Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, May 16, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Chelsea tells Billy she sometimes feels like she doesn’t deserve to be happy Chelsea also tells Billy she still has suicidal thoughts but she tries her best to get through each day.

Kyle and Jack ignore that Michael told them not to tell Christine and Diane that Phyllis is alive until they can bring Phyllis home to exonerate Diane. Kyle tells Diane everything, while at the same time, Jack is telling Christine all the details of how Phyllis faked her own death and killed Jeremy. Christine tells Jack she needs proof of this wild story.

Kyle also tells Summer that her mom is alive and Summer pretends she is hearing it for the first time.

Christine tells Chance what Jack told her just in case Jack pressures him to find Phyllis but Chance has an expression on his face that seems like he believes the story more than Christine believes it.

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