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Adam: Hi.

Sally: Hi. I’m not sure why you came over here, but I really do not want a replay of our last encounter.

Adam: Oh, it’s not going to happen. I promise. This time I’m completely sober.

Sally: Well, that’s good to know.

Adam: Did you have a good thanksgiving? Or was it 4th of july that you celebrated? I know you don’t like to celebrate holidays on their actual day.

Sally: Actually, that was our tradition. So, I celebrated in my own traditional way with takeout and an old movie. What about you? Did you break bread with victor at the ranch, or were you nursing your hangover?

Adam: Ouch. I guess I deserve that. I actually had a quiet meal with chelsea and connor.

Sally: Sounds nice.

Adam: It was.

Sally: I-I really should get back to whatever I was doing. So…

Adam: Can I join you for a minute?

Sally: I am actually expecting someone.

Adam: You’re waiting for nick. In that case, I’ll keep it short. I just — I wanted to apologize. I had no business coming to your suite the other night and confronting you like that. Anger and heartache and booze are a dangerous combination. Can you forgive me?

Nick: You wanted to see me?

Victoria: Yes. So, nate and I, we had a conversation about the career advice that you offered him.

Nick: Okay.

Victoria: You told him to watch his back because you don’t trust him.

Nick: That’s an oversimplification.

Victoria: In what way?

Nick: I think you are misreading the tone and the intent with which the advice was offered.

Victoria: I’m not going to get into semantics with you. You had no right to undermine my new ceo that way.

Elena: Hey.

Nate: Hey. You look fantastic.

Elena: Thank you.

Nate: Where are you off to?

Elena: I have a meeting with lily to talk about the details of my medical podcast.

Nate: Ahh. I’m sure you’re going to kill it.

Elena: I have to admit I am a little nervous.

Nate: Nervous? You’re a pro, and you already have the job. What is there to be nervous about?

Elena: Don’t take this the wrong way, but I am wondering if there’s any residual resentments with lily because of how she feels about you.

Nate: They’re definitely still angry at me. Devon could barely make eye contact with me when we saw him at society on thanksgiving. But I don’t see my family taking any of this out on you. You’re the one who convinced me to come clean. They should be thanking you.

Elena: Well, I’m certainly not expecting that. And I am not so sure that things are good between us. I’ve picked up on some judgment from devon the last few times I ran into him. I guess I’m just guilty by association to your cousins.

Nate: Well, in that case, I have the perfect solution. Come back to newman media. Do your podcast with us.

Lily: Hi.

Billy: Looks like we both need a little jolt after our disagreement earlier.

Lily: Yeah, well, you accused me of having a savior complex.

Billy: After you accused me of having one.

Lily: I still think that my take was more correct, because, I mean, here you are, checking up on chelsea again. Are you worried that chloe is going to take your place as her go-to confidant?

Billy: Actually, no. I’m just grabbing a coffee. I have not talked to chelsea. Lily, wait, please. I want to fix things between us. Can we talk?

Billy: I’m not trying to be harsh, but you’re overstepping.

Chloe: You call me controlling? You’re impossible. Things can’t go on this way.

Adam: This isn’t just a mood. Something is seriously wrong.

Chelsea: Stop!

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Billy: I feel really bad about our argument, and I feel terrible about the way it escalated. I really don’t like that my connection to chelsea and me helping her through this illness right now is causing tension between us.

Lily: Billy, I hate it, too. I do, because I actually care about chelsea, and I support your involvement with her. And that’s why it really hurt me. And, frankly, it crossed a line when you called me petty for having concerns about your over-involvement. I mean, do you really see me as that small-minded?

Billy: No. I don’T. And I’m really — I apologize for saying that. That wasn’t right. I know how big of a heart you have.

Lily: I mean, this is not easy to navigate. And I feel like any time I question your actions when it comes to chelsea, I get accused of not understanding the situation, when you’re the one who’s kept me on the outside. I didn’t even know what was going on. And look — I get why. But then, even when chelsea tells you to let me in, you still keep me at a distance.

Billy: That wasn’t my intention.

Lily: Look — this is not easy for me to admit, but I just feel like chelsea is the one who’s making you feel special these days. Like she’s the one who occupies your thoughts, and that used to be my role.

Billy: You are the most important person in my world, and I love you so much.

Lily: I love you, too, but I —

Billy: And I’m sorry. I’m really, really sorry that i have not showed you that enough lately. And I promise, once I get chelsea through this crisis, you will have my undivided attention, and we can get back to us.

Elena: I appreciate you wanting your new company to be the home of my podcast, but it took quite a bit of convincing to get me out of my contract with newman media.

Nate: I remember because I’m the one who did the convincing. The whole reason for you coming to chancellor-winters in the first place was so that we could work together.

Elena: And to also help cover your gaffe of overpromising with your podcast content.

Nate: Fair enough, but the point is this project has meant a lot to both of us. From the early days of “askmdnow,” it’s something we’ve both been passionate about. Our goal has always been to bring accurate medical information to the public in an entertaining and educational format. What I can promise is if you come to newman is that your passion will be rewarded in a way it won’t be at chancellor-winters.

Elena: I already made a commitment to devon and lily, and I’m not the kind of person who goes back on my word. And, besides, if I were to follow you to newman media after everything you’ve been through with your cousins, it would be like adding salt to the wound. And if I’m being honest, I feel a sense of loyalty to devon and lily.

Nate: What about your sense of loyalty to me?

Victoria: I made a call on hiring nate. If you had an issue with it, you should have — you should have said something.

Nick: What are you talking about? I had several issues with it, and I conveyed each and every one of them to you. Are you choosing to not remember that?

Victoria: Okay, why don’t i rephrase? Once the decision was made, as coo of this company, I would have hoped that you would have supported it, or at least kept an open mind about it, at the very least kept your concerns to yourself or limited it to a conversation between the two of us.

Nick: Why? I had every right to let nate know, as a colleague and a friend, he’s got a long ways to go before I ever trust him again, if I ever do. I’m calling things like I see them — with him, with you, and this company. And I’m telling you, you need to be very, very careful. With the way nate tried to help you gain control of chancellor-winters, he showed me a side of him that I never thought existed, and I highly doubt it’s a one-time thing. You tell me. What’s going to happen when nate decides he wants more power around here than you’re willing to give him?

Sally: Thank you for your apology, but I am not sure that I can completely forgive or forget the other night or everything leading up to it.

Adam: Well, that is, um, disappointing. But I guess it’s understandable.

Sally: Well, I hope your quiet thanksgiving gave you a chance to reflect and understand why we are no longer together, so that we can finally put everything negative behind us and figure out a way to move on from here.

Adam: Yes, I have done a lot of thinking, and I realize that my behavior was excessive, and I deeply regret that. And I also regret suggesting that nick doesn’t have feelings for you. I’m sure — I’m sure he does. You know, how could he not? You’re brilliant, you’re open-hearted, and you’re beautiful. So, I never should have suggested that he was just —

Sally: That nick was just looking for a replacement for sharon, or that he’s just in it for the sex, or that he and i are just using each other to get back at you, because you said all those things.

Adam: I’m sorry. It was stupid. It was hurtful.

Sally: Or do you still think they’re true?

Adam: It doesn’t matter whether I think it’s true or not, sally, because the reason that we should be together actually has nothing to do with nick or whether the two of you can make it as a couple. I don’t know. Maybe, maybe you could. But you would never have what you really want… what we have — a deep understanding and appreciation for each other, flaws and all. And just so we’re clear, my proposal? I’m not apologizing for that. That still stands. I do want to marry you because we belong together. And nothing is going to change my mind about that. A mystery!

Victoria: You know, you’re looking at this all the wrong way. You see nate’s offer to help with chancellor-winters as a weakness. And I see this aspect of his personality — I see it as a strength.

Nick: I just can’t wait to hear how you spin this.

Victoria: Oh, when you hire people that want your job, you’re guaranteed they’ll work hard.

Nick: You’re not threatened by that?

Victoria: Why should I be?

Nick: I got to say I’m impressed, vic. You seem to have the same uber-confidence that dad has.

Victoria: Well, I learned from the best, didn’t I? You know, he often surrounded himself with ruthless adversaries. He valued unabashed ambition in his leadership team.

Nick: Because dad thinks it’s a game. But it’s a very dangerous game.

Victoria: It would get a little boring without some danger, don’t you think? I’m not afraid of taking a risk. And I’m willing to take one with nate. And I’m just asking you to please give him the benefit of the doubt. As my coo, I expect you to back me.

Nick: You said the same thing to me about sally. Remember how that turned out.

Victoria: Well, I see that my decision to replace her has still become a sticking point with you.

Nick: Because what you did to her was unfair.

Victoria: Just exactly how serious have things become between the two of you, anyway?

Nick: What does it matter? She’s no longer at newman. It doesn’t concern you.

Victoria: I care because i don’t want to see my brother get hurt.

Sally: Why are you doing this?

Adam: Because I love you. And you love me, too, sally. You are the only woman that I have ever met who truly understands me and accepts me for who I am.

Sally: Can you just stop saying that, okay? Because whatever I thought I understood about you turned out to be wrong. I did not fully know you back then. Everyone who has warned me about you was right. Everything they said came true. You’re obsessed with proving yourself to your father, you resent your siblings, and you play games.

Adam: Okay. Maybe that is true. But none of that has anything to do with us.

Sally: It has everything to do with us. You broke my heart. And you’re continuing to break my heart with this hail mary proposal. You really think that I want to go into a marriage this way?

Adam: Okay. I screwed up. I should have given you the grand, romantic gesture that you deserve, sally. But I don’t regret asking you because you and I, we have a love of a lifetime. And in your heart, I don’t think you regret me asking you. And don’t tell me you’ve never thought about us getting married.

Sally: Of course I thought about it, when we were together, and when we were happy — not like this and not now. Why are you torturing me?

Lily: I appreciate your apology. I do. And I have asked myself if I’m being unfair or if I’ve overreacted. But I still believe there is more to this than just you trying to help chelsea.

Billy: Like what?

Lily: I understand that you feel this connection to what she’s going through because of your past. And I really, really hope that she gets through this and comes out stronger on the other side.

Billy: Believe me — so do I. Contrary to your belief that I’m enjoying being a constant presence in her life, I just want her to be happy and healthy. That’s it.

Lily: Billy, the bigger issue, I think, is what are you searching for? Because you stepped down as coo to figure that out, so that you could be a better man, a better partner in business and I can get behind that. I understand that. But what does that practice look like?

Billy: I’m not really sure yet. You know, I haven’t really had time to…

Lily: I know, because of chelsea. I want to help you find the answers. I do. But sometimes I really feel like you don’t want me involved.

Billy: No. That’s not it at all. Honestly, lily, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Chelsea: Can you meet? I’d like to talk. I get bladder leaks.

[ Cellphone pings ]

Lily: It’s chelsea. She wants to talk.

Billy: Really? Um, well, that’s, that’s good, I guess. She’s reaching out to people.

Lily: Well, do you know what she wants to talk about?

Billy: No. You want me to come with you? Sorry. She wants to talk to you. I’ll stay out of it. Are you going to take her up on it?

Nate: I hate to bring this sore point up again, but the reason why I was late for dinner with you the other night is that victoria and i were talking about the future of newman media.

Elena: I know. You already apologized.

Nate: Yes, but my point is that conversation was so fascinating and enlightening that I completely lost track of time. I’ve realized there’s so much I can learn from her. It is such a different working dynamic than with devon, whose idea of teaching someone the ropes is to constantly belittle and suppress. This is how it’s supposed to be. Victoria’s leadership is going to allow me to soar. I can feel it.

Elena: I hope you’re right.

Nate: And if you bring your podcast back to newman, I promise we will support you in a way that ensures that you shine, as well. So, come on. Join me on this journey. Let’s do it together.

Billy: Victoria.

Victoria: Hi, billy.

Billy: How’s johnny?

Victoria: Oh, you know, he’s good. He’s asked a couple of questions about chelsea after thanksgiving, but he seems fine.

Billy: Good. I’m glad to hear that. There’s actually something else I want to talk to you about. And I haven’t really had the time to bring it up yet with everything else that’s been going on.

Victoria: Well, go ahead.

Billy: What you pulled with nate? That’s despicable to me.

Victoria: Ugh! I am so tired of people giving me grief about hiring him. I was under no obligation to keep sally on. Nate’s going to do a great job.

Billy: Yeah. I don’t care about that. That’s not what I’m talking about. It’s how he got the job, the fact that you used him as a mole to infiltrate chancellor-winters.

Victoria: I know that that’s what devon believes, but he’s jumping to conclusions.

Billy: Oh, come on. Just cut the crap. It’s the truth. And I’m just trying to understand why you would do such a thing.

Victoria: I had no idea that you cared so much about chancellor-winters, given that you quit your job there.

Billy: Your company means a lot to lily and to my mother. But you didn’t think about that, did you? And you didn’t think about johnny and katie, either. They ever found out that their mother tried to steal her father’s company.

Victoria: Former company. And if I had done such a thing, I would have explained to the kids that I was doing it so that we could all work together. Anyway, in that hypothetical scenario, you would have stayed on as coo.

Billy: Right. With nate as ceo? No, thanks. Does your father know about this, because I’m sure he’s extremely proud of you.

Victoria: Do you know who else would have approved? Katherine.

Billy: Are you serious?

Victoria: She left chancellor to my father in her will. So, if newman enterprises did take a majority share of chancellor-winters, I guess it would all be in keeping with her wishes, wouldn’t it?

Billy: Oh, my gosh, that is one hell of a rationalization.

Victoria: Well, you know what, billy? That’s the way business works. So, if you don’t like it, I guess it’s a good thing that you stepped away from the corporate world. So, if you’ll excuse me, I came to get a coffee to go.

Adam: Look, sally. I feel terrible for the pain that I have caused you. But the fact that you still have strong feelings for us, that gives me hope.

Sally: We had our chance as a couple, and it didn’t work out. Okay, I’m not playing games with you, I’m not trying to punish you, and I’m not playing hard to get. I can’t go back. I won’T.

Adam: Sally, I know that you were trying to harden your heart towards me, but I can also see what you are working hard not to show.

Sally: There’s nothing behind this curtain. What I’m showing you is all there is.

Adam: I see you, all of you, your depth and your edges and your layers. And I see all that because that is the root of our connection. And that woman, that woman would never trade excitement and passion for what? For safety? Sally, that is not who you are. That is not what you deserve.

Lily: Well, looks like you’re settling in nicely.

Chelsea: Yeah. Yeah. Billy and sharon really helped me with the move.

Lily: Yeah, billy mentioned that. So, how are you feeling?

Chelsea: Uh, I’m okay. It’s a process, but I’m getting stronger, more and more confident every single day since billy stopped me from taking my life. Lily, that’s why I texted you. We didn’t really get a chance to talk at thanksgiving. There were so many people around. But I really appreciate you reaching out. And I know you’ve probably missed out on a lot of time with billy because he’s been busy helping me. And I just want to say I’M… I’m really sorry about that. I’m sure it’s been hard for you, for both of you.

Lily: We’re both just very happy that you’re on the mend.

Chelsea: I know billy didn’t tell you about what was going on with me at the beginning, but I did urge him to talk to you about it.

Lily: Thank you. I really appreciate that.

Chelsea: I’ve just realized now more than ever how dangerous secrets can be and shame. So, I just want to be as open with you as possible. I don’t want there to be any misunderstandings. I don’t want you to misread anything that’s going on between me and billy because he’s been so involved in my situation. I just want to be as transparent as possible. So…if you have any questions for me, I’ll answer them as honest as I can. Mornings are our time,

“The young and the restless”

will continue. If you think all pads are exactly the same…

Lily: Thank you for being straightforward with me. Billy has accused me of not really understanding the situation, which is true. I don’T. You know, at first I didn’t even know what was happening. And, also, I can’t possibly know what you’re going through because I’ve never been through something like that.

Chelsea: Well, I’m glad to hear it. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. But that being said, I feel like I’m really starting to gain control of my life and my treatment.

Lily: Good. I’m really happy to hear that.

Chelsea: Yeah. I’m reaching out to people, talking things through, making sure everyone understands. And I really owe it all to billy that I got a second chance at life. Billy understands. I truly owe him everything.

Sharon: Hey.

Billy: Hi.

Sharon: Are you here to see chelsea?

Billy: Uh, no, not exactly. I’m actually waiting for lily. And chelsea wanted to talk to lily. They’re up in the apartment as we speak.

Sharon: Oh. That’s a good sign.

Billy: Yeah, I think so.

Sharon: You know, I’ve been walking the line between giving chelsea her space and letting her know I’m here if she needs anything.

Billy: Yeah, you’re good at that. Me? Not so much. I feel like I’ve been paying a little too much attention to her more than I should, but I don’t know. I feel responsible in a way.

Sharon: Well, that’s natural and to be expected.

Billy: I have not thanked you yet for everything that you’ve done, not only for chelsea, but for me. I’m just so grateful that you answered the phone that night, and you were there to help me get chelsea to the hospital.

Sharon: Well, I… I know I wouldn’t have gotten better if I hadn’t had help. So, I guess this is just my way of paying it forward.

Adam: You didn’t directly answer my question, sally, or my proposal. You just told me why I never should have made it in the first place.

Sally: I’ve been as clear as I can be. I don’t know what else you want me to say. I have to go. Hi. So glad to see you. Thanks for coming back.

Nick: Thank you so much. Yeah. What’s going on?

Sally: Nothing. I’m famished, and I thought maybe you would enjoy supporting your sister’s restaurant for a second time today.

Nick: Yeah. Sounds good.

Skin your face will envy?

Sally: Well, after you left earlier, I decided to stay here and work and see if it inspired anything. And it has. Ideas for my new interior-design business have been flowing.

Nick: That’s great. You sound even more fired up than you were earlier.

Sally: Yeah. I mean, you know me when I sink my teeth into something.

Nick: I do.

Sally: Yeah, so, I have an inspiration board going. I’ve done some research on some pricing structures and all the places in genoa city that could use my services.

Nick: You’re on a roll.

Sally: Yeah, it’s good. It feels right. I mean, it’s definitely not something I saw myself doing even a few months ago. But when life gives you lemons…

Nick: You’re nothing if not resilient, which I admire almost as much as your attempt to distract me with all this small talk. What’s going on?

Adam: See you later. Thanks for the chat. Glad we were able to clear the air.

Chelsea: I worry that I’ve been too much of a burden on you and billy.

Lily: Like I said, billy and I, we care about you, and we really care about your recovery. And just so you know, I don’t think that you should give all the credit to billy for saving you. I mean, you worked really hard to be here, and you continue to work hard to get better.

Chelsea: My therapist said something similar.

Lily: It’s true. Billy told me that it’s important to have a network of people to lean on, which you have. You know, you have sharon and adam and chloe, your therapist. And that’s great, you know, because billy’s wonderful. But I think it’s better to have a group of people to support you. You know, because billy can’t really be there for you 24/7.

Chelsea: Yeah. Um, yeah. Thank you for your candor. And I agree. Billy should be somewhere else, focusing on his own life. I mean, he’s really lucky that he has you. Everyone should have that kind of support.

Lily: And you do have that support. I mean, look at this place, right? And the people who helped get you here.

Chelsea: Yeah, you’re right. Well, I, um, I really appreciate you being willing to talk to me about this. It means a lot.

Lily: Yeah, of course. And, look, chelsea, I… I’m really rooting for you. I really hope that you’ll continue to heal and build a wonderful, new life for yourself.

Billy: Sharon, do you think I have a savior complex?

Sharon: No, I don’t think you’re being that way. I think what you’re doing for chelsea is important, and not everybody can look beyond themselves and take responsibility for what’s going on with somebody else.

Billy: Thank you.

Sharon: You know, if you get worn out or tired, you need to be aware of that because you have to take care of yourself, too. So if you ever want to just step back altogether, take a break… burnout is a real thing, you know? You’ve got to look out for that.

Billy: I don’t feel like I need a break. I don’t really have any intention of stepping back. So…

Adam: Hi, sharon. Glad you’re here. And you are here, also.

Billy: Hey, adam.

Adam: I came to check on chelsea. Is she upstairs?

Billy: She is, yes, but she’s having a conversation with lily. So, it’s best that they have some space.

Nick: What was that about?

Sally: I mean, we don’t have to get into it.

Nick: Eh… yeah, we do. Adam clearly wanted me to know that you two talked. So, it worked. I’m curious. How exactly did you two clear the air?

Sally: He just apologized for his behavior the other night.

Nick: Ah, you mean his desperate proposal?

Sally: I suppose, unless you’re suggesting that someone needs to be desperate to propose to me.

Nick: No, definitely not. No, I… bad choice of words. I should have went with “jarring.” I know this situation’s got you on edge, and I don’t blame you. But, honestly, sally, you still haven’t told me how you really feel about his proposal. Research shows people remember commercials

Nate: I’m not going to pressure you to come back to newman media. I know I sprung the idea on you. I hope you’ll at least give it some thought.

Elena: Of course I will.

Nate: I might have the perfect place for you to do your thinking. Victoria and i are going to los angeles for some business meetings. You should come. It could be a combination business trip and romantic getaway. I could make it up to you for missing out on hawaii.

Elena: Hmm. Romantic getaway sounds intriguing.

Nate: Right? Some cocktails by the beach, maybe hit a museum or two.

Elena: Between you telling me why I should bring my podcast back to newman?

Nate: Only if you’re open to it. We do work really well together. We always have.

Elena: I want things to go back to the way that they used to be between us.

Nate: I’ve been missing us.

Sally: Frankly, I’m kind of exhausted of everything adam right now — you know, the proposal, the conflict the other night. I am really tired of thinking about it. And the last thing I want is to cause any more trouble between you and adam. So, I would really love it if we could just put it behind us and just move on. Can we do that?

Nick: Absolutely. Talking about adam is one of my least-favorite things to do in this world. But just so you know, if you ever want to revisit it, I’m always here to listen to you.

Sally: Got it. Thank you. Now, how was your thanksgiving, because we still haven’t caught up about your jam-packed day of family fun.

Nick: Just making sure you remember. I did invite you to come with me.

Sally: I was perfectly happy with dinner for one. It was exactly what I needed. And thank you again for sending me that bottle of wine. It was exactly what I needed.

Nick: Oh, I know your party-of-one strategy was so you could avoid, you know, any drama.

Sally: Yeah, just me versus the remote control.

Nick: It was a great time. You know, my family, for the most part, was very well-behaved. So, it was pretty drama-free, as well.

Sally: I’m glad.

Nick: And the best part of the day is always the volunteering. Sharon organizes this dinner for the unhoused and under-resourced, and new hope donates a portion of the meal. It’s become this really cool tradition with sharon and the kids.

Sharon: Um, adam, why don’t we give billy and lily some space?

Billy: So, how’d it go?

Lily: Uh, it went well. She just wanted to let me know how much your support has meant to her and that you did indeed save her life.

Billy: Did she use those exact words?

Lily: It wasn’t like that. It was a good conversation. I feel like I understand better what she’s facing, although it did seem like at times she was testing me to see if I would say that she’s taking up too much of your time.

Billy: And how did you address that?

Lily: Well, I said that you want to be there for her and that I support that. And I told her, too, that, you know, she has other people to lean on, that she has chloe and sharon and adam, and that it’s important to have a network of people to rely on.

Billy: Well, it sounds like you said all the right things.

Lily: Yeah, I hope so.

Billy: Can we get out of here? Can we go to society? I can buy you lunch, and we can make up for some lost time.

Lily: Yeah, I’d like that.

Billy: Thank you for being so forgiving.

Lily: I think you are doing a good thing by helping her. I feel like I understand that better after talking to her.

Billy: I drove. So, why don’t you head over there, and I’ll be right behind you.

Lily: Okay.

Billy: Okay.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

Chelsea: Hey, it’s chelsea. Leave a message at the beep.

Billy: Hey, it’s me. Just checking in. Give me a call when you get a second.

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B&B Transcript Wednesday, 11/30/22

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

B&B logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Dramatic music ]

Taylor: Ridge, please say something.

Thomas: Dad.

Ridge: Don’t talk.

Thomas: I was trying to show you–

Ridge: Just be quiet. Just be quiet while I’m trying to figure out what kind of a man I’m looking at. What– what kind of a man calls child services on his own kid, has him interrogated, makes him lie just to break up my marriage.

Thomas: I didn’t ask him to lie.

Ridge: Of course, you made him lie.

Taylor: Stop! Stop! This is exactly what I was afraid of right here. Ridge, I am so sorry that you found out about this the way that you did. I should have been the one to tell you. And I– and I didn’T. I got– I got scared because of this. It’s our wedding day. I didn’t wanna ruin it. I– you said the cps call had nothing to do with– with– with us getting married. But does it? Tell me, ridge, are we gonna be husband and wife?

Brooke: Hope, what are you doing here?

Hope: I– I cut my business trip short.

Brooke: Oh, honey. I don’t want you to rearrange your schedule because of what’s going on in my life.

Hope: You’re my mom and there was no way I was going to let you go through this day all by yourself. Okay?

Brooke: Honey.

Sheila: Poor brooke.

[ Sheila laughing ] I wonder how she’s gonna rebound. Is she going to ruin a happy home or maybe sleep with somebody else’s husband? Because the sky’s the limit for that one.

Deacon: You know, it’s truly unsettling the way that you take pleasure in other people’s misery.

Sheila: Brooke’s misery is like christmas morning for me after the way she’s treated me all these years.

[ Sheila laughing ]

Deacon: Is this your idea of foreplay? Laughing at brooke’s failed marriage?

Sheila: Come on. Won’t you have a little fun?

Deacon: Making fun of brooke’s heartache is not my favorite pastime.

Sheila: Yeah, but you know what? It gives me something to do. Enjoy myself while I’m locked up in this prison.

Deacon: Prison?

Sheila: Oh, I’m sorry. I should have said in this incredibly lavish bachelor pad.

Deacon: You know, sheila, you ought to be grateful otherwise you’d be in real prison. And while we’re on the subject, that’s exactly where the two of us are gonna wind up if you keep slipping out of that door. I’m not going back behind bars. Not for anything, least of all ’cause you’re getting a little stir crazy.

Brooke: Honey, thank you for this. Really. But I haven’t been alone. Katie and donna have been here most of the day. Oh, and your grandpa, he paid us a surprise visit. He was with his girlfriend, lucy.

Hope: Oh, really? How is he?

Brooke: He’s good. He missed you.

Hope: Well, I hope to see him. But mom, I’m more worried about you. How are you really? I mean, how are you handling ridge getting married to taylor today?

Taylor: Ridge, what do you wanna do?

Thomas: You’re angry with me, not mom. Marry her.

Steffy: It’s your decision, dad. I didn’t just tell you the truth because you deserve to know. I also told you, because if you decide to marry mom, it would be real. It wouldn’t be based on manipulations and lies. It would be real love. Only you can decide if you’re ready to marry mom today.

Sheila: Why do you feel as though you have to be a constant reminder? I know the situation I’m in.

Deacon: You keep going out, you’re gonna get caught.

Sheila: Okay. If you want to continue to play warden, could we at least use some handcuffs?

Deacon: I’m serious.

Sheila: I know you are. And I really appreciate everything that you’ve done for me, deacon. And I– I know the position that I’ve put you in. But just being stuck in here staring at the same walls day after day, it’s driving me crazy.

Deacon: Look, I get it. I– it sucks. I know. You feel like you escaped one prison and now you wind up in another one. But that’s not true. We both know this is better. Let’s keep it that way.

Brooke: How am I dealing with it?

Hope: Yes. How are you coping?

Brooke: Well, I’m not going to drink, okay? You have my word.

Hope: Okay. I just want you to know that no matter what I am doing or what time of day it is, I will always be there for you.

Brooke: Just don’t know how this happened. How could ridge turn away from me like this? How could he marry somebody like taylor?

Steffy: I understand you’re upset with mom, but this is all on thomas. Moments before marrying you she was blindsided. She had to make a difficult decision.

Taylor: Yeah, it was a terrible decision to make. Of course, I was gonna tell you about the recording. I–

Steffy: Thomas is the one manipulating and lying.

Thomas: For you. For both of you. To get brooke out of your lives so that you could be the woman you’re truly supposed to be with.

Ridge: Oh, I’m sorry. So, you are a hero now? Is that what you’re gonna tell that little boy? He won’t even look at you. You hurt innocent people. Hope, douglas, my wife. The list goes–

Thomas: Ex-wife.

Steffy: Thomas, back off.

Thomas: No, if you just kept your mouth shut, they would be together right now.

Ridge: Stop!

Steffy: Dad, I’m sorry. I’m sorry you’re hurting, but the truth is out. No more lies. No more manipulations. Yes, mom should have told you. Obviously, I still want you guys to get married today. She is the same wonderful person. Giving, incredible, everything that you love and adore. Like I said, I know this is your choice, but I think the right one is to marry mom today. Did you know some of your detergent’s fragrance

Deacon: You didn’t have to come back to la. I get that you wanna be close to finn, but that ain’t never gonna happen ’cause he’s not gonna forgive you.

Sheila: Stranger things have happened. And then, I mean, he could convince steffy and the rest of the forrester’S. Years ago, I– I shot taylor and we became friends.

Deacon: Friends? How much longer do you think you can keep this up? Hiding out here wearing that stupid mask? Sheila, listen to me. You are going to get caught. There’s no way out of this, not if you stay in la.

Sheila: There’s always a way. People underestimated me in the past, but I’m still here. I survived. So, don’t count me out, deacon. That would be a big mistake.

Taylor: Ridge, I– I– I– I should have told you. Of course, I should have. But upstairs, I was– I was five minutes away from– from walking down the aisle to marry the love of my life. And steffy was urging me to just tell you the truth. And thomas was reminding me that what he did to brooke and us getting married were completely unrelated. And I– I agreed with both of them. Ridge, you came to aspen and you told me you wanted to be with me for the rest of your life. And it had nothing to do with anything that brooke had done. So, I wanted to believe that this– this news about brooke would not stop us from getting married, but does it? Is what thomas did going to end everything?

Ridge: You’re a psychiatrist, right? You know that our son needs some serious help. What he did was sick and twisted.

Thomas: I did what I did so you two could have a future together without brooke clawing her way back in.

Ridge: You are a self-centered, delusional child who has lost all grasp on reality. You’ve done this before. You’re not gonna do it again, not to the people I love. There are consequences. And I’m gonna talk to dad about your place in the company, if there is one.

Thomas: You’re kicking me out of the company now? What’s– family next?

Ridge: I gave you life, I gave you love, I gave you support and you took it all. Is there anything else you could possibly take from me? I was so proud of you. It makes me sick to look at you.

Taylor: I– I knew that we would deal with this. I knew that we would deal with this as a family. And from my perspective, it was going to be as husband and wife. My god, ridge. I love you so much.

Ridge: I love you too. I’m gonna set this straight.

Steffy: Mom, I’m sorry. I’m sholeh and I lost 75 pounds with golo.

Brooke: Yeah, well, I’m sure the ceremony’s over by now.

Hope: This is so wrong.

Brooke: Ridge and I have always been able to get through anything. This just feels a little bit different. I think because he hasn’t told me why. So it just, you know, it’s, like, crushing pain. Oh, honey, I’m sorry. You should go down, be with liam and beth. I’m sure they’re wondering where you are.

Hope: No. Mom, I wanna be here for you.

Brooke: I just– just wanna be alone. Just think back to the wonderful memories that I have of ridge.

Hope: Won’t that hurt?

Ridge: It’s all that I have left of him. The only pieces that are still mine.

Steffy: I’m so sorry, mom, but dad needed to know the truth.

Taylor: Of course.

Thomas: After everything brooke has done, how could you?

Steffy: Because it was wrong, thomas. How can you not see that?

Taylor: Stop fighting, please.

Steffy: Mom, I’m so sorry.

Taylor: Today was supposed to be our wedding day.

Thomas: You would be married right now if steffy had just kept her mouth shut.

Taylor: He’s gonna set it straight.

Ooh, my life changed

in just one


glancing, glancing at you

from across

Brooke: Ridge!

A crowded room

eventually, everyone dances

each our own separate way

eventually, everyone dances

mmm mmm

not an easy thing to say

life and love

have circumstances

everyone dances

[ Knocking on door ] Ridge. What are you doing here?

Ridge: May I come in? Please.

Brooke: Why are you here? It’s your wedding day.

Ridge: Yeah. I learned something today that I– I– I think you need to know. Um, I should have had more faith in you.

Brooke: What are you talking about?

Ridge: Do you remember when child services came to my dad’s house to check on douglas?

Brooke: Yes.

Ridge: And I asked you if you made the call and you said no and I didn’t believe you.

Brooke: Ridge, I said that I would call child protective services on thomas if I had to, but I certainly wouldn’t alert the authorities without checking with you first.

Ridge: And I wanted to believe that, but I was certain it was you.

Brooke: How could you even think–

Ridge: Because I heard your voice. I– I heard what I– what I thought was your voice. I got– I know this guy who works with child services and I asked him to give me a copy of the call and he did and I listened to it. And it was you. You even said your name.

Brooke: It wasn’t me. I didn’t make that call.

Ridge: I know it wasn’t you. I know that now. It was thomas. He called the authorities on himself.

Brooke: Why would he do something like that?

Ridge: To set you up. To break us up. To– to make sure I don’t fight for my marriage anymore. He used this– this app on his kid’s phone that– that can change your voice, can clone your voice. And that is my wonderful boy, my resourceful boy. That’s what he did. And you always told me that he was trouble, he needed help and I– I didn’t believe that, but I did in turn believe that you would do something that I knew in my heart of hearts you would never do. And I’m sorry. I– I am more sorry than I can say. Ever wonder why kit kats are so delightfully crispy? cbs. Cbs. (Dog barking) we love our pets. prescription drug benefits. With no copays or deductibles on tier 1 prescriptions. You get all this coverage for as low as a zero-dollar monthly plan premium in many areas. Humana has a large network of doctors and hospitals. So call or go online today and get your free decision guide. Discover how an all-in-one humana medicare advantage plan could save you money. Humana, a more human way to healthcare. Are you tired of clean clothes that just don’t smell clean?

[ Brooke sighing ]

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Days Update Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

EJ claims to have no idea what Johnny is talking about in regards to what he did to Stefan. Johnny tells him that they found Dr. Rolf in Jakarta. EJ questions what Rolf is doing there. Johnny argues that he knows exactly what he’s doing there since he’s in a secret DiMera funded lab and he told them all about what EJ and Li had him do.

Wendy tells Li that there is no sense in lying because Dr. Rolf told them about how Li had him brainwash Stefan. Li calls that ridiculous and impossible, asking why he would do something like that. Wendy explains that Dr. Rolf had Stefan forget all about his feelings for Gabi so that Gabi could love Li instead.

Stefan and Chloe eat together in the town square. Stefan comments that he can’t get over how beautiful she is and how lucky he is that she’s in his life. Chloe thanks him and says that’s really sweet, noting that she’s really lucky too that he’s in her life. Gabi then interrupts and says she needs to know if they are planning on coming to her wedding.

Brady knows Nicole is feeling insecure about Eric. Nicole asks if that’s so strange since he’s going to have a baby with another woman. Brady knows it’s not the easiest situation but they belong together. Nicole knows Eric has always wanted a child of his own and now someone else is going to make his dream come true.

Eric questions Jada saying there is no baby. Jada reveals that she is not pregnant anymore.

Li calls Dr. Rolf a liar and a sociopath as he questions Wendy trusting his word over her own brother. Wendy asks what possible reason Dr. Rolf would have to implicate himself if it wasn’t true. Li suggests that Dr. Rolf resents the prominent role he now plays in the family business. Wendy says that Dr. Rolf admitted that Li is the one who told him to brainwash Stefan and that Johnny recorded it. Li asks where that recording is now. Wendy admits that Dr. Rolf erased it and then tried to do the same to their memories. Wendy asks why he would do that if he was lying. Li questions what that maniac did to her and if he hurt her. Wendy questions his concern and complains that Dr. Rolf had them strapped to a table and prepared to inject them with an experimental drug like they were lab rats. Wendy asks if Li knew he was going to do that.

Johnny tells EJ that Dr. Rolf tried to erase he and Wendy’s brains right after he confessed that EJ and Li had him mess with Stefan’s brain to make him forget his feelings for Gabi. EJ argues that he had nothing to do with that and questions why he would give a damn. Johnny shouts that EJ only cares about control and he knew if he could turn Stefan against Gabi, then he could take the company back.

Stefan confirms to Gabi that they will attend her wedding and reminds her that they already told her. Gabi points out that they didn’t RSVP and that New Year’s Eve is right around the corner, so she needs a precise head count. Chloe comments that they don’t have the RSVP card on them. Gabi reveals that she has another one and gives it to Chloe.

Brady repeats to Nicole that Eric is committed to being a father but also very much to her. Nicole talks about hearing Eric talk about the baby on Thanksgiving and he was practically glowing about being a father. Brady asks why he wouldn’t be. Brady acknowledges that it’s not an ideal situation and understands that Nicole is having big feelings here. Brady encourages that they have got this and have been through too much. Brady points out that Eric was on the other side of the world for years but they still found their way back to each other, so he assures that they can get through this.

Eric questions if Jada had a miscarriage and says he’s so sorry and wishes she would have called him. Jada then reveals that she did not have a miscarriage and that she made the decision to terminate her pregnancy. Eric is shocked and asks what she is saying. Jada announces that she had an abortion.

Brady tells Nicole to trust in what she and Eric have together, because when she doesn’t do that is when she gets in to trouble. Nicole asks what he’s saying. Brady advises her not to do anything she’s going to regret. Nicole says she hears him but argues that this isn’t just about Jada having Eric’s baby. Nicole comments that Jada was really in to him so she worries about Jada trying to use the baby to rekindle their relationship. Brady says Jada doesn’t seem like that kind of person at all. Brady tells Nicole that sharing a child with someone doesn’t mean you belong with them. Brady points out Eric not being Holly’s biological father. Nicole comments that Daniel isn’t here to complicate things for her and Eric while Jada is.

Eric doesn’t understand since Jada told him that she wanted to have the baby. Jada responds that she changed her mind. Eric questions her not telling him. Jada reminds him that it’s her body, her choice and he said so himself. Eric thought they had a plan and he told her how excited he was to be a father to their child. Eric thought Jada was excited about it too and questions why she wouldn’t at least talk to him about it. Jada says she was afraid Eric would try to talk her out of her decision.

Stefan starts to sign the RSVP but Chloe stops him and says they haven’t had a chance to talk about attending her wedding. Gabi questions if Stefan wants to go and Chloe doesn’t. Gabi says she needs to know. Stefan assures that they will attend the wedding and that he will talk Chloe in to going because he knows they will have a wonderful time. Stefan remarks that he loves a good trainwreck and he can’t wait to watch Li Shin make the biggest mistake of his life.

Li questions Wendy thinking he instructed Dr. Rolf to strap her to a table to wipe her memory. Wendy responds that she doesn’t know what to believe. Li says the thought makes him sick which Wendy questions since this is what Dr. Rolf does since he already made Stefan forget about his love for Gabi. Li claims this is the first he’s hearing of this and promises to deal with Dr. Rolf next time he sees him. Li says he will make some calls. Wendy reminds Li of when they were kids and Li took their father’s bentley for a joy ride. Wendy recalls Li denying it when their father confronted him about it, but she forced him to confess because she wasn’t going to give up until he told her why he took the car and he admitted it was to impress some girl. Wendy remarks that even then, Li was a romantic and he would do anything to get the girl. Wendy says maybe things haven’t changed. Wendy declares that she could always tell when Li was lying to her back then. Li then gives in and admits he was the one who asked Dr. Rolf to brainwash Stefan DiMera.

EJ questions Johnny if Dr. Rolf told him that he ordered him to brainwash Stefan. Johnny admits that Dr. Rolf told him it was Li, but he knows it was both of them. EJ questions how he knows that. Johnny responds that Wendy overheard Li talking to Kristen. EJ mocks that as a reliable source. Johnny argues that he knows EJ is just like Stefano and doesn’t leave anything to chance. Johnny adds that EJ didn’t look surprised when he told him the news about Li. Johnny tells EJ to just drop the act and be real. EJ then admits that he’s known for some time that Dr. Rolf conditioned Stefan to erase his connection to Gabi. EJ says he didn’t make it happen, but he did take full advantage of it and used it to solidify Stefan’s connection to him and the family, so Johnny should be glad that he did. EJ clarifies that he had nothing to do with Dr. Rolf’s brainwashing scheme as that was all Li and Kristen. Johnny questions EJ only learning about it after the fact. EJ says that is true and he’s sure Johnny’s new friend Wendy could cast more light on Li’s motivations than he can. Johnny questions why Kristen would even want to do this. EJ is sure that’s not hard to figure out, asking what Kristen cares about most in the world. Johnny acknowledges that as Brady. EJ explains that Kristen was very interested in using Stefan to get Chloe out of Brady’s life.

Li tells Wendy that Dr. Rolf swore to him that she and Johnny would not be hurt. Wendy questions if Li is admitting that Dr. Rolf was working for him. Li explains that he discovered by accident that Dr. Rolf had saved Stefan’s life and was keeping him in a secret facility. Li admits that he requested Dr. Rolf help him. Wendy says there’s finally some honesty. Li doesn’t understand why this is so important to her. Wendy recalls when she first got to Salem, she overheard Li talking about keeping Gabi and Stefan apart. Wendy adds that when she compared notes with Johnny, it seemed like EJ was also involved. Li questions why it mattered. Wendy admits she thought she could use it as leverage to make Li give her the promotion. Li argues that he already gave her the job and questions her still wanting to hurt him. Wendy says it was just the opposite as she loves him and was worried about him which he questions. Wendy was afraid this crazy scheme could all blow up in his face as she’s seen how hard he’s fallen for Gabi and worries about it not being real. Li insists that it is real, he loves Gabi and she loves him and only him.

Gabi questions if Stefan is planning on coming to her wedding to cause trouble. Stefan assures that he won’t cause the trouble but he will enjoy observing it. Stefan says everybody knows this wedding is about Gabi holding on to power at DiMera. Gabi insists that she’s marrying Li for the right reasons because they love each other. Stefan guesses they will find out on New Year’s Eve. Gabi says they will. Gabi hopes Chloe’s not too uncomfortable as she assumes Chloe was reluctant to accept the invitation because of Brady. Chloe questions what Brady has to do with any of this. Gabi points out that Chloe will be seeing Brady at the wedding, so she hopes she will be okay with that.

Brady tells Nicole that he shares a child with Kristen and there’s no way in Hell they are getting back together. Nicole argues that they kind of already did since he claims to love Chloe, but broke up with her and moved Kristen in. Brady argues that he was just doing what’s right for his kid. Nicole goes over Brady ending his relationship to be with Rachel’s mother and questions why she shouldn’t believe that Eric wouldn’t do the exact same thing.

Eric tells Jada that he would never pressure her to do something she didn’t want to do. Jada questions if he would’ve just listened without judging which Eric says he would have. Jada says that’s easy to say now. Eric knows things ended badly between them and that it was his fault. Jada questions if he’s going to ask if she did this to punish him. Eric just wants to understand. Jada says it wasn’t an easy choice but it was the right one and it had nothing to do with Eric. Eric brings up Thanksgiving and how Jada made her decision very clear, so he questions what changed her mind. Jada claims she thought it was what she wanted, but that was before she had time to process what it would really be like being a single mom and a cop as it would’ve been too much. Eric argues that she wouldn’t have been alone as they would’ve done this together. Jada is sure he believed that and she did too, but then she spoke to Nicole which Eric questions. Jada talks about Nicole knowing how it is to raise a child alone, so she helped her realize the struggle since half the time she would be alone and she couldn’t take the pain of bearing a child, whose father doesn’t love her and being tied to him for the rest of her life. Eric questions when she and Nicole had this conversation about the baby. Jada informs him that Nicole came in the other night and that she saw them together on Thanksgiving. Eric questions what exactly Nicole said. Jada says she said a lot of things and asked questions like why she would want to have a baby that would connect her to Eric forever. Eric questions what else she said. Jada says Nicole talked about being a single mom and painted a very clear picture of what that would look like and then she finished by reminding her that if she had this child, then Nicole would be a part of her life forever. Eric questions Nicole saying all that. Jada admits she didn’t think about how hard it would be as there are so many women with unwanted pregnancies that don’t have a choice, but she did. Eric points out that just the other day, the pregnancy wasn’t unwanted but her conversation with Nicole changed that. Jada doesn’t know if that was Nicole’s intent, but confirms that her visit definitely helped her decide to not have the baby.

Brady assures Nicole that his relationship with Kristen is nothing like Eric’s with Jada, reminding her that Eric ended that relationship to be with her. Nicole points out that she ended her marriage to be with him but that was before finding out about the baby. Brady assures that Eric will figure a way to work around the baby and there’s no reason the baby should come between them.

Chloe asks Gabi why Brady is coming to her wedding. Gabi says Li invited him and she assumes he’s going to bring Kristen. Gabi asks them to send their RSVP as soon as they can and rushes off.

Li tells Wendy that he didn’t set out to do any of this and when he discovered that Dr. Rolf was keeping Stefan’s body on ice, he began monitoring the situation if he could use it to his or the company’s advantage. Wendy asks how. Li explains that everyone thought of him as still just Mr. Shin’s son, so he thought if he could retrieve one of Stefano’s sons, it would help quicken his ascent of the corporate ladder but then he fell in love with Gabi. Li says he tried to stop his attraction because he knew Stefan and Gabi were married, but his feelings reached the point of no return and he realized that bringing back Stefan would cause him to lose Gabi which he was not willing to do.

Johnny questions EJ finding out about what Dr. Rolf was doing and keeping quiet. EJ responds that he didn’t get involved because it was none of his business. Johnny argues that Stefan is his brother and asks what if someone did that to EJ after his accident and erased his feelings for Sami. EJ jokes that he would sincerely thank that person for doing him a favor. Johnny doesn’t believe that. EJ tells him to believe what he wants. EJ says he’s eternally grateful that he and Sami produced Johnny and Sydney, but other than that, loving Sami has caused him nothing but humiliation and heartbreak. Johnny questions EJ thinking he was just doing Stefan a favor and that taking the company back was just a bonus. EJ mocks Johnny looking down on him as if he cares about Stefan’s feelings or the ethics of what Dr. Rolf did to him. Johnny asks what he’s saying. EJ responds that this isn’t about Johnny defending someone’s right to love who they want or about love at all. EJ declares that this is about resentment, revenge, and payback because Johnny swore to make him pay for the way he hurt Ava Vitali and now he has his chance.

Jada notes that obviously Nicole didn’t tell Eric that she came here. Eric doesn’t want to talk about Nicole and says he wants to be here for Jada. Eric asks how she’s feeling and if he can get her anything. Jada says she just needs to rest. Eric says to just let him know if she needs anything and offers to take her to the doctor for a follow up. Jada says it’s fine and that Eric handled this as well as she could imagine. Jada is sure if she made a different decision, she knows he would’ve done the right thing and been a good father, but he’s off the hook now. Jada declares that they are broken up and she’s not having his child, so there’s no reason for them to be in each others’ lives. Jada calls that her polite way of telling him to leave her alone, warning that next time she can’t promise to be so nice. Eric then gets up and exits the Pub.

Nicole doesn’t see how Jada having the baby won’t come between her and Eric. Brady insists that it doesn’t have to. Brady points out that Nicole brought Eric in to Holly’s life and Holly adores him. Nicole says that’s because Holly doesn’t have a father while this baby will have a mother. Brady praises Nicole as a stepmom. Brady urges her to go in to this positively for everyone’s sake and not to do anything to screw this up.

Chloe comments that Stefan seems a bit determined to go to Gabi’s wedding. Stefan guesses she is hating the wedding and asks if she’s worried about being around Brady. Chloe admits that she doesn’t love the idea of being around Brady on New Year’s Eve, especially if he’s with Kristen. Chloe mentions taking the promotion to put some distance between her and Brady. Stefan understands and says if going to the wedding will make her uncomfortable, they can forget about it. Chloe calls him the best. Stefan apologizes for putting any pressure on her and says that’s just not worth it. Stefan remembers a place she did want to go with him and that’s Miami. Chloe asks if he still wants to go away together. Stefan suggests they forget about that sham of a wedding and ring in the New Year together on the beach. Chloe agrees that it sounds perfect. Stefan then signs the RSVP that he and Chloe will not attend the wedding. Chloe calls that an excellent choice and says she will get it in the mail ASAP. Stefan declares that they will ring in the New Year by starting fresh and putting Gabi and Brady behind them for good.

Wendy gets that Li wants to hold on to Gabi but he has to know this isn’t fair to her. Li argues that Gabi loves him. Wendy doesn’t doubt that, but she’s seen Gabi with Stefan and it’s still painful to have him hate her like that. Li argues that Gabi is over Stefan and is with him now. Wendy asks how Gabi would feel if she found out that she was about to marry the man who made her ex stop loving her. Li insists that he knows all about Gabi and Stefan’s history and they weren’t a perfect romance as they were bitter adversaries at first. Wendy points out that they fell in love after. Li says Stefan has now moved on with Chloe Lane and brings up that he was with her before Gabi. Wendy accuses him of trying to justify this. Li doesn’t care if she thinks what he did was wrong, he only cares about what she’s going to do now that she knows. Li warns that if she tells anyone, he will lose his job, lose Gabi, and he could go to prison. Li knows he doesn’t have the right to ask but she’s left him no choice. Li then begs Wendy to please keep quiet about this and convince Johnny to do the same.

Johnny admits that he was angry for how EJ treated Ava and that’s why he started investigating, because he wanted to teach him a lesson. EJ brings up the way Ava treated Susan and asks if Johnny still feels the same way, that he would hurt his own father for her. Johnny admits he doesn’t because what Ava did was horrible and unforgivable. EJ says he told him that Ava was a menace and now she’s cost him his mother. Johnny says he’s sorry if him taking Ava’s side against him contributed in any way to losing Susan. EJ says he doesn’t blame him. Johnny feels like if he would’ve done things differently, Susan might still be alive. Johnny repeats that he really is sorry. EJ says it’s okay as they both did things they wish they could take back. EJ adds that one thing he does know is that Susan would want them to put all of this behind them and be a family again. Johnny says he wants that too but argues that Stefan has a right to know what was done to him.

Li reminds Wendy of what it was like growing up in their house and the pressure their father put on him. Li says he finally has everything he could ever want; a position of respect and the woman of his dreams, but his life is now in Wendy’s hands. Li pleads with Wendy not to tell Gabi about this. Gabi then walks in and questions telling her about what.

EJ argues that Johnny can’t tell Stefan about what was done to him. Johnny argues that Stefan has a right to know. EJ pleads with him not to, warning that he could lose DiMera Enterprises and could also go back to prison for his complicity. EJ points out that he just lost his mother and asks Johnny not to take anything else away from him. Stefan then walks in to the room.

Wendy tells Gabi that they were just talking about Li’s first love. Gabi questions why she can’t know about that. Li says he didn’t want her to be jealous, even though she’d have no reason to be. Gabi asks if he’s sure about that since he had a pretty guilty look on his face when she walked in. Li claims she misread his look and that he’s just happy to see her as he hugs her. Wendy assures that Gabi doesn’t have to worry about Li’s feelings for her as she can confirm that he would do anything to keep her heart. Gabi says that’s good to know and brings up things being pretty heated before she left and asks if everything is okay between them. Wendy says Li was a little upset with her. Li declares that they have come to an understanding and he gets why she took the jet, so they are ready to put this whole episode behind them.

Stefan questions what’s going on. Johnny tells him that EJ just told him about Susan and he can’t believe it. Stefan says he’s very sorry about his loss, but he thought he heard a tense conversation that sounded like Johnny was blaming EJ for Susan’s death as if what happened was his fault, but he only caught the end of it. EJ brings up how guilty he felt. Stefan argues that EJ doesn’t need to feel guilty as it’s abundantly clear that Ava was out of control, so it was her fault. Stefan asks Johnny not to blame EJ because he needs him right now. Johnny agrees that he’s been too hard on EJ and says what’s done is done while he knows that EJ only wants what is best for the family.

Nicole admits that she went to a dark place for a minute, but she trusts Eric. Nicole declares that she, Holly, Eric, and the baby on the way will be a family and they will make it work. Eric then bursts in and states that he needs to speak with Nicole alone.

Johnny and Wendy go to Allie’s apartment. Johnny tells her that this is not how he saw any of this going since they got what they wanted as Li and EJ admitted their complicity in the brainwashing of Stefan. They acknowledge that if they don’t keep quiet about it, Li and EJ will both lose everything. Johnny brings up that EJ already lost his mother as he informs Wendy that Susan died in the most awful way. Wendy tells him that she’s so sorry. Johnny calls Susan such a sweet and caring person and he can’t imagine what her last moments must have been like. Wendy calls it so sad. Wendy asks if they both agree that they have to keep EJ and Li’s secrets. Johnny agrees that Gabi and Stefan can’t know, though they both admit they do not feel okay with that.

Gabi and Li kiss. Li tells her that the past doesn’t matter and all that matters is them now. Gabi feels the same as they continue kissing.

Stefan tells EJ that he’s so sorry for what he’s going through. EJ doesn’t know how to deal with all his anger. Stefan understands he’s angry about losing his mother in a horrific and senseless way. Stefan knows he mentioned it before, but he’s here for him for whatever he needs. EJ thanks him and says he appreciates that. Stefan adds that if somebody he loved deeply was taken from him, he knows EJ would do the same…

Chloe runs in to Brady in the town square. Brady notices she has Li and Gabi’s RSVP card. Chloe informs him that she and Stefan will not be attending as they are going away for the weekend. Chloe remarks that there will be more room on the dance floor for Brady and Kristen, assuming she is his plus one. Chloe apologizes for saying anything and asks if Nicole is at Basic Black as she needs to run something by her. Brady suggests she wait a bit since he just came from the office and Eric was there to talk to her. Chloe asks if everything is okay. Brady doesn’t know but he got the sense that Eric was definitely upset about something.

Jada goes to her room and sits on the bed as she holds back tears.

Eric slams the door shut as Nicole questions what is going on. Eric asks how could she and what she said to Jada. Eric demands the truth as he questions if Nicole encouraged Jada to have an abortion.

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GH Update Tuesday, November 29, 2022

General Hospital Updates

GH logo

Update written by Shane

Carly arrived at the Quartermaine mansion and Drew told her that she looked absolutely beautiful.  She responded by saying that Drew looked pretty handsome himself.  Before they could continue the conversation, Willow and Michael arrived and Carly and Drew greeted both of them. Michael and Willow were pleased when they learned that Carly intended to help Drew with the search for Willow’s birth parents.

Olivia would not hear of any talk about the Quartermaine’s jaded Thanksgiving past and was determined that this year the Quartermaine family would have a turkey for Thanksgiving.  She informed Ned and Michael that she had ordered it herself from a farm with a French name, in Port Charles. But Olivia clearly doesn’t know French that well or she would have figured out that they were sending her a real, live turkey.  When it arrived, both Michael and Ned made fun of Olivia for not realizing that she was being sent a live turkey.  Michael suggested that they prepare the bird themselves when Olivia’s plan to bribe the Quartermaine chef to prepare the bird, failed miserably.  Ned said that preparing the turkey had been part of Thanksgiving since the dawn of the holiday.  Michael agreed and said that he would grab Drew and Chase to assist.

Leo was thrilled to see the turkey but did not like the idea of Ned and Michael prepping it and cooking it, so he set it free inside the house and then proceeded to run room to room screaming for everyone to get out of the house because there was a turkey on the loose.

Sonny hosted his own Thanksgiving dinner but found time for romance beforehand by giving Nina a pair of diamond earrings. Sam and Dante were the first guests to arrive. When they shared a private moment, Sam voiced her concerns about Cody, and Dante shrugged them off. Sam said she appreciated Dante defending his friend but she was curious if Cody was up to something concerning the Ice Princess.  Dante said that the necklace might actually be Cody’s property and he said that having come from nothing, it was perfectly natural for Cody to defend his interests in the necklace.

The conversation between Dante and Sam was brought to a screeching halt when they heard Gladys tear into Alexis from the other room for publishing the fact that Esme might be the prime suspect in the Hook killings. She felt she should have been the first to know, seeing how Brando was one of the killer’s victims. Nina was confused and asked Gladys if she had not been informed that Esme was a suspect. Gladys responded by saying she had not. Dante told them all that this was because the PCPD did not have a prime suspect because the investigation was ongoing and it was important that the press not release information prematurely.  Alexis glared at them all, knowing that she had already authorized the story to be printed.  Sonny asked everyone to remain calm and reminded them that Thanksgiving was about family.  Gladys reminded Sonny that Brando was her family.  Her only family.  Alexis then apologized for releasing the information.  She said that she thought that Gladys would be pleased with her decision because she was turning up the heat on the investigation at a time when it appeared to have run cold.  Gladys, however, was having no part of Alexis’ apology and retreated from the room.

Laura, Robert, Mac and Jordan gathered to track down Holly. They finally got a lead on her. But before they began discussions, Laura dispatched the duplicitous Deputy Mayor Ashby elsewhere, before she could overhear the details of the search.

Meanwhile, Holly modeled the Ice Princess necklace while hiding out in an abandoned cabin in the woods. She made herself a fire to keep warm without noticing that gas had been leaked onto the floor. When the authorities arrived, Robert begged her to give up and come out of the cabin. Holly asked if Laura was all right and told Robert to apologize to her for her actions.

Back at the PCPD, Felicia had brought everyone Thanksgiving dinner because she knew that they would be working. Felicia asked Laura how she was doing with everything that had happened in the last twenty-four hours.  Laura replied that she was fine.  Felicia said that she couldn’t believe that Holly would steal Laura’s car and leave her on the side of the road all for a necklace.  Laura told Felicia she believed the matter was far more complicated than just “a necklace.” Felicia said that she agreed, but that she still could not believe the events that had transpired.

The Q’s looked on in horror from the back windows of the mansion’s kitchen as the turkey tore the room apart. Brook Lynn congratulated Olivia on her valiant effort to create a perfect Thanksgiving for the family. She then named all the wonderful women who had tried and failed in the past to set the Quartermaine Thanksgiving curse right (including her grandmother, Lila Quartermaine). But, she said that at some point you have to accept tradition, as it is. Olivia agreed, but was out of ideas for what they would all eat.  The entire group said in unison, “Luigi’s.”  The pizza arrived, the Quartermaine’s sang, and once again, all appeared right with the world. 

Sasha stared out of the windows of Sonny’s penthouse, while she recalled the events of her wedding to Brando. Sonny came in and asked how she was doing. They spoke briefly and Sonny told her she was always welcome at his house.  Sasha thanked him and he then asked her if Gladys was still exercising her responsibilities as guardian with a “hands-on” attitude.  Sasha said that she believed that she and Gladys finally understood each other.  

Gladys, on the other hand, said that she had to make a call and excused herself.  She called the Savoy, told them she was having a bad day and needed some fun.  She then booked herself a seat at Selina Wu’s next poker game. 

Back at the cabin, Jordan instructed Mac to move in with armed police units as Robert begged her to give Holly more time to do the right thing.  Jordan said that Holly had already had enough time; but before she could finish her statement there was a large explosion in the cabin which nearly knocked everyone to the ground.  Shortly after, a woman, who appeared to be Holly burst through the front door, completely consumed by flames.


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GH Short Recap Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Portia tries to persuade Marshall to do genetic counseling without telling him that she thinks he isn’t Chris’s father. Dr Obrecht offers Cody money to stay away from Britt, but he turns down her offer of money.. Britt decides to throw herself a birthday bash before her illness gets worse.

Nicolas isn’t happy that Ava is going to persuade Ryan to tell her Esme’s whereabouts.

Chase is very angry that Brook Lynn didn’t tell him that Dante had asked her to write a letter to the Civilian Review board to help him get back his job. Chase is angry that Brook Lynn took away his choice to be a cop or a singer. Chase tells Brook Lynn that their relationship has come to an end.

Holly didn’t get burned in the fire…it was all part of a plan devised by Felicia, Holly and Robert to make Victor think Holly is in a coma due to her severe burns and is in a hospital in Canada. Holly leaves town with a fake ID to rescue Ethan. A few days before the plan was going to happen, Holly gave Selena Wu a diamond from the necklace in exchange for her promise to drug Victor with a drug that won’t kill him but will make him feel miserable. Holly gives Robert the necklace and a kiss goodbye before she leaves town again.

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Days Transcript Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Days of Our Lives Transcript

Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne


What I did to Uncle s Stephan, I have no idea what Wendy and I went to Jakarta. We found Dr. Rolf. What is Ralph doing in Jakarta? You know exactly what he’s doing there. He’s in a secret der funded lad that you shipped him off to, and he told us all about what you and Lee Adam do.

There’s no sense in life Before he tried to wipe our memories. Ralph told Johnny and me how you had him brainwash Stephan. That’s ridiculous. Which part? Okay. Let’s forget for the moment that what you’re talking about is impossible. Why would I do something like that? Because Ralph made Stephan forget all about his love for Gabby, so Gabby could love you instead.

Why are you looking at me like that? Sorry. I guess I am staring. I just

can’t get over how beautiful you are and how lucky I am that you’re in my life. Thank you. That’s, that’s really sweet. And I’m really lucky too that you’re in my life.

Sorry to interrupt then, don’t. Chloe and I are trying to enjoy a nice breakfast. Oh, this is only gonna take a minute. I need to know if you’re planning on coming to my wedding.

I know you’re feeling a little insecure right now about Eric. Is that so strange? He’s gonna have a baby with another woman, Brady, which was not intended. Look, I know it’s not the easiest situation. Okay? But the bottom line is you two belong to.

What? Oh, have you suddenly changed your mind about that as well? No, no, no. Of course not. It, I, I believe that actually I, I know that Eric has always wanted a child of his own. Now someone else is gonna make his dream come true.

What do you mean? There’s no baby? I mean that I’m not pregnant anymore.

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives

helm. Rolf is a liar and a sociopath, yet you trust his word over your own. What possible reason would he have to implicate himself if it wasn’t true? Perhaps the good doctor presents the prominent role I now play in the DER family business. Or perhaps that prominent role, but you in a position to harness his twisted.

Admitted that you were the one who told him to brainwash stuff and Johnny taped the confession. And where’s that recording now? Ralph arrested and then he tried to do the same thing with our memories. Why would he do that if he was lying? What did that maniac do to you? What now you’re. Did he hurt you?

Jwe hurt me. That freak had a strap down to a table about to inject us with some experimental drug, like a couple of lab rats. Did you know he was going to do that?

So Rolf tried to reboot your memory. Yeah, mine and Wendy’s. Right after he confessed that you and Lee had a mess with your brother’s brain to make him forget all about his feelings for Gabby. I didn’t have anything to do with that. For God’s sake, Johnny, why on earth would I give a damn about that? You didn’t care about one thing.

Control. And you knew that if you could turn Stephan against Gabby, he’d vote for you and you could take the company back.

Yes, Gabby, we will be attending your wedding. I distinctly remember saying we wouldn’t dream of missing it. Right. Well, you didn’t RSVP and New Year’s Eve is just around the corner, so I need to get a precise headcount. Oh, okay. Well, we don’t exactly have the RSVP card on us. Well, I have another one right here.

I told you, Hey, I spoke to Eric. He is committed to being a father, but he’s also very much committed to you. Come on, Brady. Come on, come on. What? I heard Eric talk about the baby on Thanksgiving and, and he was, yeah. He was practically glowing about being a father. Well, yeah, he’d okay. He’s excited about being a father.

Why wouldn’t he be? I mean, it’s finally going to happen for him. He, Nick, it’s not an ideal situation and I understand you’re having some, you know, big feelings here. Big feelings. That’s all you could come up with. Look, what I’m trying to say is, you got this, you got this. You have been through too much with one another.

Think about how the challenges you, he was on the other end of the world for how many years. You still found your way back to one another, didn’t you? You can work it out and know that you can.

God, you, you had a miscarriage. I’m Jah. I’m so sorry. I I wish you would’ve called me. I didn’t have a miscarriage. I, I made the decision to terminate my pregnancy. I.

What? What are you saying?

I had an abortion.

Do you trust Eric? Of course I do. Okay, good. Then trust in what you have. Because historically, Nicole, uh, when you don’t do that, that’s when you get into trouble.

What are you saying, Brady? I’m saying don’t do anything that you will regret. Nicole, I hear you. Okay, but this isn’t just about giving Jada and Eric Space or whatever. I mean, she was really into him. What if she uses this baby to try and rekindle their relationship? Mm-hmm. Uh, she doesn’t seem like that kind of a person at all.

The kind of person who wants to be with the father of her child, Nicole. Just because you share a child with someone doesn’t mean you belong with them. Okay. Look, you have Holly. Eric is not the biological father. Right. But Daniel isn’t here to complicate things between Eric and me. Jada is

Jada. I don’t understand. You told me you wanted to have the baby. I changed my mind without telling me it’s my body, my choice. You said so yourself? Yes. Yes, I did. But I mean, I thought we had a plan. I told you how excited I was to be a father to our child. I thought you were excited about that too. Why wouldn’t you just at least talk to me about it?

I know how much you wanted to have this baby, which is why I was afraid. I was afraid that if I told you about my decision, that you would try to talk me out of it.

Uh, Stephen, wait. Wait for what? Well, I know that, um, Stephan said that. You know, he wouldn’t dream of not going to your wedding, but we haven’t had a chance to talk about it yet. What’s there to talk about? Unless you guys aren’t in sync about this. Is that what it is? He wants to go, but you don’t. No, I didn’t say that.

No. Well, what are you saying? Because I need to know the verdict. I, I need to know. Okay, Gabby, the verdict is we will attend your wedding. Chloe is feeling a bit ambivalent at the moment, but. I will talk her into it because I know that we won’t have a wonderful time. So that’s a yes. Oh yeah. You know me, Gabby.

I love a good train wreck. I can’t wait to watch Lee Shin make the biggest mistake of his life. You actually think I instructed Dr. Rolf to strap you to a table and wipe your memory? I don’t know what to believe. The thought makes me. Doesn’t, because apparently this is the kind of thing he does considering he already made Steph and forget about his love for Gabby.

Well, this is the first I’m hearing of all this, and I promise you if I ever see Dr. Rolf again, I’ll deal with him. Actually, let me make some calls. Lee,

do you remember when. And we took father’s Bentley out for a toy ride. What about it? When father saw the scratch on the door the next day, he suspected what you had done. But when he confronted you about it, you looked him right in the eye and denied it. Didn’t it even blink? No. No. Of course, when I got you alone, I forced you to confess.

I. It seems to remember you kept poking me with a sharp stick. No, I wasn’t going to give up until you told me why you took the car , and then finally you admitted it was to impress some girl. Your point, even then you were romantic. You do anything to get the girl?

Maybe things haven’t changed.

I always tell when you were lying to me back then. Do I need to bring out the sharp stick?

You’re right. I was the one who asked Ralph to brainwash that in the mirror. Rolf told you I was party to this, that I ordered him to brainwash. He told me it was Lee, but I know that it was both of you. And how would you know that? Because Wendy overheard her brother talking to Aunt Kristen . Oh, now Vaz a reliable sauce.

Look, dad. I know you okay. You’re just like, no, no, you don’t leave anything up to chance. And when I just told you about Rolf, it’s pretty obvious you weren’t surprised about the news. So just come on after everything we’ve been through the last couple days. Can you just drop the act? Just be real for a second.

Okay. Yes. I’ve known for some time that Ralph conditioned your uncle to erase his connection to Gabby. I didn’t make that happen, but I did take full advantage of it. I used it to solidify Stefan’s connection to me and the family, and you should be glad I did it.

Now to be clear, I had nothing to do with Wolf’s brainwashing scheme. That was all Lee and Kristen. So you’re telling me you only learned about this after the fact? That’s right. And by then, and it was already a Fatto Ri Lee had his own personal reasons. I’m sure your new friend Wendy. Could cast more light on his motivations than I can.

Why would aren’t Kristin even want to do this? I’m sure that’s not that hard to figure out. What does she care about most in this world?

Brady. Brady, right. She was very interested in using Stephan to get Chloe Lane out of his life. Rolf swore to me that neither you nor Johnny would be hurt, so you admit that he was working for you. I discovered by accident that Rolf had saved Stephan’s life, that he was keeping him in a secret facility, and yes, I made a request.

I asked him to help me. Finally, some honesty, I don’t understand why this is so important to you. When I first got to Salem, I overheard you talking about keeping Gabby and Stephan apart, and then when I compared notes with Johnny Damara, it seemed like his father was also involved. Why did it matter? Well, honestly, I thought I could.

Use it as leverage to get you to gimme that promotion. I already gave you the job and I appreciate that. If you still wanted to hurt me, no, just the opposite. I love you. Okay. I was worried about you. Worried about me, how I was afraid this crazy scheme can blow up in your face. I mean, I’ve seen how hard you’ve fallen for Gabby, but if this isn’t real, please it.

Real. I love her. She loves me. Only me if you’re planning on coming to my wedding to cause trouble. No, no, Gabby, I will not be causing the trouble, but I certainly will enjoy observing it. Easy. Everybody knows what this wedding is about, and that is you holding onto power at. My family company. I know you think that everything is about you, but I am marrying Lee for the right reasons.

I love him and he loves me. If you say so, guess we’ll find out New Year’s Eve. You sure As how Will and and Chloe, I hope you’re not too uncomfortable. I’m assuming you’re reluctant to accept my invitation because of Brady. What does Brady have to do with any of this? Well, you’ll be seeing him at my. I just hope you’ll be okay with that.

Hey, I shared child with Kristen. There’s no way in hell we’re getting back together. Uh, you kind of already did, huh? You, you claim to love Chloe, but if I’m not mistaken, you broke up with her and moved Kristen in. Oh, gosh. I was, I was just doing what I, I, yes. What, what is right for your. Yeah. Okay, so let me get this straight one more time.

You ended your current relationship, so you could be with Rachel’s mother. Why should I believe that Eric wouldn’t do the exact same thing? I would never put in pressure on you to do something you wouldn’t want to do. So what are you saying? If I would’ve called you, you would’ve just sat there and listened without judgment?

Yes, it’s easy to say now. I know things between us ended it badly and I know that it was my fault. Are you, are you about to ask me if I did this to punish you? No, I’m not saying that’s what I was thinking. I’m just trying to understand. This wasn’t an easy choice for me, but it was the right one. It had nothing to do with punishing you.

It had nothing to do with you, period.

Can I ask you a question, please? Thanksgiving day, you made it. You made it very clear about your decision to have the baby. I mean, what was it? What was it that changed your mind?

I thought it was what I wanted, but that was before I had time to process what it would really be. Being a single mom and a cop, it, it was just, just too much.

You weren’t gonna do this alone. We were gonna do this together. I’m you’re saying that now, and I’m sure you believe it. I believed it too, to the fact that even if we didn’t have a relationship, that this baby could still bring us joy and that we can make it.

I would, but then I, I spoke to,

You, you spoke to Nicole. She knows how it is to raise a child alone. She helped me realize that it’s gonna be a struggle. And even though I know you said you, you would share a part of that with me, but half of the time I would be alone. And another part of it, I, I just couldn’t take the pain of burying a child with whose father doesn’t love me and being tied to him for the rest of my life.

So when did you and Nicole have this conversation about the baby? She came here, the other. She came here to see you. She had walked in on Thanksgiving dinner and sauce together. Wait, she was here. Well, apparently she walked in and walked out. So when she came here to see you, what exactly did she say? She said a lot of things.

She asked me some questions like, why would I wanna have a baby that’s gonna connect me with you forever? What else did she say? She was just telling me how it was for her being a single mom, and she painted a very clear picture of what that would look like, and then she finished by reminding me that if I had this child, that she would be a part of my life forever.

She said on that? Yeah, she did. And I have to admit that I didn’t think about how hard it would be. There are so many women in this country with unwanted pregnancies that don’t have a choice, sadly, but I did.

It’s just the other day that this pregnancy wasn’t unwanted.

In your conversation with Cole changed. I don’t know if it was her intent, but her visit definitely helped me decide to not have this baby.

You need to trust me when I tell you that my situation with Kristen is nothing like Eric’s situation with Jada. Eric does not wanna be with Jada. Okay. He ended his relationship because he wants to be with you. Yeah, and I ended my marriage so that I could be with him, but that was before he found out about this baby.

Eric is gonna find a way to work this thing out with Jada. There is no reason why this child has to come between the two of you.

Why is Brady coming to your wedding? Lee invited him. Work politic. You know, and just so there aren’t any other surprises, we invited Brady with a plus one. I’m assuming he’s gonna bring Kristen. Anyway, I’m just gonna leave this RS repeat card with you guys. Can you please send it as soon as you can?

Fuck. I didn’t set out to do any of this. When I discovered that Rolf was keeping Stephan’s body on ice, I, I began to monitor the situation. I, I, I thought possibly I could use it for my advantage of the company, how

everyone still thought of me as just shin’s son. I thought if I could retrieve one of Stefano’s sons, He would help quicken my ascent up the corporate ladder. But then you fell for d i I tried to stuff my attraction down. I knew that Gabby and Stephen were married, but once my feelings passed the point of no return, he realized that bringing back Stephan would cause you to lose her.

And that was not a loss I was willing to accept. So you learned about what Rolf did, but you, you kept quiet about it because it wasn’t any of my business. None of your business. Hey Stephanie, is your brother mean? What if that happened to you? What? What if after your accident, somebody got inside your head and your heart and erased all the love you ever had from mom?

Honestly, I would sincerely thank that person. For doing me a favor, I don’t believe that believe what you want. Now. I am eternally grateful that we produced you and your little sister, but other than that, loving Samantha Brady has caused me nothing but humiliation and heartbreak. Ha ha. Oh, I see. So you were just doing your brother a favor and taking the company back from Gabby.

Just a bonus. Must be good looking down at me from that high horse. If you care about your uncle’s feelings or even the ethics of what Dr. Rolf did to him, what are you saying? I’m saying that this isn’t about you defending someone’s right to love. They want, this isn’t about love at all. This is about resentment and revenge payback.

You swore that you would make me pay for the way I heard vital,

and now you have your chance.

Obviously Nicole didn’t tell you that she came here. I don’t want to talk about Nicole.

I wanna be here for you. For me. Yeah. I wanna be here for you. I, I’m, how are you feeling? I’m fine. Can I get you anything to eat? I’m not hungry. I, I just need to rest Of course. Yeah. Oh, you just let me know if you need anything. I mean, I can take you to your doctor for a follow up if you need. Uh, Eric, it’s, it’s, What

you’ve handled this as well as I could possibly imagine, and I I, and I’m sure that if I would’ve made a different decision, I know that you would’ve done the right thing and been a good father,

but you’re off the hook now. Oh, the hook. You and I are broken. I am not having your child, so there’s no reason for us to be in each other’s lives.

I, um, listen that, that, that was my polite way of saying to leave me alone. Next time. I can’t promise it. I’ll be so nice.

I just don’t see how Jada having this baby won’t come between Eric and me. Doesn’t have to. I said, look, hey, you brought Eric into Holly’s life, right? Holly adores him right? Yes, she does. Mm-hmm. . But Holly doesn’t have a father. This baby will have a mother. Mm-hmm. . And this baby is also gonna have a very cool stepmom.

You come on, you’re gonna be a great stepmom. And at one. And what? At one point when the time is right, you’re gonna go to Jayden, say, jf, I’m really excited about this. I’m gonna be very supportive of this blended family and I’m gonna love this child that you have with Eric. Just as much as I love my. Now say Brady, I can do that,

I suppose. No, no, no, no. Don’t suppose, I suppose wrong word. Do it. Go into this positively and let Jada know that you care enough about this to make this happen. I am urging you back for everyone’s sake. Don’t do anything to screw this up.

Uh, so you seem a bit determined to go to this wedding and you are hating the idea more and more. This Brady, uh, I just, you worried about being around him? I don’t love the idea of being around him on New Year’s Eve, especially if he’s with Kristen. I mean, the reason I took that promotion from Lee was to put some distance between us, you know?

No, I understand that. So look, if going to that ridiculous wedding is going to make you feel uncomfortable, screw. Forget about the wedding, really? Oh, you’re the best. Yeah. Look, I, I am sorry that I put any pressure on you whatsoever. It was just not worth it. But I do remember a place that you did want to go with me.

And where’s that? Miami. Really? You, you still want to go away? Yes. Yes. I, let’s forget about this sham of a wedding and ringing the new year together on the beach, huh? That sounds perfect. Does, doesn’t it? It does. All right. Okay. So

Damara, Chloe Lane will not attend. Regrets to the happy couple. Sounds like an excellent choice, and I will get this to a male box asap. Sounds good. And we will bring in the new year and start fresh. Put Gabby and Brady behind us for good.

Look, I get that. You want to hold on to Gabby, but you have to know that this isn’t fair to. Gabby loves me. I don’t doubt that, but I’ve seen Gabby with Stephan. It’s still painful to have him hate her like that. She’s over him. She wouldn’t be marrying me if she wasn’t. Okay. How do you think she’d react if she knew she’s about to marry the man who made her exs?

Stop loving her. I know all about Gabby and Stephen’s. They weren’t this perfect romantic ideal when they first met. They were bitter adversaries and then they ended up falling in love. And now Stephan has moved on with Chloe Lane. From what I hear, he was infatuated with her and before he ever got involved with Gabby, you really are doing some work to justify this.

I don’t care if you think what I did was wrong, I care about what you’re going to do now that you. What you mean? Am I going to tell anyone?

If you did, I’d lose my job. I’d lose Gabby. I could go to prison. Well, I know I don’t have the right to ask you this. But you left me no other choice.

I’m asking you. No, I’m, I’m begging you Jing one as my sister. Please keep quiet about this. Convince Johnny to do the same.

Yeah, you’re right, Brett. I was angry at you for the way that you treated Ava, and that’s why I started Investigat. I wanted to teach you a lesson,

and after the way Ava treated your grandmother, God rest her soul. Do you still feel the same way that you’d hurt your own father for her? No. No. What she did was horrible, unforgivable. I told you that woman was a menace and now she’s cost me my mother. Look, dad, I’m sorry. Okay. I I If, if, if me taking Ava’s side against you contributed in any way to, to have us losing Grandma.

Susan, I’m sorry

I didn’t blame you. So

I dunno. You know, I just feel like. If I would’ve done things differently, grandma Susan might still be alive.

I really am sorry, dad. It’s okay. It’s,

we both did things that we wish we could take back, but if there is, one thing I do know is that your grandmother would want us to put all of this behind us and be a family. Yeah, I want that too. But if we’re gonna move forward, and Uncle Stephan has a right to know what was done to him.

Sing one.

You know what it was like growing up in our house, the pressure father put on me.

I finally have everything I could ever want. Position of respect

the woman of my dreams.

But my life is in your hands. You never told father about the penalty. Please don’t tell Gabby about this. Tell me about what,

no, no, no. Jonah, you can’t tell s Stephan what was done to him. He’s got a right to know Dad, please. You need to think about it, Johnny, if you tell him, not only could I lose Dira Enterprises, but I could also go back to prison for my complicity. Please. I just lost my mother. Please don’t take anything else away from me.

Uh, we were just talking about gen who my hers first Love. Oh, would what can’t I know about Lee’s first left? I didn’t want you to be jealous, even though you’d have no reason to be. You sure about that? Because when I walked in, you had a pretty guilty look on your face. Oh, you misread my look. I was just glad to see your beautiful face.

That’s what I was him. That you don’t have to worry about my brother’s feelings for you, Gabby. You see, I can confirm that he would do anything to keep your heart. Good to know. Um, anyway, before I left, things were pretty heated between the two of you. Is everything okay? Probably was a little upset with me.

The most important thing is that Jing Wen and I have come to an understanding, I get why she took the jet and we’re ready to put this whole episode behind. Right. This,

what’s going on? Uh, my dad just told me about Grandma Susan. I can’t believe it. Very sorry for your loss, Johnny. Thank you. I thought I heard a tense conversation. Tense, Johnny, it sounded like you were blaming your dad for Susan’s death almost as if what happened was his fault. Oh, is that what you heard?

Just caught the tail end of it. I already told you. I’m guilty. I felt, aj, you don’t need to feel guilty. It’s abundantly clear that Ava was outta control. This whole mess is her fault. Johnny. Don’t blame your father. He needs you right now.

You’re right, you’re right. I’ve, uh, I’ve, I’ve been too hard on him. What’s done has done, and I know that he only wants what’s best for this family.

I admit, I, um, I went to a dark place there for a minute.

I do trust Eric and yes, Polly and Eric and I, and, and this baby on the way will be a family.

We’ll make it work. Eric, ready, have you speak to Nicole alone?

This is not how I imagined any of this going. I mean, we got what we wanted, right? My father and your brother admitted their complicity in the brainwashing of Stephan by Dr. Rolf. If we don’t keep quiet about it, my brother will lose everything. Yeah, my God. Lose everything too. And he’s. Uh, he’s already lost his mom.

My grandma, she died in the most awful way. Johnny, I’m so sorry about your grandma, especially her dying that way. It’s awful, like you said. Yeah, she was just, uh, she was such a sweet, caring person and just. Yeah, to think about, uh, what our last moments must have been like. Uh, it’s just, it’s so sad.

So we both agree we have to keep their secrets. Your dads and my brothers. Gabby and s Stephan can now you feel okay with that? No, not really. Me neither.

Did that kiss, Nick, you forget about Chan who? Chan who?

Pass. Doesn’t matter. Kevin, what matters is. Here us, there’s you and only you. I feel the same. The only thing that matters is us You.

So sorry for what you’re going through, rj.

It’s, it’s all this anger. I don’t know how to deal with it. Of course, you’re angry to lose your mother in that horrific and senseless way.

I know I mentioned this before, but I am here for you, brother. Whatever you need. Thank you. Thank you. I appreciate that. If it happened to me, if somebody I loved deeply was taken from me, I know you do the same.

Oh, hi. Uh, sorry, I’m just on my way to the mailbox. Yeah. Oh, is that, uh, is that Lee and Cab’s RSVP card? Yeah. Uh, s Stephen and I will not be attending. See, yeah, we’re going away for the weekend, so there’s more room on the dance floor for you. And Kristen, I’m just assuming she’s your plus one. You know what?

Nevermind. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said anything. Do you know if Nicole’s at Basic Black, I need to run something by her? I, I would, I would wait a bit. Actually, I just came from the office and Eric was there to talk with her. Oh, is everything okay? I don’t know, but I got the sense that he was definitely upset about something.

What is going on? How could you, how could I What? What did you say to Jada? Jada? Tell me the truth. Nicole. Did you encourage Jada to have an abortion?

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Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Victoria is upset with Nick because he told Nate that he would have to work hard to gain his trust. Victoria tells Nick that as her CIO he has to support her decisions. Nick tells Victoria that he is worried that Nate is power hungry and will do anything to get her job. Victoria isn’t threatened by Nate’s ambition and she knows he will do a good job.

Adam tells Sally he loves her and wants to marry her because she is the only who has ever understood him and accepted him. Sally asks Adam to stop torturing her by proposing to her so many times.

Chelsea continues to struggle with depressing thoughts and wakes up startled because of those thoughts. Billy tells Lily he hasn’t had time to think about what he wants to do for his career because he wants to make sure that Chelsea is okay before he thinks about himself.

Sally tells Adam that she doesn’t want to be with him because he hurt her deeply and everything that people told her about him is true. Adam thinks that Sally is with Nick because she wants safety, but Adam is confident that Sally will come to her senses and they will be together again.

Sally tells Nick she is excited about the ideas she has for her new interior design business.

Elena agrees to think about Nate’s offer to do a podcast for Newman Media and leave Chancellor Winters. Elena accepts Nate’s invitation to go with him on his business trip to Los Angeles.

Chelsea and Lily have a talk and Lily tells Chelsea to rely on other people for support because Billy can’t support her 24/7. Lily tells Billy everything she and Chelsea talked about except the part where she told Chelsea Billy can’t support her all the \time. Chelsea sends a call from Billy to her voice mail.

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Days Update Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Nicole works at Basic Black when she gets a call from Eric, who says he just wanted to check on how she was doing after their talk last night. Nicole says she’s fine and admits that Jada having his baby is unexpected, but says that’s not going to change anything between them like he said. Eric assures that he meant that. Nicole questions if Jada is really going through with the pregnancy. Eric says of course she is and asks why she wouldn’t. Nicole says she was just asking. Nicole then gets another call and quickly switches over before Eric can say I love you, leaving him frustrated.

Li goes to the Hernandez’ home to bring Gabi a pie since they didn’t have a dessert for Thanksgiving. Li suggests they could have a slice for breakfast if she hasn’t eaten yet. Gabi questions if he doesn’t have to be at work. Li says his schedule is pretty open this morning so Gabi invites him in. Gabi asks if he’s heard from his sister. Li says no and guesses she is still out of town with Johnny.

Johnny and Wendy return to Allie’s apartment and find nobody is home. Wendy says that’s good so they can talk. Johnny declares that Jakarta was a success since they got the information they needed from Dr. Rolf. Wendy points out that now they just have to decide who to confront with it first; her brother or Johnny’s dad.

EJ has a nightmare about Ava showing up in his bedroom and trying to shoot him. EJ then wakes up in a panic and tells himself that it was just a dream.

Johnny wishes they had the recording of Dr. Rolf admitting to brainwashing Stefan on Li’s orders. Johnny worries that EJ will just deny any involvement. Wendy figures Li will too. Johnny argues that they know that they did it and that they shipped Dr. Rolf out of the country to cover their tracks. Wendy still can’t believe her brother would do something so horrible. Wendy notes that she knows how much Li loves Gabi but this is over the line. Johnny points out that it could just as easily have been EJ’s idea since it’s his MO and with Stefan by his side, he had enough shares to oust Gabi and be exactly where he wants to be. Wendy points out that Li is too. Wendy says part of her thinks they should just drop it and let Li live his happily ever after, but she declares that she can’t stay silent knowing what she knows, so she has to confront him. Wendy checks her computer and finds out that Li is not logged in at work yet, so he must be with Gabi.

Li complains to Gabi that Wendy better show up to work today. Gabi tells him to relax and enjoy his breakfast, so they do. Li comments that Rafe throwing Nicole’s pie in the trash tells him that he must really be done with her. Gabi adds that she hasn’t seen Rafe this bent up since Sami cheated on him with EJ. Gabi doesn’t get why all the women in town keep stomping all over Rafe’s heart and she thought Nicole would be different. Gabi talks about Rafe and Nicole being friends first and how she liked Nicole. Gabi mentions that she was rooting for them to get together when Rafe was with Ava. Gabi then remarks that she is not going to miss Ava. Li says he’s sorry for what happened to Rafe. Gabi says she’s just surprised and asks who knew Nicole would hurt Rafe worse than Ava.

Nicole finishes a work call as Chloe then arrives with coffee. Nicole is surprised Chloe had time to stop by with her big new job at DiMera Corporate. Chloe says one of the things she has to do at her new job is oversee Basic Black. Chloe declares that she got Kristen’s old job while Kristen got her man.

Brady goes to the Brady Pub and gives Eric a box of cigars, saying he hears there’s reason to congratulate him. Eric guesses Marlena told him about the baby but Brady reveals that Nicole did. Brady reminds him that Nicole is one of his best friends. Eric is glad they can talk. Eric says the baby is obviously a blessing and very exciting but it’s thrown them for a loop a little bit. Brady understands it complicates his reunion with Nicole. Brady asks what the deal is with Jada. Eric responds that it’s over but he’s glad she decided to have the baby and they can co-parent. Brady states that it’s going to be Eric, Nicole, Nicole’s kid, Jada, and their kid. Brady is sure it will be more complicated than they’d wish but Eric and Nicole will work it out.

Johnny questions Wendy not wanting him to come with her to confront Li. Wendy says she’ll be fine. Johnny asks what if Li panics. Wendy assures that Li would never hurt her. Johnny questions how she can be so sure after Dr. Rolf tried to drug them in Jakarta. Wendy argues that they don’t know if Dr. Rolf was ordered to do that or if he went rogue. Johnny wants to find out and suggests they go confront EJ but Wendy reminds him that they agreed to split up and tells him to stick to the plan of divide and conquer.

EJ enters the living room of the DiMera Mansion and has a drink. Stefan is inside and asks if he’d rather have coffee, pointing out that he’s hungover. EJ remarks that he thinks he’s still drunk considering the amount he had yesterday. Stefan asks where this happened. EJ responds that he was at his mother’s crash site. Stefan asks if he was alone. EJ mentions that Rafe was with him for a bit, but then a bit later he saw Ava Vitali which Stefan questions. EJ says he was obviously hallucinating. Stefan says he’s sorry and he can’t imagine the pain he’s going through. Stefan tells EJ that if he needs anything, he’s there. EJ appreciates his kindness and says it was a great comfort that he and Chloe were there for him on the night it happened which was the worst night of his life. EJ tells him to send his gratitude to Chloe as well. Stefan agrees to let her know as he’s going to see her in a bit. EJ comments that Stefan and Chloe seem to be getting closer. Stefan admits that they are. EJ remarks that Gabi must be seething. Stefan confirms that Gabi is finding any opportunity to throw her wedding plans in his face. Stefan calls it a pathetic attempt to make him jealous. Stefan wishes Gabi would get it in her head that Chloe is the only woman on his mind.

Nicole tells Chloe that she knows her situation with Brady sucks, but suggests she imagine the look on Kristen’s face when she finds out that Chloe is still involved with Basic Black. Chloe mentions Brady thinking that Kristen had something to do with her promotion. Nicole asks what she thinks. Chloe says she was more interested in if Stefan had something to do with it, but Li said it was up to him and EJ. Nicole asks about Kristen. Chloe responds that Kristen apparently no longer works at DiMera, so she was given oversight of Basic Black to prove that. Chloe assures that she’s always suspicious of Kristen. Nicole still can’t believe that Brady broke up with Chloe and moved Kristen in to his home. Chloe talks about Brady thinking it’s what is best for Rachel. Chloe states that she and Brady have both moved on, so how Brady and Kristen raise their child is no longer her concern.

Eric jokes with Brady that he and Jada are not the first people to give co-parenting a shot. Brady compares it to their own family. Brady comments that raising a kid with an ex is not for everyone and doesn’t always make sense at all. Brady assures Eric that the only reason he moved Kristen in is it because it’s what’s best for their daughter. Eric questions there being no better option. Brady asks if he’d rather he move her in to the Kiriakis Mansion where she’d have another stab at Victor again. Eric admits he’s prefer that to Kristen going after Marlena again. Brady insists that he’s doing everything in his power to make sure that Kristen doesn’t hurt Marlena. Brady says they shouldn’t even be talking about him, because Eric is going to be a father. Brady tells him that this is going to change his life. Eric admits he’s scared, but happy, and he can’t stop thinking about it. Eric knows the circumstances are a little crazy, but he’s really happy.

Nicole asks if Chloe thinks she and Stefan are maybe moving a little fast. Chloe admits that her mother asked her the same thing, but she’s team Brady. Chloe complains that she’s not going to pine after some dude that wants to play house with the bride of Chucky. Chloe says that she and Stefan like each other and they are excited to see where things go. Nicole decides she is happy for her then. Nicole comments that they are both starting new chapters in their life as she reveals that she got back together with Eric, which surprises Chloe.

Gabi tells Li about Nicole leaving Rafe for her ex-husband and how Eric was the love of her life. Li thought their relationship was over and done with, questioning why she’d want to go backwards and rehash an old relationship when she had already made a commitment to someone else. Gabi questions if they are still talking about Rafe, or her, Li, and Stefan. Li admits that he can’t help but see the parallels since Nicole couldn’t stop obsessing about her ex since he came back. Gabi argues that they are nothing alike and questions him thinking that she’s obsessing. Gabi insists that once she got over the shock, she moved on with him. Gabi assures that she won’t make the same mistake as Nicole because Stefan is her past and Li is her future as they kiss. Li says he still has some extra time before work and they joke about checking out Gabi’s bedroom but they are interrupted by Wendy arriving. Gabi asks if everything is okay. Wendy responds that she needs to talk to her brother as it’s important.

Stefan tells EJ that the more time that he and Chloe spend together, the better it gets. Stefan sees a real future with her and thinks she feels the same way. EJ says that is wonderful to hear as he’s glad someone in the family has finally found happiness again. Stefan confirms that Chloe does make him happy. Stefan praises Chloe as strong and independent but also kind and compassionate. EJ calls Chloe a huge step up from Gabi. EJ talks about the lengths Gabi went to in order to take over DiMera Enterprises. Johnny then walks in and questions just how far EJ would go for control.

Gabi offers Wendy some pie but she says she’s not hungry. Wendy repeats that she really needs to talk to Li alone. Li complains that Wendy is being rude when this is Gabi’s home. Wendy says she’s sorry but it’s really important and can’t wait. Li tells Wendy to save it because Gabi already knows everything which Wendy questions. Li claims that he told Gabi exactly what she and Johnny have been up to.

EJ says thank God that Johnny is there as he’s been trying to reach him for days which Johnny questions. EJ informs him that he has something he needs to tell him. Johnny responds that he has something to tell him too. EJ says it will need to wait because this is important. Stefan decides to give them some privacy. Johnny says he doesn’t have to leave because of him but EJ says it’s best if they talk alone and thanks Stefan for understanding. Stefan then exits the room. Johnny comments that EJ sure was in a hurry to get Stefan out and questions if there’s something he didn’t want him to know. EJ responds that Stefan already knows and now unfortunately, he has to tell Johnny too. Johnny asks what is so important. EJ reveals he has some distressing news about his grandma Susan. Johnny asks if she’s okay. EJ then reveals that his grandmother is dead.

Eric asks Brady how Nicole was when he talked to her. Brady admits that she was a little on edge and that she said when Eric told her that Jada was pregnant, she stormed off and they hadn’t spoken since. Brady assumes that has changed. Eric confirms that he just spoke to her on the phone. Brady asks how Nicole took the news. Eric says he assured that nothing would change between them since he and Jada are having a baby but Nicole is the woman he loves and wants to be with, who will always have his heart.

Chloe questions Nicole ending her marriage with Rafe to get back with Eric. Nicole admits it wasn’t exactly in that order. Nicole brings up Chloe telling her for months to either commit to her marriage or end it. Nicole says she really tried to commit but when Eric came back to town, so did their connection. Chloe doesn’t think it ever left. Nicole admits she really messed up and instead of being brave and honest, she was a coward. Nicole knew that she was still in love with Eric when she married Rafe, so now Rafe is hurt, humiliated, and beyond angry and has every right to be. Chloe points out that Nicole didn’t set out to hurt Rafe while Eric didn’t set out to hurt Jada, but at least they aren’t married so their break up will be a lot easier. Nicole says not necessarily as she reveals that Jada is pregnant, so it won’t be such a clean break. Chloe is shocked and asks if Jada is keeping the baby. Nicole says she thinks so, but admits she might have advised her not to. Chloe questions Nicole telling Jada to have an abortion. Nicole says she would never do that, so Chloe asks what exactly she said. Nicole says she just pointed out that motherhood is a full time job and being tied to a man that’s in love with someone else is really difficult. Chloe points out that former couples raise children all the time. Nicole says that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Chloe says it’s still possible but Nicole argues that doesn’t mean they should do it. Chloe questions Nicole feeling like it was her place to tell Jada this. Nicole claims that if she was in Jada’s shoes, she would want someone to tell her. Chloe points out that it’s Jada’s life. Nicole claims that she was just trying to help encourage her to realize if this is something she really wants. Chloe questions her not having an agenda. Nicole talks about how hard it is to be a single mother and for Jada, it’s raising a baby with a man who broke up with her to be with a woman that she can’t stand. Chloe comments that people make it work. Nicole shouts that she will not lose Eric again. Chloe guesses that Nicole is afraid the baby will threaten her relationship with Eric. Nicole asks if she wouldn’t be, pointing out how Kristen used Rachel to come between Chloe and Brady. Chloe points out that Jada is no Kristen. Nicole complains that she and Eric have been through so much and are finally back together. Chloe points out that Eric didn’t get back with Jada after finding out about the baby. Nicole admits that Jada said she wasn’t going to fight for the relationship and Eric said the baby won’t change things. Nicole wants to believe that but no matter what Eric promises or how he intends for this to go, the truth is that when the baby is born, Jada and Eric will fall in love with it. Chloe points out that doesn’t mean with each other. Chloe assures that Eric loves Nicole, always has and always will. Nicole admits maybe she shouldn’t have said anything to Jada, but given the circumstances, she just thinks it’s best for everyone if there is no baby.

Brady encourages Eric that he and Nicole will work this out like they always do. Eric agrees that they can all raise a happy and healthy child who will be apart of a family that will love them unconditionally. Jada walks in to the Pub, so Eric greets her and introduces her to Brady. Brady congratulates Jada and says his daughter Rachel can’t wait to meet her new cousin. Brady talks about being an uncle and says to give him a call if they need anything. Jada thanks him and asks to talk to Eric. Brady congratulates them again and then exits the Pub. Eric comments on Brady’s excitement and asks what Jada wanted to talk about as he asks if everything is okay.

Johnny can’t believe Susan is dead and asks if he has told Sydney. EJ confirms that he called her at school this morning. Johnny asks how this happened. EJ reveals that Susan was kidnapped and held for ransom. EJ says he managed to track them down and they agreed to meet at the airfield where he would wire the ransom money for Susan’s release, but after the transfer went through, she turned the tables on him by dragging Susan away at gunpoint. EJ says he chased them, but she drove off the road. Johnny questions who did this. EJ reveals that it was Ava Vitali, which shocks Johnny.

Li comments on Wendy seeming surprised. Wendy says she is because she didn’t think he’d want Gabi to know about this. Li claims that he and Gabi have no secrets, so he told her what Wendy was up to the minute he found out which she questions. Li asks what Wendy has to say for herself. Gabi tells Li not to be so hard on his sister for playing hooky with a boy and calls it no big deal. Li argues that Wendy begged him for a promotion, finally gets one, and then takes off on the company jet. Gabi reminds Li that he said he wouldn’t overreact. Li complains that what Wendy did was outrageous, disrespectful, and irresponsible. Li brings up Wendy ignoring his calls and blowing off her new job. Wendy responds that she had a very good reason. Li says this ought to be memorable. Li thinks back to Dr. Rolf telling him that he was going to erase Wendy and Johnny’s memories. Li questions Wendy’s good reason for going to Indonesia with Johnny and why he shouldn’t fire her on the spot. Gabi encourages him to calm down. Li adds that his father is going to be furious about this. Gabi decides she will go get Li some herbal tea from the town square and hopes by the time she gets back, things will be straightened out, so she then exits. Li tells Wendy that she and Gabi have some girl power thing going, but she can’t save her from what’s coming. Wendy responds that she’s not the one that needs to worry about what’s coming. Li questions what she is talking about. Wendy reveals that it’s Gabi and Stefan, and what they are going to do when they find out what Li did to keep them apart.

Johnny questions Ava being dead which EJ confirms. Johnny calls it terrible and asks why Ava would even want to kidnap Susan. EJ calls her psychotic. EJ shouts that he tried to warn Johnny since he knew Ava was in the mafia. Johnny questions if EJ is blaming him and argues that Ava had put that behind her. EJ says obviously not as she was more than capable of vicious, homicidal acts. EJ then admits that Johnny couldn’t have known that Ava would take it that far. Johnny admits that he was stubborn, stupid, and wouldn’t listen. Johnny brings up that EJ banished Ava from Salem to protect him, but he fought him on it and defended Ava. EJ assures it had nothing to do with Johnny and was all about getting revenge on him. Johnny feels if he hadn’t got involved with Ava, none of it would’ve happened. EJ insists that it’s not his fault. Johnny tells EJ that he’s so sorry as they hug. EJ calls Susan a very special person and says they will find a special way to honor her. Johnny brings up Susan being the first person to realize when he was possessed. EJ comments on the Devil trying to erase her memory which Johnny remarks is kind of like EJ wanted Dr. Rolf to do to him in Jakarta.

Nicole shows Chloe her and Eric’s modeling photos. Chloe calls them the perfect couple and says the pictures are amazing. Stefan then arrives and jokes with her. Chloe asks how he knew she was there. Stefan says her assistant told him and asks if she’s too busy for breakfast. Chloe says she might can squeeze him in. Stefan invites Nicole to join but she tells them to go ahead since she has a lot of work to catch up on. Chloe tells Nicole that she will call her later and then exits with Stefan.

Gabi walks through the town square, telling herself that she has to get back to Li before he goes nuclear on his sister. Gabi then stops when she sees Stefan and Chloe sitting together in the town square. Chloe asks Stefan how EJ is doing. Stefan admits he’s not well as he got drunk yesterday at the site where Susan was killed and thought he saw Ava. Chloe is sure no one could have survived that. Stefan mentions Johnny being with EJ when he left. Chloe hopes it was a big comfort to have his son nearby…

EJ questions Johnny hurling ridiculous accusations at him after Susan died. Johnny says he’s sorry but it doesn’t change what he tried to do to him and Wendy. EJ questions what the hell Wendy has to do with this. Johnny informs EJ that he and Wendy went to Jakarta together to track down Dr. Rolf and they found him, so he knows everything. EJ questions what he thinks he knows. Johnny accuses EJ of telling Dr. Rolf to inject them with some memory erasing drug, but he didn’t because they stopped him. EJ asks if he’s sure he didn’t take any drugs because they sounds preposterous. Johnny shouts that it’s over and he can stop pretending, because they know what he tried to do to Stefan.

Li asks if Wendy is sure she’s feeling okay since jet lag can cause confusion. Wendy asks Li if he ordered Dr. Rolf to inject her and Johnny with a memory erasing drug. Li laughs that off and calls it absurd. Wendy says almost as absurd as him telling Dr. Rolf to brainwash Stefan in to hating Gabi so he could have her for himself. Wendy tells Li that despite his best efforts, she and Johnny still remember everything that Dr. Rolf told them. Wendy guesses from the look on Li’s face, that Dr. Rolf was clearly telling the truth.

Brady goes to Basic Black and finds Nicole, saying he thought he would find her here. Nicole asks where else she would be since she has no home and that’s her own fault. Brady brings up staying with Eric which Nicole points out would be right next door to his baby mama. Brady knows that could be awkward. Nicole asks if he’s talked to Eric. Brady confirms he just came from the Pub and that Eric loves her more than anything in the world. Brady adds that Eric is over the moon that they are back together. Nicole remarks that Eric is also over the moon that Jada is keeping the baby. Brady admits that Eric is looking forward to becoming a father and knows that’s hard for Nicole. Nicole calls it reality and guesses it’s something she has to get used to.

Eric sits with Jada in the Pub. Eric talks about buying books and wanting to know everything he can about the baby. Eric talks about how excited he is that Jada decided to keep the baby and for being a father. Jada then stops him and reveals there is no baby.

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GH Transcript Wednesday, November 30, 2022

General Hospital Transcript

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 jordan: Holly sutton this is your last chance. Exit the premises with your hands visible. I don’t like this. Mac, give the order to move in. Let me — hold on a second. Let’s give her a chance to do the right thing. She’s had a chance. Multiple ones, in fact. Time’s up.

[ Explosion ] I got to get in there. This is commissioner ashford. She could be hurt! Robert! Robert! No! I need bomb squad and fire department asap! It’s not safe! Robert! Mm. Mnh-mnh. But, babe, I promised n’neka. No, no, no. N’neka gets plenty of pies and all kinds of things from her savoy suitors. No, no, no. This — this pie right here is for terry. This is raise-worthy pie, honey. I-I know.

[ Squeals ] I baked it. With my sweet potato pie recipe.

[ Sighs ] Right. Right. Okay. Tell you what. I will surrender that piece of pie in exchange for something just as sweet. Oh. Well, that sounds good. Mm! Sneaking out? I’m starving. Olivia will kill us if we hold everyone up. Let’s go. I don’t care. Brook lynn, look at me. Yeah. Were you ever going to tell me about the ccrb letter you never wrote? I’m sorry. What? My mind was on pizza. The letter dante asked you write. The one that might give me a fighting chance of getting my badge back. Um, uh, cosmo, please. Excuse me. My bad. How was your thanksgiving? It was good. It was great. I had avery. Uh, um, get this lovely woman, um — will you put her drinks on my tab, please?

[ Chuckles ] Well, that’s not necessary, but very nice. Thank you. And, so, um, how was your holiday? Oh, it was amazing. It had highs, lows. My mother, cranberry from the can. It was very traditional. But now it’s time to get my groove on. One more box to check. Which is? A little somethin’-somethin’. Mr. Cassadine, happy thanksgiving. Oh, and to you. Did you enjoy a family celebration earlier? Uh, just my nephew. Uh, sadly, I couldn’t gather the other cassadines together for a celebration of turkey and conviviality.

[ Cellphone chimes ] I’m sorry. Oh, please, don’t shed any tears on my account. That’s all gonna be changing going forward. I hope soon to have the incentive my family needs to come together. Holly! Holly! I’m coming! I’m co– mate, you gotta let me go. Let me go! Hey! It’s okay. It’s okay, I got you. I won’t let anything happen to you. Robert! Robert, is she… it’s holly. Holly.

[ Sirens wailing in distance ] She… she… no!

[ Sirens wailing ] Secure the area. Extend the cordon at least one mile back. Canvass the cabins and find out if anyone saw or heard anything. Mac: Come on, let them do their job. Come on! Paramedic: Sir, we need you to move away. Let’s go. Stand up. Come on! Let me go! They’re taking care of her. Come on! You can’t help her like this! She needs me! Paramedic: We need to move her or she’s not gonna make it. Family can be so troublesome and ungrateful. I’ve been tempted to disavow myself of the whole lot.

[ Chuckles ] Not so easily done, I’m afraid. Biological imperative — it compels us to protect our clan, no matter how sorry a bunch they might be. It seems we have much in common, mr. Cassadine. May I call you victor? If I may call you selina. Well, victor, I’d like to continue our conversation. Perhaps we can compare notes. Well, I never associated thanksgiving with trysts.

[ Chuckles ] Most people just want to nap. Well, when you’re in my position, you carpe diem and carpe dictum. What position is that? Hard-up. I-I’ve been without since, um [Chuckles] Jason, and before him, there was one forgettable wham-bam with jax, and then a flingy-thing with your brother. I mean, I haven’t had relationship sex since… wow, um, oh, 2014 with your husband. I’m not surprised. I’m a tough act to follow. Right, ava? You! With me. So, what did you think of our first family thanksgiving?

[ Squeals ] Definitely deserving of high marks. Yeah? And the food, ugh, was fantastic.

[ Groans ] So good! Oh, and I even overheard your father telling stella that his son’s turkey was so good.

[ Laughs ] You can’t blame the man for having good taste. I mean, it’s true. It’s true. I’ll give you that. You know, I’m just so grateful that — I’m grateful that I have a father to fuss with, you know? Mm. Tommy never got that chance. And I intend to make the most of mine. Just in case this disease tries to take my father away from me again. What are the chances it rears back up? Did you pull guard duty? I’m just sitting here minding my own business, cleaning my clarinet. In the cold? I’m wearing a sweater. Curtis busted my chops every time I came near the kitchen and strongly suggested I could keep you company. I figured boredom would drive you out here sooner or later. Hm. And I thought curtis and i were making progress. Yeah, he means well. I know, but it’s not like I’m out here asking to be attacked by a freak with a hook. I just need to breathe. I’m climbing the walls being shut up most of the time. I know the feeling. Been there, done that. Dante told you about the letter? Yeah, he assumed I knew. Figured you looped me in. Just hadn’t found the time to get it written yet, what, with making music and scamming linc. Well, we’ve been crazy busy, right? Mm-hmm.I mean, every day, all day I am hustling for every hour that you perform, setting up interviews and — and promos. I mean, I can barely even breathe. Yeah, it’s a lot of work. You’ve really thrown yourself into it. Yeah. You know, letting all my responsibilities at deception slide. So maybe you wanted to. And you just couldn’t find the time. Or maybe you thought you — you did tell me. Or maybe you even drafted the letter, but you didn’t want to spring it on me until it was perfect. Huh? I mean, I’d — I’d understand anything, brook lynn. Just tell me. When were you gonna let me know that dante asked you to write a letter to the civilian complaint review board recommending that I get my badge back? Never?

Look, I meant to tell you once we got linc. That’s not a sure thing. Well, neither is my letter. Dante said your account of my run-ins with valentin and linc would go a long way at getting me right with the board. But what was to stop linc from having his say? I mean, that liar could deny everything. Look, your best shot at getting your badge back is after we beat linc and expose him for the skeeze that he is. Once we prove that he has no credibility, that’s when you could march into the ccrb with my letter and — and prove that you never gave up on law and order just because law and order gave up on you. That timetable doesn’t work, which I could have told you if you would have let me in on what was happening. But you didn’T. Chase. I can’t think of a single reason why you wouldn’t just tell me. There’s only one good reason! The only reason that i needed. Us. I didn’t mean to compare being shut up at home with family to what you went through when you were hospitalized. Let’s see. You can’t leave when you want to. Your mother and curtis watch your every move. You can’t see the man in your life — officer cabrera. We share enough similarities to make us understand one another. I don’t think I could ever really understand what you went through. And I hope you never do. You don’t talk about it much. You know, um… right. Having schizophrenia. Why dwell on yesterday when today is so rich and tomorrow so bright? Honey, I-I can’t tell you if marshall is gonna have another schizophrenic episode. I’m not a psychiatrist. I-I’m not even — I’m not even up on the latest science, really. Marshall said that he never had an episode. Well, not since the arrest, which led him to be institutionalized in the first place. Maybe he caught a break. Like me, dodging the genetic markers my father has. You two are so cute. Look at you, all coupled up. Wedded bliss.

[ Chuckles ] Aren’t we, though? I saw your mother s-somewhere over there, britt. My mother says marriage is for the bourgeois. I don’t know. I-I think it would be kinda nice if my significant other knew what toppings I liked on my hot dog, or took the wine glass out of my hand when I fell asleep on the couch. Someone who would throw me a birthday party and serve my favorite cake. Or just say “happy birthday.” You never had a birthday party?

[ Chuckles ] No. No birthday party, no husband. There — there’s still time, britt. Yeah. Yeah. Ain’t it the truth? Yeah. Uh, will you get me and my friends another round? Your nephew appears occupied with his wife.

[ Sighs ] Soon-to-be ex-wife. I’m sorry to hear that. Oh, please don’t be. It was an imprudent match from the beginning. Harmful to both of them and never meant to last. Love rarely is. But that alone never stopped anyone fighting for it. I’m here, holly. I love you, baby. Just hang in there. How bad? She has obvious second- and third-degree burns over 75% of her body. The burn unit at G.H. — Is good, but she needs better. We’re taking her to an airfield. Radioed ahead for a medevac. But… I’m coming with you. No, no, no. You’ll crowd the paramedics. I’ll drive you to the field. Get out of my way before I belt you one. No. Robert! Go. What? But — this is a crime scene. I need my chief of detectives. Robert, move.

Her,you’re lucky, no matter what the reason is. And I just hope some of that luck rubs off on trina.

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ] I can’t wait for esme to be brought to justice. Me too. Speaking of trina, where is she?

[ Sighs ] You have a way of putting things in perspective. Oh. Everybody has their burdens, but no one carries it with grace such as yours. Hey, pop, the game’s coming on. I know you don’t want to miss it. Uh… [ Chuckles ] Sure, sure. I guess you’re gonna watch the game with me? Oh, oh, yes. I’m definitely watching. And enjoy the pie. The pie? Is that the last piece of pie? I don’t believe this. Portia: [ Laughs ]

[ Sighs ] Okay. Your loss. I just thought it would take the edge off after being caught in my net. You kept me in the dark about my best chance of getting my badge back… for us? Chase. You and me… I have never had this before. I mean, I’ve been with other guys and not exactly snow white, but…true intimacy? Not once. I was starting to think I wasn’t capable of a true connection, and then — then you came along, and I realized that not only is intimacy possible, but it is here… …between me and you. And since the first day we started working together, it has only gotten deeper and stronger. Look, if — if I don’t get linc, if I never get my songs back, if I never expose him as the creep that he is, I-I’d be okay. I’d be frustrated and disappointed, but… I’d still be okay, because the true gift is every minute I get closer to you. And I thought that you felt the same way. I do. Well, that’s why I didn’t tell you about the letter. I-I thought that — that everything we were doing together was better than anything we’ve done alone. I thought that, given enough time, you’d forget about the badge and just… …what you always wanted would be here with me.

[ Voice breaking ] Just tell me I’m right. I thought we were getting along better. Am I still in a hole for punching scott? I was moved by your apology, as well as britta’s endorsement of you. My feelings for you are immaterial. Only britta’s matter. She’s a fundamentally lonely person yearning for what she’s never had… someone to rely on. And now is no time to look for a substitute. She cannot do with a romantic distraction. She needs her mother. I acknowledge, however, that britta’s headstrong. You — you and I both know she behaves contrary to wisdom and you, mr. Bell, are persistent. So… if it’s money you want, it’s money you shall have. Hey, um… be my wingmen. You know, help me scope out the sponge-worthy. Whoa, hey. Are you okay? Why don’t we sit down, huh? Is there a problem? No, I’m — I’m fine. I just slipped. Have you been overserved? I had one drink! Come with me. Don’t — don’t touch me. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Whoa, up! And off we go. I got you. I got you. Come on. Here we go.

[ Sighs ]

[ Ambulance doors open ] We’re here. Got the all-clear?

[ Groans ]

[ Gasps ] You all right? Right as rain! All fired up!

[ Laughs ]

This singing thinghas been a pleasant surprise. I’ve — I’ve had fun, more than I thought I would. And it’s not just the — the performing or the — the celebrity — it’s — it’s you. I never would have even tried to be chase the singer with anyone else. Well, you’ve got me, so there’s no problem. No, the problem is I am not chase the singer. That’s just some — some face I was wearing. It’s not — it’s not mine. But it could be! Look, I’ve seen you when you get up on stage. You come alive. You’re so in the moment when you sing. And right when I’m done, I’m checking my news feed. I have this weird fantasy that I’m the one who finds brando’s killer. That I could still do some good at the pcpd. Look, you can. I never expected you to give up the cop forever. Just put him on mute for a little while. Until I forget the sound of my voice altogether? You know what? Maybe — maybe you’re right. I can forget being a cop, focus all my energy on singing, given enough time. It could happen. But it would have to be my own choice. Do you get that? And you took that away from me. I thought we had an understanding after we discussed boundaries. And I thought I’d given you a wide berth. Doesn’t really feel that way. We agreed that I wouldn’t go behind your back and butt into your life. I did that. I even refrained from butting in from the front. You know, I’m up for a nobel peace prize.

[ Scoffs ] Which you’ll lose after assigning your father to guard me. Hey, all I did was set up a watch to keep eyes on esme prince. You know, a man is allowed to protect his castle and all who reside in it. Trina’s not going anywhere. Okay. [ Chuckles ] She’s just feeling — feeling hemmed in. Well, thank you for talking to her and helping her get some of that out. Hey.

[ Chuckles ] I was gonna ask you a question. Would you mind possibly playing for us tonight? Sure, sure! If you like. I-I would. Yeah, I-I actually would.

[ Chuckles ] Good. Does your illness ever, I don’t know, get in the way of your playing? Marshall, I’m so sorry. I don’t mean to keep going down this road. No. No. That’s my fault. I’m sorry. No, it’s okay. That’s okay. No one’s — no one’s ever asked. The only way schizophrenia got in between me and my music is when I had to go underground… mm. …To protect my family from the stigma. So…it never inhibited your performance? Nah. Nah, just my ambitions. Mm. Well…

[ Chuckles ] Why all the questions? Still no go-ahead from the firefighters to enter the cabin. Any idea what caused the explosion? The preliminary theory is a faulty stove. I need to get my people inside. Hopefully there’s some evidence to explain holly’s strange behavior. Maybe this will help. The firefighters pulled it out. What is it? The remains of robert’s briefcase. The one he put the necklace in. So where’s the necklace? Mm. Thanks for the clothes. Oh, great. I see I got the sizes right. Oh, and I have your new passport and your international driver’s license. You feel better? Yeah. Just a little singed around the edges. Now, that was something. Mm. I’m just sorry that you and mac had to see that. I can imagine what it looked like. The danger was minimal. Holly and I had worked it out to a tee. And thank you for that.

Felicia was waiting

for me when I arrived

at the cabin last night… come on in.

…With fireproof

garments… special headpiece. Right. Right.

…And fire-retardant gel

to make the ruse look real. Put it on your face. And you don’t have hair spray?


brought instructions

on how to rig the stove

at the appointed time…

[ Speaks indistinctly ]

…Et voil! Holly flambé! I just can’t believe that you were able to work this out as fast as you did. No choice. We were operating on victor’s timetable, but I couldn’t just hand him over the necklace. But you couldn’t defy him, either. No. Ethan would have paid the price. Robert and i faked his “drugging” so I would have the opportunity to “steal” the necklace and then lead a trail to the cabin for the pcpd to follow. See, it only works when you’ve got a credible witness to her injuries. Ethan’s only chance of survival is if victor believes I’m of no more use to him.

[ Chuckles ] You’re willing to pay me to stay away from britt? I’m prepared to offer you six figures. I don’t want your money, liesl. I just want what, by right, should belong to me. Dominique’s inheritance. Yeah. Then I wanted something else. Not something, someone. My daughter. I thought I could have both. But, man, did I misjudge that situation. Now it looks like I can’t have either. Maybe all I really want is britt. But you’ll be happy to know, liesl, that I blew it big time. Your daughter wants nothing to do with me. Perhaps britta has learned some wisdom, after all. But you can tell britt that I can take “no” for an answer. And I can take living hand to mouth. So you can keep your money. And don’t worry about my dogging britt. I’m not gonna go where I’m not wanted. Yeah. I’ll make sure she knows that. I’m sure you will. One more thing. What’s wrong with britt? Why are you willing to go broke just to keep me away from her? Sorry. Answers were never on offer. Here we go. All right. Get off! I’m gonna call your mother. Leave her out of this! Leave me alone! I’m getting you a cab. No. I — this is ridiculous. I had one drink. Yeah, not counting the drinks you had on the way over here. I can handle my liquor. But you can’t even stand up straight unaided. Oh, wait a minute. This… this isn’t alcohol, is it? You’re sick.

Your uncle victor won’t be very pleased… seeing you consorting with the enemy. How many times do I have to tell you? I have no intention of divorcing you. Well… I had no intention of becoming bait for the pcpd, but sometimes one never knows what the day may bring. What are you talking about? Mac scorpio. He thinks that ryan chamberlain can lead the cops to esme if I convince him to. Faison’s legacy has — oh, shut up about that!

[ Grunts ] Touch my daughter and I’ll kill you. Everyone, calm down! You touch me once more… all right. Let’s take a walk, big fella. He’s gonna –he’s gonna tell people. Victor wouldn’t dare. There’s a special place in hell for men like that. The ninth circle. I’ve heard it said. Robert: The car’s untraceable. Drive it across the border into canada, and with your new I.D., You’ll disappear. Victor will follow up. Well, witnesses will recall that there was a woman placed in a medevac. Yours truly. They’ll drop me off outside port charles. And then flight plans will indicate that holly sutton was transferred to a plane transporting her to a burn clinic halfway across the world. Very private, very secure. Reports will have you comatose with a long, difficult recovery. And victor, he’ll probably lose interest, leaving you free to rescue your son. I won’t squander your efforts. I promise. I — we know that. Thank you for all that you’ve done on my behalf and my son’S. I just wish we hadn’t had to leave mac in the dark. Well, this way he can’t lie to jordan about you. Besides, he would be the first one to agree that you’re worth it.

[ Chuckles ] How can I ever repay you? Get your son back. And get victor! Working on it. Selina: Interesting. Satisfied? I’d prefer the entire necklace. That’s all that’s available. And only in exchange for a guarantee that victor cassadine ingests this. Can it be done? I see him at the savoy on occasion, but I can’t have the club associated with a death. If I wanted victor dead, he’d be dead. But he’ll only feel the effects of this drug if the circumstances arise or don’T. What did victor do to earn your animosity? He fancies himself a family man whilst he’s holding my son a hostage. I’ll never get ethan back if victor is dead. But in the meantime, a dose of this will pay him back in kind. There’s a special place in hell for such men. The ninth circle. Will you do it? You have my word. On her. And my word is my bond. You’re not my prisoner, trina. I just want to make sure that you are safe and sound while you’re here at home. If you don’t like my rules… they’re only temporary. But I do need you to respect them just as I respect your boundaries. And while I hope this doesn’t compromise the friendship that we decided to try out, I’ll understand if it does. Two steps forward, one step back is still progress. Fork? Fork. Yes. Hey. But don’t squander that progress.

[ Chuckles ] I made that pie. From my mom’s recipe.

[ Both laugh ] I guess I’m just curious

[Chuckles] That none of your previous doctors even suggested genetic counseling or screening like curtis had. This stuff wasn’t around when I was in the hospital. Yeah, but nowadays, things like that are pretty much commonplace. Ha ve you ever — you know, maybe, have you ever considered it? Was the point? I already have a diagnosis. What would “genetic counseling” tell me that I don’t already know? The only way that I could ever become “the singer” is if I decided that for myself. But you never gave me that option. I thought you wanted it as much as I did. What? To take down linc? Sure. But you knew how bad I wanted to return to the pcpd. So when dante asked you to write the letter, you didn’t tell me because you knew I’d be all for it! I never thought of it like that. Yeah, I know. But I’ve been where you are — making decisions for others, and personal experience showed me just how wrong I was. I did it with willow. Okay, so that’s it? You’re hanging up the mic? Okay, I get it. No, no, no, you don’T. It is not just the mic. It’s us! Yes, my singing career is over, but so are we!

You can’t put yourself in ryan’s presence. He is too dangerous. Ryan is a turnip. And a-any danger would be worth protecting trina. Nikolas, if esme is out there killing people, I have to do whatever I can do to try to stop her. Even if it means I — I pay the price for her going over the parapet. Or you do. What would be the benefit after all these years to get confirmation of what I already know?

[ Door opens ]

[ Both chuckles ] Oh, well, look at this.

[ Laughs ] Somebody enjoyed the pie I see. Yeah, that I barely got to taste. Aw. Hey, pop, you ready to watch some football? Let’s do this. Curtis: Yes. No. Chase, think about what you’re saying. You’re the most exciting person I’ve ever met. You made me feel like the luckiest guy alive. You made me feel the same way. But then we went in on this plan to expose linc and it muddied things up for the both of us. I mean, we should have just set boundaries. Either work together as singer and manager, or just two people that couldn’t get enough of each other. But not both. Because now we don’t work as anything. Look, that’s not true. We can work this out. Brook lynn, you lied to me! You kept me from the thing that makes me who I am. There’s nothing to work out, all right? It’s over!

[ Sobbing ] Everything’s fine. I could swallow my drink, but then suddenly my feet went out from under me. I’m so sorry, liebchen. Let’s go home, hm? W-why haven’t you ever thrown me a birthday party? I did. I m– I must have some time. No. No? No, you didn’T. I’m gonna throw myself the birthday party to end all parties. If I’m going down, I’m going down dancing. Even if I’m dancing on my own. So, this is…goodbye? I’m sorry. For everything. Most of all, I’m sorry for coming back to you, only to leave again. If there was any other way… there isn’T. This isn’t our moment.

[ Chuckles ] Never is. I recall a cer– goodbye, robert. Um, aren’t you forgetting something? Mm. Hmm. Mm. I actually meant something else. Oh? The necklace. None of the firefighters report seeing a necklace. Call csu. We need them to conduct their own search. We need to make sure nobody walked out with it. You know, it’s possible holly ditched the necklace or handed it off to victor before holding up. Or she had it on her when she left with the paramedics. I’ll checked with robert.

[ Exhales sharply ] It’s possible the necklace got destroyed in the fire. A diamond necklace? A hot enough fire could turn diamond to ash. The necklace might be gone for good. The wsb’s gonna be pissed.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Oh.

[ Chuckles ] The necklace. Oh. Almost forgot. Why did victor want this so badly? What is so special about it? It came from the ice princess itself. And I think it’s got something to do with the diamonds. The ice princess has a bad habit of destroying those who covet it. Be careful. I’m always careful, love. Except with your heart. Be seeing you.

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Y&R Transcript Tuesday, 11/29/22

Young & The Restless Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Billy: I’m not trying to be harsh, but you’re overstepping.

Chelsea: [ Breathing heavily ]

Chance: Victor. Good to see you. How you doing?

Victor: What’d you do to my daughter?

Nate: Hey. I’ve been meaning to give you a call. I haven’t seen you around here much since I started.

Nick: Yeah, I’ve been working on other projects.

Nate: I would love to hear about them. Why don’t we get together for lunch?

Nick: I can’t today.

Nate: It doesn’t have to be today.

Nick: I’m booked solid, nate.

Nate: Okay. What can I do for you?

Nick: Look, we’ve known each other a long time. We’ve always been on good terms. I can’t say I was a fan of what you tried to pull at chancellor-winters, but I’m glad you were able to get another job. I’m not pleased with my sister that it was this job, though. If it were up to me, sally spectra would still be ceo of newman media.

[ Door opens ]

Chloe: I’ve been doing some research into ways we can jump-start our new fashion line. You are going to love this.

Sally: Chloe —

Chloe: With your talent and my business acumen and nick’s funding, we’re too good to fail.

Sally: That is what he said.

Chloe: See? Then it must be true.

Sally: Right before I turned down his offer of a loan. Find your beat

Additional sponsorship

provided by…

Victoria: Your goal is to weasel your way into my son’s life, even after billy obviously told you he wants nothing to do with you. So, if you happen to see him, don’t say anything. Don’t approach him. Just walk away.

Chelsea: [ Breathing heavily ]

[ Knocking on door ]

Billy: Chelsea? Hey. Chelsea. Hey. Hi.

Chelsea: What are you doing here?

Billy: It’s okay. It’s alright.

Chelsea: [ Exhales heavily ]

Billy: Just take a breath. Just take a deep breath.

Chelsea: [ Sniffles ]

Billy: You okay? I knocked. I don’t — I don’t know if you heard it or not. But your door was open, so i just, uh… I wanted to check up on you.

Chelsea: [ Exhales sharply ]

Billy: You okay? You — you seem a little upset.

Chelsea: [ Sighs ] Yeah. Yeah. You know, laundry.

Billy: Yeah. Not high on my list, either.

Chelsea: [ Exhales heavily ]

Billy: I just wanted to come and say hi, see — see if everything was alright. You know, I didn’t see you yesterday for thanksgiving dessert.

Chelsea: Yeah. Yeah. Um…

[ Breathes deeply ] Um, I — I spent some time with connor and, um, adam, and then i didn’t feel like doing any more of the holiday, you know?

Billy: Mm.

Chelsea: But I’m good. I’m okay. Really.

[ Sighs ]

Billy: You know, you don’t have to pretend with me. You know? We can — we can just sit here and talk,

w some fresh air. We can go downstairs and grab a tea, or I can help you sort through your laundry. But you don’t have to push me away.

Chelsea: Okay. I don’t know. I was just sitting here and all these dark thoughts started coming and — and I-I didn’t have anyplace for them to go.

[ Breathes deeply ]

Billy: So you told me what you thought I wanted to hear.

Chelsea: Why won’t these painful thoughts go away?

Chloe: I can’t believe you turned down nick’s loan without consulting me.

Sally: Well, you know I never felt good about it. I promised I’d consider it, and I did. But in the end, it just really didn’t feel like the right move.

Chloe: I get it. I — I do. I really do, but you have to understand that —

Sally: Okay, no, I know. And also, in the interest of full disclosure, there’s something else that you should know. I don’t want to start a fashion line.

Chloe: [ Chuckles ] Okay. Um… what do you want to do?

Sally: Well, I have an idea. But I do not want to get in the way of your career goals. You’re brilliant. You’re driven. I love working with you, and anyone would be so lucky to have you as a partner.

Chloe: What is this? Wait, are you breaking up with me?

Sally: [ Stammers ] That is up to you. I totally understand if you want to walk away. But I really hope that you continue working with me while we conquer a brand-new field.

Nate: You’ve been honest about how you felt about my predecessor. It’s only fair I do the same.

Nick: I appreciate that.

Nate: Based on everything I’ve seen since I’ve started here, sally was kind of a visionary. I looked at the policies she implemented, the way she was trying to bring different threads of the company together. I got to say, I was impressed. Now, don’t get me wrong. I am grateful for this opportunity. But from what I observed, sally didn’t deserve to be let go. That was victoria’s call, not mine. And like I told sally, I didn’t come looking for this job.

Nick: Yeah. You were aiming to run chancellor-winters. But this job fell in your lap because you were willing to sacrifice your family’s legacy to help my sister… and yourself.

Abby: I packed some of his favorite toys in here.

Devon: Thank you very much.

Abby: Yeah.

Devon: Appreciate it.

Abby: [ Sighs heavily ] So, um, is it just me, or does this feel a little…

Devon: A little awkward?

Abby: Yeah. I mean, I know we’ve done this drop-off thing, like, a hundred times, but for some reason, this feels a little weird.

Devon: Yeah, it does a little bit, huh?

Abby: Yeah. So, what do we do? Do we stick to talking about strictly childcare? Or do we talk about how our lives are going off the rails?

Devon: We should probably talk about us, right? Hi, I’m darlene

Billy: You know, I don’t have a definitive answer for why you’re having these feelings or these thoughts. But I do know that you haven’t had an easy life. You know, you haven’t had a lot of people in your life that are reliable or stable. You had to run all those cons, you know? You had obstacles to overcome. And your brain is reacting to the life that — that you’ve lived. In a way, it’s — it’s, you know, creating these tools to help you survive.

Chelsea: Yeah. I guess that makes sense.

Billy: And, look, I’m no therapist. We know that. So take everything I’m saying with a grain of salt. But I would imagine that your brain still thinks that you’re living on the edge. And it’s telling you that you’re in danger, and you’re in self-preservation mode.

Chelsea: That does sound familiar.

Billy: You know, it’s almost like a fire alarm. It’s — it’s — it’s going off, and it’s blaring, but there’s no smoke and there’s no fire. You’re not really in danger, but it’s telling you that you are. And it just does not stop. The sound — it’s annoying, and it just becomes really exhausting.

Chelsea: The worst. It’s like you know exactly what I’m going through.

Billy: Unfortunately, right now, it just — it is what it is. You know, you’re dealing with an illness right now, and it’s not gonna be easy to get past it. You know, that depression — it can come on fast, it can come on hard, and it can change your feelings and your behaviors. But I think what’s important is that you — you try really hard not to let it take your power. You got to not let the pain and the fear lead. You got to push through that.

Chelsea: It’s easier said than done, billy.

Chance: I’m sorry. What exactly have you been told?

Victor: What’s going on in your marriage to abby?

Chance: Look, victor, our marriage is a private matter. If abby would like to confide in you, she can. That’s fine. But I don’t feel comfortable sharing that information with you.

Victor: Now, chance, if neither you nor abby will me what’s going on… I’m going to ask devon.

Chance: Devon?

Victor: Last night I saw abby at society. She was very upset. Then suddenly devon came in. She greeted him rather warmly. Felt very comfortable with him. What’s going on?

Nate: It’s easy to judge the players after watching five minutes of what’s happening on the field. But you’re missing a lot that transpired in that locker room way before you showed up.

Nick: Well, you could also say in times of crisis we show our true colors. What you tried to pull with chancellor-winters goes against everything I ever thought I knew about you.

Nate: Then I look forward to proving to you that I am still a decent person.

Nick: Good luck with that. I mean it. I’ve seen this kind of transformation before. I experienced it myself when i started dark horse. That kind of power can be addictive and dangerous. But here’s the thing, nate. Getting the big chair — it rarely is as satisfying as you think it’s going to be because there is simply no endgame. You always want more. Hey! It’s me! Your dry skin!

Nate: I appreciate the warning, nick. But there’s a world of difference between the two of us. I wasn’t raised to lead a billion-dollar empire from the moment I drew my first breath. I never wanted power. All I wanted was knowledge.

Nick: So, you didn’t feel powerful when you knew you were the only person in the world who could save a patient’s life?

Nate: I got into medicine because I wanted to help people. This position is just another way for me to find purpose and do some good.

Nick: You can keep telling yourself that, nate, but I’m telling you, you can become addicted to that rush of power. And like any addiction, the high feels great. Until it consumes you, and then you crash and take everyone down with you.

Nate: Oh, come on, nick. Nothing like that is going to happen.

Nick: Well, we’ll see, won’t we? But unfortunately I just don’t think I can trust the man you’ve become, and I think that’s sad.

Chloe: Okay, I’m waiting for the punch line. You haven’t told me what you want to do, you have absolutely no funding, and you want me to be your ride-or-die on this insane adventure.

Sally: Yeah. We’re good together.

Chloe: Yeah, I love working with you, too.

Sally: Okay. So…you on board?

Chloe: I can’t believe I’m gonna say this… but yes. Before we move forward, I just want to know one thing. How did nick take the rejection?

Sally: He understands.

Chloe: Of course he did. The amazing nick newman understands everything.

Sally: [ Scoffs ]

Chloe: Look, I’m joking, but

[Sighs] Aren’t you glad you chose the brother who’s capable of honest, human emotion?

Sally: Okay, adam has emotions. He just has a different way of showing them.

Chloe: Don’t tell me that you’re waffling.

Sally: No, I’m just saying that adam is…human. Okay, but there’s no way that he could care more about me than he does about his own ego and his need to win.

Chloe: Great. Because I am going to need all of your attention devising an entirely new business plan from scratch.

Sally: Well, I wouldn’t say from scratch. Like I said, I… have an idea.

Chance: Well, I’m glad she has someone to lean on right now ’cause we are having a difficult time.

Victor: Well, for your information, I don’t know of a marriage that isn’t going through a difficult time, you know? In that case, you just pull it together, work things out.

Chance: Yeah. Wish it was that simple.

Victor: So, what’s the problem?

Chance: Well, your daughter… she thought that I was putting work over family. I think it’s been a long time coming, actually. In retrospect, we got married too soon, spent too much time apart.

Victor: Whoa. I had no idea. You love her?

Chance: Yeah, I do, and i probably always will. But I have to accept that the most loving thing to do right now is to let her before things get worse.

Victor: What are you not telling me?

Abby: How’s dom?

Devon: He is sleeping like a champ. How are you? How you doing?

Abby: [ Sighs heavily ] Thanksgiving was challenging. And it was weird not spending the day with chance, like, as a family. And after I left society, I was supposed to go over to the ranch, but I just — I didn’t feel up to it. So dominic and I spent the evening alone.

Devon: Spent it alone. Why didn’t you come over here? You know you could have.

Abby: You were spending the day with your family. And besides, I knew there would be questions, questions that i am…not ready to answer yet.

Devon: Have you and chance talked at all?

Abby: He doesn’t want to talk to me. He sends messages through the nanny, dom-related issues only.

Devon: I mean, he’s understandably upset. So it’s gonna take him some time to come around.

Abby: That doesn’t mean he’s gonna wantco

Devon: No, but it doesn’t mean he’s not, either. I don’t believe that he’s just gonna throw away your marriage, abby.

Abby: I keep trying to convince chance of that, but he is adamant.

Devon: Yeah, I know what that’s like. Well, listen. Even if you guys don’t get back together — and that’s still a big “if” — I know the two of you will figure out how to co-parent because you guys love dominic so much.

Abby: Thank you for saying that. I’m just really happy that we can still be open and honest with each other because if i lost that on top of everything else, I don’t know what I would do.

Devon: Abby, you will never lose that. I promise you. Even though we can’t take back what we did, we can make sure that it doesn’t ruin our friendship… or the way we raise our son.

Abby: [ Sighs ]

Billy: You know, chels, learning to take control, it’s — it’s not easy. It’s, uh… I mean, it’s a process. And it’s baby steps. I mean, for instance, you know, take yesterday with johnny, right? I mean…I don’t know if he’s ready to build a relationship with you, but you two had a great conversation, right?

Chelsea: Yeah.

Billy: Right, and that was all him. Nobody — nobody told him to do that. That was him, and that was a conversation that, you know, a week ago, you would have never dreamed of happening.

Chelsea: It was great.

Billy: Right.

Chelsea: For me. But was victoria upset?

Billy: Victoria’s gonna have to take her baby steps, too, but I will tell you th w

Chelsea: Did you tell her about me? Where I was? What I almost did?

Billy: I told her some of it, yeah. But to be honest, I don’t know exactly what connor told johnny. I thought it was fair that victoria know what he was reacting to.

Chelsea: Yeah.

Billy: You know, we’re really proud of him for taking those steps on his own. And you’re gonna do the same. I believe in you. And no matter what your brain is trying to tell you right now, you do have the ability to develop healthy ways to push through.

Chelsea: Yeah.

[ Sighs heavily ] I’m okay.

Billy: Good. And no matter what anybody tells me, or you for instance, I’m not going anywhere, okay? I’m gonna be here for you, whether it’s downstairs for a scone or a quick little phone call, okay? My point is…

[ Cellphone pings ] One second. Hold on.

Chelsea: Everything okay?

Billy: Yeah. Yeah. Uh, I’m just meeting lily for a coffee. But before I go, let me say this. I think your brain is trying to protect you by telling you to push people away, but you got to override the system because there are a lot of people that love you and care about you and want to help you. And there is one person in particular that is vital to your team right now.

Chelsea: Who?

Billy: Chloe. Hi, my name is tony cooper. And if you have both medicare and medicaid, I have some really encouraging news that you’ll definitely want to hear. Depending on the plan you choose, you may be eligible to get extra benefits with a humana medicare advantage dual-eligible special needs plan. All of these plans include a healthy options allowance. Depending on the plans available in your area, you could get up to $1800 a year to help pay for essentials like eligible groceries, utilities, rent, pet care and over-the-counter items. Like vitamins, pain relievers, first-aid supplies and more. Other benefits on these plans may include free rides to and from your medical appointments. You could pay nothing for covered prescriptions all year long. Most plans have dental coverage, which includes 2 free cleanings a year, plus dentures, crowns, fillings and more. They also have vision coverage, including eye exams and eyeglasses. And hearing coverage, which includes hearing tests and hearing aids. You could also get many no-cost vaccines, including the shingles vaccine, at in-network retail pharmacies. Plus, your doctor, hospital and pharmacy may already be part of our large humana network. So, call the number on your screen now to speak with a licensed humana sales agent. You may be able to enroll in one of our plans several times throughout the year. Wouldn’t you love benefits like up to $1800 a year to help pay for eligible groceries, utilities, rent, pet care, and over-the-counter items? So, if you have medicare and medicaid, call the number on your screen now and speak with a licensed humana sales agent. If you’re eligible, they can even help enroll you over the phone in a humana medicare advantage dual-eligible special needs plan. So, call now. Better care begins with listening. Humana. A more human way to healthcare. Okay everyone, our mission is complete balanced nutrition.

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Chelsea: Hi.

[ Sighs ]

Chloe: I am glad that you texted. It has been way too long.

Chelsea: Yeah. A lot has happened. Come on in.

Chloe: I know. We have so much to catch up on, starting with, how did you end up living in this place?

Chelsea: Uh, well [Clears throat] Moving here was a byproduct of some… pretty major events.

Chloe: Oh, nothing bad, i hope? I ran into adam. He was looking for you. HeI spent thanksgiving with him and connor, actually.

Chloe: Oh. That’s nice.

Chelsea: Yeah, it was. There reason he was having trouble finding me is that I was in the hospital.

Chloe: Were you sick? Did you get in an accident?

Chelsea: I was there for some mental-health issues.

Chloe: What? What happened?

Chelsea: Um…over the past few months, I’ve been just spiraling down a very dark, very deep hole, and I couldn’t find my way out of it.

Chloe: [ Sighs ] You know, when you ended our partnership, I knew that you were struggling, but I didn’t know it was this serious. I haven’t been there for you. I’m so sorry. I feel so guilty.

Chelsea: Don’T. I hid this from everyone until it finally just exploded. I wish I had thought to confide in my best friend. I mean, no one would have understood better than you.

Chloe: Absolutely. I’m so sorry. I should have checked in with you more and reminded you that, even though our partnership ended, that our friendship was still solid.

Chelsea: The truth is, I just felt weaker than you. Because you’ve been through so much more than I have and you’ve always been able to persevere.

Chloe: [ Exhales heavily ]

Billy: Hi. Sorry I’m late. I got held up.

Lily: No. Uh, you left the apartment really early this morning.

Billy: Yeah, I, uh — I went to the gym, and then I went by to check on chelsea and make sure that everything was okay there.

Lily: Yeah, I figured that’s where you were.

Billy: Yeah, well, she didn’t join us for thanksgiving yesterday, so I just wanted to see if there was anything she needed.

Lily: Okay. Well, now that she’s okay, there’s something that I need.

Billy: Sure. What is it?

Lily: You.

Billy: Of course. I’m all yours. You know that.

Lily: Well, I used to, but… I don’t know. We just haven’t really had a chance to talk lately. You know, I’ve had work. You’ve had…other things. And I was chatting with devon about how delicate relationships are and how, if you’re not careful, it’s like there’s this distance that kind of grows between you, and then you just…

[ Cellphone thuds ] Something with chelsea, i assume?

Billy: Chelsea’s meeting with chloe to, you know, fill her in on everything that she’s been going through, and I just, uh, want to make sure just in case she needs something.

Lily: Yeah, well, I hope having chloe in the mix doesn’t interfere with your new life’s mission.

Billy: And what exactly do you mean by that?

Nate: Nick, look —

Victoria: Gentlemen.

[ Sighs ] What’s new at newman media? All well, I trust?

Nate: Couldn’t be better. Nick here was just offering some friendly career advice, which i will take to heart. I am grateful for any and all words of wisdom you have to offer. You clearly have a lot to teach me.

Nick: I’m glad you appreciate it.

Victoria: I’ll see you at the morning meeting.

Nick: I’ll be there.

Abby: Thank you. And you’re right. Dominic is the most important thing. And I know that chance loves him. I’ve never doubted that. But I have to face the facts. My marriage is over.

Devon: Abby. Abby, you can’t say that so soon. It’s too soon. You guys haven’t talked. You have to give him time.

Abby: What if chance is right? I mean, what if he can’t give mee everything that I need? What if I am trying to turn him into something that he isn’t?

Devon: You know that, um, amanda came back to tell me that she was planning to spend a lot more time in virginia with her family.

Abby: You started growing away from each other.

[ Sighs ]

Devon: Yeah. Distance does that. I don’t know, though. I don’t know if… because she’s needed by her family so much now, maybe it was just a matter of time before we split up. Some things are inevitable.

Abby: [ Sighs ] When cold symptoms keep you up,

Abby: You can say that your breakup was inevitable, and i can say I was asking too much of chance, but, I mean, maybe we’re just making excuses so we don’t feel as guilty about what we did. Because the truth is, if we hadn’t slept together, maybe we could have worked out the problems that we were having in our relationships. But what we did — it was unforgivable.

Devon: We weren’t trying to hurt anybody, though.

Abby: But that was the outcome. We hurt people that we claim to love the most.

Devon: I regret making anybody feel that way. But I meant what I said before. Part of me doeeg happened between us just ’cause in the moment, it made all the sense in the world.

[ Dominic crying ]

Chance: I wish I could tell you more, victor. That’s up to her. I am sorry that she’s hurting, though.

Victor: That’s all you can say, that you’re sorry she’s hurting?

Chance: I hope you know I am hurting, as well.

Victor: Well, then do something about it.

Chance: Not everything can be fixed.

Victor: You’ll do nothing?

Chance: Sometimes the best way to heal, victor, is just to leave things alone.

Victor: [ Exhales heavily ] Do I need to remind you, chance, that when you came back from your overseas assignment in spain, you promised me that you would put my daughter on a pedestal, that she would be more important than anything else? Are you not a man of your word? Because one thing I promise you — as you get older, you realize that family is everything, everything worth fighting for. Don’t you forget it.

Chelsea: I wish I had your strength. I don’t know how you managed to go on after you lost delia. So, compared to your struggles, I don’t know how to justify my pain.

Chloe: Ohh. [ Sighs ] Pain is not a competitive sport. I mean, losing delia was my own personal hell, but you have your own losses. We all do.

Chelsea: I know, but —

Chloe: No, trying to compare pain is — it’s disrespectful to our own personal journey. That doesn’t make it any less real.

Chelsea: Thanks for getting it.

Chloe: I’m your best friend. We get each other. But I know the last time that you were hospitalized, you weren’t getting the help that you needed, and I hope you are now.

Chelsea: I am. I want and I need real help. I don’t have a choice anymore. Because I was literally on the edge.

Chloe: Wait, you… I mean, what do you mean? What…?

Chelsea: [ Breathes deeply ] It could have gone all very, very, very wrong, incredibly wrong, forever wrong if it wasn’t for billy. He stopped me. He saved my life.

Lily: I think that you are distracting yourself with this new mission to save chelsea as a way to feel better about leaving chancellor-winters.

Billy: You got to be kidding me.

Lily: Billy, you said that you were quitting to find your passion and your calling, but you’ve done anything but.

Billy: Lily, are you hearing yourself right now?

Lily: Um, do you see yourself? Because chelsea has a lot of people around her who can support her, but yet you feel like she can’t function without your constant presence and attention.

Billy: I honestly can’t believe that you’re going there.

Lily: Okay, you know what? If you want to feel like you’re doing some noble gesture by sacrificing every bit of your day and night for her, that’s fine, but what you’re really doing is you’re not letting yourself take responsibility for anything.

Billy: Okay. There it is. Now you’re actually telling the truth.

Lily: Okay, you know what? Forget it.

Billy: No, no, please go ahead. Have at it.

Lily: I worry, billy, okay? I worry about you and chelsea because you don’t know what you’re playing at with this.

Billy: No, you’re right. I’m not a therapist. I never claimed to be a therapist, but I know where she’s coming from.

Lily: Just because you’ve been in dark places doesn’t mean that you can lead her through something like this. How is she gonna develop any sense of normalcy or independence or — or rebuild meaningful relationships in her life if she’s always navigating around you?

Billy: I think it’s important that she has support from her family and friends, lily.

Lily: She has other people, billy, okay? She has sharon, who has a degree in psychology, who works downstairs. She has chloe, who’s been stepping up. Adam — connor’s dad — he’s also been stepping up, right?

Billy: Yeah, he has, but that’s not the point, is it?

Lily: No. The point is that instead of owning your own limitations, you’re using chelsea’s traumatic experience to run away.

Billy: Oh, my god. Run away from what?

Lily: From the company. From supporting me, okay? This is you being who you’ve always been, billy. It’s you chasing the next high. And the next high now is you being billy the savior.

Music (“I swear”) plays

Billy: I honestly can’t believe how judgmental and petty you’re being, and I’m just gonna stop right there so I don’t say something that I regret.

Lily: Like what?

Billy: Like the truth. I mean, it seems like we’re both having a problem with that right now.

Lily: Sorry. What am I not being honest about?

Billy: About me leaving chancellor-winters. I mean, you expect 100% transparency from everyone you work with, except you’re not being honest about how you really feel about me leaving the company. And now — now what? You’re gonna bring chelsea into the middle of this?

Lily: You’re the one who’s made her the center of everything.

Billy: Honestly, lily, i I expected you to recognize that I am simply trying to help someone else in need.

Lily: Are you really gonna turn this around on me and make me the villain?

Billy: Come on. Let’s just be honest. We both know that it was the right time for me to walk away. I asked you a million times, and you said yes. I asked if I should stick around. You insisted that it was time for me to resign. And now what? You’re holding a grudge?

Lily: [ Sighs ]

Billy: Why is that? Are you upset that my goals aren’t the same as your goals? Are you upset that I’m finding purpose outside the corporate world, outside of working for you?

Lily: Of course not.

Billy: I mean, did you like me better when I was solely in service of you, where I depended on you, and then you would rein me in every once in a while? I mean, maybe — maybe it’s you. Maybe you’re the one that has the savior complex.

Lily: Careful, billy.

Billy: If I don’t need saving anymore, lily, where does that leave you?

Victoria: So, what was really going on between you and nick?

Nate: Oh, nothing much. He just dropped by to see how i was settling in.

Victoria: Then why did things seem so tense?

Nate: Well, he mentioned that because of everything that went down at chancellor-winters he doesn’t trust me.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] He shouldn’t have said that.

Nate: No, it’s alright. I’ll just have to work hard to prove myself to him.

Victoria: You know what? Forget about nick.Talk aut you.

Nate: Uh-oh. Something tells me I’m about to get an earful.

Victoria: No, no, no. It’s all good. Every single e-mail that I have gotten has been something along the lines of, “just met nate. Great hire. Nice guy. Looking forward to working with him.”

Nate: I promise you, I am not paying for those reviews.

Victoria: Oh, trust me, i have considered all of the sources, and those people have been here a long time. They’ve seen a lot of changes. And for them to sit up and takef the new guy and take time to mention him, they’re very impressed.

Nate: Wow. That’s a real compliment, given how talented everyone around here seems to be.

Victoria: You are off to a wonderful start. I want you to meet our executive team in our california offices. I’d like for you to accompany me to a meeting in los angeles next week.

Nate: Mm. Looking forward to it. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Chloe: Billy saved you? What… were you thinking… were you thinking about dying?

Chelsea: I was. But now I am so thankful that i didn’t do it.

Chloe: So am I. I can’t imagine a world without my best friend.

Chelsea: Neither can I. After I pushed you away, it felt like a piece of me was missing.

Chloe: I am so proud of you for doing all the hard work you need to do to get well.

Chelsea: [ Sighs ]

Chloe: And you’re gonna get the right help this time. You’re going to listen to everything that your doctors tell you to do.

Chelsea: Yeah, all of them.

Chloe: And I’m gonna be here for you, whatever you need, because I love you. You’re like my sister. We’re supposed to grow old together.

[ Both laugh ] Play pickleball and wear our matching tracksuits.

Chelsea: [ Laughs ]

[ Sniffles ]

Chloe: And there are gonna be some crappy days, but you got to stick around for the good parts, okay?

Chelsea: That’s the plan.

Chloe: [ Exhales sharply ]

Chelsea: [ Sniffles ]

[ Sighs ]

Abby: Hi.

Chance: I just had a very interesting conversation with your father.

Abby: I hope you didn’t tell him.

Chance: No, I didn’t tell him. I kept your secret, just like you asked, took all the blame. I hope you know I have no intention of embarrassing you by telling your family or anybody else what happened.

Abby: Thank you. That’s very generous of you.

Chance: Protect and serve.

Abby: [ Sighs ]

Chance: Anyways, this conversation with your father got me thinking about this whole situation.

Abby: Yeah?

Chance: Yeah. And I think there’s one thing that we can both agree on. It would be a monumental mistake to drag this out any further. I think the best thing for everyone involved is that we move forward with the divorce immediately.

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B&B Transcript Tuesday, 11/29/22

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Ridge: All right. Douglas is out of the room. I’m gonna need some answers.

Thomas: You’re angry.

Ridge: You have no idea how angry I am.

Thomas: What I did was bad.

Ridge: What you did? You called cps and I wanna make sure I’m understanding this, you called cps andbo changed your voice to sound like brooke.

Thomas: Yes, I did and I’m sorry, but that doesn’t change how much you love my mom, all right? And that’s what you should be focused on today.

Ridge: I believed in you. I thought you were a changed man and you’re not. You did this. You betrayed me.

[ Thomas sighing ]

Brooke: It’s a beautiful day for a wedding. Bet ridge and taylor are exchanging vows as we speak.

Katie: Dad was so disappointed in ridge and his recent behavior.

Brooke: I’m so glad that he stopped by. A surprise visit from him and lucy? I just wish he didn’t have to catch a plane so soon.

Donna: Me too. You know, I miss him already.

Katie: And it was so sweet how protective he was. Wanted to run over there and stop the wedding.

Brooke: If only that were possible.

Sheila: You’re thinking about brooke. You really are distracted, aren’t you?

Deacon: No, I’m just–

Sheila: Why don’t you just admit that you’ve got brooke on your mind and you can’t stop thinking about her.

Deacon: She’s my daughter’s mother. Hope’s concerned about her, which means I’m concerned about her. Brooke’s going through a tough time.

Sheila: Oh, yeah. It must be really tough living in that big mansion all by yourself, accepting the fact that ridge is about to marry someone else.

Deacon: Hope gave me a heads up about the wedding.

Sheila: Well, I’m sure she’s consoling brooke right now, being the dutiful daughter.

Deacon: No, actually. She’s still out of town on business for her line with zende. She wanted to be home with her mother, but brooke insisted that she go.

Sheila: Gosh, well, you know, I hope she doesn’t spiral out of control with her gone and expect you to go over there and wipe her tears.

Deacon: If she needs me, I’m there.

Sheila: I need you, right here, deacon.

Deacon: Really?

Sheila: Yeah.

Deacon: It’s so weird because I– I wouldn’t have thought that, the way that you slip out in that disguise every now and then. Yeah, I know all about that. Are you trying to get caught?

Sheila: Don’t worry about it.

Deacon: Where do you go anyway?

Sheila: I said don’t worry about it. And you know, don’t– don’t worry about brooke either because she’s gonna survive. This isn’t the first time she’s lost her darling ridge.

Brooke: How would I survive without the support of my family.

Katie: Oh, it’s what we do. We lean on each other.

Brooke: I have to be honest with you about something, katie. It’s something that bill said earlier.

Katie: Oh, I– uh, I know. You don’t have to say it. He made a pitch for you. I know.

Brooke: He told you?

Katie: No, I overheard bill and carter.

Donna: Carter, what?

Katie: Oh, right, carter. He– he came by because he was apparently picking something up for the wedding? I don’t know, maybe something for ridge or the ceremony. Anyway, I overheard bill and carter talking and I guess carter overheard bill trying to reel you in.

Brooke: Oh, my god.

Katie: And then he heard you shutting bill down and then he heard bill asking me to take him back.

Donna: Oh, my god.

Brooke: What?

Donna: That is so shady! What?

Katie: Yeah. I– anyway, carter called him out on it and he said… some very sweet things in my defense. I don’t know that I’ve really met anyone like him.

Eric: You did this to brooke?

Ridge: I thought you changed. I thought– I thought– I thought you were a better man, but you– you’re not. I defended you to everyone. I was proud of you!

Thomas: I’m still that guy.

Ridge: You’re not that guy! You lie! Every time you open your mouth, you lie! You did this to undermine my marriage. That’s what you were doing.

Thomas: Because you and mom belong together and you know it.

Ridge: Steffy… thank you for being honest with me. You see that, doc? You see your boy? You see what he did? You knew. Dancing is everything.

Sheila: Maybe there’s gonna be a picture online.

Deacon: Of what?

Sheila: Of the nuptials. Ridge and taylor, they’re– they’re both famous, right? There might be a family photo somewhere. Thank you.

Deacon: You’re hoping to see a photo of finn and hayes.

Sheila: Mm-hm. If I’m forbidden from seeing them in real life, I– I think a picture’s gonna be the next best thing.

Deacon: I think– I just think it’s crazy that this wedding is even going down. I mean, the ink isn’t even dry on her annulment papers.

Sheila: Look, it’s– it’s not like brooke hasn’t been through this ten times before, okay? She’s a big girl. She’s– she’s gonna be fine.

Deacon: I just hope she doesn’t start drinking to numb the pain.

Sheila: Yeah, well, that’S… that’s not your problem, deacon.

Deacon: No, darling. You’re my problem.

[ Sheila chuckling ]

Sheila: I know that you’re tempted to go see brooke, but don’t even think about it.

Brooke: You said there was a new man in your life.

Donna: And why did you not tell me about this?

Katie: I was just waiting for things to be a little bit more official.

Brooke: So, it is carter.

Katie: We don’t have to talk about this right now, okay? Not when your heart is breaking over ridge.

Brooke: It’s okay. Just because I’m sad doesn’t mean I don’t want my sisters to be happy. So, tell us more. How serious is this?

Katie: It’s– we’ve just been spending some time together, you know? We’ve gotten close.

Donna: How close?

Katie: Not as close as you’re thinking?

Brooke: Well, I’m happy for you. You deserve all the love in the world.

Katie: We all do. Including you, brooke.

Ridge: You knew. You knew what thomas did.

Taylor: Yes, I did.

Carter: We should give you all some time alone.

Eric: Yeah. We’ll go upstairs.

Finn: Um, I’ll check on the kids.

Thomas: Dad, don’t be mad at mom.

Ridge: How long have you known?

Taylor: I just found out upstairs.

Steffy: I just told mom. And I just found out from douglas, and when I went to confront thomas, that’s when mom walked in.

Ridge: This just happened just now?

Steffy: Yes. Mom’s shocked. She didn’t think thomas would do something like this.

Ridge: But she didn’t tell me. You were gonna marry me anyway.

Taylor: Yes.

Steffy: Thomas was pressuring her to keep quiet.

Taylor: No, don’t say that. I’m the one who decided not to tell you, so that’s on me.

Thomas: You know, dad? Today is your wedding day, so maybe we shouldn’t worry about this right now. We’ll deal with it later.

Ridge: Sure.

Thomas: Look, I take full blame. Mom isn’t responsible. You know how good of a person she is. You know her integrity. This is my mistake.

Ridge: Did you say mistake?

Thomas: Yeah.

Ridge: It’s not a mistake. It’s an evil, calculated scheme… carried out by my boy. I’m steve.

Sheila: So, how much time do you have before work?

Deacon: Enough.

Sheila: Mm. You’re really trying to woo me, aren’t you? Where’s the– the excitement, the romance? The mystery even. Maybe I should go put my disguise back on when you first met me.

Deacon: No, that’s– that’s good. I don’t need to see that redhead again. She’s dangerous. Sheila, you gotta stop with the field trips, all right? Wherever you’re going with that disguise, knock it off. You’re gonna get us both busted.

Sheila: Nobody even knows it’s me. Besides, I– I picked up a few new wigs.

Deacon: Really?

Sheila: Yeah.

Deacon: Anyway.

[ Sheila laughing ] Everyone thinks you’re dead. It needs to stay that way.

Sheila: You know what? I will not stay that way. And before you know it, I’m gonna be free as a bird.

Deacon: Yeah, a jailbird. But you keep dreaming.

Sheila: You know what? I started over before and I’m gonna do it again and the only person sitting here dreaming is you, deacon. Because you don’t stand a chance with brooke.

Brooke: So, he stood up for you. That’s good. What exactly did you hear carter saying to bill?

Katie: Uh, he just said that I deserve a man who would be committed to me.

Donna: Yes, you do.

Katie: Someone who would be true to me, always. And that he was making my happiness his business.

Donna: Carter, okay. A++. Who doesn’t want all that?

Brooke: You really like him, don’t you?

Katie: As I said, it’s– it’s still new. Anyway, I feel bad talking about this today of all days.

Brooke: Oh, don’t worry. We’re just so excited for you. Carter is such a great guy.

Katie: Yeah, he is. I know it’s hard right now, brooke, and it might sound crazy, but… don’t give up on ridge.

[ Brooke sighing ]

Carter: Well, that was unexpected.

Eric: How are the little ones? Are they okay? I hate for them to be affected by this. Are they okay?

Finn: They’re– they’re okay. They’re in the kitchen decorating cupcakes with my mom.

Eric: God, I’m beyond furious. I’m so angry with thomas!

Carter: Clearly, ridge is too. I’ve never seen him so angry and disillusioned.

Finn: I can only imagine how hard it was for steffy, having to call out her own brother.

Ridge: How could you do this? So many lives turned upside down. Look at your beautiful mother. Look at what you’re putting her through.

Thomas: I’m, uh… I’m not making excuses.

Ridge: I’m not asking for excuses. You can’t defend any of this.

Thomas: I’m not. But come on, dad. You moved out of brooke’s like twice in the last year. You’re sick of that relationship. Don’t forget that.

Steffy: Thomas, stop. You’ve already done enough damage.

Thomas: You know what? I got to see you come back into mom’s life, making her happy and you, with our family and we had wonderful moments together. It’s a life anyone could dream of. And I had to get you out of that toxic relationship.

Taylor: You– that was not your place, thomas.

Ridge: I kept asking brooke, I said, “just say it. Just admit to something,” and every moment of silence was another slap in the face. But, she didn’t know what I was talking about. Because it wasn’t her, she wasn’t a liar. It was him. I don’t– I don’t believe this.

Taylor: I should have pulled you aside, ridge. I should have told you. I know.

Ridge: What happened? Hm? What happened to the woman I fell in love with? The woman… that always tells the truth? Where did she go?

Taylor: I don’t know. I’m so sorryE. I am so sorry. (Vo) red lobster. The finer points of fun dining

Katie: You and ridge are soulmates. He will come home.

Donna: He’s gonna be so miserable without you, brooke. He is gonna realize that he is making the biggest mistake of his life.

Katie: I know it seems impossible right now, like you’re never gonna be happy again, but it’s felt impossible before and fate has proven you wrong and it will this time too. You and ridge are written in the stars and no one can take that away from you.

Ridge: This isn’t like you.

Taylor: No. No, I– I– I should have given you a chance to decide what you wanted to do before the wedding. But, I panicked. You love me, right?

Ridge: Of course, I do. So much.

Taylor: And you’ve been assuring me that– that– that we are together because you love me and you want to be with me and it had nothing to do with anything that brooke did. But that’s not true, ridge. The cps call. Okay, listen, I… I made the decision not to tell you about the recording because I wanted to believe that your promises to me had nothing to do with what you thought brooke did to our son.

Steffy: Dad, you have every right to feel hurt, but mom was trying to protect thomas. She doesn’t wanna lose you.

Taylor: That’s true. This is a lot. I, um… I wish I could go back, but I can’T. I– I can only… I can only tell you that I… I don’t want a marriage based on lies. Not from me. Not from you. Not from anyone.

[ Taylor sighing ] I let my emotions get the best of me. My fears. My family. The thought of losing you again when I thought that we had it– we had made it. That we were gonna be okay. So, I don’t know. This is– this is the moment of truth. Right? What do you wanna do, ridge? Do you wanna go on with the wedding? Are we gonna get through this? Because today was supposed to be about new beginnings. It was supposed to be about our kids and our grandkids and everything that we have been grateful for. The chance at– at a life together again. That’s what today was supposed to be about. I– I’ve apologized. And thomas has apologized and I know that it doesn’t make it okay right now, but… are you gonna stand behind your promises to me? Are you gonna make me your wife?

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B&B cast animated GIF

Interview with “Reindeer in Here” producers

TV Interview!

"Reindeer In Here" panel for CBS with producers Candace Cameron Bure, Adam Reed and Lino DiSalvo - photos from Reindeer in Here Official site, and social media

Interview with Candace Cameron Bure, Adam Reed and Lino DiSalvo of “Reindeer In Here” on CBS by Suzanne 11/3/22

This is a really good animated Christmas special on CBS. I hope you watch it! This panel was fun but a little confusing at first because they didn’t tell us who would be there, and they put up a photo of the cast right beforehand, which made me think that the cast would all be on the panel. However, most of them weren’t, so that was also disappointing. I was the one asking the first question here, and I was using my tablet, which sometimes only shows part of the panel on the screen if it’s a large group, so that’s why I asked if there were more.  Also, one of the panel members has said some controversial remarks since this panel occurred.  I hope that no one foregoes watching the special because of her. She plays a very minor role, and the special is very good. It’s based on a book, or series of books, and a new one is coming out, so it has that product tie-in, along with the toys they mentioned.

Here’s the transcript of the panel!



Candace Cameron Bure

 Adam Reed, Executive Producer/Creator

 Lino DiSalvo, Executive Producer/Director

 Virtual via Zoom

November 03, 2022

© 2022 CBS.  All rights reserved.

TRACEY RAAB:  Hi, there.  I’m Tracey Raab from the CBS communications team.  And on behalf of our entire group, we want to thank you for joining us for our holiday collection press day.  We’re excited to be adding even more content into our already robust annual slate of animated specials, movies, concerts, and more.  Today we have some first looks and great panels on deck and, at the end of our presentation, a sneak peek at a special one‑hour holiday episode of our hit comedy “Ghosts.”

Hopefully you all saw the announcements this morning for the cast of our newest animated Christmas special, “Reindeer in Here,” and information on a few of our annual traditions:  “A Home for the Holidays,” “The Thanksgiving Day Parade,” and the “National Christmas Tree Lighting.”  Also, we have two special episodes of “The Greatest At-Home Videos” for Thanksgiving and the holidays, hosted by Cedric the Entertainer, airing November 11th and December 16th.

Throughout the day, please check your inboxes for a link to video content we hope you will share on your social platforms.  And finally, a reminder to use the raise hand function to ask a question during our sessions.  We will now begin with our first panel, “Reindeer in Here.”  Enjoy.

(Clip played.)

KATE FISHER:  Hi, everybody.  I’m Kate Fisher.  On behalf of myself and my counterpart, Victoria Saavedra, we’d like to welcome you to the “Reindeer in Here” panel.  We’re so excited to share a sneak peek today of our new animated holiday entry, a heartwarming tale featuring Blizzard or Blizz, a young reindeer living at the North Pole who bands together with his unique group of friends to save the future of Christmas.

The animation and story line are truly unique, and the special is a wonderful addition to our holiday slate.  The special premieres Tuesday, November 29th, on CBS and will stream live and on demand on Paramount+.

Now, please welcome our panelists, star Candace Cameron Bure, executive producer and creator Adam Reed, and executive producer and director Lino DiSalvo.  I’ll turn it over to Adam first for some opening remarks and a sneak peek at a scene from the special before taking your questions.  Over to you, Adam.

ADAM REED:  Hey, everybody.  Thanks for having us.  We’re super thrilled to be here.  You know, just a little quick back story.  When I sat down six years ago to write this book, it was out of a need for my own family that I couldn’t find a positive Christmas tradition that also didn’t stress me out as a parent.  And so I really kind of sat down and tried to write a story that I felt would be unique and different and you would fall in love with the characters at the most magical time of year and hopefully someday become a Christmas classic.

And when I sat down with my illustrator and we were looking at different reindeers, because, of course, reindeer are the most magical thing outside of Santa, there was one reindeer that we focused on specifically, and that one reindeer had one antler smaller than the other.  And that is the hero of our story, Blizzard or Blizz.  And the reason is because he’s a different reindeer.  Right?  And every child at some point in their life feels different, because being different is normal, and our film celebrates the uniqueness of every child and of course shows that Christmas wishes really do come true.

And I will tell you my Christmas wish has come true because I know we announced our amazing ‑‑ our amazing cast this morning.  I’m so thrilled to have Adam Devine, Henry Winkler, Candace Cameron Bure, Jo Koy, Donald Faison, Melissa Villaseñor, and of course Jim Gaffigan as Santa.  So we are so thrilled to be here.

And just to toss to the clip, you’re going to see a little moment here that has almost all of our main characters in it.  It has a little bit of funny, a little bit of emotion, and a lot of heart.  And we hope you enjoy.

(Clip played.)

KATE FISHER:  We’re so thrilled to start taking your questions.  As a reminder, if you have a question, please raise your hand in the chat feature and unmute yourself.

QUESTION:  Hey.  Thanks for talking to us today.  Is ‑‑ I can only see four of you on the screen.  Is everybody else there?  Or is it just the four of you?

KATE FISHER:  Just the four of us for this panel.

QUESTION:  Oh, okay.  I was confused.  Sorry.

So how long did it take to make this special?  I really enjoyed it, by the way.  I thought it was very cute and clever.  How long did it take to make?  And how long did it take for the actors to work on their voices?

LINO DISALVO:  Adam, you’re muted.

KATE FISHER:  Adam, you’re still muted.  I should remind the panelists ‑‑

ADAM REED:  Apologies.  Sorry, guys.  You know, how long did it take us to make and how long should we have had to make, two different things.  Lino, over to you on this one.

LINO DISALVO:  Yeah.  So we did this in about 13 months.  And, you know, you always wish you had a little bit more time, but 13 months.  And we had actors ‑‑ well, the thing is, is that going back and forth in total, from casting and finding just the right actors, I would say three ‑‑ three weeks, four weeks.

ADAM REED:  And by the way ‑‑ and Candace can speak to this.  You know, typically, before COVID times, we would be in the VO booth with all of our actors working with them.  And of course, you know, during COVID times, we can’t do that.  So everything was recorded remotely.  Candace, do you want to talk about that a second?

CANDACE CAMERON BURE:  Oh, sure.  Well, we did, I mean, lots of work on the computer over Zoom first, but then went into the recording booth solo.  And you guys were all on monitors in the booth with me.  And it was really only a day, day and a half, maybe, of working on that.  So much fun.

cast of "Reindeer in Here" on CBS

QUESTION:  And does that include all the animation as well?

LINO DISALVO:  Yeah, the animation was about ‑‑ was about eight months.

QUESTION:  Cool.  Thank you.

LINO DISALVO:  You’re welcome.

QUESTION:  For Adam, I can’t help noticing that this is the exact opposite of Archer in so many ways.  I mean, Archer just ripples with cynicism, and this is the precise opposite.  So what was it like to go from one to the other?  And which one of those two is really you?

ADAM REED:  Well, here’s what I’ll tell you.  I’m actually not the Adam Reed that created Archer.  That is a different Adam Reed, and that Adam Reed and I always get confused.  He gets my e‑mails; he gets ‑‑ and I get his e‑mails.  So very, very different.  So luckily, to answer your question, this is my only baby.

QUESTION:  Okay.  And let me ask you, what’s it like for so often people to assume you’re the other Adam Reed?  Do you enjoy that or is it weird?

ADAM REED:  No, look, we were at the same agency for a long time, and we’ve never actually met.  So, you know, it’s just kind of funny.

QUESTION:  Okay, thanks.

QUESTION:  Hi.  Question for Lino.  Obviously you’ve been a head of animation before this, but I believe this is your first time as director.  I was curious to know how different that responsibility has been for you being that you used to lead a team of just animators and now you’re managing the whole pipeline.

LINO DISALVO:  Yeah.  I love it.  I mean, especially that ‑‑ I think when you find a script that speaks to you and feels honest to you and you can relate to the characters, it’s really enjoyable.  It’s wonderful.  I mean, you know, the team that I was leading at Disney was ‑‑ you know, I would oversee a couple hundred people, and I think the crew on our show was less than 200 people.  So, listen, I loved it.  Like, as an animator becoming a director and working on a holiday movie, dude, I’m thrilled.  I loved it.

QUESTION:  Okay.  Thank you.

LINO DISALVO:  Thank you.

QUESTION:  Hi.  Thanks, Kate.  Hi, everyone.  Candace, you’ve obviously got a lot going on this holiday season, like a lot.  And you’re very associated with another network these days.  Do you have a special ‑‑ I don’t know if the word is “out” or “out clause” or whatever ‑‑ in your deal with them that if something like this comes up that’s animation only, it’s okay for you to do it for another firm?  And also, did this fit in comfortably with everything else that you’ve got going for this holiday season?

CANDACE CAMERON BURE:  So to answer your question, yes.  Obviously I’m in the project, so I was ‑‑ I was able to do it.  And it’s been a huge dream of mine for a very long time to be in something animated that’s very special.  And it was so fitting to ‑‑ for my first animated movie to be in a Christmas one.  So that was very exciting for me.  And I’m forgetting the second part of your question.

QUESTION:  I’m sorry.  The “yes” part was to that you have a special out clause with the other network in terms of doing something with animation?  Was that what the “yes” was for?  I’m sorry.  Was that ‑‑ there were two questions.  I’m sorry.  The “yes” that you gave was to the question about ‑‑

CANDACE CAMERON BURE:  Oh, that, yes, I was able to do this project.  And, yep.

QUESTION:  And then the other question was ‑‑ I guess the “yes” takes care of both of those.  Thank you.


QUESTION:  We’re good.  Thank you.

ADAM REED:  And can I say one thing that is super important?  When we started concepting this movie and how it was going to be, the first person we had in mind was Candace.  She is obviously the queen of Christmas and just an amazing human being.  And so when we created the roles, we ‑‑ you know, she literally was the first person we thought of.  And she is so incredible at this role, there is even a little Pinky plush that ‑‑


ADAM REED:  ‑‑ everyone is going to love.  That is her character and as amazing as she is.

CANDACE CAMERON BURE:  Adam, thank you.  That was so sweet.  I have the little Pinky plush right here.  All my nieces are going to get this.  And godchildren.

And, yes, I ‑‑ you know, I did remember the second part of your question, if this movie was fitting into all of the other things that I’m doing.  And the answer to that is yes.  This movie is such a beautiful story that’s so heartwarming and so encouraging to kids to celebrate our uniqueness, and I just ‑‑ I absolutely love it as a mom first and what the message sends.  And then of course as an actress, it was just delightful to be in.

QUESTION:  Thank you.

QUESTION:  Hi, everyone.  Thanks so much.  I love the special.  My two‑year‑old daughter has a little reindeer in here.  Her name is Ida.

ADAM REED:  Oh, I love that.

QUESTION:  And, yeah, we’ve had her since last year.  So she was home sick yesterday, so she actually watched the screener with me, and then all day today, she wants to watch the Ida movie.  So I really ‑‑ it was really great.

But I was just wondering, did you ‑‑ because the book is done in, like, obviously a different animation style than the show.  Were other animation styles considered when you did the special?

ADAM REED:  Well, I want to toss that to Lino in a second.  The only thing I want to say is you will see very quickly this year there’s a new vision of the book and plush set.  So the art is elevated.  It’s a completely new and fresh look.  And it was very important that we not only elevate it, but we kept it classic.  And when Lino and I first started talking, we wanted to have ‑‑ look, for us, we want this to be a Christmas classic, right?  To outlive us all, like Rudolph.  So for us, we wanted something that was contemporary but also had classical feels to it and felt hand‑painted.  And I got to give Lino all the credit for that.  He was the one that said, “Look, it’s CG‑looking, but we’re going to hand‑paint all these elements.”

Lino, can you give some context to that?

LINO DISALVO:  Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I wanted to capture the charm of the illustrations from the new book that’s coming out.  So, you know, a lot of times in CG, you’ll put this default fur on a character, and it’s very challenging to art‑direct the silhouette of the characters.  The two things that’s very common and which makes illustration so appealing is when you handcraft and suggest fur in silhouette, you do the little drawings of a tuft of fur on the elbow.

So you’ll see ‑‑ when you watch Blizz, you’ll notice that he has these little hero elements on him that really stand out and are really handcrafted.  And the other is a lot of the times, you know, when two textures meet on a CG character, they kind of blend together.  And I wanted to celebrate, again, what the illustration ‑‑ what illustration artists would do, which is maybe use a dry blush to blend in the textures.  So when you look at Blizz again, if you look at his nose, like at the top of his nose, there’s a dry brush stroke there.

And, yeah, I really love the idea that the movie is handcrafted and very high quality.  We take pride in that.

ADAM REED:  And by the way, if you want to be mom of the year, have Ida bring a special new gift, there is ‑‑ we have “Reindeer in Here” PJs this year and blankets.  Yeah, at Target.  So they just ‑‑ they just launched and they’re pretty awesome.  So maybe an early little Thanksgiving gift from Ida.

QUESTION:  Very cool.  Thank you.

QUESTION:  Certainly.  It’s a question for Candace.  I’m wondering how you ‑‑ you found the voice.  I mean, it’s not that very different from your own voice, but, yet, it does have a distinctness to it.  How did you find the voice for the character?

CANDACE CAMERON BURE:  Well, that was ‑‑ that was Lino.  Really, I didn’t know if I was ‑‑ if they even wanted me to try a different kind of voice.  And we worked on that, and they initially were like, “No, we just ‑‑ we really want your voice.”  I think my voice is distinctive.  I hear a lot from people on the street that they’re not sure if it’s me when they see me, but as soon as they hear my voice, they instantly know that it’s me.  And so they really did want my voice.  So it was just really working on the delivery of the lines and the little nuances of how we wanted her to be.

And I feel like ‑‑ I feel like Pinky, she’s that ‑‑ she’s that friend that tells it straight, but she has a little bit of a motherly quality to her, or that big sister quality, that she’s still gentle in speaking the truth.

QUESTION:  Well, it’s a charming character.


KATE FISHER:  We have another question actually for Adam.  Adam, what has been your favorite part about bringing the book to life?

ADAM REED:  Oh, my gosh.  That’s a great question.  Truly, that we get the opportunity to ‑‑ for everybody in the world to see this.  For every child at the most magical time of year to celebrate their uniqueness and their differences, to me, is the most important thing.  And certainly my Christmas wish, the only thing I ever wished for was that ‑‑ at some point in every child’s life, they feel different, and to celebrate those uniquenesses at the most magical time of year is all I could wish for, and the fact that this is happening is just all still surreal.

KATE FISHER:  Thank you.  And a question actually for Candace.  What was one of the defining reasons you agreed to be part of the animated movie?

CANDACE CAMERON BURE:  Well, one of my ‑‑ my longtime friends ‑‑ I have a very close friendship with Jonathan Koch, who’s a part of this movie.  And then meeting with Adam.  They ‑‑ I talked to both of them, and I was very excited once I heard about the project.  But after I read the script, I was like, “Oh, I’m in.  Please.  Anything.  Like, anything that I can do, I would love to be a part of it.”

QUESTION:  Thank you.  Candace, I’m just curious.  We know you so well for all these holiday projects.  Has this been a case of you just wanting to do that because you love Christmas so much?  Or do you find that when people start talking about Christmas projects, they think of you automatically?  And is there a point where you ever went, “Gosh, I’d just like to do an Arbor Day movie”?


CANDACE CAMERON BURE:  Christmas truly is my favorite holiday of the year.  I’m a woman of faith, so there’s no bigger holiday than to celebrate Christmas.  I love that I’ve become synonymous with Christmas because of the movies that I’ve done over the past 15 years.  So it’s a great joy for me.

But, again, I’ve dreamed of being a part of a classic animated movie for a very long time.  And when I was ‑‑ was offered and pitched this project, it was just, I mean, even more magical for the fact that it was Christmas and it’s for children.  I ‑‑ you know, I’m a mom of three and I’ve written several children’s books myself.

So all ‑‑ just the culmination of everything was a no‑brainer and ‑‑ and just a delight to be a part of.  So I’m ‑‑ I’m happy ‑‑ I’m happy to be, you know, a part of people’s Christmas traditions hopefully for years to come.

QUESTION:  Thank you.

QUESTION:  Yes.  For Candace, when you do a regular holiday film, you’re dressed up in the holiday outfits and your makeup, and you’ve got the surroundings of Christmas.  How did you get yourself into the holiday spirit for doing this when it’s ‑‑ it wasn’t all decorated ‑‑ set wasn’t decorated?

CANDACE CAMERON BURE:  Oh, well, this was so exciting for me.  I remember leaving the booth where ‑‑ after recording the voices, and I was just like on the biggest high from recording these.  I don’t think I need to have the surroundings of Christmas to feel like I’m in the Christmas spirit.  I feel like I’m in Christmas 24/7 because I’m constantly ‑‑ you know, 365 days a year, because I’m always reading Christmas scripts and always developing the next Christmas movies, whether I’m starring in them or producing them.

But it was ‑‑ animation is just a whole different ball game and very new for me.  So to be able to voice a character, to see some images on a screen, but then work with such an incredible director as Lino who really just pulled all different kinds of just different performances out of me through the character was so incredibly exciting.  And I think that was ‑‑ that’s a challenge as an actor when you are in front of the camera and you’re not used to doing things off camera.  Everything about your voice has to change because people don’t get to see your facial expressions.  They don’t get to see your hand movements.  And I’m a big ‑‑ I move.  I had to move around that room.  I had to move around the booth and really perform it as an actor.  But you have to make sure that it all carries through your voice and you can’t rely on your body.

KATE FISHER:  Thank you so much.  I’m just going to ask Adam to maybe make a few final remarks to close our panel.

ADAM REED:  Sure.  Look, Candace and Lino and everybody at CBS, thank you.  Look, this movie and the “Reindeer in Here” tradition is really to celebrate the uniqueness of every child and show that Christmas wishes really do come true, not only at the most magical time of year, but year‑round.  And this movie, we have created not only to be a Christmas classic that I hope outlives us all, but also is meant for the whole family.  This is not just for children.  It is funny.  It works for adults.  It works for children.  You can really sit down with your entire family.  And the adults will pick up on things that children don’t, and maybe vice versa.  But we really hope you enjoy.  And thank you, everybody.  I’d encourage you to watch the whole film.  And thanks for having us.  We’re excited to share this tradition with the world.

KATE FISHER:  Thank you so much to our panelists and journalists for participating in our “Reindeer in Here” panel.

MORE INFO: Trailer

"Reindeer in Here" key art Celebrate the holiday season with a festive new special full of adventure and cheer for the whole family! “Reindeer in Here®,” a new one-hour animated holiday special, will premiere Tuesday, Nov. 29 on cbs Photo: CBS ©2022 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Highest quality screengrab available.


Cast Led by Adam Devine, Jim Gaffigan, Melissa Villaseñor, Henry Winkler, Candace Cameron Bure, Donald Faison, Jo Koy, Gabriel Bateman and Brooke Monroe Conaway

Click HERE for REINDEER IN HERE Voice Cast Graphic

CBS announced today the star-studded voices behind the new CBS Original animated holiday special REINDEER IN HERE®, which premieres Tuesday, Nov. 29 (9:01-10:01 PM, PT/ET), on the CBS Television Network and will be available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+*. The one-hour special, filled with joy and magic for the whole family, will immediately follow the beloved holiday classic RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER (8:00-9:01 PM, ET/PT).

REINDEER IN HERE’s cast includes Adam Devine voicing Blizzard “Blizz;” Jim Gaffigan voicing Santa; Melissa Villaseñor voicing Candy; Henry Winkler voicing Smiley; Candace Cameron Bure voicing Pinky; Donald Faison voicing Bucky; Jo Koy voicing Hawk; Gabriel Bateman voicing Theo; and Brooke Monroe Conaway voicing Isla.

Based on the award-winning Christmas book and plush set created by acclaimed author Adam Reed, written for the screen by Greg Erb & Jason Oremland, and directed by former head of animation for Walt Disney Animation Studios Lino DiSalvo, REINDEER IN HERE is the heartwarming story of how Blizzard (Blizz), a young reindeer who has one antler that is significantly smaller than the other, and his unique group of friends band together to save the future of Christmas. In doing so, they unknowingly create a magical holiday tradition like none other.

Full Press Release

Proofread and Edited by Brenda

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"Reindeer in Here" on CBS

GH Short Recap Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Gladys and Jordan are both upset with Alexis for publishing the letter the Hook Attacker sent to her in The Invader. Jordan is very upset that Alexis wrote that the prime suspect in the hook attacks is Esme Prince. Gladys is upset that as family of a victim she wasn’t told that Esme was a suspect in the hook attacks. Gladys calls the phone number that Selina Wu gave her to ask for a seat at the next poker game.

Sasha has memories of Brandon as she spends her first Thanksgiving without him. Chase finally asks Brook Lynn why she never wrote the letter to the police review board to help him get back his job.

The Quartermaine’s Thanksgiving bad luck continues as Olivia thinks she ordered a ready to eat turkey from a French company but what she ordered is a live turkey. Leo won’t let them kill Mr. Waddle so the Quartermaine’s once again order pizza for their traditional Thanksgiving dinner

Mac and Robert think Holly is at a trapping cabin on the Canadian border. Holly doesn’t want to surrender to the police and she accidentally knocks over lantern which rolls by the fireplace and catches fire and after a few minutes the entire cabin erupts into flames. The audience sees someone get out of the cabin. The person is engulfed in flames and flaying their arms trying to extinguish the flames on their body. Robert cries because he has lost Holly again.

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GH Update Monday, November 28, 2022

p align=”center”>General Hospital Updates

GH logo

Update written by Shane

Jordan phoned Mac and instructed him to secure Ava’s cooperation in their quest to locate Esme. Mac looked over at Kevin and Ava, at the Metro Court and made his way to their table. Mac told Ava that he needed her help in catching Esme. Kevin backed Mac up and said that they believed Ryan Chamberlain was likely to know Esme’s whereabouts. They both believed that if anyone was likely to somehow get Ryan to slip up and reveal information it would be Ava. Ava listened intently to their plan and agreed to it without the slightest hesitation. Mac told her to take some time to consider it and she said that she didn’t need any time.  She said she wanted to protect Trina from Esme and added that she wanted Esme to “rot.”

At General Hospital, T.J. told Diane and Jordan that Robert was “sleeping it off” although he was waiting for the results of the tox screen. Jordan said that she was convinced that Robert had been drugged, and T.J. ordered a rush on the tox screen. In his room, Robert awakened, and Diane was sitting with him. Diane refreshed his memory about the tequila shots and the reaction she believed he had to them.  She also filled him in on his strange behavior and the trip to his room with Holly. Diane added that she had given the WSB his message. Robert suddenly realized that his briefcase was gone and Diane confirmed that he had not been in possession of it when he stumbled off the elevator at the Metro Court. He said, “get Ashford in here……now.”  Diane rushed to get Jordan.

Dante paid a visit to Heather at Spring Ridge. As he was led into her cell, he found her painting. Heather asked Dante if he wanted to model for her. Dante revealed that he was there to question her about the transport crash. Heather offered to tell him for a price. Dante admitted that he couldn’t make a deal, but he thought that if she provided information, it would help her later.

Heather refused, and Dante told her she’d have plenty of time to perfect her painting in prison. He knocked on the door for the guard to let him out, and Heather frowned. She later banged on the door and requested a phone call.

Elsewhere at Spring Ridge, a caregiver attempted to read stories of interest from the newspaper to Ryan. He noted that there had been no new developments on the hook killer, and that Anna DeVane was still on the run.

Laura and Scott chatted while standing in Rice Plaza. They talked about family, and Laura noted her intention to locate Lucy’s real shooter to bring them to justice. Holly sat on a bench nearby and overheard their conversation. Laura and Scott made their way to the bench, and Holly said she had seen a woodchuck floating up into the air. She noted that she was waiting for a ride-share because she had business to tend to. She said she hadn’t expected to see so much activity around her.  Laura and Scott were perplexed that Holly would be working on the night before Thanksgiving. Scott received a phone call from Heather and walked off sounding annoyed.  Laura insisted that she drive Holly to her meeting with her contact rather than leave Holly alone waiting for a ride-share.  Laura said that she would not take no for an answer.  Holly reluctantly agreed. Laura and Holly couldn’t believe that Scott had taken the phone call from Heather and agreed it couldn’t be good. 

Esme let out a scream but quickly apologized to “Ace” in her locked room at Wyndemere. The door opened, and Elizabeth walked in. She announced that she was there to help Esme. She checked Esme’s vitals and told Esme that stress was bad for the baby. Elizabeth instructed Esme to take her pregnancy seriously and gave her some prenatal vitamins to take once a day. Esme begged Elizabeth to tell Nikolas to let her go.  Elizabeth said that living at Wyndemere was preferable to life behind bars at Pentonville, which is definitely where Esme would be headed if she were discovered.

After Elizabeth had gone, Esme wondered what her daddy would do. She had a vision of Ryan sitting on her bed, and she complained and argued about her situation. “Use the baby,” he said. He urged her to toss the vitamins out and refuse to take care of herself. Esme thought she could lose her leverage if she lost the baby, but Ryan assured her that the baby was her only leverage. Esme dumped most of the pills and figured that Elizabeth would bring her more. Downstairs, Nikolas left a phone message for Ava and told her he loved her. The doorbell rang, and Nikolas was irritated to see Victor standing there with all his luggage. Victor announced to Nikolas that tonight was the night he had decided to move in. Nikolas tried to tell him it wasn’t a good time, but Victor stated that there had been a development. He said he needed some extra security and he wanted to prepare the family for what was to come. Victor said that Nikolas and Spencer were the only ones he could trust, and he wanted Nikolas to “get his house in order.”

Victor poured drinks and handed Nikolas a glass. He told Nikolas that he would pick out his suite in the north tower. “No!” Nikolas shouted. He quickly told his uncle that the ongoing renovations were nowhere near complete and that Victor would have to stay in the south tower. Victor complained about the views in the south tower, left the room and closed the doors. “What the hell, Nikolas?” Elizabeth said. She wondered if Nikolas was trying to get caught. Elizabeth told Nikolas that Esme was doing well, even though she should have had prenatal care. Victor returned to the room and Elizabeth departed because being there with Victor obviously gave her the creeps.

Nikolas claimed that Elizabeth had shown up to talk because she’d had a rough time. Victor didn’t believe Nikolas and said that he was at least pleased to see Nikolas acting like a single man again. Victor then received a message and left to make a call. He was angry to hear that Holly had vanished.

Scott visited Heather, and she cried about Franco’s death. She said that Dante had stopped by to question her, so she knew that she was valuable. She added that she knew who had helped Anna to escape.  Heather wanted to make a deal with Scott.  He would help her get paroled from the prison and then she would sue Port Charles for millions claiming the prisoner transport crash had caused permanent damage to her neck.

Scott assured Heather that no judge would ever grant her release and that no one would ever take her seriously because she was a “crackpot.”  Heather implored him to think twice because she never forgot her friends, or her enemies.  “Neither do I,” Scott replied and he knocked on the door to be released.

Ava and Mac bumped into Dante at Spring Ridge when they arrived to see Ryan, and they gave Dante an update. Ava spotted Ryan and headed over to him. She told Ryan that Esme had been her attacker. “The audacity!” she exclaimed. She wondered if Ryan would like to help her get back at Esme for trying to take what was his.

Back at General Hospital, Robert tried to unhook his I.V. and other lines while T.J. sat with him. Robert was in a full-on panic because he had lost the necklace and was worried for Holly’s safety. T.J. told Robert that he couldn’t leave. Diane and Jordan arrived, and Jordan announced that some footage from Metro Court had been reviewed, and Holly appeared to be fine. She asked why Holly would do such a thing. Robert appeared to want to say something, but Jordan received a phone call and left. Diane surmised that Holly had stolen the necklace and drugged him. She added that she knew he was in trouble. Robert denied everything and Diane begged him not to let Holly drag him down with her.

In the car, Laura and Holly discussed her mother and the fact that Kevin was working. She thought that Holly’s memory would return, and she asked what agency Holly was working for. Holly responded that it was classified. Laura received a phone call from Jordan, but before she could tell Jordan who she was with, Jordan began to talk over the speakerphone. Jordan said that Robert had been attacked and that the attacker had the missing necklace in Robert’s briefcase. Laura realized what was happening but before she could react, Holly disconnected the call and held Laura at gunpoint.

Laura admitted that she had suspected all along that Holly and Deputy Mayor Ashby were on Victor’s payroll. When Holly told Laura to exit the freeway Laura refused to follow any of Holly’s commands.

Later, Holly and Laura were shown standing on the side of the road by an exit sign. While Holly held her gun in Laura’s direction, she grabbed Laura’s phone and called Kevin. She tossed the phone on the ground and ran. Laura picked up the phone and told Kevin where she was. She told Kevin that Holly had stolen her car and advised him to tell Jordan that Holly was armed and dangerous.

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Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Y&R logo



Recap written by Eva

Victor asks Chance about the problems he is having in his marriage to Abby. Chance explains to Victor that Abby thinks he is prioritizing his job over his marriage. Chance doesn’t tell Victor that Abby cheated on him with Devon but does tell Victor he should talk to Abby. Victor advises Chance to fight for his marriage because family is all that matters in life.

Devon and Abby talk and Devon tells Abby his relationship with Amanda ended because they grew apart and, in retrospect, he felt it coming when Amanda’s mother got sick. Devon tells Abby to talk to Chance and try to save her marriage but, if she and Chance do break up, he is confident she and Chance will find a way to co-parent Dominic.

Billy helps Chelsea get through a panic attack where she is having depressing thoughts. Billy encourages Chelsea to tell Chloe what happened so she can have the support of her best friend. Chelsea tells Chloe everything that she has gone through and she feels Chloe understands her pain. Chloe agrees to be Sally’s partner in her new business. Lily is upset with Billy because she feels he left all of his responsibilities because he gets, an adrenaline rush from saving Chelsea.

Billy thinks Lily is finally being honest and admitting that she is upset because he left Chancellor Winters and she is holding a because he left the company. Billy thinks that Lily is the one that has a savior complex and doesn’t know what to do with herself since he doesn’t need her to save him anymore.

Victoria asks Nate to go with her on a business trip to Los Angeles next week.

Chance tells Abby they should get a divorce as soon as possible and move on with their lives.

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Y&R cast animation

Days Transcript Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Days of Our Lives Transcript

Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne


Good morning. Hey, good morning. How you doing? Good. Just working away. What’s. Well, I just wanted to check in, see how you’re doing since our talk last night. I’m fine. Yes. Jada, having your baby is unexpected, but that’s not gonna change anything between us, just like you said. Right? Yeah. And I, I meant, I know.

So she’s really going through with a pregnancy, huh? Of course, she’s, why wouldn’t she? No reason. I, I was just asking. Oh gosh. That’s my, my other line. I gotta run. Okay. I look Nicole.

Oh, hi. To make up for the one we didn’t have yesterday. Oh, thank you so much. Um, that means a lot. I definitely missed this Thanksgiving without dessert. Not the same. . Well, we could, uh, have a slice for breakfast if you haven’t eaten already. Don’t you have to get to work? No, my schedule’s pretty open this morning.

Okay. Yeah, of course. Yeah. Come on in then. So, uh, speaking of work, have you heard from your sister? No. I guess she’s still out of town with Johnny Damara.

Hello El. Anybody home?

Nobody here. Good. We can talk, just start off by saying that we freaking rock Jakarta was a success. Yeah. Things got a little dicey, but we got the information we needed from Dr. Ross. Now we have to decide who to confront with it first. My brother or your dad.

Go away. How? I don’t wanna be the disturbs. This my sleep.

Bloody How? How didn’t you hear me? I said go away.

I am not Harold,

like Sands through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Yes, you, uh, you no realize, mum, I’m hallucinating. Uh, I’m seeing things that aren’t there. Just like at the crash site, you aren’t seeing things then just like you’re not seeing things. Now I am real.

And so is this, this, it’s my imagination. I, I, I, I, I hit my head last night. Tony and Chad brought me back here. Yeah, your brothers may have saved you last night, but. You all be so lucky tonight. I have a wait, say hello to your mother in how,

oh, Oh,

I wish we had that damn recording of Ralph admitting that he brainwashed Stephan on my brother’s orders. Yeah, that would definitely make things easier. Yeah, I mean, I, I can’t believe he nuked the tape. That was the hard evidence that we needed. Now my dad’s just gonna, you know, deny any involvement, brother probably will too.

But we know, I mean, we, we know they. And they shipped Ralph out of the country to cover up their tracks, and I still can’t believe my brother would do something so horrible. I mean, I know how much he loves Gabby, but this is way over the line. Look, it’s very possible that the brainwashing was my dad’s idea.

It’s totally his. With Stephan by his side, he’s got all the shares he needs to ous Gabby become c e o again, he’s exactly where he wants to be. Oh, so is my brother. A part of me thinks, just drop it now, let him get married and live happily ever after. But, I can’t do it. I can’t stay silent knowing what I know.

I have to confront him.

Okay. He’s not logged in at work yet. He must be with Gabby Jing went at better show at the office today. If, if she misses one more day of work, I swear it. Ah, relax. Enjoy your breakfast.


Oh, hmm. Delicious. You know, when rave tossed the pie in the trash that Nicole made, I thought, man, he must really be done with her. Yeah, I haven’t seen him this Ben outta shape since Sammy cheated on him with ej. Just, I, I don’t get it if all the women in this town just keep stopping all over Brave’s heart.

I thought that Nicole would be different. They were friends before they got married, right? Close friends. I liked her. I liked her for my brother. I even was rooting for them to get back together when he was dating that horrendous mafia Princess. I’m not gonna miss that bitch. No, it’s true though. I’m not, you know?

Yeah. well, I’m sorry for what happened to Rafe. Yeah, me too. I’m just, I’m surprised. You know, who knew that Nicole would hurt my brother worse than Ava? Absolutely. James. I’ll have marketing get that to you today. Okay, bye.

No, not none. Well, well, well look who’s here. Did you get lost on your way to the executives? Huh? You’re very funny. I brought you an almond latte. Oh, thank you. Chloe’s my favorite. Of course. Well, I mean, with your big new job, I’m surprised you had time to stop by. Well, actually, with my big new job at Damer Corporate, um, one of the things I have to do is now oversee basic black.

You got Kristen’s job? Mm-hmm. . And she got my man.

What does a guy have to do to get some breakfast around here? Hello, brother. Hey. What? Cigars? Cigars? Yeah. I hear congratulations are definitely in order. ? Yeah. My mother told you about the baby. No, no, no, no. Nicole. Oh, well hey, she is one of my best friends here. Yeah, of course she is. And I’m glad you two can talk.

I mean, this baby is a blessing, obviously, and mm-hmm. , gosh. I mean it’s uh, it’s very exciting. Yeah. It’s throwing us for a loop a little bit. It clearly complicates your reunion with Nicole. What’s the deal with Jada? I mean, where does that stand? Well, it’s over. I bet Chad has decided to keep the baby, which I’m really happy about.

I mean, we can co. Yeah. Okay. So, um, it’s gonna be you, Nicole, her kid, and Jada plus your kid. Yeah, yeah. . Okay. It’s gonna be a little more complicated than I’m sure you wish, but you and Nicole, you guys will work it out. Yeah.

So you really don’t want me to come with you to confront your brother? I’ll be fine. What if he panics and what hurts me? They would never do that. How can you be so sure after Rolf tried to drug us and Jakarta? Okay. We don’t know if he was ordered to do that. You could have gone rogue. Well, I intend to find out, so why don’t we just both go see my dad first.

Connie, we. That we’d have a better chance of getting information if we split out. Yeah, I know, but stick to the plan. Divide and conquer.

Would you rather have a coffee I a dog and I’m over.

I think I might still be drunk considering the amount of fine single mal put away yesterday. Where was this?

And my mother’s crash site.

Brave was with me for a bit. Took a swig of my flask. If you can leave that and then a bit later on I saw Ava Fatali. Sorry, when I was hallucinating, obviously. Fact, she devil is running hell for what she did to my mother.

I’m so sorry. I can’t begin to imagine the pain that you’re going through right now and just know if there’s anything. That you need. I’m, I’m here. I appreciate your guidance, brother. You and Chloe were there for me tonight. It happened

what night in my life. It was a great comfort. I’m glad. Oh, and uh, please offer my gratitude to Chloe as well. I’ll tell her, see her in a bit. So I’ll let her know. You two seem to be getting closer.

We are. God, you must be seating. Oh. Just finding any opportunity to throw her wedding blands in my face. Is that right? It’s one pathetic attempt after another to make me jealous. You know, I wish she would just stop wasting her energy and get it into her head that Chloe is the only woman in my mind.

I know this situation with Brady Suck. But imagine the look on Kristen’s face when she finds out that you’re still part of Basic Black. I mean, that’s a little consolation, isn’t it? Yeah, I know right? . Uh, but Brady insists that he thinks that Kristen put Lee up to offering me this promotion. What do you think?

Well, I was just more curious if Stephan had anything to do with it. But I asked Lee and he insists that it was up to him and ej. Hmm. And what about Kristen? Apparently Kristen no longer works at Dera, so to prove that I was given oversight of basic Black. But you’re still suspicious of Kristen Always. I still can’t believe Brady broke up with you and moved Kristen into his home.

Mm. He thinks that’s what’s best for Rachel. So living under the same roof as a total lunatic. Well, that total lunatic happens to be Rachel’s mom. Listen, Brady has clearly moved on and so have I. You know how those two raised their child? It’s. It’s no longer my concern.

We do realize that Jada and I are not the first former couple to give co-parenting a shot. I know that. Mm-hmm. , look at us. We come from the most successful blended family. I know. Exactly. You know, and I don’t care about half or step. I justm really blessed to have you all in my life. We got emerging families, you know, you know, raising a kid with an ex, you know, it’s not for.

As a matter of fact, sometimes frankly it can just not make any sense at all. Yeah. Like you and Kristen,

if, I don’t know why I have to keep saying this, but I will. The only reason I moved Kristen in is because it’s what’s best for our daughter, and you’re honestly telling me that there’s no better options than moving Kristen under the same roof as our. What would you have me do? I know. I know. I’ll move ’em all into granddad’s house.

If Kristen could have another stab at it, of course, because I’d prefer that than her going after my mom again, listen, Hey, you don’t have to worry about your mother because I’m gluing everything in my power to make sure that Kristen doesn’t hurt. Marlena. Hear me? Okay. But anyway, , we shouldn’t even be talking about me.

We should be talking about you. You’re gonna be a father . You know how much is, this is gonna change your life, man. Yes, I know. I’m scared, but I’m happy and be honest. I can’t stop thinking about it. You know, just the idea. Hold little baby boy or even a baby girl, and I know. Under the circumstances sits a little crazy, obviously, but I’m really happy Brady

Do you think maybe you and s Stephan are moving a little fast? Who are you? My mother . She asked me the same thing actually, but in her defense, she’s Team Brady all the way. Mm. That makes two of us. Mm. Well, you’re gonna have to get off of it. Okay. Cause I’m not gonna sit here and pine after some dude who’s insisting on playing house with a bride of Chucky

You know what? S Stephan and I, we like each other and we’re excited to see where things go. Okay. Well if that’s the case, then I am happy for you. Thank you. Well, it looks like we’re both starting new chapters in our lives. You’re dating Stephan and I got back together with Eric. I’m sorry, what?

So Nicole’s leaving rave to go back to our ex-husband. Not surprising, Eric’s the love of her life, but. Their marriage was over and done with a long time ago. No. Why would you wanna go backwards? Rehash relationship that’s already run its course, especially when she’s made a commitment to someone else.

Are we still talking about my brother or are we talking about you, me and Stephan

to answer my question. Okay, fine. Yeah. I can’t help but see the parallel. Nicole couldn’t stop obsessing over her ex after he got back either. Come on. Okay. They are nothing alike. Eric came back to town. Stephen came back from the dead. Okay. And and you think I’m obsessing? I mean, once I got over the shock that Stefan was alive and not interested in me, I moved on with you.

Come here. Look, trust me, I’m, I am not gonna make the same mistake that Nicole is making. Seven is my past and you are my future.

Okay. I, um, still have some extra time before I have to go back to work. Uh, wanna show me your childhood bedroom? Although I’m not allowed to have boys in there, you know, it’s no one’s homes, so maybe.

Hold. Hold that thought. Hold on,

J Wayne, you’re back. Oh, I might find you here. Is everything okay? I need to talk to my brother. It’s important.

The more time Chloe and I spend together telling you the better it gets.

I see a real future with her and I think she feels the same way,

which is wonderful to hear. Stephan, I’m glad someone in his family has finally found happiness again. Hmm. She does make me happy. You know, she’s a strong, independent woman, which I love, but she’s also very kind and compassionate as you saw firsthand, which is a huge improvement over that. Dreadful Gabby Hernandez.

Hmm. When I think about the lengths that conniving Snake went to, to retain control of father’s company, I just, and just how far would you go for control?

Well, dad, aren’t you gonna answer my question?

Wendy, would you like some pie? I’m not hungry. Let me guess. You ate on the plan. I really need to talk to you alone. You’re being very rude, Lee. That’s fine. No, it’s not. Okay. This is Gabby’s home. You come in here unannounced, barely even say hello and ask her to leave Gabby, I’m sorry. This is really important and you can’t wait say bitching one.

Gabby already knows everything she does. Oh yes. I told her exactly what you and Johnny Deir have been up to.

Joey. Thank God you were here, son. I’ve been trying to reach you for days. Is that right? Yes. I, uh, I have something I need to tell you. Interesting. I have something I need to tell you too, dad. You’ll need to wait. This is, this is important. And what I’m going to give you two, some privacy. Uncle Stephan, don’t feel like you have to leave because of me.

It’s, it’s best we talk. Ste. Thank you for your understanding. Of course.

You sure we’re in a hurry to, uh, get Stefan out of there. Why was that something you don’t want your brother to know? Stefan already knows, and now unfortunately, I have to tell you. Okay, fine. Fine. What is it? What’s, what’s so important? I’m afraid I have some distressing use. About your grandma Susan.

Grandma Susan. What? She okay.

Your grandmother is dead.

So how was Nicole when you. A little on edge. She told me that when you told her that Jada was pregnant, she stormed off and the two of you hadn’t spoken since. I assume that’s changed. I just spoke to her on the phone and, you know, I just was following up for our conversation last night after I told her that Jada decided to have the baby.

Mm-hmm. , I, how’d she take it? I, I assured her that nothing’s gonna change between, Jada and I are going to be sharing a baby together, but she is the woman that I love, that I want to be with. I’ll always have my heart. So you ended your marriage with Rafe and decided to get back together with Eric? Well, not exactly in that order.

You know, you. Telling me from us that I either need to commit to my marriage or end it. And, and I tried to commit Chloe. I really did. Oh, honey, I’m not judging you. Trust me. It’s just that when, when Eric came back into town, so did our connection. I don’t think it ever left, but I was with Rave. I really messed up.

Instead of being brave and honest, I was a coward. and I knew I was still in love with Eric and a married Rafe anyway. And now he’s, he’s hurt and he’s humiliated and beyond angry and, and he has every right to be. Well, you didn’t exactly set out to hurt Rafe, and you know Eric didn’t set out to hurt Jada, but at least they’re not married.

So that breakup will be a lot easier. Not necessarily. What does that mean? Jada’s pregnant. Oh my God, seriously? Yeah, so I’m not such a clean break. Oh wow. Is she keeping the baby? I think so. However, I am. I might have advised her not to.

You told Jada to have an abortion. ? No, of course not. I would never do that. Then what exactly did you say? Well, I just pointed out that motherhood is a full-time job and being tied to a man who’s in love with someone else is really difficult. Former couples raise kids all the time, but it’s not easy. I didn’t say that, but it is possible.

Well, just because it’s possible doesn’t mean you should. and you felt like it was your place to inform Jada of this? Well, if I were in her shoes, I would want someone to inform me to be straight with me, that having kids in some temporary arrangement that you could just bail on when things get hard, you are in this for the rest of your life.

Yeah, but it’s, it’s not your life, Nicole. It’s Jada. I know I was just trying to help and encourage her to decide if this is something that she really wants. Okay, so no agenda, you’re just offering her some food for thought. Oh, come on Chloe. We both know how hard it is to be single mothers juggling a child and a career and, and Jada may have to deal with the stress of co-parenting with a man who broke up with her to be with a woman that she can’t.

People make it work. I know, but damn it, Chloe, I will not lose Eric again. So that’s what this is. We’re afraid that that baby’s gonna threaten your relationship with Eric.

Wouldn’t you be? I mean, look how Kristen used Rachel to come between you and Brady. Jada’s. No, Kristen. I know. Fuck God. I’m sorry. It’s just that Eric and I have been through so much and we finally got back together again. Yeah. But when he found out about the baby, he didn’t decide to stay with Jada. Right.

And I’m pretty sure that’s what she wants as well. Assuming she knows how he feels about you. Yeah, Jay did say that she wasn’t gonna fight for this relationship. Eric said, this baby isn’t gonna change anything between us, and I wanna believe that I really do. I wanna be secure about me and us, and that nothing is gonna come between us again.

But you know what? No matter what Eric promises or no matter. How he intends for this to go. The truth is, it’s when that baby is born, Jada and Eric are gonna fall in love with it. Yeah. But. Not with each other. Eric loves you. He always has, and he always will.

Yeah, maybe I shouldn’t have said anything to Jada.

You know, the thing is, given the circumstances, I just think it’s best for everyone. If there’s no baby,

you and Nicole, you’ll figure this out. You’ll work it out. You always do. Yeah. I know Nicole and I can be together, and Jayden and I, we can co-parent. We can all raise a healthy, happy child who’s part of a family who’s gonna love him or her. Uncon conditioned. Absolutely. And here’s the baby mama right now.

Mike. Oh, hey Jada. Hey, you and my brother Brady. Uh, yeah. Nice to see you again. Nice to see you as well. And congratulations. Um, My daughter Rachel, by the way, can’t wait to meet her new cousin. I plan to be a very doty uncle. So if you need anything, uh, after the birth, before the birth, uh, after the baby’s not a baby and it’s driving you bananas, just gimme a call.

I’m your guy. Okay, thanks. Sure. Uh, Eric, can I talk to you? Uh, yeah, of course. Okay. Uh, that’s my cue. Um, congratulations again and um, I will talk to you soon. Yeah.

Oh, Brady’s obviously very excited. It’s fine. So what do you wanna talk about? Is everything okay?

Okay, sir. Uh, I, I, uh, I, I, I just, I, I can’t believe Grandma Susan’s dead. She’s dead. It’s inconceivable. Anna know. Uh, have you, have you told Sydnee? I am. I called her a school this morning, needless to say, a little sister. How did this happen?

Mother was kidnapped and held for ransom. I managed to, I managed to track down the purpose, and we agreed to meet at the airfield where I would wire her ransom money and she would release your grandmother. But as soon as the transfer went through, she turn the tables on me. How? How she grabbed Susan, dragged her off by gunpoint and threw in the car.

I, of course gave Chase, and she, she, she drove off the road. You keep saying she, she, it’s a, it’s a woman. A woman who did this. Who? That’s right. Who, who was it? It was Ava Vital.

You seem surpris. I am. I didn’t think you’d want Gabby to know about this. Well, my fiance and I have no secrets. I told her what you were up to the minute I found out you did. Yes. So what do you have to say for yourself?

Lee don’t, don’t be so hard on your sister. So she played okay with the A boy. It’s no big deal. No big deal. She begs me for a promotion, finally gets one, and before HR even finishes processing the paperwork takes off from parts unknown with Johnny Damara on the company Jet. Hey, listen, you said you weren’t gonna overreact, okay?

What you did was outrageous, disrespectful, and in incredibly irresponsible pretending you’re telecommuting, ignoring my calls, blowing off your new jobu. When? How could you, I had a very good reason. Oh, well, this ought to be memorable. You’re certain the drug will only erase their. It won’t hurt them.

Okay, then do it. Ralph, the minister, the drug.

Go ahead, tell us your. Good reason for gallivanting to end Indonesia with that ditton playboy. And why shouldn’t fire you on the spot? Wait, calm down. Calm down. Father is gonna go ballistic when he hears about this. You know, I’m, I’m gonna, I’m gonna head out to the square. I’m gonna get some of that nice relaxing herbal tea that you like so much.

And, uh, at the time I get back, hopefully things will be straightened up.

You know what? I know you and Gabby have this girl power thing going, but if you think she can save you from what you have coming, oh, I’m not the one who needs to be worried about what’s coming. What are you talking about Gabby? Stephan and what they’re going to do when they find out what you did to keep them apart.

Sova did. Yeah. It’s terrible. Why? Why would she, why would she even want to kidnap grandma? Who knows what motivated that woman to do anything. She was psychotic

damage on Roman. I tried to warn you. What are you trying to say? This is my fault. You knew she was in the mafia? Yeah. She left that behind her. Apparently not. Apparently she was more than capable of committing vicious, violent, homicidal acts.

But how would you know that you would take it that far? No, no.

I, I was, uh, I was stubborn. I was stupid. And even after she defrauded our family, I. I still wouldn’t listen, and you vanished her from Salem to protect me, and I fought you on it. I defended her, and then she kidnapped my grandma. That had nothing to do with you. It was all about getting revenge on me. Had nothing to do with you if I hadn’t gotten involved with they in the first place.

It’s just none of this. None of this would’ve, uh, none of it would’ve happy make. Son, look at me. Look at me. This is not your fault.

I am so sorry. Thank you. I’m sorry. Thank you.

Your grandmother was a very special person and we will find a special way to honor.

All the things that she did to make our lives better.

Yeah. She, uh, man, that, uh, that gift to hers was, uh, something, uh, something special. Yeah. Yeah. She was the first person who realized I was possessed. The devil raised our memory.

Yeah. Yeah. Kind of like you wanted Dr. Roth to do to me and Jakarta.

Wow. Gorgeous. You and Eric are literally the perfect couple. Well, I mean, I guess these pictures turned out pretty well. Pretty well, they’re amazing. Bella Magazine is gonna sell out at the stands and it’s gonna break the internet. . Okay? You’ve been spending way too much time with Alex Kriyas. , what’s this?

It’s a man moving in on my woman. You’re a woman. What century are you in? Apologies to my strong, independent, consensual companion. Ah, that’s more like it. Uh, how’d you know I was here? Your assistant? Are you too busy to let me take you to breakfast? Mm. I might be able to squeeze you in Uhhuh, . All right, Nicole, you wanna join?

Oh. Oh, no thanks. You, you too. Go. Are you sure? Uh, yeah, I, uh, I have a lot of work to catch up on. Okay, well I love you. I’ll call you later. Love you. Bye bye.

How to get back to leave before he goes nuclear and his sister.

So how’s PJ doing? Not well. He got drunk yesterday at the site where his mother was killed. Thought he saw Ava. Oh, well I heard no one could have survived that. No, he did say he thought he was hallucinating. Mm. Poor guy. Johnny was with him when I left the house, and Johnny had just gotten back from a trip overseas.

Mm-hmm. . Well, hopefully it was a big comfort to him to have his son nearby. Hope you’re right. I tell you, your grandmother died in a horrific crash, and you take that as an opportunity to hold ridiculous accusations against me. I’m sorry about grandma. Look, I, I, I’m, I’m more than sorry. I’m in shock, but that still doesn’t change what you tried to do to me and.

Wendy, Wendy Lee, sister, what the hell does she have to do with this? She came with me to Jakarta. We went there together to track down Dr. Roth, and guess what? We found him and we know everything. What is it you think you know? And you told Dr. Roth to inject us with some kind of memory erasing drug, but he didn’t cuz we stopped him.

Are you sure you didn’t take any drugs in Indonesia? Because that sounds preposterous. It’s. Okay, you can stop pretending because we know what you tried to do to Uncle Stephan.

You sure you’re feeling okay? Jet lag can cause confusion. You did it didn’t you? Did what? Ordered Dr. Rolf to inject me and Johnny with a memory erasing drug.

Do you hear yourself? That ? That’s absurd. Oh yeah. Almost as absurd as you telling Rolf to brainwash Stephan the Marin to hating Gabby so you could have her for yourself. Yeah, that’s right brother. Despite your best efforts, Johnny and I still remember everything Ralph told us. And from the look on your face, it’s clear he was telling the truth.

I thought I’d find you . Well, where else would I be? I don’t have a home and that’s no one’s fault but my own. Your home is with Eric? Yeah, sure. Right next door to his baby mama. I know that that can be awkward. Have you talked to him? Yeah, I just came from the pub and, and, and he, uh, loves you more than anything in the.

And he is over the moon that you two are back together and he’s also over the moon. That Jada’s keeping the baby Nicole. He is looking forward to becoming a father. I know that’s hard for you. It’s reality. I guess. It’s something that I have to get used to.

So decaf is supposedly better for the baby. Eric, I went a little nuts and I went online and I bought six books and I wanna know everything that I can. Things they’ve been a little complicated and I wanted to tell you again how excited I am that you decided to keep this baby because there’s nothing I wanted more than to be a good father, Eric.

Stop. You need to listen to me. There is no baby.

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Days Update Monday, November 28, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Jack returns home to find Gwen working on her laptop. Jack calls out to Gwen which startles her and she quickly shuts her laptop. Gwen thought Jack was spending Thanksgiving with Chad and the kids in New York. Jack responds that he did as Jennifer’s brother Mike and Nancy had them all over for dinner. Jack reveals that Mike and Nancy are now seeing each other. Gwen asks if that’s a good thing. Jack calls Mike a good guy and a step above Clyde Weston for Nancy. Gwen is glad Jack got to be with family today as she’s sure the holidays are especially painful. Jack responds that’s why he came back to work. Gwen asks if he’s checking up on her at the Spectator. Jack points out that Gwen was working away when he came in and asks if it’s a big story. Gwen responds that it could be. Jack comments that Gwen slammed the laptop shut as soon as she saw him, almost as if she didn’t want him to see what she was working on.

Xander asks if Sarah is joking but Sarah responds that it’s a serious question as she asks if he kidnapped Bonnie and Susan.

Tony calls EJ and leaves a message for him to call him back as he’s worried about him and doesn’t want him to do anything reckless. Tony then hears the door and hangs up but Chad arrives and says he’s sorry to disappoint. Tony responds that he was just hoping he was EJ as he is worried about him.

EJ finishes drinking at the cliff and gets up to walk away when he hears a noise. EJ calls out for his mother as he looks in the direction of the sound but Ava emerges, who says it’s not his mother. EJ argues that she’s dead but Ava tells him to guess again.

Gwen tells Jack that the article is about Paulina Price. Jack argues that every newspaper in the country is covering that story. Jack points out that Gwen is right here in Salem and could scoop every other paper. Gwen points out that she’s not a seasoned reporter. Jack asks if she’s afraid she isn’t up to the task and if that’s why she wouldn’t let him see her draft. Gwen says no but then says yes, noting that there is something more to it. Jack questions what she isn’t telling him. Gwen responds that Chad doesn’t want her writing about Paulina and Chanel. Jack argues that Chad has no business telling her what to write about and declares that he will take care of this right now. Gwen stops him and informs him that there is more as she reveals that she told Chad that she would do what he wants.

Tony asks why Chad dropped by as he thought he was spending the holiday in New York. Chad responds that he was and the kids are still there as Jennifer promised to take them for more holiday fun. Tony questions Chad not joining them. Chad admits he wanted to come check on EJ after he heard what happened to Susan.

Xander questions Sarah thinking he kidnapped two women. Sarah brings up what Xander told her after he quit his job, about how his boss asked him to do something illegal but he wouldn’t tell her what and was very vague. Sarah says she knows Xander is holding back something big. Sarah brings up the look on his face when she was watching the news report. Xander responds that he was just shocked because he knows Susan and Bonnie. Sarah asks what his boss asked him to do. Xander claims that the company was going to bring in a new drug and claim that it wasn’t addictive when that’s a lie and he didn’t want to be part of something like that. Sarah says he didn’t tell her that. Sarah argues that the company needs to be stopped. Xander says he knew she’d say that which is why he didn’t want to tell her. Xander warns that she doesn’t know who his boss is and what she does to people that cross her. Sarah questions how Xander knows. Xander says from her talking. Sarah remarks that it doesn’t sound like an executive of a drug company, it sounds like Ava Vitali.

EJ questions if Ava is really here or if he’s drunk. Ava says she’s there and asks if he thought he could get rid of her that easily. EJ brings up how her car went off the cliff, exploded, and the fireman told him that no one could have made it out alive. Ava guesses that means she’s dead then and says it’s not that bad. Ava says maybe EJ would like to join her as she then pulls a gun on him.

Jack can’t believe that Chad would ask Gwen to bury a story this big and that Gwen would agree to do it. Gwen explains that her main source was her dodgy ex-former lawyer, Sloan Peterson, who said that she had all the dirt on Chanel’s arrest and promised an exclusive. Gwen adds that Sloan sent her everything that she sent to the district attorney, but Chad warned that if she didn’t fact check every word then the Spectator could be open to a libel suit and be put out of business. Jack questions Gwen deciding not to print it. Gwen responds that she’s still in the process of getting it vetted because she doesn’t want to cost the Spectator the exclusive story of the year but she doesn’t want to put her name on something that could be a lie, so she asks Jack what to do.

Alex and Stephanie continue kissing at their candle lit dinner in the Kiriakis Mansion. Alex suggests they move to a bed as they continue kissing until Maggie walks in. Maggie apologizes as she didn’t know they were in there. Stephanie gets up and hugs her, wishing her a Happy Thanksgiving. Alex comments that they were just having a little Thanksgiving dinner. Stephanie explains to Maggie that her parents are in Seattle with Tripp, so Alex invited her over to share leftovers. Maggie comments that Tripp must be having a miserable holiday after what happened to Ava. Stephanie says that’s why Steve and Kayla stayed out there. Maggie adds that it must be so hard trying to be a good son to a mother like Ava. Stephanie still can’t believe what she did. Maggie says poor Susan Banks as she was so innocent and shouldn’t have died how she did. Stephanie can’t help but wonder if it was all a terrible accident or if Ava drove off the cliff on purpose.

EJ questinos what Ava thinks she’s doing. Ava calls it fairly obvious but for all he knows, she’s not really there. Ava mentions hearing him call for his mom and asks if he’s feeling guilty. EJ asks if she’s saying she’s his conscience. Ava responds that he is the reason this happened since he could’ve just given her the money and taken his mother home, but he had to prove he was smarter and better than her so he took the only son she had left and kidnapped him, but that didn’t work out how he planned because her son is alive and well while EJ’s mother is down there. EJ asks how he knows that for sure. EJ reminds Ava that he doesn’t have a conscience, so Ava is here in the flesh and made it out of the crash alive, so perhaps Susan did too.

Chad asks Tony how EJ is doing and admits it’s a stupid question as he’s sure EJ is devastated. Tony explains that EJ blames himself for Susan’s death and now feels he has to suffer because of it. Chad brings up that EJ did prove Ava’s marriage to Jake was a fraud and forced her out of town, but he can’t imagine he expected Ava to retaliate like that. Tony then informs Chad that he’s afraid that’s not all EJ did.

Xander questions Sarah thinking that he would work for Ava. Sarah points out that he was so desperate to make money and get them out of here, so things started to add up which Xander questions. Sarah brings up Bonnie saying the guy who grabbed her was wearing a blue suit with major muscles. Xander argues that could be a lot of people. Sarah adds that Maggie said she got a text from Bonnie’s phone that she was going to visit Mimi and questions if a lot of people know Bonnie’s life so well that they could mention her daughter by name. Sarah asks if others would know how to keep two women locked up in the Kiriakis shed where Xander used to work. Sarah doesn’t want to believe he did this even though a lot of the pieces fit. Sarah tells Xander that if he had something to do with this, he has to tell her now.

Chad questions EJ kidnapping Tripp. Tony clarifies that he didn’t do it personally and didn’t intend to harm him, but he wanted to trade him for Susan. Chad guesses EJ figured he could save himself $30 million. Tony says that was only part of the reason and he did it primarily for leverage to keep Susan alive. Chad guesses he could see that. Tony says he told Chad because he trusts him, but he’s troubled since Chad works for Tripp’s sister Stephanie and considers her a friend. Tony asks Chad to tell him that he won’t tell Stephanie that EJ had anything to do with Tripp’s kidnapping.

Stephanie tells Maggie that their families have been through an ordeal but thank God that Tripp and Bonnie are going to be okay. Maggie says Bonnie will be eventually which Stephanie questions. Alex reminds her that Bonnie wasn’t in great shape. Maggie states that it’s hard to recover from being afraid for your life. Alex insists that she will recover once they catch the clown who did this to her. Maggie has a reaction to that so Alex asks if she knows something about the guy. Maggie informs them that she just left Sarah, who has a theory about what happened and it sounded far fetched to her. Stephanie asks her to tell them what she said. Maggie tells them that they have to keep it to themselves which Alex says they will do. Maggie then reveals that Sarah is afraid that the man in the clown mask might have been Xander.

Jack appreciates that Gwen wants to make the most ethically sound decision. Gwen says they know she doesn’t have a reputation for telling the truth, so if any reporter is going to be accused of slander, it’s her. Jack encourages her to continue being careful what she writes. Gwen credits Jack for teaching her and backing her up. Jack argues that the public has a right to know what’s going on in Paulina’s life. Gwen questions ignoring what Chad wants. Jack calls Chad a good guy but points out that he’s working for Paulina’s PR team and may have been doing her bidding when he asked her to bury the story. Gwen says she just doesn’t want to hurt or upset Chad any more than she has. Jack talks about journalists fighting PR firms and declares that Gwen is going to have to make a judgment call. Jack appreciates the hard work she’s been putting in and how determined she is to be a good reporter which surprises Gwen. Jack says it makes him feel better about not hiring Xander.

Sarah asks Xander to say something. Xander says he feels so hurt because he went out and got what he thought was a good job to pay off their debts and move them in to a real home. Xander talks about how much it meant to him that Sarah believed in him but now it sounds like she thinks he did something that led to two women getting killed. Sarah complains that she didn’t want to say it but felt that she had to. Sarah brings up Victor never hearing the company that Xander worked for and says there shouldn’t be a problem looking it up. Xander asks if his word is not good enough then. Sarah asks what’s wrong with looking it up. Xander tells her to go ahead then. Sarah then opens up her laptop.

Ava assures EJ that Susan is definitely dead. EJ questions her being honest. Ava says she made sure of it by yanking the steering wheel to drive them off the cliff, assuring that she deliberately did that to get even with EJ. EJ can’t believe he actually believed that she just ran off the road. Ava argues that they know $30 million dollars didn’t mean anything to him, so she wanted to cause him the maximum amount of pain and suffering. Ava declares that she realized that she could do that with one hard turn to the right. Ava tells EJ that he can search all he wants through the wreckage, but he will never find Susan. EJ questions how Ava is alive. Ava reveals that she jumped out of the car but Susan was definitely inside when it blew up. Ava declares to EJ that his mom is dead and now it’s his turn.

Gwen questions Jack being glad that he didn’t hire Xander for the job and asks what that means. Jack explains that Xander asked him for a job at the Spectator right after he offered Gwen the job while Gwen was in the hospital. Jack adds that he knew how Gwen still felt about Xander, so he didn’t think it was a good idea for them to be working together and he turned him down. Jack says that now Gwen seems to be thriving at the Spectator, so he sees it was a good idea and it’s also a good idea for Gwen and Xander to keep a great distance from each other. Gwen then reveals they actually haven’t been doing that…

Sarah looks up Rednax Pharmaceuticals and finds the company’s website, which shocks Xander.

Chad questions Tony thinking he would rat out his own brother. Tony doesn’t think it’s far-fetched after what happened to Abigail. Chad reminds him that EJ saved his life when Clyde tried to kill him and points out that EJ just lost his mother, so he’s not going to pile on. Tony thanks Chad. Tony states that he’s worried about EJ since he’s been gone for hours and God only knows where he’s ended up…

Ava tells EJ not to worry as she’s about to put him out of his misery. EJ then grabs her and they struggle over the gun.

Jack questions if Gwen and Xander have been seeing each other. Gwen clarifies it’s nothing like that but they’ve been bumping in to each other every now and then. Gwen admits it was awkward at first, but now she’s just glad that she thinks they can be friends. Jack questions if she’s being straight with him. Gwen says she just saw him the other day and they told each other about their new jobs like friends. Gwen is just glad that Xander doesn’t hate her anymore. Jack questions if she’s sure that’s all it is, because he remembers how in love with Xander that Gwen was, and now he’s married to Sarah. Jack doesn’t want to see Gwen hurt anymore. Gwen appreciates that but says this has all just forced her to take a hard look at the reality of her life which is that Xander doesn’t love her, he loves Sarah, and he’s very happy with their life together, so she’s happy for him because he’s her friend now and she wants what’s best for him.

Sarah doesn’t know what to say after finding the website and says she should’ve known that Xander wouldn’t make up some complicated lie about where he was working. Sarah can’t believe she accused him of kidnapping Bonnie and Susan, asking what is wrong with her. Xander tells her she’s perfect. Sarah complains that he swore he would never go back to his old life and she didn’t believe him. Sarah apologizes and points out that there’s even a posting for his job. Xander remarks that they wasted no time putting it up. Sarah guesses they realized what a loss he was. Sarah mentions talking about this with Maggie and now she has to call her to tell her what a huge mistake she made. Sarah asks if he can ever forgive her.

Chad decides he and Tony should go find EJ and asks where to start. Tony then gets a call from Rafe. Tony tells him that he and Chad were just going out to find him. Rafe reveals he knows, so Tony says they’ll be right there. Tony hangs up and informs Chad that EJ is drowning his sorrows at the crash site, so they rush out of the mansion together.

EJ lays unconscious at the cliff.

Jack is glad that Gwen and Xander have gotten to a good place. Gwen guesses he didn’t see that coming. Jack says he’s proud of her. Gwen didn’t think she’d ever hear those words from him again. Jack tells her that she’s earned it. Jack asks to see what she’s got from Sloan to see what they can come up with her story. Gwen questions doing that now and points out that it’s still Thanksgiving. Jack thinks it would feel good to advise a daughter of his again. Jack tells Gwen to call him “dad” again. Jack decides he will go unpack and then they can get to work. Gwen asks how she can ever repay him. Jack jokes that she can make him a turkey sandwich as he goes to unpack his bags.

Alex questions Maggie about Sarah thinking that Xander kidnapped Susan and Bonnie. Maggie assures that he has to keep this quiet because she doesn’t know what Victor would do if he found out. Alex says so much for Xander turning over a new leaf. Stephanie points out that Sarah doesn’t have a lot to go on, so she could be overreacting which Maggie agrees with. Alex states that Xander would have to be out of his mind to kidnap Justin’s wife when he is apart of the family. Maggie acknowledges that Xander was desperate for money, but he has to know how Sarah would feel if he committed a crime to get it. Stephanie knows Sarah would be done with him and it seems that Xander really does love her. Maggie insists that’s why Xander wouldn’t jeopardize what they have after everything they have been through with Kristen and Gwen.

Xander doesn’t blame Sarah for being suspicious given the life he’s led. Sarah says that was years ago and she should’ve known he wouldn’t do something like that. Sarah adds that she made him feel terrible and doesn’t know what to say. Xander suggests they forget about it and have leftovers. Sarah says she has so much to be thankful for as they hug.

Chad and Tony find EJ at the cliff. Chad checks on EJ and wakes him up. Tony finds the flask on the ground. Chad and Tony help EJ up. EJ complains of a headache and tells them that Ava was there. Tony calls that not possible. EJ says she had a gun and they fought over it until he fell and he thought she was going to kill him. Chad questions if he’s sure he really saw Ava. EJ insists that she was there and pointed a gun at him. Tony questions what stopped Ava from killing him then. Chad wants to get EJ to the hospital but he refuses. Tony points out that EJ fell and hit his head while Chad adds that his wound will need stitches. EJ argues that they need to find Ava.

Maggie reminds Alex and Stephanie to be quiet about what Sarah said to her which they agree to do. Maggie decides she will go check on Victor and says goodnight to them as she exits. Alex asks Stephanie what they were talking about before Maggie showed up. Stephanie thinks maybe it’s a good thing that Maggie showed up when she did. Alex questions what the problem is. Stephanie thinks they should take things one step at a time. Alex admits he hates doing that. Stephanie tells him that they’ll just look forward to their next date. Alex agrees and offers to walk her out which she accepts.

Sarah goes through the leftovers that Maggie brought including a bottle of wine. Xander steps out to go get some ice while Sarah searches the room for a corkscrew. Sarah then sits down and opens her laptop back up to the Rednax website. Sarah questions how she could think Xander would make up an entire company and says thank God he was so understanding.

Xander calls Gwen, who questions him calling her on Thanksgiving. Xander tells Gwen that she won’t believe what just happened. Xander informs her that Sarah accused him of being behind the kidnapping and figured out everything while he tried to deny it. Gwen asks if he’s in trouble now. Xander says no because Sarah decided to look for a website for Rednax. Gwen guesses she found one. Xander asks how she knew that. Gwen reveals that she built the site and put it online. Gwen admits she’d never done one before so it’s a bit simple but she thought it would work. Xander is shocked and declares that Gwen saved his life and he doesn’t know how to thank her. Gwen responds that there’s no need to thank as her as that’s just what friends are for.

EJ questions Chad and Tony not believing him that Ava was there. Tony points out that Ava hates EJ and he passed out on the ground, so he questions why she didn’t finish him off. EJ admits he can’t answer that. Chad and Tony then walk EJ away, leaving behind a bullet on the ground.

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GH Transcript Tuesday, November 29, 2022

General Hospital Transcript

GH logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne



but you can do the job when you’re in town

later on, we’ll conspire as we dream by the fire

to face unafraid the plans that we’ve made

walking in a winter wonderland

walking in a winter wonderland tphoelt walking in a wonderland walking in a wonderland then you go — look at you! You’re getting the hang of it. That’s perfect.

[ Gasps ] Busted! What? You did! You’re taking another bite of the potatoes. I like to think of it as quality control. I-I told you to stay out of the kitchen today, okay? A-and besides, it’s almost time to eat. Well, thank god. Should I rally the troops? I said “almost.” And anyway, we are still waiting on the man of the hour. Dante: Thanks for doing this. Of course. Well, no, I know you want to be with the kids. And we will be as soon as we get to the quartermaines’. Okay, well, we’ll just, you know, a drink, maybe two, appetizers, you know? Hey, hey, hey. Sonny is your family, which means he’s my family, too. Package deal, remember? I don’t forget anything when it comes to you. Ooh. Mmm, that tahini sauce smells like heaven. Not like thanksgiving? Well, thanksgiving is what we make it. Yeah? Yeah. Well, I’m gonna — I’m switching gears this year. So can you do me a favor? Hmm? Can you grab the watch out of my pocket? When did it happen? When did you lose the feeling in your hands? Grab the w– okay, I will grab the — not that one. It’s not — oh, darn it. Yeah, not that — there. Okay, I’ll try the other one.

[ Gasps ] Ooh. Yeah, there you are. What is… you got it. Here. Open it. It’s for me? No, it’s — it’s for me ’cause I’m trying out a new look. Yeah, it’s for you. It’s, uh… I just… I just want to thank you for being here and for changing my life. Well, you could have just said that. I just wanted to show you. They’re beautiful. Sonny, thank you. I love them. And I love you. Hey. Hey. You look so beautiful. You look pretty good yourself. Yeah? Mm-hmm. You smell amazing, too. Do you have any idea how badly I want to drag you out of here and kiss you till you can’t breathe? Ohh. I’m game if you are. Michael: Happy thanksgiving. Hey. Hey. Hi! No piecaken? They were sold out. Bummer. Well, thanks for the wine. Now it’s your turn. Do you have anything for me? Any updates? You should be resting after the night you had. Oh, I’m fine. Holly did not hurt me. She even called kevin to make sure that I’d be found quickly. Ashby: How considerate. But she does earn demerits for holding you at gunpoint. Deputy mayor ashby. You did not have to give up your holiday to be here. Oh! Well, I like to be kept in the loop. What an understatement. Excuse me. Mm-hmm. You summoned me. What could you possibly need, since it’s thanksgiving? A reason not to arrest you. Reporter:

Pcpd officers are actively

searching for a suspect

who abducted mayor collins

last night.

She is in possession

of valuable jewels

and is considered armed

and extremely dangerous.

[ Click ] Well, it looks like we have something in common. We’re both damn near indestructible.

Arrest me for what? Obstruction. Materially compromising this investigation by printing sensitive information in today’s invader. Jordan, I gave you a chance to comment before publication. You had no business naming esme prince as an official suspect in the hook slayings. You promised me an exclusive, and you didn’t deliver. We’re tracking the gps in the mayor’s car. And? Do you know where ms. Sutton’s headed? Eileen, um, I got a call today from the county administrator. They wanted a status report. I haven’t been able to call him back. Could you handle that for me? Certainly. Great. Thanks. How much longer do we tolerate that traitorous individual in our midst? Long enough for her to be useful to us, or maybe to help us to incriminate victor. Anyway, she’s gone. Tell me where you think holly is. Well… is it someone we know? Or a stranger? Or someone we know of. A celebrity.

[ Laughing ] You guys are so off base. Well, then just tell us who this mystery guest is — aside from him being a he. So you mean essentially completely ruin the surprise? Yes! Yes! Where is the excitement in that?! Oh, don’t worry. This holiday is never short on excitement. Something always happens on thanksgiving. Hmm, hmm, not this time. No sirree. I have taken every precaution. You say that every year.

[ Chuckles ] Mark my words, boys. This thanksgiving is going off exactly according to plan.

[ Laughs ] Uh, thanks for doing this. I know the last place you want to be is anywhere near ned right now. Wiley wants me here, so I’m here. You are such a wonderful grandma. Not that you even look like a grandma at all.

[ Laughs ] I love the flattery.

[ Laughs ] Well, I only speak the truth. So, is, uh, josslyn coming? She and trina are volunteering at a soup kitchen, so she’ll have to pass on pizza this year for thanksgiving. Oh, don’t let olivia hear you say that. She is determined to serve a turkey this year. Oh.

[ Laughs ] Well, you know, she should know by now that is absolutely impossible, so… I admire her optimism, although I think the kids would prefer pizza. Yeah. Where are they, by the way? Upstairs in the family room. There’s a major arts-and-crafts thing going on. I am gonna have to chisel the clay off of scout.

[ Laughter ] You know, drew, I’m just — I’m glad that this — this thanksgiving is gonna hold better memories for you. Yeah, me too. Has it really been a year? Since I came back, yeah. Broke the news about jason. Well, this day is supposed to be about giving, not receiving, but, sure, I got a little something for you. I mentioned to brook lynn that the civilian complaint review board might be open to reinstating you if she wrote a letter kind of explaining what happened with the incidents. Punching valentin and linc. Right. Like if she told them that you were defending her. If she kind of put some context around what happened, they would be open to reinstating you, perhaps. When did you suggest this to her? Oh, a few weeks ago. But — but she’s busy. That’s it? Mind out of the gutter, mister. This is a family event. We’ll get to the rest later.

[ Exhales sharply ] Sonny, I love them.

[ Laughs ] They — no, they — they look beautiful. Thank you. How are you? Fine. How are you? No, how are you really?

[ Laughs ] Listen… I’m good. It must be hard to be away from your girls. I got — no, I got to spend time with them last night. Came in, their — their — their big faces just lighting up when they saw the, you know… yeah. …Parade balloons, and their eyes got all big. Yeah, but what about, you know, your old house and your old traditions you used to do? Nina, nina. Don’t you miss them? T-this is my house. I know, but — no. No buts. This is my house, and with you in it makes it my home. So, what do you say? You want to…make some new traditions with me?

[ Laughs ] I would love nothing more.

Alexis, I had every intention of holding up my end of the agreement, but not at the expense of a sensitive investigation, and it doesn’t get more sensitive than this. Lives are at stake. Which is why I brought the letter to your attention in the first place. We both have a duty to this city, and I’m not going to apologize for fulfilling mine. Now, I’m sorry you have to work tonight. But I have a thanksgiving dinner I have to go to. So, my car is somewhere in this vicinity? I mean, there’s nothing much out there. Well, the theory is that she abandoned the car outside the woods and then continued on foot. Oh, well, then she could be anywhere. I have officers on the scene in baylor woods. One of them found a well with drinking water. Then there must be a house or a building of some sort nearby. That’s the assumption. Laura: Eileen? Did you manage to get in touch with the county administrator? I’ve relayed the relevant information. Thanks for stopping by. I know you had plans. Yeah. Of course. We — we wanted to see you. Yeah, but, you know, that — that walk down the hall was pretty grueling. Oh, it’s brutal. Yeah, maybe you got to move a little closer to us, even. Yeah? Hey, everybody. Hey, there they are! Go ahead. Eat whatever you want. We shall. Be merry, the whole thing. Thank you. Yeah. Hey. Hi. I’m glad you came by. Oh, as if I’d miss a traditional thanksgiving. [ Laughs ] Well, you know what? I’m doing things different this year. I can tell. I’m sure it’ll be delicious. Hey. Oh, hey. I’m glad you both could make it. We’ll take you as long as we can get you. Okay. Thanks for having us. Is your friend cody coming? No. No, I — I didn’t — no, I didn’t invite him. But he’s not really into these kinds of social gatherings, you know? Oh, yeah. Well, he’s not alone in that. Hmm. Ah, excuse me one second. Yeah. Okay, out with it. Out with what? With whatever’s going on in that beautiful head of yours. I’m just wondering if it’S… social gatherings that cody doesn’t like, or questions. What? What — what — where did this come from? You know what? Actually, forget I said anything. No, I can’t now. No, please. No, what happened? This isn’t the first time you’ve thrown shade cody’s way. I-I thought you thought he was a good guy. What — what changed? You okay? Uh, yeah. Yeah, I-I was just, um… thinking about jason and everything that’s happened since. Yeah. It’s been quite a year. That’s an understatement. But you made it. You know, if someone would have told me that I would have to go through what I went through, and I’d have to do it without jason… I would have said it was impossible. But look at you now. You’re not only still standing, you’re thriving, arguably stronger than ever. No small part thanks to you. What’s with the mood in here? There’s no mood. Sensing a mood. We were just talking about the anniversary of drew’s homecoming. A blessing for the whole family. It was a moment to remember, that’s for sure. Yeah, especially you at the door holding pizzas, no less.

[ Carly laughs ] It was quite an eventful thanksgiving. Remember? Chase clocked valentin. Yeah, that was the first time I lost my badge. We won’t stop asking. Or guessing. Okay, okay, okay! Fine. I ordered a turkey from dinde vivante. Mm… it’s a french company with a local farm. In port charles? Yes! Yes, and they have only the finest, the most organic turkeys, fresh as they come. And —

and get this — it comes completely roasted, fully ready to eat. What could be better than that? I don’t know. Almost sounds too good to be true. Yes. But that’s the point. It’s not too good to be true. It is true. I’m not taking any chances this year. So a turkey is the man of the hour? Yeah. That’s right. How do you know it’s even a male bird? Male turkeys are bald. Yes. Male turkeys are also bigger than female turkeys, which makes it exactly perfect to feed this whole big, crazy family of ours. Hmm. Drew and michael can eat the giblets. No, no, no. No. We’re not doing any of that. We’re not doing any of that this year. Everyone’s gonna get along. Everyone’s gonna sing “kumbaya” because I want this to — no, i need this thanksgiving to be perfect. Then perfect it is. Thank you.

[ Turkey gobbling loudly ] Well, where do you want it? What is that smell? What’s that sound? Well, leo… that is our dinner.

[ Gobbling continues ]

Olivia: Okay. Okay. Sir, my friend, I-I most definitely did not order a-a live turkey from dinde vivante. Well, the company name literally means “turkey alive.” What is this? What is this? It’s all in french. I need a translator to — to read this stupid thing. Too bad valentin’s not here, huh? Okay. Okay, okay. Sir, friend, my good man, you need to march this turkey right back to the farm. You got it? I just deliver, lady. No backsies, you know what I mean? Alright, I’ll, uh — I’ll show you out. Okay. Should I fire up the grill? Are you seriously making jokes right now? Sorry for bringing up valentin before. I wasn’t thinking. I know that you’re very sensitive about losing your badge. Yeah, I miss being a cop every day. I know you do. But that doesn’t mean I’m not grateful for everything you’ve done for me. Because I am. I’m just really praying the department gives me a second chance. Well, I want what you want. But do you, really? So, what happened yesterday? Did you end up confronting nina? W-what’s this? Well, now that nina has run out of homes to wreck, she’s taken up idle gossip. And I sure as hell did. The casino buffet? As in a buffet at an actual casino? I know, I know. It sounds cheesy. But mike and I loved it. We would get brando all dressed up and tell him he could eat as much as he wanted. And one year I hit it big, and we upgraded to the surf and turf. Sounds like you had a great time. We did. Eh! Maybe that’s just the way I remember it. [ Chuckles ]

[ Sighs ] Maybe brando hated being there. All the sounds and the lights and the smoke. Probably wanted to be in a real restaurant. You did the best you could, gladys.

[ Knock on door ] Um, I’ll get it. Okay. That’s all any of us can do, you know? Nina: Hi. Hi. Sorry I’m late. I was defending the first amendment. As one does on thanksgiving. Come in.

[ Exhales slowly ] Are you, um… what? Are you trying to distract me? Is it working? Mm. Maybe. Maybe? Oh. Okay. Clearly I’ve lost my touch. What is your, uh, problem with cody? Uh, I don’t know. I mean, I-I guess… I guess I didn’t like his reaction to me investigating britt’s necklace. The necklace? Mm-hmm. Come on, that — that necklace might be his inheritance. That kid grew up with nothing. He was, like, on that estate, looking out at everything he couldn’t have. Okay.

[ Clears throat ] You’re defending your friend, and I — and I love you for that. But…what if he doesn’t deserve it? I’m gonna call the new chef at the metro court. Maybe he can help us out.

[ Turkey gobbling ] Leo, do not touch that thing! It could be diseased! Only mammals get rabies. Well, it could have bird flu or something. Who knows? And you wanted to serve it to us for dinner? Sorry. Not helping. One more remark out of you, I will stuff you in the crate with that turkey. Yes! Yes. Hello. It’s olivia. We have a little bit of a, uh…situation here, and I’m really hoping that you can help us out. I know they want to cook you. But don’t worry, mr. Wattle. I won’t let that happen.

[ Gobbling ] Where’s laura? Getting the deputy mayor out of her hair. I know you all can’t make it to your thanksgiving dinner, so I brought thanksgiving dinner for you. Are you the best or what? Aww. Aww. I can’t have my guy and his colleagues starving on turkey day.

[ Cellphone ringing ] And here I thought you couldn’t get more popular in this place. Thanks, felicia. You’re very welcome. Wow. What’s all this? Oh, are you the thanksgiving fairy? That seems like a decent title. I’ll take it. Very sweet of you.

[ Laughs ] My officers located a trapper’s cabin on the northwest corner of baylor woods, not far from the canadian border. Footprints? Fresh, but no vehicle. It’s her. I’ll call for backup along the way. Considering holly’s still armed… I’ll wait with felicia for the news. And make sure this ends peacefully. Well, that’s the goal. Let’s go. Here we go. Yep. Pcpd. State your business. Just walking off the meal. Is there…an issue? Area’s off-limits. I heard there’s a manhunt for a jewel thief. Never mind. I’ll head back. Stay safe.

[ Police radio chatter ]

I may or may not have done some digging. Oh. Mm-hmm. Ohh. Ah, okay. And? And cody has a juvenile arrest record. And do you know what for? The files are sealed. Well, you know, he got into trouble as a kid. So did I. So what? Yeah. Did you get into trouble together? Well, I don’t know. We were wild kids. That’s why we ended up at camp. I think both of us needed structure. Yeah, look, I am not here to judge anyone, ’cause god knows I have done my fair share of shady things. And your past definitely should not define you… this is like the biggest “but” I’ve ever heard — no, it’s a “however.” Well, that’s the same thing. Okay… is it possible that cody’s issues aren’t as in the past as you thought? Gladys: How could you?! Uh-oh. Printing information about brando’s killer before his family even knew? Who does that?! Nina: Hold on. You weren’t informed that the pcpd considered esme prince their prime suspect? No, I sure as hell wasn’T. Well, that’s ’cause we don’t have a prime suspect, and that’s why we don’t want the press releasing information prematurely, ’cause it’s never a good idea. Confirmed — one suspect inside. I have officers at each exit. Remember, the suspect is armed. Keep our people away from any windows. Robert. I don’t need that. Put it on! She wouldn’t hurt me. Hasn’t she hurt you already? Okay, perfect. Thank you. You know holly best. Is she willing to die for a diamond necklace? No. But she’d risk everything for freedom.

[ Police radio chatter ] Um… it should be me. Something’s bothering you. Yeah, I like to think we’re honest with each other. Aren’t we? You tell me. Is there anything that’s happened recently that you haven’t filled me in on? Okay, if this is about linc — it’s about us. Look, I want to be in a relationship where we have each other’s backs, where we support each other, even when it’s hard. Chase — otherwise, what is the point? No, no, no. It’s okay. I understand. I understand. Thank you very much. Well? Well, I offered the new chef triple his normal pay to wring that turkey’s — to — to ready that beautiful bird. No dice.

[ Turkey gobbling ] Okay. Well, how hard could it be to…ready a bird? People have done it since the dawn of time. I’m willing to try if you are. Okay. Okay. Now, that’s what I’m talking about. That’s the spirit. Now it starts to feel like thanksgiving. Okay. I’m gonna go grab drew and, uh, chase. I’ll be right back. There will be no turkey today. Oh, honey, honey, no. Don’t — don’t — don’t say that. We will have a turkey. Don’t worry. Oh, I’m not worried. Now neither is mr. Wattle.

[ Gobbling continues ]

So, how are you feeling? What do you mean? With your pregnancy. Oh! Did you just forget you were pregnant? ‘Cause I-I didn’t know that was a thing. You know what? Sometimes I could with how amazing this little one is. It’s been a dream so far. Oh, that makes me so happy to hear. Yeah. I bet you’ll be so relieved to find your birth parents. I mean, getting as much medical history as possible is just — just great for the baby’s sake. That’s exactly why I’m looking for them. Yeah. On that note, a reporter that I know tracked down some members of the commune as far as the mojave desert. I told you it would be a struggle. Well, good news is, um, somebody offered to help. Who? Me. We do support each other. At least I thought we did. You support the life that you want for me, not the life that I actually want. What? Run! There’s a wild turkey on the loose! You know, that was really thoughtful of you to bring food for everyone. I’m happy to do it.

[ Chuckles ] Now, spill. You’ve had a hell of a 24 hours. How are you? I’m fine. Really? Yeah, I — really, I am. I am fine. [ Sighs ] I’m far more worried about robert right now, you know? This was just the last thing he needed. He was already worried sick about anna. Yeah, I know. I just can’t believe that holly would go this far. All for a necklace. I think it might be a little more complicated than that. Yeah, I’m sure it’s more complicated than that. I just can’t stand it. Robert: Holly, it’s robert.

Now, the place is surrounded.

It’s over.

There is no escape this time. Robert, we got to go. No. No. Not yet. Is laura alright?!

She’s fine. Apologize to her. I never wanted anyone to get hurt, robert, especially you.

I don’t want you

getting hurt.

I want you to come

out of there unscathed.

And you know what you got

to do to make that happen. Can we all just take a breath? ‘Cause today is supposed to be about family and food and — okay, w-w-well, brando was my family. I-I understand. My only child. He was murdered. And now she’s helping his killer get away with it! Actually, I intended for the opposite to be true, and I’m truly sorry that you were caught off guard. I thought that you would be aware of esme. Oh, I was not. Well, at least the police have a credible lead. That’s good news, isn’t it? We will get justice for brando. Whatever it takes, gladys. You have my word. Behold the pice de résistance. I cannot believe this is happening. What is happening? Well, olivia ordered a turkey, and it arrived, well, alive and well. And strong.

[ Groans ]

[ Gobbling ] This dinner is for the birds.

[ Laughter ] Okay, you know what? I’m glad that everyone else finds this so amusing. I am not laughing. Yet another thanksgiving totally ruined. Look, I give you a lot of credit. Many have tried in the past — not the least, great-grandmother lila — but at some point you just gotta accept it’s tradition. Monica’s gonna love this story. At least there’s still pie. And stuffing. And cranberry sauce. Oh. I think. But we need a meal. We need a main course. Well, there is an easy fix. Together: Luigi’S.

[ Laughs ]

Why can’t the quartermaines have a normal thanksgiving for once? Brook lynn, I need to ask you something. And I need an honest answer. Pizza’s here! Oh, finally. I am starving. You know what? Olivia will kill us if — look, I don’t care. Would you look at me? Were you ever going to tell me about the ccrb letter that you never wrote? Hey, where’s, uh, brook lynn and chase? The pizza’s gonna get cold. I told them, but they were talking close. Oh! Ah. To be young and in love. Hey, watch it. We are still both of those things. Now and forever. Alright. Let’s — whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. You know the rules. Together: First we sing, then we eat. We are gonna get one thing right this thanksgiving, so help me.

[ Chuckles ] There you go. My mom couldn’t get out of there fast enough, huh? Well, can you blame her? Not the most festive thanksgiving. It was my favorite one yet. It was? Yeah. Why? ‘Cause I get to spend it with the person I love, who I share my home and my life with. And your toiletries with. What?

[ Laughs ] The new hand lotion. What are you — I can’t deal… are you serious? …With how good it smells. Oh, you got to keep your hands off my stuff. Really? Mm-hmm. All of your stuff? Well, no, actually, you have full access to my stuff. Yeah, that’s what I thought. Yeah. Mm. You ready for some pizza? I wouldn’t put it past my mother to actually make a turkey. I want some pepperoni. Hmm. With this ring, I thee wed.

[ Exhales sharply ] You deserve the world. And I know that this wasn’t your fantasy elopement. This is my fantasy elopement. Because at the end of the day, you are my husband. And you’re my wife. Hey, sasha. How you holding up? I’M…okay. Another first in the books. I got through a whole year of them after liam. And now I get to do it all over again with brando. You don’t have to do it alone. I know. And I’m so grateful, sonny. Oh. Oh. I’ve got to make a phone call. Be right back. I know that brando would want me to embrace life, even when it hurts. Maybe especially then. He would want me to be with family. Well, you know you are welcome here. Thank you, sonny. So, uh, as far as gladys, is she still hands on, or what’s going on? But always for my benefit. I feel like gladys and i finally understand each other. Yeah, hello. Um, I’m having a rough day and could use a little fun. When’s the next game? Great. Count me in for a seat at the table.

We gather together

to ask the lord’s blessing

he chastens and hastens

his will to make known

the wicked oppressing

now cease from distressing

sing praises to his name

he forgets not his own jordan: Holly sutton,

this is your last chance.

Exit the premises

with your hands visible. I don’t like this. Mac, give the order to move in. Let me — hold on a second. Let’s give her a chance to do the right thing. She’s had a chance. Multiple ones, in fact. Time’s up.

[ Explosion ] I got to get in there. This is commissioner ashford. She could be hurt! Robert! Robert! No! I need bomb squad and fire department asap! It’s not safe! Robert! Stay here! N– holly! No!

[ Sobbing ] No, god, please!

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Y&R Transcript Monday, 11/28/22

Young & The Restless Transcript

Y&R logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

Summer: Daniel! Oh, my god! I am so glad that you are home! Oh, my gosh! It has been way too long.

Daniel: Yeah. It’s good to be back. I’m just excited that my high-powered executive sister had, you know, the time to fit me into her busy schedule.

Summer: Very funny. You know that I will always make time for you.

Daniel: You better.

[ Sighs ] Seriously, though, I am so proud of everything you’ve managed to accomplish.

Summer: It’s not that big of a deal. I’m just lucky I get to do what I love. Enough about me, though. I want to hear about you.

There’s really not that much to tell.

Summer: Come on. Mom’s not here, so you can give me the real story.

Daniel: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Summer: You are being very vague, brother dear.

Daniel: Mm-hmm.

Summer: First, you surprise mom for thanksgiving, and now you’re not telling us how long you’re planning on staying in town? What is up with that?

Daniel: Well, you know, if you’re worried about us hanging out, don’t be. Thinking about sticking around genoa city for a little bit.

Summer: That’s great.

Daniel: Mm-hmm. To that end, I actually have a meeting with billy, lily, and devon. Pitching them something.

Summer: You want to work with chancellor-winters? I wouldn’t think that they would have much use for an artist.

Daniel: Thinking of a new career. And it might just be a game-changer.

Devon: Hey.

Lily: Hey.

Devon: Come on in.

Lily: I brought your pie plate back. I devoured the leftovers this morning.

Devon: You did? You ate it all?

Lily: Oh, my god. It was so good.

[ Both laugh ] Did you recover from your turkey stupor?

Devon: Yes, I did, thank you. I’m well-rested and ready to get to work.

Lily: Okay. Well, first, I want to chat. All right, I let it slide yesterday ’cause it was a holiday, but I could see how miserable you were. I mean, you didn’t even break a smile when moses video-called in from sofia’S.

Devon: What are you talking about? I loved seeing him.

Lily: No, I know you do. I know. But, I mean, clearly, there’s more to this amanda breakup story than you told me. Right? So, come on, open up. Talk to me. Maybe I can help in some way.

Devon: You can’T. There’s nothing that can help the situation.

Lily: Okay. Why don’t you try me?

Danny: Mm. You’re not gonna want to hear this — at all. Um… okay, I’ll tell you. Abby and I slept together.

Nikki: Well, good morning.

Talia: Nikki, phyllis, good morning. I’m surprised you wanted to meet here.

Nikki: Oh, well, my very creative grandson owns the joint.

Phyllis: Yes, that, and there are some people in this town that aren’t too thrilled about our continuing friendship. So, uh, we don’t want to call ourselves out, you know?

Talia: That’s fine. I’m not insulted. Comes with the territory when you’re an investigative journalist. So what was so urgent?

Nikki: There’s a new twist in the diane jenkins saga.

Diane: May I come in?

Jack: Please. If you’re here to see harrison or kyle, they’re not here. They’re on a playdate with one of harrison’s friends. I don’t know when they’ll be back.

Diane: Oh, well, I’m sorry I missed them, but I guess it gives me an opportunity to thank you.

Jack: For what?

Diane: Well, after far too many thanksgivings spent alone, it was really special to be included in what was, for the most part, a wonderful holiday, moments with my family that I’ll cherish forever.

Jack: I know your being here meant a lot to kyle and harrison.

Diane: I just hope you don’t hold me responsible for ashley’s abrupt departure.

Tucker: Hey. Oh, you look lovely this morning.

Ashley: Thank you.

Tucker: Oh. Yeah. It’s a token of my affection.

Ashley: Well, this isn’t a date, so you can forget the flattery and everything. Let’s get down to business. You know why I’m here.

Tucker: Do I? I love what downy does for my sheets and towels.

Additional sponsorship

provided by…

Lily: Oh, my god. You and abby were having an affair?

Devon: No, it wasn’t like that at all. It happened just once, but the timing couldn’t have been any worse.

Lily: What do you mean?

Devon: I mean that amanda walked in and caught us together.

Lily: What?

Devon: Yeah.

Lily: Oh, my god. I mean, poor amanda. It’s like she was gone, dealing with this medical emergency with her mom for months. She comes home, thinking she’s gonna have this romantic reunion with you, and walks in on you and abby?

Devon: If you’re trying to make me feel better, you’re doing a great job.

Lily: No, look, I’m sorry, okay? I’m not. I’m not judging. I just… I mean, wow. She would have had every right to slap you or even trash this place.

Devon: Oh, believe me, I know that, and I’m glad that she didn’T.

Lily: Wow. I mean, now I see why she had to leave town and resign so quickly.

Devon: Yeah, so do I. She wanted to get the hell away from me. And I don’t blame her. It’s the second time I’ve cheated on her like this. All she’s ever done is support me in this relationship. She supported me when I agreed to have a child with abby and chance. She even drew up the damn paperwork. And she had my back when i wanted to have a bigger role in dominic’s life, and this is how I repay her.

Lily: Wow. Wait. What about chance? Does he know?

Devon: Yeah. Yeah, he knows. Because he was with amanda when they walked in and caught us.

Lily: [ Scoffs ] Devon, I mean, this is a disaster.

Devon: I know. And abby’s pretty sure that their marriage is over.

Lily: Wow. I mean… now I see why you’ve been so miserable. Look, I hate to ask, but, I mean, come on. What were you and abby thinking?

Devon: I don’t — we weren’t thinking, obviously, lily. She just came over to talk. We were both upset about things going on in our lives, and we turned to each other for support like we always do ’cause we’re friends. And…it just happened. And now there’s nothing we can do about it. It’s done, it’s over with. Can’t take it back.

Jack: Now, hold on. I am not holding you responsible for ashley leaving in the middle of the meal. Look, I understand her upset, but you are sharing your heartfelt feelings about your newfound place in the family.

Diane: Well, I’m glad that my true feelings came across, at least to some people at the table.

Jack: Unfortunately, I don’t think ashley’s ever going to accept you as an abbott.

Diane: Well, her nasty attitude towards me I can live with. But it’s her sheer determination to destroy me that’s the problem. And now she’s amassed this ruthless mini army behind her. She’s got nikki and phyllis, that reporter, talia morgan, and tucker. They have basically forced me to declare war to defend and protect myself.

Jack: Let’s be careful of the language we use. Saying it’s war is pretty extreme.

Diane: Yes, but it’s accurate. And I am terrified of how you and kyle might feel if things get ugly.

Jack: This doesn’t have to be a battle. Sometimes non-engagement is the best defense. Or is that out of your skill set?

Ashley: I haven’t changed my mind. Diane pushed me too far. And she had the nerve to insinuate her way into my family. She sat her butt down at the abbott dinner table on thanksgiving, no less.

Tucker: The nerve.

Ashley: Yeah. The nerve. I’m done. I am lowering the boom on her.

Tucker: I hope you are successful. I feel like I’ve given you all the ammunition you could possibly need. But my involvement with diane officially ends here.

Nikki: All those years in L.A., We knew diane was up to no good.

Phyllis: Yeah, yeah. And then, when we heard — or, found out, rather — that she was moving money illegally for a known felon, jeremy stark, I mean, this was more than we could have even imagined.

Nikki: Oh, she was aiding and abetting. And somehow, he got sent to prison, but she was never even arrested.

Phyllis: Yeah, interesting. Without any scrutiny by the fbi.

Nikki: We think that she may have cut a deal with the feds to send stark to prison.

Phyllis: What do you think of that? That’s a good story.

Talia: I’m still trying to persuade my publisher to get past his diane jenkins moratorium. And I definitely wouldn’t risk my professional reputation by attempting a freelance article or pitching a book based on hearsay. So do either of you have any proof that diane worked for stark or the fbi?

Phyllis: Well, we’re working on that.

Nikki: We were hoping that you would have your own resources to help us nail that down.

Talia: I’m sorry, ladies. I don’t like where you’re taking things.

Who’s on it with jardiance?

Summer: So, what is this idea that could keep you in town for a while?

Daniel: Yeah, it’s just something that I’ve been working on that…I think could be really big.

Summer: Bigger than coming to work with me at marchetti? Because I was kind of thinking about offering you a position.

Daniel: I really feel like this project is worth pursuing. Yeah, look, I just — I don’t want to talk about it too much. I don’t want to jinx it.

Summer: Okay. I won’t press. But I really do think that we could use your talents at marchetti — if this other idea doesn’t pan out. God, how amazing would it be for harrison to grow up with his big cousin lucy?

Daniel: Right. Yeah, but, I mean, I told you that heather and lucy, they’re in portugal for the foreseeable future.

Summer: Well, you are more than enough for now. I really cannot wait for you to meet harrison. Look at us. Making mom a grandma twice?

Daniel: Oh. Yes. Doesn’t that just sound like mom? Hmm? Can you just picture her as a sweet little innocent old granny?

[ Both laugh ]

Phyllis: Um, talia, I’m sorry. Uh, maybe you misunderstand. We’re just trying to expose the truth here. I mean, diane always has been a criminal. She’s a criminal, and she needs to be stopped.

Talia: I get that that’s your endgame, but in my business, the ends don’t justify the means. It’s looking to me like all you’re interested in now is hearsay, anything and everything that could hurt diane.

Nikki: Now, talia, we cannot forget who this woman is, the crimes she committed and very well may still be committing.

Talia: You’ve made your hatred of diane more than clear, but, frankly, enough is enough. I’m sorry. I’m a journalist, not a hatchet woman. Unless you have something solid, please don’t contact me again.

Lily: I mean, is there any way that you can work things out with amanda and find your way back to each other?

Devon: No, lily. She deserves a lot better than what I’ve done to her.

Lily: Well, I mean, I don’t disagree with you. But I thought you and abby were always solidly in the friendzone. It’s like, what, are you gonna be together now?

Devon: No, she’s trying to still work things out with chance, so I don’t see that happening.

Lily: Okay. Then why don’t you fly to virginia and try to work things out with amanda?

Devon: Because she’s made it very clear she doesn’t want me to do that, and it wouldn’t work even if I did. So, honestly, I don’t even know how I feel about the whole situation, aside from the fact that I hate that I’ve hurt somebody that I care about and that I love, and that I’ve essentially ruined a marriage. It’s now going to affect dominic.

Lily: Look, you can’t just blame yourself. Abby played a part in this, too.

Devon: Yeah. She was going through her own rough patch with chance.

Lily: Yeah, but still, I mean, it’s not just your fault. She chose to handle it the way that she did. You’re both responsible for this.

Devon: Oh, I know. I’m well aware. I’m well aware we acted on impulse, and I just feel like I’ve lost my grip on how to maintain relationships in my life that actually matter to me. What’s that look?

Lily: I don’t know. I just understand… how you feel about maintaining relationships. I feel like I’m losing my grip on my own relationship with billy.

Ashley: I can’t believe that you’re actually going to abandon me when I need you most.

Tucker: I’m not abandoning you. I’m just letting you take the lead on all the diane business.

Ashley: I thought you were a take-charge kind of guy, tucker.

Tucker: I am, but I’m also a “delegate when someone else has more expertise” type of guy.

Ashley: Then you do have more intimate knowledge where diane’s concerned, don’t you?

Tucker: But I think my feelings for her are not quite as passionate as yours are. I think you hate her more than I have hated anything or anyone in my entire life.

Ashley: Please. I find that very hard to believe. And don’t — don’t tell me this crap about how your time in the ashram gave you some kind of great love for humanity.

Tucker: I have every confidence that you and your merry band of co-conspirators can handle things without me. And I’m still here for you in case…other needs should come up for you.

Ashley: Yeah, well, I’m very disappointed because I was counting on you to help us make our next move regarding jeremy stark. Whatever happened to “your goals are my goals”? Remember when you said that? Because it wasn’t that long ago.

Tucker: I — I’m still on your side. It’s just that my immediate goals have shifted a bit.

Ashley: Uh-oh. What are you after?

Diane: Jack, the last thing I want is war. But I think this situation is too far gone for inaction. Believe me, jack, I would hate for things to get ugly for you and kyle. But I’m not the one driving this, they are.

Jack: No, believe me, I am upset with them, too, and I made that very clear to my sister.

Diane: The scariest part is that I have tried to impress upon ashley and tucker just how ruthless and dangerous jeremy stark can be. I have warned them not to poke that bear. But now ashley and her pals may provoke him simply to try to scare me away. They don’t understand what kind of a monster jeremy stark is and how he can lash out in ways that no one can control. Hi, my name is tony cooper, and I’m going to tell you about exciting medicare advantage plans that can provide broad coverage and still may save you money on monthly premiums and prescription drugs. With original medicare you are covered for hospital stays and doctor office visits but you have to meet a deductible for each, and then you’re still responsible for 20% of the cost. Next, let’s look at a medicare supplement plan. As you can see, they cover the same things as original medicare, and they also cover your medicare deductibles and coinsurance. But they often have higher monthly premiums and no prescription drug coverage. Now, let’s take a look at humana’s medicare advantage plans. With a humana medicare advantage plan, hospitals stays, doctor office visits and your original medicare deductibles are covered. And, of course, most humana medicare advantage plans include prescription drug coverage. With no copays or deductibles on tier 1 prescriptions, and zero dollars for routine vaccines, including shingles, at in-network retail pharmacies. In fact, in 2021, humana medicare advantage prescription drug plan members saved an estimated $9,600 on average on their prescription costs. Most humana medicare advantage plans have coverage for vision and hearing. And dental coverage that includes two free cleanings a year, plus dentures, crowns, fillings and more! Most humana medicare advantage plans include a silver sneakers fitness program at no extra cost. You get all of this for as low as a zero-dollar monthly plan premium in many areas; and your doctor and hospital may already be a part of humana’s large network. There is no obligation, so call the number on your screen right now to see if your doctor is in our network; to find out if you could save on your prescriptions, and to get our free decision guide. Humana, a more human way to healthcare. How white do you think your teeth really are?

Diane: I am warning you, jack. Ashley’s little nasty trio has no idea of the hornet’s nest they’re kicking. And I would be remiss if i didn’t try my hardest not to prevent some terrible outcome.

Jack: Just how terrible are we talking here?

Diane: I’m not exaggerating about how dangerous he is. I mean, jeremy might have gone to jail for financial crimes, but he’s alluded to many darker acts without confessing to them.

Jack: Like what?

Diane: [ Sighs ] Well, when we were together, he would make these offhanded remarks about how bad things happen to people who crossed him.

Jack: Do you think it would make a difference if ashley knew she wasn’t dealing with just any white-collar criminal?

Diane: No. I doubt it. Her hatred of me has clouded her judgment, so I need to be prepared for the worst. And I’d be willing to take this on myself if I had to, but it’s the people that are closest to me that I’m worried about the most.

Jack: What, you think he’d come after your family, that kyle and harrison could be targets?

Diane: And maybe summer and you. And jeremy might still have the resources to attack jabot. Ashley would be putting the whole family and the business at a huge risk if she reaches out to that man.

Tucker: My focus has switched to supporting my son right now.

Ashley: What’s going on with devon?

Tucker: Oh, apparently chancellor-winters is in disarray ’cause the two coos jumped ship or were fired. And since he has much more business experience than lily, he’s essentially running this big corporation by himself now.

Ashley: I think you’re kind of selling lily short. So far, she’s made a terrific ceo. I mean, she has jill’s complete support.

Tucker: Nevertheless, I just feel like he needs my help. And I think it wouldn’t be wise if I were engaged in some subterfuge against some, uh, just released federal criminal simultaneously.

Ashley: Mm. Okay. Well, I get the whole parental drive, but, I mean, I think you’re making a mistake by easing up on diane. I mean, she did go to jack. And she told him that, you know, you were going after jabot.

Tucker: Yes, I know. I know. I know. Jack showed up at my door to confront me about that very thing.

Ashley: Ohh. Way to go, big brother. You do know that he wouldn’t be the only abbott that you’d have to contend with, right?

Tucker: Yes. I’m sure you’ll make a formidable opponent.

Ashley: You’re very blasé about this. Diane is your enemy, too.

Tucker: Mm.

Devon: So, what’s billy pulled this time?

Lily: No, billy hasn’t pulled anything. It’s just more like he’s slipping away.

Devon: Does it go hand in hand with him walking away from chancellor-winters?

Lily: I don’t know. I don’t know how or why the distance is building between us. I mean, it’s not like either one of us have done anything wrong, exactly.

Devon: Well, something must have happened.

Lily: All I remember is falling in love. You know, we worked so closely together, and it just felt so natural and — and right. And now that the working relationship is gone, it’s too. I mean, he has a new focus now. I wake up in the morning, he’s already gone, and it’s just becoming clear that I’m not a part of it.

Devon: I’m sorry.

Lily: Well, thank you for not saying “I told you so.” I know you warned me about him from the beginning.

Devon: Yeah, but I would never say that to you. Especially not now. Who am I to say anything to anybody about relationships?

Lily: I always take your words to heart. And I do listen to you, and i know that a lot of what you said has been true, but I’m not ready to give up, you know? I’m still gonna try to work on things.

Devon: Well, that’s good. That’s exactly what you should do if it’s what you want. I’ve only ever wanted you to be happy. So, if he does that for you, then you should always fight. Now, if he hurts you, though, I’m gonna —

[ Knock on door ] Yo, man, look who it is! Welcome back to town.

Daniel: Aww, thanks. It’s so good to see you.

Devon: You too.

Daniel: Lily.

Lily: Hi.

Daniel: Nice to see you again.

Lily: You too. I hope you had a good thanksgiving.

Daniel: Oh, yeah. No, it was great. It was fantastic. I spent most of it with my mother in a club.

Lily: Oh.

Devon: That’s very phyllis.

[ Laughter ]

Daniel: But, look, now that the holiday is over, I’m very excited to be meeting with you guys. So, thank you for fitting me into your schedules so quickly.

Devon: Yeah, absolutely. We’re excited to hear about this big idea you have.

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Devon: By the way, thanks for agreeing to have the meeting here. We do have nice offices, i promise you, but baby dominic is being dropped off today.

Daniel: Oh, that’s right. I heard that you and abby and chance all have a kid together. That’s got to be pretty incredible. I mean, you’re gonna have to fill me in on all the details on how that happened.

Devon: Yeah.

Lily: Yeah, we’ll save th so, tell us about your business idea.

Daniel: Are we not gonna wait for billy?

Devon: No. He’s not gonna be, uh — he’s not gonna be joining us. He actually left the company not too long ago.

Lily: Yeah, so we’ll just get started. So, what’s your proposal?

Daniel: Okay. Um, like I already explained to lily, art is still very much a part of my being. It’s just, I no longer have the passion to paint on commission or to do gallery shows.

Devon: That’s too bad.

Daniel: Actually, it’s a positive thing. I’m caught up in this new energy. It’s like I feel like I want to put my talent towards something with a bigger payoff. And I’m not just talking financially. Like, I want to reach a much wider audience. You know, being a starving artist — it was fine and fun when I was younger, but not anymore.

Devon: Okay. So, what’s your plan then?

Daniel: A mega universe gaming platform.

Devon: Wow. That sounds cool. We don’t do gaming, though, at chancellor-winters.

Lily: Well, I mean, we could. We talked about it in the past. And, actually, chanccomm had a gaming division before we were sold to newman.

Daniel: That’s right. And that platform had 20 million daily active players. No reason why we couldn’t get 50 million.

Lily: No, no reason at all.

Daniel: No, no, no reason. I mean, it only takes a massive new universe of intertwined games, crossover, playable, and non-playable characters, and an actual point to playing — you know, not just to blow time, but to problem solve, to explore, to expand, to — to grow. I mean, I’m talking about games where you could actually fight your fears or conquer self-doubt. We’re talking about a universe, a universe where you will come out a better person than when you entered.

Lily: [ Laughs ] I mean, is that possible with video games?

Daniel: It is. It is. And if we partner on this, not only will we make money, but we’ll actually put something useful and worthwhile out into the world at the same time.

Devon: You really believe that, don’t you?

Daniel: Absolutely. I do. That’s why I came here — because I know that together we can make this happen.

Jack: I admit your warnings are worrisome. Precautions have to be taken. We have to protect the family and the company above all.

Diane: So, what are we going to do?

Jack: Well, ashley doesn’t listen to me any more than she listens to you, and if she thinks it’s not a real threat, then she’s gonna do what she’s gonna do. She always has.

Diane: Yeah, and if I know tucker, he’s throwing gasoline on ashley’s fire and making things even worse.

Jack: Well, that may be, but we have to focus on those who actually believe this is a real danger and want to do something about it. So kyle has to be told everything, including tucker’s demand that you give him information on jabot.

Diane: You’re right. You’re right. But I would like to be the one to tell him. I-I was going to do it anyway. I just — I just thought I would wait until after the holidays.

Jack: He needs to know now.

Diane: [ Sighs ] Alright. I will tell him today so that he can be on guard for potential attacks. I’m willing to do whatever it takes. This is about me trying to protect all of us from physical harm.

Jack: Good.

Diane: [ Sighs ] You know, it’s also about my commitment to my son and my grandson. After reconnecting with kyle and bonding with harrison, if I ran away now, I mean, it would be heartbreaking for everyone involved. They would think that I care more about self-preservation than being with them. And that’s not true. Not anymore. I will never abandon my family again. It’s not an option.

Tucker: Yeah, thank you for the warning about diane. I’m not surprised that she would take sides against me, but i just don’t see her as any kind of personal threat right now.

Ashley: Oh, because you’re so powerful?

Tucker: No. Because she’s so weak. I’m just sure that you and nikki and phyllis will send her packing very soon. You know, what I do find fascinating is how you’re taking her accusation about me going after jabot in such stride — ’cause jack was, well, not nearly as blasé as you’re being about it.

Ashley: Well, that’s because he believes her lies. He’s bought her story that you asked diane to get jabot’s financial information.

Tucker: But you trust me about that. That’s good. I’m gonna take that as a positive sign.

Ashley: Oh, don’t do that. See, what I was saying is that diane is lashing out irrationally, you know? She’s trying to lie her way out of everything, and I just don’t see you being foolish, you know? You wouldn’t be foolish and go after jabot, not when you gave the company back to my family all those years ago, right? And I don’t see you being stupid, right? Because, I mean, that would be so incredibly…

Tucker: Stupid. Yes.

Ashley: …Stupid of you to even try something like that.

Tucker: Yes.

Ashley: ‘Cause you must know that there’s no way in hell it could possibly happen.

Tucker: No way in hell, no.

Ashley: Right.

Tucker: But despite the, uh, ironclad logic of that argument, your brother has decided to assume the worst in me.

Ashley: Shucks. I guess you guys have history.

Tucker: Yeah. That’s true. I — I expect nothing less from jack. But you… you. I see you. No matter what you say, I sense — no, actually, scratch that. I — I truly believe that you’re starting to come around about me. You’re starting to realize that my intentions towards you are sincere, aren’t you? Hmm?

[ Plate scrapes ] You’re close. You are shockingly close to giving me a second chance. And you just don’t want to admit it, do you?

[ Fork clatters ] If you think all pads are exactly the same…

Lily: I mean, it’s a very interesting proposal.

Daniel: So, are you saying chancellor-winters might be interested?

Devon: Yeah, no, from a business standpoint, it makes a ton of sense just ’cause the gaming industry continues to blow up, especially with gen Z.

Lily: But what you are talking about is a huge undertaking.

Devon: Yeah. It’s not just an expansion. It’s gonna take a lot of research and development and market analysis.

Daniel: Mm-hmm. I’m gonna shoot you over some numbers. I want you to take a look at them when you’ve got some time. Now, listen, I’m telling you, with the infrastructure that you guys have, this is all doable.

Lily: I mean, to be fair, daniel, if we want to get into gaming, we could work with a company that’s already established.

Daniel: So, why me?

Devon: Pretty much.

Daniel: Because this is my sole focus. There isn’t a single person out there that could possibly want this more than me. I even have a passion project rolled in. It’s called “finding princess louisa.”

Lily: Oh, that sounds fun.

Daniel: The player will travel through this mythical, mystical landscape, and, uh, they’ll be searching for the missing princess. I even patterned the fearless heroine after my daughter.

Devon: Oh, wow. That’s really cool. Does lucy know? Has she seen it?

Daniel: No, not yet. She will. She will. But, look, getting back to the business aspects of this, parents — they are willing to spend a lot of money on products for their kids, especially if there’s an educational component to it.

Devon: Yeah, no, that’s — that’s very true. But this is — this is not a small step into the gaming world. This is — it’s not just a game. It’s a platform.

Daniel: Well, why think small? 50 million daily players. I’m telling you, it can be done.

Devon: Yeah.

Lily: I don’t know. I like it. I like it. It’s smart. It’s lucrative. And I think if it can help people, then it’s worth doing it right.

Daniel: Well, great. Fantastic.

Lily: [ Laughs ] I mean, I’m excited for you. I’m excited for all of us. This could be a huge opportunity. Maybe, uh — maybe little lucy is our little good luck charm.

Devon: [ Chuckles ]

Daniel: Yeah, she’s more than that. I mean, I have my daughter to thank for turning me on to gaming. You know, it’s given me a new direction and, um, a new purpose.

Tucker: Hey, audra, just checking in. Um, hope you’re making progress. Things are coming to a head here, so I think it’s time we make our move. See you later.

[ Cellphone thuds ]

Phyllis: She just walked out. I mean, we gave her gold. That would have been an amazing story, and she walked out on us.

Nikki: I can’t really blame her for leaving after you came on so strong.

Phyllis: Me? I came on strong? I was trying to keep her around. Well, we just have to find another reporter, one who gets it.

Nikki: I don’t know. I don’t know if that’s a good idea. I mean, she had a point. Publishing a story without proof would be irresponsible, and it could backfire. Diane might start looking even more sympathetic than she already is, and she’ll just say, “mean people arengPllis: Yeah, yeah. You’re right. You’re right. That’s what she does best. I can’t believe that she has dodged every bullet that we have fired at her. Every single one. She is a master manipulator.

Nikki: That woman is an affliction that cannot be wiped out no matter how hard we try.

Phyllis: No. That’s not true. She can be bested.

Nikki: I’m beginning to lose confidence.

Phyllis: Don’t lose confidence. We need to take a more drastic measure.

Diane: [ Voice breaking ] I will never make the same terrible mistake that I did before. Leaving kyle was the most devastating thing that I could have done to him. I can — I can see how much it cost him and how much pain that I put him through. Nothing and no one will ever pull me from my son or my grandson ever again.

Jack: I understand. I feel the same way. Protecting kyle and harrison is my top priority, but someone has to protect you.

Diane: [ Exhales sharply ]

Jack: I hate to admit it, but you’re right. Inaction is no longer an option.

Diane: Well, I’m glad you see that now.

Jack: Yeah, well, for the sake of your son and your grandson, I need you to rely on me to do everything I can to keep this from turning into a full-on battle.

Diane: I have complete trust in you. Thank you for standing up for me.

Jack: Hey. Hey.

Diane: [ Sobbing ]

[ Door slams ]

[ Sniffles ] How white do you think your teeth really are?

Daniel: I got to tell you, i knew coming back to genoa city was gonna be the right decision. And this is gonna be an incredible opportunity. And I am so excited to start working with you guys.

Devon: Yeah, so are we. We’re excited to learn about this new universe you’ve created.

Daniel: Oh, you’re gonna love it.

[ Laughter ] And the profits.

Lily: Oh, we don’t doubt it.

Devon: Yeah.

Lily: So, I guess you’re sticking around town a little bit longer?

Daniel: Yes, I am. I mean, thanks to you, I have a ton more work to do. Um, so, I should probably get to it.

[ Laughter ] Good seeing you guys.

Lily: Alright. See ya.

Devon: Take it easy.

Daniel: Yeah. Thanks, man.

Devon: You got it. Good to see you, man.

[ Door closes ]

Devon: He made a great pitch, huh?

Lily: Yeah, he did. Did he seem like himself to you?

Devon: Yeah, he did. He’s definitely passionate about this project, you know? He’s clearly emotionally invested in it.

Lily: Yeah, you’re right. Maybe that’s what happens when we get older — things are more urgent when you know what’s at stake.

Nikki: What kind of drastic measure are you talking about?

Phyllis: Mm, well, jeremy stark — he was released from prison yesterday, right?

Nikki: Yes, I am well aware of that. Aren’t you the least bit concerned about making contact with a hardened criminal?

Phyllis: We’re not in danger. Only diane is.

Nikki: We’re not out to put her in any physical danger, either.

Phyllis: Okay. En jeremy stark being in town is enough to send diane packing and going somewhere else and creating a fake identity or whatever she does. Who cares? We’re running out of options. It’s time we got in touch with diane’s ex.

Diane: Thanks for your support, jack, but I should get going.

Ashley: How in the world did you become so completely irrational where that woman is concerned?

Jack: I could say the same thing to you. When did tucker mccall’s words suddenly become gospel?

Ashley: There’s a big difference, jack. When it comes to tucker and me, I’m not the one being played.

Jack: You’ve taken it too far, ashley. My family is now in potential danger.

Ashley: You are in danger! You are in danger right now, succumbing to diane again!

Jack: You go to war with diane, you’re going to war with me. Is that what you want?

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Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

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[ Wedding orchestral music ]

Ridge: Taylor. Everything okay?

Taylor: What?

Ridge: You look so beautiful. I know it’s been a while and it’s a wee overwhelming. What do you say? You want to do this?

Brooke: I’m so glad you’re here, dad. I’m so happy to finally meet lucy.

Stephen: Oh, it’s just our good luck that her flight was leaving from la.

Lucy: I wish the circumstances were better, considering.

Katie: It’s okay. We’re all here to support brooke.

Stephen: Well, I would have stayed longer if I had known that ridge was getting married. Why didn’t you tell me?

Brooke: Dad, I didn’t know. I didn’t want to believe it. I mean, I was holding out hope that he would change his mind. It’s too late now. I’m sure the wedding’s already started.

Donna: Look, sis, if you want to know what’s going on, I can go over to the house.

Brooke: No. I’d rather pretend this isn’t even happening. This is so wrong. I mean, ridge should be here with me, not marrying taylor.

Carter: Taylor. Are you ready? I’m sorry, ridge, I– um… I’m– I’m s– I’m sorry, everybody. I was late. I, um– you know, I woke up this morning and I was so excited about today. I knew that it was going to be perfect. And then… god, I just have so much going on in my head right now and– nice cufflinks. Like you said, this is– this is… overwhelming. For so many reasons. Just the fact that I am standing here with you right now. After I had given up hope that we could be together. And you came and you found me. And you told me that you wanted to spend the rest of your life with me. And that you would protect my heart from now on. Ridge, I have to tell you something. I’m ready. I am ready to marry the man who loves me.

Ridge: I think that’s your cue.

Carter: Everyone, please sit down. Thank you for being here. Welcome. Ridge and taylor are pleased to share this momentous occasion with you. One that, like taylor said, has been a long time coming. Even though the bride and groom didn’t give me much time to plan my remarks. But, so sorry. When two people pledge themselves to be married, they aren’t just committing to a future together, but declaring their love. Today, ridge and taylor are proclaiming their deep faith and trust in each other. Hi, I’m jill and I’ve lost 56 pounds on golo.

[ Relaxing music ]

Brooke: You really don’t have to leave.

Lucy: Oh, no. You need time with your father. Our flight’s in a few hours. Oh, brooke, I’m so sorry about everything.

Brooke: It’s okay.

Lucy: Oh, girls, just wonderful to have seen you face to face. I have to do it soon again.

Stephen: Okay.

Lucy: Honey, I’ll see you at the airport.

Stephen: Okay.

Katie: So, lucy’s sweet.

Donna: Uh huh.

Stephen: I think so. She’s very good for me.

Donna: Yes, she is. You know, I am going to order some food. How about that?

Katie: Okay.

Brooke: I’m not really hungry.

Stephen: Now, wait a minute. You have to take care of yourself, young lady.

Katie: And if you can’t, then we will.

Brooke: I really appreciate that, and I’m so happy you’re here, dad, but I don’t want tea, and I don’t want food. I just want ridge to come home and tell me he made a huge mistake and that he’s not marrying taylor.

Stephen: And if he doesn’t, he never deserved you.

Brooke: Oh, dad.

Stephen: No, no. I mean it. I mean, I’m so proud of you, girls. Girls. Women! I mean, you’re powerful, wonderful, intelligent women. You’ve made beautiful lives for yourselves, for your children, and you deserve to be happy, completely fulfilled. And instead, the men in your lives have just let you down. Myself included.

Brooke: No.

Donna: Dad, no.

Katie: Come on, that was a long time ago.

Stephen: No. I’m never going to stop wanting to make up for it. I’m determined to take away all the pain and the disappointment that you’ve ever felt. Promise.

Brooke: Well, I’m not sure if disappointment is the word that I would use for what I feel right now. It’s more like I– I just feel kind of empty, you know? I’m still in shock, actually.

Stephen: Well, then tell me what to do. What can I do? Okay, I’ll cancel my flight. No, I’ll go over to the house. I’ll stop that wedding if I have to. I don’t know how I’ll do it, but I’ll do it for you. I will.

Brooke: Taylor and her kids, they finally have everything they want and she’s not going to let anybody stop her from saying “I do.”

Stephen: Oh, sweetheart.

Brooke: Oh, dad. I love you.

Carter: It’s no secret to anyone in this room how much ridge and taylor care for each other. How they’ve remained close over the years, even separated by oceans. How deeply moving it is to hear them put those feelings into words. Preparing today, taylor told me all the ways she loves ridge, as a friend, a partner, a lover. She did.

Ridge: Okay.

Carter: And dedicated father to their children. He is the family’s protector. And ridge calls taylor their heart. She is their compass. He also praises how beautiful she is and her sense of humor. But he mostly appreciates her honesty and loyalty. He never has to question her integrity and has complete faith in her sense of right and wrong. You are your family’s north star. Now, ridge and taylor, they did not just talk about each other. They talked about their kids. Now, if you want to see this guy glow with pride, ask him about his children.

[ Carter laughing ] It is so inspiring seeing ridge and steffy work side by side. How he puts his trust in her, has faith in her judgment. And he is so proud of his best man, his son. Thomas, you’ve grown so much as a designer, a father, a man. Now, I always say ridge should take some credit for that, but he would put it all down to their dedication and taylor’s positive influence.

Ridge: I do. This is not the time–

Carter: We’re not at that part yet. No. We still have some business.

Ridge: Sorry.

Carter: If anyone here has any reason why these two should not be unified in lawful matrimony, speak now or forever hold your peace.

Steffy: I do. I object. Your heart is the beat of life.

Katie: Let’s just hold off on ordering food.

Donna: I missed a text from eric and uh… the wedding started. I’m– I’m so sorry.

Brooke: No. I am. Look, dad’s here, and he doesn’t have much time with us before he leaves. And I don’t want our time together be about me feeling sorry for myself. So.

Katie: Brooke, you’re in mourning. You have suffered an unexpected loss. You can’t just push it out of your head.

Stephen: No, honey. I need to– so his mind is just– just made up?

Katie: His mind was made up for him.

Brooke: You know, when carter came over here with the annulment papers, I really thought that there was hope. Because I thought if ridge really wanted to end things, he would have come over here and done it himself. Instead, he proposed to taylor.

Stephen: It’s not like you to just give up.

Brooke: Dad. I haven’t given up. I love ridge and all of our precious memories together and our history. Everything we’ve been through. It’s all right here. And it will always be there no matter what. I will always love ridge. Even if he marries taylor today.

Ridge: What are you doing? Object to what?

Steffy: Not to you and mom getting married. I want that more than anything.

Ridge: You wanted that forever.

Steffy: It’s complicated, dad. And I– I want you to hear this, but I’m not trying to hurt you in any way. I don’t want to ruin things for you. But you need to hear what happened.

Ridge: Hear what happened? With what?

Steffy: You need to know the truth about what’s going on. Thomas, tell him.

Thomas: The truth. You know what? He proposed to mom. He loves her. He wants to be with her, and she’s going to make him happy. That’s the truth.

Steffy: If dad ended his marriage to brooke because he felt betrayed, because of the cps call–

Ridge: Why are we bringing this up now?

Steffy: I just found out about this, dad. Don’t listen to thomas. He’s trying to protect himself.

Ridge: Protect himself from what? What are you talking about?

Thomas: Don’t you want them to be together?

Steffy: Of course I do.

Thomas: Then stop!

Steffy: I can’t! If you two can’t go on with this until… until everything is out in the open. Dad, brooke didn’t hide anything from you. And I know that you gave her chance after chance to open up and confess and you wonder why she didn’T. But you deserve to know the truth. The truth about the cps call.

Who’s on it with jardiance?

Stephen: You– you should be furious with ridge. I am.

Brooke: Well, I’m not, dad. I’m just hurt. And I’m heartbroken. Mostly, I’m just confused.

Stephen: That’s what makes me so angry. Ridge ended your marriage without giving you a reason, without giving you an opportunity to save it. Maybe he thinks he’s doing the right thing. But to leave you with these questions. Honey, it’s– it’s cruel. You say he still loves you, but if he knew what this was doing to you, I–

Donna: Does he?

Brooke: He knows I didn’t want this. He knows I didn’t want an annulment or for him to marry taylor. And I just signed those annulment papers because I didn’t know what else to do. I just couldn’t get through to him. I will always love him, dad. I will. And in spite of everything, I know that he still loves me.

Stephen: Oh, honey.

Finn: You mind taking them to the kitchen?

Li: Yeah, of course. Let’s go.

Finn: I’ll be right there with you, okay?

Ridge: Why? Why are we talking about brook and the cps call on my wedding day to your mother?

Thomas: You know, I think douglas should go with li and kelly.

Steffy: Stop trying to cover it up, thomas.

Ridge: Somebody tell me what’s going on here.

Steffy: It’s about the call to child protective services. You think it was brooke.

Ridge: I know it was brooke.

Steffy: Because you heard that recording. You thought it was brooke, but it wasn’T.

Ridge: What?

Steffy: No, dad.

Ridge: No, it was her. I listened to it and she said her name.

Steffy: She didn’t make that recording.

Ridge: Okay. Then who did?

Steffy: Thomas. Thomas made that recording.

Ridge: Thomas, I’m sorry, but that doesn’t make any sense.

Brooke’s voice: Hello. I’d like to report a child in danger.

Ridge: Where’s that coming from?

Brooke’s voice: His name is douglas forrester. He’s at 369 willow hill road, los angeles. His father, thomas forrester, is unstable. He has a knife.

Ridge: Douglas, why do you have that–

Steffy: Dad! Stop! Stop. Let him finish. It’s okay, douglas, go ahead.

Thomas: Hello. I’d like to report a child in danger. His name is douglas forrester. He’s at 369 willow hill road, los angeles. His father, thomas forrester, is unstable. He has a knife.

Ridge: I don’t understand.

Douglas: It’s an app on my phone. You record your voice and you can make it sound like someone else’S.

Ridge: You did this? You called child services on yourself?

Thomas: You promised mom you wanted to marry her because you love her. It had nothing to do with brooke, the cps thing. It’s not the point.

Ridge: It’s not the point? You’re playing with my life, with brooke’s life, your mom. What are you doing?

Thoams: Trying to make you happy.

Ridge: Do I look happy to you? You set up brooke because you know exactly what I would do if somebody attacked my family. My son who’s turned his life around. You destroyed my marriage! My boy, my son. You did this!

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Days Transcript Monday, November 28, 2022

Days of Our Lives Transcript

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. Hello. I, I thought that you were having Thanksgiving in New York with, uh, Chad and the children. I was. Jennifer’s brother, Mike and Nancy Miller had us all over for dinner. Nancy Miller, uh, Craig’s ex-wife. That’s right. Apparently she and Mike are seeing each other now, and that’s a good thing. Well, Mike’s a good guy.

Certainly a step up from Clyde Weston. But then it wouldn’t be.

I’m glad that you were able to be with family today. I imagine that the holidays have been especially painful this year. That’s why I decided to come back to work, see what’s going on at The Spectator. Checking up on me. Are you? You are working away. When I came in, big story. Could be you snapped that laptop shot as soon as you saw me, almost like you didn’t want me to see what you were writing.

You’re joking, right? No, this is a serious question. Did you kidnap Bonnie and Susan?

Oh, aj, it’s me again. Listen, will you call me back when you get this? I know you wanna be alone, but I’m just worried about you. I just hope you’re not doing anything. Oh, I hear the door. Maybe that’s you. Oh, Chad. Sorry. Disappoint. I know. Not at all. I was just happy you were Hij. I’m just worried about him.

Mother. Is that you?

Do you need any holler? It’s not your mother you dumb clock.

Yes, again.

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

The article’s about pulling a price. The governor elect’s daughter has been charged with murder. Every news organization in the country is covering this. Would you rather The Spectator didn’t? Are you kidding? It’s happening right here in Salem. You have access to the inside story. You can scoop every newspaper in the country.

I’m hardly what you’d call a seasoned reporter. Wait, wait, wait, wait a minute. Are you afraid that you are not up to writing this story? Is that why you wouldn’t let me look at your draft? No, I mean, . Yes. I mean, there’s something more too. What are you not telling me? Chad doesn’t want me to write about Paulina and Chanel.

Chad, Chad has no business telling you what to write or not to write. I I’ll take care of this right now. Please. Yeah, there’s, there’s, there’s more. Okay. I’ve told Chad that I would do what he wants.

So how come you dropped by, I thought you were gonna spend the holiday in new. Uh, I was, and actually Thomas and Charlotte are still there. Jennifer promised to take ’em for all the holiday fun they can handle. Sir, you didn’t want to join them? I did, but I figured I should come and check on ej. I heard what happened to Susan.

You think I kidnapped two women? Well, I remember what you told me after you quit your job. That your boss wanted you to do something illegal and you decided that meant kidnapping. Yeah. Well, you wouldn’t tell me what she asked you to do, and when I tried to press you on it, you gave me a very vague answer, baby, I know you.

I know that you’re holding something back and it’s big. When you came into the room, when I was watching that news report about the kidnapping, I saw the look on your face. I know Susan Bonnie. I was. What’s your boss ask you to do? I told you Rednecks, who’s a small drug company, right? Whether had to bring a new painkiller to market and they’re gonna claim that it’s not addictive, but it’s a lie.

I don’t wanna be a part of an operation like that. Well, you didn’t tell me that. I mean, my God’s did. Or I’m a doctor. That company has to be stopped. Well, I need you’d say that, which is why I didn’t tell you. But if they’re trying to get people addictive, she dunno who my boss is, what she does to people that crossing.

And you do how her talk. Hmm. That doesn’t sound like an executive of a drug company. That sounds like Ava Vitali.

Are you really here or am I that drunk? Of course I’m here. Did you think you could get rid of me that easily? So you are really here, but your, your car went off the embankment. The petrol tank exploded. A fireman told me that no one could make it our alive. Huh? Well then I guess that means I’m dead.

Yeah. It’s not that bad. Actually. Maybe you’d like to join me.

I can’t believe that Chad would ask you to bury a story this big, and I can’t believe that you would agree to do it. Yeah, well that’s because my main source is my dodgy ex former lawyer, Sloane Peterson. She said she had all the dirt on Chanel’s arrest, and she promised me an exclusive. And did she deliver?

I’ll say she showed me all the evidence that she sent over to the DA, and it looks pretty damning. But Chad said, if I do not fact check every word that Sloan gave, The spectator could be open to a liable suit and it could be put out of business. So you decided not to print it? Well, not exactly. I’m still in the process of getting it vetted.

See, the thing is, I, I don’t wanna cost the, the spectator this exclusive story of the year, but then I don’t wanna put my byline on on something that could be a lie. So, Tell me what should I do?

I don’t know about you, but these chairs I don’t think are very comfortable. I’m lucky for us, this is a very big house with a whole lot of rooms, and a lot of those rooms do have beds in them. So , I really appreciate your attempt at Sty. Is that a. You are impossible.

Oh, sorry. Hey, I didn’t know the two of you were in here. , Maggie. Hi. Happy Thanksgiving. Oh, it’s so good to see you too. So good. We’re just having a little Thanksgiving dinner. Again. Yeah. Hey, my parents are in Seattle with Trip and Joey, so Alex invited me over to Share Your Leftovers. Oh. Trip. He must be having a miserable holiday after what happened with Ava.

Yeah. That’s why mom and dad stayed out there. Yeah. You know, it must be so hard trying to be a good son to a mother like her. I still can’t believe what she did. Yeah. Or Susan Banks. She was such an innocent, she, she shouldn’t have died the way she did. I can’t help wondering if it was all a terrible accident or if Ava drove her car off of that embankment on purpose.

What do you think you’re doing? Boy, you must be loaded. Thought it was fairly obvious. Oh, but for all you know. I’m not really here. I’m just your version of a pink elephant hurt. You calling for your mommy feeling a little guilty. Are you suggesting that you are my conscience? Well, you are the reason all this happened.

You could have just given me the money and taken your mother home, but no, no. You had to prove that you were smarter than me, that you were better than me. And so what did you do? You took. The only son that I had left and kidnapped him didn’t really work out the way you planned, did it? No, because my boy is alive and well.

And your mother, what’s left of her? That’s right. She’s down there. How do I know about for sure? Anina. What? For sure. You’re forgetting one very important detail. I don’t have a conscience. So you are here in the flesh and you made it out of that crash alive. So perhaps my mother did too.

How’s EJ doing? This is probably a stupid question. I’m sure he is devastated. He is. He blames himself. Assistance Jeff. Now he’s convinced himself that he deserves to suffer because of it. Well, he didn’t prove that Ava’s marriage to Jake was a fraud and force her out of. Although I can’t imagine he expected her to retaliate like that.

Well, actually, actually what? I’m afraid that’s not all he did

you think I’d work for the likes of Rav retaliate? I don’t think that you would want to, but you were so desperate to make money and get us out of here. And the more I started to think about that, the more things started to add up, we’ll sings. Okay. Bonnie said that the guy who grabbed her was wearing a blue suit.

You have a blue suit. I love blokes too. She said that she could tell that there were major muscles under that suit. A lot of OC are well built. My mom said that the kidnapper texted her from Bonnie’s phone saying not to worry because she’d be with Mimi. Do a lot of blokes know Bonnie’s life so well that they can mention her daughter by name?

Would a lot of blokes know how to keep two women prisoner in the kiya as shed because they used to work there as the gardener. He, my wife, are the da. I am the wife who loves you and doesn’t want to believe that you did this even though a lot of the pieces fit. Sandra, if you had something to do with this, you have to tell me now.

EJ kidnapped Trip Johnson? Not personally, but he gave the order. Well, I don’t think he intended to harm the young man. I just think he just wanted to be able to trade him for Susan. Oh yeah. That makes it better. Well, let me guess. He, he, he, he figured that if he just kidnapped the poor kid, he could save himself 30 million bucks.

Well, that was only part of the reason. I think he did it primarily for, for leverage. What Leverage well, can, can, victims are killed sometimes, but mu ransom is paid. But you know that I think he was just trying to keep his mother alive. Yeah, I guess I can see that. Listen, I devoted this to you because you’re my brother and I trust.

But there’s one thing that troubles me. You work with Trip sister Stephanie? I don’t work with her. I work for her. But you do consider her as a friend? Yeah. So, so I need you to tell me that you won’t tell her that EJ had anything to do with her brother’s kidnapping. Both of our families have been through a real ordeal.

Thank God. Tripp is safe and Bonnie’s gonna be okay. Yes, she will be. Eventually, what does that mean? I told you she wasn’t in great shape at dinner. Yeah. You know, it’s, it’s hard to recover from being afraid for your life, but she will get better once they catch that clown that did that to her. Right

on. Maggie, do you know something about this guy? I just left Sarah and, uh, she has a theory about what happened. It sounded kind of farfetched to me. Hmm. Can you tell us what she said?

You have to keep it to yourself. We will.

Well, she’s afraid that the man in the clown mask. Might have been zander.

I can appreciate that You want to make the most ethically sound decision. Well, you know, I don’t really have a reputation for truth telling. We both know that, and if any report is gonna be accused of slander, it’s. . So you have to be careful with what you write, but you have been, well, that’s only cause I have you teaching me and backing me up.

Look, the public is a right to know what’s going on in Paulina’s life. So you think I should ignore what Chad wants? Chad is a good guy, but look, he’s working for a Pauline’s PR team. He may have been doing her bidding when he asked you to bury the story. Yeah, I know. I thought of that too, but, I just don’t wanna hurt or upset him anymore than I have.

Look, journalists and PR teams have been fighting since the beginning. I’m telling you right now, you’re gonna have to make a judgment call. Yeah, judgment isn’t really my best event.

The past I would agree,

but I can appreciate. The hard work that you’ve been putting in and how determined you are to be a good reporter really, really makes me feel better about not hiring Xander.

Will you please say something, Sarah? I just feel, I dunno if so hurts because of me. What? I said, look, I went out and I got what I thought was a good job so. Pay off all our debts and moves into a real home. And you said you believed in me. You have no idea what that meant to me. That, that you think I’m a changed man now?

Seems like you think I did something that, but led to two women getting killed. I didn’t want to say that. I just felt like I had to because of a blue suit and some muscles. No, it was more than that. That company that you said you worked for, redneck Victor said he’d never heard of it. I told you it’s a startup one that’s about to market a new pain medication according to you.

So there shouldn’t be any problem looking it up, right? He talking. Well, it’s had to have been around long enough to have a website. Oh, so my, so my word’s not good. You’re seriously gonna look it up. What’s wrong with that? Fine. If you don’t believe me. Go ahead.

Oh, Susan is definitely dead. And you are the soul of honesty. I made sure of it. You wore. Who do you think yanked the steering wheel and drove us off the cliff? He deliberately did that. Of course I did. It was the only way to get even with you. God, I actually believed.

Actually believe that you just ran off the road. Come on. We both know that 30 million didn’t mean anything to you. I wanted to cause you the maximum amount of pain and suffering,

and I realized I could do that with one hard turn to the right.

So you can go ahead, search all you want, search through the brush, search through the wreckage. You’re never gonna find her. So how are you alive? Because I jumped out of the car before it rolled into the embankment. Susan,

Susan was definitely in it when it blew up.

Your mommy is dead

and now it’s your turn.

You are glad you didn’t hire Xander for the job. What does that mean? Xander asked me for a job at The Spectator when, right after your accident, Y I was in the hospital waiting for you to be discharged, and Xander came up and asked me right there. I had no idea. I had just offered you the job. I knew how you still felt about Xander, so I decided right then and there, it was not a good idea for the two of you to be working closely together.

And so you turned him down. I turned him down, and now you seem to be thriving at the Spectator, so I could see it was a good idea. It is a good idea for the two of you to keep a great deal of distance from each other. Uh, actually we haven’t been doing that.

Look, Sarah and um, I. The company’s website, it’s right here.

You think I would rat out my own brother? So after what happened to Abi Girl getting that so far-fetched? No. But then Clyde Wesson tried to kill me. EJ showed up and he saved my life. Not to mention he just lost his mother and I know how much he loved her. I’m not gonna play along, so you won’t say anything to Stephanie.

Thank you. I’m worry about ej. Carol tells me that he’s been gone for hours. God knows where he is ended up. Don’t worry, ej, I’m about to put you outta your misery.

You and Xander have been seeing each other? No. No. Nothing like that. I mean, we’ve just, just been bumping into each other every now and then. I’m, it was a bit awkward at first. I can imagine. But now I’m just glad I, I, I think we can be friends. Are you being straight with me? Yeah. I, I, I, I just saw him the other day actually, and he told me about his new job.

I told him about my job, you know, like that just, it’s all friendly. Honestly, I’m just glad that he doesn’t hate me anymore. Are you sure that that’s all it is? Because I remember how in love with him, you.

And now he’s married to Sarah. I don’t wanna see you hurt anymore. I appreciate that. But really this has all just forced me to take a really hard look at the reality of my life. And the reality is that sand doesn’t love me. He loves Sarah and he’s very committed to their life together, and he’s happy. So I’m happy.

Because he is my friend now and I want, I want what’s best for him.

Oh, God. I, I don’t, I don’t know what to say. I. I mean, I should have known that you wouldn’t make up some complicated lie about where you were working, and I can’t believe that I accused you of kidnapping Bonnie and Susan. What is wrong with me? Nothing, absolutely nothing wrong. You’re perfect. You swore that you would never go back to the life that you were living before and I didn’t believe you.

I’m so sorry. You have nothing to apologize.

I mean, look, there’s even a posting for your job. There it, yeah, right here. Vice president in charge of sales. Wasted no time putting that up. Yeah. Would they must have realized what a loss you were. My mom even told me that. You taught this out with Maggie? Yeah. Well, and I’m gonna call her and tell her what a huge mistake I made.

I’m, you ever forgive me.

You and I better try to find dj. Any ideas where to start? Yes. as good as any, oh, it’s. Hello? Hey, this is Tony. Yes. Chat now. We’re just gonna go out to find him. You did where? Thank you. We’ll be right there. Pray knows where he is. Okay. This seems to be drowning his horn, neither our site. You know where that is.

Right, right, right. Let’s go.

I am glad that you and Zander have gotten to a good place. Didn’t see that coming, did you?

I’m proud of you.

I didn’t expect to hear those words from you ever again.

You’ve earned it. So, uh, why don’t we see what you’ve got from Sloan. Give me all the words and we’ll see if we can come up with a slap for your story. Well, right now. Yeah, sure. What star Thanksgiving.

I, I think it would feel good to be advising a daughter mine again. Oh, Chuck,

why don’t you call me dad and, uh, not just occasionally,

I’m gonna get my things. Take him upstairs, get unpacked. We’ll get down here. We’re good to work. Okay. How can I have him repay you?

Make me a Turkey sandwich.

Sarah really thinks that Xander kidnapped Susan and Bonnie. You have to keep this quiet, Alex, if Victor finds out, I just don’t know what he’ll do. I mean so much for this new leaf that Xander supposedly turned over. From what you’ve told us, Sarah doesn’t have much to go on. Maybe she. Overreacting. That’s what I said.

I, I mean, this guy would’ve to be out of his mind to do something like that to dad’s wife. I mean, Xander’s a member of the family. Yes. But he’s desperate to get his hands on some money. But he has to know how Sarah would feel if he committed a crime to get it. Sarah, I know would be done with him, and it seems to me that he really does love her.

Oh, he does. That’s why I don’t see how he would jeopardize what they have together, not after everything they’ve been through with Kristen and Gwe.

Darling night, I don’t blame you for being suspicious, given the life I’ve led. That was years ago. I should have known that you wouldn’t do something like that. Yeah, I made you feel terrible. Must survive. I dunno what to. Let’s not talk about it. Why don’t we, uh, just scoff down the, or the leftovers, your mum over.

Yeah, that sounds like a plan. I have so much thankful for. We both do.


there’s nothing left in this fast.

Oh, my head is sw. Ah yeah. Hey, hey. Ava. Ava, she was here. Djj. That’s not possible. She had a gun. I tried to take it from her and I fell okay. I thought, I thought she was gonna kill me. Listen you, you drank a boat load. Sure. You really saw her. I’m telling you, she was here. She pointed a gun at me. If she was here and she meant to kill you, stopped her.

We gotta get into the hospital. No, I’m not going to any hospital. Listen, you fell down, you hit your head, you were unconscious. That cut. Bear cut’s gonna need stitches. Don’t you understand? I fell when I was fighting aver and she got away. We need to find her. Okay? You too. You have to be quiet about what Sarah said to me now.

Mm-hmm. . You bet. Okay. Well, I’m gonna check on Victor and make sure he, he isn’t raiding the fridge. It gives him indigestion. Oh yes, you too. Night, Maggie. Good night.

Now what were we talking about right before Maggie showed up? Oh, I remember. I remember. Slow down tiger. Why? I think. It is a good thing that Maggie showed up when she did. You weren’t having a good time. Oh, I was having a good time. And what’s the problem? I, I just, I just have this feeling that even I should take things one step at a time.

I hate doing that. I know. But think about how much we’ll both be looking forward to our next date. So there’s gonna be a next date. Mm-hmm. . I think the odds are excellent. Well then in that case,

may I walk you out? I would like that.

Thank you.

My mom’s outta everything. It’s even a bottle of wine in here. Ooh, this is the good stuff. Hmm. It needs to be chilled. Yeah. You think so? Hmm, definitely. Maybe the, uh, ice machine is working today. Oh. We can only help. I will find a cork screw, um, here.

I ever think that he would make up an entire company.

Thank God he’s so understanding.

You are phoning me on Thanksgiving. You wouldn’t believe what just happened. Tell me. Well, I got back to our room and Sarah accused me of being behind the kidnapping. Why? She figured out the whole thing. I, for God’s sake, what did you do? I stood there like a fool and tried to deny it. So are you in trouble?

No, because Sarah decided to prove that Rednecks was a fake company by looking for a website, and she found one. How did you know that? Because I built it and I put it online. I’ve never done one before, so it’s a bit simplistic, but um, I thought it would. Doing a pinch. Oh my God, you saved my. I dunno to thank you.

It’s no need to thank me. That’s what friends are for. You don’t believe me? You don’t think she was Willy here? I’m sure she seemed real to you. I talk to me. That rubbish. She hates you. You passed out on the ground. Why didn’t she finish you off? I, I can’t answer that. Okay. Okay. Let’s go. Let’s go.

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GH Transcript Monday, November 28, 2022

General Hospital Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne



T.J. Holmes. That’s dr. Ashton, that’s emily, sasha, gloria. For all of us here at abc news, have yourself a great monday. Very pleasant, this one. We’ll miss her when her rehab’s complete. Really? Thank you. Well, hello again, detective handsome.

[ Chuckles ] Wanna model for me? How’s my brother? Tj’s in with robert now. I should be with him, too. I’ve got this, mac. I need you to stay on task. You know how important this is. I’m on it. Okay. I’m officially all yours. I appreciate you meeting so last minute. I wouldn’t have called if it weren’t important. Hmm. Well, it sounded that way on the phone. What’s up? I’ll have mac explain. Hmm! Mac? Mac, hello. Wow. Now, I’m — I’m doubly intrigued. What could the chief of detectives and G.H.’S top psychiatrist possibly want with me? Your help. Catching esme prince.

[ Screams, gasps ]

[ Exhales sharply ] Sorry about that, ace. Didn’t mean to wake you up. That felt like a nice stretch.

[ Chuckles ] I still can’t believe you’re…moving around.

[ Door opens ] What are you doing here? I’m here to help you. Nikolas: Ava, I love you. I’m thinking of you.

[ Doorbell rings ] Uncle victor. Uh, tonight is not a good night for a visit. I…really wish that you would call first. Oh, this isn’t a visit, dear boy. Would you have demetrius pick up the rest of my bags from the launch? What’s this? Hmm? What does it look like? I’m finally moving in tonight. Uh, liesl just begged off. She was gonna bring the — she’s with britt. I don’t know. Something came up. Well, it’s nice that liesl can spend the holiday with britt. What about you and kevin? You gonna go see, uh, lulu? No, not this thanksgiving. I don’t see how we can with everything that’s going on. Besides, I don’t want to leave my brother martin alone right now. Yeah, yeah, that poor guy. Scott, I know this has affected you, too, and I want you to know that I won’t rest until I have found lucy’s real shooter and brought them to justice.

U know, you were verymisleading, nurse baldwin. I believed that you were here to help me. I am helping you. Your blood pressure is fine. But stop with the screaming. The stress hormones are really bad for you and the baby. Look around. I am locked in a tower. You are covering for nikolas. That is not help. I am doing the best I can to help you have a healthy pregnancy. I gather you haven’t had any prenatal care. I don’t want to scare you, but you should take pregnancy seriously. There could be complications. If it’s so dangerous, shouldn’t I be under the care of a doctor and not under house arrest? I guess you’re gonna have to make do with me. But don’t worry. I totally know what I’m doing. How could I not worry? I am trapped in here with no idea of what’s to become of me. Please, elizabeth, you have to convince nikolas to let me go. Even if I wanted to, I don’t think nikolas would listen, not after you attacked him. He’s making that up! He didn’t make up you attacking me. I-I was in “fight or flight” mode. Nor did he make up you filming and distributing revenge porn, victimizing josslyn and my son. You remember doing that? So, that’s it. You’re committed to being nikolas’ accomplice. Would you rather have your baby in prison? This is a prison with no oversight or chance of parole. And what happens to me after I give birth? Did nikolas tell you that? As a matter of fact, he did. You’ll be taken to greece, where you’ll live a life of luxury on cassadine island. Do you really believe that nikolas is gonna take care of me for the rest of my life? I want esme to rot. But I’ve already told the cops everything I can think of. I-I haven’t seen her in months. We know esme was back in port charles. Unfortunately, her trail went cold when she crossed with elizabeth baldwin on the docks. Well, if I knew where she was, I would serve her up, head on a platter. Well, figuratively speaking, of course. We don’t think you’d know how to find her. We think you know someone who does. Axel: Sorry, mr. Chamberlain, I don’t see any new articles about the hook killer. Huh. How about this? “Prisoner anna devane remains at large after escaping a prison transport.” Okay. That’s a no. How about sports? There’s football, basketball.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, look. They’ve got pickleball. So, how about it, detective dashing? Mind if I…investigate your firepower? Whoa.

[ Laughing ] Artistically, of course. Ah, look, I’m here to ask you some questions about the prison transport crash. That old news? Old n– that’s — that’s an ongoing investigation. That’s not old. All business, huh? Not even a, “hi. How are you?” Hi. How are you, ms. Webber? Call me heather. Heather. Thank you. I’m here on official police business, but if you don’t want to cooperate, then I’ll, uh — I’ll go and leave you to it.

[ Scoffs ] Cool your jets, mr. Serious. I’ll tell you everything you wanna know. For a price.

[ As hannibal lecter ]

Quid pro quo, clarice.

[ Laughs ] Robert’s stable. He’s sleeping it off. Can I see him? Mm-hmm. Jordan: You said sleeping it off. Do you really think robert had too much to drink? Could be. We ran a tox screen, but we’re waiting for the results. What are you thinking? That the D.A. Was drugged. Why the urgency? Why did you need to move in tonight? There’s been a development in my plans. Plans that necessitate you hiding out on a secure island? Well, it had better be secure. I need to prepare my family for what’s to come. It seems you and spencer are the only cassadines I can trust right now. Although, of course, the snail’s pace of your divorce from ava is a continuing cause of concern. Now, more than ever, nikolas, you need to get your house in order. If you’re moving in to ensure my cooperation, you needn’t bother. I already told you I agree to your terms. Well, forgive me, but I need a little more assurance than your word. Well, the house is still undergoing renovations, and it isn’t prepared for you yet. Then prepare it. Tonight, the tide turns for this family. I just saw an enormous woodchuck floating up into the sky. Wow, yeah, you probably haven’t seen a parade for a while.

[ Chuckles ] You know something? The mayor gets priority seating in the staging area. You’re welcome to join us, if you like. That sounds lovely, but I have somewhere to be. I booked my rideshare to pick me up in the plaza. I wasn’t expecting this. You have plans with robert? Not tonight. Uh, it’s business, not pleasure. Ohh. I didn’t know you had a job. The night before thanksgiving? What kind of business?

I’m not authorized to make you a deal. But if I were you, I’d want to assist us. Who knows how that could work out for you down the line? Sweetheart… mm-hmm? …You want my help, come back with someone who can make a deal. Okay. Good luck with the painting. You’ll have plenty of time to get good at it.

[ Door closes ] Hello, craig. Thank you so much for letting that charming detective in to visit me. Would you be an absolute dear and escort me so I could make a teeny-weeny phone call? I won’t know anything until I look at the tox screen. Right. I put a rush on it. Thanks, honey. Keep me posted. Will do.

[ Groans ] Oh, good. Oh, robert, you’re up.

[ Exhales heavily ] Oh. Where am I? Looks like a hospital. You don’t remember? I remember — I remember tequila. Ohh.

[ Chuckling ] Tequila, yes, yes. You and holly shared some tequila shots. You had a bad reaction. She took you back to your room, and she asked me to give your wsb contact the message. Ohh. Where is she? Holly? She’s — where — where’s my briefcase? You didn’t have it on you when you stumbled off of the elevator. A-a-and holly? I haven’t seen her since the two of you left the metro court and went back to your room. Get ashford here, now! I realize it’s counterintuitive to be working over the holidays, but unfortunately some work won’t wait. I’m sure, as mayor, that’s something that you understand more than most. Oh, I absolutely do. With the ongoing hunt for anna and the continuing search for lucy’s real shooter, I imagine I’ll be working tonight, too. I will, however, find some time to spend with my brother, martin, because we both… saw our holidays going very differently.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Yeah. Scott baldwin here. Heather: Scotty!

It’s your old pal,

heather. Oh, heather, for crying out loud. Come on. Come on. What do you want? Now, don’t be a grouch. Come to spring ridge and visit me and find out. I promise you, it’ll be worth your while. Esme: Think about it. I get whisked away and holed up on some foreign island. No one to bother to look for me. Do you really believe that nikolas will just keep me around indefinitely? Once I give birth to his child, I’ll be completely disposable. What you’re suggesting won’t happen. But, you know, nikolas is loyal to the people he cares about. So my advice — make sure he cares about you. Like he was loyal to his son? You’re behind on your blood work. I’ll make sure to do it next time I’m here. Which is when? I’ll come every couple of days until you deliver. Take these. One a day. Prenatal vitamins. I’m guessing you didn’t take any during your first trimester? I’ve been a little busy. Well, now you’ve got the time. They’ll make your baby grow healthy and strong. You know, getting out of this room would work wonders in that regard. Take your vitamins, esme. You’re not getting out of here any time soon.

[ Door closes ]

[ Sighs ] Ava: Well, why are you wasting time talking to me if you know somebody who can lead you to esme? You’re a pivotal part to our plan. And you have the right to refuse. Refu– refuse? What, exactly? Esme is cunning and dangerous. We questioned everyone she’s had a relationship with in port charles. Except one. Well, don’t keep me in suspense. Who? My brother. Despite my best efforts, esme managed to forge a connection with ryan while she was interning at spring ridge. Ryan will know how to find esme. He refused to communicate with kevin. It’s unlikely he’ll cooperate with the police. We thought if we gave him some incentive to cooperate… right. You… you want to use me as bait.

of what I’m asking you to do. This is completely up to you. You’re the one person that ryan is likely to communicate with, but it’s not worth it if it will only cause you more trauma. Say no more. I’m in. Take some time to think about it. You don’t need to rush into this. We don’t have time. Esme terrorized this town long before she started her murderous rampage. We have to get to her before she gets to trina. That’s the theory, right? It is. That esme is the killer and that the ultimate target is trina. It is. Well, then we have to find esme and stop her. And — and if I have to go see ryan to get that done, then so be it. I’ll do it. I’ll do whatever you ask. When do you need me? Right now. Ugh! Come on, think! What would daddy do? Ryan: Thought you’d never ask. Did you hear elizabeth? Oh, god. She calls herself a nurse. She didn’t even help me. She’s too busy holding a grudge because of that stupid sex tape. I told you — don’t get distracted by spencer and his insipid friends. You know, I-I don’t have time for “I tu old yoso”S. Help me figure a way out of here. Ugh. I get so tired of repeating myself. Use the baby. How? Well, the baby’s health is dependent on you, right? You saw how frightened nikolas was when he thought you were in distress. Mm-hmm, until nurse baldwin threatened to perform a c-section without anesthesia. Yeah, she called your bluff, alright. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t build on a successful tactic. How? Those vitamins she gave you. Throw them out. What good would that do? Refuse to take care of yourself. If your health suffers, the baby suffers. But if I harm the baby… then I could lose, um… …I could lose my only leverage. The baby is your only leverage. You don’t have another option. Make sure that nikolas knows what’s at stake.

[ Gasps ] Scotty. Oh! It’s so good of you to come. Aww. Okay. Hiya, heather. Listen, uh, I’m here because you’re franco’s mother. So…what do you want? Our boy was such a beautiful soul, honey.

[ Sniffles ] I just hate that he was taken in such a violent, cruel way. Yeah, yeah, I-I-I know. I know. I know. So, uh, what are you — what are you, uh… still painting, huh? Yeah. Well, that’s what franco and I shared in common. Oh, look what I just did. You know, I like that, though. These works, though — they just lack my usual depth.

[ Sighs ] How can you tell? It’s because of my neck. What’s wrong with your neck? Didn’t you hear? My prison transport crashed horribly. My neck’s just been in agony ever since. I-I can hardly paint.

[ Sighs ] Well, for crying out loud, heather, that — that’s why you’re here in — in rehab. I have half a mind to sue the city of port charles and the pcpd for physical and emotional distress. Isn’t that your area of expertise? Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. No judge is ever gonna sign off on an institutionalized crackpot. But what if I was a free woman? Who’s gonna let you out?

You are. Well, think of the perks, nikolas. This way, you won’t have to be spending thanksgiving alone. Don’t expect a turkey dinner. I’m not really in a celebratory mood this year. Oh, is that because of spencer? Or ava? Or both? Among other things. Oh, I’m sorry, nikolas. I don’t remember you telling me you had company. I do recall saying it wasn’t a good time. Sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt. Oh, no, please. You’re not interrupting. The staff is moving me in. I’m afraid I’m the one interrupting. You’re moving in? Tonight? Ah. How cozy. Yes, well, I just got sick and tired of living out of suitcases. I found myself craving family.

[ Chuckles ] But listen, why don’t I start getting unpacked and, uh, not detract from your evening any further? I’ll, uh — I’ll pick out a suite on the north tower. No!

[ Sighs ] The repairs aren’t finished yet. It is not safe. Y-you’re gonna have to stay in the south tower. Aw. That’s a pity. Mm. Views are so much nicer in the north tower. Well, it was, uh — it was a delight to see you, elizabeth. What the hell, nikolas? He’s living here now? Are you trying to get caught? Gavin? Yeah, I just arrived on spoon island. What have you found out about the necklace? And where the hell is holly sutton? I can’t believe scott went to see heather webber. I mean, whatever she’s up to, it can’t be good. Now I need to be going, too. I wonder what’s happened to my rideshare. Where are you going? Oh, my meeting’s out of town.

[ Chuckles ] You’re taking a rideshare out of town tonight, the night before thanksgiving? You know it’s gonna cost you a fortune. Why didn’t robert take you? Robert doesn’t know. I’m going back to doing some contract work for government agencies, and I know that he won’t approve. Because of my memory issues and — and also because of how my last assignment ended. But I am as sharp as ever. I am. And I — I need a purpose. Good for you. I’d be happy to take you wherever you’re going. Oh, no, I couldn’t trouble you with — oh, no, no, no. I insist. I-I won’t take “no” for an answer. Robert is a very good friend of mine, and I know he wouldn’t want you taking a rideshare out of town tonight. I mean, unless, of course, you want to call him. No. [ Chuckles ] No. Thank you. I would love a ride. No thanks necessary. It’ll give us a chance to talk.

[ Chuckles ] Okay. My car’s just over here.

How are esme and the baby? Fine for now. But she’s had no prenatal care. She needs tests done, and I don’t know how we’re gonna accomplish that with your uncle living here. It’s only a matter of time before he figures out you’re holding esme prisoner. The north tower is gonna be locked at all times. I have demetrius keeping an eye on it. I’m gonna put my uncle in the south tower. It’s the opposite side of the house, and I’ve even soundproofed esme’s room, okay? Don’t worry. Hey. I have it all under control. This whole thing is gonna blow up in our faces. It’s bad enough what we’re doing, and now victor’s looking around? Alright. We’re just gonna have to deal with him.

[ Door opens ] I was just on my way out. It was really good to see you both. I will walk you out. Oh. [ Chuckles ] No need. Happy thanksgiving.

[ Glass clinks ]

[ Door closes ] Elizabeth’s going through a tough time. She came over to talk. Stop lying to me, nikolas. I know exactly what’s going on. Thanks for coming. I wanted extra backup. Did your conversation with heather webber pan out? Not really. But we can talk about that later. What’s this all about? Ava’s agreed to speak with ryan. I wish kevin could be here. Me too. But kevin was right. Ryan might not communicate in his presence. And there he is.

[ Indistinct conversations ] Are you sure you want to do this? We can do this another time. It’s okay. No time like the present. You, uh — you sure about this? Hello, ryan. You still locked in? He says yes. One blink is “yes,” two is “no.” I’m familiar. You his new caregiver? One of them. He says — oh, I don’t care what he’s blinking. I’ll do the talking. Ryan. Do you remember your little friend esme? Your protégé? Well, it turns out she’s the one who attacked me. The audacity. Well, how would you like the chance to get back at her for trying to take what’s yours? What makes you think I can get you out? Well, it would behoove you to do so. Once I’m a free woman, a judge will find me more credible when I sue the pants off the pcpd and the city. They’ll find me a victim of gross negligence and not some loon. It’ll be ka-ching, ka-ching for you and me, scotty-boy. No, no, no, no. Heather, heather, I got a little news flash here for you. There’s a lot of details involved. I mean, I-I don’t know why you think I can get you sprung. Oh. That?

[ Chuckles ] Detective falconeri was just here. He wanted to interview me about the crash and the prisoner escape. So? So, clearly, my eyewitness testimony is very valuable to them. Well, now, that depends on the testimony. What if I could identify who helped anna devane escape? I’ve gotta get out of here! Mr. Scorpio, I appreciate your urgency in wanting to leave, but that is just not possible right now. You — you don’t understand. Holly’s missing. She could be hurt. There’s a $35-million necklace out there, and I gotta make sure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. He still giving you a hard time? Have you found holly? Have you found the neck– necklace? S-somebody m-might have — might have hurt her. I wouldn’t worry. We reviewed the security camera footage from the metro court, and holly appears to be fine. Did you see who took my briefcase?

[ Monitor beeping ] Yes. And it’s someone you know very well. So, my mother’s new place is near the center of town, which is great because it’s close to all her favorite cafés and restaurants. Oh, I feel awful. You’ve only just come back, and here I am keeping you away from kevin. Kevin is working tonight. Besides, it gives us a chance to catch up. We didn’t get much opportunity, did we?

[ Sighs ] Without memories, there won’t be much catch-up from my end, I’m afraid. Try not to worry about that so much, holly. I’m sure that it will come back. So, what agency did you say you were meeting with tonight? Laura, you know that that’s classified.

[ Laughs ] Well, I-I never assume. I like to keep my mind open to all the possibilities. The mark of an effective mayor.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Cellphone ringing ] Ah! And duty calls. Hi, jordan. I’m sorry. I can’t really talk right now. I’m sitting here with –jordan: Laura. It’s important you know robert scorpio was mugged tonight.

He’s alright, but the attacker

stole a briefcase containing a necklace made of diamonds cut from the ice princess. I see.

The suspect is —

[ Line disconnects ] No more questions, laura. I’m so sorry it’s come to this.

Axel: He wants to know,what’s in it for him?

[ Chuckles ] Well, ryan… for every interview you give, I’ll be there, too. So you can bask in my presence while you give law enforcement the information they need to take that wretched esme down. So, you get my company and the credit for doing a public service for once in your life. Axel: Maybe he doesn’t understand. No, he understands, alright. He’s just toying with me. Aren’t you, ryan? Just imagine how much more toying you could do with me and a captive audience. Alright, ryan, enough stalling. Do we have a deal or not? I read the papers. Everyone is hot to trot to find anna, from the wsb to the pcpd. And who’s the only one who can put them on the right trail? Hmm. Little ol’ me. Strike this bargain, scott. Free me, and we can squeeze the city for a tidy sum. I-I doubt anybody’s gonna make that deal. You never know till you try. Don’t you want a windfall to help ease your grief? Anna killed lucy coe, the woman who was a mother to the only child you have left. You can get revenge and strike it rich all at the same time. Come on. What do you say, scotty? No! No! No! Nein! How about nein? My — my german girlfriend taught me that —

nein. I can– I cannot believe that scott baldwin is turning down the chance to make a fast buck. Yeah. I-I got a full life right now. I-I’m not gonna let you screw it up. Ooh. Is this all because of this new girlfriend? Why did you even come here if you weren’t gonna help me? I’ll tell you why, heather. Because I wanted to see if you were up to anything crazy so that I could tell the cops. How about that?

[ Exhales sharply ] Think this through, scott. I never forget my friends

or my enemies. Neither do I. Guard, let me out of this nuthouse!

[ Sighs ]

[ Door closes ] I don’t know what you think is going on, but, uh… what? You — you mean the loaded looks, the, uh, hesitation of me moving in? Oh, come on, nikolas. I wasn’t born yesterday. But I’m not shocked. Matter of fact, I’m rather relieved to see you behaving like a single man again.

[ Sighs ] No, it’s not — it’s not what you think. Elizabeth and i are just friends. She’s been going through some things. Ah. Well, it’s so nice you can comfort each other. Look, I-I won’t cramp your style. W-would you just do me a favor? Ava cannot know that elizabeth has been coming over. Oh, no, no, of course not. No need to make this divorce any more complicated than you made it by sleeping with spencer’s girlfriend. Thank you for your discretion. Oh, come on. I’m on your side. All the more reason to put an end to this marriage once and for all. Do as I ask, and no harm will come to you. Like no harm came to robert? I knew you weren’t to be trusted, and I hate that I was right. I don’t want to hurt you, laura.

[ Scoffs ] You got a funny way of showing it, holly. Please put the gun down. I wish I could. You can. You can. Just do it. Take the next exit. No. We have a long history, but that will not save you. I have no choice about this, you know. You always have a choice, always, holly. No, I don’T. And I will do what I have to do. Why? Is it because you’re working for victor cassadine? Is that what this is all about? Is that why you were whispering with eileen ashby? Is — is that why you stole robert’s briefcase? Here’s the exit. It’s now or never.

We have a “be on the lookout” on holly sutton. I thought you and holly were friends. Why would she do something like this? You tell me. Robert, if there’s something I should know, now’s the time to tell me.

[ Monitor beeping ]

[ Cellphone rings ] Excuse me. I need to take this. It seemed like you wanted to say something to the commissioner. Why didn’t you?

[ Sighs ] Oh, come on. What do you mean? I’m an open book. Oh, come on, robert. Okay, fine, holly is your ex-wife, but it’s pretty obvious that she stole that necklace and she drugged you. Well, I haven’t had any tequila for quite a while. You are about to be in real trouble with the wsb. I can handle them. Uh-huh. Said every cocky defendant I have ever represented. Well, I hope you won’t mind being one of them. But my rates are exorbitant. Look, I hope whatever holly has got herself into doesn’t drag you down, as well. We’ve been through this, uncle. I will divorce ava. It’s complicated. I need some time. That’s enough, nikolas! You are wearing my patience thin. I will to do what I must! I know what’s at stake.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Well, I hope for your sake that’s true. We’re already on the launchpad, nikolas. Alright, gavin. Talk to me. What’s the status? What do you mean, she’s disappeared? You can stop there. So, what, is this the end of the line? You’re gonna kill me and leave me on the side of the road? There’s been enough deaths. Perfect. Recent calls. What are you doing? Your family needs you.

[ Line ringing ] Kevin: Hello? Kevin?


[ Car door closes ] Kevin?

Hello? Oh, my god. Help me, please. I — I’m on route 31. I’m on the side of the road. I-I’m near mile marker 35. Call jordan. Tell her that holly sutton stole my car and she left me on the side of the road. Tell her that she is armed and dangerous. Axel: Mr. Chamberlain says, “I can’t wait to see you again, my love.” Tell mr. Chamberlain we’ll be in touch to schedule the first interview. Come on, let’s go. He wasn’t done. He said, “never fear, ava. We’ll find esme together.”

[ Sighs ] Alright. That’s that. Don’t worry, ace. Elizabeth will be back soon. We’ll tell her we trashed the vitamins, and she’ll bring us more before these run out. All we have to do is scare her.

[ Sighs ] Show her and nikolas that we can’t be steamrolled. I know what your grandfather would say, but… I can’t risk hurting you. I’d be at nikolas’ mercy. And I’ll do whatever it takes to survive. Ohh! God. I’m so sorry!

[ Chuckling ] Clumsy me.

[ Gasps ] Do you two know each other? Everyone knows… ryan chamberlain. Guess the same could be said of you… heather webber.

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Allie: We really are the perfect fit, you know?

Noah: Is that because I’m hilarious, and you’re working on cultivating your sense of humor?

Allie: Oh, there you go, making jokes again, whereas I live on the land of logic and reason.

Noah: Mm.

Allie: I’m just saying we balance each other out.

Noah: Yeah, that’s true. I do like when you get creative, though, like that one time you got real creative when Jack left the house, and we had it all to ourselves.

Allie: Oh. You have to stop.

Noah :And you went into the kitchen. You whipped up that great dinner. What’d you think I was talking about? Oh, you’re bad. Yeah.


Lily: Um, well, I have a meeting to get to, so I will let you two discuss. Good luck.

Billy: Well, I know you’re upset with me, but —

Jill: Don’t, don’t, don’t. I’m not interested in hearing your apology speech. I want to know what the hell is going on with you.

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Y&R Best Lines Thursday, November 10, 2022

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Phyllis: It’s Phyllis, Amanda. Hey.

Amanda: Hey.

Phyllis: Okay, I got here as fast as I could. I didn’t even know you were in town.

Amanda: Yeah, I just — i just got in today.

Phyllis: Okay. What happened?

Amanda: Well, I came to talk to Devon. You know, I wanted to surprise him because I’ve been gone for so long. But I got a surprise because he was naked on the couch with Abby


Phyllis: Wait, wait. You saw Devon with Abby?

Amanda: Mm-hmm, and it was perfect timing. Perfect timing, you know? I walk in the door after months of being gone, and the first thing that I see is that.

Phyllis: Well, I mean, were they — were they actually —

Amanda: Having sex? Yes. There is no doubt. I saw what I saw, and Devon admitted it, so…

Phyllis: What?! Why Abby?

Amanda: Oh, well, Devon claimed that they were really upset and they needed comforting, so it just happened.

Phyllis: Oh, it just happened? Really? She just happened to be naked? He just happened to —

Amanda: Yeah, pretty much.

Phyllis: Yeah. Okay.

Amanda: Pretty much, yeah. And he also repeated it half a dozen times just so that I could get the message.

Phyllis: Seriously? I mean, he’s with you. I-I thought he was a good guy, that he was the only one in this town left with integrity.

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Y&R Best Lines Wednesday, November 9, 2022

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Jack: [Laughs] And what did you say to him?

Adam: Oh, I told him instead of our traditional Thanksgiving gifts, we should just give out live turkeys this year. Let people keep them on their desks as pets.

Jack: I’m guessing he didn’t find that funny.

Adam: No, not at all. Not at all. No matter where you go, which company you work for, human resources does not have a sense of humor.

Jack: Yeah, but do we want an HR department that’s cracking jokes all day?

Adam: Oh, come on. How about one? Just a single witty remark from H.R. — Is that too much to ask?


Abby: I’m so sorry.

Amanda: Help the lady find her shirt, Devon. Did you rip it off and throw it over there by the stairs? Or did she peel it off teasingly?

Devon: Please don’t do that.

Abby: I’m so sorry. I’m sorry. Chance. Chance! Chance!

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