Y&R Short Recap Thursday, December 14, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Chloe almost persuades Nick to fight for Sally until Nick sees Sally having lunch with Adam at the Athletic club.

Michael tells Victor he is going to represent Claire at her arraignment today. Victor isn’t happy because he thinks Claire is conning everyone. Michael tells Claire that she needs to plead guilty at her arraignment today. Nikki agrees with Victor and tells Victoria she thinks Claire is going to get out of jail and reunite with Jordan and come after the family again. Jordan calls the police tip line and tells them that the evil woman who hurt the Newmans is at the Southside motel.

Victor and Victoria don’t want to leave Nikki alone at the Newman ranch but Nikki tells them that she will be okay. Once Victor and Victoria leave the house Nikki starts to drink.

Jordan checks into the Athletic Club wearing a blonde wig that is styled the same way her sister Eve used to style her hair.

Sally decides to have dinner with Adam since their lunch went well.

Christine is jealous when she sees Phyllis come back into Society to have lunch with Phyllis. Christine asks Danny if they can talk before he has lunch with Phyllis. Danny tells Christine that he enjoyed their date and he hopes they can have another date. Danny and Christine kiss which makes Phyllis jealous.

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