Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, December 6, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Lily and Devon reach a decision about letting Nate work at Chancellor-Winters again.

Nate tells Audra he will not help her and Tucker takeover Jabot. Nate gets a text from Devon telling him to go to Crimson Lights because he and Lily need to talk to him.

Nikki goes to an AA meeting and shares the details of how her sobriety ended. Nikki gets another call from an unknown number and when she answers the call the music plays again just like the music played at a strip club. Nikki has lunch with Victor about the strange calls and music that is played when she answers the phone. Victor asks the piano player at the jazz lounge to hear the song. Nikki hums and plays it on the piano. Victor asks the piano player if he can tell him the title of the song. The piano player tells Victor that the song is called Kittens Bounce and the song is from the swing era. Nikki tells Victor she used to dance to that song when she was a stripper.

Jordan arrives in Genoa City in disguise and gets a room at a motel just outside of town.

Victor tells Nick that years ago Eve Howard broke out of the mental hospital and tried to poison him causing him to almost miss his first wedding to Nikki.

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