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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ thought about Nicole talking about her secret with someone on the phone. Nicole walked in the room and wondered if something was wrong with him. He gave her an excuse for what was wrong with him. Stefan and Gabi walked in the room. He didn’t hesitate to let EJ know that he hired Gabi as his consultant. He let him know what she will be doing at the company. He let EJ know that Gabi was going to evaluate him. EJ said if something was wrong with the company it was Stefan’s fault. He offered Nicole the same position so she could evaluate Stefan. She reminded him about her job at Basic Black. EJ wanted her to make great use of her talents. She accepted the position. After their conversation with Stefan and Gabi, EJ and Nicole praised each other for their performances. They hugged each other, but they had concerned looks on their faces. Sloan was upset that she was blamed for what happened at Sweet Biscuits. Melinda showed up and went off about the situation. Sloan was upset that she accused her without evidence. She knew that Sloan was the only one who hated Chanel enough to set her up. Eric said she didn’t have proof and what she was doing was considered slander. Melinda was going to make her pay since she was a victim of the biscuits.

Rafe assured Jada that the drugs wore off. Abe arrived and wanted to know why there weren’t any arrests made in the Sweet Bits situation. He said Chanel was the only one who paid the price for what happened since her career is in jeopardy. He wanted to know why Sloan wasn’t arrested yet. Rafe let him know they didn’t have evidence against her yet. Rafe thought the situation was too personal to Abe. He agreed that it was, but he loved his family and the town. Sloan thanked Eric for having his back with Melinda. She was scared and wondered who really drugged the biscuits. Eric said they had to find out who the intended target was. Sloan wondered if she were the target or was Chanel the target. Talia walked up to Chanel and noticed that no one was taking any food from her. Talia blamed herself for that, but Chanel told her that it wasn’t her fault. Chanel told her that she wasn’t the one who drugged the biscuits. Talia thought about drugging the dough. Chanel told her that she wouldn’t be able to keep her as an employee. She would ask Tripp to get her a job at the hospital, but she said she’s a baker now. Chanel didn’t want her working for free, but Talia believed in her. She thought it was meant to be to work for her. Later on, Rafe and Jada question Talia and Chanel. They told the police their versions of what happened leading up to the drugging. Melinda approached them while they were interrogating Jada and Talia. Rafe and Jada told her there was a 12-hour window when the dough was unattended. Melinda told them that Sloan had an alibi for that time. Melinda wondered if they had other suspects. Jada said they were working on it. Talia was around the corner while they were talking. Rafe and Jada compared notes from their interviews with Chanel and Talia. Jada realized that Talia’s story didn’t add up. Talia knocked on someone’s door. A bearded man answered the door. He wondered what took her so long to get there. He gave her a passionate kiss.

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