GH Short Recap Wednesday, June 28, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Drew tells Scout that he has to go to prison for three years. Sam promises Scout that she can go visit her daddy every weekend at the prison.

Diane tells Carly that she will have to pay a five million dollar fine for her part in Drew’s crime. Carly refuses Joseph’s offer to use her trust fund to pay the fine. Carly tells Josslyn that the fine will wipe out her savings but even though things are bad now she will find a way to get back everything that has been taken from her.

Drew arrives to say goodbye to Carly.

Brook Lynn puts all the information about the Deceptor on a flash drive and gives Tracey the flash drive..

Maxie tells Brook Lynn she hasn’t wanted to find a new house because her apartment is where she shared her life with Nathan.

Sonny tells Eddie that if he stays in Port Charles and doesn’t leave town, he will introduce him to record executives at small record labels in town. Eddie accepts Sonny’s offer and will stay in Port Charles for now.

Ava is frantic when Avery goes missing at the park. Ava calls Sonny and then the police. Austin finds Avery who was chasing after a balloon by the pond. Ava slaps Austin because she thinks he set up Avery going missing to scare her into obeying Mason’s orders.

Lucy asks Felicia to investigate Martin because she thinks he is keeping a secret from her.

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