GH Short Recap Friday, April 21, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Sonny has Dex deliver some plans to Christina. Christina is touched when she opens the plans and Sonny has picked several possible locations for the Corinthos Davis house, a shelter for homeless teens. Dex starts to have second thoughts about going through with Michael’s plan to bring down Sonny.

Cody tells Sasha that he thinks Gladys framed him for stealing the necklace Gladys wore to the Nurses Ball. Sasha wonders why Gladys would do that to him. Cody can’t tell Sasha about Selina Wu’s illegal Poker games. Sasha tells Cody she can’t trust him, but she does trust Gladys. Drew, and Curtis to find a map inside a Greek mythology book he gave to Oscar. Curtis and Drew show the map to Laura, who thinks she knows which one of the locations circled on the map that Victor may be taking the Haunted Star.

Dr. Navarro tells Molly she may have endometriosis and the doctor does some tests on Molly.

Trina tells Spencer that she wants him to be her first, and she wants to make love right now. Spencer and Trina stop making love when Spencer looks out the window and notices the ship has stopped because they have reached land.

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