Days Short Recap Friday, February 10, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Gwen told Leo that she was upset that Xander didn’t call her. She was scared that he was with Sarah. She told him she wanted her and Xander to get close the way Jack and Jennifer did at the Spectator. He said it was something how she wanted to be like Jack and Jennifer even though she was taking the paper from them. Johnny yelled at Xander in the Square. Johnny told him about killing his grandmother. He couldn’t believe Sarah would stay with him. Xander said Sarah was filing for divorce. Johnny was glad that they were getting a divorce. He said he was going to make Xander pay for what he did. Xander tried to defend his actions. Johnny told him about Susan’s last moments. Xander apologized for what he did. Johnny told him he wasn’t sorry, but he would be. Xander went to see Gwen and Leo. He said they weren’t going to take the paper from Jack and Jennifer. He said he felt bad about his situation with Johnny. He said he couldn’t do that to Jack. Xander walked out of the room. Gwen told Leo that she thought Xander changed his mind because she brought out the worst in him unlike Sarah. Leo thought Xander would change his mind. Gwen said Xander wanted to be the man Sarah wanted him to be. Sarah and Rex woke up in bed together. He told her how beautiful she was. He gave her a rose. She told him last night was great, but she wasn’t ready to rush into anything. He said he understood that she used him to get over Xander. He said if being with him helped her, it was worth it.

Chanel told Paulina that she almost cheated on Allie after finding her drunk with Alex. Paulina told her not to give up on Allie unless she had a reason to give up. She told Chanel to handle her business. Allie woke up with a headache. She remembered making out with Alex. He came in her room without his shirt on. She wondered what she did. He asked if it was that bad. She said it was amazing and she wanted to sleep with him. She said she couldn’t believe she betrayed her girlfriend. She said he didn’t understand because he because he was only after casual sex. He said she was wrong. He said after falling for Stephanie, he understood that love and feelings were involved in sex. She apologized for taking it out on him. She said she couldn’t believe the way she reacted over seeing Chanel with Johnny. Alex told her they might have cheated too. She said that didn’t help her. Chanel ran into Johnny. He told her he missed his grandmothers. She told him she was going to make up with Allie. She thanked him for being the voice of reason. She said she couldn’t have come back from cheating on Allie. He wished her luck. Allie told Alex she was going to fix things with Chanel. She said she was going to tell her the truth. He reminded her about the way Chanel acted when she found his underwear. He said to imagine how upset she would be to find out they slept together. She said he was right. She said it would be better if they kept it between them. When he was about to leave, Chanel was at the door. Jennifer came home to surprise Jack. When he wasn’t happy to see her, she wanted to know what was wrong. He told her what happened with Xander and Gwen. Jennifer decided to turn herself into the police. She said the paper was their life’s work and she wasn’t going to let them ruin it. He said he wouldn’t risk her going to prison. She looked at her first byline. She asked if he was ready to let it go. Xander ran into Sarah and Rex. She told Xander that she and Rex spent the night together. Xander said the joke was beneath her. Rex said he was beneath her. Rex and Sarah started playing with each other. Xander went after Rex. She stopped them from arguing. When Sarah and Rex walked off, Xander was furious. Leo and Gwen showed up. Xander told them they had a paper to get. He said nice guys finished last. Gwen and Xander went to the Horton house. Gwen asked Jack if he would be giving them the paper or would Jennifer be in jail for Valentine’s Day.

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