B&B Short Recap Friday, October 6, 2023

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Recap written by Suzanne

Finn and Hope continue their emotional conversation about their love lives. Later, Finn’s words about Thomas echo in Hope’s mind.

Deacon and Sheila keep celebrating their engagement with a Champagne breakfast while also wondering what Hope and Finn will have to say about it. Deacon calls Finn to the restaurant to have a chat with him. He tells him how much he changed while he was incarcerated, and he tells him that Sheila is no longer a threat to Steffy. Sheila comes out. She and Deacon hold hands, so Finn is shocked to see that they’re a couple. Sheila tells him that she’s finally found someone who loves her and makes her happy. She hopes Finn can be happy for her, too.

Ridge is confident that their fashion showdown will go very smoothly. Eric arrives and jokes with Ridge about the challenge. Donna can tell that Eric is getting tired, so she reminds him about a meeting, so they can have an excuse to leave. At home, Donna gives Eric a hug, but he gets another coughing fit and coughs up blood (which she doesn’t see).

RJ confides to Luna that Eric may have cerebral vascular disease or TIA’s (mini-strokes). Luna thinks that Eric’s positive attitude is great for his health. She gives RJ a supportive hug. He thanks her for all of her support. After he leaves the office, she gets another call from her mom, who doesn’t think she should be there at Forrester. She reveals that Luna’s aunt is Li, Finn’s mom. She sounds worried that Luna might be exposing a big family secret. When RJ returns, he sees that Luna is upset and rushes over to comfort her.

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