GH Short Recap Thursday, July 27, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Sam has a talk with Molly and Molly tells her that she and TJ want to either adopt a child or use a surrogate to have a child.

Elizabeth and Finn help Curtis and Portia realize they need each other to deal, with Curtis’ paralysis.

Gladys and Dr. Montague try to persuade Sasha that she imagined that she was getting better when actually she isn’t getting better. Sasha is sure she was doing better until she started, seeing Dr. Montague and taking the pills he gave her. Dr. Montague gives Sasha a shot to make her go to sleep.

Cody tells Dante that he works for Mrs. Wu making sure the players at her illegal poker games don’t win too much money. Cody also tells Dante Gladys owes Mrs. Wu a lot of money, and he thinks Gladys is taking money from Sasha to pay Mrs. Wu the money she owes her. Cody tells Dante that he thinks Gladys is responsible for Sasha’s setback. Cody tells Dante that Mrs. Wu said she would kill him if he told anyone he works for her.

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