B&B Short Recap Monday, July 17, 2023

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Recap written by Suzanne

In Thomas’ bedroom, Brooke confronts Hope about her affair with Thomas and urges her to end it. Brooke believes that Hope can salvage her marriage with Liam, but Hope insists that Liam wants a divorce and can’t forgive her. Brooke accuses Thomas of taking advantage of the situation, but Thomas claims he only wants to see Hope happy. Hope expresses her desire to be with a man who wants her exclusively and is not in love with another woman.

Meanwhile, at Spencer, Wyatt tries to convince Liam to fight for his marriage with Hope. Liam is hurt and disgusted by the passionate kiss he witnessed between Hope and Thomas. He admits to kissing Steffy and acknowledges that he still has feelings for her. Wyatt questions Liam about his interactions with Steffy and suggests that it may be impacting his decision regarding his marriage.

At Steffy’s house, Ridge and Steffy discuss the situation between Hope and Liam. Ridge is concerned that Thomas might regress due to the turmoil. Steffy hopes that Hope and Liam will find a way to move forward, emphasizing that it was just a kiss between Thomas and Hope. Ridge mentions the close relationship between Liam and Steffy and how it might affect Hope’s perception of their marriage.

The scene shifts back to Steffy comforting her daughter Kelly, assuring her that nothing has happened to Liam and that he loves her very much. Later, Ridge and Steffy discuss their own father-daughter bond, and Steffy reveals that Kelly adores Liam despite his complicated situation with two families. Ridge suggests that if Hope believes Liam still has feelings for Steffy, it could undermine their relationship.

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