Y&R Short Recap Monday, May 15, 2023

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Recap written by Terry

Jack was stunned by Daniel’s revelation that Phylis is alive, and Kyle was desperate to find Summer to tell her. Kyle doesn’t know that it was Summer who told Daniel about Phyllis. Daniel said Phyllis contacted only him. In fact, Phyllis contacted Summer and implored her to not tell Daniel. Summer could not keep the secret and told her brother. After Daniel told Jack, Kyle and Diane’s lawyer, Michael Baldwin, that Phyllis is alive, Kyle wanted to inform Diane, but Michael said no one else was to know until there’s evidence that Phyllis is alive and back in town. Daniel said no one can know Phyllis is alive before it’s arranged that Phyllis will turn herself in and does not go to prison. Diane walked into the tense discussion and asked the group if there was something she should know. Daniel told Diane he believed she did not murder Phyllis and that he believed it was Jeremy Stark who tried to frame Diane for Phyllis’ death. Diane expressed her gratitude to Daniel, who could barely look at her, knowing the secret he kept from her.

Kyle insisted that he tell Summer her mother is alive, but Jack asked him to hold off until he could speak with District Attorney Christine Williams, who is prosecuting the case against Diane. When Kyle spoke with Diane alone, he was on the verge of spilling the secret.

Sally told Adam she can’t work with him ever again and that he had to find a way to let her go.

Nick ran into Elena, who was having a drink after moving out of the apartment she shared with Nate. She told Nick he was right about Nate, and Nick suggested she and Nick have ice cream, which he said helps everything.

Victoria and Nate discussed his breakup with Elena; Nate stated he did not want Elena back. They talked about the future.

Nick presented a romantic dinner to Sally and told her that he’s in love with her.

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