GH Short Recap, Monday, August 28, 2023

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Recap written by Suzanne

Finn and Elizabeth run into each other on the roof of the hospital. He’s having a hard time dealing with the fact that his dad his dying from ALS. She consoles him.

Kristina drops by Alexis’ office to thank her for getting Diane for her board and explains why she avoided her at the pool (because she didn’t want to interfere when Molly, TJ and Alexis were meeting with the surrogate). Alexis thinks the surrogate is nice and that Kristina and Molly will eventually make friends again. Gregory drops by and commisserates with Alexis about having told Finn about his ALS; he regrets that Finn found out he told her before him, and he’s worried about telling Chase. Alexis is supportive.

Trina visits Josslyn at Kelly’s. Trina is worried about whether Curtis will come home and make up with Portia, and she blames herself. Joss tells her that it’s not her fault.

Marshall visits Portia in her office. She’s worried about whether Curtis will be coming home after he gets out of rehab. Marshall figures that Curtis is just worried about what the future will hold.

Stella is dismayed to find Curtis working out without his therapist. She thinks he may not be ready to go home because he’s not expressing how he feels. He admits that he’s scared, so she tells him that he needs to find the strength necessary to face the challenges he’s up against now.

Trina drops by to see her mom; they worry about what’s going to happen with Curtis. Curtis phones Portia to tell her that he’s coming home. Portia’s glad to hear it. He says that they can make things worth together.

Diane drops by Kelly’s to see Carly. Carly wants her to work to get Drew out of prison, but Diane isn’t sure she can.

Robert meets Anna at the pool for a drink. She wants him to find out if Valentin is still working for Pikeman or not. Valentin arrives, so Robert leaves.

Nearby, Lucy throws a drink all over Martin because he lied to her about the alimony he’s been getting. She explains that she had to sneak into Jackson’s office to get it. Lucy is worried that she’ll lose the lawsuit and Deception.

Martin meets with Valentin for a minute to tell him that the news is not good. Valentin tells him to “get it done.”

Robert visits Kelly’s and tells Diane that he’s bought a new car. She looks surprised. He invites her to go for a ride with him, so she says she’ll check her calendar.

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