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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole was nervous about her first therapy session with Marlena since she is Eric’s mother. Marlena reminded her of doctor-patient confidentiality. She asked Nicole about her feelings regarding losing the baby. Nicole said the hardest thing about losing the baby was the urge she felt. She said she felt the urge to nurse the baby. Nicole wondered if the urge to love him would ever go away. She admitted that she considered having an abortion when she found out she was pregnant. When she found out Eric was the potential father she decided not to do that to him. Nicole admitted that she loved EJ, but she still loved Eric. In her heart, she wanted the baby to be Eric’s. If the baby was Eric’s she hoped they would get back together. She said she and EJ have grown closer after losing the baby. He treated her with kindness after she kidnapped Jude. She decided to focus on Holly and give her a stable life. Marlena hoped the session went well for Nicole. Nicole said it did and wanted to see her again. She was optimistic about her recovery. Chanel and Paulina met with Kayla. Paulina said she wanted to get back to normal. She wanted answers about her condition. Kayla said she understood her situation. She said she needed an accurate diagnosis before she prescribed her medication. Kayla said the test results indicated Paulina’s body wasn’t allowing her thyroid gland to work the way it should. She said this condition happenes to women over 50.

Paulina asked why she needed a biopsy if the condition was common. Kayla said even though the condition was common, it could still be thyroid cancer. She said she wanted to rule it out. Paulina was apprehensive about doing the test, but Chanel said they should do it so they would understand what was going on. She agreed to take the test. Kayla scheduled the biopsy. Johnny showed up at the hospital. He found out about Paulina’s biopsy. She asked him about his cancer. He told her about his experience having a prosthetic eye as a child. Johnny said it was a difficult experience especially for his parents since he was too young to understand what was going on. Paulina was confident she didn’t have cancer. She said she would be around for a long time. Johnny assured Chanel that everything would be okay. When they met with Kayla again, she said the report showed Paulina showed similarities to cancer cells. While Eric, Sloan, and Jude were spending time together at the park, Leo showed up. When Leo talked about his new place, Eric told him to leave them alone. Leo said Sloan was his lawyer so he had a right to talk to her. Eric left so they could have privacy. Sloan confronted Leo about his spending habits. Leo said he controlled her spending habits until she gave the baby back to its real parents. Sloan said she and Eric were the real parents. Leo said she wasn’t the real parent. He said he was going to go back to the paper for a steady income. Leo left to go shopping. When Eric came back, he told Sloan her credit card declined. She said she missed a payment. Eric said they had a child now so he needed to make a career change. Konstantin was kidnapped while in the park. The kidnappers took him to an unknown location. His abductors turned out to be John and Steve. Steve reminded him that he was supposed to leave town and stop seeing Maggie. Konstantin explained that he tried to leave, but he had an accident with his foot which made it difficult to leave. He wanted to know why Steve was harassing him. Steve said it was simple. He wanted Konstantin to leave Salem. Konstantin said he wasn’t leaving. Steve said they had connections with the ISA and would make it happen. John and Steve took him back to the park and warned him that he had a week to leave or else. Konstantin said he saw John’s eyes before. Steve and John told Konstantin that they would have to take serious action if he didn’t stay away from Maggie.

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