GH Short Recap Tuesday, December 19, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Donna persuades Sonny to invite Ava to spend Christmas with them so she and Avery can open their presents together.

Brook Lynn tells Ned she intends to work at Deception until she can find a way to give the company back to Maxie and Lucy.

Nina tells Michael that Ned wants information about Aurora or he will tell Sonny she was the one who turned Carly and Drew into the SEC. Michael tells Nina he will handle Ned because he doesn’t want Sonny or Willow to find out what she did to Drew and Carly.

Carly sees a picture of John Brennan Sam is holding and Sam tells Carly he is the head of the WSB and Dante is investigating him. Carly says he has been coming to Kelly’s for a few days. Sam calls Dante to warn him John Brennan is in town. The warning from Sam helps Dante and Anna capture John Brennan’s henchman Hume after he
tries to shoot them. Dante tells Sam to call the police and Sam tells Dante she thinks Brennan is at Kelly’s. Dante Anna, Sam, and the police arrive to arrest Brennan who intended to shoot Carly because she knew his identity.

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