Y&R Short Recap Thursday, June 22, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

This is a special stand-alone episode honoring the memory of Jerry Douglas who portrayed Abbott family Patriarch John Abbott. The episode includes a special appearance by Kim Douglas who was Jerry Douglas’s wife plays the role of Zelda Traci’s literary agent.

Traci talks to her agent Zelda and tells her she is worried that her family will be torn apart if they continue to argue. Then she tells Zelda all the details of why the Abbott family is fighting with each other.

Zelda persuades Traci to remind her brothers and sister how important it is that they are a family. Traci calls a family meeting and asks everyone what their father would think about them arguing with each other.

Ashley Jack and Traci have flashbacks of advice their father gave them when they each went through rough times.

Kyle urges Jack and Ashley not to argue about Diane and Tucker and concentrate on their sibling relationship, and respect that they are both happy in their personal lives.

Traci encourages Kyle to forgive Summer because holding on to anger will cause him pain. Kyle tells Traci he doesn’t know if he can forgive Summer.

Jack and Ashley don’t know if they can get past their current disagreement.

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