Y&R Short Recap Friday, March 1, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

Danny tells Phyllis that he is leaving on a tour in two weeks, so she persuades him to cook a farewell dinner for her. Phyllis tells Danny she is going to buy out a restaurant so he can make her pasta with his famous pasta sauce.

Nina is in town for a few days and she and Christine meet for coffee and have a long talk about Danny and Phyllis. Nina advises Christine to find something to keep her busy and put some distance between her and Danny so Danny can finally make a choice between her and Phyllis.

Victoria and Cole prepare Claire to handle the press once the story breaks that she is their daughter. Jordan searches the internet and discovers Claire is free from the hospital and is now living with Cole and Victoria.

Seth meets Nikki at Crimson Lights. Seth tells Nikki all about Isabel. Nikki suspects Isabel is Jordan who used Seth to get to her. Nikki asks Seth to keep stringing Isabel along and then call her and tell her what Jordan is planning to do. Seth agrees to help her catch Jordan. Nikki arrives at the ranch and tells everyone she may have a way to catch Jordan.

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Y&R Short Recap Thursday, February 29, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


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Recap written by Eva

Kyle and Mariah have a long talk and Mariah helps him realize that he needs to stop acting like a victim and take responsibility for the decisions he has made. Mariah advises Kyle to figure out what he wants to do with his life.

Traci tells Kyle that he and Summer will have to find a new nanny for Harrison because his nanny had to leave for a while to take care of her mother who is sick.

Claire is released from the hospital and Victoria takes her home to the Newman Ranch. Claire is so happy to finally be home with her family.

Jordan calls the hospital pretending to be Nikki and is told Claire has been released today. Jordan wonders why she was released so early and begins to search for Claire’s location.

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Y&R Transcript Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Young & The Restless Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Knock on door ]

Michael: Knock, knock. I got your message. You wanted to see me?

Claire: Yes, thank you. Come in.

[ Michael chuckling ]

Michael: I love what you’ve done with the place.

Claire: Yeah, it’s hard to make this place homey.

Michael: Hm. Maybe some other art? Perhaps a colorful throw.

Claire: I’ve decided I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get out of here. I want to take victor up on his offer.

Michael: Wow. Oh. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting to hear from you so soon.

Claire: There’s no reason to wait. The sooner my aunt’s dealt with, the better. Do you think you can arrange my release?

[ Michael chuckling ]

Michael: I’ve already got the ball rolling.

Claire: But I’ve only just decided.

Michael: That’s true.

Claire: Victor told me to call you if and when I was willing to go along with his plan. He said it was my decision to make. Is that a lie?

Victoria: It’s not right, dad. You keep going behind my back, trying to influence claire.

Victor: I am doing everything to keep our family safe. Why can’t you see that? Hi, sweetheart. How are you feeling?

Victoria: Hi, mom. I hope you were able to get some rest. Dad told me that you had an unsettling morning.

Nikki: I had a good nap. How are you?

Victoria: Fine.

Nikki: I heard raised voices and the two of you got awfully quiet when you saw me, so… why don’t you tell me what’s really going on?

Victoria: Dad is being impossible.

Victor: And you are being obstinate.

Tucker: Meet for a drink?

Ashley: Yeah. You know, it’s when people get together and they have a glass of wine. Or, in your case, a bourbon neat. So, what do you say? Athletic club lounge?

Tucker: I’m in the middle of something.

Ashley: Mm. Audra’s there.

Tucker: Yeah, you’re damn right she’s here.

Audra: Who is it? We have work to go over, tucker.

Tucker: What the hell is it you want, ashley?

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Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by…

Ashley: I mean, what is the big deal? I’m simply inviting an old friend out for a drink.

Audra: Don’t be coy. It doesn’t suit you.

Ashley: I guess I got under your skin, huh? Just because I’m back in the game again?

Audra: The only game you are playing. Look, I’m not upset about your pathetic attempts to win back tucker. I’m actually embarrassed for you.

Ashley: Oh, really? Audra, you do know that I am the only woman that tucker has ever loved. So, this is just another chapter in our book.

Audra: Yeah, okay, but you seem to forget that I had a front-row seat to your last go-round. Okay, I’ve seen the dance, and this always ends the same way, with tucker’s heart broken. But you know who has always been there for him? He knows who cares about him, who will always be by his side. No one wants to play with you, ashley. Least of all, tucker.

Ashley: Are you threatening me again? Did you tell tucker about that?

Audra: Yes, he knows about that, which is exactly why I know how unwelcomed your attempts are. He warned me against provoking you because he is as sick of this as I am.

Ashley: Hm. I think I feel another warning coming on.

Audra: It’s just a clarification. How about you have some dignity and leave us both alone?

Claire: I thought this was my decision to make.

Michael: Of course it is. I’m just doing my job. When you work for victor newman, there’s no such thing as failure, so I always like to do as much as I can, as soon as I can, before getting the green light.

Claire: Sounds like victor assumed he’d get his way.

Michael: The law is a complicated, bureaucratic beast, and your case, let’s face it, is an gnarly one with many moving parts. So, when I heard that you might request release, I, uh, I had to anticipate. Which means putting some things in motion so it works smoothly when and if all the players agree.

Claire: And if all the players don’t agree?

Michael: If the trigger hasn’t been pulled yet, which it hasn’t, no harm, no foul. It’s a win-win.

Claire: Hm. You are good at your job, aren’t you?

Michael: The best.

Claire: That was smooth, but I’m still not sure I believe you. I think you’re covering for my grandfather.

Michael: Does it change your mind about moving forward?

Claire: It’s time to be who my family needs me to be. That means helping catch jordan any way I can.

Michael: So, green. Go.

Claire: Full speed ahead.

Nikki: I assume this has to do with your plans for claire?

Victoria: Not only has dad pressured claire to help trap jordan, now he’s ordered michael baldwin to have her released early. Which cole and I found out after the fact because dad went behind my back to discuss it with claire directly because he knew that I wouldn’t agree with it.

Nikki: Is that true?

Victor: I am doing what is best for our family. Can’t you see that?

Victoria: In spite of the fact that cole and I and mom made it clear that we don’t want claire put at risk in that way.

Victor: She will not be put at risk. Besides, it’ll give us a chance to remove jordan as a threat that she is to all of us.

Victoria: Daddy, would you please listen to me? You’re ignoring the other damage that can be done here. Claire is… she’s finally beginning to believe that we love her and that we care about her and that she’s worth something. I mean, when you called yourself her grandfather, it made her feel accepted. It made her feel included, dad. She’s starting to believe that she is a newman.

Victor: And she is. And that is why she’s willing to help.

Victoria: But what risk? Putting her in jordan’s path, it could undo all the progress that she’s made. Please, mom. Please back me on this. Make dad… make him see reason here. Stop this madness. Cole and I lost out on so many years of trying to protect her. We’re trying to make up for that now.

Nikki: And you have been her fierce protectors. I know I was hard on her in the beginning, but I have since come to see her strength and her poise. And I respect all the work that you all have done to overcome the damage that jordan has caused. Those are gains that can’t be lost.

Victoria: Do you see, dad? Even mom agrees. Why can’t you see reason?

Nikki: Actually, those are the reasons that I’m starting to think your father’s plan makes sense. Cinnadust

Victoria: I can’t believe that you’re taking dad’s side on this.

Nikki: I have been trying to trap jordan myself. To provoke her out of hiding the next time she calls to taunt me. But she thrives on tormenting me, so who’s to say that she will reveal herself, even if I challenge her if and when she calls?

Victor: You understand, that is what is best. That claire lure that woman out of hiding.

Nikki: I’m afraid I agree. I mean, knowing that claire is free and living under our roof, jordan won’t be able to help herself. She will make a move.

Victor: And that’s when we will catch her.

Nikki: She made it very clear to me that she is coming for us. We will not truly be safe until she’s dealt with.

Victoria: And you want to put my daughter in that psychopath’s crosshairs to do it? Do you want a repeat of what almost happened at the cabin?

Victor: Sweetheart, no harm will come to claire. I promise you. End of discussion.

Victoria: Look, mom. I understand that you want to protect your family. I understand that. I’m a mother. But how can you and daddy possibly be willing to– to– to put claire at risk to do it?

Nikki: Darling, your father has promised she will be safe. And she seems willing to do it.

Victoria: Fine. Okay, great. Well, then I’ll just play the same newman card that dad played to get claire to agree to this crazy plan. I’ll tell her if she goes along with it that, then I’m going to turn my back on her. And then maybe this– the threat of losing everything that she’s gained will put an end to this insane idea.

Claire: What can I do to help? Do I need to talk to my doctors?

Michael: No, no, no. Just sit back and let me work my magic. By the way, the reports from your doctors are exemplary. They’ll go a long way to helping me convince a judge that you’re no longer a threat to yourself or to your family.

Claire: And I suppose the newman name pulls some weight.

[ Michael chuckling ]

Michael: It can be helpful having the newman family on your side on this.

Claire: Given what I’ve put them through, do you think a judge will agree to let me be released to them?

Michael: I can be very convincing. But I should warn you, part of my argument is going to include restrictions on what you can do, given that you’ll be under the newman’s roof in their protective custody.

Claire: I guess I haven’t really thought about what that’ll actually look like. Getting out of here and living as a newman.

Michael: I’m sure you’ll be well provided for. Once they’ve included you in the fold, they’re extremely loyal.

Claire: I was thinking more in terms of safety. Mine and theirs. My aunt… she’s devious.

Michael: Hm. Well, of course, victor and the court will insist on heightened security. You’ll be required to check in regularly. And you’ll have to continue your therapy on an outpatient basis.

Claire: Absolutely. It’s helped me so much already. I don’t want to lose all the progress I’ve made.

Michael: So, you’re not bothered by all of those stipulations?

Claire: I’m not. What do you think the odds are that a judge will agree to my release?

Michael: I don’t like to think in terms of odds. That implies luck. I like to bank on skill. And as we’ve already established, you’ve got the best lawyer you could possibly have.

Claire: I admire your modesty.

Michael: Humility doesn’t win cases. Brilliance and ego, on the other hand, win lots.

Claire: Well then, I guess I just sit and wait.

[ Michael chuckling ]

Michael: Be ready. You could be starting your new life as a newman by breakfast tomorrow.

Ashley: Well, I know you see me as a threat, audra. That’s why you grabbed the phone as soon as you heard it was me.

Audra: Because I’m tired of you wasting our time.

Ashley: Or you’re terrified that tucker’s going to agree to meet me. Or worse yet, you might hear it in his voice that he is not over me.

Audra: Tucker wants nothing to do with you.

Ashley: Then, let him tell me that to my face.

Audra: That’s not going to happen. You lost any power you had over him. You don’t get to call the shots. Just have a nice life!

Ashley: That didn’t work out the way you wanted, did it? It’s time to let go. Move on. It’s a mistake. Stop clinging. Nothing good will come of it. Just give it time. He’ll come around. He can’t resist me.

Tucker: Uh, are you going to fill me in?

Audra: Nothing to report. You heard everything I said.

Tucker: What about everything ashley said?

Audra: She’s desperate. Wouldn’t take no for an answer. You know, she wants you to tell her to her face that you’re moving on.

Tucker: Did she. Maybe that’s a good idea. Sometimes, the lows of bipolar depression

Audra: You’re playing right into ashley’s hands if you give her what she wants.

Tucker: Not necessarily.

Audra: And why does she need to hear it from you in yet another face-to-face meeting? After everything she’s put you through, she’s now playing these games? If you agree to see her, you’re letting her win.

Tucker: Not if I tell her in no uncertain terms that it’s over.

Audra: You know, the best thing to do is to just ignore her.

Tucker: But you didn’t do that, did you? Hey. As much as I appreciate you running interference for me, I think it’s a mistake. It just fuels her. I have to be the one to shut her down.

Audra: And I’m telling you, it’s a trap. Some trick she has up her sleeve to pay you back for making her look so foolish after paris.

Tucker: She handled that all on her own.

Audra: Yeah, well, all the more reason she’s going to want to have the upper hand again.

Tucker: She can’t win me back, honey.

Audra: Then, why bother?

Tucker: Because I think it’s better to just be absolutely clear.

Audra: You know what? I can see it. You’ve already made up your mind. Just go have that drink with her.

Tucker: I have one condition, though.

Audra: What’s that?

Tucker: You come with me.

Audra: Oh, no thank you.

Tucker: No, it’s like you said.

Audra: Look, I’ve had my share of your ex today.

Tucker: We have nothing to hide, do we? You have been the one by my side all this time. She needs to see that. For me?

Audra: Fine. But don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Tucker: Where are you?

[ Ashley sighing ]

[ Phone chiming ]

Ashley: Well.

Cole: Hey. Up for a visitor?

Claire: Hi, yes. I’m glad you came by. I was hoping to talk to you about victor’s latest plan.

Cole: Oh, well, that’s actually why I’m here. I just wanted to see how you’re doing with all this scheming about how to deal with jordan. I know you’re feeling pressure to help.

Claire: I feel a responsibility.

Cole: Well, no one’s blaming you for jordan’s actions.

Claire: Maybe I still do.

Cole: Claire, please don’t let that motivate your decision. The trauma she put you through, it’s still fresh. You’re still dealing with it.

Claire: And I’m working through it, with so much help. But I promise you, I’ve considered this from all sides.

Cole: Okay. Well, as long as you go into this with your eyes open, I support your decision and I got your back.

Claire: That means a lot. That you have faith in me. And my decisions.

Cole: I have faith in you.

Claire: Good. Because I’ve agreed to go along with victor’s plan. Michael just left. He said I could be released as early as tomorrow morning, if all goes well.

Cole: Wow. Wow, okay.

Claire: You’re angry.

Cole: No, no, I’m worried. I’m not mad. Like I said, I support your decision.

Claire: But it’s not what you’d hoped.

Cole: I don’t love victor’s scheme, no. And your mom is really opposed to it. We just, we don’t like the risk involved here.

Claire: I hate to make the two of you worry, but I need to do this. You all need to be safe from jordan.

Cole: And you need to be protected as well. And not just from jordan. So, I gotta ask. Are you really ready to face the outside world again?

Nikki: Victoria. You are not going to threaten to turn your back on claire.

Victoria: Why not? Maybe it’s the only way to make you both see how serious I am.

Nikki: You know you would never follow through with that.

Victoria: Watch me.

Nikki: Darling. You have been given too great a gift in getting your daughter back to cut her off now.

Victoria: Which is why I can’t stand the thought of losing her again.

Nikki: And I understand your fear, I really do, but I am asking you to please trust your father on this.

Victoria: There has to be another way. There is another way, if dad cared enough to find it. Claire has been through enough. And I’m tired of you both ignoring my feelings about this. I love that my daughter still needs me.

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Victor: What happened, baby?

Nikki: Victoria stormed out.

Victor: Oh. So, I guess you weren’t able to talk any sense into her?

Nikki: She’s furious with both of us.

Victor: But thank you for backing me up, okay?

Nikki: I just hate seeing the terror in her eyes. She’s so scared for her daughter and she thinks we don’t care about that.

Victor: I’m sorry about all that, but you know sometimes to reach an end goal, one has to go through some pain.

Nikki: So, if michael can get claire released, then what happens?

Victor: We bring her here to the ranch. She’ll stay with us, safe. Victoria can see her. She’ll put aside her anger at us and join her daughter.

Nikki: I don’t know. Victoria can be pretty stubborn. But, I do see your point. Victoria will want to make sure that claire feels safe and is a family member.

Victor: And then, we make a big smash in the press about a long lost daughter coming back to join her family again.

Nikki: What?

Victor: And we show a picture with claire and victoria and cole.

Nikki: Victor, why would we call attention to all of us who live here? I mean that seems very risky even with security.

Victor: Listen to my argument, okay? We will stage the photo, as if it was taken in victoria’s house. That would be the trap.

Claire: It would be silly to pretend I’m not nervous. Jordan is dangerous. But michael promised victor will have plenty of security for me. For everyone.

Cole: There are other considerations.

Claire: Would this have been my first choice of when and how to be released? No.

Cole: Why not wait?

Claire: Because my family needs this. And I owe you all for everything that I put you through and everything you’ve done for me since. You could have just locked me up and never looked back.

Cole: No, no we couldn’T.

[ Cole sighs ]

Claire: Well, I’m starting to understand that. But don’t you see? There’s so much love that I missed out on and now, I can be a part of it by doing this.

Cole: And you’re going to have our love whether you do this or not. I just hate to see you lose all the momentum that you’ve had with your treatments here.

Claire: My therapy doesn’t have to stop. I can keep doing it outpatient. I will not miss this room or the food.

Cole: Wait a minute, I thought you loved the pudding.

Claire: There is one thing I’ll miss. Visiting the kids in the children’s ward.

Cole: Well, I don’t see why you can’t keep that up. I mean, you could visit after your therapy sessions. I think that’s something we could figure out.

Claire: I’d love that. It’s the highlight of my day right now.

Cole: And you know, I’m not sure how victoria wants to handle it, but you do have younger siblings to meet.

Claire: I’ve thought of that. To be honest, the thought of meeting them scares me. I just, I can’t imagine what it’ll be like for them finding out they have an older sister.

Cole: Well, I’m sure their parents will, you know, get them prepared for whatever they need to know. And I think that everyone has time to get used to the idea.

Claire: I didn’t have anyone but jordan for so long. But now, to have siblings, and holidays, and sunday dinners.

Cole: All of that. Hey, listen, don’t be surprised if you get roped into doing some babysitting every now and then.

Claire: I’d love that. We’re gonna watch movies and eat popcorn.

Cole: Oh, look at you, all ready for the big time.

Claire: Yeah, spending time with the kids here, it’S… it’s been the best therapy.

Cole: Well, it’s because you’re really, really good at it.

Claire: They’re so innocent, and insightful and intuitive. They see the world in such a positive way. It’s part of why I feel ready to do this, to go out into the world. They have so much hope, and they’re right. There’s still so much to do, and see, and feel. And I’m ready to start.

Ashley: I knew it. She demanded that you drag her along. I don’t think she’d trust you to be alone with me.

Tucker: I asked her to come.

Ashley: Oh, yeah? You’re appeasing the jealous girlfriend? Just pull up a chair, audra.

Audra: Look, I have no interest in joining you. I only agreed to come because tucker wants to make it clear to you that we’re together now.

Ashley: Does he?

Audra: He thought that maybe if you heard it from both of us, you’d just finally get the message and stop wasting our time with your pathetic attempts to win him back.

Ashley: I’m not trying to win him back.

Audra: No, your actions have said it loud and clear.

Ashley: Mm, just a misinterpretation.

Audra: This is pointless. Tell her it’s over. That your relationship no longer has a chance in hell. Yeah, she can believe it or not, but please, just, let’s get out of here.

Ashley: Yeah, tucker, tell me. Tell me it’s over and that we don’t have a second chance.

Reese’s eggs are back

Tucker: I think it would be a third chance, or fourth, or fifth. I don’t know, I lost track.

Ashley: Did you see how he deftly avoided our request? You can’t really say it to her.

Tucker: You didn’t let me finish. The fact that we keep screwing things up too many times to count should have told me something. You and I don’t work. Never have, never will. And I’ve just been too dumb to realize it. Until now.

Ashley: Is that really how you feel? Really. How you feel?

Audra: Oh my god, ashley. You know, you say that you don’t want him back, but look at you, it’s clearly all you can think about.

Ashley: Yeah, you’re right. Let’s drop the charade. We all know how this is gonna go. You love me. I know you do.

[ Tucker sighs ] And I love you too. I am that woman that you wanted me to be when we were in paris on our honeymoon. And I know that together you and I can take glissade, and turn it into that powerhouse that we both planned on it being. I want it back, I want what we had back, tucker. And I know it’s my fault. I caused our marriage to blow up, I– I made it all fall apart, but I can fix it. And as far as you’re concerned, you can just walk away because you’re not gonna win this fight. You know that everything I’m saying is the truth. We can have everything we ever dreamed of. I know you can’t resist that.

[ Tucker sighs ]

Audra: Wow. Classy.

Victor: Tell him to send him in.

Nikki: You’re right. If jordan sees claire with victoria and cole together as a family, she won’t be able to resist that.

Victor: She’ll make a move, and we’ll be ready.

Nikki: Yeah, there’s just one problem.

Victor: What?

Nikki: How do we get victoria to agree to a staged photo shoot?

Victor: Well, try to talk her into it.

[ Nikki sighs ]

Nikki: What if I fail?

Victor: Well, then you try again, my love, okay?

Michael: Ah! Sorry to interrupt you.

Nikki: Oh, my goodness.

Michael: I just met with claire. She is all in.

Victor: As I knew she would be.

Michael: Yeah, all right. She’s a bit nervous to be out in the world, vulnerable to jordan.

Victor: Did you assure her of our security?

Michael: I did. I should tell you that she’s also upset that you were intending to go through with her being released, even if she didn’t give the okay.

Nikki: Why would she think that?

Victor: Because it’s the truth. Question is, how did she know?

Michael:Uh, she guessed when I mentioned having already laid some of the groundwork. I tried to smooth it over, but she’s very savvy.

Victor: Oh, well. She’s a newman.

Victoria: Oh, good.

Cole: Hey.

Victoria: I’m here. Hi. Um, I was just with my parents. Look, we need to put an end to his craziness.

Claire: Before you say more, I’ve told michael to go ahead with my release.

Victoria: No, no, you have to give me another chance to change your mind.

Cole: Well, she and I have discussed it and she’s pretty set on it.

Claire: There’s nothing you could say to sway me.

Victoria: Do you even know the details of my father’s plan? I mean, how does he intend to use you to get this message to jordan? What is the message, anyway? I mean, what happens after that?

Claire: I don’t know the specifics, but when jordan hears that I’ve been released, victor assumes she’ll come out of hiding, and I agree. I think it’s a good bet.

Victoria: No, no. Look, it all sounds so simple and obvious, but I’m just afraid that there’s more to it. That he’s keeping you, he’s keeping all of us in the dark for another reason.

Cole: And that reason is?

Victoria: I think there’s a bigger risk involved.

Claire: Or maybe he’s keeping you in the dark because you’re fighting him on it so hard.

Victoria: I know my father a lot better than you do.

Claire: Of course you do, but for some reason, I trust him on this. Even though, I’m pretty sure he was going to go ahead with his plan, whether I agreed or not.

Victoria: You see, that’s exactly it. That’s what he does. He makes these rules, and we all have to live by them, even when we don’t know what they are.

Claire: There’s still so much to learn about my grandfather, but there’s one thing I already know. He loves his family. I’ve known that since I saw him risk his life for you all at the lake house. He won’t put his family in danger.

Victoria: No, not on purpose, but sometimes even victor newman can’t control everything.

Claire: I know you’re scared for me, but I really want to do this. And frankly, I can do it with or without you.

Victoria: You would go against my wishes?

Claire: That’s how much it means to me. But I’d like your blessing. We’ve made so much progress, and I don’t want to presume, but I feel like someday I could be a real part of your family.

Victoria: You already are.

Cole: A full part. It’s what we’ve been hoping and working on all along.

Claire: Then, let me contribute the way family would and should. I need to make it up to you for everything that I helped jordan put you through. Give me this chance. Mom, support me on this, please. Known as a loving parent.

Victor: So, what’s next?

Michael: I sent a motion to the judge with the attached letters from you and claire’s doctors, plus key staff from her facility.

Nikki: How long do you think that will take?

Michael: I’m hoping for the judge to rule on my request tomorrow morning.

Victor: Now, listen to me. Once claire is out, you alert the press. We gotta move very quickly, okay?

Michael: So, you got victoria and cole’s buy-in on the photo shoot idea? I’m impressed. They couldn’t have been more opposed to the early release plan.

Nikki: They still are.

Michael: Huh? How’s that going to work?

Victor: It will. Don’t you worry.

Victoria: I can feel how important this is to you. And I desperately want to give you what you want. Especially when you call me mom.

Claire: Is it okay to call you that?

Victoria: Yes, please never stop saying it because that’s who I am. But that word comes with a lot of responsibility. And sometimes, it means that you have to make hard decisions, like when your kids want something. But you know, it’s not good for them.

Claire: Is this you saying no?

Victoria: No, no. It’s me saying I’m terrified of not doing every single thing that I can to protect you.

Claire: I understand. But I’m an adult. So, am I doing this with or without you?

[ Victoria sighs ]

Victoria: What does your father think?

Cole: I feel we need to trust our daughter’s instincts. And we can’t stop her anyway. She has a lot of her mother in her. She– once she sets her mind to something…

[ Victoria sighs ]

Victoria: All right, I’ll back you up. But I’m gonna lay some serious ground rules with your grandfather. They’re non-negotiable.

Audra: You know, two weeks ago, you were satan and now she’s standing up for this great love you share that can’t be denied? Please tell me you did not fall for her performance.

Tucker: It was quite the display, wasn’t it?

Audra: We did what you wanted and look how she doubled down. I am done. We need to get away from her toxicity immediately. No more waiting. Let’s go to paris tonight. Hey! Do we have a problem?

Ashley: Oh, yeah. I don’t like where this is headed. Shut up. Stop it. Shut up. No. No, ashley. Ashley, wake up. Oh, my god. Wake up! Ashley!

[ Ashley sobs ]

[ Ashley cries ]

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Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


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Recap written by Eva

Claire persuades Victoria to support her because she wants to help Victor set a trap for Jordan. Victoria doesn’t know that Victor plans to stage a family photo shoot so Jordan can see it and fall into his trap.

Ashley tells Tucker she wants him back because she knows he still loves her and then she gives him a kiss in front of Audra. Audra is so angry at Ashley’s actions that she demands from Tucker they leave for Paris tonight. Ashley continues to hear the voices in her head tell her she should stop her plan. The voices tell Ashley to “come out” and then Ashley begins to cry.

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Y&R Transcript Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Young & The Restless Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Phyllis: Oh, my goodness!

Amanda: Phyllis.

Phyllis: Oh, my goodness! So good to see you! I can’t believe you’re here!

Amanda: Well, you know you can come visit me. There are planes and buses, trains.

Phyllis: You know, don’t tempt me, because I may jump into your suitcase and start living in your guest room.

Amanda: Do it, please. But may I ask why?

Phyllis: Ah, I don’t wanna talk about me. Let’s talk about you. Why are you back in town?

Amanda: Battle preparations.

Nate: Aunt mamie? You’re looking wonderful, as always.

Mamie: Well, I can say the same to you.

[ Nate chuckles ] I’m so pleased that you were able to meet me for lunch at this hour.

Nate: Always happy to spend time with you. So, tell me, how was your trip?

Mamie: Oh, it was fine. But I wanna talk about chancellor-winters. A little birdie told me that there was a certain chill in the office.

Nate: Esther? What did she say?

Mamie: Well, enough for me to wonder if everyone’s focused on working as a team. Or if there might be something that might need my attention.

Chance: Hey, sorry to intrude. Left a file. I was just gonna grab it.

Billy: Sure. Chance, before you go, I just wanna make sure. Are we good?

Chance: Of course.

Billy: Okay. Look, don’t take what happened here earlier personally, okay? My response to your pitch was not a reflection of the actual idea. Music festivals, they have a lot of potential, but there’s a lot of moving parts, and they need to be very tight. But I think it’s something that chancellor-winters would be excited about in the future.

Chance: Sure.

Billy: Okay, good.

Chance: Actually, billy, I think it would help if we hash some things out real quick.

Tucker: Audra?

Jack: Ashley now insists that she was wrong, that tucker wasn’t violent in paris after all.

Diane: Just like that?

Jack: Just like that. And as pleased as I am that she may have found some peace with the incident, I am concerned that she may be susceptible to that man all over again.

Kyle: Well, I don’t see that happening. The breakup was real, their marriage is over. It’s clearly gotten past the point of no return.

Jack: I don’t know, I just sense a vulnerability there with that man’s concerned. And it worries me.

Diane: I’m with kyle on this. Ashley is a grown woman. She knows who she is. I think you need to give her some credit to handle tucker the way she wants to.

Jack: You sound a lot like billy. He thinks I should back off.

Kyle: I can’t believe I’m saying this, but maybe you should listen to him.

Jack: How can I do that when I know how deeply, how often he has hurt her? And as much as she says she’s gonna be able to handle him, the look on her face when she said the other day that he had broken her… here is no way in hell I am going to let that man hurt ashley again.

Ashley: Ooh, spicy. You’re certainly worked up.

Audra: You know, I’d like to get a few things straight.

Ashley: Didn’t we already have this conversation?

Audra: It’s my turn to do the talking.

Ashley: Oh. I don’t suppose you’ll leave if I ask you nicely?

Audra: You know, tucker told me you went up to his suite last night.

Ashley: Oh, did he?

Audra: Yeah, we don’t keep secrets. Our relationship is based on honesty.

Ashley: Oh, that’s so sweet. Are we done now?

Audra: You’re done with tucker.

[ Ashley laughs ]

Ashley: Well, that’s not your call.

Audra: You know this game you’re playing? You miraculously decide that you were wrong about paris, that tucker wasn’t violent, and so you sneak up to his suite and ambush him with your new truth?

Ashley: Wow, tucker really did overshare, didn’t he?

Audra: It’s not gonna work, ashley. If you’ve changed your mind and decided that you now want a future with tucker, it’s too late. Okay, you blew it. So you need to back off. He’s with me now.

Ashley: But you’re not sure about that, are you? And that’s why you’re here. Because you’re very afraid that he’s not over me, aren’t you?

Audra: You’ve hurt tucker for the last time. So if you try to seduce him as part of your sick plan, you’re gonna have to deal with me.

Ashley: Ooh. Scary. (Vo) the shape that stole your heart

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by…

Ashley: What is this dynamic that you’ve got with tucker? I mean, clearly you’ve got daddy issues.

Audra: Tucker’s and my connection is none of your business.

Ashley: That’s true. But it’s fascinating how you’re playing this.

Audra: Look, what I have with tucker isn’t a game.

Ashley: Of course it is, audra. Come on. We both know you’re an opportunist. Tucker’s heartbroken and he’s vulnerable and you’re there, ready to hold his hand and whatever else.

Audra: Yeah, well, we have a future. Okay, real plans.

[ Ashley laughs ] He’s actually taking me to paris.

Ashley: Oh, really? That’s where we had our honeymoon.

Audra: Yeah, well, that’s even more proof that he’s over you.

Ashley: But I will say you should probably avoid a certain café there if I were you.

Audra: Yeah, well, our trip is nothing like your trainwreck of a honeymoon. He wants me to meet the board at glissade, and we’re gonna create a company like no one has ever seen and I just can’t wait.

Ashley: You’re gonna create a company like nobody has ever seen. Isn’t that interesting? You and I were gonna do the exact same thing.

Audra: Yeah, well, unlike you, I won’t go back on my word to him. Yeah, run home to my family because I’m so afraid to step outside their shadow.

Ashley: Do you have a family to run home to? I’m interested in knowing that. I mean, are you just all alone in the world? Is that why you’ve glommed on to tucker the way you have? You’ve got nowhere else to go?

Audra: Well, tucker’s all I need, and I’m all he needs.

Ashley: Uh-huh. Spoken like a true romantic, only that is not what you are at all. You are more of a what-have-you-done-for-me-lately kind of gal, aren’t you?

Audra: Now go ahead, make fun of me, but understand this. You do not wanna go to war with me. You may think you’re tough, but trust me, it will end badly for you.

Jack: Just look at that smug bastard.

Diane: I know you wanna be protective of your sister, but you need to let her handle him.

Jack: I can’t just do nothing.

Diane: Jack!

[ Sighs ] And here I thought we were going to have a nice, quiet meal.

Kyle: Well, you know how protective dad is.

Jack: Well, you are just a demon we can’t seem to exorcise.

Tucker: Evan, two glasses of your finest holy water. No? Come on, that was funny.

Jack: Not funny.

Tucker: Maybe you’re the one with the demon.

Jack: Ashley tells me she’s changed her mind about what happened in paris.

Tucker: Yes. Yes, she’s finally seen the light. And she was big enough to admit it to me.

Jack: Well, don’t think for one second she’s changed her mind about how dangerous you are. Your lies, your manipulations, your constant threat to her happiness. Why don’t you do what you should’ve done months ago? Hop on a jet out of town and don’t look back.

Tucker: Jack, when are you going to let your sister live her life the way she chooses?

Amanda: Thank you.

Phyllis: Battle plans? Really? I love this. I wanna be a part of it because I love a good fight.

Amanda: Mmm. Well, you’re lucky I don’t take you on for making me believe you were dead.

Phyllis: Hey, hey, listen, I apologized for that. I apologized. I said I was sorry and I meant it.

Amanda: Just don’t ever die on me again, please.

Phyllis: Okay, well, don’t die on me, okay? Wait, what is this battle plan thing?

Amanda: Oh, I am standing in for jill. I’m overseeing everything at chancellor-winters, so it’s pretty much office politics on steroids.

Phyllis: Oh, it’s billy, isn’t it? It’s always billy.

Amanda: Actually, yeah, it kind of is.

Phyllis: He is a troublemaker.

Amanda: My mission is to shore up the jill, billy, chance side of things.

Phyllis: Well, maybe billy needs an ally.

Amanda: Mm. All troublemakers usually do.

Mamie: All I could get out of esther was that there was something in the air. And that john abbott and neil winters wouldn’t be happy about it. Honey, I need some details from you.

Nate: There’s definitely something when it comes to billy and devon. Did you know billy proposed we add abbott to the company name? Abbott-chancellor-winters, to be exact.

Mamie: Excuse me?

Nate: Billy pitched that jill deserved her due.

Mamie: The nerve of him. Well, I know that. Devon turned him down?

Nate: He discussed it with lily and they nixed it, for now, with a promise to revisit it once she’s back.

Mamie: Yeah, well, there’ll be no revisiting if i have anything to say about it.

Nate: Jill’s not gonna let it go that easily, aunt mamie. Amanda sinclair came to town on jill’s orders because of this issue.

Mamie: She sent for amanda sinclair? Oh, jill is really playing it dirty, but then she doesn’t know any other way to play it. She and her minions, nothing but trouble.

Nate: Actually, I’m impressed with chance.

Mamie: Oh, why is that?

Nate: Well, he’s smart, um, fast learner. He’s already come up with some great ideas.

Mamie: What does devon think?

Nate: He seems to be impressed.

Mamie: Oh, isn’t billy mentoring chance?

Nate: Uh, billy is, but, uh, chance seems to have taken a step back from that.

Mamie: Why is that?

Nate: Well, chance came up with a solid idea recently, one I see real value in. Devon bent over backwards to appear impressed, willing to collaborate on the idea. But billy just kind of shot it down for no good reason. More flex than anything, if you ask me.

Mamie: Chance didn’t like it?

Nate: Being second-guessed? Dismissed? Not at all.

Mamie: The same way that you felt some time ago with devon.

Nate: You’re not wrong. There’s definitely some friction between billy and chance. In fact, chance turned to me for support. I’ve told him I’ll do whatever I can to help.

Mamie: Now, this is a very interesting development, especially if you can keep chance on your good side. You know the fewer allies that billy and jill have, the better.

Billy: So you are upset that I didn’t support your proposal, which is fine. So, what do you wanna say?

Chance: Look, I know I still have a lot to learn here. I know you and I are still trying to find our groove together, but in that meeting, I felt a shift, and I’m not really sure I’m comfortable with it.

Billy: A shift?

Chance: Yeah.

Billy: What kind of shift?

Chance: That was a good idea.

Billy: And I agree.

Chance: And I felt like your response was part of another issue.

Billy: Is that right?

Chance: You and devon. Once he liked it, you stepped back, you slammed on the brakes, and then the meeting turned into a– a tug-of-war between the two of you.

Billy: One thing I’ve come to appreciate about you, chance, is your bluntness. Look, you need to understand that devon and I are trying to find a balance here. The hierarchy between the two of us is new, but rest assured, there is no power struggle.

Chance: Well, I wish I could believe that. But from what I’ve seen, it feels like you and devon are trying to prove something to each other. And now, billy, I love working here, I love working with you, but I will not be used by you or devon.

You’re the one that I want! You used my pitch to go after devon. I mean, you basically shelved a good idea, an idea that you admitted was good because devon supported it. Now, how’s that good business?

Billy: That is business, chance. What you just described is business. We bounce ideas off each other. Some of them we use, some of them we shelve, some of them we– we kill, some of them we use at a later date. And once you get a little more experience, you’ll realize that. But right now, you’re taking everything a little too personal.

Chance: This is not about my feelings, billy, and I’d appreciate it if you weren’t so condescending, okay? Now, I know what I saw. Nate saw it too, by the way.

Billy: Yeah?

Chance: Yeah.

Billy: Talked to nate about it?

Chance: You left the meeting. We were discussing how to develop my proposal into something you would approve of.

Billy: Yeah, and nate approved of your idea?

Chance: He did, and I value his input.

Billy: Well, good. Look, I’m sorry that you’re upset about the way that I responded to your pitch, okay? But if I have a critique on your idea, it’s because I want you to learn the ropes. I want you to understand how the corporate world works. But if you’re gonna get upset every time I make a comment, then maybe we need to rethink this situation.

Chance: Again, it’s not about my feelings, billy. I can take criticism. What I don’t appreciate is being weaponized in a power struggle that I want nothing to do with.

Billy: Again, I’m sorry you’re upset. I gave you my opinion. No angle. Nothing. Just my opinion, okay? I’m not using you. I don’t have ulterior motives. I do wanna see you succeed, and I think you have the talent to do it. And if I’m protecting you right now, chance, it’s because I wanna nurture you, okay? I wanna see you grow here.

Chance: Okay, well, i appreciate the good start you’ve given me, billy, but maybe it’s time to give me a little less protection and a little more room.

Phyllis: Well, I am sorry about your mom. She was really beautiful, very impressive woman. Very classy. You should have had more time with her.

Amanda: Yeah. Well, I’m just grateful for the time we did have.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Amanda: Yeah. Well, speaking of time, I, um, I have to go.

Phyllis: Oh.

Amanda: Yeah.

Phyllis: Okay.

Amanda: What are you up to?

Phyllis: Oh, uh, I’m just gonna be thinking about, you know, my bad luck and my bad choices.

Amanda: Oh, stop it. You’re too fierce for that.

Phyllis: You are too fierce. You are. Go. Go whip chancellor-winters into shape.

[ Amanda laughs ]

Amanda: I’m gonna do just that.

Ashley: Are you threatening me?

Audra: It’s a friendly warning. I have much more experience at fighting dirty than you, and I enjoy it much more than I should.

Ashley: Hmm. You’re in love with tucker.

Audra: I understand him.

Ashley: Well, believing that is your first mistake.

Audra: Hmm. Tucker and I are alike. Our minds work in the same way. We want the same things, and we believe in the same things.

Ashley: Yeah, well, hmm, tucker only believes in tucker, so…

Audra: See, that’s how I know you don’t get him at all. And the way you treated him… you know, how many hoops did you jump through to prove that he is just so worthy of the great ashley abbott? And you did all of that just so you could dump his ass over some bogus drama that only happened in your head.

Ashley: Poor, stupid audra. You’ve really got it bad, haven’t you? That makes this situation even more interesting.

Audra: Then admit it. Tell me that you want tucker back.

Ashley: I don’t have to admit anything to you, you bitch.

Audra: You know, it doesn’t matter, because you’ve already lost. And you lost bad.

Jack: My sister would never choose you.

Tucker: I’ll survive.

Jack: She knows who you are now. She’s done with you, for good.

Tucker: Jack… I– I don’t think you see what’s going on here. Everything that’s transpired, my argument with ashley in paris and our breakup, it all really comes down to you.

Jack: To me?

Tucker: Yeah, yeah. You have this, um… [ Chuckles ] …It’s pathetic, this obsessive need to keep an iron grip on your family. And it’s what caused your son to almost betray the family. Uh, it’s what’s pushed billy back to chancellor-winters. And it is damn near broken ashley’s spirit. So, if you’re looking for someone to blame, you might wanna look in the mirror. Sorry.

Jack: So that’s it? That’s all you got? Throwing around absurd accusations? How about we start with the facts? Kyle never betrayed the family. In fact, his actions helped put you down for good. Billy went back to chancellor-winters to protect his mother from your attacks. And you broke ashley’s spirit by insisting that she turn her back on a family that she loves.

Tucker: [ Scoffs ] See, that’s pathetic, man.

Jack: Pathetic?

Tucker: Yeah, whatever helps you sleep at night.

Jack: “Pathetic.” I am here having a lovely meal with my wife and son, and you are sitting alone at a bar knowing your son has barred you from his life. Who’s the pathetic one here? The right age for

Tucker: I do have to hand it to you, jack, uh, you and the rest of the abbotts, you really did a number on me. Resurrecting the old scandal, and influencing ashley against me. You brought me to my knees, man. Really, well done. But as they say, the obstacle is the path, right? So maybe I should thank you for creating this new opportunity for me to go bigger than I ever have.

Jack: “The obstacle is the path.” Do you have any idea how absurd you sound?

Tucker: No, I mean it. Ashley selling me glissade, it’s become the key to my future. New company, new life. And I couldn’t be more excited. Especially when I kick some jabot ass.

Jack: I thought you weren’t coming after jabot.

Tucker: It’s just– innovative new company makes jabot look like a tired old workhorse. That’s just inspired business acumen.

Jack: Oh, that’s right. Your arrogance just amazes me. That you think for one minute, a ragtag collection of moribund companies run by a man who knows nothing about the beauty business is going to be a threat to jabot, why? Because you want to believe it’s true? Astonishing.

Tucker: What can I tell you? I’m a big believer in the power of positive thinking.

Jack: Well, I’ll look forward to watching you fail. In the meantime, stay away from my sister.

Tucker: And what if she can’t stay away from me?

Jack: Do not tempt me to take the gloves off.

[ Tucker sighs ]

Tucker: Is that a threat, jack?

Jack: Threat, warning, promise, you call it anything you want. I want you to stay away from her. You’re never going to hurt her again.

[ Phone ringing ] Hello? Yes.

Diane: We have publicly discredited tucker, humiliated him. His marriage has been annulled, his son wants nothing to do with him, and yet, he continues to be this menace to all of us.

Kyle: Who knows? Maybe he’ll get bored of us all and move on.

Diane: Well, I doubt it. He seems more emboldened than ever. And you know how obsessed he is with ashley. She’s strong, but what if we’re wrong? What if he manages to suck her back in, and then jack will be pulled back in as well?

Kyle: Mom, dad can handle himself.

Diane: Well, he’s just dealing with a lot right now. Jabot and looking after nikki.

Kyle: Well, he’s got us to pick up the slack at jabot if needed.

Diane: Yeah, I guess that’s true, but still…

Kyle: Mom. This isn’t about the company, is it? I’m guessing your real concern is dad’s renewed connection to nikki.

Nate: I agree. Chance could be a valuable asset for the good of the company. Not as some pawn in a power struggle between us and the abbotts.

Mamie: Jill has declared war. There’s no backing down now.

Nate: Didn’t you bring the war when you secretly invested in this company?

Mamie: My investment has always been in this family. Now, if that means war to some people, then that’s on them. This is about the winters’ legacy. We have got to come together to make sure that’s what happens.

Nate: Auntie, I love you, but I am not interested in contributing to this struggle. I’ve lived through conflict on two previous fronts. First with devon and then at newman. It never ends well.

Mamie: Oh, honey, that’s just because you didn’t get the ending that you wanted. This time, it’s going to be different.

Nate: Don’t you see no good can come from this? So please, give up this battle you feel you need to wage with jill.

Mamie: Oh, so you think that if I put down my sword, that means that jill won’t swing hers at me? Oh, no, I will not be caught off guard.

Nate: Is there nothing I can say to convince you otherwise?

Mamie: I never back down from doing what’s best for my family.

Nate: But is it really–

Mamie: Look, jill abbott has had a stranglehold on chancellor-winters for far too long. It’s time that we take full control of our company. And I’m here to make sure that’s what happens.

Billy: She wanted a little room, huh?

Chance: No disrespect.

Billy: Hm.

[ Knocking on door ]

Amanda: Is this a bad time?

Billy: Just ironing out some work issues.

Chance: I’m still finding my way. It’s good to see you, amanda.

Amanda: Yeah, you too. It’s nothing serious, I hope.

Billy: No, no, I think we got it all figured out. What do you say?

Chance: Yeah, all good. Better get back to it. Hope I see you again while you’re here.

Amanda: Yeah, you too. Okay, now that he’s gone, you want to tell me what’s really going on?

Marshalls buyers hustle

for the latest trends,

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Abby: Hi.

Chance: Hey.

Abby: Uh-oh, I know that tone. What’s wrong?

Chance: Nothing.

Abby: Chance.

Chance: Just trying to learn how to manage working with billy abbott.

Amanda: That man is jill’s grandson. If you have a problem with him, you need to solve it now. He is on our side.

Billy: He’s new. He’s ambitious, he needs to know how the business world works, especially at this company. And you know what? Some lessons are harder to learn than others.

Amanda: Billy, he’s an adult, a cop, a war veteran. You really think he needs a lesson from you?

Billy: Yes, in business, I do. And you know what? You don’t have to treat him with kid gloves because of the history with devon and abby.

Amanda: “Kid gloves”? I am telling you that jill wants this team pulled together.

Billy: That’s what I’m trying to do, amanda.

Amanda: Really?

Billy: Yes, why does it seem like you don’t trust me?

Diane: Nikki and I will never be friends, given our history, which I admit, my actions had a great deal to do with.

Kyle: Your relationship has been contentious since you came back to town.

Diane: Yeah, I thought we’d reached sort of a détente since the wedding, but no, I will never be at the top of her besties list.

Kyle: So, are you unhappy that dad’s helping her?

Diane: Look, I understand stepping in to help an old friend who desperately needs you.

Kyle: But?

Diane: All right, maybe I’m being paranoid. I just worry about jack’s own battle with addiction.

Kyle: Oh, that problem was a long time ago. And that success is the type of insight and strength that’ll help nikki.

Diane: Well, I hope so, for both their sake.

Kyle: I have every faith in dad.

Diane: Me too. Jack abbott is as strong as they come. And while we’re waiting for him, why don’t we, uh– why don’t we go over the agenda for tomorrow’s marketing meeting?

Kyle: Sure.

Diane: Or, better yet, kyle, why don’t we continue our conversation from the other night?

Kyle: Oh, for some reason, I’d rather talk about tucker.

Diane: Now, when I pushed, you admitted that you’re finding it tougher than you thought to see me in the position that you always wanted. And that you’re struggling not to resent it?

Kyle: I spoke out of turn.

Diane: No, no, you didn’T. You were being honest, and that’s the way it should be between us. So, if you do resent me being co-ceo, how can we fix it?

[ Ashley sighs ]

Ashley: There must be another way, there has to be. Are you sure this is the best way to handle things?

[ Ashley sighs ] Yes. Oh, here comes the bread guy.

Jack: So, what did I miss?

Kyle: Sounded like you read tucker the riot act.

Jack: He’s a first-class egomaniac who can’t be trusted. I made it clear to him on no uncertain terms, he’s to keep his lies, his games, his poison away from ashley and our family.

Kyle: Dad, I know you want to be protective of the family, but why waste your time warning tucker? It’s like lighting a match.

Diane: I agree. Why antagonize him?

Jack: I almost hope it provokes him to cross the line. Then, we’ll have something to crucify him with.

[ Knocking on door ]

[ Audra sighs ]

[ Knocking on door ]

Audra: Coming!

Tucker: Hello to you too. Ah! Celebrating? I prefer you do it with me, however.

Audra: What are we celebrating?

Tucker: Start practicing your french, mon petit chou. We leave in three days.

Audra: I’ll drink to that.

Tucker: You bet you will.

Audra: To paris.

Tucker: To paris.

Audra: Paris can’t come fast enough for me.

Tucker: So, I woke up all by my lonesome. Where did you slip off to?

Audra: I just had some errands to run.

Tucker: To run, [Indistinct]. Uh, was one of those errands confronting ashley? I can’t wait to hear all about it.

Chance: You didn’t have to follow me here.

Abby: Hey, maybe I just wanted a cup of coffee. Okay, fine, I’m concerned. If you’re not happy–

Chance: No, it’s not that. I just… I guess, adjusting to chancellor-winters has been a little bit more difficult than I thought.

Abby: Well, it is a big jump from police work to the corporate world.

Chance: Yeah, I mean the work’s fine, but the politics and the people–

Abby: Are you talking about billy?

Chance: It’s been interesting.

Abby: And not in a good way.

Chance: Look, I don’t want to bore you with the details, really.

Abby: Look, as a future member of the chancellor-winters board, I want to know if there’s any issues.

Chance: Excuse me, what? You say chancellor-winters board member?

Abby: It’s pretty much a done deal, I’m just waiting for the vote.

Chance: Oh, my gosh. Wow, if I had known, I would have shut my mouth, and bought you coffee.

Abby: Hey, you can still buy me a cup of coffee, but don’t worry, I’m not taking notes or anything. I’m on your side. Look, you’re dom’s other dad. I want you to be happy, and if there’s anything I can do to help–

Chance: I appreciate it, but I’m fine, really. Okay, maybe “fine” is overstating it a bit. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but when I agreed to have billy as my mentor, I just didn’t realize the guy came with all this baggage.

Amanda: I do trust you.

Billy: You sure about that?

Amanda: Yes.

Billy: Because sometimes I think you only see me as a guy you hung out with at the end of class. Sharing a bourbon and playing some cards.

Amanda: That was a million years ago.

Billy: Yeah, it was.

Amanda: But I have complete faith in you, billy. And maybe you’re right. Maybe I have a soft spot for chance. Walking in together and seeing the two people that you love having sex on the sofa.

Billy: That’ll bond you for life?

Amanda: Mm-hmm.

[ Billy sighs ] I think I’m just a little confused. Jill told me you were mentoring him and things were going well.

Billy: She’s not wrong. They were, you know, but chance is one of those guys who wants success straight out of the gate. And he’s got a chip on his shoulder every time I criticize one of his ideas.

Amanda: Kind of sounds like devon and nate first time around. See, devon was way too harsh and nate took it as badly as possible.

Billy: And now devon has gone the complete other direction. Loving everything that comes out of chance’s mouth, and you know why he’s doing that? To make me look like a dream killer.

Amanda: Are you? (Ethan) I started smoking menthol cigarettes

Billy: No, okay, I’m not in the business of casually shooting down good ideas.

Amanda: Okay, so chance is not in the middle of a power struggle between you and devon.

Billy: Amanda, you too? Chance said the same thing.

Amanda: Well, is he right?

Billy: It was one idea, and it needs work, which I told him and I stand by, but all of a sudden, people think it’s a big deal.

Amanda: Well, maybe it’s because we’re all right, and you’re in denial.

Abby: Come on, chance. If you’re having issues with billy, I want to help.

Chance: I would much rather talk about you and this amazing move that you just made. What’s going to happen to society?

Abby: Well, I hired tessa to manage it so that way I can be in the office more. Hopefully.

Chance: Working with devon, that’s a perk.

Abby: Did you know that amanda sinclair was in town?

Chance: Yeah, yeah. I saw her.

Abby: Yeah, so did I. It was, um, uncomfortable, to say the least.

Chance: Yeah, well, um, I’m sure that’s going to take some time. Hell, I see devon every day. We make it work. You two belong together.

Abby: Thank you for saying that. You know, I don’t expect amanda to get there anytime soon.

Chance: Things change.

Abby: Yeah, they do. But you know, I always want the best for you, right?

Chance: Yeah, I know. And I’m happy to say that my life is moving in that direction.

Abby: Good. Yeah. You deserve all of that. And more.

Audra: How did you know I went to see ashley? Did she call you?

Tucker: No. I know because I know you. But I don’t know why you would do that. I thought you understood how I feel about you. Did I not make myself clear? Because if you’re feeling insecure at all, I will make myself clear again and again. Until you believe it. You’re the only one for me.

Audra: Don’t worry. I’m not feeling insecure. Not anymore.

[ Tucker clicks tongue ]

Tucker: Uh-oh. What did you do? Should I be worried?

Audra: Ashley’s still standing, if that’s what you’re asking. But you know, it felt good to face her. To let her know where I stand. Where you and I stand. Together.

Tucker: Yeah.

Audra: You know, and if she thinks she can try to come between us, she’s gonna have a situation on her hands.

Tucker: Mm-mm. Let’s let that be the end of it, shall we? There’s nothing to be gained from provoking her.

Audra: It wasn’t a provocation, tucker. It was a warning.

Jack: Hey, there you are. How you doing?

Ashley: I’m fine.

Jack: You sure?

Ashley: Yes, you have to believe that, jackie. You have to believe me. I’ve accepted what happened in paris and I’m moving on.

Jack: Well, you just seemed upset, a little confused.

Ashley: Yeah, I did. But now I’m not. In fact, things are finally going my way.

Jack: And what does that mean?

Ashley: That means that I’m excited about my future.

Jack: Uh, where are you going now?

Ashley: Uh, I have an idea that I’m kind of messing around with a little bit.

[ Laughing ] At my lab. You know, jabot.

Diane: Sounds promising.

Ashley: Yeah. Very. I’ll see you.

Diane: Bye. You see that, jack? That is a woman who sounds completely over tucker. She’s excited about the future, enthusiastic about her work. You’ve got to stop worrying. She’s going to be okay.

Tucker: Hello.

Ashley: Hi. Can we meet for a drink?

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Y&R Transcript Monday, February 26, 2024

Young & The Restless Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Devon: Okay, billy, you’re just going to have to take my word about lenny flanagan, because he’s always been a smart, innovative, stand-up guy for us.

Billy: That’s great. He sounds like a great guy, devon. I believe you. We’ll invite him to the barbecue, okay? But I’ve looked at the file. There’s nothing in here but a bunch of smoke. His last two business ventures, they didn’t go anywhere. Nothing happened with them.

Devon: Oh, that’s– I think it’s very funny that you’re ready to judge someone off their track record before even meeting them.

Billy: What’s that? A little– little dig at me? Is that what that is?

Devon: I mean, you can take it however you’d like, billy. The only thing I’m asking is if you will set aside some time to speak with lenny and hear what he has to say before you just dismiss him, all right? Because there is something to be said about working with people that you have faith in.

Billy: And all I’m saying is that we have plenty of potentially lucrative deals waiting in the pipeline. We don’t have to waste time, resources, and money on warm, fuzzy feelings.

Esther: Oh, okay, excuse me for interrupting.

Billy: What’s going on, es?

Devon: It’s okay.

Esther: Well, um, you– it’s probably none of my business, but since I work here, and the door was open, and I couldn’t help overhearing, there’s something that I just don’t understand.

Billy: Okay.

Devon: What don’t you understand?

Esther: Well, you were talking about wasting time and energy, but isn’t that what the two of you are doing? Sitting here bickering when you could be doing so many great things for chancellor-winters instead?

Tucker: Why do you assume there’s something I’m not telling you? I thought we were past all this.

Audra: Something’s definitely changed with you. And it’s not just you being moody.

Tucker: We really have to do something about this paranoia of yours. Why are you going looking for trouble when things are going so well for us right now?

Audra: Oh, since the day I met you, you’ve been constantly braced for another shoe to drop.

Tucker: Yeah, but when I do it, it’s called… anticipating and being proactive. There’s a difference between that and… seeing a problem where there is none.

Audra: Well, I’m anticipating the thud of a very expensive slingback pump in whatever size ashley abbott wears.

Traci: So, after ashley talked to tucker, she decided to spend the night at the athletic club.

Jack: Her having that kind of proximity to him makes my skin crawl. She was too drained to come home?

Traci: She said she got a good night’s sleep at least.

Jack: What on earth could she possibly have to talk to him about? What– what is there left to say?

Traci: Uh, well, I think that I need to let ashley give you all the details. But, in a nutshell, she has rescinded all accusations against tucker.

Jack: Wait, how did that come about?

Traci: Again, short version. Ashley concedes that the big blow-up that happened in paris happened exactly as tucker said it did all along.

Jack: I– I don’t understand this. She has been adamant about what happened that day. That he terrified her. Now she’s doing a complete 180 and saying he’s been telling the truth all along?

Traci: I’m as surprised as you are.

Jack: You know what worries me more than her reversal?

Traci: What’s that?

Jack: She’s already confessed this to tucker. Does that mean his influence on her continues?

Traci: Oh, jack. I think we have something way worse to worry about.

Jack: What is worse than that?

Traci: Okay, I– I hope that I am misreading her, but I have the distinct impression that ashley is considering forgiving tucker and maybe even trying again.

[Stomach growling]

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by… now I can be myself again.

Ashley: Please don’t stop talking on my account. I assume I am the topic of conversation.

Traci: Why, yes you are.

Jack: Yeah, traci was just filling me in.

Traci: Just the basics. I thought you would want to give the details to him yourself.

Ashley: Okay, so what do you know so far?

Jack: That you’ve come to the realization that tucker has not been lying, after all, about what happened in paris, that you went to the club to tell him, and that you ended up spending the night.

Traci: In her own room.

Jack: In your own room. Not with tucker.

Ashley: Not with tucker. Yeah, that about covers it. Tucker was right, I was wrong. You hit the nail on the head, jack. I just exaggerated everything that happened. You know, I guess I was angry and frightened. But now that I am free of all that emotion, I just see it from a completely different perspective.

Traci: And we really appreciate that. But, you know, the waitstaff, every one of them, was very clear that it was not a violent conversation. And it’s good that you realize that now, too. But there was an argument, and you were terrified. And tucker is who he is.

Ashley: That’s it right there. Tucker is who he is. He had nothing to gain from making me doubt my sanity, right? He had nothing to gain bribing an entire restaurant staff. So it doesn’t make any sense that he would do that.

Jack: Okay, I can understand where you’re coming from. It makes sense. And you do seem more at ease, as if this fight no longer is a grip on you.

Ashley: So true.

Traci: And that’s wonderful, right? Because now that you’ve been able to find some peace, you can put tucker behind you once and for all, right?

Jack: No more unanswered questions, no more confusion, just a clean break. You can get on with your life now.

Ashley: Yeah. No. If only it was that easy.

Tucker: How the hell did we get back onto ashley?

Audra: I don’t know. You tell me. Okay, I mention her name, and you deny knowing anything about her attitude shift. Yeah, but then suddenly your mind just drifts off.

Tucker: Maybe I’m bored talking about her.

Audra: You know, last night, ashley does this bizarre flip. You know, all possessive of you, telling me that you and i are never gonna last. And then this morning, you’re moody, you’re evasive, you’re preoccupied.

Tucker: I’m sorry, what’d you say?

[ Tucker laughs ] Joke. Bad joke. Sorry.

Audra: You know what? I just– I feel like I’m talking to myself.

Tucker: No, no, I’m sorry. And I’m serious. I’m listening now. What’s your point?

Audra: My point? Okay. Let me break it down to you in a simple yes or no question. Do you swear that you had no more contact with ashley abbott in the last 24 hours?

Tucker: You know what I swear? I think you’re more obsessed with ashley than I ever was. And you really need to move on with it, because if just having lunch with you is going to devolve every time into a barrage of ridiculous questions about the past, you can count me out.

Billy: With all due respect, esther, what devon and i are doing, I wouldn’t– I wouldn’t say it’s bickering.

Devon: Yeah, no, it’s a difference of opinions, really. And it’s nothing to worry about.

Esther: Oh, I would love to not worry about it. But this company is important to me.

Devon: I know it is.

Billy: And we’re grateful for that.

Esther: You know, I am really good at reading situations and emotions. You know, I’ve lived at the chancellor mansion for decades, and it wasn’t just about cake-wrestling and catfights. More times than I can count. There was so much tension in there, you could cut it with a knife. And that’s what I’m picking up from the two of you.

Devon: I think you’re reading a little more into it than I was.

Esther: I know. Correct me if I’m wrong, which I am not. What I’m getting at, devon, is you resent having to work with billy, because you’d rather work with your sister, because you and lily work well together. And billy, you resent devon resenting you, which is just going to be a problem given your career history. All I’m asking is that you please just take a minute and think of how upset your fathers, john and neil, would be if they saw what you were bringing all this petty conflict to the people that are counting on you to make this business the success that it needs to be.

Billy: Well, that was, uh–

Devon: Yeah, it was.

Billy: She’s not wrong.

Devon: No, she’s not wrong. She’s not wrong at all. Our dads would probably say that’s enough and you guys should get on with it.

Billy: So what do you say? Shall we get on with it? Whoah, woah, woah, woah.

Billy: Look, devon, if you believe in flanagan as much as it seems like you do, why don’t you see if he’s available tomorrow around four o’clock and we can have a chat? Does that work for you?

Devon: That works just fine, as long as you’re not just doing it to humor me.

Billy: So you’re not going to take yes for an answer?

Devon: Yes. I will take yes for an answer. Thank you very much, billy.

Billy: You’re welcome.

Devon: Appreciate it.

Chance: Hey.

Billy: Hey.

Chance: How we doing?

Nate: Hello, you two.

Devon: Hey.

Nate: Hello. I hope we’re not interrupting anything.

Devon: No. Did we have a meeting on the books?

Nate: Not officially. Uh, we, uh, we just stopped by because we want to blow your minds.

Chance: Well, let’s not oversell it.

Billy: Blow our minds with what? What’s going on?

Nate: Chance has a new idea I think you’re both going to be as impressed with as I am.

Chance: It’s pretty good, actually, if I do say so myself. Put a lot of work into it.

Devon: Okay, great. Let’s hear it.

Billy: The floor is all yours, chance.

Chance: Well, we create a music festival. And that is that. Now I can send you both the full revenue projections, but you’re going to see a significant boost in marketing and merchandising. Not to mention the additional name recognition.

Devon: Wow. Well, hey, that’s a– that’s a great presentation. You’ve clearly put a lot of work into it.

Chance: Thank you. Um, is this something that you want to pursue?

Devon: I mean, I think so. Yeah, I think that, uh, it’s– it’s finally the right timing for our company to do something like that. Um, but yeah, I think we should fast track the idea and make it a reality. What do you think, billy?

Billy: I wouldn’t go that far. Uh, I think there’s something there. I think it’s a good idea, but it needs some work.

Devon: Oh, uh gentlemen, if you’ll excuse me, I have to take care of something. Uh, but great job. Really good job.

Chance: Thank you.

Devon: We’ll talk soon.

Nate: You got to admit, this idea has a lot of potential.

Billy: Yeah, no, I agree. There’s potential, but it’s not ready to be fast-tracked yet. Still a lot of work to be done. But hey, the good news is it’s not a no, okay? So let’s take that. Good work, chance, okay? Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a meeting to get to. I will, uh, see you boys soon.

Chance: I mean, I have no idea what the hell just happened there.

Nate: I suspect billy was trying to maintain his mentor position and doesn’t want you to get ahead of yourself. You didn’t go to him first, get his guidance and input.

Chance: What about devon? He loved the idea.

Nate: Which is probably devon trying to prove he isn’t really an autonomous control freak after all, since he’s been accused of that more than once.

Chance: I’ll tell you, man, that was weird. I– I just felt blindsided right there. I mean, billy’s been great until whatever the hell that just was. Feels like I can rely on you a little bit more than I can my own mentor.

Nate: Huh.

[ Nate sighs ]

Jack: You say making a clean break with tucker isn’t easy. I– I– I want to understand that better. I thought this last trip to paris was to get him out of your life, out of your mind. Now that you know what actually happened, can’t you just end the story?

Ashley: Mm. I need to do things my own way, jack. But please don’t worry. I know myself, I know what I’m capable of, okay? I’m in control, and I need the two of you to trust that I will make the right decisions for all of us.

Jack: Why do I get the horrible feeling that you’re about to give tucker another chance?

Ashley: Oh, my god. And what? Risk having the entire abbott clan’s wrath come crashing down upon me? Do I really want that in my life?

Traci: That wasn’t a denial, ashley. And we’re not worried about the abbott wrath. We’re worried about what is best for you.

Ashley: I’m perfectly capable of deciding what’s best for me, so don’t push me on this. I know I’ve made mistakes, but don’t worry. I’m not going to fall into those traps, okay?

Tucker: Yeah, you go ahead and finish the rest of your lunch obsessing over ashley.

Audra: Okay, tucker, just wait. Okay, just s– sit down, please. You’re right. I’m sorry. Look, I’m just feeling a little insecure right now, which is not familiar territory for me. It’s just that this, you and me is so important to me. Look, things are going so well for us, and i just want them to stay that way.

Tucker: They’re going to stay that way, honey. I promise you, okay? I don’t know what else I can tell you.

Audra: It’s not you I’m doubting. It’s ashley.

Tucker: Ashley.

Audra: Something’s definitely changed with her. You know, the way she got all in my face last night, staked her claim on you, and god knows why.

Tucker: I know why. I know exactly what’s changed. She’s realized she was wrong.

Audra: So you did talk to her last night, didn’t you?

At dot’s an ordinary pretzel

just isn’t enough.

Audra: Be careful how you answer right now. Look, whatever the answer is, I can handle it. What I can’t handle is you lying about it. Look, I even get why you would keep it from me in the first place. We haven’t always trusted each other, but… after everything we’ve been to get to where we are, we do owe each other absolute honesty. We really are alike, huh? Okay. Yes. Ashley was in my suite last night when I went upstairs to make those calls.

Audra: How did she manage that? Does she still have a key? Did she break in? Did she bribe housekeeping?

Tucker: I didn’t ask.

Audra: Well, what was her reason for being there?

[ Tucker sighs ]

Tucker: She was there to tell me that she had had an epiphany about what happened between us in paris. That… I was right all along, and she wanted to apologize for accusing me of being violent and lying and the gaslighting, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Audra: Wow. [Indistinct]. An epiphany?

Tucker: Yeah.

Audra: Just like that?

Tucker: Uh, apparently it– apparently it had something to do with A… fender bender she was in. Shook the truth loose in her or something, I don’t know.

Audra: Oh, how convenient. You know, maybe she should get hit by a car more often.

Tucker: Well, I didn’t quite buy it, but… I’m not saying it didn’t happen. I’m just– I’m telling you what she told me.

Audra: Yeah, well, I mean, if the story is real or not, that doesn’t matter. The question is, why did she seek you out now? You know, what’s her agenda? You know, maybe she realized that glissade is a formidable competitor for jabot.

Tucker: Audra, I don’t care what her agenda is. I– I’m– I’m tired of thinking about what ashley abbott’s agenda might be or if she has an agenda. Okay? What she did to our relationship is irreparable. It is over. Between her and me. I want you to know that right now. It’s over. There is no going back. It’s finished.

Audra: I want to believe that more than you know. You know, but I saw the fire in ashley’s eyes last night. Just confidence and determination.

Audra: Ashley wants you back. And she’s going to do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Tucker: Bring it on.

Billy: Hello? Hi. Heard you were back from paris. How did that go?

Ashley: Oh, exhausting. Enlightening.

[ Billy chuckles nervously ]

Billy: Something I said?

Ashley: Oh, well, I’m sure that they will fill you in on everything, by the way, you guys, I’m fine. Catch up later.

[ Jack sighs ]

[ Traci sighs ]

Billy: What’d I miss?

Jack: What the hell was that?

Traci: I have no idea. We were right in the middle of a pretty awkward conversation.

Billy: About what?

Jack: Basically, ashley’s come to the realization that tucker’s been telling the truth all along about what happened in paris. She went to the club to tell him that she was wrong, and he was right.

Traci: And we’re worrying about the fallout.

Billy: Well, is there a fallout? I mean, in the 10, 15 seconds I just saw her seem like her old ashley again. Like she found her equilibrium.

Jack: And that’s why she rushed out of here.

Billy: Well, maybe she’s trying to escape overprotective siblings.

Traci: Billy. Yes, okay, I’m a little protective. And I am not about to apologize for it. Ashley’s been tied in knots. Misremembering a situation that absolutely terrified her.

Jack: And we are not about to rely on tucker mccall to look out for her.

Billy: Well, who’s saying tucker’s in the picture anymore?

Jack: We just tried to get ashley to swear that he was out of her life for good.

Traci: And she wouldn’t do it.

Billy: Why should she have to do that? I mean, maybe you just need to trust her on this.

Jack: We’d love to do that, billy. But we can’t trust anything when it comes to tucker mccall. I would’ve called yesterday.

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Billy: Look, I get it. You’re worried about ashley. And whenever tucker’s around, there’s always something to worry about. But ashley rethinking what happened in paris with tucker doesn’t automatically mean that they’re getting back together. It– hold on a sec, okay? Because she made a stand to stick with our family before that argument happened in paris, or whatever it turned out to be. Did she just now make a declaration that she’s walking away from the abbotts?

Traci: No, she didn’T. No.

Jack: She didn’t even imply it.

Billy: Okay, well, that says to me that ashley and tucker, that reunion, is off the table. So I think we have to have enough confidence in her that she’s capable of taking the next steps on her own. In fact, that’s probably the best thing that she could do right now. Take back control of not only her memory, but of her future. Of her life.

Jack: I don’t have an argument about any of this. I just think there’s an enormous risk.

Billy: Well, whatever ashley chooses to do, instead of us jumping in to try and protect her, I think it’s best that we trust her. Believe in her, and support her. This is her journey.

Tessa: Welcome to society! Aren’t you ashley abbott?

Ashley: Well, yes, and you are…

Tessa: I’m the new manager, tessa porter.

Ashley: Well, congratulations.

Tessa: Thank you. Well, it’s my first day, but I can promise you, as my boss’s mother, you’ll be getting the special vip treatment.

Ashley: Well, that’s good to know.

Abby: For future reference, my mom always gets special treatment at society. In fact, I will take it from here, let me show her to her table.

Ashley: Thank you so much.

Tessa: Yeah, bon appétit.

Abby: Hi, mom.

Ashley: Hey, honey. So, what is going on with your staff changes?

Abby: Oh, well, we have a lot to catch up on. Tessa, who is doing an amazing job, is actually taking over for me here, so i can join the board of directors at chancellor-winters.

Ashley: What? That’s incredible. I’m so happy for you.

Abby: I’m happy for me, too.

Ashley: You’re right. We have a lot of catching up to do.

Abby: Yes, like our conversation I had with aunt traci about your trip to paris. I’m worried about you, mom.

Ashley: Oh.

Voice: Excuse me, young lady.

Tessa: Um, I will be right with you.

Voice: No, I need to be seated immediately.

Tessa: If you could just wait one moment, please.

Voice: I didn’t come here to wait, I came here to be waited on!

Mariah: Happy first day at work.

[ Both laughing ]

Ashley: Thank you. Honey, you don’t have to worry about me, I am fine. In fact, I am more in control of my emotions in my life than I have been in a very, very long time.

Devon: Good to see you.

Abby: Okay.

Ashley: Yeah.

Devon: Hey, hey.

Ashley: Hi.

Abby: Hi.

Devon: Welcome home.

Ashley: Thank you.

Devon: Glad you’re back. I got your text about meeting. Is everything okay?

Abby: I didn’t know you’d be joining us.

Ashley: I wanted to meet with the both of you so I could put your minds at ease.

Devon: We’d appreciate that.

Abby: Yes, please.

Ashley: I already told her. I’m fine.

Devon: Good, that’s–

Ashley: I’ll try to make this long story short. Um, as you know, I went to paris with traci, right? Because I needed to get confirmation about my version of what happened with tucker. So we went to the café, and I found the waiter.

Abby: And?

Ashley: He backed up tucker’s version of events. He said there was no violence. Uh, no broken glass, no thrown chair. Actually, nothing greater than raised voices.

Abby: Okay, but there’s really no way to know if that waiter’s memory is reliable.

Ashley: Well, traci spoke to the entire restaurant staff, and they also backed up tucker’s version.

Ashley: So, I thought, “well, clearly, he must have bribed everybody,” right?

Abby: That sounds like something he would do.

Ashley: Yeah, but he didn’T.

Devon: And we know this for a fact?

Ashley: Yeah. Tucker’s right. I’m wrong. I didn’t do it deliberately, but apparently, my mind just exaggerated everything that happened, and I’ve been kind of overreacting ever since. I’m so sorry.

Devon: Well, I don’t think you need to apologize. Whatever he did in the moment, you felt scared, so I don’t think the details really matter.

Ashley: Well, they do very much so in this case, because I put a huge stain on tucker’s already tarnished reputation. And, uh, I’m not gonna be able to get past this unless I say to you, devon, um, if what I did has contributed at all to you shutting your father out of your life, I’m really begging you to please reconsider.

Tucker: I just don’t think you need to worry so much about what ashley might or might not want. Inconsequential. Couldn’t matter less. I mean, I think you ought to worry about what we want. Our plans, right?

Audra: Okay, well then call your assistant and tell her to book the trip right now. No more stalling, or “I’ll do it later.” Okay, no more distractions, or putting anything or anyone else first. Make the call, now.

Tucker: Okay. Hey, it’s me, uh, I need arrangements to paris. First class all the way for two. Um, as soon as possible?

Audra: Mm-hmm.

Tucker: As soon as possible.

[ Audra clears throat ] Very good. Thank you. Satisfied?

Audra: Almost. Thank you.

Tucker: You’re welcome.

[ Tucker moans ] (Vo) compliments build confidence,

Summer: Hey.

Chance: Sorry.

Summer: Wait, that’s not the face I was expecting. How did your pitch meeting go?

Chance: Um, I’m not sure how to answer that.

Summer: Well, did it happen?

Chance: Yeah, it was it’s more like a drive-by pitch.

Summer: What does that mean?

Chance: It was brief. I don’t know, devon and nate, they loved it, billy, not so much.

Summer: Okay, I mean, two out of three. That’s really good, that’s good. Especially because you’re still settling in. What did billy say about it?

Chance: I don’t know, he was just less than enthusiastic about it. I mean, he basically did everything but pat me on the head, and tell me “better luck next time.”

Summer: How is that possible? From everything you’ve told me, he’s been really great to you ever since you started.

Chance: I know, he has been until today. It– it was weird, you know? It almost felt like he had a– an agenda or a game plan, not with me, but with chancellor-winters.

Summer: What makes you think that?

Chance: It’s hard to describe, but I just felt this underlying tension between him and devon that had nothing to do with the pitch.

Mariah: So, how are things going?

Tessa: Well, I thought things were going great until I almost bit the head off of a snobby woman who wanted an immediate table.

Mariah: Oh, I’m so sorry. But I couldn’t resist having, you know, a karen moment.

[ Tessa chuckles ] Plus, I am hoping that being married to the manager of society gets me a little bit of special treatment.

Tessa: More special than the treatment abby already gives us when we’re here?

Mariah: Oh, no, abby is warm and– and kind and generous, but I can only push my special requests with her so far. Now that you’re working here, I can make as many outlandish requests as I want.

Tessa: Okay, well, I’ll be the judge of that. Like what?

Mariah: Oh, that’s a good question, okay, so, for starters, maybe a purple throne booster seat for aria?

Tessa: Oh, I thought you said “outlandish.” I mean, I already put that on the list.

Mariah: Okay, so tell me the truth. Are you really, really okay with this new job?

Tessa: You know, at first, I thought I was just happy doing abby a favor, stepping in like this, but mariah, this place has so much energy, so much life. I mean, I love interacting with the kitchen staff, the wait staff, the patrons.

Mariah: Of course you do. You’re a natural, and you give that energy right back. I could feel it the second I walked in the door.

Tessa: And of course, you are totally objective when it comes to me.

Mariah: Yes, yes, I’m totally and completely objective. I do have to warn you, though, as amazing and incredible as you are, I mean, I have some very particular demands when it comes to my empanada orders.

[ Tessa sighs ]

Devon: Ashley, you know that I always appreciate you looking out for my relationship with tucker, but I have plenty of other reasons why I don’t want him in my life or our son’s life.

Ashley: But hadn’t you reached a detente with him when I came back from paris the first time? Wasn’t it when I said he was violent that reignited your anger? Okay, I’m not gonna tell you what to do, and I’m not gonna tell you how to feel, but I owe you an apology for dumping that on you, that completely inaccurate version of events that obviously shattered an already tenuous relationship. I’m just asking you to, you know… give him another chance.

Devon: I understand what you’re asking, but you have to know that this isn’t about me anymore. I have a family, we have a family, and it’s about who we value having in our lives. And I don’t think I’m gonna be able to give you the answer that you’re looking for. You know, we appreciate you being honest with us and for giving a damn at all. I mean that.

Ashley: Please, you don’t have to thank me for giving a damn about my grandson or giving a damn about you. I mean, that’s like thanking me for breathing. Look, devon, I’m just asking you to maybe take what I said to heart, and think about it, okay? Please. All right, I’ll see you soon. Bye-bye.

Devon: Good to see you.

Ashley: Bye.

[ Abby sighs ] A mystery!

Summer: Look, I understand exactly how you’re feeling. Sometimes working in business, it can make you kind of paranoid, and nobody really prepares you for that.

Chance: Yeah, definitely not in the company handbook.

Summer: Also, things didn’t go super smoothly when billy and devon worked together before, so…

Chance: I heard about that. What’s that about? What happened?

Summer: Uh, I don’t really know the details, but apparently billy left chancellor-winters to go back to jabot, because, I mean, even though his mom is a co-owner, he just always felt like an outsider there, especially after he and lily broke up. And now he’s back at jill’s request, and maybe it’s just gonna take some time for him and devon to adjust to working together again.

Chance: You know, it almost felt like billy’s biggest problem was the fact that devon was into my pitch.

Summer: That could get messy. I hope that’s not the case.

Chance: Yeah, same. And if it is, the last thing I wanna have to do is pick sides.

Billy: I just think that we need to allow ashley to handle her own business.

Jack: In spite of what it might cost her.

Billy: Jack, is it really that difficult for you to have faith in her, or to maybe trust that someone else might have the answers?

Jack: That is not what this is about.

Traci: Okay, okay, you guys, please don’t start, please. You know, I– I agree with billy. I think maybe we should trust ashley in her choices, and watch to see how this all plays out. She is calmer and more in control of herself, and that’s a positive sign, right?

Devon: Thanks.

[ Sighs ] Well, I didn’t see that coming at all.

Abby: Neither did I. And look, I wasn’t about to interfere with your conversation with my mom, but you’re right. You have many more reasons to keep tucker at a distance other than what happened in paris. And whatever you decide to do moving forward with tucker, I just– I have to tell you for what it’s worth, he’s not my dad. And I don’t have that connection with him, so I’m not gonna be able to just forgive and forget.

Devon: Yeah, I– I understand, and you won’t get any argument from me about that, but how do you feel about your mom’s change of heart? Because even if it wasn’t violent, it was still a fight that ended their marriage.

Abby: Honestly, I don’t know what to make of it, or of my mom for that matter. But something must be going on with her to be giving tucker any benefit of the doubt.

[ Abby sighs ]

[ Doorbell ringing ]

Audra: You had your say, ashley, now it’s my turn to set some things straight.

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Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


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Recap written by Eva

Chance tells Billy that he won’t be used as a pawn in a power struggle between him and Devon.

Nate tells Aunt Mamie the same thing…that he doesn’t want to be caught in the middle between Billy and Devon.

Jack warns Tucker that he won’t allow him to hurt Ashley again. Audra warns Ashley that she will go to war with her if she tries to come between him and Tucker. Ashley continues to hear voices telling her that there must be another way to handle the situation with Tucker but Ashley tells the voice in her head that this is the only way to handle things. Ashley calls Tucker and asks him to have a drink with her

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Y&R Transcript Friday, February 23, 2024

Young & The Restless Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Traci: Ugh. Ashley! Where have you been? Jack and I have been so worried. You weren’t answering your phone or returning texts.

Ashley: I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I should’ve texted you. I was too tired to come home, so I just got a room at the club.

Traci: Are you all right? I mean, did something happen?

[ Ashley sighs ]

Ashley: I’m fine now. Honestly.

Traci: So something did happen.

Ashley: Yes. I spoke with tucker. I told him that he was right and I was wrong.

Nate: Thank you. Tucker?

Tucker: Hey. You know, for someone with a booming career in a swanky penthouse apartment, you sure do spend an awful lot of time here.

Nate: Why are you so concerned about where I spend my time?

Tucker: Just curious what keeps you coming back. Is it the steak frites? Or the audra charles?

Nadia: Gin, again. Are you letting me win?

Claire: No, this is all you and your slick card moves. I just need a chance to catch up. Your deal.

Michael: Victor!

Victor: Michael baldwin. How the hell have you been, man?

Michael: Ah, fine, fine. Good to see you. How’s nikki doing?

Victor: She’s doing better. I think soon she’ll be her old self again.

Michael: Good.

Victor: Michael, there’s something I’d like to ask of you.

Michael: All right.

Victor: What strings would we have to pull to get an early release for claire from that psych ward? There it is…

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by…

Michael: You want claire released?

Victor: That’s what I said.

Michael: I doubt she’s far enough along in her treatment to reintegrate back into the real world. Why would you want to do this?

Victor: I have my reasons.

Michael: I understand claire has made significant progress. Why push it? Do the doctors think that she’s ready to go home this soon?

Victor: Well, that’s what I want you to find out, okay? And tell them I’ll give them all the reassurances they need, but I want claire to come home to her family.

Michael: I don’t doubt that claire wants to redeem herself, but she has an entire lifetime of hatred instilled within her. You don’t get past something like that in just an instant.

Victor: I’m well aware of that, michael.

Michael: Look… do you truly believe that that need for revenge isn’t somewhere inside her? That’s something that doctors need time to dig deep to find out.

Victor: I appreciate your concern, okay? But you must know that I’ve talked to claire personally. I know where her head is at. I know what she’s thinking. And, you know, she’s in support of this. And, of course, you must tell the doctors that I will provide the best therapy available on the outside.

Michael: Well, that will most certainly be required by the court for me to even get close to getting her released.

Victor: I will do whatever it takes to get her back into this family now, all right? So, I think it will also be an advantage to all of us if claire were more easily accessible.

Michael: Accessible to whom? Victor, is this what this is all about? Some plot you’ve cooked up to try to trap jordan? I’m saying this to you as a friend, victor. What you’re doing here is clearly for your own benefit, not claire’S. Are you really prepared to use your own granddaughter as bait after everything she’s been through? Will you really risk further damage to her?

Victor: Because of the damage done to her, she is all for this, okay? She’s eager to help.

Michael: All right. Another question.

Victor: What is it?

Michael: Have you run this plan by cole and victoria? What do they think about your latest plot twist?

Victor: Oh, they’ll love the plan once they realize it has been successful.

Claire: I’ll see you later, nadia. And I’ll catch you next time, you can bet on it.

Nadia: Maybe.

Claire: Watch it.

Victoria: You really do love spending time with nadia, don’t you?

Claire: Yeah. Yeah, she’s sunny and silly. But, uh… underneath it, I can see her insecurity and fear, wondering if things are always gonna be like this. I had all those same feelings when I was her age, but for completely different reasons. But look at her now. She’s on the road to recovery. It won’t be long.

Cole: Yeah, yeah, and I’m impressed that you’re able to see into her like that. I mean, that kind of insight and empathy. You know, you’re not just playing cards and keeping her busy. You’re giving her a sense of normalcy and optimism. And you’re a positive influence on that little girl.

Victoria: It’s true. I think it’s impacting her health in the best way possible.

Claire: I can’t take any credit for that. Nadia’s been more of a positive influence on me. She’s so brave and determined to overcome her medical challenges. She’s inspiring and she has a way of making everyday things fun and– and special. I wish I had a friend like her when I was young. But at least I can hang out with her now. See the world through her eyes. Spending time with her, it’s rejuvenating, you know?

Victoria: I get that. I get that. I think it’s wonderful.

Cole: And you know what? Just seeing you like this, with that big smile on your face, I think it might be the most relaxed that I’ve ever seen you. You’re just lighter.

Claire: That’s how I feel. Growing up, I wasn’t allowed to play with other kids. There was just aunt jordan. And I could never win with her. She made sure of that. No matter what game we were playing, she would cheat if she had to. Anything to make me constantly feel like a loser.

Cole: She undermined your self-esteem at every turn. Even as a child.

Claire: Every second of every day was a lesson. Life isn’t fair. Only the strong survive. The newmans stole a life of winning and privilege from me.

Victoria: I loathe that woman. She was so cruel. No child should be mentally abused that way.

Claire: I know that now. And even if I didn’t live it, spending time with nadia, I can be on the other side. Just letting her be a kid. There are no dark lessons. Just fun.

Cole: All those years, all those miserable days. Things should have been different for you. And they would have been if I…

Claire: I am. Now. And the group therapy, the individual sessions, spending time with the kids, it’s all helping me turn a corner. And the doctors seem to think so, too.

Victoria: You know, I can’t tell you how happy that makes your father and me.

Cole: Yeah, we’re both just so proud of the progress that you’re making. Keep it going, claire. Just keep up the hard work, honey. You’re gonna get through this.

[ Phones chiming ]

Claire: What’s going on?

Victoria: Uh, nothing. It’s michael. He wants to meet.

Claire: Did something happen?

Cole: Uh, we can’t be sure.

Victoria: I promise you, whatever it is, we’ll deal with it.

Traci: You admitted that to tucker, that you were wrong about the entire incident?

Ashley: I sure did.

Traci: Oh, ashley. That realization must have been so difficult for you. What changed your mind? I mean, ever since paris, you’ve been adamant about what happened that day. You were sure that he had paid off everybody at the bistro.

Ashley: I know. I know. Remember I told you about that friend I had that I felt comfortable enough to share things with in paris?

Traci: Of course. I didn’t push you because I didn’t wanna pry or seem more nosy than I already was. And I thought you would talk to me about it when you were ready.

Ashley: And I’m ready. Um, well, that friend who lives in paris, they’re a psychologist.

Nate: Why do you even give a damn, tucker? I know how much you dislike me. Are you jealous because audra and I have maintained a friendship in spite of her business dealings or whatever it is with you?

Tucker: Jealous of you? No. I’m a little concerned that you’re gonna distract her, shift her focus, maybe even convince her to drive a stake through my heart.

Nate: Hmm. Audra– just about anyone would wanna drive that stake.

Tucker: Yeah. You know, it’s too bad. I’d rather relish having a worthy adversary in my life. And sadly, you are not one. The right age for

Tucker: I think you’ve blown any chance you might have had with audra. Romantically speaking, that is.

Nate: Hmm.

Tucker: And now you just… you’re always around, you’re always here. You’re like this, uh… you’re like an annoying fly at a barbecue you keep having to bat away.

Nate: Is that what you think?

Tucker: Yeah, yeah.

Nate: Well, good, good, good. I like the fact that you underestimate me. That’s when I’m at my most dangerous. But I have to break it to you. You’re way off base here. I’m not pursuing anything with audra other than looking out for best interests.

Tucker: Right. That’s good. You should keep telling yourself that.

Nate: Oh.

Tucker: But if there is something more, forget it, man. I will never let you come between us. It’s a straight-up fool’s attempt to even try.

Nate: Okay. Well, I guess we’ll have to just wait and see how this all shakes down.

Tucker: I guess we will. See you.

Audra: You and tucker? What was that all about?

Nate: Nothing worth talking about.

Audra: Nate, wait. Look, just stop thinking you need to protect me from tucker or anyone else, okay?

Traci: A psychologist?

Ashley: Yeah. I feel safe enough with this person to talk about these kind of things with him.

Traci: Okay, I just had no idea that person you stayed behind to talk to in paris was a psychologist.

Ashley: A personal friend, not somebody that I’ve seen professionally. But I– I thought he had a good perspective, and he asked me some questions, which got me thinking.

Traci: Like what?

Ashley: Well, frankly, the same questions you asked me. Like, why would tucker bribe an entire restaurant staff? And is it possible that he did frighten me in that cafe, but that he wasn’t as aggressive as I remembered?

Traci: And that helped things sink in?

Ashley: No, not at first. But then he said something that really resonated.

Traci: What was that?

Ashley: Well, it’s interesting. He thinks that tucker sounds like he’s a narcissist. And if that’s the case, the narcissist generally need to, uh– their actions need to generate something that gives them a positive outcome, you know? So then I had to ask myself the question: How did this supposed big lie of tucker’s, how did it advance his agenda, and did it create a positive outcome for him? And that, well, it was a game changer for me.

Victor: I was hoping to remand claire to victoria’s custody, but if my daughter objects, then we will have to come up with another plan.

Michael: What makes you think that jordan would even take the bait?

Victor: Because that jordan woman thinks of nothing but retribution. She has it in her mind that nikki and I are responsible for eve howard’s death. She will stop at nothing.

Michael: But you can’t know that. If she has any sense at all, she’ll be happy to have dodged a possibly lifelong sentence behind bars. She could be planning to lay low for the rest of her life instead.

Victor: Do I need to remind you that this woman burned down a damn prison, killing a lot of innocent people? To get to us, to get to nikki?

Michael: Yeah, you have a point.

Victor: Okay. She will stop at nothing, unless we force her to stop. Known for following your dreams.

Michael: You’re right. The phone call, the threats. She’s relentless.

Victor: Yeah. That’s why I intend to stop jordan. By making her feel that she’s in charge, while I will pretend to be very vulnerable. Then, she’ll move in for the kill.

Michael: But does the message have to be delivered to her through claire? I mean, haven’t we asked enough of this young woman? Hasn’t she been traumatized enough by that crazy aunt?

Victor: That is why that poor girl is willing to go along with my plan. She’s willing to help.

Michael: And you think, in the end, she’ll be stronger as a result?

Victor: Yes, of course.

Michael: All right, I’ll make some phone calls, see what I can do.

Victor: All right, I appreciate it.

Michael: Luckily, the terms of her hospitalization were left vague in the court ruling. It simply says, “until time that the facility and the court deem her fit to return to society.” I’m pretty sure I can work with that.

Victor: You know, michael baldwin, that’s why you’re my counsel. You know that, right? You’re a smart cookie. I know you’ll do the right thing.

Traci: Well, this is good, right? I mean, you have some clarity now about tucker and what happened.

Ashley: Yeah, right. My friend’s advice was very helpful. You know, I think it’s because he doesn’t have an emotional attachment like you and jack do. He was just able to listen to the circumstances and give me an objective opinion.

Traci: And that’s what helped you rethink the whole thing?

Ashley: Mm-hmm. I mean, honestly, I realized that tucker had absolutely nothing to gain from lying. The sad thing is, I guess… I guess I created this entire scenario so I could push tucker away and back out of my marriage. I know. But, at least when I came to that realization, um, I had a sense of calm come over me and a sense of freedom.

Traci: This is wonderful.

Ashley: I know.

Traci: I’m so glad to hear it.

Ashley: Thank you. I know. The anxiety and all that anger, it was just not good for me and I realized what I was doing to everybody in my life, this frustration and everything. I’m sorry.

Traci: Oh, no, ashley. We all love you. I’m just so glad that you finally have some relief from the agony you were going through.

Ashley: I know. It’s so true. I mean, I– I slept so well last night. The best I’ve slept in so long. It’s completely different now.

Traci: I’m so happy for you. But I do have to ask, why did you go to tucker first with this realization?

Nate: Look, audra, I’m doing nothing more than trying to be a friend here.

Audra: Really? Is that what this is? Friendship and nothing more?

Nate: What else could it be?

Audra: So tell me you’re not playing hero or protector and expecting something in return. You know, or maybe you just wanna prove to yourself you can go toe-to-toe with a man like tucker.

Nate: Wow. How can you claim to know the man so well and yet still put him on a pedestal? There’s nothing decent or admirable or even human about the guy.

Audra: Okay, there’s no pedestal. I know the best and worst of tucker in ways no one else ever will. And he’s very much human, even if people like you can’t see it.

Nate: Wow. See, that tells me everything I need to know about the hold the man has over you. And I’m not gonna sit here and watch you walk off a cliff without saying something.

Audra: You know what? You think that you’re trying to help me, but just back off, okay? This isn’t your battle to fight. It’s mine, and I don’t need your help.

Nate: Oh, you don’t need my help? You think so, do you?

Audra: Just face it. You’ll never understand my relationship with tucker, personally or professionally. You can’t even begin to grasp the stakes at play here. And I’m not just talking about business. So please, just focus on your life and stop worrying about mine.

Nate: You’re right. It’s none of my business.

Tucker: I don’t think you realize how fixated that guy is on you. And it seems to me it’s only getting worse. I would’ve called yesterday.

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue. “I hate you!” Is your child angry? Do they threaten to hurt themselves? We can help. Brentwood behavioral hospital is northwest louisiana’s behavioral healthcare specialists. Call now for a free assessment. We believe in

Audra: You know, maybe you’re fixated on each other. Nothing to do with me.

Tucker: Au contraire, my dear. I think perhaps you are so used to every man you’ve ever met falling all over you that you– you don’t notice it anymore.

Audra: What can I say? I guess it’s just a curse. Have you made all of the arrangements for a trip to paris?

Tucker: I have not. I’m gonna get on that in the next couple days.

Audra: But you still wanna go, right?

Tucker: Yeah, I do wanna go. I wanna get out of here, man. I want a break from this town. All the haters. This food. [ Scoffs ] Yeah. I wanna be with you in the city of light. It’ll be like seeing paris anew.

Audra: And what about work? You know, the whole reason why we planned this trip in the first place? We’re supposed to be visiting glissade and all the other companies we want to acquire.

Tucker: I guess we can do that too.

Audra: All right. What is it?

Tucker: What is what?

Audra: Yeah, something’s got your attention, and it’s not me. I wanna know what it is.

Ashley: I went to tucker first because I felt I owed it to him. I mean, for months I’ve been trashing his reputation, telling everybody that he was violent, that he was gaslighting me, and I wouldn’t even entertain the possibility that he was being truthful. Which must have been maddening for him, because he was telling the truth the entire time.

Traci: Yeah, I’m sure it was.

Ashley: So I just thought I had to tell him to his face.

Traci: What did he say? When you told him he was right all along, I mean, how did he respond?

Ashley: Well, he was suspicious, you know? He thought, you know, I was up to something and maybe I had some agenda. I don’t blame him, given how I’ve been treating him.

Traci: Yes, I’m– I’m sure he was surprised at your sudden turnaround.

Ashley: Yeah, but he’s just gonna have to accept it eventually, right? I’m just so happy that I can be free of all that anger and that rage. I really, really needed to unburden myself from all of that so I could find some peace.

Traci: Mmm. Ashley, this doesn’t change your situation with tucker, right?

Michael: Thank you. Thank you for coming.

Victoria: Of course, michael. What did you want to meet with us about?

Michael: Oh, do you care for…

Cole: No, thank you.

Victoria: No, thank you.

Michael: Um, well, I’m assuming that you’re aware of what victor has in the works?

Cole: You mean his plan to lure my aunt jordan out of hiding?

Victoria: Using our daughter.

Michael: Yeah, that’s the one.

Victoria: Yeah, I’m aware, michael. However, I told my father it’s completely out of the question.

Cole: Claire’s been through enough.

Victoria: There’s absolutely no way I’m gonna let her be used as a pawn. I mean, dad needs to just back off. He needs to let the police handle this.

Michael: Mm-hmm. I understand how you both could feel that way.

Cole: Frankly, michael, I– I’m surprised that victor turned to you for support. I mean, it’s not like you can get a court order to force claire into delivering a message to jordan.

Michael: No, but it will take some legal maneuvering to get claire out of the hospital.

Victoria: Oh, hold on a second.

Cole: Hang on.

Victoria: My father wants claire released and to interrupt her treatment?

Cole: To make her an easier target?

Victoria: Michael, you cannot be on board with this, can you?

Victor: So… how are you doing?

Claire: I’m okay. Having a pretty good day so far. But I have a feeling you’re here with bigger concerns. Jordan.

Victor: You’re right.

Claire: She hasn’t reached out to me again.

Victor: Mm-hmm. And I think I have a solution to that.

Claire: Is that why victoria and cole went to meet with michael baldwin?

Victor: You’re very perceptive, aren’t you?

Claire: What’s going on?

Victor: You know, claire… we as a family owe you a debt of gratitude. You saved nikki’s life.

[ Claire scoffs ]

Claire: No, you don’T. That never should’ve happened. And I hate that I was any part of it. I’m the one who owes you.

Victor: But we all know… that we want the same thing. We wanna make sure that jordan is put behind bars where she belongs.

Claire: But I can’t give her a message if she doesn’t call me.

Victor: That’s why I’d like michael baldwin to arrange for your early release.

Claire: You mean leave here?

Victor: Yeah.

Claire: But this is part of my plea agreement. I have to be here. And my– my sessions… I feel safe here.

Victor: I understand. I promise you that you will be protected and safe wherever you are, okay?

Claire: How could my release even be possible?

Victor: Leave it to me. Nothing comes close to this place in the morning.

Claire: So if you make it possible for me to be free, it’ll be easier for jordan to make contact with me.

Victor: Right.

Claire: But it’s more than that, isn’t it? If jordan finds out I’m out because of newman generosity, she won’t be able to restrain herself. She wanted me to believe you’d all dump me here and leave me to rot. She’ll have to call, if only to remind me how horrible your family really is. Not that I believe that anymore.

[ Claire chuckles ] Do I really have a say in this? I mean, what if I told you I’m not ready to leave yet?

Victor: Then I would not insist on it. But to be honest with you, I think it’s the only way we can lure jordan out of hiding. It’s the only way we can prevent her from doing further damage to your new family now. And that is what you want, isn’t it?

Claire: She has to be stopped. Just the thought of her out there, watching me, watching us, knowing that she could come after us whenever she wants. How are we supposed to live like that?

Victor: Precisely. Now, if you’re adamantly opposed to an early release, then I will not make it happen.

Claire: You won’t?

Victor: No. Because your recovery is not only important to victoria, but to all of us, and to me.

Claire: Thank you. That means a lot. But I’d still like some time to think it over, if that’s okay.

Victor: Yes, it is.

[ Victor sighs ] You know… it’s a great feeling to have another granddaughter. Welcome into our family. Now, if you have any questions, or if you decide you want to be released, then kindly call michael baldwin, all right?

Michael: I’m caught in the middle here. I can understand the situation from both angles. I mean… victor’s intentions are clear. He is determined to do everything possible to protect his family. And I know as parents, your number one concern is your daughter’s full and complete recovery.

Cole: But do those two things have to be mutually exclusive?

[ Michael scoffs ]

Michael: I would hope not. But what I’d like to know is, what’s your take on claire’s progress?

Victoria: She’s doing so much better. Michael, she’s starting to open up to us, and s– starting to see some brightness, and that there’s some hope in the world, you know? That not everybody is cruel and vindictive like her aunt, that she actually does deserve some happiness. But this is all so fresh. It’s– it’s really new.

Cole: It’s a delicate balance right now. But her doctors feel that progress is being made.

Victoria: She’s been working so hard to overcome this trauma that she’s been through, and she still has a long road to go. But in no means is she ready to be released.

Cole: And definitely not at the risk of a setback. Exposure to jordan, it could undo everything. It’s not an option, michael. No matter what victor wants.

Victoria: I can’t believe that my father refuses to listen to me. I mean, how could he go behind my back and push forward with this plan?

Tucker: Thank you. Salud.

Audra: Ooh, salud.

[ Tucker laughs ]

Tucker: My attention’s not on you. There’s never enough attention on you, is there?

Audra: No, tucker. Uh, yes, you’ve been all in about me and our plans. And now, suddenly, your attention has shifted. Why? Did something happen?

Tucker: Uh, I just woke up. I was a little out of sorts is all, but I’m snapping out of it.

Audra: Yeah, right.

Tucker: Aren’t you used to my… idiosyncrasies now?

Audra: Yeah, I am an expert in all the moods of tucker mccall, yeah. And I can usually read you quite well.

Tucker: Yeah, and I can read you like a book. Something’s on your mind, too.

[ Audra sighs ] What is it?

Audra: Well, I keep thinking about my conversation with ashley last night. You know, everything she said was a complete contradiction to what’s been going on with you two for the past few months. You know, she said that… the dynamic has changed, or something. And that I’d soon be seeing what that meant.

Tucker: Really? She said those exact words?

Audra: Where did that come from, tucker? What do you make of it? Y’all wayfair makes it so easy

Audra: Talk to me, tucker. Do you know what ashley was referring to?

Tucker: I have no idea what’s going on in ashley’s mind anymore. And honestly, I don’t care. And neither should you.

Ashley: I had an epiphany. Because of a fender bender.

Tucker: What?

Ashley: I know.

[ Both laugh ] It’s true.

Tucker: You all right?

Ashley: Yeah. Physically. And mentally. I had this clarity wash over me. And I realized that all the rage and confusion that I was blaming you for was actually my fault. So, I mean, do you remember how conflicted I was about marrying you? I was in no place at all to make a commitment to you because I didn’t trust you.

Tucker: Ashley, please–

Ashley: It’s the truth.

Tucker: Please stop. If you could just–

Ashley: What?

Tucker: Would you please cut this crap out?

Audra: Tucker. What is it you’re not telling me?

Ashley: I really don’t know what’s gonna happen with tucker and me.

Traci: Well, are you rethinking your feelings for him? I– I mean, do you think there might still be something there?

Ashley: Thank you so much for your concern, but I don’t have any answers. I think one big revelation is all I can handle at the moment.

[ Traci laughs ]

Traci: Of course. I mean, after all you’ve been through, that makes perfect sense.

Ashley: Right. But I think everything’s for the best. My situation might not change with tucker, but our dynamic has to. One thing I do know, I need a change of clothes.

[ Both laugh ] Thank you for listening. And thank you for just, you know, giving me the space to work this all out.

Traci: Ashley, you know I love you.

Ashley: Well, you know I love you too. See you.

Victor: Hi, sweetheart.

Victoria: Oh, hello, daddy. You’re home.

Victor: To what do I owe the pleasure? Or do I already know?

[ Victoria sighs ]

Victoria: I wanna know how you could go behind my back and discuss your plan with michael when you know how opposed I am to you exploiting claire for this trap.

Victor: I’m doing everything in my power to protect my family. Have you seen what this damn woman is doing to your mother?

[ Victoria sighs ]

Victoria: Yes, I have, dad, but that doesn’t mean that you should bulldoze forward with some scheme when it could potentially ruin all of the progress that claire has made.

Victor: How about your mother? You’ve seen what a fragile state she’s in. She’s in a mess. Because of that iv of alcohol they forced into her bloodstream. Now she’s trying to push her over the edge.

Victoria: Well, there has to be another way, all right? One that does not involve claire and put her directly in the line of fire.

Victor: I promise you I will protect her. She’ll be in no danger, all right? Besides, I don’t think it’s good for her to stay in the psych ward.

Victoria: Well, if you care so much about her health, then why are you trying to move her away from the doctors that are giving her all the help that she needs?

Victor: You know damn well I’ll arrange for the best therapists we can find outside of those walls.

Victoria: Daddy, what if dealing with jordan sets her back?

Victor: I’ll do everything in my power to protect– she’s my granddaughter. Don’t you think it would be a nice feeling for you to know that she can openly associate with you now? Be part of your life?

Claire: Excuse me, nurse. Is there someone available who could help me?

Nurse: Of course, miss grace. Is there something you need?

Claire: Yes, I would like to make a phone call to my attorney, michael baldwin.

Announcer: Next week on the young and the restless…

Ashley: Are you threatening me?

Audra: It’s a friendly warning. I have much more experience at fighting dirty than you, and I enjoy it much more than I should.

Mamie: Jill abbott has had a stranglehold on chancellor-winters for far too long. It’s time our family takes full control of our company. And I’m here to make sure that’s what happens.

Claire: It’s time to be who my family needs me to be. That means helping catch jordan any way I can.

Michael: Agreed. Go.

Claire: Full speed ahead.

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Y&R Transcript Thursday, February 22, 2024

Young & The Restless Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Nick: So, the numbers for the real estate division are below target. I think you can safely chalk that up to the price of the newest acquisition. I know that’s not the timeline you were hoping for, but both adam and I feel strongly that it will be profitable by quarter three.

Victor: Yeah, excellent.

Nick: Huh. Now, in the past, you would have given me a much tougher time for a report like that. You would have said I was sugarcoating it.

Victor: Yeah, no, no, I really appreciate the work you’ve done.

Nick: I’m just trying to take some things off your plate, dad. I know you have a lot on your mind.

Victor: Yeah, well, that’s putting it mildly. Never needed you more at newman. That includes your brother.

Nick: Speaking of adam, I know he’s pretty disappointed that you didn’t like his idea of taking on sally’s design company.

Victor: Oh, yeah. A little upset, he’ll get over it.

Nick: Well, you have me curious. Is that a definite no for you?

Chloe: Well, guess what? More great news. The magazine feature on the wilkinson penthouse just got pushed. Again. Now, they’re saying june. I mean, I was really counting on those images to get us more contracts. I saw the photos. They were amazing. Our phone would have been ringing off the hook, but I guess the publisher wants to feature some cousin’s lake house or something, so I– I don’t know what we’re gonna do. I don’t know how we’re gonna hold out till summer. Hello? Did you hear anything I just said?

Sally: Sorry, yeah, yeah. That’s– that’s not good.

Chloe: That’s all you’ve got? I mean, our company is on the line. We need to start making money fast so we can make rent on the office space, let alone pay ourselves.

Sally: Yeah, I know. You’re right. It sucks. And I probably would be more annoyed by it, but I’m just so ticked off at adam. He went behind my back and– and it’s just infuriating.

Chloe: Oh, well, there’s something to cheer me up. Tell me everything. What did he do now to finally make you ditch him?

Adam: Well, thank you for coming over.

Chelsea: You were right. It’s better to talk in private. I’m too upset.

Adam: Yes, the new report from the school psychologist.

Chelsea: It’s a lot to process.

Adam: Yeah, I thought they were gonna be recommending tutoring or learning accommodations, and now she thinks he– ocd?

Chelsea: Well, she’s not sure. That’s why she wants him to see a specialist and order additional testing at an outside facility. I mean, did you see this letter she sent us? It’s overwhelming. I mean, I don’t even know where to begin.

Adam: I mean, chelsea, does she even know what she’s talking about, this doctor? I mean, really, what are we putting connor through with all this?

Nikki: You know it’s all gone. Why bother looking?

[ Distant shuffling ] If you’re out there, jordan, come and get me. Let’s just end this. I will not be your prisoner again.

Sometimes your work shirt

needs to be for more

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by… -you got this buddy.

-During an asthma attack,

Nikki: Enough.

[ Thud ] Who’s there? Oh, god. Lauren, thank god.

Jordan: Seth? Here.

Seth: Isabelle.

Jordan: Have a seat, please. Can I get you a drink? My tab’s open.

Seth: No, thanks.

Jordan: I was so glad to get your text. I take it your meeting with nikki went well?

Seth: No, no. I wouldn’t go that far. I mean, she saw me. We talked.

Jordan: Well, I would call that a victory. You should be very proud of yourself.

Seth: I mean, it wasn’t easy, but I’m glad I did it.

Jordan: It was brave and wonderful.

Seth: I– I wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t have that little push from you.

Jordan: Oh, no, no, no. All I did was tell you how sorry I was to lose her as a friend. That’s all. You did what I couldn’t do.

Seth: Yeah, well, I’m just saying I appreciate the support.

Jordan: So, how did nikki seem? Stronger? Tell me everything. I’m dying to hear.

Adam: Ocd? That’s out of left field. I mean, I feel like this school is on the wrong track completely.

Chelsea: Well, the teachers did mention he was washing his hands all the time.

Adam: Okay, well, I mean, he’s a conscientious kid. I mean, maybe he doesn’t wanna get sick and miss more classes because he’s already struggling. I mean, how do you go from that to ocd?

Chelsea: Adam, I don’t have any more answers than you do, okay? But we can’t just dismiss the possibility because it scares us. Clearly this psychologist saw behaviors in connor that concern her, so we have to do whatever it takes to get to the bottom of it.

Adam: Yeah, I know. Of course we do. But, I mean, how are we supposed to do that when we don’t know anything about this disorder? Okay, we need to get some answers of our own.

Chelsea: Well, I wouldn’t go scrolling the internet. That’s a dangerous rabbit hole.

Adam: I’m not gonna waste my time with that. I’m going straight to the source.

Sally: Adam tried to save our company without consulting me.

Chloe: It’s none of his business.

Sally: Yeah, I know. That’s what I told him.

Chloe: So he thinks he can just swoop in and offer a bunch of cash in exchange for controlling interest, I assume? You know, this is just about him getting back at nick?

Sally: Not exactly. He had a bigger plan. He actually talked to nick about it, which was even more infuriating. Like they need to come up with a plan to rescue me.

Chloe: Well, you know I’m all for nick’s involvement, but when it comes to adam, I don’t want him anywhere near us. So, what was his big idea?

Sally: He tried to convince victor to bring our company into newman.

Chloe: Oh, my god. We’d never. Victor screwed us over the first time, and I bet you he laughed in adam’s face.

Sally: Unclear. I don’t know. According to adam, victor is still considering it.

Chloe: Wait. Wait. This is still on the table?

Sally: Look, as much as I hate that he didn’t come to me first, and I did tell him off, and I’m definitely not done being upset about it, but eventually, I will be. I’ll get over it. And when I do, I have to admit, it’s actually not the worst idea.

Victor: Well, now it sounds like you’re reconsidering adam’s proposal to bail out sally spector’s design company.

Nick: Look, it wasn’t my idea. It was all adam’S. I would never have suggested something like that at a time like this, but I do see the logic in it.

Victor: Is your investment in that much trouble, or…

Nick: Yeah, dad, I’ve got some money there, but that’s not my concern. In fact, I would have invested more if I could. I believe that much in her talent.

Victor: But you know, of course, if newman enterprises does take over sally spector’s design company, then you would have less contact with her.

Nick: So, you believe that’s adam’s motivation, or part of it, to get me out of sally’s life completely?

Victor: Could be. You know, the two of you are working together and I like that. And I don’t like the fact that he could be stirring up trouble. Sometimes, the lows of bipolar depression

Nick: Dad, I appreciate you watching out for me, but, uh, cutting my personal ties to sally’s firm, or keeping them for that matter, doesn’t concern me.

Victor: You sure about that?

Nick: I was a silent investor in sally’s company. I have no say in how she runs her business. That was part of the deal.

Victor: And you don’t consider adam’s proposal as a move against you?

Nick: Would adam be happy if I divested myself completely from sally’s business? Of course. But I truly believe he is doing this because he wants what is best for sally, and not to stick it to me.

Victor: And you obviously want what’s best for sally, although she has broken your heart.

Nick: Relationships end, dad. It is what it is. But, uh, I’m not gonna apologize for wanting what’s best for her.

Victor: Well, now, that’s mighty generous of you, son.

Nick: I’ve accepted it, that sally and I weren’t supposed to be together. That person has always been adam. Now, did he pursue her relentlessly while we were together? Yes, he did. But his methods don’t change the reality. They’re supposed to be together.

Victor: Well, well, well. I still don’t see the reason to accept adam’s proposal.

Nick: Do you like seeing me and adam work together?

Victor: Yeah. Proud of it.

Nick: Keeping him happy is part of that dynamic. Because if he doesn’t get his way, there’s a chance he could revert back to his old, devious ways and I can’t have that. He is unpredictable. Now, I don’t like thinking about adam in these terms, but in order for this to work, in order for us to keep working together, this is the way it has to be.

Victor: Makes sense. But make sure that there’s something in it for newman enterprises because business is business.

Nick: Oh, absolutely.

Victor: There’s something else we need to discuss.

Nick: What’s that?

Victor: I’m worried about your mother. That jordan woman keeps on calling her.

Lauren: Okay. Thank you so much. I’ll let nikki know. All right, that was your head of security. He said everyone has reported in. No breach.

Nikki: Thank goodness.

Lauren: Do you want me to call victor?

Nikki: No, he’ll just rush home and double down on security.

Lauren: What about jack?

Nikki: I don’t wanna take him from his day again.

Lauren: All right, so let’s go over a media buy proposal.

Nikki: No, lauren, I can’T. I can’t concentrate. I’m too wound up. Please, take me somewhere. Anywhere.

Lauren: Oh, victor was adamant that you stay home.

Nikki: I am crawling in my skin. I am jumping at every tree branch and door slam. How is that healthy?

Lauren: Nikki, you’re safe from jordan here.

Nikki: Lauren, please. I will lose my mind if I don’t have a change of scenery. Take me somewhere that doesn’t serve alcohol, okay? And you can watch me like a hawk. You can handcuff me to you. Just get me out of here, please.

[ Lauren sighs ]

Lauren: Okay, fine. But your driver is taking us to crimson lights with security detail. We are having one cup of tea and then we are coming right back here. Please don’t make me regret this.

Adam: Well, we really appreciate this, sharon. I know how busy you are.

Sharon: Of course. Anything for connor. I’m sorry to hear he’s going through a hard time again.

Adam: Well, this time is different and we were hoping that you could help us understand what the hell is going on.

Chelsea: We have so many questions.

Sharon: Okay. Well, what have they told you so far?

Adam: The school thinks that he has, um, ocd.

Chelsea: But that’s not confirmed. That was just one of the possibilities she mentioned. They want him to see a specialist. There’s a list.

Adam: Which is completely out of left field. Okay, I’m worried that they’re labeling him for no reason and they’re freaking him out in the process.

Chelsea: They’re not– they’re not labeling him. If this is ocd that he has, what are we looking at here?

Sharon: I’m not an expert on ocd, but I do know that the issues with the disorder are intrusive and disturbing thoughts. The person creates rituals to try to block them out.

Chelsea: Like hand washing?

Sharon: It could be. Also other things like house cleaning. Checking things over and over again for reassurance. There’s a common misconception that those behaviors are the disease, but actually they’re a coping mechanism. A tool to combat the obsessive thoughts. Those are the real issue.

Adam: Okay, but he hasn’t said anything about obsessive thoughts, and the school has always said that he has withdrawn from certain activities.

Chelsea: And he hasn’t been eating. He’s been throwing away his lunches.

Adam: So, that’s not ocd, right? I mean, it has to be something else?

Sharon: I think you should take the advice of the school psychologist. Have connor evaluated by a specialist. I can look at that list if you would like, see if there’s anyone on it I know, but an expert can give you more insight.

Adam: I– I hate this.

Sharon: The important thing is not to panic.

Adam: How is that possible? We just found out that connor has a serious issue, but yet nobody seems to be able to tell us what it is or how to fix it. I mean, come on. I want answers now.

Mike had a heart

attack a year ago.

Sharon: I get it. It’s scary when your child is hurting.

Adam: I– I just want some answers already.

Sharon: Issues like these can be hard to diagnose. Sometimes, it’s a process of elimination.

Adam: Yeah, I feel like the school is just giving us the runaround. I feel like they’re just wasting our time.

Sharon: Well, you have to take this a step at a time. You have to figure out what’s really going on before you’ll know how to help him. And remember, it might not even be ocd.

Adam: What if it is ocd, sharon?

Sharon: Then, you will work with a doctor who will help you with a treatment plan. Connor is gonna get the care and attention he needs. You two are both wonderful, caring parents. I have no doubt that you’re gonna get him through this.

Adam: I know. You’re– you’re right, sharon. I just–

Sharon: You hate it. I get it. Every moment that you don’t have answers is excruciating. But the best way you can help connor right now is to be a soothing presence for him. Help him get through this step by step and then, find the experts that can help. Um, I’m sorry. I have to get going. I have a meeting.

Adam: Well, thank you for talking us through this. I know you’re very busy.

Sharon: I’m happy to use my training. Connor is a great kid.

Chelsea: Well, it’s been so helpful talking this through with you.

Sharon: Call any time. And send me that list.

Chelsea: Thank you.

Adam: We will.

Chelsea: Well, you were right to call sharon.

Adam: Yup.

Chelsea: But I’m still terrified.

Adam: I know. I am too. But she’s right. Connor needs us. I’m sorry that I panicked.

Chelsea: Don’t apologize.

Adam: I will keep my fears in check. And we’re gonna help him face whatever this is. And get him whatever help he needs.

Nikki: This may be the best cup of tea I’ve ever had. Thank you so much, lauren. I feel like I’ve been sprung from prison.

Lauren: I can see that. And I’m really glad we have the security detail, but I do not like going against victor’s wishes.

Nikki: Don’t worry about it. I will handle him. I’m just so happy to be out in the world again. I know it hasn’t been that long that I have been stuck at the ranch, but time goes so slowly when I’m there alone.

Lauren: I thought seth came out earlier.

Nikki: Yeah, he did. It wasn’t a very cheerful conversation, though. He’s still drinking.

Lauren: Then, you should have sent him away.

Nikki: No, he’s struggling. That’s what people in the program do. They help each other. That’s how we get sober.

Lauren: It just seems that his visit was very draining on you.

Nikki: Well, he said something that struck me as very odd, and it’s been gnawing away at me. He said that someone from our meetings encouraged him to reach out to me.

Lauren: But isn’t that how it’s supposed to be?

Nikki: Well, we’re a pretty private group. We don’t really hang out with each other. We don’t go out for coffee afterwards like other groups do. I mean, I really don’t see anyone from the meetings at all. So, I’m just wondering, who would be so bold as to urge him to call me?

Seth: Nikki seems a hell of a lot stronger than me these days.

Jordan: Really? How so?

Seth: Well, she’s sober, you know, and she took one look at me and she realized I was in that stay buzzed all day stage, and really that was just humiliating.

Jordan: No, don’t think that way.

Seth: What am I supposed to think? I mean, I was supposed to be there for her, strong for her and I failed her, and now I’m just clearly a mess, and that’s what she sees.

Jordan: There’s no humiliation in reaching out to a friend. That takes strength. I’m sure nikki knows that.

Seth: Maybe. She did say that we could meet for coffee sometime, but I’m really not so sure.

Jordan: Okay, she’s saying that asking for help is the right thing. You’ll see her again, I’m sure.

Seth: Why do you care so much about this?

Jordan: Well, because it’s very comforting for me to see two friends trying to repair their friendship.

Seth: Well, I just don’t understand why then you don’t reach out to her if she means so much to you.

Jordan: It’s far too late.

Seth: How is it too late? According to you and everything you’re telling me, you have a stronger connection with her than she and I ever had. You have a real history.

Jordan: My hurt runs very deep.

Seth: No. No, you need to take some of your own advice, yeah? Just take a risk. Reach out. You know what? We should all go to a meeting together. Yeah, then you and nikki can reconnect on safe, supportive ground. That would be great.

Jordan: No. No, no, no, no. I– I couldn’t do that.

Seth: Why not? Huh? What aren’t you telling me? We’re travelling all across america,

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Chloe: You’re wrong. This is the worst idea ever. And your judgment is being clouded by the mind-boggling fact that you’ve been sucked back in by adam.

Sally: Okay, will you stop?

Chloe: I know you’re thinking, “oh, it’s cool. We have this growing connection and we’ll be working together soon,” but I am here to point out the train wreck ahead.

Sally: Okay, we all know that you do not want me with adam, okay? But this has absolutely nothing to do with our personal relationship. Okay, I was ready to bring my design business into newman before.

Chloe: Yeah, and it was an awful idea then. I mean, victor ripped it out from underneath us at the very last minute. What makes you think that we can trust him again?

Sally: Maybe this is different.

Chloe: No, it is not.

Sally: Okay, are you ready to just give up on everything that we busted our butts for? Our work is great. We built this company up from nothing. And I have zero intention of giving up. Okay, we have 100% success rate.

Chloe: Yes, with our very few clients.

Sally: Exactly. Newman enterprises is a powerhouse. Being a part of that company means we won’t have to hustle for gigs anymore.

Chloe: We are going to lose our autonomy. We’re going to have adam breathing down our necks, offering his guidance and– and suggestions. He will be telling us how to run our company. Is that what you want?

Sally: Adam swore he wouldn’t do any of that.

Chloe: And the second victor is in a mood, he will make sure to get rid of us.

Sally: Okay, well adam said that he would protect us from victor if anything like that happened, okay? But hopefully it won’T.

Chloe: You have to trust me on this. Getting into bed with adam was a huge mistake. Getting into bed with newman enterprises is a bigger one.

Jordan: I’m not hiding anything. I’m just not ready to take the step that you just took.

Seth: Yeah, but if you had the friendship with her that you say you have–

Jordan: Well, that’s exactly why. It hurt when she cut me off, even though I understood why she did what she did and I– I haven’t been able to stay sober since then. But you, you, your slip is– is more reasoned. You have hope. You can get back on track.

Seth: Well, I believe you can too. I mean, look, you reached out to me.

Jordan: In a bar. I mean, it’s a big jump to go from talking about nikki newman in a bar to facing her face to face at an aa meeting. I hope you can understand that.

Seth: I don’t know if I can.

Jordan: Seth, all I’m trying to do is to help you two reconnect. That’s all I need today and maybe, in the future, I’ll be able to get there. But in the meantime, understand this is all I can do. But this is what we do, right? We help each other.

Nick: I hate that mom’s so upset knowing jordan’s still out there. How badly are these calls from jordan messing with mom’s sobriety?

Victor: Your mother’s getting better, but… I’m very worried about her, son. Especially now that she wants to set her own trap.

Nick: A trap? That’s a terrible idea. What kind of trap?

Victor: She wants to provoke jordan into coming after her.

Nick: Well, that is too dangerous. We cannot let that happen.

Victor: I totally agree with you, okay? That’s why I have to do everything in my power to get to jordan first. And I think the best way to do that is through claire.

Nick: Isn’t claire staying in a maximum security psychiatric ward? Do you really think jordan can get to her?

Victor: She is. But I’m gonna make access to claire simpler.

Nick: How?

Victor: I’ll pull some strings and then remand claire into victoria’s custody.

Nick: So you want to take her out of the hospital?

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Nick: Dad, claire’s been through a lot. It’s very early in her treatment. You really think an early release is the best thing for her?

Victor: I talked to the doctors and they think that she’s doing better. And as we speak, she’s creating a bond with your sister.

Nick: Great. I mean, I love hearing that, but why risk a setback?

Victor: Look, to be frank with you, I’ve talked to claire, okay? She wants jordan behind bars as badly as we do. And if anything happens to claire and she feels uncomfortable, she can always go back to the hospital, obviously. But meanwhile, she will provide access to jordan more simply than anyone or anything else.

Adam: Hey.

Chloe: Well, uh, will you look at the time? I’ve got to go.

Adam: Look, I don’t wanna interrupt if you’re meeting.

Sally: No, we’ve covered everything.

Chloe: Yeah, for now. Just no major decisions in the meantime.

Sally: Agreed.

Adam: Do you mind if I join you?

Sally: Now that you’ve scared chloe off?

Adam: I wanted to talk over some things. Unless now’s a bad time?

Sally: Are you okay? Any updates on connor?

Adam: Yeah, we got some. The school is asking for more tests. Hopefully, to rule out some more serious issues.

Sally: The not knowing must be hard.

Adam: Yeah, it’s the worst. You know, not knowing what’s going on with my kid. Not knowing how to help him. My mom’s alzheimer’s never changed how much we love her.

Sally: Do you wanna take a walk? Get some air?

Adam: No, I’m okay. He’s gonna be fine. We’re gonna get to the bottom of this and we’re gonna get him the right help.

Sally: Yeah, of course you will. Connor is a smart and sensitive kid who has a lot going for him, including two parents who adore him.

Adam: Yeah, well, chelsea has been a rock. And I’ve been me, but I’m gonna do better.

Sally: Let’s sit.

[ Adam sighs ]

Adam: So, I take it chloe’s ticked about my idea to bring your business into newman?

Sally: After I unloaded on her about you going behind my back, yeah. But I mean, it’s no surprise. It’s no secret that she’s not your biggest fan.

Adam: I’m more concerned about where your head is at. Are you still mad? Or do you understand why I went to nick and my dad before I came to you?

Nick: There’s one major flaw with your plan, dad.

Victor: What’s that?

Nick: Vic is never gonna let you use claire as bait, especially if she’s out in the world. It’s too risky.

Victor: Well, all I really want her to do is deliver a message for me.

Nick: What’s the message?

Victor: That I wanna make amends for having done so many horrible things to her sister, eve. Which, according to jordan, led her to become mentally ill.

Nick: And you think jordan’s gonna fall for that? Especially after she heard all those horrible things you said about her sister?

Victor: Well, knowing her, she’s arrogant enough to think that she can pull the wool over my eyes and trick me. And when she thinks she’s successful, I’ll turn the tables on her.

Billy: Hey, what a nice surprise.

Chelsea: Hi, I’m so glad you’re not in a meeting.

Billy: You okay? Did you get some news on connor?

Chelsea: Yeah. They think he has ocd.

Billy: Ocd? Chelsea, I’m sorry.

Chelsea: Yeah, I mean, they have to do more tests, but– but that’s what they think it is. I don’t know.

Billy: Yeah, I gotta be honest, I don’t really know much about it besides what I’ve learned in the movies.

Chelsea: Yeah, most people don’T. That’s why sharon just spent a lot of time talking to adam and me about it and explaining it and the way she was discussing it, really, it’s really big. And it’s really scary. And then– and then adam, of course, starts spiraling, and so I have to be the one to remain calm.

Billy: Well, leave it to adam to draw attention.

Chelsea: No, it wasn’t that. I think he’s just terrified. We both are and sharon was great. I mean, she calmed him down, she calmed me down.

[ Chelsea sighs ]

Billy: Okay, well, I’m glad that she was there for you, but it doesn’t really sound like you are sure if it’s ocd.

Chelsea: Yeah, not 100%. We have to get him assessed and hopefully come up with a diagnosis.

Billy: Okay, so for now, we wait?

Chelsea: Yeah. I hate this. I mean, there’s so much to do to try to come up with answers. And I– I can’t think straight because my son is suffering and in pain. I mean, you should have heard him just now on the phone. Connor’s confused and he’s– he’s scared. He doesn’t understand what’s going on. He doesn’t understand what’s wrong with him.

Billy: Poor guy.

Chelsea: I know the school doesn’t want us to go there, but after this news, I have to go. I have to. I have to see my son.

Billy: Okay, so we go. We go this weekend. I’ll drive.

Chelsea: No, that’s– I love you for offering that but you’re in the thick of it with work.

Billy: Hey, hey, that doesn’t matter, okay? Like you said, this is big. And you need to be there for connor, which means I need to be there for you. I’m not gonna let you go through this alone.

Upbeat music

Sally: I’m not quite ready to forgive you, if that’s what you’re asking.

Adam: Sally, I swear to you, I was not trying to go behind your back. I just wanted to make sure it was possible before I got your hopes up. You know I would never commit to anything on your behalf. I just, I wanted to create an opening for you.

Sally: But you could see why I was upset, right? Seeming like you wanted to control my company, my future.

Adam: I do now. And that was never my intention. Okay? I’m sorry. I screwed up.

Sally: And I can see your logic. Wanting to get their buy-in before you floated the idea.

Adam: Okay. Well, it sounds like you’re coming around to the idea.

Sally: Having the power of newman enterprises behind us would open a lot of doors.

Adam: Yes. So, are you ready to take the lead?

Sally: First, you tell me. Is it even possible? Has victor made up his mind?

Victor: Sweetheart, I come home and you’re gone. Where the hell have you been? With all due respect, why did you let her leave the house?

Nikki: Don’t blame lauren. She tried to talk me out of it, but I insisted. We simply went to crimson lights for a cup of tea. We were perfectly safe, surrounded by people.

Lauren: I made sure the security detail was with us. They did not let us out of their sight for one minute.

Victor: I know all that. I got the report, all right? You and I had agreed that you will not leave the house.

Nikki: Victor.

Victor: Don’t put yourself at risk.

Nikki: I cannot live like a prisoner. Being cooped up here, it makes the urge to drink even stronger. Brings back all those feelings of being locked up at the lake house.

Seth: I appreciate you trying to help me. I just wish I could do the same for you.

Jordan: But you can. You can let me live vicariously through you mending things with nikki. Let that give me the strength and the hope that I can do the same. When are you gonna see her again?

Seth: Uh, I– I don’t know. We don’t have plans.

Jordan: Oh, don’t lose momentum. Invite her out for coffee.

Seth: I really got the sense that she wasn’t ready to leave home. Maybe there were too many temptations or something in the outside world.

Jordan: Oh, oh, I can understand that. But you know she can’t survive living in a glass tower. That isn’t real sobriety. Maybe you can be the one to get nikki out of her shell again. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful way to help our dear friend nikki?

Victor: I know this is a nightmare for you, okay? That’s why I’m determined to put the second stage of my plan in motion.

Nikki: Good, because I don’t know how much longer I can do this.

Victor: I know. It won’t be much longer, I promise you.

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Y&R Transcript Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Young & The Restless Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Danny: No.

Phyllis: Danny. Danny. Danny.

Danny: Look, daniel’s not here. I have nothing more to say to you.

Phyllis: This is a peace offering.

Danny: Not necessary.

Phyllis: Well, it’s your favorite, brunello. I know you want it, even if you’re still angry at me.

Danny: Peace offering accepted. Now, would you please leave me alone?

Phyllis: Is that so hard? I just wanna have a little chat with you first.

Danny: Phyllis, I ca–

Phyllis: Just a little chat, please. Danny, I need to say this. I’m not the one doing the competing here.

Danny: You gotta be kidding me.

Phyllis: I’m not. I mean the old me, yeah, for sure. The old me would’ve loved this. Ticking off the sa– the most sanctimonious person on the planet. Yeah, but not me now. Okay, listen, I’ve had a brutal year. Oh, massively painful. You know that. And you have helped me so much. I feel like I really am changing. I’ve really worked hard to change and you’ve been there with me every step of the way, encouraging me when nobody else in this town would do that. And– and I realized that since the moment I met you, I made your life turmoil. I realized that. I’m not proud of the things I’ve done. I’m not proud of them at all. I’m ashamed. But I feel like I took responsibility for them and just every day, I’m changing and changing. I just kind of wanted to do that with you. Do you know what I mean? So, I kind of think that beneath all your caution and coloring within the lines, I kinda think you feel the same way.

Chance: Morning, nate.

Nate: Chance. Man, we’ve all been so busy seems like I only see you passing in the hall.

Chance: Yeah. Chancellor-winters is a, uh, pretty crazy place, huh?

[ Laughs ] I’m loving every minute of it though.

Nate: Good to hear. Good to hear. I was, uh, wondering how you’ve been settling in.

Chance: Yeah, more and more every day. For sure. Billy’s been a great help showing me the ropes.

Nate: Okay. So you’re, uh, comfortable with his mentorship? That he’s collaborative enough?

Chance: You asking about me or are you checking up on billy?

Nate: Um, I don’t know. Why would you ask that?

Chance: I’ve learned an office can be a small world. Word is that you and devon have issues with billy. I’d like to know why.

Devon: Hey.

Billy: Hey.

Devon: You have a second?

Billy: Yeah, please come in.

Devon: Good. So, listen, billy, we, uh– I, uh, I had that conversation with lily about your request to add abbott to the company name and we have an answer for you.

Billy: Why do I feel I’m not gonna like where this is headed?

Devon: Well, listen man, we– we certainly respect your sense of legacy when it comes to your name for jill’s sake, but lily and I feel like we already have a very strong brand name in place.

Billy: Well, true, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be modified.

Devon: True. Another big concern we have though is it might confuse people.

Billy: Confuse people. How so?

Devon: Well, because the name abbott, for as long as I can remember, has been synonymous with jabot. And people might start thinking that our companies are linked when they’re not.

Billy: Yeah, I don’t see that happening. Two very distinct niches.

Devon: Well, either way, uh, lily and I feel like making a name change will shake things up just too much right now.

Billy: Adding abbott to the chancellor-winter’s name is hardly shaking things up, devon. In fact, it further defines this company. It gives it a broader reach, it gives it more name recognition.

Devon: And I hear all the points you’re making, billy. And I’m still sorry to tell you that we’re gonna be keeping the name chancellor-winters as is.

Amanda: Well, jill will be very sorry to hear that. Nothing comes close to this place in the morning.

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by…

Devon: Hi, amanda. What are you doing here?

Billy: Hey, I didn’t know you were coming into town.

Amanda: Yeah, jill’s otherwise occupied so she asked me to step in as chief legal counsel for chancellor-winters. She’s sorry she couldn’t be here when you presented the idea, but I am assuming that the answer would’ve been the same.

Devon: Yeah, it would’ve. And she didn’t need to send you. She could’ve picked up the phone.

Billy: Well, clearly she thinks it’s a bigger issue than you do.

Amanda: Face-to-face is much more effective, don’t you think? This is important to jill. And she’s curious why that alone isn’t enough for you to say yes.

Devon: Why that alo– ’cause that’s not the way a partnership works.

Amanda: Please tell me more about how partnerships work.

Devon: Okay. Listen, when jill was running chancellor industries alone, she never once brought up the name being an issue, okay? And then when we merged and rebranded to chancellor-winters again, she never brought it up. So, if this is really about representation of her leadership, then wouldn’t that have been the perfect time to add the name?

Amanda: If this is about her leadership, what else would it be about, devon?

Devon: I don’t know. That’s why I’m asking the question. At first, I thought maybe it was billy wanting to add his name to the company so his interim position would be less interim.

Billy: See, my being here is a sticky point.

Amanda: You’re here per jill’s wishes, just as I am. It’s that simple. And jill has made it very clear to me that she wants billy to be a part of this company long-term. Just as I’m sure that you, lily and nate envision a long-term future as a family in chancellor-winters, correct?

Devon: Yeah, of course we do.

Amanda: And you and lily have strong familial links to the chancellor and winter’s names. Billy and jill do not. So, I have to question, why does it bother you so much to publicly recognize the abbott’s contributions to this company? You know, I actually thought you would want the abbott’s names included. You know, given the fact that they’re practically your in-laws now.

Devon: I have no issues with representing the abbot’s name publicly. All I’m doing is asking questions here, okay? I am asking questions about the motives and the timing. Is it really about jill or is this about billy? That’s all.

Billy: Or maybe it’s about you. ‘Cause it seems to me that you’re the only one blocking the addition of the abbott name and for no good reason.

Nate: Given billy’s history, it’s only natural we’d be cautious. I’m sure you’re aware of some of his more infamous mistakes.

Chance: Yeah, I am. But you know what? Billy owns up to those mistakes, which I admire. Kinda turns ’em into teachable lessons.

Nate: Uh, I’m not sure he is learned them himself.

Chance: Well, from what I heard, you learned a pretty big lesson recently about family and loyalty.

Nate: I have. And, uh, I’d like to think I’ve grown from them and maybe billy has as well to some extent. I guess the issue I have is that jill forced him down our throats.

Chance: Well, I guess that applies to me too.

Nate: Hm. Different circumstance. You’re new to the corporate world, working your way up as it should be. Billy, on the other hand, walked away once already. Then he was brought back unilaterally, clearly with something to prove, which isn’t necessarily in the best interest of this company. I’m sure you can understand my position given you’ve had reservations about billy mentoring you.

Danny: I’m sure you meant everything you just said.

Phyllis: Of course, I mean it. It’s true danny.

Danny: But then you go on implying that there’s something between us when you know that there isn’T. Not more than co-parents and– and almost friends. I keep saying it. You keep ignoring it. You and christine have disregarded everything I’ve said and I just don’t want this complication in my life anymore.

Phyllis: I’m not the one complicating things. It’s not me. It’s not. I mean, you’re holding on to these feelings and memories that you used to have with christine, these unresolved issues. And she knows that. And she’s using that to keep her claws in and she sees what’s going on between us. I mean, she sees it, this bond we have or, I mean, whatever you wanna call it. And it threatens her and she pouts and plays the victim, but you know what I see? I just see the man in front of me. I just see the future that the two of us can have.

[ Doorbell ringing ] Don’t get it. Don’t get it. Please. I know what it’s like

Christine: You certainly didn’t waste any time.

Phyllis: Oh, look at that. Did you bring danny a gift?

Christine: It’s just the masala chai you like.

Danny: Thank you.

Phyllis: That is so funny.

Christine: What’s so funny about tea?

Phyllis: Well, I brought danny a gift too. Mine is big and bold and red and– and yours is a cuppa tea to help him nod off. It’s just the gift says a lot about the giver, doesn’t it?

Danny: Hey, if you two don’t mind, um, I really have a lot of work to do here.

Phyllis: Yeah, he has a lot of work, so why don’t you run along.

Danny: No, I really think you both should leave. Now, please.

Christine: Actually, danny, I said a few things that I regret the other day. I just wanted to talk to you.

Phyllis: A few things that were childish when you resorted to name calling?

Christine: You know, I just wanted to have a moment with danny alone. But, of course, you’re here because wherever he is, you’re not far behind. Can you just show yourself out?

Phyllis: I wouldn’t dream of it. Danny and I were in the middle of a very important intense conversation, weren’t we?

Danny: No, you were actually just about to leave phyllis.

Phyllis: No, we were just getting to the good part.

Christine: Oh, my god. Why do you do this? Why do you make everything a scene?

Phyllis: Why can you not accept that there’s something going on between me and danny?

Christine: Oh, my god, because you are stalking him. Big difference from an actual relationship.

Danny: I seem to remember asking you both to give me some time and some space and yet here you are back in my place again. What don’t you understand about boundaries? I’m confused here.

Phyllis: I never really believed in boundaries, to be honest. And I think that we could both agree, there’s nothing wrong with going after love.

Christine: You don’t love danny. You love making my life hell.

Chance: I won’t lie to you. I did have my doubts at first, but I was wrong. Billy’s been great on every level. He’s been a great mentor and I’m very grateful.

Nate: I’m glad to hear it.

Chance: And for someone that you think is this disruptor, I’m telling you, the guy has done nothing but cheerlead this company to me. I mean, I’ve seen his enthusiasm, I’ve seen his excitement for chancellor-winters to succeed and it’s contagious. Now, I would think that you would want someone like that at the top.

Nate: Absolutely. But it’s no secret jill and my aunt mamie don’t trust each other. And that has a way of trickling down. Now look, I don’t want this to turn into an us versus them situation. No one needs petty office politics distracting us from the business at hand.

Chance: Nate, with all due respect, the only two that seem to be pushing us versus them are you and devon. Billy has never said a negative word about either of you. So, maybe you could offer him the same courtesy. Quit focusing on his past, focus on his present and his future. I’m telling you, the guy might surprise you.

Nate: That’s what we’re worried about.

Devon: Um, we have a lot more pressing things to deal with today, so can we shelf this for now?

Billy: And just like that, another unilateral decision once again.

Devon: I’ll tell you what billy, we can wait ’til lily comes back and then you can hear everything I just said straight from her mouth and then we’ll make the decision.

Billy: Okay. Good. If that helps, that’s great.

Amanda: Jill would like this result sooner rather than later. And I would like to make that happen while I’m in town.

Billy: How long do you plan on staying?

Amanda: Only as long as I need to.

Devon: Well, lily is gonna take as much time as she needs with her daughter and she’s not gonna be rushed, okay? So, if you have to go back east before she comes home, we’ll understand. Are we done?

Amanda: Don’t let us keep you.

Devon: Great.

Billy: Well, now. Hi.

Amanda: Hi.

Billy: How are you? Um, okay. That was, uh, that was kind of intense.

Amanda: I don’t know. Just being my normal self.

Billy: Did jill really bring you here just for this?

Amanda: Oh, for the name and to gauge other dynamics at play. Your mother really can read a room, even at a distance.

Billy: Yeah. Look, the truth is devon doesn’t trust me. He doesn’t involve me in key decisions. He makes decisions and then, tells me about it later in order to keep me contained.

Amanda: Now, that is unacceptable.

Billy: I don’t blame him, given my history.

Amanda: Come on, billy. Everyone here has history.

Billy: Oh, yeah. No, that was clear a few times just now.

Amanda: Devon knows that I have no hard feelings against him anymore.

Billy: Hm.

Amanda: I told him that at the gala. I let it all go.

Billy: Okay, look. I’m just saying that I’m glad you’re on my team, okay? Mine and jill’s, of course.

Amanda: Well, in order to move things forward in the direction that jill wants, devon is gonna need to trust you and vice versa.

Billy: No, I agree. I have to figure out a way to change his perspective.

Amanda: Well, devon probably thinks that I’m the bad cop right now. You’re welcome. So go. It’s your chance to play good cop.

Billy: You are a wily one, amanda sinclair.

Amanda: It is nice to be appreciated. Onto my next item on the agenda.

Billy: Which is?

Amanda: Almost as interesting as this. These days, we’re all making choices on what matters most. One thing that should really matter is dental insurance. Because the fact is, great oral health is critical to your overall health. That’s why humana dental is committed to helping you keep your teeth and gums healthy. And that’s a fact. With a full range of dental plans designed to fit your whole family. Call the number on your screen or visit humanadental.Com for a free quote. You’ll find affordable plans as low as $18/month. That’s only 60 cents a day. Getting dental insurance has never been easier. You’ll get savings on basic procedures like fillings, extractions and more. And 100% coverage for in-network preventive care. Plus, savings on major procedures like root canals, crowns, and dentures. And you can choose from over 100,000 dentists and specialists. Call to talk to us today. We’ll get you covered. Because when it comes to dental insurance, it pays to know the facts. Call now, or go online for free information and a free quote. Humana. A more human way to healthcare.

Can the flavor of a slow

cooked smoked sausage

Devon: Hey, did amanda leave?

Billy: Yep. People to see, things to do.

Devon: Well, that was a whole lot to have jill send her here without warning me. Don’t you think?

Billy: Look, look, devon, my mom couldn’t make it, okay? And clearly she thinks this an issue that she doesn’t want to fall to the wayside.

Devon: An issue about a name.

Billy: No, it’s bigger than that, okay? That’s a symptom of it, but it’s clear since I’ve been back to chancellor-winters you don’t trust me, so what’s that about? I mean, you think you’re gonna screw things up here? Am I gonna hurt the company? You think I’m gonna orchestrate a coup? Rest assured, none of that is gonna happen. I am here to work with you, to raise this company to new heights.

Devon: Okay. For starters, billy, you wouldn’t be at the company at all if I just flat out didn’t trust you, so that’s not the case. I just know you, and I’ve known you for a long time and you’re a smooth talker.

Billy: Usually, I would take that as a compliment.

Devon: Usually, I try to give you the benefit of the doubt.

Billy: Despite my history.

Devon: Despite your history. And it raised red flags for me when you were the one to bring up this name change.

Billy: Don’t you think you’re exaggerating this just a little bit?

Devon: I don’t, no. I don’t think questioning the timing or the motives is exaggerating anything at all. And don’t forget, you were all in with us when we started this company. You were all in with lily too. And then you walked away from us and her, and you went and started a podcast and then went back to jabot, and now you’re back here and you wanna put your name on the company.

Billy: No, that’s my mother’s name. And she owns half this company.

Devon: And it wasn’t an issue either until you got here. And who’s to say how long you’re gonna stick around? Or hell, maybe you’re gonna stay and try to make over the company in your own image to prove something to someone or yourself. I don’t know. It’s just hard to trust someone who’s usually all in on themselves.

Billy: Okay. Then, I need to rectify that perception. Look, I spent most of my adult life trying to protect and honor my father’s legacy. But the truth is, I’m more jill abbott than I am john. Devon, I wanna be here now and into the future, and I’m gonna prove myself to you. But I can’t do that alone. I need you to give me a chance. We need to figure out how to work together openly and honestly going forward. Can we do that?

Abby: This bottle is gonna be warm before tessa’s off her call. This was supposed to be a party.

Mariah: I know. My wife, manager of the hottest restaurant in town, and she’s stuck on the phone with the produce guy.

Abby: Did I forget to mention how glamorous this job is?

Mariah: You know, I think you let that part out.

Abby: Oh, sorry. [ Laughter ]

Amanda: Wow, this looks festive. What are we celebrating?

Abby: Uh, I hired tessa as manager.

Mariah: Yeah, we were hoping to toast to her new beginning, but, uh, she’s stuck on the phone with vendors.

Amanda: So, you won’t be presiding here anymore? Is that so you can focus on chancellor-winters?

Abby: Yes, exactly.

Amanda: Huh. Mariah, do you mind if I, um, borrow abby just for a minute? There’s a few things I’d like to discuss with her.

Mariah: Yeah, sure, of course. Um, I guess I will go check on tessa in the back, if I can go in there, of course.

Abby: Yes. Yeah.

Mariah: Okay.

Abby: So amanda, what can I help you with?

Amanda: Don’t worry, abby. This is not about old news. I’m in town filling in for jill. I just came from chancellor-winters and I noticed that devon doesn’t seem very happy that billy came to work there. So, I was hoping that you could tell me how serious these objections are.

Christine: You keep telling the world that you’ve changed and you begged danny to see this new woman that you are, but let’s just face it. You’re the same nasty, mean girl you’ve always been.

Phyllis: At least I’m not boring. Maybe that’s why paul dumped you.

Danny: Phyllis–

Phyllis: Yeah. Maybe that’s why paul dumped you and then you glommed on to danny because you don’t wanna be alone.

Danny: If you’re gonna do this, do you guys mind taking it out in the hallway, please?

Christine: Danny and my connection is real based on love we’ve shared for decades. Oh, and with you, what? Oh, oh yeah. You’ve– you’ve lied to him, you’ve cheated, you’ve manipulated him, you’ve hurt him. And you want him to just forget that and fall into your arms?

Phyllis: I’ve made mistakes. I admitted every single one of them.

Christine: Wait, what? You have never admitted that. You’ve never taken responsibility for all the horrible things that you’ve done. And it’s not just with danny. I mean, you faked your own murder. You should be in prison. But no, once again, you talked your way out of facing the consequences of your actions.

Phyllis: And there it is. There it is. You couldn’t punish me and put me behind bars. Right, christine? So, you’re using danny right now to get back at me. That’s what you’re doing.

Christine: You are the one who uses people. You drug them. Oh, you– you– you switch their dna test, you run them over. You put an octopus in their bed.

Phyllis: Are you serious?

Christine: And with–

Phyllis: Are you holding a grudge over that?

Christine: No remorse. No remorse. No remorse ever. You say you’ve changed, you’re incapable of changing. Danny knows that. Right, danny?

[ Laughs ] Okay. Great. Now, you’ve done it.

Phyllis: I didn’t do anything. That was all you. (Screams)

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Christine: I’m serious. This has to stop.

Phyllis: Then stop it. Then go. Walk away.

Christine: You don’t understand. He doesn’t wanna be involved with you. He’s not interested, nor will he ever be. You are not what he wants.

Phyllis: Oh, and what you two have together, it’s so precious, the love you have together?

Christine: Yes, phyllis, we will always find our way back to each other. No lies, no drugs. Just the strength of our connection.

Phyllis: Mm. Except that teensy weensy little problem that he admitted that he thought I was important.

Christine: Oh my– you know, as a friend outta pity.

Phyllis: Do you see the man he is now? Do you even see who he really is? I mean, you’re holding onto these old moldy memories of the two of you. But do you see the man he is now? He sees the woman that I am. That’s for sure. And the two of us are new and exciting and fun. We don’t have some old love that we’re holding onto that should have died years ago.

[ Christine scoffs ]

Christine: You keep talking about how you’ve changed. You’re as conniving as ever. Using your son still to get to danny, that’s the kind of woman and mother you are.

[ Christine laughs ]

Phyllis: Okay. I just– christine, have you thought that maybe my son would be happy that his parents are back together?

Christine: No. God, you talk about love and wanting to be in love, but you have killed the love in every relationship you have ever had. And it worries you that you’re gonna spend the rest of your life alone. Look at you. It scares you to death. And you think danny loving you is gonna fix it? No! Guess what? You can’t be fixed. You’re broken. Nobody wants you. Especially not danny.

Phyllis: You…

Christine: Yeah. Come on.

Phyllis: Are a bitch.

Christine: Do it. Do something. Give me any reason to press charges.

Nate: You and I have something in common. We started as outsiders. You come from law enforcement and I’m from the medical field. Now, some might see that as a disadvantage, but I like to think we apply those skills we learned in those fields to make a real difference in what we bring to the corporate world.

Chance: So, we don’t know all the rules and we break ’em in a good way. Yeah?

Nate: Something like that. That’s why I’d like to offer my support. And I’m sure you have lots of ideas and as head of content and development, I might be able to help.

Chance: You know, I do have a couple ideas I’d like to run by you before I take them to billy and devon.

Nate: Okay. Talk to me.

Chance: Well, I noticed several of our divisions are being underutilized. So, I did some research on how to maximize the potential and I came up with the idea of creating a music festival. Now the numbers, they’re– they’re promising, right? We’d see a significant boost in marketing and merchandising and not to mention all the additional name recognition for chancellor-winters.

Nate: Interesting.

Chance: It’s too big though, right? That’s too much?

Nate: The festival, uh, is a big risk. Um, a huge outlay of cash.

Chance: So no.

Nate: So why not run with it and see where it goes?

Chance: Really?

Nate: I had the same idea back in the day but, um, devon felt the timing wasn’t right. But it’s a new day and I think the two of us working together could create a model that would convince devon that this would be a brilliant idea.

Chance: That would be great. And you’ve work with me, huh? No, us versus them stuff?

Nate: Not at all. I’d be happy to back you up and help you with the pitch.

Chance: All right. Well, I look forward to learning from you.

Nate: I’m sure you’ll teach me a thing or two as well.

Chance: Ah.

[ Chance laughs ]

Abby: I don’t know what I can say.

Amanda: Jill wants chancellor-winters to be a unified front against all comers, including tucker mccall.

Abby: Unified, yet you want me to betray devon’s trust by discussing his personal feelings about billy?

[ Amanda laughs ]

Amanda: “Betray.” Really? If there’s a problem, abby, I just wanna help solve it.

Abby: No, you don’T. You want me to convince devon to accept billy and work with him.

Amanda: Well, that would be best case scenario for everyone. You don’t have a problem because it’s me asking, do you?

Devon: Billy, I would love to talk about moving forward ’cause I don’t know what that even looks like. You came in here as an interim ceo ’cause lily’s gone. When she comes back, where does that put you?

Billy: No, you’re right. I am filling in for lily at the moment, but I do have my own purview and it’s one that I plan to execute. But devon, we need to find a way to understand each other.

Devon: I completely agree with that. Why don’t we start with the chip on your shoulder.

Billy: My shoulder?

Devon: Yeah, your shoulder. You wanna talk about trust issues. It’s clear you don’t trust me. Would you like to explain why?

Billy: Sure. I think you have an issue working with other people.

Devon: Yeah.

Billy: I mean you worked well with neil and that was great, but other than that, you and lily had a fallout. I don’t have to tell you how hurt she was when you chose business over her.

Devon: My relationship with my sister doesn’t need to be in this conversation.

Billy: Okay. Well, then how about this? Chancellor-winters is more than just about you. And given the corporate structure and the players involved, your it’s my way or the highway mentality is just not gonna work.

We live our lives

on our home’s fabrics.

Billy: Look, we all know how you got to this point. You’ve operated independently for a very long time. You’ve honed a very special way of working total autonomy. But devon, it’s a problem. It was a problem with other colleagues at this company and now it’s a problem with me.

Devon: Well, I’m assuming that the other problems with colleagues you’re referring to was maybe when nate was trying to sell our company out from under us, and I was trying to protect everybody.

Billy: You only joined forces with victoria because you shut down every single idea he had.

Devon: Oh.

Billy: And as far as jill and lily, that got so bad that it almost crushed this company.

Devon: The company wasn’t close to being crushed. And that was all because I thought it was a bad idea to take the company public and I still think that.

Billy: And you are willing to go behind lily’s back for that?

Devon: Again, lily doesn’t need to be in this conversation.

Billy: Okay, fine. But you and lily made up and you are closer now than you’ve ever been. You gave nate a second chance, so I know you’re capable of it.

Devon: Well, then this is about you wanting a second chance. That’s what I’m getting.

Billy: All I’m asking for is the opportunity to be on level playing field like you’ve put them. Okay? But it can’t be just me, devon. I can’t be the only one trying to prove myself to you. You need to prove yourself to me. We need to be able to trust each other’s judgment.

Devon: I think the fact that I ran a successful company for over a decade should be all the proof you need in my judgment. And all I’ve been doing is asking questions. That’s it. You’re the one making demands. You’re the one throwing around accusations. So, we’ve clearly gotten off on the wrong foot, and I’m not holding my breath that things are gonna get much better.

Abby: Do you really think I’m not easily manipulated? That I’ll do whatever you want because I feel like I owe you? Amanda, I am sorry that I hurt you. But to use that regret to get whatever you want, it’s shameless.

Amanda: You have completely misunderstood me. Abby, you have a vested interest and responsibility to make chancellor-winters as strong as possible. Once you’re officially on the board, I mean.

Abby: That’s not a threat, is it?

[ Amanda scoffs ]

Amanda: Of course not. I know you’re fond of billy. He is brilliant, forward thinking and yes, he’s, you know, had some moments where he didn’t exactly shine, but I think that devon is unfairly holding that against him. And haven’t we all done things that we regret? But look at us, right? And look at chance. He has gone on to work for his family’s business. I’m sure that devon and him have meetings all the time. So, I just don’t understand why the four of us can’t work together on this.

Abby: Billy doesn’t need you or jill fighting his battles. So, why don’t we trust devon and billy to work it out themselves?

Lauren: Hey, stranger. I haven’t seen much of you.

Danny: Hey, right back at you.

Lauren: How’s it going?

Danny: Never better.

Lauren: What’s wrong?

Danny: I’m starting to think that my next concert tour can’t come soon enough. My celebrity colorist?

Summer: Hey.

Chance: Hi.

Nate: Summer, good to see you.

Summer: You too.

Nate: And, uh, I should get back to the office.

Chance: Yeah, I’m, uh, right behind you.

Nate: Take your time.

Summer: So, big work conversation?

Chance: Yeah. Yeah. Nate likes one of my ideas and he wants to support it. I think I’m getting the hang of this corporate thing.

Summer: I knew that you would.

Chance: Oh, you did, did you?

Summer: I did. I knew that you’d show up in your cool marchetti clothes and absolutely rock it.

[ Chance laughs ]

[ Abby sighs ]

Mariah: So, amanda showing up.

Abby: Yeah, that caught me off guard, but I think I held my own.

Mariah: What did she want?

Abby: It’s about chancellor-winters, but of course, she made it personal.

Mariah: Yikes. That sounds messy.

Abby: It could be. I have to wait for the board vote to find out.

Amanda: Hey.

Billy: Hey, you’re back.

Amanda: So, how did it go with devon? You had a chance to talk to him?

Billy: Let’s just say it’s very clear that devon has no intention of working together.

Amanda: That’s what I was afraid of. That’s why I went to see abby.

Billy: Abby?

Amanda: I wanted to get some insight into where devon’s head’s at regarding you and the company.

Billy: Do you really think that was a good idea?

Amanda: Well, it was worth a shot.

Billy: Yeah, I don’t know about that.

Amanda: Billy, devon resents you, but he probably resents jill even more for bringing you in. I don’t think that he has trusted her since she tried to take the company public. So any move you make is suspect and gets an automatic no.

Billy: And given the fact that mamie and tucker had a secret plan to come after this company, devon probably thinks my mother does too. Now, the fact that she sent you here only reinforces that.

Amanda: Well, I have a legitimate reason to be here.

Billy: Going after abby for information is not legitimate. Look, I appreciate you coming here, but you need to back off and you just need to let me handle this.

Amanda: I have complete faith in you, billy. I do, but–

Billy: But my mother doesn’T. Is that what you’re trying to say?

Amanda: No, no. I– I was not saying that. She’s proud of you and she has faith in you. And most importantly, she believes that you two are the right team to take this company higher.

Billy: I agree. If we get a chance to do that.

Amanda: This company is divided. Jill believes that mamie johnson and tucker are huge threats. And this office culture is explosive. Jill wants me to get everyone on the same team. That is my job and that is what I intend to do whether everyone likes it or not.

Phyllis: Oh, my god, christine, you think I’d hit you? Wow. I’d never do something like that. You’re not worth the risk.

Christine: And you’re out of control as always.

Phyllis: No, I’m actually in control. I am. You see, when you were out buying that cute little tea tin for danny, I was here getting very, very close to him until you showed up and ruined everything and scared him away.

Christine: You’re pathetic. I almost feel sorry for you.

Phyllis: You’re afraid that you lost danny all over again. Well, that’s okay. You have your memories and your connection to keep you warm at night.

Christine: God!

[ Christine sighs ]

Lauren: What’s going on?

Danny: Oh, it’s cricket and phyllis.

Lauren: Oh.

Danny: Yeah.

Lauren: Are they fighting over you again?

Danny: Is this my fault?

Lauren: You mean because you are charming, sweet, talented and handsome? It is so your fault.

Danny: Cricket accused me of playing them off each other like I’m secretly enjoying this.

Lauren: Your face is not saying that you’re having a good time. And you and christine were so happy on new year’s eve. What happened? Oh, wait, phyllis happened.

Danny: She claims to have real feelings for me and that I’m a big part of her journey of becoming a nicer and gentler phyllis and she just wants to see where this goes and–

Lauren: But?

Danny: But this interest to me is just part of the big feud between her and christine.

Lauren: Well, that does sound like our friend. Although, she is trying to be a better person.

Danny: Yeah, I– I know. I– I’ve been impressed. I mean, she’s showing impulse control, maturity. Well, I don’t know, maybe most of the time.

Lauren: But you have feelings for christine?

Danny: Yes, very much so.

Lauren: Have you talked to them?

Danny: It’s gotten so bad that I had to tell them both, that we all have to take a break.

Lauren: Oh.

Danny: Yeah.

Lauren: How’d they take that?

Danny: Well, they showed up with gifts at my place. Yeah, that’s why I’m here. They were going at it so much, they didn’t even notice me leave.

[ Lauren laughs ]

Lauren: No wonder you are wishing for your tour to start.

Danny: Yeah.

Lauren: All right, so let me get this straight. You have feelings for both of them?

Danny: No, no, no. Why does it always come out sounding like that? I– I care for phyllis as a friend. But both she and cricket, they think that– that it’s something much, much more. And I– I– I don’t know.

Lauren: And it’s not much more? If you are willing to put your relationship with christine in jeopardy, then maybe you see phyllis as more than just a friend.

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Y&R Short Recap Friday, February 23, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


Y&R logo


Recap written by Eva

Tucker tells Nate that he should stop interfering with his relationship with Audra because he doesn’t have a chance with her anymore. Ashley tells Traci she talked with a friend who was a phycologist in Paris and he helped her realize that Tucker was right about the version of their argument in Paris. Tracie texts Jack to tell him they need to talk about Ashley.

Victor asks Michael to get Claire an early release from the hospital but Michael worries that it might set back Claire’s recovery. Cole and Victoria also tell Victor that they are concerned about Claire’s recovery if he uses her as bait to trap Jordan.

Victor goes to the hospital to visit Claire and tells her his plan to use her as bait to trap Jordan. Victor assures her that he will keep her safe. Victor tells Claire he can return to the hospital at any time. If she decides to help him, she should call Michael and let him know she is ready to go forward with the plan.

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Y&R Best Lines Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Y&R logo


Best Lines provided by Eva

Traci: Oh, look at that. Ah, I will never forget Katherine giving this to me when I was six years old.

Jack: Oh, this– this was from Luan.

Diane: Mm. Keemo’s mom.

Jack: Yeah. I was so hoping Allie would be here to hang her grandmother’s ornament. I’m sorry she and Noah can’t leave London and join us.

Traci: Those two. Young love, right?

Diane: Oh, I think love is nice at any age.

Jack: Yeah.

Diane: Mm-hmm.

Traci: All right, this is the best tree ever.

Jack: You say that every year.

Traci: And every year, it’s the truth.


Ashley: The chill in the air, the champagne, the carols, the bustle. I love Christmas.

Abby: You love buying Dominic gifts.

Ashley: Well, the chancellor house is pretty big. Plenty of room for lots of presents.

Abby: Okay, mom, that cannot be the criterion for–

Ashley: Well, I happen to know for a fact that in the backyard is a perfect spot for a pony.

Abby: No. No pony.

Ashley: How about a couple of puppies?

Abby: Mom, you are impossible.

Ashley: You better accept the fact I’m going to spoil that child to pieces.


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Y&R cast animation

Y&R Best Lines Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Y&R logo


Best Lines provided by Eva

Tucker: You’re the last person I expected to break into my room.

Ashley: Who’s at the top of the list? I’m intrigued.

Tucker: What do you want?

Ashley: I believe you. You’re right and I’m wrong.


Sally: So, is this a little bump? Or…

Adam: Well, I’m sure that I can work things out, but, you know, maybe I should hold off on telling you until then.

Sally: Oh.

Adam: I can see you’re disappointed.

Sally: No, it– it– I mean, maybe like a little “oh, well”-ish. No, disappointed is reserved for when I think about my career.

Adam: Because the initial flurry of work hasn’t led to more?

Sally: Yeah. Chloe and I met and bounced around ideas on how to keep the company afloat, but, I don’t know, maybe Sally Spectra design is gonna have to do something bigger. Maybe going to pitch to chancellor-winters again.


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Y&R Best Lines Monday, February 19, 2024

Y&R logo


Best Lines provided by Eva

Jack: How you doing, ash?

Ashley: I’m better.

Jack: Times like these, I– I wish dad was still around. He was so much better at comforting you than I am.

Ashley: I always wished dad was around. But don’t sell yourself short. You did great.

Jack: Yeah, it doesn’t feel like it.

Ashley: You did. Absolutely. You just listened. You comforted me and you didn’t judge me. You reminded me that you and Traci are always there for me no matter what, through anything.

Jack: That is one thing the three of us can always count on. Together, we can conquer anything.

Ashley: That’s the truth.

Jack: I know what dad would do for you now.

Ashley: What?

Jack: Bring his beauty a cup of tea.

Ashley: He would. You’re right.

Jack: Yeah, you stay right here.

Ashley: Okay


Kyle: Fine, thanks. Um. Hey, mom, dad, and I were going to go to society for dinner and I just stopped by to check on Harrison. You should join us.

Jack: Yeah.

Kyle: I’ll be right back.

Jack: That’s a great idea.

Diane: I would love that.

Jack: Yeah, really think about it. It would be a great distraction for you. And, I hate to brag, but I have been told… that I can be a charming dinner companion from time to time.

Diane: He’s right. I’ve seen it.

Ashley: That’s nice. Thank you for the invitation. I’m a little beat. I think I’ll just stay here and rest.

Jack: I wish you’d reconsider. We’d have a lot more fun if you came along.

Ashley: Yeah, because I’m so much fun.

[ Ashley laughs ] Um. It’s very sweet of you to be concerned. Um, but you don’t need to supervise me.

Jack: It was a sincere invitation, truly. I am not trying to supervise you.

Ashley: Oh, yeah, you are. You’re exceptionally good at it. Seriously. Um, you guys go eat, drink, and be merry, and… bring me back some cheesecake


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Y&R Best Lines Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Y&R logo


Best Lines provided by Eva

Tucker: Can I buy you a drink?

Phyllis: Don’t– don’t do that. Don’t look over my shoulder and read my text, creeper.

Tucker: I wasn’t reading your text. That was me offering to buy you an adult beverage.

Phyllis: That’s a lie.

Tucker: No. Cross my heart, hope to die.

Phyllis: I’m gonna take a pass, but thank you.

Tucker: But you and I are such good friends.

Phyllis: No, we’re not. Go away. How’s that


Phyllis: You know, the last time I listened to one of your propositions, it did not work out great for me.

Tucker: Are you sure? Because you were able to wipe out your substantial debt. So, it seems like it worked out, at least for you.

Phyllis: Ah, that’s because I outschemed your scheme.

Tucker: Yeah. Right. That’s exactly why I think you should hear me out. So, I’m– I’m making moves to build this new company and I’m going to need a top-tier I.T. Department which of course is where you come in.

Phyllis: I already have a job. Thank you.

Tucker: Uh-huh. Working for someone who works for someone who’s the head of I.T. at… what’s it called? Omegasphere?

Phyllis: That’s not what it is exactly.

Tucker: Yeah. Well, that might be a great opportunity for some young up-and-coming tech hopeful, but hardly befits someone of your talent.


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Y&R Best Lines Monday, December 18, 2023

Y&R logo


Best Lines provided by Eva

Tucker: Ah. I almost didn’t recognize you without lover boy at your heels.

Audra: You know, I’ll admit, I underestimated Kyle, but I know better now.

Tucker: I don’t think it’s possible to underestimate Kyle.

Audra: He can see what you’re up to. He can see right through your scheme.

Tucker: Mm. What am I up to exactly?

Audra: Well, you thought he believed your idea to blame Billy or Diane for selling jabot cosmetics formulas. But Kyle is convinced you’re setting him up to take the fall.

Tucker: Yeah. It’s an interesting thought, isn’t it?


Billy: It’s quiet around here. Did everybody take off for work already?

Jack: Yeah. Diane and Kyle went out for breakfast.

Billy: Breakfast? When they’ve got Mrs. Martinez’s legendary omelets being made right through that door?

Jack: I think they’re up to something.

Billy: Uh-oh. What could that be?

Jack: Yeah. Christmas. Maybe a coup. Who knows?

Billy: Keep up that good spirit Jack


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Y&R Best Lines Friday, December 15, 2023

Y&R logo


Best Lines provided by Eva

Billy: Sorry, I’m late.

Chelsea: That’s okay. Oh, someone went shopping.

Billy: Oh, yeah, yeah. That– that’s nothing.

Chelsea: It’s a little early for Christmas. What’s the occasion?

Billy: I just had to make sure I had enough wrapping paper, you know. Christmas is only a few days away and you can’t have enough.

Chelsea: It’s a little heavy for wrapping paper.

Billy: Yeah. You know, there’s some ribbon in there and some stickers and, uh, some of those like name tags. And I really don’t like it when they’re so small and you can’t write something heartfelt, so I got some big ones.

Chelsea: Yeah. I hate that. Let me see what you got.

Billy: Excuse me. Get your pretty little paws off of there, okay? I have plans for my stickers. You can get your own. Now, what shall we eat?


Tucker: Listen to you two. You sound almost like allies, working side by side.

Ashley: Well, you know what they say? The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Tucker: Is that what we are now, Ashley? Enemies?

Ashley: Civil adversaries, for Dominic’s sake.

Tucker: Actually, that’s why I’m here. I would like to declare peace with the Abbotts. I’m waving the white flag. Laying down my sword.

Jack: Extending the olive branch. Say it any way you want, we’re not buying.

Tucker: Well, you should. I no longer have any interest in jabot.

Jack: And we’re to just take you at your word on this? Again?

Tucker: Peace is a two-way street, Jack, and I’m willing if you are.


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Y&R Short Recap Thursday, February 22, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


Y&R logo


Recap written by Eva

Sally talks to Chloe about possibly bringing the design company into Newman Enterprises and Chloe doesn’t think it is a good idea. Chloe tells Sally not to make any big decisions about the company until she thinks about it first.

Adam and Chelsea got a report from Connor’s school the psychologist thinks Connor has obsessive compulsive disorder but they want to run more tests to confirm the diagnosis.

Billy and Chelsea decide to go to the school this weekend to see Connor.

Nick once again tries to persuade Victor to create a design division for Sally so Adam can be happy and more productive in his job. Victor tells Nick he plans to get Claire released into Victoria’s custody so Jordan will have easy access to her. Nick doesn’t think an early release from the hospital would help Claire’s recover. Nick also thinks Victoria will never approve of him using Claire to trap Jordan.

Jordan pushes Seth to meet with Nikki again, so they can mend their friendship.

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Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


Y&R logo


Recap written by Eva

Chance tells Nate that he has an idea about doing a music festival and Nate doesn’t tell Chance that he proposed the same idea to Devon and he told him it wasn’t a good idea. Nate tells Chance he will help him write a proposal to present to Devon and Billy.

Amanda arrives in town to be Jill’s eyes and ears and also to help make Jill’s wishes of adding the name Abbott to the company clear to Devon. Jill also wants Amanda to help Devon and Billy work together. Devon tells Billy he doesn’t think he has the best interest of the company in mind. Billy tells Devon that he is committed to building a strong company to honor the legacy in the company name.

Amanda tries to talk to Abby to see if Abby can tell her why Devon doesn’t want to work with Billy. Abby refuses to talk to Amanda about things Devon has told her in confidence.

Christine and Phyllis have another argument about, which one of them is best for Danny. Phyllis and Christine’s argument inside Danny’s apartment gets so heated that they don’t even notice Danny walk out of his apartment. Danny runs into Lauren at Crimson Lights and he tells Lauren that he is tired of this competition between Christine and Phyllis and he wonders if either of the ladies really love him or if they just want to compete for him until one of them wins. Lauren thinks that Danny has feelings for both Christine and Phyllis.

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Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


Y&R logo


Recap written by Eva

Nate tells Audra that Tucker will break her heart, but Audra insists that she and Tucker are in love.

Ashley tells Tucker that she had an epiphany and now believes he was right about their argument in Paris. Tucker doesn’t believe Ashley and thinks she is lying to herself and still believes he was violent with her.

Sally is very angry that Adam talked to Victor and Nick about starting a design division at Newman Enterprises without first talking to her about it.

Seth has coffee with Nikki. She encourages him to do 90 meetings in 90 days if he is serious about getting sober. Nikki also tells Seth he should forgive himself for his slip and not blame her for it. Seth tells Nikki that he is going to get sober to prove to her that he can be sober again. Seth later sends a text message to Jordan telling her that he took her advice and spoke to Nikki and now they are friends again.

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Y&R Transcript Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Young & The Restless Transcript


Y&R logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

Sally: Thank you, sir.

Adam: My pleasure. So, what are we thinking? Thinking old favorites or something adventurous off the specials list?

Sally: Food can wait. You said you had news.

Adam: Uh, I do, indeed.

Sally: So?

Adam: It’s a surprise for later.

Sally: Come on, adam. Seriously? I mean, you can’t leave me in suspense like that. I’m never going to make it through the appetizer.

Adam: Patience is a virtue.

Sally: To heck with that. Is it a vacation? A weekend getaway? Hopefully someplace warm?

Adam: Uh, we can do that too, but no.

Sally: Okay, well, it’s news. Big enough to keep a secret. Did you get me a puppy? A lamborghini?

Adam: Not even close.

[ Sally sighs ]

Sally: Oh, my god, my own private jet. Oh, my god. Honestly, adam, really, you– you shouldn’t have.

Adam: Good things come to those who wait.

Seth: You have a beautiful home, nikki.

Nikki: Oh, thank you. So, I have us set up in here with coffee. You take it black, right?

Seth: That’s good memory.

Nikki: Well, please sit down.

Seth: Oh, thank you. Thanks. And, uh, thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me, nikki. I’ve been feeling just really bad about letting you down.

Nikki: Oh, seth, there’s no reason for you to feel that way. I mean, how could you have helped me maintain my sobriety when you couldn’t maintain yours?

Seth: Yeah. So, when I agreed to become your sponsor, I was– I was making a promise, you know, to be there for you. To help you kick the bottle no matter what it took. When I didn’t follow through, I just felt– I felt shattered. Yeah, that’S… well, I just– I mean, I took my first drink and here I am.

Nikki: So tell me, are you drunk right now? Or are you at that stage where you’re just maintaining a constant buzz?

Audra: Nate, it’s good to see you.

Nate: Good to see you too.

Audra: Is it? It’s a little hard to tell from your expression.

Nate: Oh, I’m surprised you’re not with tucker. You two seem to be joined at the hip lately. You know, for someone who’s trusted him, not trusted him, been his closest ally and plotted to take him down.

Audra: Look, I understand that’s how it must seem to you.

Nate: No, that’s how it is, audra. Confusing as hell. You’re all over the map with this guy. Do you love him? Do you hate him? Are you indifferent? I can’t keep track.

Audra: Well, fortunately, you don’t have to, since I can handle tucker all on my own.

Nate: Ah, if you say so.

Audra: As a matter of fact, he’ll be joining me soon. Can I buy you a cocktail while I wait?

Tucker: You’re the last person I expected to break into my room.

Ashley: Who’s at the top of the list? I’m intrigued.

Tucker: What do you want?

Ashley: I believe you. You’re right and I’m wrong. Hi, I’m sally.

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by… eggs make all our family moments better.

Tucker: What exactly are we talking about here? Because I’m right about a great many things.

Ashley: I’m talking about paris. The fight that ended us.

Tucker: Yeah, I kind of figured.

Ashley: I looked at the situation from every angle. I even went to paris to investigate.

Tucker: Right, and discovered that I bribed an entire waitstaff.

Ashley: It was kind of extreme. Like how I reacted to just about everything that happened.

Tucker: It’s funny, you’ve been so adamant that I’ve been gaslighting you out of spite. And making you question your own sanity.

Ashley: Yeah, it seemed like that’s how it was at the time.

Tucker: And now all of a sudden, here you are and I’m not this violent monster and you’re the one acting extreme.

Ashley: Better late than never.

[ Tucker laughs ]

Tucker: Wow, what a load of bull.

Ashley: What?

Tucker: You’ve been playing me this whole time, haven’t you? With this endless drama and now all of a sudden here you are so, so cool and in control. As if it were just a– a little misunderstanding. What the hell’s going on with you, ashley?

Audra: My neck’s getting stiff. Have a seat, why don’t you?

Nate: I’d rather avoid running into tucker.

Audra: Hm. He’s upstairs making calls. I imagine he’s gonna be a while. Sit.

Nate: You seem…

Audra: Happy? Maybe because I am.

Nate: Because of tucker?

Audra: You don’t believe me?

Nate: Well, considering how many times I’ve heard the frustration in your voice, your talks of using him, turning the tables?

Audra: Okay, and?

Nate: Are you really that cold and calculating, audra?

Audra: Hm… what do your instincts say?

Nate: That underneath all that scheming and naked ambition, lies a warm-hearted, vulnerable woman who just wants what we all want. To love and be loved back by someone she knows in her heart won’t hurt her.

Audra: That’s very sweet of you. And not far off the mark.

Nate: So, I’m completely baffled you’d go looking for that with mccall. He will let you down, audra. He is a user.

Audra: People change.

Nate: No, they don’T. Not really. Unless it serves them somehow.

Audra: Well, he’s not using me, and I’m not using him, and I must say, it’s lovely.

Nate: Such a brilliant woman, and yet…

Audra: Look, I know it’s a lot to ask, but could you be just a little bit happy for me? My eyes are wide open. Tucker and I are in love. And it’s the real thing.

Nate: And you believe it is reciprocated?

Audra: I know it is. We’re two of a kind, totally in sync. And it’s not just power, it’s not just work. It’s everything I’ve ever wanted and more.

Nate: Wow. I am fond of you, audra. Really, I am. And I’d hate to see you get hurt, but anyone who lets down their guard with tucker lives to regret it. Just ask devon, or ashley, or– or anyone else who’s had dealings with him. If you let yourself get in deep with this guy knowing what you know, then you’re a fool.

Audra: So then, not happy for me. Got it.

Nate: Hear me when I say, this is going to end badly. You will not be the exception that proves the rule. You’ll just be tucker mccall’s latest casualty. Do you really want that for yourself?

Audra: You know, you are wrong. Things are different this time. This is gonna work. Count on it.

Sally: So, how was your day?

Adam: Ah, it was good, for the most part.

Sally: What was the not-so-good part?

Adam: I’m kind of wishing that I, um, I hadn’t told you that there was news.

Sally: Really?

Adam: Mm-hmm.

Sally: Why?

Adam: Because the surprise that I had planned for you, uh, hit a little speed bump.

Seth: I’m not going to lie to you, nikki. I was in a really bad way when I called you.

Nikki: I’m sorry to hear that.

Seth: You were on my mind, so I thought I’d take a chance. I thought maybe talking to you, I don’t know, would help me snap out of it.

Nikki: Well, as I said on the phone, I– I can’t be your support system. My situation is too precarious.

Seth: Yeah, understood. You know, maybe I just needed to hear you say that, you know, you don’t blame me for failing you.

Nikki: You didn’t fail me. It was my decision to take a drink. You had no control over that. We can’t think of the weakness that this disease causes as a personal failing.

Seth: Yeah, I know. I know. You– you’re right.

Nikki: You stumbled. You fell. But you reached out. You were strong enough to ask for help and that’s a positive step.

Seth: Yeah, thanks to a friend, you know, someone else who wants to get sober.

Nikki: Oh, really? Who’s that? (Imitating chicken clucks)

Seth: I– I promised that I wouldn’t bring her up to you.

Nikki: Oh, so it’s a woman.

Seth: Can– can we just forget that I said anything?

Nikki: Well, I don’t mean to put you in an awkward position, but I would like to know who suggested you contact me.

Seth: It’s no one you know. You know, not well, anyway. It’s just someone from meetings who was surprised to hear that I’m not your sponsor anymore.

Nikki: And does this someone have a name?

Seth: She just wants to be anonymous, okay? And I have to honor her wishes. You can appreciate that, can’t you?

Sally: So, is this a little bump? Or…

Adam: Well, I’m sure that I can work things out, but, you know, maybe I should hold off on telling you until then.

Sally: Oh.

Adam: I can see you’re disappointed.

Sally: No, it– it– I mean, maybe like a little “oh, well”-ish. No, disappointed is reserved for when I think about my career.

Adam: Because the initial flurry of work hasn’t led to more?

Sally: Yeah. Chloe and I met and bounced around ideas on how to keep the company afloat, but, I don’t know, maybe sally spectra design is gonna have to do something bigger. Maybe going to pitch to chancellor-winters again.

Adam: Okay, but hasn’t chancellor-winters already had someone to do their design work?

Sally: Yes, but this time we would be going to them with an even bigger proposition. Asking them to be a financial backer. To take us on to the company and create a division.

Adam: Okay, don’t do that.

Sally: Why?

Adam: Just–

Sally: Do you not think that we can make a deal? Do you not have confidence in us?

Adam: No, it’s just the opposite, okay? I have infinite confidence in you and chloe. I just– I don’t want you going to chancellor-winters.

Sally: I don’t understand. What’s going on? Do you know something that I don’t know?

Victor: Well, hello.

Sally: Oh.

Adam: Hey.

Sally: Hi. You look well.

Victor: Hi, sally. Thank you. Son, I need the deal memo you’re working on by noon tomorrow, all right?

Adam: A day early.

Victor: There a problem?

Adam: No. No, that’s doable.

Victor: What about the redline on the franklin contract?

Adam: Uh, it’s not back from legal yet.

Victor: Well then, light a fire, all right? It’s time-sensitive. I need it.

Adam: Got it.

Victor: Okay. Thank you.

Adam: Anything else?

Victor: No, thank you. Nice to see you.

Sally: Nice to see you.

Victor: Let me have a double shot of tequila, please. Thank you.

Sally: I thought you and your father were getting along. Did something happen?

Audra: I’m not gonna argue with you about tucker. We’re building something incredible, okay? Something lasting. And I am confident with my choice. Look, I don’t expect you or anyone else to understand what he and I have together.

Nate: He is a psychologically abusive narcissist who steamrolls over anyone who gets in his way. You used to be able to see that. Now, you have complete trust in him. What did tucker promise you to lure you back into his orbit? Are you really that easily bought?

Audra: I am very close to slapping you.

Ashley: I had an awakening. I did. I really did. I mean it. Everything you said about me is true. I have a fear of commitment. And I have a hard time trusting people, specifically men. So, I exaggerated things and made you the villain in my story. Not to say that you’re blameless in what happened.

Tucker: I know that I’m not blameless, ashley. I’ve always accepted my role in what happened.

Ashley: And it wasn’t as intense as I made it out to be. There was no broken glass, no thrown chair. It was upsetting, but never violent.

Tucker: And why now? Why tell me this? Why break into my room now to tell me this?

Ashley: I really want to let go of the past. I’m desperate to be free of all this rage and this confusion.

Tucker: It’s starting to make a little more sense to me now. I think you’re forcing yourself to say all this, right? Because it’s the cleanest way to make the break from me. It’s a clever tactic. There’s just one hitch. I told myself I was ok

Ashley: You asked me why I came to see you and I told you.

Tucker: Except that it’s a lie. You don’t believe any of it. Which is why it won’t last.

Ashley: I see.

Tucker: These strong emotions you mentioned. Maybe they’ll subside for a minute, but they’re not gonna go anywhere. They’re gonna fester and burn inside you, and then you’re gonna have to let them out. And you’re gonna hate me.

Ashley: No, no–

Tucker: Yes, you’re gonna hate me, and you’re going to blame me for something else. And around and around and around we’ll go.

Ashley: I do not agree with that. I had an epiphany. Because of a fender bender.

Tucker: What?

Ashley: I know. It’s true.

Tucker: You all right?

Ashley: Yeah, physically. And mentally. I had this clarity wash over me and I realized that all the rage and confusion that I was blaming you for was actually my fault. So, I made– you remember how conflicted I was about marrying you. I was in no place at all to make a commitment to you because I didn’t trust you.

Tucker: Ashley. Ashley, please.

Ashley: It’s the truth.

Tucker: Please stop. Would you just–

Ashley: What?

Tucker: Would you please cut this crap out?

Ashley: What crap?

Tucker: The animosity you have shown me lately, it doesn’t just vanish. You’re doing one of two things: You’re either brainwashing yourself, like I said, or you’re setting me up for something. Either way, this conversation is over. Get the hell out of my room.

Nate: Go ahead and slap me if it’ll make you feel better, but it won’t change my mind. If you let yourself get in deep with this guy–

Audra: Why do you care, one way or the other?

Nate: Because I thought we were friends.

Audra: Hm.

Nate: Was I wrong, audra? Or were you using me to goad tucker? Or as a fallback plan? Or both?

Audra: Don’t flatter yourself.

Nate: Let’s hope I’m wrong for your sake and you get everything you want out of this deal. Silver lining, you’re no longer planning to take tucker down. I never thought that was a workable plan. But you’ve traded one risk for another.

Audra: Yes, you’ve made your opinion clear.

Nate: I only want what’s best for you, audra. And I mean that. But I don’t see how this ends without you getting your heart broken.

Audra: That’s the difference between you and me, nate. You’ve been burned before, and it’s made you weary. I’ve been burned, and it’s made me fearless.

Adam: I asked my dad to revisit the idea of giving you a design division under the newman umbrella.

Sally: That’s your big surprise? Why would you do that?

Adam: Because it’s a smart business move, okay? Even nick agrees with that.

Sally: You talked to nick about this before asking me? Adam, what if this isn’t something that I want?

Nikki: I can see how important it is for you to not betray this woman’s trust. I value privacy too, so I will respect that.

Seth: All right. Yeah. You know, she gave me a lot of great advice too. I was telling her how bad I messed up by trying to be her sponsor when I was kind of teetering on the edge myself.

Nikki: And what did she say?

Seth: She told me that I shouldn’t assume that you hate me or blame me for what happened. That I should give you credit, you know, for– for being compassionate.

Nikki: And that’s when she urged you to contact me?

Seth: Yeah, exactly. And I’m so glad I did because I feel so much better now that we talked.

Nikki: Okay, again, I can’t be your support system. Not at this stage of my recovery.

Seth: I 100% understand that, nikki.

Nikki: Okay, good.

Seth: You know, maybe– maybe we can at least be friends again. Coarse hair

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Seth: See, the thing is, I’ve been drinking out of guilt and shame. Feeling so horrible about just falling apart and leaving you in the lurch when you needed me the most.

Nikki: No, no, no, you mustn’t think that way. That’s too much responsibility for me. You were the one who decided to drink again. I had nothing to do with it.

Seth: Yeah, that’s– that’s true.

Nikki: Although, I can see why you might have thought you would harm me somehow. I mean, I felt it was my fault when you stumbled because you watched me fail over and over.

Seth: I mean, whatever it is that triggered me to fall back in the puddle again, it was absolutely not your doing.

Nikki: Well, I appreciate you saying that. Now, as far as this idea of remaining friends while we’re still struggling, I don’t know if that would be good for either of us. I mean, most likely we would end up being drinking buddies instead of actual friends, don’t you agree?

Seth: Well, look, you know, it– it depends what we’re drinking, right?

Nikki: Well, today it’s coffee, but tomorrow, who knows?

Seth: Yeah, who knows? One day at a time, nikki, right? As far as what it’ll do for me, I mean, I plan on making amends.

Nikki: While you’re still drinking?

Seth: You know, I mean, you gotta start somewhere.

Nikki: Seth, please hear what I’m saying. I’m fighting my own battle. I feel for you, I really do. But I don’t know that us being in touch right now is a good idea.

Seth: Oh. Well, then why– why did I– I mean, this is–

Nikki: I know, I know, I agreed to meet you today, but that’s not to say we should make a habit of it.

Seth: Okay, fair enough. I won’t push. You need to do whatever’s right for you.

Nikki: The most important thing is that you get rid of any guilt where I am concerned. That’s in the past. You need to move forward. Get a real sponsor and keep it going.

Seth: Yeah, that’s– that’s exactly what I plan on doing, you know? And it’s what I need from you, just a little bit of forgiveness, so I can move past all these bad feelings I’ve been holding onto and– and, you know, start fresh.

Nikki: Seth, you need to forgive yourself, okay? You need to get to a meeting tonight, if at all possible. If you are truly serious about getting sober again, do 90 meetings in 90 days.

Seth: Yes, those are both great ideas and I– I swear I’m gonna go as often as I can.

Nikki: Okay, good.

Seth: It’s just, you know if only to show you that I– I can pull myself together. You know, that’s– that’s gonna be the ray of hope that’s gonna see me through.

Nikki: Well, I’ll admit I do miss our conversations.

Seth: Yeah? Me too. I don’t know, some– maybe a cup of coffee once in a while between friends?

Nikki: Okay, I’d like that.

Ashley: Hopefully, I’ll be able to convince you someday.

Tucker: Convince me of what? I mean, what the hell difference does it make? What is it you’re after, please?

Ashley: I think you know.

Tucker: I have no idea, I’m telling you. I have no idea what this new bizarre game you’re playing is.

Ashley: I’m not playing a game. I just want peace.

Tucker: Yeah, you want peace. That makes sense. So, you broke into my room and ambushed me, for peace.

Ashley: I really hate what we’ve been putting each other through. And I hate that what we had, which was magnificent, I hate how that ended so abruptly. And I hate how I felt when you left me alone in that cafe in paris. Everybody staring at me, feeling sorry for me. It was so incredibly humiliating and overwhelming and I don’t want to ever feel that way again. I don’t want to feel that kind of pain and anger. I just don’t anymore. So, maybe we can see where things go. Is that so terrible? Why don’t you think about it? And then, you know, maybe we can talk sometime soon. Okay?

Tucker: Okay.

Ashley: Bye. Au revoir.

Tucker: Bye, ashley.

Nate: I believe you’ve mistaken recklessness for fearlessness. But I guess it’ll take getting burned again for you to learn the difference. I hope, for your sake, you do this time. Can I get an old fashioned?

Ashley: Let’s get something straight.

Rsv can severely affect

Audra: Hello, ashley.

Ashley: Did you hear what I said?

Audra: You said you wanted to talk about something?

Ashley: I’ll talk. You listen.

Audra: Okay. Um, I’m not sure what we have to discuss.

Ashley: Well, this thing that you’ve got going on with tucker, it’s not gonna last. And I don’t want to hurt your feelings, but frankly, he’s out of your league.

Audra: Aw. You know, that sounds like something, um, a woman who’s still in love with him would say.

Ashley: Does it?

Audra: Yeah. Not to mention a little jealous and insecure.

Ashley: You don’t know the first thing about me, little girl, but if you want to psychoanalyze me, then you go ahead.

Audra: So, we’re insulting each other now? Okay, lady. It’s your party.

Ashley: You’re so cocky, aren’t you? So self-confident. At least on the outside. But while you’re busy convincing yourself that tucker belongs to you, this dynamic is changing.

Audra: What dynamic? What does that mean, exactly?

Ashley: You’ll see. Hi.

Tucker: And what are we up to now?

Ashley: Not much. Just catching up with your assistant. I’ll see you later.

Adam: Yes, I talked to nick. I mean, can you imagine the blowback if I tried to pitch this to our dad behind his back?

Sally: But you didn’t think that there would be any from me?

Adam: Sally, look. I was trying to be honest. And above board. Something I thought people would appreciate. But apparently, you and my brother have a problem with my methods.

Sally: No, what I have a problem with is you coming to me after the fact.

Adam: Okay, look. I– I understand why you feel I overstepped.

Sally: You absolutely did. Look, what– what made you even do this in the first place?

Adam: Okay, first of all, it’s great business for newman. And second, it would be great for you, too.

Sally: Based on what?

Adam: Sally, you just told me that your business hit a plateau already. You’re worried about finances enough that you’re thinking of going to chancellor-winter’s hat in hand, asking for an infusion of cash. Wouldn’t you rather come to newman and work more closely with me?

Sally: Axing nick out of my work situation completely?

Adam: Since the two of you broke up, you haven’t felt all that comfortable with having him as a sole backer. Wouldn’t this help you feel less guilty about that?

Sally: Why would it?

Adam: I’m guessing that newman would buy him out. He would get his investment back. You would be off the hook for owing him anything. It would be a lot cleaner that way.

Sally: Adam, that’s still my decision to make. And– and what– what exactly were you thinking, us working closer together? I mean, would you be my boss or–

Adam: What? No. No way.

Sally: Okay, then what would it be?

Adam: Okay, well, newman would strictly be the money for your enterprise. I’m not gonna be looking over your shoulder. I’m not gonna be second-guessing your design or your business decisions. Of course, you can always come to me for any kind of advice. That is a given. But I trust you to run your own shop. That’s why I support your vision.

Sally: You’re saying all the right things. That’s exactly what you do when you’re backed into a corner.

Adam: Come on.

Sally: No, adam.

Adam: Sally.

Sally: Adam, I’m not sold on this. I’m not. At all.

Adam: What can I say to you to convince you that this is a great idea?

Sally: Victor teased me with the possibility of handing me my own division, and then reneged after he knew very well that we walked away from a steady gig at chancellor-winters. I always assumed it was personal and intentional to screw me over and– and put me in my place, so what is stopping him from doing that again?

Adam: Do you know what’s going to stop him from doing that again? Me.

Sally: Look, adam, I appreciate you wanting to protect me. But how can you be successful with victor running the show? I’m assuming that’s the speed bump that you hit earlier, right? Victor turning you down flat because he doesn’t want me on his payroll. Not now or ever.

Adam: Look, this will be an actual offer, okay? On paper. No more of this verbal agreement stuff or leaving you in limbo. I will have protections put in place for you, I swear. And nick will too. In case I wasn’t clear, nick is very much a fan of this plan moving forward.

Sally: Honestly, that’s another issue altogether. I– I just– no, I’m not– I’m not convinced. Look, the point is, adam, you made a career choice for me without giving me the courtesy of coming to me about it first. This is my business, adam. My future. I would’ve called yesterday.

Adam: Look, I– I went about this the wrong way. Obviously. But my motives were pure. And I believe that this is a smart move for newman and for you. It’s definitely better than you going someplace else long-term. When victor made that handshake offer with you, you were willing to ditch chancellor-winters. Shouldn’t that tell you something? And I’m willing to bet if they actually gave you the money, they would definitely not be hands-off.

Sally: Well, you just have my whole future mapped out for me, don’t you? Once again, you know best.

Adam: Will you– will you give it some thought? And then we’ll talk? Once you’ve had some time to think it over, I think that you will see that this makes sense.

Sally: Not if victor doesn’t think it does.

Adam: He hasn’t nixed the idea. Just says he needs to think about it more and needs a little more time to consider it. Look, can we just let this play out? Try to keep an open mind?

Victor: There’s my sweetheart.

Nikki: Hi, darling. That didn’t take very long.

Victor: So– well, I wrapped up a few things that i had to deal with and then I came straight home. How did things go with that seth fellow?

Nikki: Ah, he just left. I– I think it went well.

Victor: Glad to hear that.

Nikki: He’s really been struggling, so I think it helped for him to talk to somebody.

Victor: Well, always helps to talk to people when things are troubling you.

Nikki: Yeah, I– I think I gave him some hope. By the time he left, I felt that I had done some good for him. At least I pointed him in the right direction.

Victor: Well, at least you feel you accomplished something, you know?

Nikki: Yeah, well, after all the help I’ve needed lately, it felt good to be on the giving end for a change.

Victor: You know, I can sense that you’re coming around now. Feeling good about yourself, I think, is the most important thing for your recovery.

[ Phone chiming ]

Tucker: Hey, I hope I didn’t keep you waiting too long.

Audra: I managed to entertain myself.

Tucker: That dude does not like seeing us together.

Audra: Well, that’s too bad for him. Although, I’m much more interested in what’s going on with ashley.

Tucker: Yes, I could ask you the same question.

Audra: What did she say to you over there?

Tucker: Uh, that you and she were having a chat.

Audra: A chat.

Tucker: What about?

Audra: On my end, nothing. Although, ashley confronted me like a jealous lover warning me off her turf. You know, when a day ago she supposedly couldn’t stand the sight of you. So, what’s up with that?

Tucker: No clue. I’m as, uh, I’m as confused by it as you are.

Audra: Well, it had to come from somewhere. Did you run into her earlier? Did she say something to you then?

Tucker: No, this is the first time I’ve seen her this evening.

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Y&R Transcript Monday, February 19, 2024

Young & The Restless Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Tucker sighs ]

Tucker: Oh, man. What’s that smile for?

Audra: I’m happy.

Tucker: Are you happy?

Audra: Mm-hmm.

Tucker: That makes me happy. What if I were to tell you that you’re about to get even happier?

Audra: Mm. I’d say that I doubt that’s even possible. But don’t let me stop you from trying.

Tucker: I have a surprise for you.

Audra: Ooh, I love surprises. What is it?

Tucker: Guess.

Audra: Hm… is it something sparkly?

Tucker: Not yet.

[ Tucker laughs ]

Audra: Oh.

Tucker: Sorry.

Audra: What about… yacht?

Tucker: Closer.

Audra: Okay. So, if yacht is closer… travel?

Tucker: Warmer. Keep going.

Audra: Plane tickets?

Tucker: Bingo.

Audra: You’re right, I– you know what? I am happier. Where are we going?

Jack: How you doing, ash?

Ashley: I’m better.

Jack: Times like these, I– I wish dad was still around. He was so much better at comforting you than I am.

Ashley: I always wished dad was around. But don’t sell yourself short. You did great.

Jack: Yeah, it doesn’t feel like it.

Ashley: You did. Absolutely. You just listened. You comforted me and you didn’t judge me. You reminded me that you and traci are always there for me no matter what, through anything.

Jack: That is one thing the three of us can always count on. Together, we can conquer anything.

Ashley: That’s the truth.

Jack: I know what dad would do for you now.

Ashley: What?

Jack: Bring his beauty a cup of tea.

Ashley: He would. You’re right.

Jack: Yeah, you stay right here.

Ashley: Okay.

Kyle: Mom, you and dad were in a meeting. Not taking calls. R&d needed a decision immediately, I made it. Exact same decision you would have made. So, we’re all good.

Diane: I appreciate your quick reaction time, kyle, but it wasn’t your decision to make. You are the chief operating officer, not the co-ceo. That’s my job.

Kyle: Yep, I’m well aware.

Diane: No, I’m– I’m not sure you are. This isn’t the first time that you’ve tried too hard, and I think we need to deal with it.

Kyle: Well, I…

Ashley: Hello, you two.

Nikki: This could work, don’t you see? I am sick of cowering around here, waiting for her to come at me with a butcher knife with that smirk of hers. Jordan thinks she has all the power. It’s time for me to let her know, she’s wrong.

Victor: And how the hell do you propose to do that, sweetheart? By pushing her buttons? What does that mean?

Nikki: She can’t help herself from coming after me. She thinks that she is stronger than I am. Well, one more taunt and I can lure her right out into the open.

Victor: I won’t have it. I will not allow you to endanger your sobriety and risk your life.

Victoria: Would you please just listen to him, mom? She’s a vicious, uncontrollable monster. She’s already proven that she’ll stop at nothing to try to get to you.

Victor: Sweetheart, she burned down an entire prison. Killed a lot of people in the process. What are you not getting? (Vo) compliments build confidence,

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by… my cholesterol is borderline.

Nikki: So, what do you suggest I do? Sit around here and let her keep torturing me? That’s like she’s already won.

Victor: Sweetheart, just don’t answer the damn phone. Don’t let her affect you again the way she did earlier.

Victoria: I can’t even imagine how shaken up you must have been.

Nikki: Oh, yes, I was. As soon as I hung up, my first impulse was to run, not walk, to a bottle.

Victoria: Oh, mom, please tell me that you didn’T.

Nikki: No, no, I didn’t, darling. Your father made sure that wasn’t an option. And thanks to lauren and jack, I didn’t go looking elsewhere. But they talked me through it as soon as I called. Jack was here in a heartbeat to remind me how important my sobriety is.

Victoria: What about the next time that jordan terrorizes you and jack isn’t around?

Victor: And what if jack abbott happens to be here and doesn’t prevent you from taking another drink?

Nikki: He’s not a jailer, victor. He’s a sponsor. We work through these things together. It’s not just a matter of me avoiding alcohol. There’s so much more to it.

Victor: Well, I’m not so sure.

Nikki: And please stop second-guessing jack. And me, for that matter. I have to feel that I have control over something. And taking on jordan will give me a goal, something to focus on, so that I can destroy her once and for all.

Victoria: Unless something goes wrong and she finds some other way to get to you.

Nikki: I won’t let that happen.

Victor: Well, neither will I. I promise you that. But, sweetheart, do I need to remind you that last time you thought you could control situations, jordan controlled you. She almost killed you.

Nikki: Well, I’m still here, getting stronger every minute.

Victoria: Please tell me there’s something we can say to talk you out of this?

[ Cell phone buzzes ] Is that her?

Victor: Let me have that phone, please.

Nikki: Absolutely not. I will handle this.

Kyle: How are you doing, ashley?

Ashley: Not bad. How are you?

Kyle: Fine, thanks. Um. Hey, mom, dad, and I were going to go to society for dinner and I just stopped by to check on harrison. You should join us.

Jack: Yeah.

Kyle: I’ll be right back.

Jack: That’s a great idea.

Diane: I would love that.

Jack: Yeah, really think about it. It would be a great distraction for you. And, I hate to brag, but I have been told… that I can be a charming dinner companion from time to time.

Diane: He’s right. I’ve seen it.

Ashley: That’s nice. Thank you for the invitation. I’m a little beat. I think I’ll just stay here and rest.

Jack: I wish you’d reconsider. We’d have a lot more fun if you came along.

Ashley: Yeah, because I’m so much fun.

[ Ashley laughs ] Um. It’s very sweet of you to be concerned. Um, but you don’t need to supervise me.

Jack: It was a sincere invitation, truly. I am not trying to supervise you.

Ashley: Oh, yeah, you are. You’re exceptionally good at it. Seriously. Um, you guys go eat, drink, and be merry, and… bring me back some cheesecake.

Tucker: How do you feel about a little jaunt to europe?

Audra: Ooh.

Tucker: Mm. Stop off in paris. Maybe meet with the new board of glissade directors… check out some of those other companies we’re hoping to scoop up. Party.

Audra: Hm, let me see. You and me, enthralling our board of directors, exploring the sights and sounds of our new kingdom, together, hand in hand. I love everything about this.

Tucker: Yeah.

Audra: And I’ve missed paris. If you’re sure you want to go back so soon after, you know.

Tucker: Ah, hey. If you think that I’m going to let ashley abbott, or anyone for that matter, ruin that magnificent city for me, you are grossly underestimating my powers of selective perception. And you… you would make the whole thing so new to me, you know. You make everything your own. You have with me.

Audra: Either you’re giving me a hard sell—

Tucker: No, no, no, no. I’m not selling anything. I’m telling you what I should have told you a long time ago, audra.

Audra: You mean it?

Tucker: I mean it.

Audra: Well, you wanting us to take this trip together, to paris of all places. It’s even more proof that ashley is really out of your system now. She can’t touch us.

Tucker: She never could touch us. It’s just taken you until now to realize it.

Audra: Which means we’re unstoppable, you know?

Tucker: Damn right, we are. After everything we’ve been through… and all these years of lying to ourselves about how we felt about each other, I’m right where I want to be. As close to you as possible.


Tucker: Here’s a question for you. Is ordering two cheeseburgers considered uncouth for an insanely successful business mogul like me? I’m famished.

Audra: You know, I’ve actually researched that. Insanely successful moguls can have anything they want.

Tucker: That’s good, because that’s what I feel like. I feel like I can have anything I want. I’m gonna have anything I want because I’ve earned it. We’ve earned it. You know what I’m feeling right now?

Audra: Mm, what?

Tucker: Optimistic. I feel optimistic, audra. First time in months, maybe longer. I mean, look at this. Is this a dream? I’m standing here with my best friend in the world, who also happens to be the most beautiful woman, the best person I’ve ever known, and my future with her is so bright, man, I’ve got to squint. Are you with me on this? Huh?

Audra: Every step of the way, and I’m loving it. Mwah.

Tucker: Look out, world. There’s a new power couple in town! Hm.

[ Audra laughs ]

Jack: Call if you need me.

Ashley: I’m fine. Don’t forget my cheesecake.

[ Jack laughs ]

Jack: Come on, let’s go. Let’s do it.

Ashley: I can’t handle much more. Breaking her down. Stop it. Don’t be negative. I’m worried. Oh, god. Shut up! Shut up! Please shut up. Shut up.

Nikki: It’s not jordan. It’s seth, my former sponsor.

Victor: Well, don’t answer him. He has nothing to offer you. He failed you when you last time needed him. You were desperate. I’m saying he’s probably calling now to apologize, to grovel.

Victoria: Yeah, to see if he can ease his own guilt by trying to drag you down with him.

Nikki: The poor man stumbled. I can’t hold that against him when I have done the same thing. I mean, maybe he’s reaching out for help. Hello, seth.

Seth: Nikki, thanks for answering. I– I didn’t know if you would.

Nikki: Well, to be honest, I– I wasn’t sure if I should. Not because I don’t still care about you. I do, and I’ve been concerned about you. I just didn’t know if I should call.

Seth: Oh. Why?

Nikki: I don’t know. I thought maybe you were upset that I needed space.

Seth: No, no, no, no. You–you had every right to push me away, and I have no right to reach out to you, but I– i thought I should at least try. Just at least once.

Nikki: Well, I’m glad. How are you?

Seth: Uh, not– not good. I– I– I need help.

Nikki: I’m sorry.

Seth: No, I mean, I really need help, nikki. That’s why I called. Just to see if you could do for me what I couldn’t do for you. (Bridget) with thyroid eye disease

Nikki: You know I can’t be your sponsor, seth.

Seth: Yeah, of– of course not. That– that came out wrong. Just, uh– look, this was a very impulsive call to make, and the truth is I’m not even sure I know exactly what to say, except that I’m thinking about you all the time. I mean, because I know you’re struggling too, right? And I just think that– that we should be able to– to help each other, you know, as– as fellow travelers on this path that we’re on. Yeah, so…

[ Breaths in deep ] Okay. I know that– that– that might sound crazy, and– and I’m sorry if I overstepped. I’m just saying that it– it would really mean a lot to me if I could just talk to you, because it would help me get past all this guilt that I’ve been feeling and been holding onto, you know, because of letting you down.

Nikki: Where are you?

Seth: I’m at a bar, east of town.

Nikki: Seth, I can’t see you if you’ve been drinking.

Seth: No, I– I haven’T. Not yet. I mean, you know, I just got here and then I decided to call.

Nikki: All right, well I’ll leave right now and meet me at crimson lights, so you can buy me a cup of coffee.

Seth: Okay. Okay, it’d– it’d be my honor. Um. Thank you so much, nikki. I’m– I am on my way.

Nikki: Okay, see you soon.

Victoria: You’re a compassionate woman, mom.

Victor: Sweetheart, you certainly are, but I will not allow you to leave the premises. Not as long as that jordan woman is out there.

Nikki: Victor.

Victor: What?

Nikki: It’s coffee with my former sponsor in a public place. They don’t even serve alcohol there. What is the harm in that?

Audra: So, we meet our new glissade board and make them wonder how they ever survived without us. And then, you know, we go look at those new companies we might acquire, and then what?

Tucker: Go back to the hotel. Do what you do in a hotel. Celebrate our asses off ’til we pass out. No? I guess I didn’t understand the question. What are you asking?

Audra: Well, I’m asking about the bigger picture. Do we relocate glissade offices to genoa city, or do we embrace a whole new life in paris?

Tucker: Would you actually consider that?

Audra: Tucker, I came to genoa city because of you. I stayed because of you. So, if you go to paris or wherever, I go to paris or wherever. And business has nothing to do with it. You know, this feels weird.

Tucker: What does?

Audra: I guess just letting my guard down. Admitting that I care after pretending I didn’T. And after years of this push-pull dance we’ve been doing, it’s scary. And I didn’t know I was scared of anything.

Tucker: Yeah. I guess for a couple of fearless risk-takers, we’ve been pretty cowardly with one another, haven’t we?

Audra: Are we really getting past all that? Starting a real, honest life together, full of endless possibilities?

Tucker: Yes.

Audra: Or is this too good to be true?

Tucker: No, it is not. It’s this good. It’s this true. Not to mention long overdue.

Audra: Okay. So, is your vote for paris or genoa city? It’s genoa city. I don’t even know why I asked.

Tucker: It’s not because of ashley. It’s not because of the abbotts or jabot or any of that old crap I’m no longer interested in.

Audra: No, I believe you. It’s because of devon, isn’t it?

Tucker: I just– I love him so much. I love dominic so much. I don’t show it very well, though. But I’m willing to learn. I want to learn. Do you think I’m crazy for not just giving up and walking away?

Audra: No. No. Look, I get it. I don’t know all the details, but I do know that this disconnect between the two of you is hurting you very deeply.

Tucker: A lot more than I’ve been willing to admit to myself. And I think what I do is I– I resort to anger with him because it’s safer than feeling the pain. I don’t know.

Audra: Nothing hurts more than the pain of being estranged from your own family. And that pain won’t ever go away unless you find a way to resolve it.

Tucker: Yeah, that’s it exactly, isn’t it?

Abby: So, this is new. It’s from northern california. We’re just trying it out. Let me know your honest opinion. Free of charge, needless to say.

Jack: I love having a restauranteur in the family.

Abby: And I love hosting family, so we are even. Let me know if you need anything.

Jack and diane: Thanks abby.

Kyle: Well dad, here’s to you.

Diane: Oh, I’ll drink to that. To you.

Jack: To me.

Diane: Sure.

Jack: I’m not complaining. Uh, what did I do to deserve a toast?

Kyle: Mom didn’t give me details, but she told me how you’re helping nikki and I really admire that.

Jack: Well, thank you both. I’m only doing what I’m sure nikki would do for me if the situation were reversed.

Diane: Your father can be too kind and unselfish at times. As if you don’t have your hands full enough at home.

Kyle: So, ashley. She seemed okay when we got home.

Diane: Yeah, I was surprised she didn’t tear into me about my promotion as soon as we walked through the door. Not that I’m complaining.

Jack: I’m sure that’s the last thing on her mind right now.

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At dot’s an ordinary pretzel

just isn’t enough.

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Nikki: I know both of you are worried about me, but I can certainly handle a conversation with my former sponsor at crimson lights.

Victor: Well, then you won’t mind if I put one of my men at a table nearby so they can keep an eye on you.

Nikki: Oh, victor, you have got to stop coddling me.

Victor: Sweetheart, I’m not coddling you. I’m just aware of how dangerous this is. We don’t know what this lunatic woman is up to.

Nikki: Well, whatever it is, she’s the reason why I’m stuck in this house and I hate it.

Victor: It won’t last forever.

Victoria: Mom, please stay home. Just, you’re safe here. Please don’t tempt fate. Let dad’s security team and the police find jordan before you venture out again.

Victor: Sweetheart, please. If you keep on pressing the issue, you’re forcing that woman to do more than just a phone call. She could really endanger your life again.

Abby: Thank you so much.

Tessa: Hi!

Abby: Hello! Please tell me that that smile on your face means what I think it means.

Tessa: So, I talked to mariah about your job offer.

Abby: And?

Tessa: With my wife’s blessing, I’ve decided I’m definitely interested in accepting it.

Abby: Are you sure?

Tessa: One hundred percent. But I do have a few conditions.

Abby: Just name it and consider it done.

Tessa: Good. I’m glad you said that, because I want some serious changes made around here.

Jack: There is no doubt about it, tucker’s mind games have done a real number on ashley. Though I did have some quiet time with her this afternoon, and I am cautiously optimistic she’s ready to turn a corner.

Diane: That’s good. What changed?

Jack: I think she’s just had enough. Painful as it’s all been, I think she’s coming out on the other side and finally, she can put tucker behind her once and for all.

Kyle: It won’t be easy. I mean, I know firsthand just how skilled tucker is at getting in your head and refusing to let go until he’s done with you. I’m pulling for her.

Diane: It is unbelievable how tucker has upended this family, and he’s still going strong. I don’t think he’ll ever take his sights off jabot.

Jack: Despite his claims that he doesn’t want payback.

Diane: And, exposing his cover-up scandal wasn’t enough to crush him.

Kyle: Yeah, and– and don’t forget about audra blowing our follow-up attack. I mean, that weapon’s useless now.

Diane: Tucker’s obsession with everything abbott is obnoxious. Is there nothing we can do to stop him?

Jack: Of course there is. We make sure jabot is ready to defend itself from that man at every level.

Tucker: You know, for a woman who’s subtly made it clear that the subject of her own family is off-limits, you’re very insightful about the pain that estrangement can cause. I’m not asking for anything. I’m just noting.

Audra: Good choice. Can I make a suggestion about your situation with devon?

Tucker: Please.

Audra: First of all, do nothing.

Tucker: Wow. Gosh. Why didn’t I think of that?

Audra: Just hear me out. Look, I know you love nothing more than to race over to the chancellor mansion this minute and refuse to leave until devon tells you he forgives you.

Tucker: You’re not wrong.

Audra: But what I’m telling you is do nothing. Like just wait a while. Everything is just too fresh and too volatile after your breakup with ashley. So, just let the dust settle. Be patient.

Tucker: Not something I excel at. What then?

Audra: Well, think about it. How many times have you promised devon that you’ve changed and then gone back on your promise?

Tucker: Over the course of our entire relationship? Too many times to count.

Audra: Yeah, so you’re going to need more than words and empty promises to convince him. Telling him won’t mean a thing. You’ll have to show him.

Tucker: All right. How do I show him?

Audra: Just stand down, take a breath and just be there for him when you see that he needs help. No scheming, no subterfuge, no strings attached. For no other reason than you love him and it’s the right thing to do.

Tucker: In other words, the last thing that he would expect from me. You’re amazing. Coarse hair

Tucker: Shall we?

Audra: You know, I’m not tired and I don’t want this evening to end, so what do you say I buy you a nightcap?

Tucker: I love it. Let’s do it. I just have a couple calls to make and then I’ll be right back down.

Audra: Okay.

Tucker: Okay.

Tessa: Don’t be offended, but I think society could use a major makeover.

Abby: Excuse me?

Tessa: So, this is what I’m thinking. We do a dj, karaoke. We remove those tables and put a dance floor. And then, the menu. We go international. Monday, french cuisine. Tuesday, italian–

Abby: Tessa.

Tessa: Wednesday–

Abby: No, no, no. I’m not sure about any of that, actually. No.

Tessa: [ Laughs ] I’m sorry. I’m sorry, abby. I’m just messing with you.

Abby: Oh.

Tessa: I wouldn’t change a single thing about society. People love it here. I mean, there would be a riot in town if you so much as changed the empanada recipe.

Abby: Well, thank god, because you really had me going there for a minute.

Tessa: Well, don’t be too grateful just yet, because I do have one condition.

Abby: I’m afraid to ask.

Tessa: It’s about aria.

Abby: Oh. How’s she doing? I haven’t seen her in a couple weeks.

Tessa: Oh, she’s so fantastic. I mean, it’s just such a miracle. She’s adjusting so well to her hearing aids, and she’s even started trying to sing along when we sing her lullabies, when we put her to bed. So cute.

Abby: That’s so beautiful. I love that little girl. So, listen, if your ask is about aria, you can pretty much guarantee I’m going to say yes.

Tessa: Well, I just need some flexibility with my work schedule here, so that mariah and I can coordinate our time with her.

Abby: Of course. I was already planning on it. From one mother to another, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Tessa: Wow. That was easy. I should have held out for all the paella I could eat. Which is a lot.

Abby: Well, I’m sold on that too. Come here. Yay. Aw. Tessa, you really are a lifesaver. It’s going to be such a relief having you here because you’re so positive and energetic. And I won’t feel like I’m shortchanging dominic with my new responsibilities on the board at chancellor-winters. And I really do think you’re going to love it here.

Tessa: Oh, I don’t doubt that for one minute.

Abby: I cannot wait to tell devon. He’s going to be just as thrilled as I am. Hey, why don’t you come by after we close and we can go over everything.

Tessa: I’m here.

Abby: And the customers are going to love you too. In fact, here, come with me.

Tessa: Hm. Oh.

Abby: Excuse me. I would like to introduce you to the new manager of society tessa porter.

Diane: Congratulations.

Jack: Fantastic news, tessa. Congratulations.

Tessa: Thank you.

Kyle: That’s fantastic.

Nikki: All right. I won’t meet seth at crimson lights. I’ll have him come here. Does that make you happy?

Victor: Happy is hardly the word, okay? But I’m very grateful that you’ve decided to stay.

[ Cell phone ringing ] Excuse me. I need to take this.

Victoria: Thank you. Thank you so much for staying where you’re safe, mom. So, I won’t worry about you, at least not as much. But I’m glad that dad is here with you, so I will go back, and I’ll check on claire. And I love you. I’ll talk to you later, okay?

Nikki: I love you too. And don’t worry, I’ll be fine, okay?

[ Phone ringing ]

Seth: It’s nikki. Nikki! Hey. Please tell me you’re not canceling.

Nikki: Oh, no. I just have to change locations.

Seth: Oh. No problem. Just name the place and I’ll be there.

Nikki: I can’t get away from the ranch right now. Would you mind meeting me here?

Seth: Okay. That– that’s fine. I just– I just need the address.

Nikki: 421 larkspur trail, highway B. I’ll tell the security guard that I’m expecting you.

Seth: Okay. Okay, that– that– that’s– that’s great. I’ll see you soon.

Nikki: Okay.

Jordan: Where are you meeting her?

Seth: Uh, at the– at the newman ranch.

Jordan: Oh. Well, this just keeps getting better and better.

Seth: Yes, um, yeah. If advanced lung cancer

Victor: I will deal with that momentarily, all right? Thank you.

[ Victor sighing ] Did you talk to seth?

Nikki: Yes. He’s on his way here instead of crimson lights.

Victor: It makes me happy that you changed your mind, all right? It means a lot to me. Now, you’re looking forward to talking to him?

Nikki: Well, yeah. If I can help him even a little bit, it will be added incentive for my sobriety.

Victor: Come here. I’ve got to tell you, the fact that you’re willing to help someone while you’re struggling yourself means a great deal, okay? And if that makes you happy in the process, then… I’m happy for you.

Nikki: There’s only one other thing I can think of that would make me happy.

Victor: Uh-oh. What’s that?

Nikki: Setting a trap for jordan before she can set one for us.

Jack: Ash? Ashley?

Kyle: Can I pour you a drink?

Diane: No, no. I’m– I’m good. Hey, is everything all right?

Kyle: Yeah. Why wouldn’t it be?

Diane: Well, I can think of a few things.

Kyle: Like what?

Diane: Like jabot.

Kyle: What? I’m supposed to be upset about work? After hours?

Diane: No, not work per se, but what you and I were talking about when we came in earlier.

Kyle: Ah. About my decision that I made with r&d that should have been yours and my overstepping.

Diane: I said helping, not overstepping.

Kyle: My mistake.

Diane: And you seemed to tense up a bit whenever jabot came up at dinner.

Kyle: Okay, mom, you’re clearly trying to get at something, but I’m not sure what it is, so just help me out.

Diane: I think you know. Jack promoted me to a position that you used to have. One that you and I both lobbied for you to have again and I want you to tell me how you really feel about it.

Kyle: Okay, this is on your mind a lot more than it is mine.

Diane: I don’t think so.

Kyle: Okay. I stopped lobbying for myself because I realized you were the right person at the right time. This is the way it should be.

Diane: Yes, but it’s created a whole new dynamic at work. It seems like you’re having a hard time accepting that. I mean, kyle, I get it. It can’t be easy coming back to a lesser role there than you had before.

Kyle: Mom. Mom, I’m not struggling.

Diane: Would you tell me if you were?

Kyle: I would. And it’s all good.

Diane: I just want us to find the right balance at work, where we can be happy and productive and– and comfortable. I mean, yes, kyle, I am your boss. But first and foremost, I’m your mom. And I don’t want this to come between us. And in fact, I will do whatever it takes to keep that from happening, so just– come on. Tell me the truth.

Kyle: Okay. Okay, you’re right. This is a lot tougher for me to take than I thought it would be. And I’m trying very hard right now not to resent you for it.

Jack: Where are you, ashley?

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Y&R Best Lines Thursday, December 14, 2023

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Phyllis: Oh, hey.

Danny: Hello.

Phyllis: Hi. I was hoping to find Daniel here.

Danny: He just took off for a meeting.

Phyllis: Oh, I should know that since I’m his employee.

Danny: Well, I’m sure you can meet up with him over at the*** office.

Phyllis: Oh, no, that won’t do. Um, I just brought him this housewarming gift. It’s a succulent. They tell me you can’t kill them.

Danny: Oh.

Phyllis: Sort of like me.

Danny: Okay.

Phyllis: Too soon?

Danny: Yeah.


Adam: This is good.

Sally: Yeah. Yeah. Good.

Adam: Mhm-hm. It’s not awkward at all.

Sally: It didn’t even cross my mind.

Adam: I just really don’t want to mess this up. I mean, not that there is anything to mess up. We’re just– just having lunch.

Sally: Yeah. I mean, what could go wrong?

Adam: With us? Everything. Or everything could go very right.

Sally: So, how do we do this whole nondate thing?

Adam: Well, um, I’m gonna have a salad. You’ll probably have a cheeseburger. Rare. And an iced tea because it’s a workday.

Sally: Well, you know me. And you have really thought this through.

Adam: I have. Because this is where we do best. The now. Just you, me, and the daily specials. Not the past, not the future.

Sally: What if I want dessert?

Adam: Oh, dessert is always available.

Sally: Do you really think that we can hit the reset button?

Adam: I’m sure as hell willing to try. And I’m hoping that you are too.


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Y&R Best Lines Wednesday, December 13, 2023

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Heather: Okay. But the good news is as far as your daughter is concerned, you have more than made up for it. I mean, she loves being here with you. And that’s a beautiful thing that we can give her.

Daniel: No. Yeah. Me and my dad, he, uh, said something to me earlier that really resonated with me. Um… he was talking about how you should never waste a single moment that you’re given. I think moving forward, that’s exactly what I intend to do.

Heather: Your dad is a very wise man. But has he shared with you his secret pasta sauce recipe?

Daniel: No. And he’s being a real jerk about it too. I guess all of that, you know, make every moment matter crap doesn’t apply to spaghetti.


Daniel: Level 72. Wow, that is impressive. I mean, that takes some serious commitment to get in that deep.

Heather: Well, I had to familiarize myself with chancellor-winters content. Didn’t I? I mean, and how would i be totally effective at my new job if I didn’t do that? Besides, you have all those legal issues that you’re expecting that I need to prepare for.

Daniel: I knew it. You are a loophole lawyer, aren’t you?

Heather: Sh. In all seriousness though. I, um, I really found the game truly rewarding and challenging. I– I swear, I– I could not put it down.

Daniel: Well, that is high praise coming from you. You know, you hear it from critics, you hear it from strangers. But hearing you say it means a lot.

Heather: It was fun. And I feel like I even learned a few new things about myself in the process.


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Y&R Best Lines Tuesday, December 12, 2023

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Chelsea: It was the traffic.

Billy: Very funny because you live right there.

Chelsea: Yes, I’m funny. What can I say?

Billy: I love you when you’re funny. You look great.

Chelsea: You’re just saying that because you missed me last night.


Tucker: Why good morning, Audra. Did you sleep well?

Audra: Um, why are you shouting? Are– are you looking for something? Or someone?

Tucker: Ah, just giving young Mr. Abbott ample time to collect his stuff. Get back to jabot.

Audra: Oh, look, you’re wasting your breath.

Tucker: Is he in the shower?

Audra: You know, tucker, this fixation with me and Kyle–

Tucker: No, no, no. It’s no fixation. I think you’re young. I think, uh, you ought to live it up. Take advantage. Just keep your head in the game. We’re cool. We’re cool. You just gotta give me what I want.

Audra: Which is?

Tucker: I just gotta know this guy is trustworthy. Isn’t he supposed to be coughing up secrets, so-called secrets, from the sanctum sanctorum of jabot? Yes? Where are they?


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