GH Short Recap Thursday, November 23, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

It’s Thanksgiving in Port Charles and the Davis family invites Blaze to spend Thanksgiving with them.

TJ tells everyone he is thinking about specializing in neurology.

Robert surprises a depressed Anna with a visit from Emma, and they have Thanksgiving dinner together.

Laura and Valentin confront Charlotte about what she has been doing to Anna. Laura and Valentin try to persuade Charlotte that her grandpa Victor manipulated her to hurt Anna. Charlotte insists that Anna is a bad person and she was only protecting Valentin from Anna. Charlotte also tells Valentin she didn’t burn down Anna’s house.

Cody and Sasha spend Thanksgiving at the Quartermaine mansion where Lois’s mother Gloria arrives to help Lois cook Thanksgiving dinner. It looks like the Quartermaine’s are going to have their first Thanksgiving dinner since the 90’s until the smoke alarm beeps.

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