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Recap written by Terry

Nick and Adam discussed their father’s recent change of plans regarding Augusta, the faltering company Victor bought from Tucker McCall for Adam to revamp and run.  When Victor called his family to the ranch to issue orders about running Newman Enterprises, he directed Nick to work with Adam.  In the same conversation, Victor said he gave his children too much leeway and control, and Victor stated that he himself calls the shots from now on.  Nick hesitantly agreed to work with Adam but Adam walked out when Victor firmly told Adam he could take it or leave Victor’s new approach and plans.  Adam later changed his mind, as Nick predicted he would.

Nick suspected that Adam did something to annoy Victor into later changing the arrangement that would have allowed Nick, Adam and Sharon to run Augusta for three months as they saw fit before Victor would reassess the arrangement.  Adam denied angering Victor into pulling the rug from underneath them, as Nick put it, and eliminating the agreed to three month arrangement.

Nick was suspicious when his father said he had to go to Germany to secure funding for a project.  Nick scoffed and said Victor could get a million dollars’ funding with one phone call.  Nick said Victor lay down the law then slipped into the shadows to see how Nick, Sharon and Adam would react to Victor’s order to do nothing until Victor told them what to do.  Adam said he wanted to call Victor’s bluff and get started working on the company without Victor’s directive.  A frustrated Nick said the whole situation is impossible, because if they begin work on the company without Victor’s orders they look disobedient, but if they wait for Victor they look ineffective.

When Sharon joined Adam and Nick to discuss their approach to running the business, Sharon told Adam he wore his lost cause persona like a medal, and Nick added that he occasionally sees glimpses of a human being in Adam. Adam glibly stated that it’s all positivity from now on and no more chip on his shoulder.

Adam told Nick and Sharon that he offered Phyllis a Web Designer position. Nick rejected that and asked Adam what was he thinking.  After discussing her financial woes with her children, Phyllis called to accept Adam’s offer, but said she needed help with something first.

Prior to that phone call to Adam, Phyllis met with Summer and Daniel and told them she will do whatever it takes to earn their forgiveness. Phyllis stated she is a different person and wants to be a busy, productive citizen as she awaits trial for murdering Jeremy Stark. She told her children she accepted a job offer from Adam. Summer observed that if Phyllis wanted to clean up her image, she might want to do it with someone a little less shady than Adam.

Daniel told Summer he thinks there is more to Phyllis’ involvement with Carson, the paramedic Tucker is hiding. Phyllis has stated prior that Tucker and Carson have her whole life in their hands.

At Sharon’s coffee house, Sharon asked Mariah if she would consider leaving Jabot to work with her at the company she will run with Nick and Adam. Sharon said Mariah knows media relations and image building more than anyone she knows and Mariah could create her own job title, such as Vice President of Marketing. Tessa states it would be an amazing opportunity for Mariah.

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