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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Talia and Jada were in the interrogation room. Jada told Talia that Abe was recovering from surgery. Talia was glad he was going to be okay. She was also happy that Colin wasn’t going to be charged with murder. Jada was furious. She asked how Talia could be worried about Colin. She said Talia should be worried about herself. Jada said Trask was going to throw the book at her. Colin woke up in his hospital bed. He saw a nurse with dark hair. He asked her what she thought she was doing. When she turned around, she wanted to know what he was talking about. He apologized to her. He said he thought she was Paulina. She asked if all black women looked alike to him. He said he saw her from behind. He said he was on edge. She said he was nasty and rude. She yelled at him for what he did to Abe. She told him he needed to repent for his sins. Paulina was in Abe’s room. His eyes were closed and his head was bandaged. Paulina wanted him to open his eyes. Chanel came in the room. She told Paulina that he needed time to recover. Paulina said she couldn’t take it anymore. She left to see Kayla. Chanel apologized to Abe. He woke up. Sloan held the swab in her hand while she was talking to Nicole on the phone. They made plans to meet at the park. Nicole said she was thankful she got the swab. Sloan said she hoped Eric wasn’t the father. When Nicole got off the phone, she told Anna that Sloan got Eric’s DNA. Anna said what would it mean for her and EJ if the baby is Eric’s. Nicole said she has been so stressed that she hasn’t thought about it. Anna said EJ would be upset. Nicole thought he would be upset too since he said he loved her and proposed to her. Anna was happy about the news. Nicole told her why she turned him down.

Eric went to Sloan’s place with food. She said she would take it with her when she went to the hospital to see Colin. He reminded her to take a test. She asked him why she had to take a test. He mentioned the viral outbreak. She said the hospital contained it. He said he knew she was lying. He wants to know what she and Nicole were up to. She told him Nicole is pregnant. When Abe woke up, he asked Chanel who she was. She told him how they were linked to each other. She showed him a picture of Paulina from their wedding. He said he never saw her before. Chanel went to get a doctor. Rafe went to see Colin. Rafe told him about the crimes he was going to be charged with. He said since Colin was well enough to be discharged, someone was on their way to bring him to the station. Colin said if anyone should be charged with murder it was Talia. Rafe said Talia was going to be arrested for her part in the crime. Colin said he didn’t make her do anything she didn’t want to do. Jada asked Talia how she could have terrorized people she didn’t know. Talia said she was afraid to lose Colin. Jada said she was a better person than that. Talia said she tried to talk Colin out of it, but he got mad. Jada asked if he ever hurt her. Talia said he never hit her. She said he would buy her things and apologize when he got upset. Jada told her to snap out of it. Jada was upset that she didn’t know she was in an abusive relationship. Talia said Colin never hit her. Jada said there was other kinds of abuse. Sloan told Eric everything. She told him she got his DNA while he was sleep. She showed him the swab she was going to give to Nicole. He told her to go see Colin. She gave him the swab and said she hoped this didn’t change things between them if the baby is his. Anna asked Nicole if she loved EJ. Nicole said she cared for him, but she was confused. Anna asked if she loved Eric. Nicole said she knew Anna was her side, but she wanted her to stop asking questions. The nurse that was in Colin’s room went to see Abe. He recognized her as his wife. He said a young woman named Chanel said she was her daughter. The nurse said she couldn’t believe someone would attack him. She said the worst part was he was still in danger because his attacker was in the hospital. Rafe went to Colin’s room and found the cop handcuffed to Colin’s bed. Chanel and Paulina went to Abe’s room. His bed was empty. Paulina wanted to know where he was. The nurse was pushing Abe in a wheelchair to the elevator. She told him he was safe now. When Nicole was about to leave the mansion to meet Sloan, Eric was there.

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