GH Short Recap Thursday, February 23, 2023

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Recap written by Angela

Dante and Sam get home. Cody sees Sasha ask to talk to Heather at the PCPD. Joss wakes up in bed with Dex. Sonny asks Brook Lynn to help him. Nina overhears Drew say Willow is gone. Carly and Amelia are waiting for Michael, Willow and Wiley when they get home.

Sonny asks Brook Lynn to help him find a way to convince Willow to see Nina. Michael thanks Carly for her help. Nina asks Drew if Willow is giving up. Joss and Dex talk about making their relationship more. Sam and Dante talk about what happened on Spoon Island. Sasha says Heather killed her husband and she is going to get justice.

Wiley asks Willow why she is always tired. Sonny tells Brook Lynn that Willow doesn’t want to see Nina and he wants to fix that. Drew tells Nina Michael and Willow made the decision together. Nina believes Carly had input too. Cody Dante Sasha is in trouble and needs his help. Sasha asks to talk to Heather alone.

Willow is sad and Carly comforts her. Nina says she can’t believe Drew is ok with Carly lying to him. Dex brings breakfast back for Joss and gets a call. Joss asks what Pikeman is and how it can land him in prison? Cody asks Dante to help Sasha without exposing her.

Michael asks Sonny what he wants to talk about. Dex tells Joss that he won’t be in jail, Sonny will. Willow asks how much longer they can lie to Wiley about her illness. Nina says Carly ruined any chance she had to have a relationship with her child. Drew tells she has no one else to blame but herself. Sam tells Cody she may have misjudged him. Sasha tells Dante Heather is going to fake insanity to get away with the Hook killings.

Willow says she knows they have to tell Wiley she is going to die, but she doesn’t know how. Dex tells Joss he was hired to get evidence to take Sonny down. She asks who his employer is. Michael asks if Sonny is there about Nina. Cody tells Sam about finding the necklace with Britt. Sasha says she is going to take Heather down for good.

Willow doesn’t want to leave her family. Carly comforts her. Nina says Drew is just as unfeeling as Carly and just as deserving of payback. Michael says Willow gets to decide who she spends her remaining time with. Sonny tells him he is done trying to reach him and what happens next is on him. Dex tells Joss he can’t tell her who hired him, but he will quit if she wants him to. Sam tells Cody that he can change like she did. Cody leaves and looks at Mac’s phone number on his phone. Sasha says she is going to do whatever it takes to make sure Heather is found guilty on all counts. Heather tells Dante she is ready to confess.

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