Days Short Recap Tuesday, June 6, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

At the police station, Rafe yelled into the phone about a top priority situation. Belle and Talia went to Rafe’s office. Talia was out on bail because she agreed to testify against Colin. He was happy about that except for the fact that Colin escaped. Leo told Jada about seeing Colin. Leo asked her about Talia and Colin. Jada said Talia was in an abusive relationship. He asked if he could quote her on that. She tried to backtrack. He told his father was physically abusive. She said Talia was emotionally abused. He said he could understand how that felt because of his mother. She said she knew she couldn’t stop him from printing what he wanted, but she wanted him to consider not using the story. Gwen walked into the DiMera mansion as Megan was talking about finding a good wife for Dimitri. Gwen said she was looking for a scoop on Dimitri. Megan said she came to the right place. Kristen introduced Gwen to Megan. Megan asked how they knew each other. They said Kristen blackmailed Gwen into helping her escape custody while Kristen helped Gwen get pardoned. Gwen asked for an interview with Dimitri. He didn’t want to do the interview, but Megan told him not to be hasty. Talia thanked Belle for her help. Belle left Rafe’s office. Talia apologized to Rafe for what she did. She said she knew it was a bad look for Jada. He said Jada didn’t care about that. He said she cared about Talia which was why she got her a lawyer. Gwen told Dimitri her interview would give him a chance to clear up any rumors. He didn’t care about the rumors. Megan wanted to talk to him. Megan told Dimitri that his interview wasn’t about good PR. She said it was about making Gwen his wife. He asked if she wanted to be in love when she got married. Megan said there wasn’t any time for that. if he wanted the Von Leuschner fortune. She told him to forget about love and convince Gwen to marry him. He wanted to know why it had to be her. She told him Gwen had great qualities.

Gwen told Kristen that she would do anything to get an interview with Dimitri. Kristen reminded her that she stole the paper from Jack. She asked Gwen about working with her ex. Gwen said that was the worst part since he brought Chloe on to work for them. Kristen said she could give her tips on how to deal with Chloe if she wanted Xander back. Gwen said it was time to move on from him. She wanted to find someone new. Chloe was upset with Xander because she was attracted to him. He wanted to know why she was upset. She reminded him of the things he has done. He told her to stop fighting her feelings and give in to her desires. She said things could get complicated since they work together and live together. He said they could see how it went since she was getting over Brady. She asked him about Sarah. He said he still had feelings for her, but he knew that was over. She said she was with half of his family. She said she needed to swear off the Kiriakis men. He said he was the best of the bunch. When Belle went home, she was surprised to see Shawn. After they hugged, she asked if he was drinking. He said he was, but not enough. She asked him why he was drinking. He said it was because he shot his father and put him in a coma. He said he father was hanging on by a thread and his mother was a wreck. He said there was nothing he could do about it. He said he hoped Megan didn’t find out where Bo was. She said Megan was in Salem. He was going to give her a piece of his mind. She told him he was in no position to drive. He said Megan needed to answer for what she did. Belle said he was right. She wanted his keys. He gave them to her. He said he couldn’t put the entire blame on Megan because he was the one who pulled the trigger. He got more to drink. She asked him to stop drinking and come to bed. He told her to leave him alone. She said she loved him and went to bed.


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