Days Short Recap Monday, July 3, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Leo found EJ and Kristen in the wine cellar. They told him Megan kept them down there. They told him they didn’t remember why she had them down there. EJ said it was like the memory has been evaporated. Kristen said she thought Megan drugged them to make them forget. She was confused as to what Megan could have used. Leo asked if it had something to do with Dimitri marrying Gwen. Kristen said that sounded familiar but she couldn’t remember. EJ said he was sure it had to do with someone else. Kristen said Leo found them a while ago and didn’t untie them. She told him to untie them. Nicole talked to Eric about EJ not being there for her. She told him she was fine. She said he should leave. They hugged each other. She was about to kiss him when they pulled away from each other. He reminded her that they are seeing other people. She apologized to him. She said she felt an old pull. She said she was feeling abandoned. He told her things would be different if the baby was his. She said he would have been the perfect father. She said she didn’t know if she would be able to forgive EJ for abandoning her. EJ and Kristen came out of the wine cellar. Harris pulled a gun out at Stefan and Gabi’s engagement party. He said he was there to eliminate Stefan. Gabi confronted Harris, but Stefan stopped her. Stefan told Harris that he didn’t know him. Harris said he was following orders. Gabi said EJ hired him. Harris said it was Li.

Li showed up at the Bistro. He assumed Stefan was dead. He imagined being there to protect Gabi. Rafe showed up and assumed Li was trying to crash the party. Li said he was heartbroken over what happened with Gabi. Rafe understood how he felt, but he wanted Li to leave. Wendy said her brother would never hire someone to kill Stefan. Stefan said he did pull the plug on him when he was in a coma. Wendy said that was different. She said it was a split second mistake. Johnny reminded them that he tried to get them to reconsider going to the party. Chad realized Harris was brainwashed which Li did before. Harris told everyone to shut up. He said he had orders from Li to kill Stefan. He said it was about that time. Chad and Stephanie tried to change Harris’ mind. Gabi said if he shot Stefan he would have to shoot her too. She said she couldn’t live without Stefan. Harris said he didn’t have a choice. Rafe came in with his gun. He told Harris to put down his weapon. When Harris turned to look at Rafe, Gabi jumped on his back. When Harris turned around his gun went off. EJ kissed Nicole. She wondered when he got back. He said he never left. He said Megan tied him and Kristen up in the wine cellar. He said he couldn’t remember why. He said he didn’t know why Leo was in the tunnels to find them. Nicole said she thought EJ abandoned her and the baby. He said she and the baby meant everything to him. She told him the doctor thought she could carry the baby to term. Megan had blood coming through her dress. Dimitri caught her when she fell. Gabi kicked Harris. When Rafe strained Harris, he found out what was going on with Li. Gabi went to Li’s apartment. She told him Harris came to the party with a gun to kill Stefan. Li pretended to be sympathetic. Stefan told him not to bury him yet. Rafe showed up to arrest Li for attempted murder.

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