GH Short Recap Thursday, April 20, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Nina and Carly argue about Willow again and, after the argument, Nina decides it’s time Carly face some consequences about the insider trading situation that happened before the failed Aurora Media/ELQ merger. Ned tells Brook Lynn that ELQ stock has fallen for a second time since the stockholders found out Valentin faked his death. Ned tells Brook Lynn he made a mistake taking Valentine’s side when Drew and Michael wanted to merge Aurora Media with ELQ. Ned plans to persuade Drew and Michael to help him oust Valentin from his position as, CEO of ELQ.

Curtis asks Drew to try and remember what Victor wanted to find and where it was located. Drew tells Curtis he has tried but he can’t remember anything. Drew tells Curtis that there may be another way he can help find Trina.

Victor wants to throw Trina and Spencer overboard when Spencer refuses to help him with his plan to reduce the world’s population. Liesl tells Victor she needs to use Spencer and Trina as test subjects for the vaccines he wants her to develop to save the Cassadine family from the pathogen.

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