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Recap written by Terry

Tucker paid Phyllis to hack into the accounts of both Jabot and Billy to make it appear as if Billy is stealing money. Phyllis had only agreed beforehand to hack into Billy’s account – she had not agreed to hack into Jabot’s, but Tucker pressured her to do it. Tucker said she should have seen that coming. She hacked the accounts in exchange for Tucker paying off Phyllis’ debt to the life insurance company, relating back to Jeremy Stark’s life insurance policy money and Jeremy Stark’s taking half of Phyllis’ life savings, all in the scheme to frame Diane for Phyllis’ murder. Phyllis wanted to know what Tucker had against Billy. Tucker replied he had nothing against Billy, but Billy is in a position to help Tucker achieve his final objective – which he would not tell Phyllis.

Billy and Jack argued about Billy’s place in Jabot as co-CEO. While Jack said he wanted to work side but side with his brother, Billy maintained Jack would never see him as a true partner and cautioned Jack not to throw overboard Jack’s one true ally. Billy told Jack that Adam came to him to say he had dirt on Tucker, which Adam said he would share for a price. Jack said Billy owed it to Jabot to inform Jack what Tucker is plotting. Billy agreed. Billy added that it’s in his own interest to leverage that information in order to keep his job, since Billy thought Jack was just about to fire Billy because of trust issues. Jack said he was not going to fire Billy, but had said earlier that working together was not working out. Billy said it would be a better idea if Jack spoke directly with Adam, since Billy and Adam don’t get along. Jack then called Adam to schedule a meeting.

Adam saw Sally working on her business plan and offered to look it over when it’s complete. They discussed Adam’s efforts to change in order to establish positive relationships with his siblings and Victor. Adam bemoaned the fact that everyone’s doubting him and laughing at him while he is trying to live a more authentic life. Sally looked directly at him and stated that she was not laughing. He apologized for putting Sally in an awkward position when he walked Sally to her suite the night before and kissed her. He said for a brief moment he thought she enjoyed it too and that he could not stop thinking about the kiss. Adam told Sally the kiss reminded him of how good they were together. Adam said it’s his hope that Sally comes to him one day and says she loves Nick but she is in love with Adam. He told her he was glad they were now in a place where they can talk again.

Sally appeared exasperated when she found a bouquet of flowers in her suite and thought they were from Adam. The flowers were from Nick, with a card that read he missed her and would be home soon. Hurry, Nick, she said to herself.

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