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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

At the police station, Shawn was on the phone with Belle. Jada overheard him say he wanted to get his life back together and be a better husband to Belle. They made plans to go out to dinner. When he got off the phone, he was surprised to see Jada. He told her he thought she was in London with Rafe. She said she came back because Rafe thought one of them should be in Salem. Shawn wanted to catch her up with what was going on, but she didn’t want him to. She said they needed to talk about him sleeping with her sister first. They went to the interrogation room so they could talk. Shawn asked how she found out. She said she talked to Eric and figured it out. She said he had to get it together and stop hurting people especially his wife. He apologized for what he has done. She asked if he was going to tell Belle the truth. He said he wasn’t sure if he should. She got a message about a shooting at the DiMera mansion. She said he had to go. He offered to go with her, but she didn’t want him to go. He said they were partners and needed to work together. She ended up letting him go with her. Talia went to see Marlena. She told Marlena that she should find another therapist. Marlena asked if she wasn’t getting help with their sessions. Talia said she wasn’t the problem. Marlena asked if it was because they were colleagues. Talia said that was the reason. Marlena said she has treated colleagues before. She said she understood if it was an issue. She said she wondered what effect it would have on her court order. Talia decided to stay with her. Marlena wanted her to talk. Talia told her about her job and Chanel breaking up with her. She told her she slept with a married man. She told her how it happened. She said she felt bad about it. Belle came in and offered to come back. Talia said she had to work. Belle apologized for interrupting. Marlena said she was going to reach out to her to find out how things were going with Shawn. Belle said that was why she was there.

Belle told Marlena about her fight with Shawn. She said Shawn spent the night at the pub. Marlena remembered what Talia said and realized Shawn was the man she slept with. Belle said she and Shawn turned a corner. Marlena told her to be cautious. When Belle left, Marlena called Talia back to her office to confront her about sleeping with Shawn. Leo tried to tell Gwen that he wasn’t with Dimitri. She said she saw them going at it at Greenland. She told him to lie to her again. He admitted to sleeping with him. She punched him. He said he deserved the punch and the pie in the face. He said he never meant to hurt her. She said she didn’t understand how he ended up sleeping with Dimitri when they hated each other. Leo told her what happened. She said she knows about the codicil. He said he was shocked that Dimitri was gay and attracted to him. She said it worked because he screwed them both. She said she was hurt that Leo betrayed her. He said it was hard for him. He tried to defend Dimitri to her. She said they thought she was stupid. She said Leo didn’t care about her. He said that wasn’t true. He said he loved Dimitri. She said she hoped their love was real because it was going to be all they had. She said she was going to get the money with Kristen’s help. She showed him the check from the money she withdrew. She said Dimitri was lucky that was all she took. He asked what she meant by that. She said Kristen wanted to kill Dimitri. He was shocked that Kristen would go that far. She said Dimitri was lucky she intervened. She said she was divorcing Dimitri. She said he was going to lose his inheritance. He got a call from the hospital and told him Dimitri got shot. He said he would be right there. He told her he knew she was behind what happened. He said he was going to make her pay if he died. Stefan and Gabi tried to stop Dimitri from killing them. Dimitri was determined to shoot them. When a gunshot went off, they thought it was them. It turned out that Vivian shot Dimitri. She asked if Stefan was alright. He thanked her. He went to check on Dimitri. He wanted to call for help. Gabi said they should let him die. Vivian agreed with her. Stefan said they needed to get him help so they could get his shares. Gabi told Dimitri they were going to let him bleed out if he didn’t sign over his shares to Stefan. Dimitri agreed to do it. Vivian said they should let him bleed out. Stefan said he was a man of his word and was going to get him help. After Dimitri was taken away, Jada and Shawn showed up at the mansion. They asked what happened to Dimitri. Stefan told them what happened. When Jada and Shawn left, Vivian told them what happened with Maggie. Leo went to the hospital. Gwen showed up. He wanted to know what she did to Dimitri. She said she had nothing to do with it. She told him that he betrayed her. He wanted to know what he could do to fix it. She said there was nothing he could do.

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