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Recap written by Suzanne

Lois drops by Sonny’s place to see him. They hug and catch up about their families.

Tracy tries to convince Brook Lynn to stay home and talk to her about her future (in her usual nasty way), but she isn’t interested. When Ned tries to suggest that Tracy just be straight with her, Tracy yells at him. Olivia comes in and defends Ned. Tracy and Olivia argue until Tracy leaves in a huff. Ned thanks Olivia for accepting who he is and defending him. She tells him how wonderful he is, but she’s not going to stop missing her husband.

TJ finds Austin drinking at Charlie’s by himself. Austin thanks him for stopping him from smothering Mason. TJ goes to Mason’s room and tells him that he’s going to jail for the rest of his life.

Blaze also goes to Charlie’s, but she gets a text from Lucy, so she leaves. Sasha and Sam arrive, and Sam introduces Blaze and Sasha. Sasha admires Blaze. Cody and Dante arrive late. Cody and Sasha offer to help Sam and Dante remodel their family room because they’re friends and everything they did for them, so they agree and toast.

Ava welcomes Laura home at her gallery, and they catch up. Ava is shocked to hear that Nikolas is alive and in Europe. She phones Austin to come to her gallery immediately. She asks him if he knew that Nikolas was alive. He lies that he didn’t. She’s not sure whether to believe him or not.

Lucy and Martin sit in Café Cherie, waiting for Blaze. Lucy isn’t sure how she’s going to tell her that Tracy doesn’t want her as the new Face of Deception. Blaze arrives and meets Martin. She tells Lucy that she’s going to have her turn her down as the new Face. She also thinks they should stick with Sasha. Lucy is very disappointed but blames Tracy. She intends to show Tracy who she’s dealing with. Laura arrives, so Martin greets her enthusiastically. Laura wonders what they should do about their brother. They’re not sure whether to believe that he’s changed or is really no longer dangerous.

Lucy tells Tracy that she wins: Sasha will still be the Face, and not Blaze. Lucy informs her that it’s the last decision she gets to make for her company.

Brook Lynn also arrives at Charlie’s, looking for Blaze. Blaze arrives and apologizes for being late. They sit down, and Brook Lynn presents her contracts for Blaze to sign. She advises her to read them carefully. Blaze thanks her and then proceeds to read them. Brook Lynn calls Kristina over to be a witness for Blaze signing. They shake hands on it. Kristina gives them each a bottle to toast with.

Finn and Elizabeth cook together at their cabin out in the woods. She tells him the news that Cam is dating a girl at college. They make jokes about their kids dating and call to check on them. Later, they chat in front of a romantic fire, make out and then head to bed. After, she thanks him for planning such a great trip. They kiss more and fall asleep in each other’s arms.

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