Days Short Recap Wednesday, February 15, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole let EJ know that she was fine with eating at the same place as Eric and Sloan. They ended up at the table next to them. Nicole and Eric were distracting each other at their respective tables. Nicole and Eric left their tables and ran into each other. They had an awkward conversation and went back to their tables. Sloan was ready to go home. EJ told Nicole that they should go home too. Sloan understood if Eric wanted to end their night early since his mother’s funeral was the next day. She was willing to make love to him too if he wanted to do it. He kissed her passionately. Li talked to Wendy about how he struck out with Gabi for Valentine’s Day. She told him that he has to try to be her friend now instead of trying to get her back in his life. He didn’t want to be friends with her because they were married. She told him that they were married on paper. He planned on changing that. She reminded him that Gabi loved Stefan. Li didn’t understand why she would waste her time with someone who loved someone else. Wendy wondered if she was like Gabi. Gabi was trying to prove who Stefan loved more. Li wasn’t talking about her situation with Johnny. Gabi was upset that Stefan called her Chloe. He said he didn’t call her Chloe. He said if he did that it was because he was worried about her. He said that she wasn’t returning his calls. Gabi wondered if she would be there if Chloe answered the phone. He assured her that he would have called her anyway. Gabi wondered if he was looking for a threesome. He wasn’t, but he wondered if she was into that. She called him a pig and threw her drink at him. Stefan assured her that he loved her. She wanted him to call her when she was the only person he loved.

EJ and Nicole returned to the DiMera mansion. They kissed each other. Things heated up for them and they stayed in her room. Gabi went to see Li and wondered if his invitation was still open to her. She thought they could talk about the divorce. He thought about Sloan’s advice and told Gabi that he will have his lawyer speed up the process. She thanked him. He wondered why she wasn’t with Stefan. She told him that he called her Chloe. Li thought it was funny. She got upset with him because he’s the reason why it happened. He told her that he would love her no matter what Rolf did to him. He told her that she was all he ever wanted and that’s why he did the things he did. He asked her to eat dinner with him and she accepted the invitation. Steve had a beer and was looking at a picture of his wedding photo. He fell asleep on the couch. He woke up and saw Kayla. He was shocked and wanted to know how she got there. She had to see him on their anniversary. She told him that she loved him. He let her know that he loved her with all his heart. He knew she wasn’t real and that he was drinking too much. She said she was real and kissed him. Kayla told him that she needed him because the good place wasn’t working out for her. She told him about running into Adrienne and how she turned into Nick. She told him that Nick tricked her into signing away her soul. She pleaded with him to help her. He was confused and wanted her to tell him what to do. Tripp showed up and woke Steve up. He told him that Kayla was there and needed his help. Tripp thought he had too much to drink and wanted to help him out. He thought about Kayla and wondered how he would ever go on without her.

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