GH Short Recap Friday, September 8, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Eddie goes to a recording session that Sonny set up for him. Leo and Olivia watch him record a song and are there to help calm Eddie’s nerves.

Ava once again tries to make Nina understand that she has to learn how to deal with the danger of Sonny’s business. Ava tells Nina she still has time to cancel the wedding if she can’t deal with what Sonny does for a living because Sonny is never going to give up his business. Nina tells Ava she loves Sonny and she wants to marry him. Ava tells Nina she is selling Wyndamere and Spoon Island and wonders if Sonny might want to buy it.

Anna visits Curtis at his house to apologize to him for what happened but Curtis tells Anna it isn’t her fault. Portia talks to Anna alone. Portia tells Anna that she thinks that what happened to Curtis is her fault. Portia also tells Anna not to visit Curtis again.

Cody confronts Dr. Montague because he figures out that he and Gladys are drugging Sasha to take her money and use it to pay Gladys’ gambling debts that she owes to Mrs. Wu. Cody gets into a physical fight with Dr. Montague and takes off Dr. Montague’s clothes and puts them on so he can escape Fern Cliff with Sasha. Cody and Sasha escape before Nurse Janice calls security to tell them to lock down Fern Cliff.

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