Days Short Recap Wednesday, March 22, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Leo ran into Xander at the town square. He told him how tired he was because of Gwen’s sex life. He also drove it home that she was with Alex. Xander said that he warned Alex to stay away from Gwen. Leo told him that he had his chance with her. He had to get to the newspaper. Gwen and Alex ran into Xander on their way out. He warned Gwen about catching something from Alex. Alex and Xander got into a shoving match. Gwen tried to break them up before it got worse. Alex kissed Gwen in front of Xander and promised to call her later. Xander let him know that it wasn’t over between them. Brady went to see Maggie to congratulate her on her new job. She told him that she would still be there as his sponsor. He admitted that it has been a struggle to stay sober. He was dealing with a lot because of the drama going on with Chloe. He told her what happened with Stefan and the brainwashing. He also told her how Rachel hates Chloe. Maggie was willing to talk to Rachel for him, but he knew that Kristen poisoned her mind against Chloe. Chloe was about to leave when she got a call from Kristen. They argued over Stefan. Chloe was about to hang up on her when she told her that she had information for her. She warned her to stay away from Brady. She went off on Kristen about Rachel when Leo walked up and heard it. He continued to listen as Chloe badmouthed Rachel. Chloe saw Leo and he warned her that she would be in his column. She begged him not to print what he heard. She bribed him to keep quiet about what she said.

Brady arrived at Statesville to see Kristen. She told her version of what happened with her phone call with Chloe. He had a picture from Rachel, but he wouldn’t give it to her until she convinced Rachel not to lash out at Chloe. She wouldn’t do it and told him to keep the picture. He said he could withhold more than that. He told her that she wouldn’t see her again if she didn’t do what he wanted. Leo got the things he wanted from Chloe. She thanked Nicole for helping her give Leo what he wanted for his silence. Chloe ran into Xander. He looked at his phone and saw the story that Chloe didn’t want printed in the column. Chloe was upset because she knew she was going to lose Brady forever. Kristen was upset that Brady threatened her. He didn’t want things to go this way. He blamed her for what happened. She told him that he was using her love for her daughter against her. She told him that he wasn’t any better than she was. She finally agreed to do what he wanted.

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