GH Short Recap Thursday, June 1, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

The Metro Court pool opens for the Summer and Dex, Josslyn, Spencer, and Trina spend the day at the pool. Spencer tells Trina that his uncle Victor left him a key to a safe deposit box and told him to protect his family. Trina tells Spencer they must go to the bank and open the safe deposit box and find out what is inside it

Josslyn asks Dex to give her the evidence he has against Sonny so she can give it to the Justice Department and save Carly from going to jail.

Valentin decides to go to Chechnya with Laura to help her look for Nikolas.

Molly tells TJ that she wants to find another way to have a baby.

Jordan is stunned when Portia tells her Curtis moved back home to work on their marriage.

Anna is arrested for treason since her cover has been blown by an article published in the Sun newspaper. Anna tells the WSB if they investigate Robert or anybody she cares about, she will expose details of WSB off the books operations. The WSB tells Anna her friends are safe but she must resign from the WSB.

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