Days Short Recap Monday, July 31, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole was upset when a nurse told her another nurse gave her test results to someone she thought was Nicole. The nurse said she would give her another copy. Sloan panicked over what she could do about Nicole’s test results. She felt she had no choice but to change the test results. She went to the lobby and heard Nicole ask the nurse for her test results. Sloan said she got the test results by mistake when she was looking for her own results. She said she opened it without looking at it. She gave Nicole the envelope. Nicole was happy when she found out her child didn’t have genetic issues. Eric told Roman and Kate about the baby. Roman wasn’t happy about it because he doesn’t like Sloan. He said he blamed her for what happened to Abe. He said he couldn’t get past it. He said he was happy he was going to be a grandfather again. Eric was upset about Roman’s reaction, but Kate tried to make things better between them. Sloan showed up. Roman invited her to join them in a toast. Sloan told Eric that she didn’t go see Colin. She said she went to the hospital to get the genetic test results for the baby. She said the results weren’t ready yet. She said she got Nicole’s results and her baby was fine.

Leo stopped the wedding. He told Gwen that he couldn’t let her marry Dimitri. Gabi was upset. Gwen wanted Leo to talk to her about what he is feeling. He gave his blessing after Dimitri said he wouldn’t hurt Gwen. He reminded Leo about the inheritance. The ceremonies continued. Both couples got married. Kristen comforted Leo. Gwen went to confront Leo, but Dimitri tried to fix things between them. Kristen and EJ talked about their family unity. Rafe and Jada congratulated Gabi. Gabi said she was happy to be married to Stefan. Rafe congratulated EJ on the baby. Rafe and Jada decided to leave the wedding to spend some time alone. Stefan thanked EJ for being his best man. Gabi asked if there could be a fresh start between them. Dimitri confronted Leo about interrupting the wedding. Leo said he felt guilty. Dimitri said he would take care of Gwen. He said they were going to be rich. Gwen showed up when they were about to kiss. They told her they were planning a surprise. They told her Dimitri was taking her to Iceland for their honeymoon. Nicole told EJ about the situation with the test results. She said the baby was fine. While Kristen was talking to Dimitri, she got a call to come to court for Rachel’s custody.

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