guarantee. There’s no guarantee there’s gonna be anything like it in the future. Sometimes it can feel like there’s no way out of treatment-resistant depressi something seemed, like, off between you and anna. W-what’s going on? It’s nothing. It’s nothing. Come on, just — no, it’s nothing. It’s just — it’s the valentin and charlotte thing. And she knows how close I am with charlotte. Oh, right. Can we just forget about that for right now? You and I are in the same room, finally. And this is our first thanksgiving as husband and wife. Yes, it is. You miss the girls? No, they’re having a great time. Plus, my life is full of blessings. Um, you and I are married. Cyrus is exposed and in my sights. Drew’s out of prison. Michael is in our lives again. And basically, our family’s together. Yeah. But you know what makes me real happy… is that you and willow are, uh, getting along.

[ Sighs ] Yeah. We have so much to be grateful for. No offense, yuri, but we don’t need any russian translations. Yeah, she’s right. And, you know, these are dangerous people. And a nice boy like you does not want to get involved with uncle pete. I know I look like nice boy, but I am not always nice. I can handle these people. Come on in, guys. Let’s get thanksgiving started. Olivia: Okay, cody is bringing leo and sasha up from the stables. Ned: Perfect! That’s just the time we need. Everyone here knows the drill. Michael: Wiley? First we sing… together: Then we eat!

[ Laughter ]

We gather together to ask the lord’s blessing

he chastens and hastens his will to make known

the wicked oppressing now cease from distressing

sing praises to his name

he forgets not his own since stella isn’t here, I’ll, uh — I’ll lead the prayer this year. Hey, you know, dad, um, I’d like to do it this year. Go ahead, son. Okay, everybody, let’s join hands, shall we? Yes. Okay, um… dear god, um, you know, I’m covering for aunt stella. I usually talk to you in private. So if I lose my way, take the wheel. There have been a lot of ups and downs this year for a lot of us. And for those of us going through it, we’re reminded that there is a higher power keeping tabs and guiding us to our next right step. And so we’re…gathered here with good people, with a table full of good food, and we’re reminded just how blessed we are, perhaps more than most. And so, god, we ask that you keep a watchful eye out for those less fortunate than us… because life does give us curve balls. And so we’re gonna hit those curve balls out of the park. We’re gonna learn a lesson or two and still find a reason to crack a smile at the end of the day. Aunt stella would probably say something poetic about, uh, butterflies or — or rebirth. But, god, I’m gonna keep it simple. As we prepare to enjoy this meal… …we thank you for being better to us than we’ve been to ourselves. We thank you for yesterday, today, and for the promise of tomorrow. Now, god, I know you’re listening. This goes out to you. Amen. Oh! Look out! Oh, my goodness! Oh, they’re coming in from both sides! We’re being attacked!

[ Laughs ] Come here. Oh, hey! Oh! You okay? Full tummy? Wasn’t it yummy?

[ Laughs ] Did you have — did you like dinner?

[ Indistinct conversations ] Okay! Ladies first, I’m thinking. Oh, oh, oh. Yes, yes. Ladies first. There we go. Oh, wow!

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GH Short Recap Thursday, November 23, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


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Recap written by Eva

It’s Thanksgiving in Port Charles and the Davis family invites Blaze to spend Thanksgiving with them.

TJ tells everyone he is thinking about specializing in neurology.

Robert surprises a depressed Anna with a visit from Emma, and they have Thanksgiving dinner together.

Laura and Valentin confront Charlotte about what she has been doing to Anna. Laura and Valentin try to persuade Charlotte that her grandpa Victor manipulated her to hurt Anna. Charlotte insists that Anna is a bad person and she was only protecting Valentin from Anna. Charlotte also tells Valentin she didn’t burn down Anna’s house.

Cody and Sasha spend Thanksgiving at the Quartermaine mansion where Lois’s mother Gloria arrives to help Lois cook Thanksgiving dinner. It looks like the Quartermaine’s are going to have their first Thanksgiving dinner since the 90’s until the smoke alarm beeps.

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GH Transcript Thursday, November 23, 2023

General Hospital Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


What’s the deal? Aren’t we doing thanksgiving? Honey, you know what? I’m just not up for it this year. And it breaks my heart because you know how much I love thanksgiving. But it’s just — it’s always a disaster with the quartermaines. Oh, bite your tongue. Thanksgiving is about family. It’s — it’s — it’s about being together. Come on. We’ve got way too much to celebrate this year. And I-I love celebrating more than anybody. You know that, lolo. But not over a turkey. Not in this house. Come on. It’s gonna be great. And it’s gonna be full of surprises. Surprises? Uh-huh. What kind of surprises you talking about? Trust me, we are doing thanksgiving, and we aren’t going to as much as break a nail. Ugh. Chase, have you seen my purse?! I swear this place is a black hole. Why are you so jumpy? What’s going on? My mom has been bombarding me with texts saying we have to be early to the quartermaines. I swear, she’s planning something. Well, that sounds promising. Promising? Are you kidding me? If my mother is planning something, you better buckle up. So she’s like you, then? A whirling dervish? Are you saying I cause chaos? Absolutely. But the best kind.

[ Sighs ] Oh! Finally. Oh, my gosh, I don’t know how you put up with me.

[ Sighs ] You know, after such a roller coaster of a year, there’s still so much to be thankful for. I nailed a recording session with blaze, patched things up with maxie, dad’s back to normal, and my grandmother is — is in europe for a little while, so things are a lot more peaceful at home. Wait, you just said home. Are you — do you want to move back in to the quartermaines’? Do you want me to move out? Happy thanksgiving. Back at ya. Here. This is for you, as you requested. Oh, great. You’re a lifesaver, honey. Molly, tj, and jordan will be here soon. I tried to call molly, but I got her voicemail. Any word? Yeah. “Yes, and we’ll be there,” to be exact. Oh. She’s going through a lot after the surrogate’s miscarriage. So the important thing is just that she’s coming. She’s probably all talked out. Okay. I’m so glad to have all my girls here. Where’s your entourage? Um, scout is with drew and carly. They have all the girls. Yeah, I knew about scout, but where’s dante and the boys? They are gonna join us for dessert. Dante actually scored some really awesome tickets to a football game, and I thought it would be good for danny. It’s a nice distraction from everything that happened with charlotte. How are you feeling, sweetheart? I’m okay. Just glad to be finally home. Well, make yourself comfortable on the couch. I’ll get you a cup of tea. I like to go see my room. Yeah. Of course. Just take it easy. Well, now that she’s home and she’s physically recovered, what are you gonna do about charlotte?

[ Knock on door ] Robert: Anna!

[ Groans ] Go away. Anna. Hey, wakey, wakey. I can hear you breathing in there. You can’t hide forever. Come on. Hey.

[ Knocking continues ] Hey, it’s me. Me. You know. Come on. Wakey, wakey. Seize the day. Stuff like that there. Come on. Ye– what? What? This. Wakey, wakey. Look, the day’s started already. Just, can you… robert, I’m having a bit of a pity-party thanksgiving. Understand? I just… that’s nonsense. Come on. You’ve never been one to wallow. I happen to have something that’s gonna pull you out of your funk. No, I don’t want any more surprises in my life. None. Oh, I think you’ll want this one. Do you think ferdinand ever feels weird being the only alpaca with all the horses?

[ Chuckles ] Well, I hope he feels unique and special because he is. Do you like animals better when you’re you or you’re eddie? You know, leo, the whole time I was eddie, I was also me deep down inside. For a while, it just made more sense to forget about business, all the problems I couldn’t solve and just, you know, live for rock ‘n’ roll. Granny tracy said you’re being an arrested adolescent. Well, she isn’t completely wrong, but she isn’t completely right. Sometimes people just need a break from the pressures of life. Sometimes I just want to go bug hunting or read my books. You have a good head on your shoulders, leo. And I want you to know something. I appreciate you being so understanding. I’ll never forget my time as eddie, but I feel grateful to be just ned again.

[ Footsteps approaching ] Well, hello, gentlemen. How’s ferdinand doing? He probably wishes he was back posing for fancy pictures with you and your girlfriend, sasha. This surprise that you’re talking about — it’s animal, vegetable, or mineral? Don’t you worry about a thing. We have got it all covered. You just leave everything to us. Okay. “Us,” “us.” The “us” that you’re talking about, that’s you and who exactly? You and ned have so much to be grateful for. There is no way we’re skipping thanksgiving.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Oh! Ahh! Ha ha! Speak of the angel. The surprise has arrived. Come on.

[ Gasps ] Who’d have thunk I’d be back having thanksgiving with the quartermaines? Gloria! Ohh! Mission accomplished! Look, if you think high tea or a joyride in that midlife crisis motor of yours is gonna cheer me up, you have another think coming. Okay, misery guts. What’s got your knickers in a twist today? Thin ice, robert. Thin ice. Your mood — it’s as thick as a london fog. Come on, shake it off. I can’t stop thinking about charlotte. And now forsyth is dead and all the evidence against him has disappeared. I mean, every reference to him is gone. The mission reports, the blown ops — it’s all gone. So there’s no point in moping about it. I want to. I’m a bit of a mess right now, alright? Yeah, I understand. The evidence is right in front of me. You do look pathetic. I look pathetic? Yeah. Yeah, well, look, go get dressed, do your hair while you’re at it, and, you know, let’s get things going. Alright, I am going to go and get dressed, but when I come back, I’m gonna kick you out. I’ll take my chances.

[ Telephone ringing ] Uh, this is probably for me. Yeah. Already? Yeah. We’re in the room. Thank you. Feel like I’m walking on a tightrope around charlotte. I’ve messed up every step of the way. All I want to do is help her. We have all bent over backwards to protect her. Maybe it’s a little too much. What am i supposed to do? “Charlotte, would you like a pillow? By the way, I know you’ve been terrorizing anna devane”? At victor’s behest. Just remember that. I was worried when victor took her to boarding school. It never occurred to me the level to which he would manipulate her mind. It never occurred to me, either. But we have got to intervene now to break this hold that victor has over her. How do we do that without pushing her further away? Well, the first step is gonna be to bring everything out into the open, which means having a difficult conversation with charlotte. What does grandma mean “a difficult conversation”? Want you to move out? When I spent who knows how long trying to convince you to move in? I’ve loved having you here. I-I think it’s going great, don’t you? Of course I do. I didn’t bring up the subject of moving. Well, you just called the quartermaines’ home, and I don’t know, I-I guess I’m a little more insecure about our relationship than I realized. Chase, I’m sorry. I just… you know that home is where the heart is, and my heart is definitely here with you. Well, I’m glad because this place wouldn’t be the same without you. You’re just glad that you have someone to wake you up in the morning. No, I am glad for you, brook lynn. And that we finally get to be real with each other. Six months ago, we would have had this talk and we would have been tiptoeing around each other and second-guessing ourselves. And now we clear the air in, what, two minutes? Maybe two and a half. But seriously, chase, I don’t want us to ever keep secrets from each other again. Especially now that things are going so well. My dad’s back to normal — hey, don’t edit it yourself. Alright? That is your good news, and you should celebrate it. It’s just so unfair. I finally get good news about my dad, and we get terrible news about yours. Yeah, but… now that I know that my time with him is limited, we can make the most of it. Yeah, that’s what we should both do. Make the most of our time and not sweat the small stuff. And you call me the zen one. Gloria: She said you got to make the sauce a little bit sweeter. And I say you can’t tell her… what’s going on? What’s happening in there?

[ Russian accent ] You will see. Oh, nedly! Gloria?! Oh, wow. Where did you come from? Bus station. I pick her up. She just got in. You let your mother take the bus. I love taking the bus. I met so many colorful people. You see? That is our gloria. You put this woman on a bus, before you get to the next stop, she knows every person’s life story. Everybody’s got a story. Gloria, it is so wonderful to see you again. Yes, and you too. I’ll tell you what. This woman right here, she really has been a lifesaver. She’s been, like, the linchpin coming out of all the quartermaines’ chaos. My baby. The apple doesn’t fall very far from the tree. You know what? You were right, lois. This is shaping up to be a very unforgettable thanksgiving. I can’t tell you how happy I am that we get to have thanksgiving here every year. Oh, well, my contribution to the festivities. Over here, jordan. I already started pouring. So happy you found the courage to make it. Oh, you know me, sam. Never one to risk poor attendance. Hi, everyone. We just want to say that even though this is a sad and tough time for us, today is the day to focus on what we have, not what we don’t have. All of you, my family are what have gotten me through the last few days. So today I’m just grateful that we’re all here together. Hear, hear. Here. I got that one. Who needs this one? Tj, here you go. No one should be alone on thanksgiving. To family. To family. Family. Cheers. Come on over here. Enjoy. Yeah. Make yourself comfortable. -Thank you. -Thank you. Yeah.

[ Indistinct conversations ] Hey, uh, happy thanksgiving. I know you probably have, like, a million people to be with and a million things to do, but I just thought I would throw this out there. My mom is hosting thanksgiving, and I would love it if you could come. Oh, this is much better. Yeah, a roundhouse kick to your fat head would be even better. Oh, come on. Violence never got anyone anywhere. Okay. How do i get rid of you?

[ Knock on door ] Oh.

[ Sighs ] Um, you want to get that? Just don’t tell me what to do. -It’s your room. -Please. My god. What?

[ Gasps ]

[ Giggles ] Emma! Oh. If your moderate to severe crohn’s dise apologies for the delay. I know you wanted us here earlier, but chase and I, we got a little held up at our apartment. I’m sorry. No, no, not to worry. You’re here now. I thought you didn’t want to make such a big deal out of thanksgiving dinner this year. Well, things have changed. Is that what you were hinting at in all your texts? You’re not running some crazy scheme, are you? Who, me? [ Scoffs ] Gloria: Is that my brookie? Grandma?! Oh, my gosh. You kept this a secret. Oh, hey. Keep them guessing. That’s my motto. Unless the stakes are high or handsome. You must be the hunk. I guess that’s me. I’ve heard a lot about you. Only good things, mom. Yeah, well, now, how are things in the kitchen? Oh, well, they’re awaiting your magical touch. Now, listen, you’ll have to excuse us. We’re about to prepare a feast. Did you remember to get the french onions for the green beans… grandma, you’re — you’re not cooking? No. Not alone. No, my dear. No, your mother’s gonna help me. Okay, because the quartermaine thanksgiving always ends in disaster. Oh, nonsense. Ma and i have it under control. Yeah. Bye. Come on.

[ Knock on door ] Sasha. Come in. Hey. Miss sasha, can I take your coat? Thank you. Okay, so this is where the fun is, huh? Oh, wow. Somebody cleans up nice. Cody, it’s your girlfriend. So the jump from police commissioner to deputy mayor is permanent? Hmm. Well, titles aside, I’m excited to start building bridges and cutting through red tape. Jordan, this is a game changer. There are so many policies ripe for reform. Where do you even start? Actually, I can think of at least three initiatives that you might want to revisit. Hmm. There has to be a better way to address citizen concerns than codifying ordinances. Hey. You see this, right? Molly’s just, like, diving into work. It’s her coping mechanism, sam. And honestly, she could use it right now. True. Okay. And we will be there for her when she’s ready to talk. Yeah.

[ Knock on door ] I’ll get it. Wow. Emma.

[ Gasps ] What a sight for sore eyes. You look beautiful. You’re just blossoming into this stunning young woman. Grandma, you always say that. Well, it’s true. I’m still the same emma. Just taller. I missed you so much. Are your parents here? Is everything okay? Well, noah caught bronchitis, so my parents are being super cautious about it. Honestly, I’d say they’re being paranoid, so I thought, what better time for a mini adventure with my two favorite grandparents? Oh. Nicely done. Charlotte, why don’t you tell your father what you told me in the hospital? I don’t really remember. Well, you were very upset, but you told me that you believed that anna shot you intentionally. She did. I didn’t do anything wrong. I was just bringing the keychain I found, and she came in and shot me. Why isn’t she in jail? Charlotte, you’ve got to believe me. Anna shooting you was a tragic mistake. No. You’re wrong, papa. No, I’m not. This is all my fault. That’s what she wants you to believe. I thought you could finally see how dangerous anna is. And that’s why you’ve done what you’ve done? What do you mean? What did I do? Charlotte, I know what you’ve been up to. ( ) Listen, what you have been doing is not only illegal, it’s cruel and it’s dangerous. Now, I know that victor told you that you needed to protect me from anna, but he lied. No. You’re wrong, papa. Grandfather was only trying to protect the family. He said I was the key to holding us together. You are the most important person in the world to me. But he’s been manipulating you. No. He said you were the one that was manipulated. And that’s why we couldn’t be together. Because of the secret work anna pushed you into. He warned me about her. Charlotte, victor was using you. He was manipulating you to hurt anna and to hurt me. He was right about anna. She’s not who everyone thinks she is. Don’t you remember when she got you arrested? They took you away from us. I was trying to scare her to save you. Charlotte, you lit a devastating fire. You could have killed somebody when you burned anna’s house. I never set fire to anna’s house. How could you even think that of me? It’s just so wonderful to have the whole family together again for a holiday. Even if monica and tracy can’t be here. Yeah, it’s too bad monica is busy with that conference in germany. She seems to be enjoying herself. She had very complimentary things to say about the doctors and… you are a million miles away right now, aren’t you? You replaying the spat that you had with drew and michael about elq? What? They won’t shut me out. Ned, it was a very difficult time. You — you were off the grid. Nobody knew what to do. You’re right. It just feels like I’m playing catch-up. But today, let’s just put the world on hold. And I’m going to focus on you and my family. Mom! Mom! Hey. You won’t believe what ferdinand did when I fed him.

[ Laughs ] Oh. What? Sasha. Hey, what leo said earlier about you being my girlfriend, that… kids, right? Relax, cody. It’s all good. Are you sure? Because I-I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable. I’m happy to make my excuses if this is awkward. No, no. We agreed to work together. Let’s just enjoy the holiday and not make it about us. Alright. Sasha, maxie sent me some shots from the spring photo shoot. They are incredible. Yeah. It was — it was a lot of fun. Especially for ferdinand. Yeah, well, you had it easy. You were in your street clothes. Yeah, but I did have to clean up ferdi’s little…accidents. Tmi, cody. Well, dinner is on track. It already smells amazing. Chase, I haven’t smelled real thanksgiving food in this house since the ’90s. Eh, don’t jinx it. Oh, ye of little faith. Oh, ye of little faith. Jinx!

[ Laughter ] Who are those gorgeous young lovers over there? Do you know? Terry, missing you like a bear miss honey.

Da. How is the conference? Eh, is good we work if we can’t be together. Yes. This family is crazy, but good crazy. Happy thanksgiving to you as well. Pumpkin ice cream. I thought it was appropriate for the occasion. You didn’t have to bring anything. We’re just glad you’re here. I know, but I wanted to. And these are beautiful. My mom’s going to love them. No, those are for you… to thank you for saving me. My family’s in puerto rico visiting my abuela, and work’s keeping me here. So my thanksgiving was going to be a takeout salad and endless hours of true-crime podcasts. Well, hi. I’m so glad you could make it. Happy thanksgiving. Thank you. Thank you for having me. A pleasure. Blaze brought that pumpkin ice cream we love so much. Ooh. Alright, well, I’ll go put that in the freezer. Tj: Aunt stella has really been after me lately about picking a medical specialty. Well, stella’s tough-love lectures are legendary. Yeah, her heart’s in the right place. I couldn’t have managed without her lately. My mom’s alzheimer’s never changed how much we love her. Sasha, I have seen you on every one of your appearances on “home & heart” and that stunt with the baby noise, oh, that was something. Especially when you came back for the second time. You should have seen cody. He was about to streak across the stage to shut it down. Ooh, I would have loved to have seen that. Ma! Kids. What’s streaking? Um… is it like sparklers on 4th of july? Bingo. Let’s all just stick with that definition, okay? Sasha, you have a knight in shining armor there. I would have given that “haven de vil” a piece of my mind. That I’d pay to see. Are you gonna come live with cody at the stables like my big sister lives with chase? Chase: Whoa! Hold your horses, buddy. Cody and sasha just started their relationship. It’s too soon to make a big decision like that. Exactly. You got to let cupid work his magic. Gloria, I cut the onions. Oh, you’re a pet, yuri. I got to go check that bird. Okay. Oh, drum roll, please. This I got to see. If I wasn’t smelling it, I wouldn’t believe it. Turkey at the q’s? Unheard of. Leo: We had turkey last year. Except mr. Wattle wrecked the table. Really? Mm-hmm. I let him out of his cage, and he ended up pulling down the tablecloth and breaking all the dishes. Maybe he knew the table was already set and he was supposed to be the entree.

[ Laughter ]

[ Door closes ] Charlotte, I love you, but I need the truth. Didn’t you talk to nina? She believes me. I didn’t burn anna’s house. It’s time for honesty. Your grandmother and i are here for you. We’re not against you. But victor took advantage of your vulnerabilities. We’re not gonna allow that to continue. Grandfather was only trying to protect the family. And he was right about anna. You know, grandma. She shot me on purpose. Charlotte, your father and i have had our share of run-ins with victor. So believe us, honey, believe us when we say that he is manipulating you. He’s taking advantage of your youth, honey, and he’s exploiting your innocence. I’m not some dumb little kid. No, no, you’re not. You’re extremely intelligent. And your grandfather knew that. But, listen, I know how he’s been manipulating you. I have seen the letter you hid in your french encyclopedia. I’ve seen the tarot cards that were not given to you by a friend. They were given to you by victor. You went through my stuff? What’s the deal with valentin? We’re done. He knows this? Yeah. He knows. Would you tell me all about your internship at berkeley? Well, the particle astrophysics center — it was insane… in a good way. We’re running experiments on dark matter and cosmic rays. Okay, I don’t understand any of that. It sounds very complex. Hardly seems like a gap year. It’s not a break. It’s a stepping stone. The lab is just a gold mine of experience. I couldn’t pass it up. Bosons, buckyballs. Gobbledygook. Yeah. That’s it. You’re too practical for particle physics. Yes, but not too particular about physical practice, huh? Oh, wow. Well, your dad jokes would fit in right at the lab. Hey! But none of my colleagues have action grandparents like you two. “Action grandparents,” that’s what I like. Aww. You were quite the showstopper at the nurse’s ball, tj. Look who’s talking. With brook lynn as your manager now, you’re gonna be bigger than you already are. I can attest. I was at the studio with this one, and she’s incredible. You’re being there probably energized the performance. Having an audience always adds something special. Glad I could be of service.

[ Laughter ]

[ Timer dings ] Oh. The gravy. Excuse me. Tj… have you chosen a medical specialty yet? You know, I have. After careful consideration, I’m leaning towards neurology. The brain has always been like a puzzle that I want to solve. I used to be all about psychology. The software, so to speak. These days, I’m really drawn to the hardware. That’s great. It’s an important field. Sure is.

[ Cellphone ringing ] See? No need to worry. We got a 5-star meal all ready to go. Oh, gloria, that smells amazing. H-here’s to “auld lang syne.” Oh, ma, no. That’s new year’S. Well, we’re here with friends…reunited. Yeah. And nothing’s gonna go wrong. Ah, there you are. Hiding out. Huh? Yeah. I needed a breather. I’m sorry for going awol. It’s all good, you know? The q’s can be a little much. And then there’s gloria. It’s not about us or what people say or think. I can handle that. Yeah, I’m sensing there’s a “but” in there? It’s just that last time this year with liam and brando… life looked so different. It feels like I’m staring at a fading photograph and…everyone else just moves on like it’s nothing. Sasha… you’re so strong. It’s amazing that you’re still standing. See? That’s just it, cody. Whenever people praise me or make it seem like I’m some kind of survivor… …it makes me feel disloyal, like I’m leaving them behind. Your family is really something. Yeah, they’re, uh — they’re pretty great. Mother can be infuriating, particularly when she’s right. But I wouldn’t trade her for the world. That’s how it is with family. They can drive you crazy. Correction. Mine do drive me crazy, but I can’t live without them. I’m really glad you’re here. Here you are. Thank you. Take that.

[ Both chuckle ] Escape to mother nature, huh? Yeah. Just needed to reconnect with something real. Foliage this year… I just never really appreciated these colors. Yeah. You know, sometimes nature has its way of resetting us. Yeah. It’s been quite a year. I’ve been so engrossed in the idea of starting a family, I haven’t really paid attention to much else. There you two are. I am gonna go check on the meal. Whoa, whoa, wait, wait. Tj and — and molly are out there. Have I ever told you how…proud I am of you?

[ Chuckles ] You, my toughest critic? Yeah. Go on. I just… I see your potential. You’re a visionary. And I could go on and on. Whoa. Never thought of myself as a visionary. Why don’t you just smile and nod your head and say, “you’re right, sam”? You’re right, sam. I only wanted to protect you, papa. Grandfather believed in me, and I hoped you would, too. No, no, no, no, leave her alone. You gave an awful lot for her to think about. She’s just so passionate about defending victor. She’s a teenager. Everything feels like life and death right now. And, you know, as much as she loves you, she is rebelling against you. You spent a lot of time apart from her, and she can’t be angry at you, so she put all of that on anna, and then victor just played her perfectly. My father continues to pull strings from beyond the grave. We’ll get her through this. I promise you that. Your father will not win. Now, listen, I really hate to leave the two of you alone right now, but I have to go. I’m supposed to make an appearance at the municipal parade, and I’ve got to go pick up esme and ace before I do. Go, we’ll be fine. Okay. I really am sorry about it, though. Laura… thank you.

[ Door closes ]

[Coughing] Copd isn’t pretty. Everything is on track, and you showing up was just icing on the cake. You channeling nonna ginger and her cooking sherry, are we? You know, why don’t you let this old broad just enjoy her two babies today, alright? It’s a day to celebrate. I-I — look, I’m — I’m not complaining. It’s just, you know, I-I’m still surprised that you canceled on aunt frannie in canarsie. You never do that. Well, I heard that you were gonna come see brookie. I couldn’t resist it, so I horned in. Yeah. Okay. I just, you know, it’s fine. It just — it gave us the perfect opportunity to save the day. Okay, look, you go rally the troops because your mama’s got a little more magic she’s got to conjure up. Okay. Alright, you know what? You’re not just a card. You’re the whole deck, ma. Yeah. Bye, noah. Love you. Bye, noah. Bye, noah. Love you. Oh, my goodness. Noah’s really starting to look like your dad, right? Oh, oh, wait.

[ Mumbling ] I think he has just the right amount of scorpio je ne sais quoi about him. That’s just wishful thinking. Anyway, look, I hope you two have left some room for food. I happen to have us a reservation at the hotel restaurant upstairs for a thanksgiving dinner, including extra cranberry sauce. Alright, dinner is almost ready. But before I put the feast on the table, I just really wanted to thank all of you for showing up. It’s been quite a year. A seesaw, right, with exhilarating highs and excruciating lows. And somehow we’ve managed to stick together through all of it. And I am profoundly grateful for that. And, no, I am not gonna make any saccharine, greeting-card sentiments because, quite frankly, they annoy me. But I do want to say that, you know, life doesn’t pull any punches, and sometimes people have to fight for every scrap of joy they get. Because of that fight, we need to cherish every single moment. So… I would like to make a toast. Here’s to the davis family… past…present… and future. -To family. -To family. Mm-hmm. I’ve never really had closure. And now suddenly, I’m back in normal life trying to put it back together one step at a time. Inviting anyone else into this mess, it’s — it’s too much. Yeah. No, I-I-I get it. You need your space to heal. I’m not here to make things more complicated. And you’re sure you’re okay with this? Even if there are no guarantees where it will lead? I’m more than okay. [ Chuckles ] I promise. Like, no ulterior motives. Promise. Everyone says that brando would want me to go on with my life, and I know that he would. I just haven’t quite figured out how. Well, going on doesn’t mean forgetting. Brando and liam — you’ll always have them in your heart and you’ll figure out the next steps. And what everyone else thinks doesn’t really matter, does it, ferdinand? Is everybody ready? We’re gonna be serving in a few minutes. Oh, trust me, you haven’t lived until you taste my ma’s onion stuffing. Well, that sounds like the cue to make our way into the dining room. Wouldn’t it be something if, for once, everything actually went smoothly? Miracles are possible, you know? Amen to that. I could just see edward’s face. We have finally gotten rid of the quartermaine curse. Ma! Shh! What?! Lois, you may have just summoned the family gremlins according to my superstitious wife and daughter. Oh. Pish-posh.

[ Smoke alarm beeping ] Oh! Here we go again. Gloria: It’s the alarm. The alarm. Uh…

[ Beeping continues ]

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GH Short Recap Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


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Recap written by Eva

Sasha turns down Sony’s offer to pay back the money. Gladys stole from her asking him to give the money to a mental health charity in the name of Brando and Liam.

Curtis asks Nina to give him access to the Metro Court security footage from the night he was shot so he can find out who shot him. Laura gives Jordan permission to help Curtis investigate who shot him.

Alexis and Gregory give Martin the details of Finns malpractice suit hoping Martin will take Finns case.

The body of Jameson Forsyth is found by a jogger on the side of the road. The coroner tells Dante that he was hit by a car and died. Anna identifies the body and Dante and Anna wonder who killed him.

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GH Transcript Wednesday, November 22, 2023

General Hospital Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


[ Knock on door ]

[ Knocks on door ] Hi, alexis. Can I bother you for a minute? Oh, you noticed this? It’s a little hard not to. When did you start using that? It’s been by my side for a couple days now. Dr. Kramer says I’ll need it until, uh… till you may need a wheelchair. Yes, until the inevitable presents itself. Actually, I feel kind of secure with it because dr. Kramer says it may keep me from damaging myself if I fall. Guess I should say

when I fall. Well, I’m in favor of keeping you on your feet as long as possible. This from the woman who always keeps me on my toes.

[ Chuckles ] You just come here to show off that cool cane, or can I do something for you? You need to help my son. Hey, hey. There’s my friend. Hi. It’s so great to see you out and about. Oh. Come on. I got you some tea. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. You know, I’ve been to the club. I’ve been to the gym a few times, and I figured whether I’m in this chair or not, life goes on. I mean, what am i going to do? Can’t sit at home every day, right? Well, that is a great attitude. And I owe you an apology because I should’ve been in touch much sooner. But I was so happy you wanted to meet. Well, you may not be so happy after you hear what I have to say. Nina, I have a pretty big ask. I just had to come by and thank you for sorting out those building permits for me. I knew I could count on baby sister. Well, you’re welcome, but let’s be perfectly clear about something. Everything was above board. It wasn’t a family favor. I simply presented it to the committee for a vote, and zoning approved it. Well, however it came about, I just appreciate the fact you did it so quickly, and so does my client. Is it — and, no, it’s not valentin cass– I do have other, less controversial clients, you know. It just so happens that mr. —

[ Laughs ] No, seriously, mr. Phelps is one of the biggest real-estate developers in all of port charles, and now he is thrilled with my work. You made your brother look good, and I’m grateful. Speaking of brothers, what are we going to do about ours? So, what do we got? The cause of death was catastrophic internal bleeding and blunt-force trauma. There were injuries to his neck, vertebrae, fractured jaw, and extensive damage to the skull. There was bleeding on the brain, as well as a hemopericardium and a cardiac tamponade. In english, please. Hemorrhaging around the heart. So what could cause that? Like, a fall or an attack? Now, the injuries were consistent with a pedestrian being hit at a high rate of speed by a large vehicle. Must’ve been a truck or an suv. Was the deceased impaired in any way? Mm, well, the preliminary autopsy indicates no contributing factors. There was no alcohol in his system, and he wasn’t under the influence of drugs. What about medical conditions? Well, body showed no signs of suffering from any maladies or terminal illness. There wasn’t any indication in the preliminary blood work that he was on medication for depression. So I can’t think of a reason a relatively healthy man would step in front of a speeding vehicle. Maybe the vehicle was aiming for him. No, no. Go away. Shh. Shh. Shh. You’re not supposed to be here. Charlotte, listen to me. I just want to talk. I need to explain what happened. No. No. Please let me. Please. No. No. No. According to csi, there were no tire tracks or skid marks, so if he was hit by a car, there is nothing to indicate the driver swerved or tried to brake. What about traffic cameras? Unfortunately, it was a rural stretch, not covered by cameras. Well, have them canvass the area. There’s got to be a building or gas station somewhere with a camera. They’re already on it. Oh, but there was something interesting. Get this. The guy had three ids on him. Have you checked them out? Yeah, and they’re all legit. There’s nothing to explain. I-I know what happened. You shot me. Oh, god. It was a horrible accident. How was it an accident? You pointed the gun right at me. I didn’t know it was you. I didn’t expect to find you in my apartment, but I now understand why you were there. You wanted to do something to scare me, right, to drive me away, but you need to know that nothing that victor told you is true. Nothing.

[ Breathing heavily ] Hey, elizabeth. How’s charlotte doing? Hi. She’s making excellent progress, which is encouraging. Help! Somebody help! Please! Papa. Papa.

[ Breathing heavily ] Anything that you want, you just name it. I’m not sure you’ll feel that way after I explain. What I’m asking requires that we ignore the instructions of the pcpd. Now I’m completely confused. What’s going on? The shooting that happened months ago, and the pcpd is no closer to finding out who shot me. They still don’t have any leads? Nothing credible. The case has completely stalled. It’s only a matter of time before they box up my evidence and ship it to some warehouse for cold cases. No, you can’t let that happen. No, I can’T. I’m not. I’m gonna find out who did this to me, who put me in this wheelchair and see that they’re brought to justice. Yeah. Well, I don’t understand where I come in. I’m starting my own investigation, and since the shooting happened at your hotel, I was hoping that you would give me complete access. You know, one wonders if you couldn’t use your position as mayor — just sort of banish cyrus from the kingdom of port charles?

[ Laughs ] What, did you watch “robin hood” last night? The original. It’s a classic. Oh, well, uh, yeah, this isn’t sherwood forest. Yeah, and, uh, I think even if I could banish cyrus, I’m not sure I would do that. Come on, now. You’re a highly intelligent woman. You actually expect me to believe you think he’s been reformed? I wouldn’t go that far. I’ve been suspicious of this born-again persona ever since the beginning. He could be giving the performance of a lifetime. He could be playing all of us. Uh-huh. I did tell you he had me give away “all” his money to end recidivism, which is another thing I’m suspicious about, because the cyrus I grew up with didn’t have an altruistic bone in his body. And yet a judge signed off on his release. Doesn’t mean anything. Cyrus used to line his pockets with important people. Judge could’ve been on his payroll, expecting some kind of a kickback. Yeah, well, the bottom line is cyrus is free, and he is our brother, so I don’t know. Don’t we have some kind of a responsibility here to at least acknowledge him as a sibling, try to see the best in him and, you know, support him in his effort to try to become a productive member of society. Well, for the life of me, I can’t come up with one thing he could contribute to port charles. But I do have to admit, part of me wants to believe him, which is saying a lot, considering his track record. Look at all the damage he’s done.

[ Knock on door ] Come in. Hi, laura. I’m sorry to interrupt, but I need to discuss something with you. She can’t represent finn because she’s representing the plaintiff. The muldoon family hired her? Yes. I met finn at the metro court as diane was leaving. He seemed dejected, and when I pressed him, he said she couldn’t take the case. Uh, no, no. That doesn’t make any sense. No. Well, it seems that she got a phone call just before the meeting from the father-in-law of the deceased, who also happens to be a long-term client of hers.

[ Sighs ] She’s already on retainer with the muldoon family? Oh, this is a disaster. I’m sorry. There’s no reason for you to apologize. It’s not all that dire. Diane explained she couldn’t represent him and left with no hard feelings. No. No, no, no, no. You don’t understand. Diane is the disaster. She is that good. She never loses. So, uh… …you’re back at work?

[ Chuckles ] How’s it feel to be back at work after — you know, you were gone for a few months, right? You know, I was so fragile when I finally got out of ferncliff, and I was worried that it was going to be awkward to be back at deception, but it’s going really well. We did this amazing photo shoot, and I just finished a segment on “home & heart.” Is that the show where they sell stuff?

[ Laughing ] Yes. I reintroduced our most popular product, the deceptor. What is that? Nina will know what it is. Anyway, it sold out in record time. That’s great. Dang.

[ Sighs ] I was so relieved. I really need the company to do well. We lost so much money when our stock was frozen during the lawsuit. You know, that’s what I want to talk to you about. Um… I want to have a discussion with you about your financial situation.

[Coughing] This is the master key card that’ll give you access to all the areas around the pool and the hotel room that the sniper was in, as well. Is there anyone staying in the room now? No, no. The pcpd requested that we keep that room vacant for a while. They didn’t even want housekeeping in there. I think they were planning on doing another sweep of the room so they could maybe get additional evidence, so we thought we should comply. So, no, it’s not occupied. This is good. It’s not enough.

[ Clears throat ] Can you get me security footage of the day of the shooting? Maybe even a few days prior? Well, I don’t know, I’m not sure about that, because the police officers, they were all over our computer system. That was the first thing they went to, and they came in with a warrant. But — but… …you

know, the originalfootage could be accessible by the metro court mainframe. Hmm. And, you know, your boy’s pretty tech savvy.

[ Chuckles ] I know my way around a server. Nina, can I use your password to log in? We were just, uh, discussing the very delicate subject of our brother, cyrus, and what, if anything, to do about him. Well, I know he’s your family, so it’s not my place to say. But there’s nothing to be done about cyrus for now. All signs show he’s behaving. And, well, we all know it’s just a matter of time before he breaks the law again, and you and martin won’t have to make any decisions about him. The courts will make it for you. Yes, I’m afraid you’re right. So I guess it’s just a matter of time, then, isn’t it? Yeah. Well, you didn’t come here to listen to our family problems. What can I do for you? Ah, yeah, uh, I need you to look into something, but it has to be off the record. I’m aware of diane’s reputation, but she isn’t clarence darrow. You know what her nickname is? It’s “killer miller.” You know why? ‘Cause she goes for the jugular. Not only is she ridiculously prepared in court, she can improvise, so she can think on her feet. I guess you’re not overreacting. The hardest cases I’ve ever tried have been the ones against diane. We once had this case where she was representing a client who was accused of a felony, and I was representing the — the plaintiff. I was so on this case. I had two dozen depositions. I had vetted witnesses like crazy. It was an irrefutable case. It was a slam dunk. And you know what happened? Diane won. She was victorious. So you don’t think finn has a chance to win this? Look at this case. You have a loving family that lost a husband and a father to an arrogant doctor who was negligent. Wait. My son isn’t arrogant, and he certainly is not negligent. Okay, maybe “arrogant” is too strong of a word, but sometimes finn is not that personable. He comes off overly confident, and diane is going to convince a jury of that. So are you saying finn is doomed? Not yet. I’ve got to make a call. Keep her away. She wants to kill me. I don’T. It didn’t work the first time, so she’s back. Please. I don’t, sweetheart. It’s okay. I’m here. I’m here.You need to leave — now. You’re safe. No one’s going to hurt you.

[ Crying ] Anna, I was very clear. You’re not allowed anywhere near charlotte’s room. I needed to explain what happened. I just — I want her to know that I-I never meant to harm her. I didn’t want to. Yeah, well, you’ve done just the opposite. Csi said he had three valid pieces of id on him — one U.S., One canadian, and one from the united kingdom. What, were they aliases or are all the same name? All the same name, which makes it even more confusing. Yeah, especially because you can’t be a resident of three different countries. Csi’s on their way to his hotel room. He was staying at the metropolitan, registered under the canadian id. Alright, run his dna through codis and check his fingerprints, too, I guess. I’ll run it through every database we have. Yeah. Hey, chase, be sure to flag it for intelligence services, too. This isn’t charmin! The shooting was an accident. If you believe nothing else, you have to believe that. I am aware the shooting was an accident and that you would never want to hurt her, but for you to deliberately march into her room when you’ve been asked to stay away is unthinkable. Elizabeth, will you sit with charlotte for one second? Of course. What the hell are you doing? I’m just trying to undo the damage that you and your father caused. Dante: So what else can you tell me about the condition of the body? As I said, there were multiple traumatic injuries, but there was one thing that stood out. He had a significant bruise on the left heel. Is that unusual? Actually, yes, since it was starting to callus. So what does that tell you? It indicates it wasn’t a fresh bruise, and it certainly didn’t come from the impact of the vehicle striking him. I found that odd, so we looked into his left shoe, and we found this under the lining. Can you do me a favor and bag that? Thanks. And don’t mention this to anyone, if you don’t mind. Thank you. Hey, we got a hit. Fingerprints match up with the U.K. Id. Jameson forsyth. I really want to do this for curtis. Not only does he deserve to know who put him in a wheelchair, but I think it’ll be good stimulation for him to put his energy into an investigation. Now, I didn’t know him way back when he was a police detective, but I have a lot of respect for him as an investigator. But, well, beyond that, we’re very good friends. Yeah. Well, you went through some intense experiences in greenland. Did we ever. Victor cassadine was on the rampage, and, uh, curtis was pivotal in bringing him down. So you’re saying we have your blessing to pursue this? Yes, absolutely. I’m behind you 100%. Now, this could cut into my hours here. I may not be available for all of my deputy mayor duties. Is that alright? Yes, it’s absolutely alright. I am back home again. And besides that, it is vitally important to the people of port charles to find out who opened fire at the metro court pool. And this is my security id and password. Nina, I — I know you’re going out on a limb for me, and I want you to know that I appreciate it. Well, I trust you implicitly. You know that. And if this helps you, I’m happy to do it. I know why this is so important to you, curtis. And I want you to know that it’s important to me, as well. That means a lot. Yeah. So I hear the police don’t think that you were the intended target. Yeah, they definitely believe the bullet was intended for anna… …or sonny. Well, if someone tried to kill sonny, the man that I love, they could try again. And I want to do everything I can to make sure that doesn’t happen. I knew you were a coffee dealer, but are you moonlighting as an accountant?

[ Chuckling ] No. No, I just want to help you. So I came here to get permission to audit your accounts ’cause I want to know exactly how much gladys stole from you. I don’t see the point. The money is gone. And so is gladys, thanks to you. I never really got a chance to acknowledge what you did, getting gladys out of town. Thank you. No thanks necessary. Well, you could have sent her to prison, but you didn’t, and I am grateful for that. Despite all the awful things she did to me, she was brando’s mother and liam’s grandmother, and you were merciful in sending her back to connecticut. Now you don’t — you don’t have to see her. You don’t have to even think about her. I can move forward, focus on the future. You deserve more than that. You deserve to get your money back.

When moderate

to severe ulcerative colitis martin, this is gregory chase, a former professor who is now a journalist at the invader. Ah. Nice to meet you, mr. Grey. A pleasure, I’m sure. So you were over at pcu? Yes, and before that, I was at berkeley. Hamilton finn is also gregory’s son, and he’s in need of representation. Ah. And while I have not had the privilege of going up against you in the courtroom, you have a very impressive record. I understand you were quite the attorney, ms. Davis. Thank you. I’m also very impressed that valentin cassadine has you on retainer. Wow, somebody has done her homework, but I’m not sure how that’s relevant. Yeah, I don’t understand, either. What does that have to do with finn’s case? Finn is in need of a lawyer who has experienced defending a client that may come off somewhat indelicate. Wait, wait. You’re putting finn in the same category as valentin? You’re related to him, and even you admit he’s done some reprehensible things. And how does disparaging one of my clients start a conversation? Both of you gentlemen are highly intelligent, but you’re missing the point. If martin can make someone like valentin cassadine come off as sympathetic, he should be able to do the same thing for finn. I really appreciate your help, and I will do my best to keep things under the radar, but what do I do when your staff starts asking questions about why I’m hanging around so much? Oh, I don’t think they’re going to — they’re not going to say anything. And even if they do, I’ll just tell them that you’re helping me with a special project, which happens to be true. You’re giving me feedback on the handicap-accessible areas and telling me where I can make improvements. You’re good. You’re good. Maybe you should be a part of this investigation. I think I already am, because this has so much to do with you, but it also has a lot to do with sonny, and I will do anything that I have to do to keep him safe. You’re fierce about protecting your man. Well, my husband. Excuse me. Mrs. Corinthos. Yes. You know, curtis, I’m happier than I have ever been in my entire life. I am married to the man of my dreams, and I’m closer to willow and my grandchildren. And I’m scared to death. Scared? Scared of what? It seems like you have everything. I do. And that means that I have a lot more to lose. Gladys was my dad’s cousin, so I feel responsible for what happened. None of this was your fault, sonny. Gladys lied to you, as well. Yeah, but I pretty much knew that she was not a good person from the start. All she wanted was a quick buck. I should’ve sent her back to bridgeport, but because she was family, I couldn’t see what was right in front of me. I gave her the benefit of the doubt when she didn’t deserve it. That was on me. Please, sonny, don’t beat yourself up over this. Sasha, I should’ve never allowed gladys to be your guardian. That was my mistake. Compounded by the fact that I didn’t keep an eye on her to make sure she did the right thing. That’s on me. Okay? And I want to pay you back for that. So here’s what I want to do for you, okay? I want to reimburse… …every dime that you lost. Why was anna allowed in here? She came to hurt me. I promise you, she won’t be back. Don’t you think you’ve kept enough from me and charlotte? Your actions caused this whole mess. My actions? Yes. She needs to know the truth — that victor lied to her, that he planted seeds in her head that I’m dangerous and I want to hurt her. I just was trying to explain. Okay, let’s get some things straight. My daughter is convinced that you tried to kill her intentionally. You think you can explain that to a child,

my child, in her hospital bed? Now, I don’t know how many years of therapy she has ahead of her to come to terms with all this, but if you really want to help, stay away. My god. You blame me for this? No. I blame myself.

[ Cellphone rings ] Yeah? Hi, dante. Hey, uh, where are you? I’m at G.H. Why? Can you meet me at the morgue? There’s something here I think you got to see. My while I appreciate the suggestion, it’s not my place to hire a lawyer for my son. Okay, well, I don’t want to rush you, but you know what diane is doing right now? She’s preparing a case against your son. So the sooner you put a lawyer on retainer, the better. I guess you’re right. I did want to give finn an option, so… would you be interested, mr. Grey? Oh, you’re going to have to forgive me. That’s a little too “cart before the horse” for my taste. Normally, I like a little information about a case before I sign on anything. It’s a malpractice suit. My son is an infectious disease specialist. A patient named mr. Muldoon came to see him, concerned that he might’ve contracted something in his travels. Apparently, his work sends him out to remote locations. He thought he might’ve picked up a parasite. My son ran some tests and confirmed that he had a tapeworm. Relatively easy fix. Then about two months later, mr. Muldoon came back, and that was when finn discovered that he had stage iv cancer. So your son missed something important, and now a man is dead as a result? No. Absolutely not. And I take offense that you just assume my son made a mistake. He is not responsible for that man’s death. Is this how dr. Finn reacts when somebody questions his expertise? Oh, worse. Much worse. There are a lot of files to go through. This has been an ongoing investigation. Have you and curtis figured out where you want to begin? I think it’s best to start with a clean slate. It’s not that I won’t consider the information the police have compiled, but this case needs fresh eyes. Okay. Hopefully, you and curtis will be able to find something that other people have overlooked. Well, the first thing I need to do is request the evidence the pcpd has gathered. Now, I don’t anticipate any roadblocks, but should I hit some red tape…? You won’t have any red tape. The mayor’s office will be backing you completely. Thank you. I knew I could count on you, and this is exactly what curtis needs. I admire you looking out for sonny, but I assure you, sonny can take care of himself. That man is a survivor. I’ve heard he’s been a target for decades, and yet he’s still standing, so I don’t think there’s a reason to think that’s going to change. Yeah, I guess you’re right. You’re right. I should stop worrying so much, right, because it really takes me away from enjoying the here and now. Exactly. You know, when I was in rehab, aunt stella came to visit me, and she told me, “curtis, stop focusing on the negative.” You know, take advantage of — of the good moments right in front of me now. Were you able to do that? Oh, well, it took a while for it to sink in, but, yeah, yeah, I got it eventually. Yeah, things are really good for me right now. Just don’t want it to change, curtis. I want to keep my family. I don’t want anyone to take that away. Why do I think we’re not talking about protecting sonny anymore? Something’s bothering you. What is it? Hi. Oh, hey. Thanks for coming. Sure. Got a dead body? Yeah. A jogger found a body by the side of the road this morning. Multiple injuries. Looks like a hit-and-run. Csi combed the scene and couldn’t find any evidence that the driver of the vehicle tried to avoid hitting the deceased. And the injuries are consistent with a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed. Mm, murder. Looking that way. What does that have to do with me? This guy had on him three ids from three different countries. Oh. Were they legit? Yeah. I was thinking maybe, uh… you work for the wsb. I know it’s a long shot, but maybe you want to take a look and see if you recognize him? My dry eye’s made me

vicks vapocool drops.

Vaporize sore throat pain. You see, mr. Chase, while I completely respect your need to protect your son, you’ve got to understand what goes into a malpractice suit. When dealing with accusations of a wrongful death, often, the facts of the case are far less important than how the jury feels about the plaintiff versus how they feel about the defendant. I’ve been teaching for decades, and I always make sure my students are presented all the facts before I ask them to offer an opinion. Yeah, with all due respect, I’m here to tell you there are times when perception is reality. Especially in a courtroom. See, a jury’s not going to see a doctor who was doing his job to the best of his ability. They’re going to see a grieving widow. And if this man had young children… he did. …Well, that could be the nail in finn’s coffin. If he overreacts, he gets defensive on that stand, insisting he did nothing wrong, he’s going to lose.

[ Sighs ] But if finn admits that he may have overlooked signs of cancer, which he didn’t, he’s going to lose anyway. His hands are tied. So what are you suggesting we do? The best approach is to present your son as an exceptional doctor. Did everything he could to save his patient by the book. A talented, dedicated physician who’s already saved many lives, who has the potential to save countless more. You’ve got to make the jury see that finding him liable will do far more harm than good. If I were trying this case, that’s the angle I would go with. Thank you, alexis. I think we’ve found a lawyer for finn. It’s not that I don’t appreciate the gesture, sonny. I really do. But I cannot let you do this. Yeah, you can. All you have to do is accept the offer and move on. I’m really touched that you would do this for me, but, honestly, I don’t need the money back. If this ordeal has taught me anything, it’s that I’m resilient. I’m stronger than anyone thought, including myself. And I’m excited for the challenge of continuing to be deception’s spokesmodel. I believe you can do it. I really do. And I’m happy for you. I’m drug-free, and I am enjoying myself for the first time in ages. I really feel like this was a — there was a weird silver lining in all this because now I see every day as a gift. I look at myself in the mirror, and I see a survivor who can stand on her own. You are. But, you know, I feel like I just still owe you, and I’m somebody who likes to pay off his debts. Sonny, this isn’t your debt. You know what? I have an idea. Yeah. Take the money and give it to a charity, something that supports mental health, make the donation in brando and liam’s name, and we can call it even. What do you say? Deal.

[ Chuckles ] It’s nothing, really.

[ Chuckles ] It’s just — it’s just [Sighs] A little tension within the family. I thought things were solid between you and sonny. No, it doesn’t have anything to do with sonny. It’s michael. You know, we’ve never gotten along. We’re making an effort now for the sake of willow and the children, but we’ve definitely hit a rough patch. I see michael at the gym from time to time. Don’t want to get in your business, but I could talk to him and try to smooth things over. No, tha– thank you, cur– no. That’s okay. I mean, I know you mean well, but I need to handle this on our own. We’re managing to coexist, and I think if I bring you in, it’ll just add to the friction. Okay. You know what? I know my friend. And I know when you’re not telling me everything. That’s okay. I won’t push, because you have done me a huge favor here today. I just want you to know that if you need help with michael or anything, I’m here. No questions asked. Thank you. And if I need extra love and support, you will be the first person that I call. I wish you could’ve seen curtis’ face when he told me about the investigation. It was the first time since the shooting that he was not only alert and engaged, but enthusiastic. He had his old drive back. There was a light in his eyes again. Mm. I’m really glad to hear that. I went to visit him just a few days ago. It was really hard to see him in that wheelchair… hm. …But I think he was happy that I came over. I can’t begin to understand what he’s going through, or know what it’s like to face life with such a daunting disability, but to see him focus on what he can do instead of what he can’T… …was incredible. He’s really lucky to have somebody like you helping him. But this was his idea, and that’s what makes this investigation so important. Curtis is taking action. Well, both of you have my full support. I appreciate it. Especially since you have so much on your plate. I am so sorry. I’ll make sure the staff knows that charlotte’s visitors are restricted, and anna is not allowed. No, you don’t have to apologize. This is on anna. This is on no one else. What was she thinking? I’m starting to believe that anna doesn’t like anyone thinking that she’s wrong. Hey. I am going to stay with you for the rest of the day to make sure that you feel safe, okay? I’m still afraid of anna. What if she tries to hurt me again? Hey, you and I have some things to talk about, but they can wait until you feel stronger. Just know this. You’re in no danger from anna devane. I know you believe that, but you’re wrong, papa. You’re wrong. Was one of the ids jameson forsyth? Yeah. Yeah, it was actually. You know him? That’s his name. I mean, at least it was when we worked back in the wsb. Haven’t seen him for… 30 years or something, more. So what’s the deal? Were you working a case? Yeah. That was the op, the one that went bad. That’s the guy that I found all the evidence on, you know, the paperwork and the files that showed that there was some really shady stuff that went on back then. The evidence that went missing the night charlotte was shot. Right. Do you think this guy got into your apartment? He must have. And forsyth wanted to destroy the files. Question is, who killed him and where is that evidence now?

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GH Transcript Friday, November 10, 2023

General Hospital Transcript


GH logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne


[ Ned vocalizing ]

If I can I just have to dive in I just have to dive in and believe

Brook Lynn: Okay, Ma. Spill. What did Tracy mean about you leaving?

Lois: Honey [ Scoffs ] Well, you know me. I’m not one to overstay my welcome.  Not that there’s much of a welcome with Tracy.  Of course, she is gone.

Brook Lynn: You’re going, too?

Lois: Honey, the only reason I came here was because of that awful tabloid story about you. But look at you now. You’re fine. You’re more than fine. And, you know, I thought I would get out of your hair.  My work here is done.

Brook Lynn: Your work here is never done, and I kind of like having you in my hair.

Lois: Brookie, my love. Hey. Always and forever I will be here for you. If you need me, I will drop everything for you. So you just say the word, sweetheart, and I will stay exactly where I am.

(Part missing here; we will put it up 11/20)

Eddie?! Can you hear me?!

[ Water splashing ] Oh, god. Eddie! Is that you?! Oh, god. Oh, god, what do I do?

[ Breathing heavily ] Oh, god, please let him be okay.

[ Breathing heavily ] It’s weird to hear you say I’m “fine.” It’s even weirder to realize I actually am. For once, I’m not in any crisis. Hear, hear. But that doesn’t mean I need you any less. Look, ma, it’s been amazing having you here — and a little bit strange while dad is going through this whole “eddie maine” thing.

[ Chuckling ] Strange for you? Growing up, I used to hear all these stories about eddie maine — the rock star, you know, the rebel. But I never saw it for myself until he performed at the savoy. It was like a childhood fairy tale was coming to life. Aww. Eddie maine was — and is — a huge part of your father’s life. And a huge part of my life. I fell for him hard — and he fell for me. Until I discovered that he was actually somebody else. What do you mean, it was your fault? Mac told me that anna, my friend, came home to find someone in her apartment. The lights were off, and the intruder seemed to have a weapon. Anna thought she was in danger, so she fired. And it turned out to be a 15-year-old girl. Oh, good lord. What was she doing at anna’s? We don’t know, but right now she’s in the hospital fighting for her life. Oh, dear. I still don’t see why you think you’re responsible. It was my idea that anna move in to my daughter’s old apartment. If I had just had her stay with us, none of this would have happened. Oh, felicia, you don’t know that. Maxie: Our spring line is all about renewal — updated colors, a softer palette, a whisper of nature. I mean, imagine sasha in this eden with a sweet baby animal by her side. The garden is ready, but where is the baby animal? Oh, it’ll be here. I-I promise. Unfortunately, the lamb I booked got laryngitis, but I called in a favor for a backup. In the meantime, why don’t you shoot sasha getting her groove on in this beautiful garden? I suppose we must. Come, sasha. Are you ready? So, apparently anna mistook charlotte for an intruder in her apartment. How is this even possible? I don’t have all the details yet. But I do know that anna is not reckless, so I guess she must have felt that there was a genuine threat there. Why was charlotte even in anna’s apartment in the first place? Honey, we just don’t know yet. We don’t know. When I left the hospital this morning, she had come out of surgery, but she hasn’t woken up yet. But she will? Yes. She is supposed to make a full recovery. Okay. Alright. Yeah. Thank god. Yes. Anyway, I’m gonna go back over to the hospital later and visit her. But, um… I don’t know. I just wanted you to hear it from me in person. Uh… actually, there’s something else that I need to talk to you about. And it is important. Papa? Nina. Yeah. You’re both here. Together. I wanted to be here when you woke up. How you feeling? My stomach hurts, and [Gulps] My mouth is dry. Oh, there’s, um — here. Here’s some ice chips. Just eat them slowly, okay?

[ Monitor beeping ] Charlotte, what happened? Do you remember? I think so. It was halloween. We were trick-or-treating, and then anna… anna shot me. Thank you for allowing me to stay here last night. I’m very grateful. Um, but I can’t hide out here forever, you know? I have to face valentin, and I — and I have to get him to understand. Anna, I know you want to confront things, but this may not be the right time. Valentin and I — you know, we’re different people, but we’re both fathers. I don’t think I would be ready, if it was me, to accept your explanations at this point.

[ Knock on door ] Dante. Hey. Good. Anna, you’re here. Come on in. You here to arrest me? Ned:

If I can

I just have to dive in

I just have to dive in

I just have to dive in I cannot believe you jumped out of a cake. Yeah, well, katherine bell nearly jumped out of her skin. Surprise!

[ Laughs ] That’s got to be the best revenge. Top 10. Well, I figured they both deserved a swift kick in the pants.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, but still, I’m — I’m sorry you had to go through all that. Oh, boo hoo. That’s in the rearview mirror. I like to drive towards the future. You’re amazing. Oh, honey. I like to drive down the road, never know where it’s gonna take me, you know? Lots of funny places. Like here, for example. And what did I get? My beautiful, feisty, talented daughter, who’s keeping the musical flame alive. See? It all comes full circle. Living the dream. At least trying to. Well, that’s all we can do. Except your dream happens to have a road full of a lot of potholes, so you just got to make sure that those potholes don’t kick you off course. Felicia, let’s just get one thing straight. No crystal ball in the world could have predicted that girl being at anna’s apartment. Well, you’re right, but, recently, someone burned down anna’s house. She’s been stalked and threatened, and I should have seen the danger signs. How? What happened at anna’s place was a crime. But your heart was in the right place, offering her a fresh start. I just wanted to keep her safe.

[ Voice breaking ] I never imagined this. Felicia, felicia, you — you’ve been a good friend to anna. The real culprit is out there. And let’s just pray that they’re soon behind bars. Grandmother, if this is about my father… don’t bother.

[ Sighs ] I realize that you want to give him the benefit of the doubt, but he’s been absent from my life for too long and now he’s done the same thing to ace and I just don’t have it in me anymore. I don’t have it in me to forgive him. You’re not gonna do yourself any good by feeding this anger, of course. I know, I know, which is why I’m channeling all of that energy into taking care of ace — because i can be there for him and I can make sure that he feels safe and secure. And he doesn’t need a father because he…has me. I am so sorry to interrupt. Kevin told me that you were both here. I have news that can’t wait. Hey. It’s okay. It’s okay. I didn’t know anna would shoot me. It was an accident, charlotte. A terrible, terrible accident. She — she thought that you were an intruder. She didn’t know it was you. Is that what she said? I saw her this morning, and she feels terrible. She’s so worried about you. She thought that someone was breaking in, and she — she fired in self-defense. What did anna tell you, papa? There’s no warrant out for your arrest. Look, anna, I’m here as a friend and to let you know about some stuff from the pcpd. Don’t compromise yourself for me. It’s nothing that would compromise myself. It’s the contents of charlotte’s backpack. But before we get into that, I wanted to know — how do you think she got into your apartment? I don’t know. Do you think there’s a chance that maybe you didn’t lock your door? What do you think? Given everything that I’ve been through the past few months? Anna, I don’t know. I’m trying to help you. Maybe you didn’t lock your door. No, I’m just saying — I locked the door. That’s what tipped me off that there was an intruder. Because when I got back from seeing robert, the door was unlocked. And I thought that maybe this person that had been terrorizing me was inside. And that’s why I pulled my gun. And made the worst mistake of my life.

Dupixent helps you du more

with less asthma. Alright, sasha, ready to return to eden? Relax and make friends with the camera. We are here to capture the essence of you, eh? But no pressure. Okay.

[ Speaking spanish ]

Muy hermosa, que linda.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Camera shutter clicking ] Uh-huh. Very nice. But what is with your shoulders? Loosen those bones. We are in paradise. What’s there to worry about?

[ Camera shutter clicking ] Beautiful. Flow. Yes! Now you are with us.

[ Chuckles ] Anybody order a baby alpaca?

[ Camera shutter clicking ] Esme, uh — I think I found the perfect place. It’s on the ground floor. I mean, it’s right by a park. Wait, what? It’s a tad pricey, but it’s so safe. And if you’re still willing to chip in, and with my earnings from the invader, I think it’s the perfect place for me and ace. I have an appointment in 45 minutes. Cancel it. You’re not taking ace anywhere. Charlotte, I haven’t spoken to anna. I haven’t left you. I’ve been too worried. Okay, papa. I know that you left jake and the others on halloween night. And I know you changed your halloween costume. Why did you do that? Why did you go to anna’s? How did you get into her apartment? Voicemail. That’s all you can do for now. I’m worried about mac. He may be the one who has to arrest anna. And my brother-in-law, robert — will he be the one who has to prosecute her or recuse himself from the case? It’s all a big mess right now.

[ Sighs ] You need a breather. Why don’t you take tomorrow off? No, no dice, stella. If I don’t stay busy, I’m gonna spend the entire day worrying about anna. You’re right. Drink your tea. One of the items found in charlotte’s backpack was — was a key with a — with a keychain in the shape of a shoe. Does that ring any bells? It sounds like the one maxie gave me for her apartment. Did you lose it? Must have. Yeah, I did. Um, I didn’t know that I had until I was taking some things to the apartment and I realized it was gone. And so the super gave me a duplicate. When is the last time you had the key? Um… I think I showed it to valentin. Charlotte was there at his house. What? Okay, now you’re confusing me, ma. I feel like I’m getting mixed messages. No, no, not at all. All I’m saying is, the music business is… it’s like the roller derby, right? There’s a sweet jackpot, but it’s ruthless. I mean, you think that you’re ahead, and then all of a sudden, here comes mary choppins on the left. She’s got an elbow jab. Boom! Mary choppins? You know my motto. No fight, no win. There you go. So, are you and blaze ready to go into battle? I feel like we are. I mean, with blaze’s chops and my songs, I feel like — like this is my chance, you know, to — to really build something from the ground up. Yes. And that is a long way to go. And there is a much easier life. Your granny’s gift of deception. Ned: Ahh

if I can

I just have to dive in

I just have to dive in

and believe my late father-in-law lit up a room, but his vision dihting! I need morning! Okay. Alright. I just texted brook lynn, thanking her for borrowing the alpaca. Could you go get him, cody? We need him for the next setup. Look away, “sash-**.”

[ Camera shutter clicking ] Just like that, “sash-**.” Cody? Perfect! Breathe in the air. This is eden. Spencer, I’m gonna go look at that apartment. Unless you’ve changed your mind about helping me with the rent.

[ Stammers ] Grandmother…

[ Sighs ] No, honey, I haven’t changed my mind. I’m looking forward to seeing it. What? What? Just a minute. And after I’ve seen it, if we think it’s a safe place, I will co-sign the lease. Esme, we’ve been through this, okay? You’ve thought about moving out before, and I think that you came to your own realization that ace was better off where he is. He’s happy, he’s in a safe home, and he’s surrounded by family. Spencer, a lot has changed since then. I am more confident as a mother now, and ace and i are ready to be on our own. How do you know what ace is ready for? Spencer, I am his mother. My job is to make decisions for him. I have to go. I have an appointment. No. How could you do this? Charlotte, what were you hoping to find at anna’s? You know, valentin, charlotte — she just woke up. She’s — she’s doing great. She — she just needs to rest, okay? So maybe our questions can wait and she can focus on getting better. It’s okay, nina. I want to tell you what happened. Papa needs to know. Sonny: It’s pretty obvious charlotte used that key to get into your apartment. I’m just trying to figure out how she got it, you know? I mean, did she find it? Did she take it? Why would she take it? That doesn’t make any sense. Well, maybe the other items from her backpack could shed some light. What items? Spray paint. Same brand, same color that was used to write “murderer” on your front door. Thank you for taking the time to sit with me, stella. I know there are a lot of people that count on you. How is curtis doing? Curtis is a fighter. But every time I look at him, I see the pain behind his eyes. He had such a zest for life — running, boxing, dancing. Like the sisters said, “he was the greatest dancer.” Not anymore. I’m sorry, stella. Is that why you’re staying in port charles and not going to london to be with your cousin? Yes… and no. Was that a subtle “don’t quit your day job” jab, that you don’t think that I have what it takes to take blaze over the top?

[ Chuckles ]

Au contraire, honey bear. No. The song that you and chase played for me has the perfect hook. I just want to make sure that you understand what you’re setting yourself up for. What happened to “do what you love and the money will come”? Of course it will come, but it is a 24/7 job, no weekends, no holidays. Or you can have an easier life — deception. Too many bad memories and lost friendships. Why not just take the company back and just hand it over to your friends? I mean, that would really spite tracy. Not that you and I would ever do anything purely for spite. Who, us?

[ Both chuckle ] So, what do you say, brookie, hmm? Want to stick it to granny?

[ Woman vocalizing ] Brook lynn: Don’t you recognize us, daddy? Ned: I am not your daddy. My name is eddie maine. That’s all I know. You are ned quartermaine. I’m not ned. Stubborn as ever. Classic quartermaine. Olivia: Remember us. Remember who you used to be. Nothing is going to change me into someone that I’m not. Olivia: There are people who still need you. Your mother and your daughter and our son. Ned quartermaine isn’t just a name. You are my husband, and we need you back. My beautiful wife. I am holding on to you, and I’ll be damned if I ever let go. Ned:

The siren waits for me eddie!

[ Gasping ] Eddie!

[ Inhales sharply ]

She whispers so silently ultomiris is for adults with generalized myasthenia gravis there’s a lot of red spray paint in the world. Just because charlotte had the same brand, the same color doesn’t prove anything. I mean, it was halloween. So, you know, kids are tagging everything at that point, right? Graffiti? Yeah. Well, that would explain the other costume she had in her backpack, but — what — what if it’s worse than that? Because I’ve identified, I think, the person that’s been targeting me, and he’s from my early years at the wsb. And this individual is ruthless enough to co-opt a child. Anna, hold on — and what if he is using charlotte to get to me? If that is the case, then — I-I have to talk to valentin. Whoa — what, are we just gonna let her go? I switched my costume because I didn’t think papa would like me going as one of my tarot card characters.

[ Sniffles ] He doesn’t like when I do the cards. I never said that. I can tell. Whenever I ask to do a reading on you, you say no. Charlotte, you still haven’t said why you went to anna’S. I found her key. She showed it to us. It must have fallen out of her purse. I just wanted to give it back. I knocked on the door, and no one answered, so I let myself in. I was gonna leave a note, but… that’s when she came in and shot me. Okay. That’s enough. Charlotte needs to rest. I only wanted to help, papa. Are you angry with me? No. No, no. I love you. I will always love you no matter what. Papa, please. I only wanted to help. Shh. Nina’s right. You need to rest.

[ Monitor beeping ]

[ Door opens ] She’s lying. About everything. She’s awake. She is alive. All this other stuff, it can wait. You’re right. That’s all that matters. Thank you for being here for charlotte. I’m just a phone call away. I’ll be back tomorrow. Cody, what are you doing here? Hello? Who is this little guy? Meet ferdinand, named after my favorite bull. But don’t — don’t tell salvadore. I don’t want him to know. Okay. He might throw him in a ring or something. I promise. Hey, sweetie. He is so cute! Yeah, he’s super gentle. Hi! Look at his eyelashes. Yeah, he does not need any makeup. Hey, bud. Right, buddy? Hey, buddy. Aww.

[ Chuckling ] Stay just like that.

[ Camera shutter clicking ] Perfection. No, no. Salvadore, wait. We need to get the alpaca wrangler out of the shot. Are you mad? This is what makes this shot authentic!

[ Camera shutter clicking ] Felicia: Well, that’s not fair. What’s the “yes” and what’s the “no”? Really, felicia, it’s nothing. Nothing. Come on. I’ve been pouring my heart out to you. You said that part of our job was to listen. So consider this training and let me listen to you. You playing my own card against me? Uh-huh.

[ Laughs ]

[ Sighs ] Alright. While I was in london visiting my cousin wanda, I met someone special. What? Who? George. Charming, sharp, and oh so very british. Proper in every way. Oh, that’s very exciting.

[ Laughs ] Was he a friend of wanda’s? No, no, he was a regular at our favorite italian spot. And I noticed he was looking at me, and he was a bit of alright. Anyway, we exchanged glances. And then one day I went to pay the bill, and they said, “the gentleman who just left took care of it.” Can you imagine?

[ Chuckles ] So I went right out, and there he was, looking at me, waiting. What happened? What didn’t happen? He became my tour guide. We roamed the city together. Galleries, gardens, you name it. It was like something out of a movie. Magical. You fell head over heels, didn’t you? Oh, felicia. More than I could have ever imagined. But…? George proposed. You turned him down. I did. Why? Because accepting would have been — would have meant london for life. And as much as I love george, my family, my heart, my essence, they’re — they’re all right here. That was maxie. They borrowed the alpaca for a photo shoot. Ferdie is such a cute alpaca. Look, ma, I know you’re just looking out for me, and so is chase, but I — whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. You never said that chase was on the same page that I was. Yeah. He had the same idea that I should just walk into deception like a trojan horse. Oh! I knew that guy was a keeper. There’s a catch, ma. Tracy! She’s not stupid. She did exactly as I predicted. She made herself president of the board and made it impossible to vote her out. Tracy is not all that, okay? Please. With your smarts and a little bit of cunning, you can make things right for your friends. I don’t know. My love, come here. The best way to get rid of the queen is from inside the castle, not from outside the gates. So you take the job… and you let destiny do its work. And always make sure that you get a fresh manicure every week, okay? Except on thursdays. You know thursdays are bad luck.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Woman vocalizing ] My husband and I have never been more [ Monitor beeping ] Anna’s whistling in the wind. It does not make any sense to me that a wsb agent tells charlotte to go to her apartment with a backpack full of spray paint. I don’t know what to think. I mean, when charlotte was staying with us, you know, yeah, she was quiet and reserved, but she was polite and gracious. I mean, did she fit in 100% with the kids? Not really. But she hung out with rocco a lot. I mean, she went out of her way to hang out with danny and scout. Okay, so? She’s had a complicated life, right? I mean, she wasn’t always an angel. Is charlotte capable of targeting anna? I don’t know. But the evidence is pointing that way. But like you said, it’s a far-fetched idea to think that there’s some mysterious person from anna’s past that’s secretly pulling the strings, right? Why are you trying to help esme take ace away from me? She is not taking ace away from you. She’s not. She is — she’s creating a home for herself and for her son. But esme can’t take care of ace alone. He needs me. Yes, I think he does need you, and he always will —

always — as — as his big brother, not as a substitute father. Ace doesn’t have a father. I know, and that is really unfortunate. But you and esme are not a couple, right? And you’re not ready to commit yourself to esme. So what’s best for ace is that they make this change now, before he’s old enough to remember that things used to be different. You’re wrong. Ace needs to stay with me.

[ Sighs ]

[ Camera shutter clicking ] Salvadore: A raw, rugged man. An ethereal vision and a baby alpaca with trust in its eyes.

Una visión de fertilidad. Okay — a glimpse of paradise reborn, before the serpent, before temptation’s bite.

[ Stammers ] Salvadore, cody is not a model. Neither is the alpaca. It’s an alpaca, and he’s a man.

[ Camera shutter clicking ] Did you not hire salvadore to be salvadore? This. This is what they’ll be talking about. Salvadore’s vision of spring! Cody, uh, you good? Yeah, sure. Why not? Enough of this talk. You, “sash-**,” whisper to the alpaca. Be its mother. You are teaching the alpaca life. And you, wrangler, never take your eyes off her. Yeah. Not a problem.

[ Camera shutter clicking ] This is perfect. Luke was always one of the good ones. Yeah. And bobbie’s got it rough, having to go through this with tracy. ‘Cause tracy’s a snake. I mean, she’s a smart snake, but, mm… I sort of feel bad talking about how to get tracy out of deception when she’s, you know, going through something so personal. It feels wrong. Oh, no, no, no, no, no. Please. Tracy will be the first one to say it. Family is one thing. Business is another. And with business, you got to be tough as nails. I guess you’re right. And like you said, tracy is a snake. Mm-hmm. So, how do we de-fang her? Hmm. Well, that is the million-dollar question, isn’t it? I guess I have to stick around a little longer and help you figure it out. Works for me.

[ Laughs ] Besides, I’ve always had a thing for snakeskin boots.

[ Both laugh ] Ned:

I just have to dive in

[ Woman vocalizing ]

I just have to dive in if I can I just have to dive in I just have to dive in <

On the next “General Hospital” —

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GH Short Recap Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Diane tells Finn she can’t represent him in his lawsuit because the Muldoons have been her clients for a long time. Finn later talks to his dad about his malpractice lawsuit.

Curtis and Jordan decide to team up to figure out who shot him.

Sasha decides that she will work with Cody as the male face of Deception because it is good for the company.

Charlotte admits to Nina that she vandalized Anna’s house and her hotel room. Charlotte tells Nina she didn’t burn down Anna’s house. Valentin shows Anna the letter Victor wrote to Charlotte and Anna understands that Victor programmed Charlotte. Anna breaks up with Valentin because Charlotte will never forgive her for the shooting. Anna also thinks that every time she looks at him she will remember that she shot Charlotte.

Sonny warns Cyrus to leave his family alone. He tells Cyrus that Sasha, Carly, and Ava are also included in his family. Sonny tells Cyrus not to show up at Laura’s apartment or at City Hall uninvited. He tells Cyrus he will be watching him. If he crosses the line, he will put an end to him.

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GH Transcript Monday, November 21, 2023

General Hospital Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


alright, maxie, blowing up my phone. What do you need? Want ferdinand for another shoot or something? No, I need you. Look at these. Feast your eyes. Aren’t they gorgeous? Yeah, gorgeous. Diane, thank you so much for meeting me. I — but I — I know, I know, you’re juggling a lot of clients, and I just want to tell you how grateful I am that you even considered taking my case. Dr. Finn, we have to have a little chat. I brought everything that pertains to — I can’T. Nope, nope. Don’t want to see it. Can’t see it. Well, no, I really think these notes are crucial to my defense. I’m sure they are. I’m sure they are. But I guess I’ll just cut to the chase. I — I cannot possibly represent you. Jordan, thank you for coming by. Won’t you come in? Of course. What’s going on? Are you, um, thirsty? Curtis, I’m pretty sure you didn’t invite me over here for a tea party, so tell me, why am I here? Because you’re the only one who can understand what I discovered. Drew: Spying on your employees? What was that for? Just celebrating. Thanks for coming. Of course. Sit down. Please. Ordered you a drink. I’m fine. Are you? Just trying to find my footing, you know? How’s charlotte? She’s healing. Getting stronger every day. Hoping to have her home by thanksgiving. Thank god. Anna, I now know why she was targeting you.

[ Monitor beeping ] Nina. Hi, sweetheart. What’s that? Oh, it’s just a little something for a very special lady. You didn’t have to do that, nina. You being here is gift enough. No, it’s nothing. It’s just an excuse to see you, really. I hope you like it. Riding gloves. Yeah. They’re so soft. Thank you. I love them. Well, we’ll go riding again when you’re back on your feet. It feels like it’s been a lifetime since our last adventure. I would love that. You’re always so good to me. So me people are just nicebecause of papa, but you, I feel like you really care about me, just me being me. By “some people,” charlotte, do you mean anna? How the mighty have fallen. Tell me about this celebration. Does it have anything to do with you buying back your half of the metro court?

[ Chuckles ] Um, no. I mean, as tempting as it was, I couldn’t do it. I turned down her offer. Ah. So you decided to come to your restaurant, do a little people watching? I was just appreciating what I have. I went to the metro court today to turn down nina’s offer, and when I stepped off the elevator, I just — I had déj vu. And then I found myself staring into the dining area and I was watching the activity of the day and then I saw nina. Okay. It’s hard. You know, it’s hard watching her stand there where I used to stand, acting like she owned the place. And I know she does… …but

it’s hard watching herlive the life I used to live. Including your life with sonny as his wife? No. No, I-I don’t regret the divorce at all, and I want sonny to be happy, but watching nina enjoy the things that used to be mine? Ugh, god. And I know, I know this must sound awful to you. Doesn’t sound awful. It doesn’T. Carly, you sound human. Here. Read this. It explains everything. It’s from victor? What’s he doing writing to charlotte? It’s all in there. “It is with a heavy heart that I must write to you and share my concern about our family’s future. Anna has completely manipulated your father. She’s taken advantage of his infatuation with her. God knows her charms escaped me, but she’s used them to control your father. Her extensive training in espionage has afforded her the ability to mask who she really is. I tell you this. Anna devane is not who she seems. Do not trust her, not for a minute.” Anna always put on this act, pretending to be nice, but it was just a way to get closer to papa.

[ Sighs ] Charlotte, your grandmother, laura, told your papa and me that victor warned you about anna, that he said that she was dangerous? Because she is. Even though papa’s smart about everything else, she tricked him, and he can’t tell that she’s using him. Mr. Corinthos, I am sorry to disappoint you, but we don’t open till 5:00. That’s alright. I already ate lunch. You can go ahead and keep working while we talk. Oh, are we going to talk? I’m going to talk. You’re going to listen. Alright. You think you’re so slick. Father theresa? Mr. Clean? Doesn’t matter what part you play. We both know who you are. Get used to that mop, ’cause that’s the last job you’re going to have in port charles. And I’m going to make sure that. Well, then, I guess I better get back to it. Yeah, stay focused, cyrus, ’cause if I get a glimpse of your old crew or I hear a whisper that you’re back to your old tricks, I will shut you down… …permanently. So, tell me, what’s this new discovery? Meditation. Ah. You know, tj’s been telling me to try that. Well, it’s a great way to quiet the noise in your head and to slow down your thoughts and to just be still. Hm. That sounds profound. Oh, you’d be surprised at what comes from stillness. I had a sense memory of a case we worked on in baltimore. I don’t really remember the details, only how it felt. Following a lead, putting the clues together, connecting the dots, that spark when the answer comes, you know? Why the sudden reluctance? Hamilton, it’s very complicated. And trust me, under any other circumstances, I would be all in to represent you, especially since I don’t want to disappoint alexis. Then what’s holding you back? When alexis called me this morning, I was running around. I didn’t quite understand all of the details. And after she and I hung up, I got a call from the muldoons. The muldoons? Yes. The family that is suing you. Every shot is a masterpiece. I can’t stop thinking about our next deception campaign. Salvadore’s people are already on board. You’re sure about him? Uh, yeah. He can’t stop talking about how much camera chemistry you and sasha have. Listen, maxie, uh, I — I just — picture this, our next deception campaign. Think sophistication meets untamed allure. Untamed allure? Yeah. You in a tux but with a twist. Shirt slightly undone, showcasing rugged charm. Then there’s sasha opposite you, looking exquisite in a radiant ballgown. Think cowboy meets elegance. I can see it now. Stark desert landscape. The sunset’s painting the sky. Well, at least it’ll be a short shoot. Yeah, we’ll spend the whole day setting up for that moment. Listen, uh, good luck. I’m sure it’s going to be great. Whoever you get to stand next to sasha for that sunset, it’s going to look

[Clicks tongue] Cody, come on. It screams you. I’m sorry, maxie. No can do. I’m out. “She will use your father and lead him into danger. She will lead him to his death. My dear charlotte, you are the only one who can protect your father from anna devane.” God, what did he do? Victor put so much fear into a young person’s mind like that? She was just trying to protect you from me.

[Coughing] Laura finally got charlotte to open up. Really? Victor didn’t just write a letter. He visited her in boarding school. He filled her head with stories of — that you were a threat, your true motive was to ruin me, to put me in prison, or worse. So all of her actions were just a young girl desperately trying to save her father. Yeah. She thought by getting you out of port charles, she was keeping me out of harm’s way. Did she admit to everything? Burning my house or…? Why didn’t you tell anyone about victor’s warning? I didn’t think anyone would believe me.

[ Sighs ] That’s a lot for you to carry, isn’t it? Yeah. If you thought anna was a threat, what’d you do? You already know, don’t you? Grandma must’ve told you. Laura said that you wanted anna to leave port charles. Charlotte, will you tell me? What did you do to make anna want to go? That memory of you and i working together on that case, it was not just nostalgia. It was a wake-up call. From what? Not from. To. It reminded me of who I am deep down. I thought I had left the P.I. World behind me. Well, you were determined to find a new path. I just didn’t want to get pigeonholed. I mean, I was still doing that work, badge or no badge. Helping drew figure out where victor cassadine took trina and ace, that was a huge part of me. That’s who I am to the core. I live to uncover the truth, to seek justice. And you think you lost that part of yourself? Not lost. Just, um… sidetracked, especially after the shooting. You know, the pcpd hasn’t made any progress, and I can’t just sit here waiting for something to happen. I got to dig in, right? I got to take matters into my own hands and figure out who put me in this wheelchair. But to do that, I, uh… I need access to the police investigation. And that’s where I come in. You’re going to represent the family that’s suing me and general hospital for malpractice? Yes, I am, hamilton. The deceased, dennis muldoon, his father-in-law and i go way, way back. He was a client of mine before I was even truly established. The muldoons have me on retainer. Oh, that’s nice. So we should probably cut this chat a little short, considering we will soon be on adversarial sides in a courtroom. However, I do have some unsolicited advice for you. Oh, by all means. Okay, look, you may trust the higher-ups at general hospital, but trust me, when push comes to shove, the G.H. Lawyers will focus solely on the hospital’s reputation, not yours. You will be an afterthought. Alexis said the same thing. And alexis is right. I do wish you the very best of luck. Don’t let me interrupt. Diane, if you two need more time, I can wait at the bar. Hello, gregory. No, no, not at all. My business with dr. Finn is done for now. Yeah, that went well. Maxie: Come on, cody. I don’t understand why you’re being so obstinate. I will pay you. In fact, I have your last paycheck around here somewhere. Oh, see? Really? Look, I appreciate it, but… oh, wow, that, uh — that is a hefty sum. Yeah, and it’ll be heftier once you sign on as the male face of deception. I’m sorry, maxie, but this face has seen his last paycheck. I appreciate it. I really, really do. But I can’t do this. Boy, you’re difficult. Okay, fine. Fine. I’ll give you a signing bonus. Double what’s on that check. It’s not the money, maxie. It’s sasha. Sonny, I don’t imagine you’ll believe it, but this is me trying to start fresh. Every move I’ve made since my release has been by the book. This job is a genuine attempt to go straight. My past issues with you — water under the bridge. Well, that’s hard to believe, cyrus, after everything you did to set me up. I have no idea what you’re talking about. Well, maybe there’s too much bleach in your brain. Let me refresh your memory. Your boys, austin and mason, they blackmailed ava jerome, put a mole in my house. A mole? Yeah, my daughter’s nanny, betty. She did a perfect job. She did what she had to do. She got to the computer, she grabbed the information, and she brought the information to austin and austin brought it to you at pentonville. And then you gave it to the feds ’cause you thought it was going to take me down. Come on. Right? That is a hell of a story, sonny. Yeah, well, here’s the punch line. All the information betty stole… …was a lie. It was all a trap. And guess what? You walked right into it. I’m not going to keep dwelling on everything that nina did. I am going to move beyond the past. Well, that sounds very healthy to me. And look at everything I have — you. You’re back from pentonville. This amazing business that my mother gifted me with a major connection to my family history. My kids are healthy and happy. I have an amazing home. I have so many blessings. And you are so resilient, and you’re strong. And I got to be honest, your — your optimism inspires me. And I get that from you, because you always teach me to see the bright side, to focus on moving forward. But moving forward doesn’t mean that you put your guard down, right? It especially doesn’t mean that you let the people that hurt you have another shot. I know it’s a gray area. Jordan, I’m not asking for a free pass into the evidence locker. I’m just asking you if you could bend the rules just a little bit.

[ Sighs ] It’s a thin line, curtis. But given that you were the victim, the one directly affected, it seems to me you have the right to know what’s happening in the investigation. So you’re saying…? I’ll get you access to the statements, leads, evidence, the works, but — thank you, jordan. Thank you. Okay, hold on, hold on. Don’t go getting all grateful just yet. There is a catch. Hey, dad. See you, uh — see you brought a friend. How’s that working out? Oh, these things really do make you feel older.

[ Chuckles ] But it does provide a grounding, and I am a little steadier on my feet. That’s good. Stability is everything. Not to pry, but did something go awry with diane? Oh, that? No, that’s just some — some legal nonsense, you know? Of greater importance, violet had her first school debate. Ooh. Yeah. She and her team defended humans against robots as better helpers.

[ Chuckling ] What an age we live in. Right? Right? Violet pointed out that although robots might be better at following instructions, humans have intuition that we are able to sense when something’s off, we can adapt and provide comfort, and, more importantly, no batteries required.

[ Chuckles ] Sounds like violet’s talking about the difference between you and elizabeth.

[ Laughs ] That’s — that’s a good one. Son, as much as I enjoy talking about my intuitive granddaughter, it doesn’t take intuition to see that something is bothering you. Was it the meeting with diane? Yeah, dad, it didn’t go the way I had hoped. I never did anything to hurt anna. I was just trying to scare her. By doing what? Listen, everyone makes mistakes. Everyone. I have done some foolish things while I was upset. Do you remember… the article came out about anna being a double agent? Yeah, it was everywhere. One night [Sniffles] After I saw that article, I went to her house and

[Breathes shakily] Painted the word “murderer” on her door. And? And then, after the fire at her house, I got another idea, and [Sniffles] I went to her hotel. I snuck in with the keycard I borrowed from papa, and… …I messed up her stuff. I even wrote on her bathroom mirror with lipstick. And then, on halloween… …I was going to spray-paint another message in her apartment, but… but then she found me, and she had a gun.

[ Crying ] She shot me. Valentin: I haven’t discussed it with charlotte. I just know that she told laura that she was trying to drive you away. Ooh, well, she tried to terrorize me, really. She needs help. She needs professional help. I think she needs intensive deprogramming. Don’t you think so? But everything she did was to protect me. She wasn’t acting out of malice. It’s powerful conditioning. That can be fixed. Anna, have faith. As soon as she is on the road to healing, then the three of us can move forward together. Mm, I’m really not sure how that’s going to happen. Look, I don’t know if you heard maxie, but sasha said she doesn’t want to work with me anymore, okay? She was crystal clear. Once she understands how important — no, no, no, no, no. No way. No. I’m not going to let you force her into doing something she’s uncomfortable with. I would not do that… to sasha. This is just business. Yeah, well, it’s personal for sasha, okay? She’s been through hell. She was being used by gladys for months and then controlled by montague. She’s just now getting her life back in order, okay? She deserves to have her wishes respected. I’m not going to interfere with anything like that, okay? I already told you, I’m out. Maybe not. There’s a situation at the hospital that I’d rather not get into. It’s — it’s nothing to worry about, alright, especially with everything else on your plate. What, you mean my als? Son, while I can’t alter my condition. I can choose how I deal with it, like with this cane. Speaking of which, you should have seen violet’s face. She doesn’t think less of me because of it. In fact, she said she thought it makes me look like a dapper snowman.

[ Both laugh ] Classic violet. Finn, if you’re grappling with something, share it. I may not be able to provide an answer, but maybe it’ll give me a break from my own troubles. Okay, you asked for it. Yesterday, I got some unsettling news. You’re not sick, are you? No, nothing like that. It’s — it’s work. I was informed that I, along with G.H., Are being sued by the family of a former patient for malpractice. So what’s going on? You’re usually the one telling me to let things go. I’m just saying to be aware and stay on guard, that’s all. So you never told me what that kiss was celebrating. The fact that you’re free to show up out of the blue. That means I can kiss you whenever I want. Compared to a month ago, my life is so much better. Mine, too. Then w hat was that commentabout not letting people who hurt you do it again? Ned. He pushed me one step too far. You must’ve seen the headlines about my arrest. “Corinthos in hot water.” “Fbi brews trouble for coffee kingpin.” It was all basically a comedy of errors. You handed them watered-down espresso for that bogus data. You give me too much credit, sonny. You know, I was — I was actually in shock at how much credit they gave you. But you got your release, right? Yeah, because of my poor health, nothing else. Make sure you take good care of that precious health, ’cause it’s going to get a lot worse if you cross me. Anna, we can get through this. She wasn’t acting in her right mind. It wasn’t truly her. I don’t have a problem with her. But you’ve known since the night that my hotel suite was ransacked that your daughter was the one threatening me, and you said nothing. I was hoping — what? That you could manage it from behind the scenes like we did when we were agents in the field? You decided not to tell the woman you claim to love that instead of fearing professional assassins, I was merely facing a misguided teenager. I didn’t know how to handle it. No, because you have no faith in me. If you told me the truth from the start, then we could’ve talked about it, and we could have handled it ourselves. And you know what I wouldn’t have done? I would never have pulled a weapon that night. It’s because you don’t believe in me. You know why you don’t trust anyone? It’s because you yourself cannot be trusted. Nina: Other than the spray paint and the hotel, did you do anything else to try to frighten anna away? No. That’s all. I promise. Okay. Anna’s house — it was just the spray paint? Yes.

[ Monitor beeping ] Charlotte… this is me you’re talking to. Me. There is nothing that you could ever say or ever do to stop me from loving you. I will never stop loving you. But in order for us to make this right, sweetheart, you have to be honest with me right now. I know it’s hard. Did you have anything to do with the fire in anna’s house? Let’s just say ned’s back to his old self — as — as arrogant as ever. Wow, okay. What did he do? He stopped by aurora, and everything seemed fine at first until he found out that michael salvaged a deal for elq, and he kind of freaked out. Instead of being grateful for it, he said that michael had no authority to broker that deal. Even though he wasn’t around to do it himself? Exactly. Instead of thanking michael, he told — told him to keep his nose out of elq business. Wow. That’s unbelievable, but it sounds just like ned. It does. Proving once again that ned puts his pride, puts his ego ahead of what’s best for the company. What are you going to do about it? Curtis, you and I are both investigators at heart. I want to be right there in the trenches with you. Uh, aren’t you the deputy mayor? Because digging, you know, that could ruffle some feathers, and it could cause embarrassment to the whole city, which would make your life very difficult. Well, difficult is relative. I can handle the heat, and I’m happy to ruffle any feathers if it means putting the person who shot you behind bars for 20-to-life. So, alexis arranged for diane to represent you, only to discover that diane is representing the family suing you? Yeah. That’s pretty much the gist of it. You’ve always been an outstanding doctor. This is your first brush with a lawsuit, right? Yes. Do you believe the suit has merit? No. But sometimes in cases like this, grieving families have sway with the jury. Have you got your bases covered with malpractice insurance? I do, of course. If for some reason the jury favors the muldoons, then insurance would pay out the settlement. That’s a silver lining. At least you won’t be staring down the barrel of financial ruin. Yeah, I don’t know, dad. If the insurance company has to pay out because of this case, they’ll find a reason to drop me, and without malpractice insurance… you won’t be able to practice medicine. This lawsuit could be the end of my career. Wowwww…sha: Cody, I really appreciateyour willingness to step away from deception because of my feelings. But if maxie asked you to work with any other model, would you say yes? I… [ Sighs ] We’ve been pretty honest with each other so far, so don’t stop now. Okay. Yeah, yeah, if — if it was another model, I’d take the job. And, maxie, having cody as the male face of deception, it’s important for our brand, right? I mean, only if we want to be successful. Look, your chemistry was off the charts. It jumped through the screen at “home & heart.” These pictures capture it perfectly. Alright, but cody is right. Your wishes and comfort come first. Sometimes I get a little excited. No, no. You know what? I need to trust and pay attention to that excitement. If you think this is for the best, then I want to do it for the company. Sasha, are you sure? Really? I’m sure. Oh, my gosh. This is so amazing.

[ Squeals ] I promise it won’t be awkward. And no blind gossip pieces about your pairing. This is just business. Strictly professional. Finn, you’ve dedicated your life, you poured your heart and soul into medicine. You can’t let them take away your calling. If G.H. Or their lawyers won’t stand up for you, you have to stand up for yourself. That’s what I’m trying to do, dad. Listen, somebody doesn’t get stage iv cancer out of the blue. There had to have been signs, symptoms. I know from personal experience when I was diagnosed with als, there were countless warnings. I was just too stubborn to see them. I know that, dad, but — no, listen to me. If that patient was stage iv, then there had to have been indicators that were overlooked or — or ignored. Thanks, dad. For what? For believing in me. For always feeling the weight on my shoulders and trying to lighten the load. Always, son. Always. I never set fire to anna’s house, nina.

[ Monitor beeping ] I was just trying to get her to leave town to keep papa safe.

[ Crying ] You have to believe me. I do, I do. Come here. I do, I do, sweetheart. It’s okay. It’s okay. Everything’s going to be okay. You’re right. I am, at my core, untrustworthy. As soon as I learned about charlotte, my first instinct was to hide the truth. It’s called lying. To protect my daughter. But also maybe to protect our love. I’ve dreamed of a life with you forever. I just don’t have the faith. So I was afraid that you’d leave me once you found out. Maybe I’m afraid that you don’t love me the way I love you. I think you’ve always doubted us. I think you’re right.

[ Sighs, sniffles ] It’s never been about how much I love you. It’s just been this persistent mistrust that has created this chasm. Except that now your lies and secrecy ended up with me shooting an innocent kid. Charlotte will recover. Oh, what does that even mean? Does that make it okay? It doesn’t make it okay. It doesn’t absolve me. She’s never going to get over this trauma — ever. No matter how much deprogramming, it will never erase it. Every time she sees me, she will be reminded of that night. And I’m afraid that every time I see you, I’m just going to be forced to relive it. So I think that if I’m going to have any peace in my life… …I need to see you as little as possible. I’m sorry. Jordan, all I wanted was access to the police files. I can handle the rest alone. Besides, if I come up empty, it will have only been my time that I wasted. It was that memory of us investigating in baltimore that gave you this idea to begin with. That should be a clue that I’m right. We made a great team. We were a force. Mm-hmm. And closed a lot of tough cases, cases that stumped everyone else. We were unstoppable because we complemented each other’s strengths. I remember. So if we team up, we can get to the bottom of this faster together. What do you say? I say there’s no point in fighting you. Ah, yes, because you know I’m right. True that.

[ Chuckles ] Let’s get started. Okay, with ned back to throwing his weight around, what’s your next move? I’ll tell you what I’m not going to do. I’m not going to make any more rash decisions giving ned more ammo for his pals over at the sec so they can maneuver me back behind bars. Okay, so — so you do think ned is the one who tipped them off, not the fbi? I mean, the theory that they were targeting you to come after sonny, that obviously makes sense, but sometimes things just are what they are. There’s no grand conspiracy. Ned was even going to tell me something about the sec right before he started freaking out about michael and elq. Well, with everything you just told me, ned hasn’t changed one bit. Exactly. People act on raw emotions like anger and spite. And given ned’s ego and his obvious resentment towards me, it fits. He saw an opportunity for revenge, and he took it. Let me make myself clear, cyrus. You stay away from me, my family, and my business. And when I say my family, they’re all under my protection. Sasha gilmore, ava jerome, my ex-wife — you cross paths with them, you cross paths with me. Anything else? Yeah. Keep working on that mop. I got my eyes on you. Every hour of every day. You step over the line… I will make sure no one ever sees you again. I understand. One more thing. Lay off laura. Don’t show up at the city hall — it embarrasses her — or at her house. Now, look, laura… it’s her choice if she wants to see you. But just don’t — don’t go there uninvited. Are we clear? Oh, yeah. Glad we understand each other. Now, get back to work.

[ Door closes ]

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GH Transcript Monday, November 20, 2023

General Hospital Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


[ Gasps ]

[ Exhales heavily ]

[ Sighs heavily ] Good morning. Alright, maybe just have a sit on this bench right here. Alright? Are you okay? Alright, I’m gonna try to find someone for you. Oh, mrs. Baldwin. Hi. Hi, josslyn. What can I do for you? This is my friend adam wright. I just brought him in from pcu. He was nauseous, hyperventilating, sweating. I think he needs to see a doctor right away. No! No, I — no.

[ Knock on door ] Come in.

[ Door opens ] Hi. Oh, you’re right on time. Thanks for seeing me. Of course. Are you okay? You didn’t say what this was about, and you seem a little — edgy? Yeah. Mm-hmm. Yeah. Alright. How about you have a seat and you tell me what’s going on? No, sit. Alright, uh — I need to find an attorney. And I was hoping you could point me in the right direction. O-okay, but you’re gonna have to narrow this down a little bit. What kind of attorney? One that can save my career from being destroyed. I don’t know how you did this, brook lynn. I am doing a guest vocal on magnum’s new track? I told you we are gonna take your career to the next level. Well, you delivered. But we are on a deadline. We’ve got to get down these tracks today. I’m ready to get into the recording booth. Okay. Do you need any support from me or…? Um…

[ Door opens ] Actually, my support just arrived. Now that ned is back to being ned, we’ve got to come up with a new game plan for elq. It hasn’t changed my mind. We still have to move forward. Of course we do, but it just might be easier said than done. We have to do what’s best for the company. I mean, elq has been unstable for almost a year. Between valentin’s absence and ned’s erratic behavior, I mean, we’re still on shaky ground. Our whole plan was predicated on ned remaining eddie. That’s not the case anymore. So we just need to come up with a new strategy.

[ Telephone ringing ] Yes? Alright, send him up. Well, ned’s here. Showtime. Trish: Hi. And your server will be with you in a few minutes. Okay. And if you have any questions, let me know. It doesn’t change the fact that you did not send the full order of the king crab legs to my chef! No, listen, j– just do me a favor. Just send them as soon as you can. Thank you.

[ Scoffs ] Ha! Oh, hey. Um, you want another one? Okay, I’m gonna go get a bartender for you. Okay. Trish: Carly! Hi! Hey. Hey, trish. How are you?Good. There’s a rumor going around that you might be coming back. Now that ned is back to being ned, we’ve got to come up with a new game plan for elq. It hasn’t changed my mind. We still have to move forward. Of course we do, but it just might be easier said than done. We have to do what’s best for the company. I mean, elq has been unstable for almost a year. Between valentin’s absence and ned’s erratic behavior, I mean, we’re still on shaky ground. Our whole plan was predicated on ned remaining eddie. That’s not the case anymore. So we just need to come up with a new strategy.

[ Telephone ringing ] Yes? Alright, send him up. Well, ned’s here. Showtime. Trish: Hi. And your server will be with you in a few minutes. Okay. And if you have any questions, let me know. It doesn’t change the fact that you did not send the full order of the king crab legs to my chef! No, listen, j– just do me a favor. Just send them as soon as you can. Thank you.

[ Scoffs ] Ha! Oh, hey. Um, you want another one? Okay, I’m gonna go get a bartender for you. Okay. Trish: Carly! Hi! Hey. Hey, trish. How are you?Good. There’s a rumor going around that you might be coming back. Is it true? You’re not prone to hyperbole. This sounds clearly serious. It is. Take a breath. Have a seat.

[ Breathes deeply ] Okay. Okay. Okay? Now give me some specifics. For the first time in my career, I am facing a malpractice lawsuit. That could be significant. It could also be frivolous. It could be a disgruntled patient that’s looking for a payout. It isn’t frivolous. The patient in question — dennis muldoon — he died. And now his family is suing the hospital and myself. Money is — is not an object for these people. And I don’t think they’re looking for a quick payout. Okay, let’s start at the beginning. When was the first time you saw mr. Muldoon? It was april of this year. He, uh… he traveled extensively for work to remote locations, and he came to see me thinking he had contracted something along the lines of a tapeworm. I, uh — I ran standard blood work and cultures and confirmed that he had a tapeworm. And I sent him home with a plan of treatment. And he called me a few days later, and he said he was feeling much better. And I had also asked him to come back in for some further testing, including a colonoscopy, just to be sure. But he was off on another business trip, and he didn’t come back in for two months. At that time, I increased the scope of the blood work and did the additional testing, including the colonoscopy. And it revealed that he had stage 4 cancer. At that point, there was nothing that I or oncology could do to save him. Now his family is filing a lawsuit against the hospital and myself. So, what do you think? Well, the first thing I’m gonna do is advise you to stay clear of the general hospital attorneys. I have the utmost respect for the place, but do not associate with these attorneys because they have one goal, and that goal is to protect the hospital. Meaning? They will throw you under the bus.

[ Trilling lips ] So, we’re going for a really full, rich sound, okay? I want to double up on the vocal on the chorus. You got it. I think I know what you’re looking for. What does that one do? This controls the level. How’s this, blaze? Uh, less reverb. Thanks. This is so cool! It’s much more fun to mix music than mix drinks. I haven’t been in the studio in a while. I forgot how great the energy is. I don’t need to see a doctor. I thought I did, so that’s why I agreed to let joss bring me here, but I’m fine. Really. I-I — I just want to go back to my dorm, that’s all. No, no, he’s not fine. Because we were in class and you started to have trouble breathing. The ta had to stop the exam. They wanted to call him an ambulance. The only reason they didn’t was because I agreed to bring him here. Oh, my god, the test. W-we’re missing it. What are we gonna do? It’s gonna be okay. Don’t worry about it. It’s not gonna be okay! What if I fail the class?! Adam, let’s just sit down for a minute, okay? Okay, adam, you’re not gonna fail the class. Please just try to stay calm. Okay, I’m going to take you to an exam room and have a doctor check you out, alright? Josslyn, don’t leave me, please! Please tell me you did not sleep outside my dorm room all night. No, I sure did. You could have gotten me in trouble with the ra. Are you crazy? Crazy in love with you. I’m serious.

[ Chuckling ] Yeah. So am I. So, this is how you choose to get my attention? Well, uh, trina, I tried everything, okay? Short of skywriting, I — you weren’t returning my calls. You weren’t returning my texts. Did you think that maybe I didn’t want to talk to you? It never occurred to you to respect my wishes, apparently. Trina… I’m really sorry. I know that I screwed up. It was one of those moments where the words — they were coming out of my mouth and I wanted them to stop, but it was already too late because you can’t un-ring the bell. I…

[ Sighs ] I don’t even know what that means. Did you even read the cards that I sent you? No. Well, they all say the same thing. Well, then I’m glad I didn’t bother reading them. They say I’m sorry… and I was wrong. And exactly what do you think you were wrong about? Carly: You never know what the future holds. Maybe someday, but right now, I’m focused on kelly’S. How’s it going here? I can’t complain. It’s all good. But you are definitely missed. I miss you guys, too. Oh, mr. Cain was here last week. He looked really great. But, you know, you must be out of your mind that he was in prison. Ah, yeah, well, he never should have been there to begin with, but I am really happy he’s home. Uh, hey. Hi, carly. Trish. Any chance that you’re here to discuss my offer? Nice to see you both.Glad you could make it. Not really sure which greeting is proper here. Is this a welcome-back situation or… well, I don’t know if there’s any rule book for this one. I’m sorry to hear about your ordeal in pentonville, and I was relieved to hear that you were released early. Nobody was more relieved than me. I couldn’t wait to get out of that place. You weren’t after aurora’s ceo — you wanted to take down carly. I don’t know where you came up with this, ned, but you couldn’t be more wrong. I just overheard your conversation with your lawyer, martin. You know, everyone believes that I was the one who handed carly and drew over to the sec, but it was you all along. I promised that I would sit on this information for a while, but it can’t wait. Drew, there’s something that you need to know about the sec charges. Dn’t have missed thisfor the world. This is great. Oh, you say that now, but it’s not all that glamorous. There’s a lot of sitting around between takes, so it helps to have company. Uh, hello? You’re here in a professional capacity, ms. Manager.

[ Chuckles ] Thank you. For what? For distracting me. You’re keeping my mind off the butterflies in my stomach. You? Nervous? You’re a pro. You’re always cool and confident. That’s just smoke and mirrors. This is a huge opportunity. There’s a lot riding on this. I’ve been dying to work with magnum, but what if I blow it and the song tanks? But what if you don’t? What if it’s a hit? Terry. Morning. Hi. Do you have those figures for me? Yes. Yesterday we processed 87 patients in the er, and 19 of them were admitted. Thanks, elizabeth. Mm-hmm. I’ve got to get back to the office. I’ll see you later. Wait, wait, terry, um… do you have any updates on the, uh… muldoon malpractice suit? You know I can’t talk about this, especially with you, given your relationship with finn. I know. I was just hoping that maybe — I’m not at liberty to disclose anything about the case. Okay, I’m not asking for details. I was just hoping you can give me a sense of what was going on. I’m sorry. I know you’re in a difficult position, but the hospital policy is clear. And as co-chief of staff, I have to be in full compliance. There can be no sign of any impropriety. It could look like I’m protecting finn. Well, isn’t that what you should be doing? He’s not only your co-worker, terry. He’s your friend. Exactly. That’s the problem. Personally, do I want to protect finn? Of course. But professionally, I have to keep my distance and follow the rules to the letter. This is one of those cases where how things appear is more important than how they really are. Can you understand that? Terry and portia are not only co-chiefs of staff, but I’d also like to think they’re my friends and they wouldn’t throw me under the bus. Regardless of your personal relationships, this is not about friends. This is business to general hospital. You came to me for advice. I really need you to listen to me. Okay. I used to be really good at this and I know my way around a courtroom and I know these kind of attorneys. And I know that their only objective when it comes to a malpractice suit is to win at all costs. They will not do the noble thing. And if you end up being collateral damage, so be it. And here I thought you were gonna put my mind at ease. I’m just trying to get you to understand this case and see what they could do. They are going to present this in the most simple narrative. It’s a wealthy family who lost a son, a father, a husband in his prime, and they’re grieving and they want someone to pay. What do you think the jury will believe? Hopefully the truth — that I had nothing to do with this man’s death. Um, I’m gonna get back to work. Nice to see you, carly. You too. Do you want to sit down? Sure. Alright. Here. Um, look, I’m just curious. Why? Why did you offer to sell me back my half of the hotel? I mean, I realize you have a lot on your plate with crimson, but you could ask olivia to take on more work. Well, olivia is stretched pretty thin as it is. Okay. Then hire a manager. Or promote from within. There are many ways for you to retain your half of the hotel. Are you having financial issues? My financial situation is on solid ground. Thank you. Great, great. Then why are you doing this? Is it because of willow? This was before the fall at the pool. Yeah. I was there with tracy. You came rushing in, calling my name. Seemed like you wanted to tell me something important, and that’s when you hit your head. Yeah. The details were a little fuzzy at first, but I remember everything now. I remember what I came to tell you.

[ Telephone ringing ] Excuse me one second. Yes? Put her through. Hi. Ms. Trant? Yes, yes, I have a prospectus ready for you with the construction figures. Yeah, my assistant will email you, and then we can discuss it in further detail when I see you in sydney next month. Yeah. Me too. We’ll celebrate breaking ground. Okay. Bye. Thank you. Was that angela trant at rcd in australia? Yes. Is that a problem? Yeah, I don’t see why aurora, a media company, would be making a deal with rcd. The deal was for elq. You really think it could be a hit? With your talent, why not? And from what I know about brook lynn, that woman is unstoppable. Yeah, but the market is so saturated these days. Everyone’s posting new music online. The competition is fierce. So this is when you roar. Show them what you got. But even if the song does take off, the real money is in touring. Okay, then tour. I mean, you’ve got enough material. What could be better than singing to a sold-out crowd? Being with someone. Touring is lonely. And to be honest, I’m tired of being alone. It’s not gonna take much to convince a jury that an overworked doctor had a patient who believed that he had a tapeworm and this doctor took the patient at face value and missed the clue that the real ailment was cancer. I am an infectious disease specialist. I went looking for a parasite and I found one. When a jury hears the word “cancer,” it will trigger them because at least one of them, if not all of them, have lost a loved one to cancer. That’s a compelling story, don’t you think?

[ Scoffs ] I don’t know what to think anymore. I’m telling you that you need to find the right attorney because if you don’t, your career will be over. It was wrong of me to give you an ultimatum. And I’d do anything to take it back. It’s obviously too late for that now. And even though I don’t like the way you said it, you did bring up a good point. What are your priorities? Who comes first for you? I-I’d like to think it’s — it’s me and our relationship, but maybe it’s ace and esme. You know I don’t care about esme. Sometimes I’m not sure about that.

[ Sighs ] My little brother needs me, and I’m not gonna turn my back on him. No one’s asking you to do that. The fact that it’s hard for you to accept esme moving out as a normal progression — it tells me all I need to know. What does that mean? Clearly, we have different ideas of what our relationship is and where it’s going. Adam’s been cleared to go home. Oh. Thank you. I was so worried. I mean, I guess I’ve never seen anyone in the middle of a panic attack. It’s scary. Yeah. Well, you did the right thing by bringing him here. So, what did the doctors say? I mean, is he gonna be okay? All I can tell you is that he’s been cleared to go home and that’s a good sign. You know what else is a good sign? What? Your future as a doctor. What do you mean? Well, the fact that you brought him here and the way you looked after him shows what kind of doctor

you’re gonna be. I have high hopes for you, dr. Jacks. Thank you. Now go see if he’s ready to leave. Adam: Come in. Hey. How are you feeling? I’m — I’m — I’m fine. Look, I’m — I’m really — I’m sorry for blowing up at you before. But it — it’s all good now. No. It’s not. You really have to find the right fit for you. And I so wish I could do this for you. I wish I could fight for you. But I can’T. That ship has sailed. Okay. Alright. Well, look, you can’t throw a stick without hitting a lawyer in this town. There’s got to be somebody who will take this on. The person that I would recommend would be diane. But I know that she is swamped. She’s overwhelmed right now, and she’s probably not gonna be able to take the case. Great. So, why not your pal tracy? Give her a call. Well, she’d be tough in the courtroom, but the last time I checked, she doesn’t have a law degree. She has the last name quartermaine, and anyone with the last name quartermaine has access to top-notch lawyers on their retainer. No, no. I know. I know. It’s just — it’s the wrong time to ask tracy for a favor. I think she would be happy to help you. Yes. No, I’m sure she would, but she’s — she’s in amsterdam. She’s meeting bobbie spencer. Something about settling luke’s affairs. Alright, well, I’m glad she’s there to help. Who else? Who else? Well, elizabeth offered to talk to scott baldwin. I’m not sure he’s the — the best choice, but she says he’s good at his job. Scott can be brash, and he’s a little odd, but he’s actually smart. He’s also not the right attorney for you. You don’t need brash. You need subtle. Subtle. Yeah, that’s probably not scott. Okay, I just told you that diane is probably too busy, and she probably is, but I’m still gonna try and call her anyway. Yeah? How could you possibly be lonely with thousands of fans chanting your name? I sure wish the staff at charlie’s would do that for me when I walked in.

[ Chuckles ] “And the pub goes wild!”

[ Chanting ] “Kristina!” Now, that would be something. “Kristina!”

[ Both laugh ] What are you gals laughing about? Oh, I was getting too serious, so kristina’s trying to make me smile. Well, seems like she’s succeeding. I was just telling her how touring isn’t as cool as it looks. It’s hard work. Sound checks, dance rehearsals, promoters. I could see that. Oh, never mind. I’m being ridiculous. No, you’re just telling it like it is. You know, blaze, you’re right. It does — it sounds lonely. I have a feeling you know something about loneliness. Audio engineer: Are you ready to do this? You what? I made a deal with rcd. Actually, we closed in july, but there was still a few terms we had to iron out first. Ned, this is what’s best for the company. Last time I checked, I’m president of this company! Yeah, well, we had no idea when you were gonna recover. Recover? You make it sound like I was in rehab. I was in port charles the whole time. Come on, ned. For all intents and purposes,

you weren’t here. It was eddie. Ned, hey, look, the deal is done. What are the terms? Elq has all the paperwork, so feel free to look it over, but you’ll see that I got rcd to agree to more favorable terms. And I’m gonna be in sydney next month to inaugurate the first stage of construction. You had no authority to do that! Why would you think willow has anything to do with this? She just found out about it when we were discussing it at kelly’S. I just wondered if willow was the real incentive for you to sell. It makes sense. You want a closer relationship with willow and your grandson, and what better way to get that than to make peace with me? Am I right? My mom’s alzheimer’s never changed how much we love her.While I appreciate you taking this on, michael, you had no authority to act on elq’s behalf. Why don’t you look over the deal before criticizing it? Whether it’s a sound deal or not is irrelevant. You know it wasn’t your place to take this on! You should have been the one dealing with this, ned. We couldn’t count on you because you proclaimed to the world that you were eddie maine and all you cared about was your music! And valentin — I mean, valentin’s been awol for months dealing with the fallout from his lunatic father. I was in prison. So, what exactly did you expect michael to do? I mean, he was the only one qualified to engage with rcd. If it wasn’t for him, there’d be no deal. So I think the appropriate response should be, “thank you.” Of course I want a closer relationship with willow, yes. And you getting your hotel back would definitely go a long way to repairing the family rift. That’s what willow said. And I get it. And things won’t feel right till I get my hotel back. Great. Okay, so, I will go grab the paper– hold on. I appreciate the offer. But I’m gonna pass. I’ve been supportive to you and your situation. And I appreciate that. And I’ve been respectful to your love towards ace and your sense of responsibility to him. But that has somehow translated to me standing on the sidelines. I’m not allowed on the field. I watch you put all your focus and energy into ace and, by extension, esme, and I’m not okay with that. So, what are you saying? I don’t want to be around esme anymore. This is the woman who tried to destroy my life. Okay, but that was the old esme. She has no memory of that. I understand that, and I’ve accepted it. But I still have to live with the memory. She still looks like the same person, and that is difficult for me. I don’t want to be around her. Okay, but esme and ace are a pack– they’re a package deal. So, what do you want me to do? You want me — what do you want me to do about that? You want me not to make you choose, but you never asked me what my choice would be. Okay. What is it? I choose to put myself first, not to go along with this dysfunctional situation that is bound to blow up. If you’re going to stay with esme and ace, you’re gonna do it without me. Don’t turn it into something it’s not. I’m not overreacting because the second the exam started, you were freaking out. You were dizzy, hyperventilating, and even in the car on the way here, you told me that your heart was racing. Yeah, that was just the stuff I took to help me study. Oh. What “stuff” would that be? It’s like a — a supplement. A pill. It’s some big, long name. Dextro-something. It’s supposed to help you focus. A ton of people take it, and I just — I took too much this morning. It’s really — josslyn, it’s — it’s no big deal. No, it is a big deal because that’s an amphetamine. That’s speed. I didn’t score some street drug, okay?

[ Chuckles ] I have a prescription, okay? I have a prescription for it. I’ll be more careful next time. It — it won’t happen again. And if it does happen again? N-now you’re the one who needs to calm down a little bit. Why are you doing this to yourself, adam? You’re miserable. If pre-med is torture for you, then you need to switch majors, something with less pressure. There is nothing else! Okay? Do you understand? This is all I’ve ever wanted since I was a kid. It’s been my dream. Is it your dream or is it your parents’? Diane, you got to trust me on this. This is — this is a “david versus goliath”-type case. No, I — I wouldn’t pitch this to you if I didn’t think that you would have a huge victory if you took this. You will? Yes! Thank you. Thank — thank you. Okay, fine. You’re the best.

[ Chuckles ]

Well, I’m here for you how did you pull this off?

I’m here for you well, originally they got a huge artist who shall remain nameless — beyoncé. Was it beyoncé? I am not at liberty to say. But the artist’s reps wanted exclusivity on the song. And then there were rumors flying around that negotiations had reached an impasse. That’s when I swooped in and pitched blaze. Very impressive. She’s lucky to have you. Well, if there’s one thing I’ve learned in the music biz, it’s that timing is everything. I have a really good feeling about this song. I really think it could be a hit, you know? Take blaze’s career to the next level.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Blaze: But you keep it all under lock and key

I know you better than you know yourself I’m sorry. I — I got to go. There’s something going on with my family, but, um, good luck.

Oh, after all this time, you can’t fool me

[Coughing] Copd isn’t pretty. I’m out of breath, and often out of the picture. But this is my story. ( ) And with once-daily trelegy, it can still be beautiful. Because with 3 medicines in 1 inhaler, trelegy keeps my airways open for a full 24 hours and prevents future flare-ups. Trelegy also improves lung function, so I can breathe more freely all day and night. I know what I have to do now. I have to let go. I need to stop trying to be ace’s father. And I need to realize that I’m his older brother and that I’m nothing more. You can still be supportive of him. There just has to be clear boundaries. You were right the whole time, and… I’m sorry. I just couldn’t see it. I need to stop trying to control esme and ace and… it’s not my place. So, um… yeah, they’re gonna move into their own place. And, uh… that’s a good thing. I think that that’s probably what’s best for everyone. Are you just saying that to put my mind at ease? Or do you really believe that? I’m trying to. And it might take me a little while to get there. But I will. And I know one thing for certain — that I don’t want you to come second to anyone. And from now on, I’m gonna make you my one and my only priority. And you’re your own person, trina. You have every right to be who you want to be and to make the choices that you want to make, live the life that you want to live, but I really, really hope that there’s a place in it for me. Are you okay? You barely spoke in the car. Yeah. I’m sorry for snapping at you. I’ve just… I’ve messed up everything. You didn’t even get to take the test. Here’s what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna take the makeup test. And even if it doesn’t go well, it only counts for a fraction of our final grade, okay? So just try and give yourself a break. Okay. I’ll try. For you. Oh, wow. Thank you. You seem to be in better spirits than you were this morning. Maybe. And the reason is…? I just think it’s gonna be a beautiful day. You’re not talking about the weather. No. Earlier, you were awfully distracted. By the possible malpractice suit. Was it dropped? Where’s kristina? Oh, she had to leave. I don’t know. She got a text, something about her family, and she took off. But then I texted her that we’re gonna be here for a few hours, so maybe she’ll come back. I just hope everything’s okay with her family. Guess where I just was. Hi, sweetie. Hi. You’re gonna make me guess? Fine, I’ll tell you. I was at a recording studio with brook lynn and blaze. Blaze is recording a guest track for this major artist. I can’t say who, but it’s gonna be huge. Uh, that’s great. Honey, ha-have you heard from sam? She said that she was gonna call you. She’s been leaving me messages and texting me, telling me to call her, but I called her and it went straight to voicemail. So I came here thinking maybe you knew what was going on. Okay, joss. I’ll let myself off the hook. And it’s like you said. That test doesn’t count for most of the grade. Are you gonna be okay? Yeah, yeah, I’ll be fine. Hey, joss? Mm-hmm? Th– thank you for everything. You’re welcome. Ah. Looks like you two made up. Yes, we did, because somebody realized that he was wrong. I had some help getting there. Mm-hmm. Well, at least something worked out this morning. What? Does that mean that your organic chem test didn’t go well? Oh, my test didn’t go at all. I have to take a make-up test. What happened? You studied so hard. Um, adam had a panic attack, and I had to take him to the hospital. What? Is he okay?

[ Exhales sharply ] I mean, I don’t think so. I’m really worried about him. It’s not that I don’t want my half of the hotel back. I do. But I’m just not in the financial situation to do it. Well, I just assumed that michael would — I’m not gonna take money from my son. I got myself into this situation, and I’ll get myself out on my own.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Yeah. I’m trying to protect my family from you! See, my father is happy right now, so I’m not gonna take that away from him. I’m sure he’ll be happy until he finds out the kind of woman that you really are. I love sonny. I don’t care. I’m not risking my family. You will only see them when I say that it is okay to see them. And you’re gonna do something else for me, too. You’re gonna sell my mother her half of the metro court back. Uh, are you s-sure you won’t reconsider? Why don’t you take the deal for the good of the family? Don’t worry. Willow knows I’m not accepting. And she understands. Look, you made points by offering to sell to begin with.

[ Sighs ] Take the win. You get to keep your hotel, and you’re even closer to willow. Enjoy. Don’t pretend michael is some kind of hero. He’s a shark. He was waiting until valentin and I were out of the picture, and then he made his move. Oh, come on, don’t be so dramatic, ned. I made a deal, plain and simple. And it works for elq. You couldn’t have negotiated such favorable terms. Now that I think about it, maybe that’s why you’re throwing such a tantrum — because it’s killing you that michael did a better job than you could have done. You had your moment of glory. But from now on, you stay the hell out of elq. You are not a corporate officer. You’re only a shareholder. And let’s keep it that way.

[ Sighs ] That is proof right there that ned is unfit to run elq. He is a — a loose cannon. We have to move forward with this takeover while there’s still a company to save. No, no, the, uh — the malpractice suit has not been dropped, but, um… at least alexis has agreed to help me. Wait. I’m confused. She hasn’t been able to practice law for years. I know, but she still has contacts. I was just at her office and I asked her if she could help me find a good lawyer and she set up a — a lunch, uh, with diane miller. Oh, that’s great. I can’t tell you how many times she represented jason in court, and she always won. I mean, she’s the best. Okay. That’s what I’m counting on.

There’s something inside that weighs you down and you need someone to tell it to well, I’m here for you I’m here for you oh, your secret’s safe with me oh, your secret’s safe with me sometimes I wish that you would scream and yell but you keep it all under lock and key I know you better than you know yourself oh, after all this time, you can’t fool me oh, and if it takes all night I will be right by your side oh, oh we got it. This is gonna be a hit. Oh, oh

sam was gonna tell you. Mom, you’re scaring me. Did something happen? The surrogate had a miscarriage. Molly and tj lost the baby.

Blaze: I will be right by your side

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GH cast animated GIF


Interview with Bonnie Burroughs

TV Interview!


Bonnie Burroughs - Gladys on "General Hosp-tal" on ABC

Interview with Bonnie Burroughs  on “General Hospital” on ABC by Suzanne 11/15/23

This was a lot of fun! Bonnie and I are about the same age. She did such a fabulous job playing Gladys. I hope they bring her back sometime. She was so kind to let me ask as many questions as I wanted.



pisode: 0829 “08/29/23” Episodic BONNIE BURROUGHS 170020_0255 GENERAL HOSPITAL – Episode “15291” – “General Hospital” airs Monday – Friday, on ABC (check local listings). (ABC/Christine Bartolucci) BONNIE BURROUGHSBonnie Burroughs is an American film and television actress. She is recognized for playing the role of Gladys Corbin on the soap opera “General Hospital.” Burroughs was born in Atlanta, Georgia. Burroughs guest-starred in numerous television programs including Newhart, Boston Legal, Judging Amy, Suddenly Susan, Malcolm in the Middle, My Two Dads, Desperate Housewives, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Dallas, Jake and the Fatman, ER, Hunter and Matlock.[1] She was cast as Stacey Giordano on One Life to Live from 1987. Burroughs was then cast as Dr. Jamie Lawrence on Santa Barbara from 1990 to 1991. She was also cast as Gretchen Lindquist on Days of Our Lives. In 2009, Burroughs starred on the television series Rockville, CA, being cast as Shawn Peters.

GENERAL HOSPITAL – Key Art. (ABC)General Hospital: Season 59 Lead Sheet

Series Celebrates Its 60th Anniversary on April 1, 2023

ABC’s Emmy® Award-winning daytime drama, “General Hospital,” will celebrate its 60th anniversary on April 1, 2023. “GH” is both the longest-running scripted drama and the longest-running American soap opera currently in production. One of four remaining daytime dramas, “General Hospital” holds the record for the most Outstanding Daytime Drama award wins, taking home the prestigious Daytime Emmy Award a record 15 times. Filmed in Hollywood, California, the show aired its 15,000th episode on June 22, 2022.

“GH” continues its tradition of passion, intrigue and adventure that has depicted the ongoing lives of the diverse and evolving citizens of the fictional town of Port Charles set in upstate New York. The glamour and excitement of those who have come to find their destinies in this familiar seaport town intertwine with the lives, loves and fortunes of beloved, well-known faces. As always, love, danger and mind-blowing plot twists abound on “GH” with contemporary storylines and unforgettable characters.

Often ahead of its time, “General Hospital ” is known for elevating awareness for numerous health and social issues, in conjunction with storylines including HIV/AIDS; tolerance and understanding for the gay, lesbian and transgender community; bipolar disorder; spousal abuse; sexual assault; workplace sexual harassment in the #MeToo era; gentrification; war refugees; voting rights and voter suppression; the fight for civil rights and against environmental racism; drug and alcohol addiction; breast cancer awareness; surrogacy and adaption; organ donations;  autism; and Alzheimer’s-related stories are all topics “GH” has trailblazed.

Many popular actors are known for getting their start on “General Hospital” including Demi Moore, John Stamos, Jack Wagner, Mark Hamill, Rick Springfield, Ricky Martin, Amber Tamblin, Emma Samms, Kimberly McCullough, Jonathan Jackson and Richard Dean Anderson.

“General Hospital” was created by husband-and-wife soap writers, Frank and Doris Hursley, and premiered April 1, 1963. In 1978, Gloria Monty was brought in as executive producer and is credited with the creation of the first super-couple, Luke and Laura Spencer. Their 1981 wedding brought in 30 million viewers and remains the highest-rated hour in American soap opera history.

Frank Valentini serves as “GH”’s current executive producer. Chris Van Etten and Dan O’Connor are the show’s co-head writers.

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.

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GH Transcript Friday, November 17, 2023

General Hospital Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


[ Knock on door ]

Laura: Come in.

Jordan: Burning the midnight oil, Mayor?

Laura: Jordan, come in, please. [Chuckles]

We have so much to catch up on, don’t we? Sit down, please. Oh, thank you. Oh, by the way, thank you for attending the town hall meeting for the dockworkers for me. Oh, it was my pleasure. They’re very hard-working citizens that deserve to be heard. Now, I forwarded you a few emails regarding pay increases for some staff members I need you to approve. Yes, I saw it. Thank you. And there are a few issues that came up while you were gone that we need to discuss. Before we get into all of that, I have a question for you. Would you like your position as deputy mayor to be a permanent one? Felicia: I just spoke with your insurance company and resolved the dispute regarding your policy. Your insurance will cover the mri. They’re emailing the approval over as we speak. Thank you for helping me. You’re very welcome. Did mac send you to spy on me? Here on my own. Oh. Well, perfect timing. I’m due for a break. What brings you by? I need your help. I’m glad you’re here. Come in. You need to see this for yourself. Oh, wow. Yeah. Okay. I may have gone overboard. You think? You’re lucky I don’t have allergies. These all arrived within the past hour. This smell is all the way out into the hallway, josslyn. Yeah. Well, I mean, don’t get me wrong. They’re beautiful, but unfortunately, trina isn’t here to see them. How are you doing down here, son? Not too bad, dad. You got dinner smelling good in there. It’ll be ready in about a half an hour. Good, ’cause I have worked up quite the appetite. You increased your reps twice this week. You’re not pushing yourself too hard, are you?

[ Exhales sharply ] You want to take this one? Where’s mom? Well, she’s taking her chief of staff job seriously, so she’s working late. Dinner’s almost ready. Give me a half-hour, I’ll have the table set. It smells great, but I’m not hungry. I’m going to my room. Trina? Honey, you want to tell me what’s going on? No. You know we didn’t have to come here to see my mom. We could have just called her. Just come inside. Let’s go.

[ Mid-tempo music playing ] Hey, guys! Where are the kids? Melanie is watching them for us. Date night? Okay. What do you want? Chili? Burgers? Well, willow actually insisted that we come by to see you. Said you have something to tell me. So, what’s, uh — what’s going on, mom? Oh. Nina offered to sell me back my half of the metro court. Nina: Hey, trish. Trish: Hi. You know, we have a large party coming in tomorrow night. Can you just make sure that they get two bottles of our best red wine? Will do. Okay. Thank you so much. Great. Hey. Hi, handsome. Hi. Thank you for breaking away to have a late dinner with me. Grab us two menus. Of course. Thank you. I thought I’d take full advantage of the metro court while you’re still co-owner. Why did you decide to sell your half back to carly? Yeah, I need everything from the charlotte cassadine shooting on halloween night. Yeah, csi reports, pictures, police officer statements from the scene, forensic evidence, everything. I want it all. Thank you.

[ Knock on door ] Yeah? Excuse me, detective. There’s a guy out here demanding to see you. He says it’s urgent. Who is it? Dr. Gatlin-holt? Yeah, send him in. I’m here to give you what you want.

Before you answer, let me just thank you for helping me and also thank you for your service to the city of port charles. You really did an excellent job while I was away looking for my son. And since I’ve been back, too. I just feel… I feel bad that you had to step in for me. Oh, well, you had some crazy circumstances thrown at you. Your granddaughter was shot and your son was missing. I would have done the same thing. How is charlotte? Physically, she’s on the mend, but emotionally, I think it’s going to take a little while for us to figure out what is really going on with her. Which is actually why I was hoping that maybe you’d want to stay on as deputy mayor. There’s no one I trust more. Well, I appreciate the vote of confidence, but this isn’t an easy decision to make. As you know, I’ve spent my life in law enforcement, and I feel that there’s still a lot of good I can do for the community.

[ Knock on door ] I’m so sorry, jordan. Come in! Does the mayor have a moment for her brother? Please have a seat. I got to say, I expected to see you here. Really? I’m completely shocked that I’m here. But now that I am here, I guess maybe we could just get this over with as quick as we can. That would be great. Sure. So you’re ready to name the person you’re working for and testify against him? Oh, no, no, no, I didn’t say anything about testifying. You need to keep my name out of this. I need complete anonymity, detective. Look, I don’t know what you think this is, but I’m not the invader. I’m not a journalist for the invader. You’re already being looked at as a person of interest in the kidnapping of ava jerome. And now you’re the one that they’re looking at as possibly killing gordon stevens. I didn’t kill gordon stevens. Okay, so… this keeps going the way it’s going, you’re gonna be considered an official suspect. So if you want to produce something in exchange for leniency, now is the time.

[ Recorder beeps ] What did you want my help with? Is it anna? Pretty as well as smart. Yeah. Have you heard from her? Well, we spoke briefly on the phone, and I’ve been sending her texts to check in. And she always responds, but we haven’t actually talked since anna shot charlotte cassadine. Well, you’ve had more contact than I’ve had. She hasn’t responded to any of my calls. I get this wacky text here — “reach out when I can.” I mean, if I didn’t know better, I’d say she was hiding from me. I’m pretty sure she is. I’m sorry. I didn’t — I didn’t mean to be rude. It’s okay, honey. If there’s something bothering you, we both just want to help if we can. I know that. Come on, sit down. Whatever it is, maybe me and your father can help you iron it out. I appreciate that, but I know how you two feel about spencer, so I’m just gonna deal with it myself. Well, I will stay open-minded. Yeah. Me too. It was you, sonny. You’re the one who advised against me holding on to my half of the hotel. Yeah, I know, but that was months ago. Since then, you know, I’ve watched you, and you’ve proven me wrong. You’ve tackled every obstacle and challenge that has been thrown your way. And now the metro court is doing good and the business is booming. Yeah, I’d like to think that I helped with that.

[ Chuckles ] Right. And you and olivia are doing great. I know in the beginning she was tough, but you won her over, and in my experience, that’s not easy to do. No, you’re not kidding. So you’re enjoying running the day-to-day at the hotel. Carly’s settled in at kelly’s, right? Mm-hmm. So we’re all getting along. At least co-existing. So, why would you — why would you want to rock the boat and sell your half to carly? Isn’t it exciting, michael?

[ Chuckles ] Michael: I’m trying to protect my family from you! See, my father is happy right now, so I’m not gonna take that away from him. I’m sure he’ll be happy until he finds out the kind of woman that you really are. I love sonny. I don’t care. I’m not risking my family. You will only see them when I say that it is okay to see them. And you’re gonna do something else for me, too. You’re gonna sell my mother her half of the metro court back. Yeah. Yeah. Wow. Mom, um, when did nina decide she wanted to sell you back her half of the hotel? She stopped by here this morning on her way to work, and that’s when she made the offer. Um, tell me about this offer.

[ Sniffing ] Yeah, it smells like a flower shop or a funeral. I’m not sure which. Really? I don’t think so. You should probably take some of these and donate them at gh. Okay, so, scale of one to ten, how mad at me is trina? Eleven! Okay. Spencer, speaking for myself, if dex threw down with me and told me not to ask him to choose between me and someone else because I wouldn’t like the answer —

[Exhales sharply] Hate to break it to you — it seems like a red flag and possibly a relationship ender. Marshall: That boy gave you an ultimatum? Pop — look, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. We said we’d be neutral. Sorry. But now you understand why I am so frustrated with him.

[ Cellphone chiming ]

[ Sighs ] And not to mention, he keeps blowing up my phone with text messages and phone calls. I know I need to respond. I just — I don’t know what to say.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Stop texting me, spencer. Trina, I have never seen you so upset with spencer.

[ Sighs ] Look, I know I haven’t been your dad that long, but may I offer you some unsolicited parental advice? As long as it’s not just to tell me to talk to spencer again. But, see, that’s exactly what you’ll need to do. But first you need to figure out for yourself what you want to discuss with him. You see, I believe in any romantic relationship, you have to be very clear about what you want and what you’re willing to put up with. So, if you’re willing to do the hard work with your feelings, I think your grandfather and I could — we could help you figure some things out.

[Coughing] Copd hasn’t been pretty.

[ Recorder beeps ] I will give you the name of mason’s boss. I will. I-I’ll do that. As soon as there’s a deal in place. What kind of deal are you talking about? A deal that — a deal that guarantees my freedom. Immunity from prosecution. And I’m not gonna set foot in a courtroom and testify against anybody. Look, doc, you’re just not in a position to negotiate right now, so… dante, I don’T… …I guess this conversation is over. …Think that you really… you can see yourself out. …Understand the risk that I took coming here.

[ Sighs ] If my boss finds out that I’m here before you get a chance to bring him into custody, I’m a dead man. Deputy mayor ashford, it’s good to see you. You’re looking well. Mm. Congratulations on your hardship release from prison. Not many people who’ve done what you have are given yet another chance to become a productive citizen. And I am grateful for the opportunity. It’s why I came by this evening. I wanted to share news with my sister. About what? I found gainful employment. Really? Doing what? Washing dishes at the port charles grill. Why would anna be hiding from me? I mean, she can’t possibly think I’m gonna prosecute her for the cassadine shooting. I think it’s the opposite. Anna probably feels like you may come under scrutiny if you don’t prosecute her.

[ Sighs ] Everyone knows the history you two share.

[ Scoffs ] It’s a hell of a time to be thinking about my reputation. Well, maybe it’s even simpler. Maybe anna knows that she got herself into this situation and it’s on her and her alone to get herself out. How do I figure out what I want? Maybe we start by ruling out a few things first. Trina, do you want to break up with spencer? No, of course not. See? There it is. Sometimes we figure out what we want by knowing what we don’t want. And from what you’ve told us, you don’t want spencer, esme, and ace living together, either. It’s at least better now that kevin and laura are back in town. But, yes, in a perfect world, spencer would not share a home with esme and ace. Why is that? Because…

[ Breathes deeply ] Because… spencer is ace’s brother. He’s not his dad. You know, I spoke with laura when she got back from europe, and she received confirmation that nikolas is alive, and by his own free will, he’s choosing to stay away from port charles and being an active father in spencer and ace’s lives. So, can you blame spencer for wanting to play a role in his brother’s life? Yes! This whole thing is just so messy. I mean, esme is — is spencer’s ex-girlfriend, and I know she doesn’t remember that part of her life, but I do, and — and there’s still that history of them being a couple together. And now they’re taking parenting classes together, they’re living together, and I’m just not comfortable with it. I’ve been patient and I’ve been understanding and I’ve reached my limit. I’m done. That’s something you’re gonna have to tell spencer. I know that I blew it. I — I lost my temper. Yeah, well, you have a tendency to do that. I threw down an ultimatum, and, look, I don’t want to have to carry that out. Well, you raised an important question. If you had to choose, would you rather be with trina or live with esme and ace? I don’t know. I don’t know. I guess I was fooling myself to think that this scenario could continue on like this for forever. Type 2 diabetes? Discover the ozempic tri-zone.

I have another question for you. But since I also got a late start at being your granddad, let me give you a brief history on myself. Your grandmother, irene — she wasn’t my first girlfriend, but she was my first love. In fact, that buttermilk cornbread baking in the oven — that’s her secret recipe. I’ll teach it to you sometime.

[ Chuckles ] I don’t even know how to make the cornbread. I loved irene. I loved her with all my heart and soul. For the longest time, I thought that she would be my only romantic love. That is, until I met epiphany johnson. May she rest in peace. I’m sorry you lost epiphany. Thank you. Trina, is spencer the first boy you’ve been in love with? Yeah. For the most part. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Those answers don’t seem to go together. You care to explain what you mean? Joss has been my best friend since junior high, and when she got involved with oscar, our friend group solidified around joss and oscar and me and cameron. And when oscar got diagnosed with cancer… mm. …And eventually died, um, things got really intense and emotional. I’m sorry you lost your friend to cancer. It was hard. But cam and i spent a lot of time being joss’s support system, helping her deal with the loss of oscar. And [Chuckles] If I’m being honest, I had really strong feelings for cam. You did? Yeah. But that was a long time ago, and what I felt for cam is nothing like how I feel for spencer. He’s the real deal. And I thought that he was gonna be my future, but… but what? But I think I might have been wrong. Your situation with ace, esme, and trina can’t continue. That’s obvious. I love trina so much. The more time that we spend together, the deeper the connection I feel with her. She’s so smart. She’s so… she’s so passionate. She’s so real. She’s a beautiful person, and I’d never want to hurt her, josslyn. And I would never want to give her up. Then maybe that’s your answer. Okay. Okay. But she’s also an adult. She is responsible, and she is capable I mean…she survived my uncle victor and all the crazy that happened while we were in greenland together. Ace is a baby. His father abandoned him. And I know what that feels like. And while I don’t think that esme is a bad person — anymore — I don’t think that she would be able to give ace the kind of life that he deserves on her own. What do you mean? Like financially? Like financially and emotionally and just, like, the overall general support that ace is going to need growing up. Mm-hmm. That’s fair. I just know in my heart that my little brother needs me. And isn’t what a baby needs more important? So then while I was getting nina’s to-go order ready, I noticed she was having a very intense conversation with martin gray out front. But then drew showed up and surprised me and I got a little distracted. It is so great having him home. It is. It feels so good knowing he’s not in danger anymore and he’s back home where he belongs. You know, it just makes me so happy. Then drew left and I brought nina her order to her and that’s when she offered to sell me back my half of the metro court. Do you think that her selling her half of the metro court back to you was what she was talking about with martin? Well, she did say what she was discussing with martin concerned me. That’s when she presented the offer. And that’s when willow arrived. I knew the second I heard about it that it was the perfect way to heal our family. You know, sonny, I recently got some really great advice. Instead of making enemies, I should start making more friends. And you thought you would start with carly? No, it’s —

[ Laughs ] It’s not like I’m deceiving myself into thinking that, you know, carly and i will ever be friends. It’s not that. It’s just we — we have a lot of people in common, people that — that we love. And we should stop clawing at each other, you know, and continuing this armed truce of gritting our teeth and waiting to take the other one down. I couldn’t agree more. Yeah. I just think it’s better for everyone if we — if we left the past in the past, right? And the best way that I can do that is to sell carly back her half of the hotel. You know how independent anna is, robert. To a fault. As much as you want to fix this for her, she’s the one who shot charlotte. She needs to find her own way to deal with this and move past it. I hope she’s not avoiding me because of valentin cassadine. Valentin? Yeah. I-I never trusted the guy. Any cassadine, for that matter. I mean, I told her over and over again that this relationship she had with him would end in disaster. And here we are. Mind you, nobody could have predicted a disaster quite like this one.

[ Sighs ] I just hope she doesn’t think that I’m gonna say “I told you so.” Anna knows you better than that. Look, man, there isn’t gonna be a deal until you give us your boss’s name. Alright, you don’t want to testify, that’s fine, but you got to give us some other evidence, documents, records, something… okay. …That we can use… yes. That’ll get mason to flip on this guy or something that we can use in court that proves your boss’s guilt. Okay. I can do that. I can — I can do that. Great. You do that, and I’ll talk to the da about a deal. Okay. Uh, yeah. I know you don’t like me, dante. I-I get it. I can — I mean, I can see why. But I’m not a bad guy. I’m just a guy who’s been coerced into doing a lot of things that I knew weren’t the right thing to do. So, thank you. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to finally do the right thing.

[ Door closes ] My mom’s alzheimer’s never changed how much we love her. Something you don’t know about me, laura, is I worked as a cook back in my youth. And I believe, with a little hard work and determination, I should be able to move my way up at the port charles grill. How did you get the job? The manager is part of a network of businesses who work with a charity to end recidivism. They give formerly incarcerated people like myself a chance at employment. Well, congratulations, cyrus. Oh. But as you can see, jordan and I were right in the middle of a meeting, so I’m afraid you’re gonna have to — of course. I stopped by unannounced. I — it’s — it’s just — it’s great to see you, laura.

[ Door closes ] I don’t believe a word that came out of his mouth. Do you? Trina, I think you need to talk to spencer about priorities. Because family is important, and a priority. I get that. But family can’t be more significant than your primary relationship, right? Right. Okay, for example, take your grandfather. He’s very important to me, and so is aunt stella. And you, my love. You’re a huge priority for me. But your mom, as my wife, she is my primary relationship first and foremost. Now, I’m not suggesting that you go off and get married or that you’re even ready for it. But I do know how important your relationship is with spencer. Yeah, it is. But is he your first priority? I totally get that you just want to take care of your little brother.

Ahh! Yes. Exactly. Why is that so difficult for people to understand, josslyn? It’s not difficult for people to understand. But have you thought about what that looks like? Does that look like you, esme, and ace all living together, while at the same time you and trina are a couple? You’re going on trips together. You’re spending time together. But every night you go home to esme and ace. Would that be so impossible? No, it wouldn’t be impossible. But it wouldn’t be fair to anyone, including you. You shouldn’t have lost your half of the metro court to begin with… well — …any more than drew should have had to go to prison and suffer what he did. Yeah. None of it was fair to either of you. The whole insider trading indictment was wrong. Thankfully, it’s over now. And drew is free and back home where he belongs, rebuilding his life. And if you think about it, all that’s left now to balance the scales is for you to get your hotel back. If only it were that simple. I can’t just accept nina’s offer. I have to figure out how I’m gonna pay for it. And that’s where you come in. I’m assuming that you found out about this offer because carly wanted to talk it over with you? Why didn’t you think of telling me? Well, sonny, you have a relationship with carly. I’m always gonna respect that. And, you know, I’m not gonna run to you in advance to get you on my side so you view my actions from my perspective. I’m a business woman. Right. This is a business transaction between carly and me. It really has nothing to do with you at all. Nina… you’re not that naive.

[Deep exhale] Yeah, mom, I can give youthe money you need to buy back your half of the metro court on whatever terms you want. I mean, you can take it as a gift if you want. I don’t — either way. Let michael do this for you, carly. Yeah, I want to, mom. No. Absolutely not. Look, when my life was falling apart, josslyn offered to give me half of her trust, and I turned her down, just like I’m turning you down. I love you. But I can’t take your money. Okay. Alright. Just — just hear me out for a minute. Look, I have been very fortunate financially. I run aurora, and I have the second largest amount of voting stock at elq. I mean, jason set me up with a substantial trust fund when I was a baby, so… look, what I’m trying to say is I have benefited greatly from the generosity of my family my entire life. And I’d like to give something back to you. If anyone deserves it, mom, it’s you, so… look, I want to do this for you. So, you just told me that offering carly half of the hotel was a peacemaking gesture? Well, it’s the best one I could think of. So it wasn’t just a simple business transaction? It was more than that, right? And I appreciate you leaving me out of it, but I’m already involved because you’re my wife. Carly’s the mother of my children. We’re gonna be tied for life. So this affects our entire family. Okay. Alright. You’re right. If that’s the case… did you advise carly to take my offer? I honestly don’t know what to make of cyrus anymore. Well, you have to trust your instinct, laura. Well, it’s just that I know how dangerous he can be, but I also know how close he came to death with this — this heart attack of his. So, maybe this new perspective of his is real. No! No, you know, he’s an older man, and he’s in poor health. Maybe now he just wants a simple life as a dishwasher. I don’t believe that, and I don’t trust him. I know cyrus lives for one thing and one thing only — power. And that’ll never change.

[ Sighs ] Well, it’s late and it’s been a long day. This better be good. I wouldn’t have called you here if it wasn’t, robert. What do you got? I’ve been squeezing austin gatlin-holt, trying to get him to give up his cousin and the guy they work for, the guy we think is responsible for kidnapping ava jerome. Well, maybe you should squeeze a bit harder. Well, he’s willing to give up his boss’s name and corroborating evidence, but he wants a deal. What are you doing here?

[ Gunshots ] Esme is gonna meet someone. Nger you stay in thispseudo-family with esme and ace, the more it’s gonna hurt when it blows up. And it will. You know it will. Esme is gonna meet someone. She’s gonna want a life of her own. And trina deserves better than you fitting her in when you’re not hanging out with them. Okay. Okay. So, what’s the alternative? Bowing out? I just let esme take ace, and they move into their little apartment and I get to visit on weekends? Yes. Nope. No. No, I’m not gonna do that. And I refuse to accept that as a reality. I’m not gonna let esme take my little brother away from me. Okay, see, this is exactly how you would operate when we were children. Oh, come on. You wanted what you wanted, and you never stopped to consider who could get hurt in the process and what it would cost. You are an adult now. You have to slow down and realize that you are not going to get everything you want. This time, you really do have to choose. Is spencer my priority? I don’t like the sound of that or what it implies. I want a career. And because of that, I feel like my education should be my first priority. I don’t think your dad was suggesting that you prioritize a man over your invaluable education. Absolutely not. Honey, I know I had nothing to do with your decision to go to college or for you choosing art as your major. But I am very proud of you for pursuing your dreams. Okay, let me think. How can I simplify this? Who is the first person you text in the morning and the last person you text at night? Is it your mom? Is it josslyn? No. It’s spencer. First and last. There you go. And now you have your answer. And you have your question for spencer. Because is it the same for him? I know better than to offer carly advice, but I hope she takes your offer. Oh. You do? Why? Because once she’s, you know, running things at the metro court again, we could stop rehashing the past and move forward. That would be nice. But I don’t think carly sees it the way I do because she just told me that she’s happy to be working at kelly’s and that she appreciates that bobbie let her have the diner as a safety net. So she wants to stay there. But I want to say, even if carly doesn’t accept your offer, um, I appreciate what you did. Thank you. Because you are the bigger person. And you’re the one trying to make peace with our family. Thank you both so much for caring. That’s what family does. I got to admit, I was thrown a little bit off my game when nina presented the offer. I think we all were. And I’ve been, uh… thinking a lot about it. I really have. And I appreciate that nina made the offer. I really do. And I believe she did it for you and the kids because she wants to mend fences and she wants to make peace. So… so, you’re going to accept the money from michael? I can’T. I… I can’t accept nina’s offer. Mom — michael, as badly as I want my hotel back, it won’t feel like mine if i don’t get it back on my own. You will be in a better position to keep an eye on cyrus as the police commissioner. And if he violates the terms of his release, you can bust him. You won’t be able to do that as deputy mayor. So, whatever decision you make, I will respect. No. You know what? I refuse to make cyrus my obsession, to become captain ahab, chasing him down to my own detriment. He’s not worth that. Before he came in, I was about to accept the position as deputy mayor permanently. And I see no reason to change my mind. I see no reason to, either. Thank you so much, jordan. I really believe that together we will be an effective team and that together we will be able to do some really good things for the people of port charles. I’m counting on it.

[ Chuckles ] Man: Excuse me, mrs. Scorpio? Oh, hi, mr. Williams. How did it go? Oh, everything went smoothly. Oh, that’s great. I checked, and the hospital received the approval from your insurance company. Ah. I wouldn’t have been able to get my mri if it wasn’t for you. So, thank you. Oh, I was just doing my job. So, where did you leave the good dr. Gatlin-holt? Well, he says he’s got evidence against mason and his still nameless boss. He’s gone to retrieve it, apparently, and he will hand it over if we make a deal with him and give him immunity. Hmm. So, what do you think about this guy? I mean, this austin — is he on the up-and-up? I don’t know, I think at this point he’s just scrambling, trying to save his own skin. But he is motivated to put his boss away before his boss knows that he’s turned on him. I say we give him the deal. Mm. The da’s office could never make a case against austin abetting the ava jerome kidnapping. So, you get a name and evidence of guilt

[Chuckles] He can have immunity.

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GH Short Recap Friday, November 17, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Trina talks to Marshall and Curtis about Spencer. Curtis and Marshall advise Trina to talk to Spencer and ask him if he is going to make his relationship with her a priority. Spencer talks to Josslyn about his relationship with Trina and how much Ace needs him in his life. Josslyn tells Spencer that he needs to grow up and make a difficult choice for the first time in his life. Josslyn tells Spencer that this situation isn’t fair to Trina, Esme, or Ace.

Jordan accepts Laura’s job offer to become the deputy Mayor permanently.

Carly tells Michael and Willow she can’t accept Anna’s offer to sell her back the Metro Court because she doesn’t have the money to buy it. Michael offers to loan Carly the money, but she turns down his offer because she wants to buy back the hotel on her own. Carly tells Willow she appreciates Anna’s effort to make peace with her.

Austin goes to Dante and tells him that he is going to give them all the evidence they need to prosecute his boss as long as he gets an immunity deal and he doesn’t have to testify in court. Robert tells Dante that he agrees to give Austin immunity as long as they can put his boss in jail. Austin arrives home and asks an unseen person “what are you doing here?” The person shoots Austin and leaves him on the couch covered in blood. The audience sees black shoes walk out of Austin’s house.

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