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Recap written by Terry

Jack and Diane got married – again, by their son Kyle, who was certified via the internet to perform the wedding. Nikki pointed out the key players in town to her assistant, Claire. Nikki toasted Jack and Diane with a bit of thinly veiled distain, but wished them well with just enough sincerity to convince Jack she was sincere.

Tucker and Audra showed up uninvited. Nikki spotted her as she eyeballed Kyle. Audra lied that Kyle invited her and defiantly told Nikki that she likes being with Kyle and if Nikki cannot accept that, they had a problem. Until Tucker told her to resume her pursuit of Kyle, Audra was going along with Nikki’s order to break it off if Audra wanted to keep her job.

Tucker, with wedding gift in hand, claimed he wanted to make peace with the Abbotts, but Jack and Billy balked. Jack told him to get out and take his unwanted wedding gift with him. Billy wanted to know if the gift box was ticking.

Before Tucker and Audra arrived at the wedding reception, they spoke about Tucker’s plot to get Jabot. While Audra wanted no part of Tucker’s scheme, he told her that his problem was also her problem. He referred to Audra’s part in concealing information that an entertainer employed by Tucker’s record label had illegally cavorted with underaged girls while on tour.

Tucker told Audra his goal was to gain control of Jabot and Audra would run the company. He told her Kyle was a means to that end. Audra was skeptical of Tucker’s plan and his ability to pull it off, but co-operated.

Summer flirted with Chance at the reception, which Sharon spotted and put an end to it when she joined them and lightheartedly praised the party as fun.

Mamie attended the wedding reception, and told Nate and Devon she wanted to help them get past the animosity in the family. She said life is short and the family’s fueding had gone on long enough.

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