B&B Short Recap Wednesday, July 26, 2023

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Recap written by Suzanne

Hope and Brooke met with Deacon at Il Giardino to discuss the recent events involving Thomas. Hope confessed that she and Thomas had shared a kiss in Rome and that Liam had seen it. She revealed that she had drawn up divorce papers because Liam wanted to end their marriage. Brooke urged Hope to fight for her marriage, but Hope was tired of being in competition with Steffy for Liam’s love. She wanted someone who wouldn’t divide his feelings between her and another woman.

Meanwhile, at Spencer, Liam expressed his concern to Wyatt about Finn’s ability to protect Steffy and their family. He was disturbed by a strange moment he had witnessed between Finn and Sheila, which made him question Finn’s loyalty. Wyatt suggested that Liam might be overreacting due to his feelings for Steffy and the situation in Rome, where Liam had kissed Steffy.

Later, Steffy was upset about Sheila’s release and assured Liam that she and Finn would take care of their family’s safety. However, Liam revealed that he had seen Sheila hugging Finn, raising further concerns about Finn’s intentions. Steffy was shocked and confused by the revelation.

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