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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Theresa wanted to go to Victor’s funeral with Brady as a family, but he didn’t want to do that. Belle and Shawn arrived at the townhouse. Brady wondered how Shawn was doing. He said he was better because he’s talking about Marlena. Theresa tried to text Brady again. He was frustrated by it. He knew she wouldn’t give up. Brady told Belle that Theresa wanted to get back together. They talked about his conversation with Theresa. Shawn was shocked that Brady compared Theresa to Kristen. Brady felt like Theresa had the potential to be like Kristen. He felt like he needed a nice woman and Theresa wasn’t it. They headed to the memorial. Alex and Chelsea met each other at the service. They got to know each other. Theresa saw Chelsea at the service and they caught up with each other. Chelsea introduced Alex and Theresa. He seemed happy that they weren’t related. Alex and Theresa talked to each other about Brady. He told her that the old him would have suggested she pursue Brady, but he thought she should back off. Kate read about Victor’s funeral in the newspaper when Philip walked in the pub. She tried to make him feel guilty, but he told her that Brady wasn’t pressing charges against him. She wanted to know where he was while he was gone. He told her that he went to see Lucas at Statesville. She thought that was good, but she knew he wasn’t doing that the entire time he was gone. He told her that he went to see Chloe. He assured her that he was back for Victor’s funeral. She assured him that Victor loved him. He was ready to go to the funeral, but Kate stopped him. She wanted to know if he was still in love with Chloe. He admitted that he still loved Chloe.

Justin and Bonnie were talking about Victor when Sonny arrived. They had fond memories of him when Xander showed up. He thought they were putting Victor down. Sonny got upset with him. They started arguing. Sonny was glad that Sarah was with Rex instead of him and that she’s having his baby. Bonnie almost slipped up and said Sarah wasn’t having Rex’s baby, but she covered herself. Bonnie defended Xander and Sonny couldn’t believe she would do that after what happened with Ava. Sonny mentioned the other things Xander did. Justin let them know that Victor wouldn’t want them to fight. Maggie was in her room talking to Victor’s picture when Sarah showed up. Sarah told her that Melissa was sorry she couldn’t make it to the funeral. Maggie knew she was sick and told Sarah that she did a video call with her. Maggie talked about her memories of Victor with her. She missed him and wanted him back. Sarah told her that she wasn’t alone because she was with her. Maggie told her that it wasn’t too late to tell Xander the truth about the baby. Maggie didn’t think it was right or fair to keep the truth from Xander. Sarah didn’t think any good would come from telling him about the baby. Victor service began. Everyone took turns saying things about Victor.

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