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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Megan and Li talked on the phone. She was happy when he said he was picking up Rolf. While she was talking about Stefan and the plan, Stefan walked in and wanted to know what she was talking about. She got off the phone and told him she was planning an engagement party. He asked if she knew where Kristen was. Megan said she went to New York to find a custody lawyer and wouldn’t be back in time for the party. When Megan left, he called Gabi. He told her they should invite Kristen to their engagement party. When he called Kristen, her phone was ringing. He found the phone in a drawer. Li met Rolf on the dock. He gave Rolf the supplies he needed. Kate and Harris met to talk about their plan for Megan. He said he wasn’t going to give up. He said he planted a tracking device on Megan’s car. He said he would corner her after she left the mansion. He got a notification that Megan was leaving. He left to confront her. He found her in the park and pulled a gun on her. Theo asked Eli why he was questioning Whitley. Eli told him Whitley left the hospital early the day Abe was missing. Theo said she might be involved. Eli said nothing pointed in her direction, but he was looking into it. While Whitley was in the interrogation room, she looked at Abe’s picture and said it was sad that he had to die. She said she didn’t have a choice.

Abe had a flashback of the wedding. He told Jerry that he wasn’t his son. Jerry said he was confused because of the amnesia. He said he was going to get Abe some water. When Jerry left, he sent Whitley a SOS text. When he gave Abe the water, he knocked it out of his hand. Abe wanted to know what was going on. Whitley told Eli she had to get back to her sick cat. When she left, Eli and Theo went over the background check Eli ran on Whitley. They didn’t find anything suspicious. When Whitley got home, Theo and Abe told her what was going on. She told Abe that he had another son. She said Brandon was his best man. She said Brandon didn’t approve of them. She said he and Brandon had a falling out. Abe apologized to Jerry for accusing him of not being his son. She offered to take Jerry back to the hotel. When they were in the hall, she told him she had something else for him to do. She told Abe that the hospital wanted to do more tests on him. She drew blood from him and gave the vial to Jerry. Rafe was shocked when he saw Talia in a towel. She invites him in. He told her about Talia’s plea deal. He kissed her after they hugged. He apologized for kissing her. He said he couldn’t help himself. She said if he didn’t do it, she would have. She said they should be together despite the rules. She kissed him. Her towel fell off. They made love. After they made love, they wanted a relationship. They agreed to keep their relationship separate from the job. Rafe left. Jada ran into Kate who told her she saw Rafe leave. Rafe, Eli and Jerry were on the dock. Jerry said he saw a man getting hit on the nail on a piling. Rafe and Eli saw fresh blood on the piling. They also saw Abe’s hospital bracelet next to it.

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