Queer As Folk Cast List

Nathan, Stuart and Vince

UK Cast List

Stuart Jones – Aidan Gillen
Vince Tyler – Craig Kelly
Nathan Maloney – Charlie Hunnam
Hazel Tyler – Denise Black
Bernard Thomas – Andy Devine
Romey Sullivan – Esther Hall
Janice Maloney – Caroline O’Neill
Sandra Docherty – Alison Burrows
Donna Clarke – Carla Henry
Rosalie Cotter – Caroline Pegg
Baby Alfred – Alfie Robinson
Alexander Perry – Antony Cotton
Lisa Levene – Saira Todd
Christian Hobbs – Ben Maguire

Brian and Justin

U.S. Cast List

Brian Kinney – Gale Harold
Michael Novotny – Hal Sparks
Justin Taylor – Randy Harrison
Emmett Honeycutt – Peter Paige
Ted Schmidt – Scott Lowell
Lindsay Peterson – Thea Gill
Melanie Marcus – Michelle Clunie
Debbie Novotny – Sharon Gless
Professor Ben Bruckner – Robert Gant
Jennifer Taylor – Sherry Miller
Vic Grassi – Jack Wetherall
James ‘Hunter’ Montgomery – Harris Allan
Detective Carl Horvath – Peter MacNeill
Daphne Chanders – Makyla Smith
Cynthia – Stephanie Moore
Gus Peterson-Marcus – Logan Hoover / Kegan Hoover
Dr. David Cameron – Chris Potter
Blake Wyzecki – Dean Armstrong
Tracy – Lindsey Connell
Christopher Mark Hobbs – Alec McClure
Ethan Gold – Fab Filippo
Gardner Vance – Carlo Rota
Rodney – Gary Brennan
Drew Boyd – Matt Battaglia
Police Chief Stockwell – David Gianopoulos
Passerby – Diane Higgins

Queer As Folk 2022 cast

U.S. Reboot (2022)

Mingus – Fin Argus
Shar – CG
Ruthie O’Neil – Jesse James Keitel
Julian Beaumont – Ryan O’Connell
Noah Hernandez – Johnny Sibilly
Brodie Beaumont – Devin Way
Brenda Beaumont – Kim Cattrall
Marvin – Eric Graise
Bussey – Armand Fields
Daddius Miller – Chris Renfro
Judy – Juliette Lewis
Jake – Brandon Gilpin
Jack Cole Jordan – Benito Skinner
Ali – Sachin Bhatt
Mina – Delish Da Goodness
Winston Beaumont – Ed Begley Jr.
Laveau Contraire – herself

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Queer as Folk

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Older News

The new version of QAF debuts June 9 on Peacock! It’s “a vibrant reimagining of the groundbreaking British series created by Russell T. Davies, exploring a diverse group of friends in New Orleans whose lives are transformed in the aftermath of a tragedy.” Promo

Posted by Scott Lowell on Twitter: On Friday, May 1st we will be live-streaming all over the world a special cast & crew reunion in honor of our upcoming 20th Anniversary in order to raise funds for LGBT CenterLink! #MayDayGayDay will stream live on Facebook Live & YouTube Live
Queer as Folk Reunion

Petition to make a reunion movie

Peter Paige (Emmett) is co-creator of the show “Good Trouble” on Freeform.

Queer as Folk

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Queer as Folk Appearances

Michael, Brian and Justin

Russell T. Davies, who created “Queer As Folk,” will be returning to write “Doctor Who” later this year.

Gale Harold (Brian) is in a new movie, “Good Girl Jane,” out this year.

Peter Paige (Emmett) writes and is executive producer of “Good Trouble” on Freeform.

Hal Sparks (Michael) has a great website, with news, streaming web show, etc. so check it out! Hal Sparks on Twitter @HalSparks

Sharon Gless has completed two movies this year.

Sherry Miller (Jennifer) has a Christmas movie coming out this year, “Christmas in Rockwell.”

Jaclyn Moore (former QAF writer/producer) now is showrunner for “Dear White People” on Netflix.

Chris Potter (David) plays Gambit in the new “X-Men ’97” animated series.

Dean Armstrong (Blake) has some movies coming out.

Jason Jones (Dominic) has two movies coming out.

Aidan Gillen  (Stuart) is a very busy actor who stars in several series and movies.

Craig Kelly (Vince) has two movies coming out.

Charlie Hunnam (Nathan) stars in the upcoming Apple TV+ series “Shantaram” and is filming a new movie, “Rebel Moon.”

Queer as Folk

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