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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ found Stefan at home when he should have been working. Stefan said he was having second thoughts because of the way they treated Gabi. EJ asked if he wanted to reinstate her. Stefan said she was smart and driven. EJ asked what was wrong with him. Stefan told EJ about the deprogramming. EJ couldn’t believe it. He told Stefan he and Nicole drank the drinks before Gabi knocked him out. Stefan remembered drugging one of the drinks. EJ said the drink affected Nicole. Stefan was surprised that it affected her. Nicole showed up and said the drink was still affecting her. Stefan left to get her tea and toast. She apologized to EJ for throwing herself at him. She said she would understand if he didn’t want to move forward with her. He told her about Stefan being deprogrammed. Stefan came back with the tea and toast. She asked if he and Chloe were over. He said he was in love with both of them. She said she felt queasy and needed to get air. Gabi showed up at the police station. She told Jada that she needed to get to the interrogation room. Jada stopped her from going in the room. Gabi said she needed Rolf to finish deprogramming Stefan before it was too late.

Rafe told Rolf that turning on his partner was the only way he would avoid prison time. Rolf asked him who he expected him to say. Rafe wanted him to start with Kristen and Li. He gave him a pen and paper to write everything down. Gabi came in the interrogation room. She told Rafe to let Rolf go. Rafe told her to leave. She said she needed Rolf to finish what he was doing. Rolf said he couldn’t finish because the equipment was destroyed. She said she would pay for new equipment. She said she needed him to get Chloe out of Stefan’s head. While Rolf was writing down information, Jada came in and made Gabi leave. Jada said they would let Gabi know when Rolf was finished. Li talked to someone on the phone. He yelled at the person for letting Rolf get in Salem. He said he was about to lose everything. When he got off the phone, Sloan showed up. She said he sounded as if he needed a lawyer. He said he had a lawyer, but he could use her help. She said she would solve his problem with Rolf as well as keep Gabi from divorcing him. Li said he would hire her. Gabi ran into Li. She bragged about Stefan being in love with her. She said there was a complication. She said when Rolf finished his work, Stefan would want only her. Li said he wasn’t sure about that. She said Rolf was selling him out to the police. She said Li would be on his way to prison. Li said he wouldn’t be sure of that either. Brady ran into Eric at the pub drinking. Eric asked Brady to join him. Brady said he was sober and thought Eric was too. Eric thought he was trying to get him to go to a meeting. Eric said he missed his mother. Brady said he missed her too. Eric wanted to know how they would deal with it. Brady said they could lean on each other. They talked about Rachel being upset about Kristen being gone. Brady asked if he was drinking because of Nicole. Eric said that was ridiculous. He told him about his relationship with Sloan. Brady said the only reason why he was with Sloan was the mask the fact that he was pining over the love of his life. EJ told Stefan it was too risky not to be co-CEO and to bring Gabi back. Stefan agreed with him. EJ apologized for his role in stopping the deprogramming from happening sooner. He said he was glad Stefan forgave him. Stefan told him all was forgiven. When EJ turned his back, Stefan put a drug in his drink. When Rolf was finished writing down what Li and Kristen did, Rafe told him to sign the paper. Sloan came in and told Rolf not to sign the paper.

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