GH Short Recap Thursday, October 5, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Chase goes to the hospital because he got sprayed with pepper spray and Finn washes out his eyes with saline solution and tells him not to drive for half an hour. Tracy sees Chase sitting in a chair in the hospital hallway and she thinks he is crying because something happened to Gregory. Tracy asks Chase if Gregory fell again. Chase wonders what Tracy knows about his father. Tracy blurts out that Gregory has ALS. Finn confirms to Chase that what Tracy said about Gregory is true. Chase is hurt that Finn knew about Gregory’s diagnosis for a few weeks and didn’t tell him.

Gregory and Alexis go to a hot yoga class and take another item off Gregory’s bucket list.

Valentin tells Anna he bought his house after her house burned intending to ask her to move in with him and Charlotte, but he needs to spend time with Charlotte right now and she can’t move in with them. Valentin promises Anna that when the time is right they will be together. Charlotte is listening to Valentin and Anna’s conversation and she remembers reading the letter her grandpa Victor left for her where he gave her special tarot cards and told her to use the cards to protect Valentin from Anna because Anna is controlling Valentine’s mind. Victor also tells Charlotte in the letter that Valentine’s love for Anna could lead to his death.

Cody, Dante, and Mac rescue Sasha from Dr. Montague who wants to inject Sasha with propofol and leave Fern Cliff with her. Cody gets the syringe away from Dr. Montague and Nurse Janice tells Mac and Dante what happened because she saw everything. Dr. Montague is arrested and Sasha ordeal finally ends.

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